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Veigar Build Guide by WhippingTomb

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WhippingTomb

Quick Veigar Guide

WhippingTomb Last updated on January 27, 2014
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This guide is DIFFRENT from other guides. Why its diffrent? because on this guide i will talk most on lanning enemies. Im sorry but ill not talk about build, runes and masteries too much, this is a short and sweet guide if you need quick tips for Veigar. So if you need a quick guide to find a quick build and quick tips on laning enemies, you came to the right place.

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Pros and Cons


-Ranged champion
-Can stun everyone in teamfight with Event Horizon
-VERY STRONG late game
- Baleful Strike gives you even more ap, you can litterly farm up to Million ap with this
-One of the most strong single target ult


-VERY squishy!
-Your early game is a joke
-After you full combo someone to death, you can't do alot untill ult is up again (unliss you VERY fed)
-Slow champion

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As i said from the start of the guide, this will be a quick guide, so lets do it short and sweet:

Equilbrium: This passive makes your early high cost of mana to be much less bad, works well with Doran's Ring.
Baleful Strick: Your main farming tool, last hit with this as much you can, it gives you MORE AP! if you can't last hit with this, go work on it.
Dark Matter: This spell basicly deals an aoe area of huge damage after 1.2 sec. works well with your e
Event Horizon: One of the most importent parts of THE COMBO also, its your only escape tactic, use it wisly!
Primordial Burst: Deals lots of damage based on your ap and..........80% OF THE TARGET AP! use this to nuke mages and adc if you fed.

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What to max first?

I know there is some veigar players who will ask me now: "Why you max e before w?" and stuff like this so i will explane: Max your q first for the easier ap farm, then your e for ganks and easier combos, and w in the end, trust me, it will have great damage even when its not maxed.

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Flash: This spell has just too much uses, Suprise attacks, escaping over walls, and ect, take it every time.
Ignite: Take it, this is a part of your combo.

Uhhhhh... fine...
Ghost: Meh, not so good as flash on veigar, take it only if you under level 12.
Heal: Take it only if you new to Squishy champions.
Teleport: It can be usefull for some ganks and and escape tactic, but it will ruin your early game if you will take it on Ignite.

Clarity: Your passive and Doran's Ring will give you the mana you need in early game.
Smite: You ARE NOT jungler. if you going to play veigar as jungler, just get up, AND GET OUT FROM THIS GUIDE!

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The most famous nuker needs to have a nuke after all no? to use Veigar's nuke, you need to use: E, W, DFG, Q and R. This video will show you how to use the nuke (this video isn't mine!) press on me! As you can see, you stun your enemy, then Dark Matter, then Deathfire Grasp, then Baleful Strike and in the end Primordial Burst in like 1 sec. you NEED to have fast fingers. If you don't have fast fingers, don't play Veigar.

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Lane Counters

This is the biggest part of this guide, ill give you some tips against champions in mid:

Aatrox: Very Hard Oh no... NOT HIM! he has a LOT of sustain because of his Blood Thirst, A gap closer what knock you up ( Dark Flight) and, he can return alive after you nuked him and then what? you will be without your combo and he will destroy you. Ask for jungler's help to survive and just farm your q.

Ahri: Easy-Medium She isn't a big challenge, just evade her Charm
and nuke her when you reach 6, it will be tricky because of her Spirit Rush but you can do fine.

Anivia: Hard Like aatrox, she can return alive from your nuke, she has hevey damage with her ult e combo. Ask for jungler's help to knock her to her Rebirth And destroy her there.

Akali: medium Her Shadow Dance is dangerous, try to catch her off-guard and nuke her. If she trying to dive you with her ult, just stun and nuke.

Annie: medium Stun her before she stun you, she can burst you down like you can do to her. Stun her and burst her down.

Brand: Easy-medium Not much to say here: evade his skills in early game and nuke the life out of him in 6.

Cassiopeia: medium-hard Her early game poke is annoying, try to evade all her spells, on 6, your stun has a little more range then her ult, use it to NUKE THE LIFE OUT OF THIS SNAKE!

Cho'Gath: Hard He will knock you up, he will silence you, he will sustain all of your damage, and he will stack hp with this Feast. play passivly and ask for jungler's help. try to nuke him on 6 before he Feast something.

Corki: Medium Yes, Corki mid, its rare, but existing. pre 6 it will be easy to evade his Phosphorus Bomb, but dont get too much close, his Gatling Gun can hurt. after 6 things starts to get tricky because he can spamm Missile Barrage on you. be carfull!

Diana: Easy-medium Like Akali, pre-6 she will try to farm and after 6 she will become a monster, play as you play against Akali but it will be trickier, evade her Crescent Strike, it hurt, and she will use her combo on you if its hits. also, she a bit tankier then other mid laners.

Elise: Medium She can and she will poke you in early game, try to not get in long trades with her because her Spider Form can survive long trades. put a point in your stun instad on your q for one level so you can stun her for longer in level 6, since she can Rappel ALL OF YOUR NUKE!

Evelynn: Very Easy Just stun and dark matter her on 6 to make her to burn her Agony's Embrace since she will think your going to nuke her, after this, stun her again and nuke. take in mind her Shadow Walk makes her in stealth unliss if she use spells, or you are getting close to her.

Ezreal: Easy Not much to say here, get early boots to evade his skillshots, burn his Arcane Shift and nuke him.

Fiddlesticks: Easy Play passivly in early game and in 6 when he Terrify Drain you (if he will) stun him since he stuck in place and nuke.

Fizz: Very Hard This slippery Fizz... He can Playful/Trickster your burst, burst you himself, AND HE CAN CALL YOU BORING! Try to bait his Playful/Trickster and nuke, but it will be HARD.

Galio: Hard He WILL buy magic resist, so you cant burst him down, evade his Resolute Smite. at 6, stay away from him, his Idol of Durand + his jungler = YOU ARE SCROWED.

Gragas: Easy Meh, just carfull from his Barrel Roll and nuke him when you get Deathfire Grasp.

Heimerdinger: This is just to much easy you can think this is a joke He will give you free farm with his H-28G Evolution Turret, he is slow so you can stun him VERY easily and, he will get ap, means more damage for your ult, if you losing to this guy without his jungler's help, just quit playing Veigar.

Janna: Easy Evade her Howling Gale and nuke her on 6.

Jayce: Hard EVADE HIS Shock Blast! this thing can take like 30% of your hp, try to ask for jungler's help to burst him on 6.

Karthus: Easy You will both try to farm at early game, outfarm him and nuke him on 6.

Karma: Medium Evade her spells and nuke her on 6 when her shield is on cooldown.

Kassadin (or DAMMYOUDIN): TOO MUCH STRONG!: LANE SWITCH! JUST DO IT! if you can't lane switch, ask for early babysit because he is weaker before he gets his Riftwalk.

Katarina: Medium Save your stun untill she Shunpo you, stun her and nuke.

Kayle: Very Hard She can ult or your combo, she hs strong burst, and she can heal. Ask for jungler's help to bait her ult, then nuke.

Kennen: Medium Same as Annie, stun him before he stuns you. Take in in mind he can evade your stun with his Lightning Rush.

Kha'Zix: Medium Play passivly, don't try to nuke him, do it only if he dives you with Leap.

Kog'Maw: Easy Evade his spells and nuke him on 6, like Brand.

LeBlanc: Very Hard Play EXTRIMLY passivly early game, ask for jungler's help and get early magic resist.

Lee Sin: Hard Focus on farm, if you want to kill him, get Deathfire Grasp first.

Lissandra: Easy-medium Harras her on early game, bait her Frozen Tomb and nuke.

Lux: Medium Get early boots and avoid her spells, nuke her on 6.

Malzahar: Hard On early game, focus on farming your q, in level 6, your stun has more range then his ult, use it to nuke him.

Maokai: Medium Focus on farming, don't even DREAM to kill this guy without jungler's help or if he will break the meta and will go full ap.

Mordekaiser: Hard Nuke him ONLY when his Iron Man is down, don't stay close to your minions.

Morgana: Very Hard Focus ONLY ON FARMING, her Black Shield just ruin all your nuke.

Nami: Easy This is easy to avoid her spells, just nuke her on 6.

Nidalee: Medium Avoid her spears, Good luck on stun her because of her Pounce.

Orianna: Medium She will try to harras you with her spells, bait her shield down and nuke.

Riven: Hard Focus on Farming, Be carfull from her Valor Ki Burst combo, she can follow it with Broken Wings and destroy you.

Ryze: Medium Since he is based on mana and not ap, it will be harder to nuke him, focus on farming and ask for a gank to shut him down early.

Sion: Medium Poke him early and beweare from his stun. In 6 try to burst him down.

Swain: Hard Focus on Farming, Try to burst him down if you have Ignite and Deathfire Grasp ONLY.

Syndra: Medium Avoid her Dark Sphere and burst her in 6, be carfull from her Unleashed Power.

Talon: Hard Another ad assassin... but this one has silence, play passivly and tell your teamates when he missing.

Teemo: (or THE DEVIL): Easy You stun him, he is SCROWED, beware of his ANNOYING SHROOMS.

Tristana: Hard Her early burst is annoying, her mid burst is annoying, her LATE BURST IS ANNOYING, try to stun her and NUKE THIS ANNOYING YORDLE DOWN!

Twisted Fate: Easy He ults, you place your stun on the location he ult, nuke: Watch a Twisted Fate Rage.

Veigar: AWW DAYM MATE Thats the end, you scrowed, you know this, Veigar is a sick yordle who destroy every enemy in his way, to win him, out farm him and stun him before he stun you, if he stun you, as you know... BOOM! YOU ARE SCROWED!

Viktor: Medium Avoid his Death Ray and nuke him before he nukes you.

Vladimir: Medium Be carfull from his Transfusion. his Sanguine Pool can take all your nuke, so bait him to use it.

Xerath: Medium Avoid his Arcanopulse since its hurt early game, stun him when he use Locus of Power and ALL OUT ON THIS...mage...ap...THINGY!

Yasuo: Hard Be carfull from his Steel Tempest, he can aaavoid your stun with his Sweeping Blade and he can ruin your combo with his Wind Wall. Focus on farming.

Zac: Hard Focus on farming, you can kill him only with a jungler's help or if he go full ap, take in mind his Cell Division Can ruin your burst.

Zed: Medium Get Deathfire Grasp, Bait his Living Shadow, stun, gg wp.

Ziggs: Medium Avoid his Bouncing Bomb, And nuke him on 6, take in mind He can AND HE WILL nuke you as you nuke him, so be carfull!

Zilean: Easy His Time Bomb is annoyinng, but you can burst him down on 6, STUN HIM FIRST! or he will Chronoshift himself and will RUIN YOUR COMBO!

Zyra: Medium DO NOT GET HIT FROM HER Grasping Roots! , use your Baleful Strike on her plants.

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Veigar is a very nice champion to play, he can nuke everyone in this game in a matter of sec, if you have any tips or questions please tell me about them. Before you downvoting this guide (if you will) take in mind this is a quick guide, if you do downvote, please inform me why, so i can make this guide a better guide.

Have Fun Nuking Some Suckers with Veigar!