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League of Legends Build Guide Author Manass

Pantheon the Might of Gargantuan (AD/ArP)

Manass Last updated on March 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 9

Expanded Mind
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Presence of the Master

Utility: 0

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Pantheon the Might of Gargantaun

Welcome to my Pantheon guide. I would like to firstly say some things about Pantheon. At the moment a lot of people are whining because of Pantheon, because of the insane AD scaling on his spammable Q-ability (Spear Shot) & Heartseeker strike. You might end up being called OP, but who cares, you are not. (The only truly overpowered champions are Garen and a tiny bit of Mordekaiser.) The whiners are mostly the low-armored people. But screw that! We're going to take full advantage of him until he (hypothetical/possible/I dont know if) gets nerfed, so now we're expanding the horizon to include as many champs as possible. This guide is revolving around the idea of Pantheon being an AD, burst champion - keep that in mind when reading the guide. Follow the guide, the build and play smart, and you will make your enemies understand, why he is pictured like a spartan and why he starred in Clash of the Titans.


10/03-11: Changed the item purchase order and added Atma's instead of Last Whisper
09/01-11: Added section 5.3 about defensive attributes and which items to replace with a situational.


-Pros & Cons

1.1 Abilities
1.2 Combo/rotations

2.1 Summoner spells
2.2 Substitute summoner spells

3.1 The first runeset
3.2 The second runeset
3.3 The math behind the two runesets
3.4 The third runeset
3.5 A quick comparison

4.1 Masteries
4.2 Optional masteries

5.1 Items - purchaseorder & explanation
5.2 Situational / optional items
5.3 Additional info concerning situationals

6.1 Playstyle & laning
- Aggressive laning
- Defensive laning
- Mid-laning as Pantheon
6.2 Your role in teamfights

7.1 Hints & tips

8.1 Finishing comments & credits


-Extreme burst damage
-Lethal passive from heartseeker
-A nice finishing ability ( Spear Shot )
-Life-saving (occasionally) passive
-Mobility - without the boots ^^
-Superb farmer
-Good harasser
-High damage output


-Very mana-dependent
-A bit CD-dependent
-Easily targeted

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1.1 Abilities


Before introducing his abilities and explain them I must make you understand that Pantheon is very mana-dependent! This is handled with mana-regen runes and/or Mana Manipulator/ Meki Pendant/ Faerie Charm. This is a fairly temporary issue, and by level 14-15 you should have a naturally fitting manapool able to supply you with your needed mana for atleast a while. However, if you want a smoother early/mid-game and more effective laning I would strongly suggest buying runes (see section 3.1)

Aegis Protection

This is a nice passive. It gives you some resistance against harassment during the laning phase. It improves your tower-diving by blocking the turret. You are able to keep this shield up from a safe distance, by using your Spear Shot. Don't forgot that it is automatically triggered from your Aegis of Zeonia so please don't worry about wasting mana on 4 spells or risking HP by auto-attacking 4 times before going in for a gank. That's too often seen (sadly).

Spear Shot

Your main spell for harassing. This can be spammed with advantages and disadvantages. Etc. you have gotten an enemy down to low amounts of HP, but you haven't got the mana left to bring your enemy down below 15% with Aegis of Zeonia and Heartseeker Strike . That sucks and once again a proof of the mana-dependence of Pantheon.
Its AD scaling makes it too lethal too ignore and it should be used properly and with the right runes you can spam it without being too handicapped. It deals extreme damage in late game too.

Aegis of Zeonia

A spell that characterizes Pantheon. It can be used for harassment and ganks and escapes. Almost everything. It applies your shield and stuns. This is a great spell, and it should be used properly. It's an extremely important part of your combo, keep that in mind. It's more costly than spear shot and on the other hand more vital, since it allows you to get Heartseeker Strike and Spear Shot in = higher damage output.
Harassing with Aegis of Zeonia can be done in a variety of ways. You can -> . Another is to just jump and as soon as you have clicked the ability run away. This allows you to get in the damage from Aegis of Zeonia and run away while he is stunned = no damage on you and damage on foe. This damage could be boosted by throwing a spear at your enemy when running from him. This is by the way also an escape mechanism! <-- IMPORTANT --> It is only working in 1v1 chasing/running, and requires level 2-3 of for a stun, which is able to keep the chaser stunned, while you run out of his range.

Important: This ability should mostly be followed by Heartseeker Strike to maximize damage.

NOTE: I choose Flash because of the increased utility of Aegis of Zeonia. Imagine one of the before mentioned scenarios and add a Flash. I use flash to kill to chase to escape.
Chase:Your is out of range; you Flash into into range -> -> Heartseeker Strike/ Spear Shot
Escape:Stun -> Flash away from his range while he's stunned.

Heartseeker Strike

An amazing skill, which deals huge amounts of damage, which is AoE if targeting more than 1 target. It is your farming ability and it pays off in the end because this build costs 16k. Also a huge amount of your damage should originate from this particular spell. Always use it in your combo! It has an extensive AD-scaling which should be used in your favor.

NOTE: Very mana-costly in early game. Play smart or buy runes. Try to minimize your mana waste.

Grand Skyfall

This is an absolutely, unquestionable, gamechanging ability. At high level it's 333-1000 damage(pre-MR) in your enemies' face. Right after that portion of damage you should pick a target: Aegis of Zeonia-> Heartseeker Strike-> Spear Shot .
This spell is so extremely global that you have to take maximum advantage of it by cutting of runners, backdooring and major AoE damage in teamfights(but don't be late - the enemies' will slaughter you, and your teammates will slaughter you verbally.)
The key to this spell, is timing and prediction. How to time the spell, so you'll land where you predicted the enemy would run to. The hardest to do is to predict. This is the actions and thoughts of another soulless shelter/gamer you have to predict. But be certain to take some things into consideration.
If they have got extremely low health, you should aim for the direct route, which he might run back to his base.
At medium health try the direct route or nearby jungle creeps.
If a player is laning you should just place it a little bit between him and his turret/base/logical escaperoute.

It can be used for taking down turrets in empty lanes by jumping to the turret and destroy it.

NOTE:It takes Pantheon 6 seconds to get his *** from point A to point B.

1.2 Rotation/combo

Standard rotation: Aegis of Zeonia-> Heartseeker Strike-> Spear Shot


As one can see the majority of times it is Grand Skyfall-> Aegis of Zeonia-> Heartseeker Strike-> Spear Shot
This could be followed up by Flash-> Spear Shot to ensure the kill.


If you happen to misplace your ultimate, so that the enemies are just outside the range of it, I strongly suggest to Flash out and jump them with Aegis of Zeonia and then the standard rotation.


A more lethal rotation (requires blue buff for CD-reduction) is -> -> -> . This rotation has the slight variation of an additional spear shot. Its AD scaling makes it an extra 33%-50% damage. But it requires the blue buff CD-reduction to give make you CD-reduction 40% (Youmuu + blue buff) so your CD is ready after having thrown it once and done the -> combo. I would suggest this combo.

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Summoner Spells

2.1 Summoner Spells


As some might have noticed I pick this because of it's escape mechanism, its utility during combat sequences and rotations (improved use of .) This is the spell you want to have.


This spell makes you able to get that last little edge if your opponent has managed to survive your rotation. You can easily outrun a slowly opponent with your boots and then do the standard rotation.
It can be used defensively to slow a chaser followed by a for an ensured escape.
Another extremely important use is for blinding AD champs and again do the to get away from the champ.

2.2 Substitute summoner spells


This spell would be the substitue for Flash . It provides you with the speed, you may need to catch up on someone following a rotation. It's great for being a ***** too (good escape-mechanism.) That's actually the thing i love the most, cause many times i find myself being rounded up and slain. This would be my 2. choice after Flash .


The very first thing I wrote after the introduction was how sick a mana problem he has in general. If you have not got the runes, go for mana-regen items or this particular summoner spell. It has also got the ability to support your teammates abit, but please don't bother going for improved clarity. Overall a nice spell for Pantheon early-game. Later on you would want exhaust instead to just finish off your enemies.


I always recommend this spell to whatever champion I play. You can jump around the whole map and ALWAYS bethere for your team. The timing of your use of it should fit, thus your Grand Skyfall and Teleport never are on CD at the same time, which would result in you being totally "paralyzed" and unable to get to the place where games are changed. Good spell but you cant teleport up on your enemies' backs just like Flash allows you to.


This deals a nice portion of true damage and is a nice counter to Tryndamere and heals, but in the end I don't like the fact, that an enemy has gotten away from you, and you desperately Ignite them without being sure of its capability of killing the enemy. I prefer Exhaust over this, because you're able to slow the enemy and get a couple of those Heartseeker Strike crits in on the enemyinstead of hoping, that your DoT will kill him.


Should you want increased accuracy with Grand Skyfall this is the spell you want. But there's a downside. If you see a player running through your visible area you will not be able to get a 100% hit because the player will most likely have left the visble area before your channeling time is over.
Other than that you can help you team by spotting gankers and such.

Guide Top


3.1 The first runeset

greater mark of desolation
These are picked for increased armor penetration aka. increased damage output. Originally I would choose crit% runes, but I changed this because of my focus in this guide: An AD burst champion, which he can be. And in that context the ArP is better.

There shouldn't really be an explanation for this choice of runes. I would think that I emphasized the mana-issue pretty much in the earlier parts of this guide.

This might be superficial, but I prefer the extra mana-regen, for the best result. If runes are to be replaced - start here.
greater quintessence of desolation
The same story as with the marks. Higher damage output. Enough said.

3.2 The second runeset

The stats on MOBAfire are incorrect. The true stats (according to Riot) are 0.14dmg/lvl with a total of 2.43dmg @ 18.
The stats on MOBAfire are incorrect. The true stats (according to Riot) are 0.06dmg/lvl with a total of 1.09dmg @ 18.
The stats on MOBAfire are incorrect. The true stats (according to Riot) are 0.04dmg/lvl with a total of 0.73dmg @ 18.
These stats are correct.
-This setup gives you the extra damage output you would want. Maybe it could pay off in the end because of the armor penetration you have in your build no matter the runes.
The costly side is of course the loss of mana-regen/5.

3.3 The math behind the two runesets

The difference in the effective damage output is the object, which we want to find now.

The formula for calculation of one's damage reduction% is:

((x - y)*z) / (((x - y)*z) + 100)*100 = percentage damage reduction
x = total armor y = armor reduction and/or penetration
z = remaining percentage after subtraction of the ArP percentage from items written in decimals. I.e remaining after Last Whisper : (100%-40%)/100 = 0,6

Our stats for the first rune set are:

371 AD | 50,99 ArP | 40% penetration from Last Whisper

Our stats for the second rune set are:

422 AD | 26,00 ArP | 40% penetration from Last Whisper

An auto-attack on a target with 50 armor:

1. ((50-50)*0,6)/(((50-50)*0,6)+100)*100 = 0% damage reduction
(100-0)/100*371 = 371 effective damage.

2. ((50-26)*0,6)/(((50-26)*0,6)+100)*100 = 12,587% damage reduction
(100-12,587)/100*422 = 368,88 effective damage.

An auto-attack on a target with 100 armor:

1. ((100-50,99)*0,6)/(((100-50,99)*0,6)+100)*100 = 22,723% damage reduction
(100-22,723)/100*371 = 286,69 effective damage.

2. ((100-26)*0,6)/(((100-26)*0,6)+100)*100 = 30,747% damage reduction
(100-30,747)/100*422 = 292,24 effective damage.

An auto attack on a target with 500 armor:

1. ((500-44,99)*0,6)/(500+100)*100 = 45,51% damage reduction
(100-45,51)/100*371 = 202,1579 effective damage

2. ((500-20)*0,6)/(500+100)*100 = 48% damage reduction
(100-48)/100*422 = 219,44 effective damage

CONCLUSION: Damage runeset gets to take the grand prize by having a higher damage output for 50, 100 and 500 armored targets.

3.4 The third runeset

I've been wanting to try a combined build where one achieves ArP & Damage in one build, while still having mana-regen. The mana-regen would occupy the seal slots and the marks/quintessences/glyphs should be ArP and Dmg/lvl. This will look like this:

3x greater quintessence of desolation
9x greater mark of desolation
9x The stats on MOBAfire are incorrect. The true stats (according to Riot) are 0.04dmg/lvl with a total of 0.73dmg @ 18

This allows you to get a high amount af ArP and a bit of damage, and still allowing you to have some of that valuable mana-regen/lvl.

3.5 A quick comparison:

Stats with 1st set: 371 AD | 44,99 ArP | 40% ArP
Stats with 2st set: 422 AD | 20 ArP | 40% ArP
Stats with 3rd set: 399 AD | 29,96ArP | 40% ArP

50 Armor
1. (100-((50-44,99)*0,6)/(50+100)*100)/100*371 = 363,56516 effective damage
2. (100-((50-20,00)*0,6)/(50+100)*100)/100*422 = 371,36 effective damage
3. (100-((50-29,96)*0,6)/(50+100)*100)/100*399 = 367,01616 effective damage

100 Armor
1. (100-((100-44,99)*0,6)/(100+100)*100)/100*371 = 309,77387 effective damage
2. (100-((100-20,00)*0,6)/(100+100)*100)/100*422 = 320,72 effective damage
3. (100-((100-29,96)*0,6)/(100+100)*100)/100*399 = 315,16212 effective damage

500 Armor
1. (100-((500-44,99)*0,6)/(500+100)*100)/100*371 = 202,1579 effective damage
2. (100-((500-20,00)*0,6)/(500+100)*100)/100*422 = 219,44 effective damage
3. (100-((500-29,96)*0,6)/(500+100)*100)/100*399 = 211,45404 effective damage


The second runeset is still going back to its runepage with the grand prize, but the 3rd runeset is the best alternative to the 2nd, because of its rather "high" damage output paired with the mana-regen runes.

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4.1 Masteries


My choice of 21 in offense should be no surprise.
Deadliness and Cripple: shouldn't be questionable for this champion.

Sorcery, Alacrity and Archaic knowledge: The next points are in CD-reduction and AS. The AS is a small bonus, but far from lethal and this is a burst damage champion rather than auto-attack (until I have created a suitable and promising AS/AD build.) The CD-reduction is a nice addition to the cooldown, from your Youmuu's Ghostblade and it makes your ultimalte usable more often. The magic penetration might surprise some, but in the long run I prefer extra damage from your Grand Skyfall and Aegis of Zeonia over a minimal number of extra auto-attacks (from alacrity). These are preferred instead of the last 2 points in Alacrity.

Sunder: shouldn't be questioned either. This build relies on ArP and AD (+a bit of crit) and of course the 3 points in Sunder benefits the damage of all your physical spells, which by the way are the most important of your spells.

Brute force: increses all your damage (execpt for Aegis of Zeonia and Grand Skyfall ) so this is a must have.

Lethality: is chosen because of the increased damage you get when you finish off an enemy with your Heartseeker Strike 's passive, and also it gives you more damage from your normal crits too.

Havoc: Increases your AD and magic damage. Why shouldn't I pick this? I have after all chosen 20 mastery points to get to this.


Pantheon is squishy like the opposite of heaven if you keep in mind that he's an AD-champion. This has resulted in 9 defensive points.

Resistance: This is of course to just lower some of the incoming damage from all of your enemies, you're not a tank and you don't want to take too much damage.

Hardiness: (See Resistance: .)

Evasion: The dodge chance might just do the trick. That one attack that you dodge once in a while might be life-saving.

Nimbleness: Paired with Evasion this will do the trick. Movement speed increase serves as a chase ability and/or an escape mechanism.

4.2 Optional masteries

You might want to try a defensive mastery setup.

This has been created with inspiration from Phreak (the almighty.)
9/21/0 this is what I use for defensive masteries. After some testing this is viable against those damn auto-attackers. Especially against life-steal Warwick . It gave me the endurance to last until I could do the standard rotation a second time and then finish him with the Heartseeker Strike passive.

It should look like this:

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5.1 Items - purchaseorder and explanation

Core items:

This is the build which you want to have. After having obtained these items you can upgrade and there's your complete build. By having these items you're one of the deadliest in the game at your level. You have a chance to slow, health points to put you beyond the border of squishyness, armor-penetration and most importantly damage!

The 183 extra damage you have at that moment is "just" 87 damage from where you want to end up. Meaning you have already gotten more than half of your damage.

Purchase order and explanation

In case you don't want to scroll to the top of the guide to see the purchase order:
Boots of Speed -> Phage -> Boots of Swiftness -> Last Whisper -> Giant's Belt -> B. F. Sword -> B. F. Sword -> Frozen Mallet -> The Brutalizer -> Infinity Edge -> The Bloodthirster -> Youmuu's Ghostblade

First item: Boots
Start out by purchasing pots and boots. The boots can be substituted by Long Sword or Doran's Blade . I prefer boots or Long Sword mainly because that they develop into other items of my build.

I usually go back at level 6-7 and then I rush Phage, because it's an awesome item. Health, damage and the passive slow. What more could you need at these early stages? By now you're damage is rising and so is your health.

Boots of swiftness:
I choose boots next because it gives you the speed, which you need to maneuver and catch up with an Aegis of Zeonia. They allow you to escape after maybe having gotten too close for a spear shot. I often see, and people often say, that I should buy berskerker's greaves, because Pantheon is an AD-champion. I understand them, but I am not choosing them, since this build is made for burst damage and not damage/sec (DPS).

Last Whisper:
It has been boosted this patch at the cost of the AS it once provided. This couldn't be better from our perspective. We need that extra AD and ArP but who cares about AS? (I know some do, but it's banned from this guide.) It has a cheap price compared to its damage and ArP, and this item is better than a B. F. sword at this stage

Giant's belt:
Having just obtained an extreme damage boost, you might want some extra survivability and health, to make you look tougher (it wont get you targeted as often like a low-health like Malzahar) and allow you to stay on the field of battle for longer periods.

#1 B. F. Sword:
I choose B. F. Sword as the next item because of the impressive AD/gold ratio it has (1dmg/37g. Pickaxe has 1dmg/39g.) The high amount of damage itself and Last Whisper is enough to give you the edge temporarily until the game develops.

#2 B. F. Sword:
The extra damage makes you even more lethal. This should eliminate all doubt and make you the boss.

Frozen mallet:
A slight boost to your damage, the ensured slow and the tiny bit of extra health you get from upgrading should be worth the gold, and people are no longer leaving early from your rotation.
This item is also bought to create room in your inventory for The Brutalizer

The brutalizer:
This item is extremely useful for a champion like pantheon, because of his burst damage. It has the AD boost and the flat ArP, which is awesome, and the ability cooldown, which allows you to fire off your rotation more often and do "the" rotation (see section 1.2 paragraph 3,) if paired with blue buff. And later on it allows you to upgrade into Youmuu's Ghostblade

Infinity edge:
Your first B. F. Sword should always be upgraded to Infinity Edge . I like this item mianly because of its high AD and because of its passive!
Combined with your Heartseeker Strike 's passive, no one is able to get away from you. By maximizing the damage of your ensured crits this item is lethal and extremely viable in late-game where people might adjusted their healthpools according to your massive damage output.

The bloodthirster:
An item, which every Pantheon build should contain. This is because of its massive damage output. It relies on minion kills, but your Heartseeker Strike is tearing creep waves and jungle camps apart, so it shouldn't be much of a problem for you. This item is bought late because of its unreliable AD boost and because I prioritize the passive from Infinity Edge over the lifesteal.

Youmuu's ghostblade:
Having already bought The Brutalizer I can't see why one shouldn't upgrade into this one. I'm upgrading late because the other items are more important, but having said that I have to emphasize, that this item isn't without importance. It boosts your AD slightly and improves CD-reduction, crit % and most importantly the ArP. Plus, it has a nice passive too. It allows you to flee (shouldn't be a need for that) and chase.

5.2 Situational / optional items:

Defensive items:

A valuable substitute would be Mercury's Treads because of the cc-reduction, and I like the fact that they provide me with magic resist. This item is only for AP and CC-heavy teams.

Dodge chance and armor. The dodge chance will drastically reduce the damage, which you'll take while you're in the hotspot. This damage is reduced even further by the armor. A nice item, which really depends on the other teams setup. For AD-carries only.

This item is brand new and I'm a huge fan of it already. It gives you just the AD and MR you need. Just basically: MR and AD in one item = gief. The passive allows you an easier escape if things have gotten to crazy. A nice counter to AP nukes.

A very, very useful item. Provides you with the survivability, which you need, the mana and the awesome passive, which - once again - boosts your survivability which allows you to get in more attacks and spells, thus making your damage output higher. The passive might stop the enemies from interrupting your Heartseeker Strike channeling.

A defensive item, providing you with the stats you need for countering an AD heavy team. The active (and passive) reduces their dps and your health is boosted by its stats. The CD-reduction is a nice addition too and overall this a very preferable item if your in trouble.

The main features of this item is its passive, the mana and armor. If you choose this item to counter the other team's AD carry, you'll get the mana for Pantheon's mana-issue and the passive, which will pay off, because of your role, which is melee AD-burst. That role requires you to be in the hotzone very often and your Frozen Heart passive will really shine there.

Aggressive items:

It's very questionable whether this one is defensive or aggresive. Consider it like the AD-counter version of Hexdrinker . Paired with Frozen Mallet it makes up a fair AD boost for your build.

In alot of Pantheon builds one will find Manamune . It's very understandable since it solves the mana-issue and still providing AD. This item is skipped in this build, because I didn't find the mana-issue that important and in the end the AD from this one sucks. And aht item would it replace? Every item in this build is more important than this.

Crit %, lifesteal and the passive. Passive for countering Warwick.

This should only be used if you know what you're doing and if you are capable of molesting the other team. I have seen to many Pantheons running around with 1-2 stacks, because their build/guide tells them to buy Sword of the Occult even though they suck. This item's stats are too unreliable to use very single game. Take this into consideration before you buy this. Of course this item should be bought in early-game to maximize the time to get stacks in.

5.3 Additional info for situationals
If you face a team and you realize: "I'm going to need situationals." You might end up wondering which items to replace, which to get and such.

If you have a need for situationals swap Youmuu's with the situational and then buy boots according to the situational. I.e. Banshee's Veil + Mercury's Treads

Main attributes:
Magic Resist

Secondary attributes:
AD (from defensive items)


If you face attack-speed champs you will want to grap either [frozen heart] or [randuin's omen] because of their passive and huge amount of armor.

Tryndamere: (And other high damage AD-carries)

He's a ***** and you know it. I suggest many of the armor items which we have available for situationals. Randuin's Omen has a nice passive, armor and some health. He's Attack-speed will be slowed down you'll get more effective health resulting in survivability.
Optionals are Thornmail because of the damage which he'll get back in his own face. Incredibly powerful against Tryndamere.
Frozen Heart because of the armor and the passive, which is nice against all AD-champs.

Semi-offensive armor build:

Provides you with 70 Armor 18% crit and atleast 50 AD lategame. I see no dark side of it.

Magic Resist:
Against casters you should take their spells into consideration. CC, roots and DoTs and insane bursts.

Countering CC's and burst damage:

Merc's for the passive and MR, which sums up to 75 MR when paired with Banshee's.
The passive from banshee's allows you to avoid the first spell, which mostly is a cc meant to slow you, so that they can kill you.
Mercury's allows you to have a smoother get-away too.

Against dots:

You have just chickened out on a fight after having made a terribly bad initiation and suddenly you see Morde's ult on you. It brings you below the 300HP but then it stops. You were saved from the 300dmg shield from its passive. The AD bonus makes it interesting too since you're playing Pantheon!

Health, Passives and AD:

Health is very important but it should always be paired with some armor/MR 'cause without them you'll just go down as easy as before.

Passives are life-saving (i.e Banshee's, Hexdrinker and Mercury's)
Buy items according to stats and passives. Or atleast take them into consideration.

AD is vital since you're Pantheon. If you manage to get a situational item with decent AD too you're one, satisfied gamer. But please do not steer according to AD when you choose situationals. Survivability is the issue, when talking about Pantheon.

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6.1 Playstyle & Laning


Aggresive laning: (1v1, 2v2, 2v1 laning)
As Pantheon you will almost always end up with the aggressive playstyle during the laning phase. An aggressive playstyle, which should be accomplished through a stable harassment with Spear Shot and Heartseeker Strike combos. In this phase it is very important that you watch your mana-pool very intensely, since it requires 140mana to get the last lethal Aegis of Zeonia + Heartseeker Strike rotation in on your opponent. This is usually where i use my Mana Potion . I don't use it to maintain harassment, I use it to get the kill, which you most likely will get.

-Defensive laning: (2v2, 1v2 & (1v1) )
Pantheon is vulnerable to harassment just as any other champion and you should play rather defensive if you can see that your laning opponent has a more powerful partner than you or if he just owns your ***es.
Take cover behing minions to avoid skill shots and instead of risking life & limp you should last-hit with your Spear Shot instead of the melee last-hitting. Be careful when laning against Blitzcrank , Morgana & Lux etc. cause they will undoubtly **** life up.
When playing defensively there will always come huge packs of creep to your turret because you have been unable to kill them earlier and these minions can easily be killed by Heartseeker Strike .

Mid-laning as Pantheon
Mid as Pantheon is possible because: Mid-champions have rarely got huge HP-pools and Pantheon has alot of early-game damage (slightly nerfed in latest patch.)
This allows you to get easy kills = easily fed. The playstyle for mid is fairly aggressive and it should allow you to get first blood or atleast "2nd blood."
Watch out for mid-champions like Mordekaiser and Vladimir. You shouldn't go mid against those guys. Especially Vladimir.
Mid-laning requires a bit more activity and movement than other wise. You might have more skillshots to evade (Karthus, Malzahar, Ezreal, Cassiopeia etc.)

6.2 Your role in teamfights

As Pantheon you have to be careful and play smart because you can't do 1v5. You'ree just to vulnerable. Wait for a tank/toughy to initiate. Pick out a squishy target (preferably a high-damage target) and shut him down. Try to place Heartseeker Strike thus it will hit maximum amounts of targets. It is lethal in a team fight.
You can use your ultimate to jump into a teamfight from a lane and then do the same as mentioned before. BUT do not initiate with your ult in a teamfight. You'll get torn apart and you don't want that.
One can also try to jump an enemy do the rotation and chicken out and wait for cooldowns. A bit more defensive for my playstyle but more durable.
After a teamfight you will play the role of chaser (if your team is chasing of course) because of your Aegis of Zeonia and your Boots of Swiftness . You are a chaser and annihilator. Use it.

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7.1 Hints & tips

If you have got low health you should be more careful as you can easily be cc'ed into death and pantheon is squishy. Try to Aegis of Zeonia the closest chaser and then run for your life.

Grand Skyfall can be used for scaring an enemy and allow you to regain control of your lane after having went back.

Stun an opponent if he has rushed for a kill and towerdived. Stun him to get a couple of turret shots in on him while you do your rotation. This should force him to go back or atleast chicken out.

You can not jump across walls with your Aegis of Zeonia . But if you can see the enemy on the other side of the wall and he's in range he will get stunned, and you will continue to be standing on your side aka. stun without leap.

When you see the green circle after having used your ultimate you can pick a target and stun it. You do not have to wait for the whole animation to play. This makes the chances of your enemy escaping drastically lower.

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Finishing Comments

8.1 Finishing comments & credits

This guide is meant for guidance and not as a schedule. This is to enlighten, not to command. You should consider this as a lesson. I hope that you have got a broader knowledge of Pantheon after having read this guide.

The MOBAFire community for getting me the tools and encouragement to create this guide.
DavidSS for helping me out with the BB-code mastering.
My calculator for me letting me exploit it.
Myself for taking the time to do this guide.