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Rammus Build Guide by NextLevel

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NextLevel

Rammus: The Armadillo, Jungle Master!!! :3

NextLevel Last updated on December 31, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction (Read)

This is a jungle build, im not planning on making a Top Tank Rammus guide, but you can still use this with little modifications :D

Hello, this is my first guide in Moba. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did doing it. First i have to say somethings before starting:
  • Always test the character when he is on the free week before buying it, that will guarantee you like it or not and, by doing that, you wont waste IP;
  • Don´t come to this build looking just for a jungle character, because Rammus is more than that. HE IS A TANK! He is not supposed to kill 20 times all rounds, he is supposed to tank turrets alone; he is not supposed to stay back and waaait others to hit the enemy, he is a fight starter, so leave now if you dont like that;
  • Learning how to play Rammus is not easy, so be very patient and you will improve with time.

With that said

Let´s start with this guide!!! :D

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons
spaaace Pros:
  • Very tanky;
  • Great ganking ability;
  • Fast cleaning the jungle;
  • Almost an impossible to kill while using
    Defensive Ball Curl;
  • Great skins, just beaustiful.
  • EXCELENT escaping ability.
  • Hard to get used to, to land attacks and to do efficient ganks;
  • Annoying minion crush when chasing with Powerball;
  • Needs starting help with Ancient Golem ;
  • Slooooooow without Powerball;
  • He is too small to be such a tank xD.

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OK lets start explaining how to choose the runes:


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Health

Well Greater Mark of Armor Penetration its a good choice, because you will need that extra points as a tank, but as all the marks, it´s just OK, and isn´t so important for Rammus (or for any tank.

You should also consider Greater Mark of Health for a extra like bonus or Greater Mark of Armor. Also Greater Mark of Attack Speed and Greater Mark of Magic Penetration are a good idea when choosing.

Greater Seal of Armor, it´s obvious right?. Rammus is all about armor, and this gives him just the right amount he needs. Flats or per level it´s your choice. At the beggining, this will show the difference. Attacks to you will be reduced, and with your defensive curl ball you will have no problem with the jungle at all, not even need to recall.

For the Glyphs we have Greater Glyph of Magic Resist that it´s ok. But we also have Great Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. You´ll see that, at the start you wont need soo much magic resist because the others attacks wont be so strong. So per levels is the best option you can pick, but, both are good. By the way, this two are the best options you could pick, and i don´t know any other that works.

Greater Quintessences of Health it´s the one you should pick. You can pick anything that makes you a better tank, but i really think this is the right one.

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Now for the masteries this are the ones I picked and you should pick:


Here you can see that i choose the most tanky masteries, Durability ; Hardiness , etc; but i didn´t pick Perseverance. Thats because i wanted to pick other masteries, and i could compensate that Health Regen with the items that i picked. Philosopher's Stone and Spirit Stone give you a good health regen (at all the times, not as the masterie, that compensates the missing health).

I picked Legendary Armor and Honor Guard , with those two and the others you have great health (also with Juggernaut ) and a great defense, to attacks from champions, turrets ( Safeguard) and mounsters.

You can choose between putting the last 9 points in the utility masteries (as i did) or in the offense masteries, choosing Butcher wich gives you more damage to mounsters, that it´s a good bonus. Then just think a select the right masteries and you will be rady for battle!.

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Items (here comes the problem)

Ok im going to go really deep in this theme, because lots of people make mistakes when it comes to choose wich items to pick when you are playing rammus.

First of all i want to be clear with this: people while playing Rammus always think in one thing: his health. All about the think of is his health... its not wrong, but after they get the jus right amount of money they build this:
I mean like: WTF?!. If you buy that, your enemies will deal the same damage at you, so it´s the same as before but with more life. TANK´S ARE NOT ONLY ABOUT HEALTH!

,and if you think so you are a complete noob. Armor and Magic resist are as same of important. So think before buying and dont just go to... well Warmog xD.

Starting items:

I start with Hunter's Machete because it gives me just the right amount of damage to kill the Ancient Golem (with the Health Potion x3 to survive after). You can also pick the Cloth Armor to get that armor bonus instead of more attack, you decide.

First Recall:

- Philosopher's Stone: gives you that Health Regen, Mana Regen and additional gold that lets you stay in lane as long as you want, not needing to recall and a stable farming.

- Boots of Speed:well this is not hard to explain at all, is it?. You need that extra speed to: get faster in battle, as well as scaping when enemies are chasing you.

Early Game:

- Spirit Stone: as well as the Philosopher's Stone, let´s you stay in lane as any time as you want, thats why people buy it at the first recall, but i suggest you pick Philosopher's Stone because of that additional gold that let you get fed early in the game. This item gives you additional damage to mounsters and its a great item when farming.

- Ninja Tabi or mercury´s treads: Boots, yeah, they are not just about speed. Here is an example when you should choose between two boots. Mercury´s Treads are the boots you should choose when your opponents have strong cc´s (Crowd Control Effect): Stuns, Slow, etc; and you shouls pick them when your enemies use lots of magic attacks. You should pick Ninja Tabi when they have low or non cc´s champions and when your enemies are not ranged because it gives you armor and blocks attacks.

- Spirit of the Ancient Golem: why this object? well lots of people just don´t like it. But is a great item, believe me. It has a good amnount of health, armor and health regen. Also, the duration of the cc´s skills are 35%!. This is the primary object for Rammus.

- emblem of valor: more health regen? Well this objec is for building Aegis of the Legion, but its a good item itself: gives you armor and your allies will be thankful for that extra buff it gives. People also choose it as a starting item, but i dont think so, is an item you should buy at the early game (because that health regen it´s nothing when the others have a warmog xD).

- Eleisa's Miracle: when you reach level 3 with this item, the effects it give are permanent and the object is consumed... how awesome is that??!. The bonus for the Revive and the Clairvoyance are useless, except you are using Heal, but you can buy other items instead of this one after is consumed, and you will still have that 10 health regen it gives... just beautiful.

- Enchantment: Captain or Enchantment: Furor: i would pick furor, for that extra speed when attacking an enemy, but is your choice.

Mid Game:

- Aegis of the Legion: health, magic resist and armor, thats a god item. It gives you just the right amount you need from everyone. But the cool part about this object is that it gives your allies additional armor and magic resist. So that will be grat in team fights ;p. Then you can build your Runic Bulwark for additional bonus.

- Warmog's Armor: Warmog, warmog, warmog. This item gives you 1000 health, wich is amazing because with just buying 1 you transform to a tank xD, and it restores health every 5 secons, so you won´t need a problem with all the items i made you buy with your health xD.

- Sunfire Cape: mora armor, more health and more damage. Simple, its an item you should pick. But i don´t pick it because i really think with other items you could have more stats than with this.

Late Game:

- Banshee's Veil: this is the item you shouls pick if your ememies are ranged or mages. It gives you gain health and magic resist that its just right to protect from other ones spells, and it blocks enemy spells wich is just great when fighting to those.

- Frozen Heart: this is the item you should pick when you have lots of enemies like Jax or Xin Zhao who can jump on you and kick your butt. This is because it reduces the attack speed from the enemy by 20% (with Jax is great because he has lots of attack speed) and gives you armor. With this item you should be able to kill them intead of them killing you.

- Thornmail: this one is just amazing. It´s like an defensive curl ball on an item. You recieve armor and the damage they deal to you returns to them. Thats a very good item for rammus and i suggest it with any enemy.

- Randuin's Omen: great armor, great health, great passive. This item is just beautiful in all the ways you see it. It´s the perfect item for tanks and you should pick it in any game you play. Also it gives you an active that slows the nearby enemy units for 2 secons +1 for every 100 armor you have... o yeah and we have lots of 100 ;D.

- Guardian Angel: this is the item you should buy when the enemy team is kicking your butts off, really. It gives you armor and magic resist, wich is great but you also revive upon death, and you will se all enemies will be waiting for you to revive, and that gives time to the others to kick the enemies butt´s ;p.

Now that i explained, it´s hard to decide right?. Well you should see wich one to buy when the game is starting and you know wich are yours enemies. Dont just go for the same build all the time,to change and your playing will be more dynamic.

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Summoner´s Spells

Well here comes something very easy at this guide, and it´s the summoner´s spells. As you know i picked flash and smite and ill show you why.

- : Flash is a great skill for scaping when you are in trouble, but it´s not just that. You can jump walls to get closer to the enemy, flash to someone who is scaping, etc. But the great think that gives Flash for Rammus is that you can use Powerball with it when ganking. With that your ganks will be better and your team will love you :3.

- : this is just obvious. Smite is the perfect skill for jungler´s. With it you deal lots of damage to the mounsters (not to champions) and you can clean the jungle faster with it. IMPORTANT: leave it for the hard mounsters of the jungle, and don´t waste it with the ghost´s :P, for example.

Other Skills you could use:
- : To finish champions.

- : team fights.

- : do i even need to explain?

- : escaping, chasing, etc.

- : chasing, primary.

Other Skills you should not use:
- : when rammus needed too much mana?

- : don´t.

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Skill Sequence/ Combos

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Your puncturing taunt is your primary skills. You will be using it all the time at the battle to tank the enemies if they are hitting allies, when they are scaping to make them hit you, etc. Powerball it´s your ganking skill. With it you can do all sorts of things that i will explain later. Your Defensive Ball Curl its your best defense when enemies are hitting you. And the Tremors is the skill you will be using in team fights, tanking turrets and tanking inhibitors.

puncturing taunt

Well if your enemy is hitting the turret you should use this combo. The first hit is with Powerball. As always the enemy will try to fight (sometimes xD) so you use Defensive Ball Curl to protect. As you are near to the turret, it will be hitting him. When he wants to scape, you use puncturing taunt and you block his way out. if you need use Tremors and if he manages to get on distance, finish him with Powerball.


This is the basic combo when you are in a team fights. As all combos you start with Powerball that hits all the enemies at the same time. Then use Defensive Ball Curl to defend (because if you don´t they´ll kick your ***) and then Tremors to do a massive damage (and maybe you get a penta kill ;D)

and if needed -->>
This is the combo when you are tanking a turret, inhibitor, etc. You should use Defensive Ball Curl to prevent attacks from turret/enemies and Tremors that deals damage to the turrets. If you are low at health, get your way back with Powerball or Flash.

puncturing taunt
Chasing. You can deal lots of damage with Powerball and Tremors combination, then you puncturing taunt him/them and if you need (if another champion came and is kicking your *** xD) you use Defensive Ball Curl.

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Ok let´s start with something interesting:

Jungling it´s maybe the most difficult playing style you´ll see. You need to be relaxed and thinking what you´ll do because if you FAIL, your team loses.

Ok, let´s start with the jungle sequence:

-1º: Ancient Golem : you will need help with this one. Call someone to "leash" him for you. People in 5v5 sometimes don´t know what "leash" means, so if you have a friend you can trust in, is better, because thwy will take your golem and your friend will not.

-2º: Wolves : easy one, kill them at any time you like.

-3º: Ghost´s: with Rammus this is an easy camp. With your masteries and skills, they won´t last a moment.

-4º: Red: ok... i don´t know haw his called. Kill him, he is not a hard enemy for you.

-5º: Wolves

-6º: Ghost´s

-7º: Golems : don´t even have a problem, this one is maybe too easy.

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Thanks :D

Thank you all for viditing my guide and i hope this was helpful for you guys, good luck and happy holidays :D