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Rammus Build Guide by Kreezhem

Jungle Rammus Heavy Sustain - High Elo guide

Jungle Rammus Heavy Sustain - High Elo guide

Updated on August 3, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kreezhem Build Guide By Kreezhem 30 2 42,473 Views 2 Comments
30 2 42,473 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kreezhem Rammus Build Guide By Kreezhem Updated on August 3, 2019
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Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


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1v1 God
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Champion Build Guide

Rammus Heavy Sustain - High Elo guide

By Kreezhem
Hi, I'm Kreezhem. I have been playing League of Legends since season one. I've hit Diamond on several account on EUW almost every year since season 4 (Haven't played on S7) and more recently also on NA server. Even if I usually try to avoid botlane for personal preferences, I am able to play every roles at Diamond level which gives me a very good understanding of the game and of the majority of it's characters. I have been a coach on Egg-One School where I've done about 75 hours of coaching, for Solo Players, DuoQ partners and Teams.

My stream

If you have any questions you or you want me to make other guides can hop on my stream and ask me. You can also directly contact me on my discord

About Rammus :

Rammus is one of the fastest, sturdiest, cutest tank and still dishes out a surprising amount of damage. Your goal is to roll head first into the enemy team and make sure their carries can't hit anyone else than you. Rammus is a notorious pick for being the ultimate counter to almost all physical damage champions. Rammus is really easy to pick-up, but as you play him you will learn something you every games. His speed and his control makes him an excellent ganker, and his armor makes him an excellent diver.

A bad Rammus walks in the fight and dies before his team gets in range.
An average Rammus waits for his team to be positioned, engage and dies while his team deals with the enemy tank.
A good Rammus will do the same but he will survive the fight.
A crazy Rammus will not wait for his teammates, jump in 1v5, get a double kill then will roll away (spamming laugh ... obviously) with more HP than he started the fight.

Today I'm going to show you how to be a crazy Rammus. And trust me, you're gonna love it!

Video guide

The video provides extra tips and tricks I may not have mentioned in the guide. It also shows you how to correctly handle your jungle camps to minimize the time you spend to kill them. It is only a bonus to this guide.

Edits :
- 03/22/2019 Jungle path updated
Spiked Shell Passive - Your basic attacks deal 8 - 20 (based on level) +10% total armor as bonus magic damage. While your (W) Defensive Ball Curl is active this damage is increased to 12 - 30 (based on level) +15% total armor.

On it's own this passive is quite weak for a tank but the effect is has on your (W) Defensive Ball Curl makes it your main source of damage.

Powerball - Active Cost : 60/65/70/75/80 Cooldown : 16/13.5/11/8.5/6
Movement ability, increase your movement speed by 25%-39% up to 150%-235% based on your level. Knock Back all units around you on impact for 0.75s and deals 100/135/170/205/240 (+100% of your AP) as magic damage and slows the target for 40/50/60/70/80% for 1 second.

This is your engage, your disengage, your interrupt, your aoe control. You are maxing this spell for the cooldown reduction and the slow. Against champions without dashes and without flash you will want to knock them back hit them 2 times (time of the bump + slow) then taunt. This will maximize your control during your gank.

A very simple but important thing to be able to do on Rammus is to flash onto the enemies as you are rolling. You will try to flash to hit as many peoples as possible with the knock back or to interrupt something important like Katarina' ultimate for example or Corki's dash. This Powerball flash works the best in combo with an Orianna that will use her ultimate on all the targets you knock back.

Defensive Ball Curl - Active Cost : 40 Cooldown : 6
Curl into your shell for 6 seconds and gain 30 (+60/70/80/90/100% total armor) and 10 (+30/35/40/45/50 total magic resistance). As long as the spell is active you will be slowed by 30% and any enemy attacking you will get hit by your Spiked Shell.

This spell can sometimes be maxed second when you are really ahead and just want to jump in 1v5. Why would you need a taunt when you are the only target to hit. This ability is cancel-able by reactivating the ability or using your (Q) Powerball.

It is important to remember to cancel it when you try to apply a redbuff slow during a gank early game. If you keep it active you won't be able to follow your target.
You do not want to use this ability for no reason as in my build it is your main source of healing. You need to use it after you lost about 20% of your HP or before someone will burst you to avoid taking too much damage. For example you get snared by Lux and she try to use her ultimate on you, you can activate Defensive Ball Curl to migitage the dommage by a fair amount (or unfair amount in her perspective).

Frenzying Taunt - Active Cost 50 Cooldown 12
Taunt the target for 1.25/1.5/1.75/2/2.25s and gain 20/25/30/35/40% attack speed.
While any of your other ability is active the attack speed bonus refreshes.

As mentioned above, you do not want to taunt too fast, nor too slow. You want to let your Powerball knock back finished and right at the end taunt the target. If you practice and get perfect timing you may even get free Flash as your Frenzying Taunt animation will finish even if you target Flash.

You want to make sure to taunt monsters in your jungle a least for Blue/Red/Gromp as it will give you the attack speed bonus to clear the camp. Frenzying Taunt breaks the armor of the Scuttle Crab in the river, allowing you to do a lot of damages to it easily.

Tremors - Active Cost 100 Cooldown 100/80/60
Create an earthquake around you for 8 seconds dealing 20/40/120 (+20% ap) magic damage to everyone around you (double damage on buildings).
Each time you damage an enemy you also apply a 8/10/12% slow that lasts for 1.5s and stacks up to 8 times.

You want to use this ability as you engage for extra slow and extra damage. The best is to use is as you roll behind an enemy to slow him down and catch up even easier. If you get a kill without using it and you have the opportunity to push a tower, don't forget to use it on the tower for extra damage.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Runes :

Resolve / Domination

Aftershock - Provides a big defensive boost on your engage which is doubled by your Defensive Ball Curl to get insane amount of armor which will make you unkillable and will allow you to deal very high damages with your Spiked Shell

Demolish - Allows good damages on a tower after a gank or in late game during a push. Could be remplaced by Font of Life if you have a team that use a lots of basic attacks
Conditioning - Keep getting those defensive stats up. Scales way better than other runes in this tier.
Revitalize - Very good rune in combo with Taste of Blood and also very effective with our Hextech Gunblade build. Could be replaced by Unflinching against heavy crowd control opponents.

Taste of Blood - An extra heal that is always nice to have.
Ravenous Hunter - This runes provides an insane amount of sustain. It allows you to heal in your jungle and heal a portion of the damages taken in fights.

Bonus :
- 10% attack speed
- +6 armor
- +6 armor / +8 magic resistance

Resolve / Precision

Aftershock - Provides a big defensive boost on your engage which is doubled by your Defensive Ball Curl to get insane amount of armor which will make you unkillable and will allow you to deal very high damages with your Spiked Shell

Demolish - Allows good damages on a tower after a gank or in late game during a push. Could be remplaced by Font of Life if you have a team that use a lots of basic attacks
Conditioning - Keep getting those defensive stats up. Scales way better than other runes in this tier.
Revitalize - Very good rune in combo with Taste of Blood and also very effective with our Hextech Gunblade build. Could be replaced by Unflinching against heavy crowd control opponents.

Triumph - Good heal boost
Legend: Tenacity - Huge amount of tenacity against annoying team compositions.

Bonus :
- 10% attack speed
- +6 armor
- +6 armor / +8 magic resistance

How to choose ?

Usually I will take Resolve / Precision only in bad matchups. Against a lot of snares or a lot of brut damages. Resolve / Domination is the most effective rune combo against most matchups.

How much tenacity can we get ? And how it really works

First thing to know is that Tenacity is multiplicative. On most champions you dont want to take too much as it will be kind of a waste, but on Rammus having a lots of tenacity on runes means you can skip Mercury's Treads and therefor get the Ninja Tabi to benefit from the basic attack reduction.
If you go for the Resolve/ Precision combo you get : 30% from Legend: Tenacity and 20% + 15%*2 for 10 seconds from Unflinching in the best case scenario (when you flash Q and smite instantly)

Let's take a 3 seconds Morgana snare for example :
3 * (1-0.3) * (1-0.2) * (1-0.15) * (1-0.15) = 1.2 seconds of control instead of 3. About 60% control reduction

Let's add Elixir of Iron25% and Mercury's Treads30% for fun and you get to 0.63 second of control. About 79% control reduction.

You can clearly see that at this point Mercury's Treads are not needed and Ninja Tabi are a better option.

Summoners :

Flash is mandatory, it's such a great summoner spell, it can save you, allow you to do a clutch move, engage like Malphite. There is no debate on this summoner you have to take it.

Challenging smite is made to lower the damage of a target to insure you overheal his damages and it also add some extra damages to your target.

Chilling smite is usually my favorite one. You can smite the opponent at the last second of your Powerball to surprise them with a sudden acceleration. It allows you to stick with the target after you popped all of your spells, while you wait for your next powerball.

If you play Rammus Toplane go for Teleport, as any other summoner is not really worth taking for you.

Jungle :

Early game

You want to always start on your Red buff if possible. After Red you will head to birds, then golems, Smite the big one. You will then head to the botlane / toplane for a lvl 3 gank if possible. If the lanes are push and you can't just head for the closest scuttle (if you have lane priority / jungle lvl 3 matchup. After that, you can look for a transition gank mid to get the second scuttle right after. Once you got the second scuttle you can try and get a second gank mid or bot/top. If no gank is avaiable just head to blue / gromp / wolf and recall. Once you based you basically head for golems then try to gank the lane that looks the best for you. Try to play around 3rd scuttle spawn and eventually drake.

For more advanced players. After your transition gank mid you can try to steal their birds depending on the matchup. After your first recall and your golem clear, aim for counter gank, birds/ wolfs steal. You most likely have more mobility than the enemy jungler, so use it to your advantage.

Mid game

Once you got a lane ahead enough, try to go for the tower. As soon as you got a tower, recall then ask that laner to roam with you and dive another lane then get another tower. Keep pushing your movement speed advantage and your dive potential. Rammus is at his peak during this time period. Make sure to always press your opponent and get objectives.

Late game

If you made it to late with Rammus it's not good news. You have to try and do picks. A good way to do that is to ask your team to push 4 mid and 1 top. Show yourself mid then back off and head top to 2V1 their toplaner and get the tower toplane. If their team rotate just back off as your team should take their tower mid.

Second option is to hard engage. If both team face each other waiting for an engage, try to come from the sides, warded or not, just flash in the middle of their team as your Powerball is active. This will have a massive impact on the teamfight as their team will panic and you most likely will taunt their adc and get the focus of several members of the enemy team.

If for some cases you are behind as Rammus, powerfarming will not work. Try to gank the easiest lane non-stop and come back in the game. You can also defend a dive really efficiently. Try to read the map and always outnumber your opponents.

Toplane :

Laning with Rammus is not the easiest. You have almost no escape if the enemy plays properly and you have very limited sustain early on. I would suggest a rush Bramble Vest into Hextech Gunblade to win all melee matchup toplane.

You want to take the farm you can and stand back until your level 2. Once level 2 you can start punishing the other laner for trying to take your ranged minions when you have a big wave. Just Frenzying Taunt him, which will proc your Aftershock and use your Defensive Ball Curl to mitigate his damages and boost yours. Your opponent can choose to retaliate and burst into your armor and very likely lose the trade, or back off and still lose the trade.

It is very important to NOT chase the enemy with your Powerball if he tries to run without fighting. You will be without Defensive Ball Curl and you will be vulnerable to damages and to ganks.

You are basically able to go farm ranged minions relatively safely and you can deny your ranged minions. Try to not use your Powerball for no real reasons and do not let the enemy lane walk between you and your tower. It is very likely a sign of gank.

As toplane Rammus you should max your taunt first as it will give you more 1v1 potential and will allow your jungler easier kills.

Once laning phase ends try to roam around the map and put your team ahead by doing picks then heading on objectives.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Kreezhem
Kreezhem Rammus Guide
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Rammus Heavy Sustain - High Elo guide

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