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Rengar Build Guide by CattoNuts

Top platinum

[Preseason] The Chad Rengar Top Guide

By CattoNuts | Updated on November 30, 2020
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Runes: Conqueror

1 2 3
Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Jungle Role
Ranked #28 in
Jungle Role
Win 44%
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Champion Build Guide

[Preseason] The Chad Rengar Top Guide

By CattoNuts


I'm CattoUniverse, currently Platinum 4 on NA. My mains are Rengar Top and Dr. Mundo Jungle. This is one of my few guides, so don't expect too much :D I got hooked onto Rengar only because of his Pretty Kitty Skin (lol) Once I played him, I found out that I was also infatuated with his aggressive playstyle and versatile rune pages and builds. Bruiser and Assassin happened to be my two favorite roles, and I could do either with Rengar, so yeah, here I am. When I started doing Rengar on the top lane, I was struggling with how few streamers and guides there were for him, cuz most mains play 'em jungle. I now got quite familiar with the champ, so I'm making a (hopefully) in-depth guide hoping that it could help out aspiring Rengar Top players.

Here's my OP.GG so y'all can feast your eyes on my irrelevant Mundo WR while it's still there.
Summoner Spell Back to Top
Ignite is for winning lane and snowballing as Rengar. Good against lanes that you need to win early. It's also effective against healing champions like Dr. Mundo, Darius, Nasus, etc.
Teleport is usually used in higher elo (dia+) or against tough match-ups. Lanes that you cannot win early like Shen and Maokai, you should try to look for roams to mid lane with Ult or TP to bot lane (wards or often in bushes, which gives an auto jump after TP)
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Conqueror will be your go-to runepage for most match-ups. If you're not much familiar with Rengar, I suggest going for Grasp of the Undying for easier trades and more tankiness. Phase Rush if against low health, pokey, speedy, and slowing ability champs.
(P/S: Switch out Second Wind for Bone Plating if enemy laner has low poke but great short trade e.g. Camille or Jax)
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Know that Rengar was not built for Top Lane, so most of your MU are slightly hard. For now, just know that most Tanks are hard MU, most Fighters are even MU, most Assassins or Ranged are easy MU. There are some exceptions to beware of in the MU section. Stay away from Malphite if you can.
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Do not be persuaded by the fad of Rengar being a bruiser with the new items, because his 1-shot is as good as ever considering changes to crit items. You get a great gap closer with Galeforce and the huge chunk of CDR+ juicy passive on navori quickblade. The new lethality items like Eclipse is a good option too. For the Bruiser pathing, Goredrinker is a really solid Mythic with the Tiamat proc, stats, and passive. Against a typical enemy just grab Death's Dance and Spirit Visage.
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As Rengar, your pre-6 is hella stronk. Look to start stacking passive when minion arrives at level one. When you're at 3 stack and your Savagery is up, go for a trade from a bush with AA+ Savagery+ Empowered Savagery. If they fall back, you fall back. If they keep trying to trade, go for it, since you get bonus attack speed from Empowered Savagery. Most low elo opponent will overlook your stacks if it's not full, and will underestimate your insane early game. Optimize trading whenever your can reach 4 stacks after jumping ( Empowered Savagery for long trade, Empowered Battle Roar for short trade). Pre-6 you can burst them from half HP with Empowered Savagery jump by having full stacks from the start ( Empowered Savagery+jump+ Bola Strike midair+ Battle Roar+ Savagery+ Empowered Savagery+ Ignite)
You'll be less likely to win 1v1 if you're not ahead after 6, so just call for ganks or use ult to roam.
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How to Cheater Recall

This here is a VOD of LS showing Sanchovies how to Cheater Recall (all credits to video creator and owner) So basically, you'd want to build up the first 2 waves of the game by clearing it slightly faster than your opponent. One the cannon wave comes, you'd have a bigger wave and more caster minions. You have to shove it in as fast as you can, using your empowered W for AOE. Immediately recall one your wave crashes into the turret and grab a Long Sword or a Doran's Blade and run back to lane. You now have an item advantage but still having relatively similar XP.
League of Legends Build Guide Author CattoNuts
CattoNuts Rengar Guide
[Preseason] The Chad Rengar Top Guide
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