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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Rengar Build Guide by Le Pro of d00m

AD Offtank Rengar's Guide to Maximum Trophies! (Top and Jungle)

AD Offtank Rengar's Guide to Maximum Trophies! (Top and Jungle)

Updated on November 21, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Le Pro of d00m Build Guide By Le Pro of d00m 113 24 1,273,404 Views 84 Comments
113 24 1,273,404 Views 84 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Le Pro of d00m Rengar Build Guide By Le Pro of d00m Updated on November 21, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Rengar
  • LoL Champion: Rengar


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Jungle Role Ranked #59 in
Jungle Role
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More Rengar Runes

Important, Please read

Alright guys, ive kinda given up on rengar untill the rework, because i just done feel like playing him now that he muilti-cast bug has been removed and the rework is iminante in a few months. Ill probably update little portions of this guide, but im sick of playing rengar, Jax Pantheon Renekton and Lee Sin are picked almost 100% of the time i play ranked, and im trying to get gold by the end of the season, so im not going to play rengar for a while, most of his guide will stay accurate, riot has no plans to buff/nerf rengar with his rework coming, so just chill untill the rework comes and i'll have the guide ready to go.
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Hello, welcome to my jungle Rengar guide! This is my first guide on mobafire and i couldn't think of any other champion to do it on. The day Rengar was released i bought him and have loved playing him since. I am open to ANY critisim or advice on how to make this guide better. enjoy!
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Pros / Cons

+ High damage
+ great attack speed steroid
+ No mana ;)
+ Can jump like a friken ninja!
+ Can 1 shot at level 1 with a red elixir
+ You want Kha'Zix's blood
+ Amazing Engages
+ Great Sustain in lane
-- Rengar
- Harrased by ranged easily
- Counter junglable early due to lack of escapes
- Ult wont reveal wards (can be seen through ult)
- Kha'Zix wants your blood
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Summoner spells

These are byfar, the best choices. Take Smite when jungling and Ignite when going top. Flash and Ghost are legit escape spells, and it mostly comes down to opinion or the enemy team comp, but you would find flash more useful

Honorable mentions: Teleport Ghost Exhaust Cleanse.
These are decent, but Flash Ignite and Smite are much better. Teleport should be used if you are going top against a pusher, such as mordekiser. Ghost is just a preference spell, no situational stuff needed. Exhaust if you feel like the enemy top laner (AD) will be beating on you, as this helps with damage. Cleanse should be used when going against a team with a lot of BREAKABLE CC, this means stuns blinds fears slows and stuff like Exhaust. Remember that Cleanse only breaks the cc i already mentioned, it wont work against knock-ups and knock-backs.
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Runes are pretty standard but I'll explain them for new players or if you just want see my logic.
greater mark of armor penetration
greater mark of armor penetration
Standard on almost any AD in the game. boosts your damage and helps a small bit if they start stacking armor. Early game Rengar has a great shot at some easy kills with Empowered Savagery, these help with getting through the base armor or enemy championw
greater mark of armor penetration
Again pretty standard here, gives you some nice armor to help with any fights you will ever encounter. if you wish to sub these out i reccomend health per level over flat health. One thing to remember is that jungle minions deal physical damage, meaning that armor will be more beneficent then health.
Once again standard for almost any AD. The reason why i use MR per level over flat is because they grant a higher bonus around level 7-8 andmost of the time you are higher then level 7 or 8. One reason why we dont use flat mr is because your an initiator, and you cant initiate late game with 0 mr. Its important to note that if you engage early agaisnt ap casters your going to take more damage.
Bonus AD from these quints is great because it just improves your damage a lot, the reason why i don't use Armor Pen is because we already got enough from our marks. These also help Rengar's bad early clear time. Just to go a little bit more indepth on why not more armor pen... Having a mix gives you the most damage, too much ad, and you wont penetrate any armor, too much armor pen, and you have 0 ad for scaling and damage.
greater mark of armor penetration
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Let me begin with this, there are many pages you can use for jungle Rengar, im not saying that any of these are better then the others, but im going to spotlight a few for the people who want to see what page fits their play style. The 3 im going to spotlight are pages for Early power, Tank, and Utility.
Early game

This page as the name states gives you great early game clearing and damage. This page is for people who hate the slow clear times early, or if your going agianst a champion that has good counter jungling ( Nunu & Willump, Shaco, Nocturne). The good things about this page is that you get through the early game with rather decent clear times and damage. The downsides is that you lack and tankyness, something that was nerfed in the shadow isles patch when Riot nerfed Rengars base health regen in half, making his sustain a question.

Tank (2 ways to do it)

Okay, something different here, we have 2 pages to choose from. These Pages focus on being tanky all through the game, giving you good sustain in the jungle, but making you more vulnerable to early counter jungling. Now to break apart these 2 new pages. The offensive page gives you a little help with clear time, but don't expect much of a difference. The utility page gives you a lot of nice extra perks, such as faster recall, more movement speed, and the 20% increase to time on jungle buffs. These pages are good for being safe, and being stronger as an initiator in team fights mid and late game. These pages are bad for clear times, and as a warning you cant expect counter jungling through out the jungle phase.


Call this trolly if you want, its better then some of the other pages imo. This page gives you a ton of fun things to use, you get extra gold, which is extreamly important on a jungler, you also get movement speed and cooldown reduction for getting max ferocity. One thing that makes this page really cool is the Explorer's Ward and the Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation. The ward is awesome if your going agianst some one who likes to go for your red/blue after they clear their own buffs, just place the ward at 1:20, and go take your own buffs without worry. The bisuit is just like a 6th pot, nothing else. Aside from that, we get bonus experience and cool down reduction on our Flash. This page is good for quicker mobility on the map and being safe till late game. This page is bad for early game clears and dueling.
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Skill Sequence and Explanation

Skill order jungle: Savagery-> Bola Strike-> Battle Roar
Skill order top #1: Bola Strike-> Battle Roar-> Savagery
Skill order top #2: Savagery-> Bola Strike-> Battle Roar
This is what makes Rengar so cool. Being able to leap from person to person when fighting in bushes is AMAZING! In the jungle, you use this for ganking or dashing to the camps to make the clear time just a few seconds faster. This is still useful even if you cant use this for the opening strike on a gank, you can still try to zone your targets into the bush and then jump on them for a wombo combo. In the top lane you use this for farming, jumping onto a creep and then running back to the bush leaves little chance for your enemy to harass and makes you unpredictable. Late game if you have Boots of Swiftness, you can jump to dragon or baron from the bush directly behind the wall of the pit, this sets up amazing steals
Most people say this is Rengars bread and butter, i disagree. Pre-nerf, this Was Rengars bread and butter, simply because it used to melt people so quickly and had a much better ad ratio. Now that its been toned down its more of a jungling skill and a late game burst skill. When your going jungle, max this first for the attack speed burst so you can take done the camps faster. When going top, you can either max this first or last in favor of Bola Strike because its easily countered by armor, and going balls deep to hit it results often times in more harass then you can handle.
This skill was nerfed in the dreaded shadow isles patch that all true Rengar players hate. Now that its ap ratio isn't worth investing much ap into it, we don't have as much use for it as we did before. BUT! this skill didn't lose what made it good, and that's the insane armor and magic resist it gives. This is literally the only reason why we max this second, beside from the split pushing and the ferocity part of it but we can get to that later. In early skirmish's, spamming this to constantly absorb more damage can be the difference at the end of the fight. if you want to go mad split push Rengar, you can max this and get a Tiamat or Ravenous Hydra and just AOE the entire lane to death before your opponents even realize your pushing.

This in my opinion is Rengars bread and butter. This provides a ton of harass. the thing about this is when your ganking anyone you need to time this with your other teammates cc to get the maximum duration of pain for the enemy. One thing to note is this is the best scaling skill for rengar,meaning you get the most out of maxing it because of the increased base damage and the number of times your going to use it. In top lane, max this first for harass and kitting and for getting ferocity fast. When in the jungle, max this second for stronger ganks through the mid game and for the ability to pick of enemys with less struggle.
69 Ultimate
Your ult is 1 of your 2 ways of escape, but i highly encourage you to use it offensively there are many bugs involved with this ult, here's one of them that is truly deadly.
When you have 3-5 ferocity (Preferably 4 or 5) then use Thrill of the Hunt. As your ferocity generates, press Q as soon as your reach maximum ferocity stacks. Wait for your ferocity to generate even more, but you need to jump on somebody before your initial Q runs out. Since you generated ferocity from the last few seconds of your ult, you can use your full combo again (EWQ, depending on how much ferocity you have) to use another empowered Q, and then a normal Q. This enables you to have a triple Q, with 2 of them being empowered. Late game when you have damage, depending on your build, you can insta-kill the carries. Have fun!

Empowered abilities

Empowered Savagery Bonus damage+attack speed
Empowered Battle Roar Adds heal per level
Empowered Bola Strike Adds a snare to the start of the durtion
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How to use the triple Q

The triple Q will make or break a good Rengar player. knowing how to do this will let you insta-gib almost ANYONE. This trick requires practice but the results are amazing.

Step 1: Aquire 5 ferocity.

Step 2: Activate Thrill of the Hunt

Step 3: right as you go into stealth, activate your Q

Step 4: Wait untill you have 4 more ferocity.

Step 5: Jump on your target, and activate Q twice.

Result: You get an Empowered Savagery on jump because you activated it at the start, followed by a normal Savagery you now have 5 more ferocity, alowing you to finish with another Empowered Savagery. Combined with Sword of the Divine and/or Infinity Edge, this is basicaly the most broken thing in the game. I suggest trying it out in a custom game, because if you do it incorrectly then you can mess up your combo.
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BoneTooth Necklace

bonetooth necklace

bonetooth necklace
This is Rengars very own item, Its Basicly a snowball item for when you get fed, but instead of granting bonus ad ap or health, it gives you special perks every 3 stacks! Rengar gains 1 stack for kill and assist and loses 1 on death. In addition it grants 10 Base AD and 3 AD per level.
3 Trophies: +10 armor penetration
+5% cooldown reduction
6 Trophies: +25 movement speed
9 Trophies: Rengar's leap gains 150 bonus range.
14 Trophies: Thrill of the Hunt's duration is increased by 3 seconds. Additionally, Rengar's next ability used after activating Thrill of the Hunt generates 1 bonus Ferocity.
bonetooth necklace

bonetooth necklace
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Item Sequence

Madred's Razors 750
Mobility Boots 1000
Ravenous Hydra 3300
Youmuu's Ghostblade 3000
Last Whisper 1450
Spirit Visage 2900
Blade of the Ruined King 3200
As Rengar, you should focus on building either a mix of damage and health, or just plain damage. Im going to categorize items that i find good for Rengar. If you think that ive left out any items, feel free to tell me and ill add it in as soon as i can!.

Damageitems are composed of all the primarily damage items, if you want to build a big lead, pick up 1 or 2 of these and watch them melt! A lot of these items are high-risk, High-reward, going glass cannon as Rengar gives you alot of benefits, like the ability to also 1 shot carrys, but if you get caught our or get out played, all i can say is "get ****ed"
Health All of these items are just tanky as **** and with a few of these there's nothing stopping you from walking through the entire enemy team and just beating the **** out of the adc. Of course these items don't have a very high reward in terms of burst or kills, but you get the job dont easily and without dieing in a few seconds :3. These items also fix Rengars base health regeneration problem.
HybridThese are the perfect items for Rengar Why pick damage or tanky when you can have both? with this you'll be able to still burst the carry and still be the bruiser that your team needs. Many times you need to determine what kind of hybrid items you want. There are the tanky hybrid items like Frozen Mallet, which focus on tanky more than more attack orintated hybrid items like Black Cleaver. If you feal like you need to be the kind of "tanky assasin" then you can go for more tanky hybrid items to fir your needs and still get damage, same is said for attack damage hybrid items.

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Jungle Route

Well this used to be really comlicated, but at of patch 3.8 you either go Blue->red or Red-> blue, so sadly i cant really give you any extra options :(
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Early Game

Level 1, if you are on blue team, then give a leash to your jungler (if they're starting blue), making sure to use bola for both wolves and blue buff for ferocity. Then head to lane. As soon as your enemy appears, then look at their armor. If it's relatively low, then wait until level 2 and ferocity, level up your ((savagery)), and try to jump on them with full ferocity, which should bring them down to extremely low hp, especially if you used your elixer of fortitude before this (which i don't recommend unless it's a sure kill). After that, then just focus on farming. Ward river at around 4 minutes.
For poking,use e and/or w, but try not to use too many spells at once, or they can trade with you while your spells are on cooldown, which do a majority of your damage.
A good method for farming safely, which can even help you a bit against ganks, is to stay in the bushes, and use your passive to last hit. This keeps the enemy laner on their toes, as you could easily jump on them. If they ward that bush, then feel free to pick up a pink ward on your way back to base.
*Something that can really help out your mid laner is if you gank at level 6 (or at all, for that matter), which can help your mid win lane, or even pick up a kill. It also lets them know that they can be ganked, at any time, by an invisible, cancerous, kitty cat.

**If you push up enough then warding the enemy blue (if on purple team) or taking the enemy junglers golems (take your own golems if on purple team) is a good way to deny them xp. While their jungler is getting blue, your team should go take dragon, if not already.
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Ganking as Rengar is pretty easy. if you can, use brushs to jump on to them then slow them with Bola Strike and then shred them with Savagery. Once you hit 6, useing Thrill of the Hunt to get a super hard gank will almost guarantee a kill or leaving them at 20% health. IMPORTANT its important that you don't plan everything from the brush, many times they will never get near your brush and you will be forced to go in like any other jungler would.
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Situation: Counter ganking

Before i get very in=depth to this, im going to explain counter ganking as a general aspect. Counter ganking is basically ganking a n enemy gank in progress. EX: Darius is fighting Garen top, when Dariuss jungler Warwick comes to gank Garen. Garen retreats to his tower an kites them around until his jungler Maokai comes in and initiates onto Warwick and Darius, in which it is now an even 2v2 instead of a 1v2 in Garens favor.YOUR way of counter ganking will to either use Unseen Predator, Thrill of the Hunt or Bola Strike to get them off your teammate and then focus down the one Farthest from your teammate, as you will be able to 1v1 almost anyone on there team and your teammate has a better chance of unloading onto the closer opponent. However Your main priority should be the lowest opponent if they are lower then 70% for obvious reasons.I made this picture to give you an idea of counter ganking routes This also works for ganking! sorry if its small, if you have a zooming tool feel free to use it on the pic.
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Situation: counter jungling

Counter jungleing as rengar is a brezze. Use your wriggles lantern to ward a buff/camp. All buffs and wraiths have a bush to use a jump point with a ward. You can take wraiths with a Q>W>E combo onto the large wraith and then AA down the last 2 mini wraiths, same things with wolves but only take 1 of 2 mini wolves. When stealing buffs, attack the monster and walk into the bush so that they wont see you taking the buff. When stealing a buff that the enemy jungler is taking, watch for Smite. if they are lazy and smite it first, simply wait to Smite it so that you kill it without any risk. if they are smart and don't smite early, the only thing you can really do is to either try to smite it with super fast reflezs, or use ur passive jump to try and distract them for the moment you need to Smite it.
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Situation: Teamfights

Almost any Rengar will tell you this, Rengars role in teamfights is to simply Ult onto carry, and then take there face all the way back to shop (kill them basicly) and theres not much more i can tell you then that. however, I CAN improve your knowladge on HOW to do this. On paper, it looks like you simply ult onto adc and win. But, there is a lot more to this.
Lets start with WHEN to engage. NEVER, EVER, engage before your team has already engaged. you will die if you don't take my advice, i can garentee it. IF you engage before your team engages, you wont be able use the fight as a distraction. Engage once you can clearly see that you wont be focused down. Your ideal situation is that you jump onto the enemy adc or apc and then can execute them and then get into the fight.
Another situation is when to back off, and READING the early outcome of a fight to make a game saving decision (possibly). EX: you are about to ult in, but wait, your team is pummeled by cc and is losing health fast. BACK OFF! you do not want to dive into a fight that is already lost, it wont end well, you're better off getting back to your base to defend any possible push's they might attempt after they win to the fight.
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Situation: Stealing DRAG and BARON

This is rather simple, all you need is a ward, your ult, ans smite, but your teamates cc can help you too. Renember that you ult takes a second to activate and that the jump also takes some time. when taking BARON, you can usally ult frombehind the wall and come in from over the wall. dragon is a differnt matter, because dragon moves, you will most likely have to come in from purples blue enterance, basicly the river. try to watch out for disables when going in, as they will ruin your glorious steal.
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Match ups (jungle)

difficulty:4.5 WEAKPOINTS: ****py damage, cant 1V1]Alistar is pretty easy to win against, his lack of strong 1v1 damage and slow jungle clearing make him easy prey for warded counter jungling. its important to note that his heal will kepp him above 75% health most of the time. also, don't engage him near his teammates with out help. his high cc can keep you at bay until his teammates can get there.

difficulty:5 WEAKPOINTS: high mana, cant sustain fight
Amumu is more of a support jungler then a 1v1er. however, he is able to constantly pump out strong damage and takes reduced damage from Auto attacks. he is vunrable to counter junging but not much, try to catch him while he is doing his camps so his cool downs are still ticking. One last thing, Amumu is very mana dependant and cant sustain a long fight, jumping from brush and then retreating into the same brush can keep his mana falling and win you the fight.

Cho'Gath difficulty:6 WEAKPOINTS: Very reliant on skilshots
can be a pain, his constant sustain and low CD CC is just devestating. try to confront him before 6 and keep track of his Feast CD. when 1v1ing him, renember that feast does a minimum of 300 damage at level 1 and will only get stronger.Also, keep track of his build, AP cho will have amazing damage from Rupture and Vorpal Spikes.

Dificulty: 6.0--9.0 WEAKPOINTS:kiting Jax can be an absolute pain, you just have to watch out for his Counter Strike,other then that, try to kite him so his passive stays low, preventing him from doing much damage,also watch out for his strong counter ganks.

Difficulty:??? WEAKPOINTS: Skills cost HP, Cant sustain fights
Strong 1v1 tank will make you mad. his ult can change fights, his w will annoy the hell out of you, and his Q and E are hardcore annoyance. Mundo is a preatty strong jungler and i don't now much about him. (PM me any info on him)

Difficulty:7.5 WEAKPOINTS: Squishy,CC
I used to jungle Evelynn a lot and i can tell you, she can be a pain. she could easily out gank you and her clear time is amazing. Remember that she will almost always see you before you see her, which means you have to me ready at any moment to be engaged, also remember that bush's will be your best friend, it takes her stealth out of the equation. always remember that when coming in for ganks, you need to watch out for a counter engage if she has already been in the area

difficulty: 6.5 WEAKPOINTS: Week 1v1 damage, high mana costs
Maokai is more annoying then powerful. he has amazing counter engage and engage skills, and can easily check your jungle with his Sapling Toss. Its highly important that a counter gank WILL sway the winner of a gank, his Twisted Advance can snare you or your teamate and then combo you to turn the fight around.

difficulty: 7.0--10.0 WEAKPOINTS: low cc.

Shyvana is the lord of jungle clear time, you can never out match her. When fighting her 1v1, try to kite her when she use's Burnout, as she will most likely max this first, and every auto attack that she hits you with will extend the duration of it. One thing that i see a lot of Rengar players fail at, and then get smashed because of it, is dodging her Flame Breath. it doesnt do a lot of damage on impact, but 15% armor reduction will. She will useally counter jungle your wraiths as she can clear it enormously fast and she wont have to take many risks.

difficulty:0--over 9000!WEAKPOINTS: none
Not much i can say here, it all depends on if they have read this guide or not (lol), I can give you one tip to beating him, GET A WARDENS MAIL! this is THE deffenition of the hate-on-rengar item, it just kills him, other then that, ward your jungle and try to steal his buffs whenever possible.
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Match ups (top)

This is still a major work in progress,if you want to see any champions in this list just request it! im happy to add any champs to this.
Counter picks

These counter picks are geneerally people who cant handle rengars burst or just cant trade with him. Maxing Bola Strike provides some of the best poke in the game and prevents your opponents form retaliating with the slow Garen is just basiclly a kite lane. Hit him with Bola Strike walk away. If he gets to close, Battle Roar to negate some of the damage. Gangplank just cant handle your damage and you just do everything he does better with added utility. Kha'Zix is kinda like Garen, with the twist that you need to stay behind your minions. What makes this easier then Garen is that he lacks a silence, meaning that getting caught out isn't the end of the world.

These counters are mainly because Rengar cant trade with these guys, or they have some way to block his harras and poke back. Singed will simply **** you up. You want to jump on him? forget it, you'll take 10x the damage you can do to this guy. the only way to win this lane is by constantly harrasing with Bola Strike. Malphite will soak up your harras and dish out more with his Seismic Shard. in addition to that, he shuts down your attack speed and is far stronger late game. Pantheon can poke you with his Spear Shotof doom and he can jsut block your Savagery with his passive. late game this match up is rather even but he can stop your engage with his Aegis of Zeonia.

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Judgedreadnaught's Rengar


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Item Sequence

Bloodthirster 3400
Boots of Swiftness 900
Last Whisper 1450
Black Cleaver 3100
Spirit Visage 2900
~Best Rengar NA~

Just wanted to touch on this... I found a guy who prides himself being the "Best Rengar NA" and really, I believe he is.
Judgedreadnaught (AKA Dekar173/Best Rengar NA) has started playing Rengar as an AD Caster, so that you can harass with your Bola Strike or Battle Roar, get ferocity, and then make a trade with your opponent.
Lategame, his build is much like an AD Carry, but many of the items have some Cooldown Reduction so you can get ferocity extremely fast, have decent harass, and have a very low cooldown on your ultimate.
When you are ulting in to initiate a teamfight/pick someone off, your primary spell to use is Bola Strike (after getting ferocity) so you can root them down and attack them while they're incapacitated.

Dekar's stream is Right Here!

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AS rengar: Does it work?

AS Rengar is actually a really strong version of rengar that utilizes smashing the enemys with high damage but being more fragile and vulnerable to cc. AS still will end up getting Bloodthirster but before that will get items like Zeal and Black Cleaver. From there Zeal can be built into either Phantom Dancer or Trinity Force. The end build for AS Rengar should look something like:

or --> --> --> or --> -->

Its also important to note that this build is used more for going top then jungle. its still viable jungle but with the health regen nerfs its harder to stay alive in the jungle with no durability.
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Rengar Kha'zix quest!

This video explains it very well so I'll leave it to you!
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Hall of fame!

PM me your screenshots of your scores with this build and I'll post them here with your name! Please only send good scores because i know that we can all have bad games and i don't want to give people the idea that this build doesn't work
Me and My friends combined games

    XgoldbazeX's results!

    Gurkengeschmack's awesome rengar game!
TncsTurtleJAH had some good results!

TheSiushi had a sweet game

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Coming soon

Im going to work on updating the masteries section to be more in depth as i have been getting a lot of requests to do it 11/11/12
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Change log

10/24/12 published guide!
10/24/12 (later) added "coming soon" section.
10/24/12 (more later) began work on AS Rengar section.
10/24/12 (even more later) Finished AS Rengar section.
10/25/12 Started matchups section.
11/4/12 Finally am back from being sick! Going to start on the matchups but ill take requests for certain junglers to make this faster.
11/11/12 Added Last Whisper into items section and added Bruiser item build!
11/15/12 Added zeke's herald and Atma's Impaler to the items section.
11/17/12 added Evelynn and Maokai to match-ups section.
11/18/12 Added 4 new situation sections!
11/20/12 Added Trinity Force to items section.
11/22/12 Added Shyvana to matchups section. Added weakpoints for all Matchups sections.
11/25/12 Added Rengar and Jax to matchups section, Added Maw of Malmortius to items section.
11/25/12--12/30/12 Ive added a lot for S3, go check it out!
1/17/13-- added various headers, fixed a few grammar errors.
2/24/13 Removed the "Upcoming Nerfs" section as it was old and had not been used after the shadow isles patch, Also made the runes section look a little bit better.
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This build currently is, and will probably always be, under construction. if you have any critisum advice or anything else, feel free to leave a comment or PM me. Overall, i think Rengar is one of the best champions in the game and i hope you enjoy playing him. Happy Hunting!

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