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Twitch Build Guide by ToxicSplinter

ADC Ridiculously in-depth Twitch Guide S12

ADC Ridiculously in-depth Twitch Guide S12

Updated on April 23, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ToxicSplinter Build Guide By ToxicSplinter 18 2 16,741 Views 0 Comments
18 2 16,741 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ToxicSplinter Twitch Build Guide By ToxicSplinter Updated on April 23, 2022
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Runes: AD Full Crit

1 2 3 4 5
Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Cut Down

Taste of Blood
Ingenious Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Flame or be flamed
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Champion Build Guide

Ridiculously in-depth Twitch Guide S12

By ToxicSplinter

I was hiding!

This guide is in early development and I'm still learning to use all the features and coding tools.
For now, the Runes explanation is in a big block of text you'd be able to find by hovering your mouse on the thing that says "notes" next to the runes.

Let's first discuss my credentials. I'm a Gold 3 peak player in season 9, I've been dancing between Silver 1 and Silver 2 all season 11. All my builds are LEGIT because you know they come straight from the underground, this is the real dirty ghetto tech ****.

I watch rat irl daily and sip microwaved coffee from my pepe mug.
My room looks like a sewer and I live with my parents. I play Yuumi with my feet.

TLDR I put my lp where my mouth is and that ****'s in the gutter but so is yours.
ALL matchups visualised

ALL SUPPORT MATCHUPS:(this refers to playing Twitch as adc into these supports, not as support)

First of all

I'm not gonna waste your time by showing the useless champion spotlights or copying and pasting the abilities' descriptions and calling it a day.
I assume you know enough about Twitch to be on this guide to not need that. I have instead listed each ability and described how it is best utilised, its quirks and all things you might not think about at first but will make more sense once you know them.


Your passive stacks onto the enemy 6 times. Poison ticks each second and the tick damage scales with AP. In an AP build the poison is strong and lasts long. However, don't be fooled into building Liandry's Anguish. Twitch can't utilise the ability haste from the passive compared to the ap that Riftmaker gives. The mana is also useless compared to what you otherwise will get with help. Therefore Liandry's Anguish is not efficient.


Ambush takes a little time to activate. During the cast time, nothing that you do or happens to you will interrupt going to stealth. This includes using up to two autos, (meaning you can Q then immediately blastcone). If you get CC-ed you will still enter stealth at the end of the duration.

Casting ambush then recall will let you recall while invisible.

In lane if you are getting ganked and you're pushed in (not in a good position) you can easily juke all 3 enemies by running back towards your tower while channeling Ambush and then immediately switching direction and running towards their tower instead once invisible.. We call this the supreme dirty or the psychological knee breaking maneuver and 99% of the time the enemy will keep running towards the direction they saw you start in and you can circle behind them to escape in river and even come back to lane to bm under tower.


The piss pit has two main functions. It acts as a deterrent in lane and safe Lethal Tempo proc tool. Think of the cask as a psychological Lux E
If you're going the AP build, the slow on W scales with it. So you can reach numbers even higher than 100%. Bear in mind that movement speed is capped at 100 no matter how powerful the slow so you will never root anybody with a W.


This is the bread and butter of the AP build and the rye bread and marmite of the AD build

Late game,
when you're building AD and you're using Ult it is often times not worth to waste time casting E. It will deal less damage to probably fewer targets than what you will do with just auto attacks. Additionally, the cast time of E Contaminate roots you for the duration and interrupts your kiting pattern..

Save E for once your ult runs out and you don't have the range to reach for autos.


The Ult auto attacks act as projectiles. And you thought twitch has no skillshots, you thought wrong, every time you auto you are aiming a skillshot that can be dodged. It is advisable to not ult anybody walking completely sideways to you, they can outrun the spray. Position in front or behind enemies' pathing.

As a rule of thumb, Twitch is not a tank shredder, we can itemise to deal with tanks eventually, but we don't itemise to sit and hit them first in a teamfight. Use Q Ambush to position behind the squishies and take them out outside their range with R.

Casting Spray and Pray is an act of chemical warfare against the Geneva Convention and the damage you output late game is enough to inflict permanent prefrontal cortex scars onto your foes. It is also an act of psychological warfare.
As long as casting ult instils fear into your enemy it's a good ultimate. The best counter to Twitch R Spray and Pray is running straight at him and oneshotting him before he can oneshot you. If the enemy thinks they can disengage by waiting out your ult they're about to get shredded. Use with confidence and do not show signs of weakness.
"Advanced" "mechanics"

Just Kite

W. Wait. Wait for them to step in the piss.
Lethal tempo procs.
Ping lulu to throw all the **** on you.

get oneshot.

If you use this then your taste must be worse than that of wadbot's marketing team, but you play twitch so then again.
Disclaimer 2:
If riot happens to see me - every single one of my vods act as my alibi. This is a joke. If I was scripting I would be hitting champions not waves every damn time.


First of all why is this not called Mafia Twitch, it's clearly same family as Mafia Jinx. Second, the reason seemingly all twitch mains use this skin is because the auto animations seem MUCH smoother, base it in whatever you wish - placebo or not, this skin somehow makes you a better twitch player and you know it.


Rocking medieavel twitch together with the chroma is a great way to tell your teammates that unlike most Twitch mains you're not toxic and you carry with honour and absolute chill. The autu-attack sound has a great ring to it making it more satisfying to lasthit.


Unlike what you may have heard on the summoner's rift , being a femboy eboy is perfectly okay and all sexualities should be respected and all love is love. Report any hate to riot games games because we do not tolerate that type of ******** over here. Although some may consider the auto attack animations underwhelming I call them greased up and that's all you need.

I grease these all myself!
Item Discussion

Doran's Blade
Doran's Blade is the preassumed normal starting item for AD Twitch, however that would be wrong. The issue with the toothpick is that Twitch starts the game with 270 mana and a W costs 70. More on this in the Doran's Ring section. There are almost no situations in which I would recommend building this item.

Doran's Blade
Doran's Ring is by far the best, safest and easiest to make choice for a starting item. You get 5 AD on hit for minions. At 6 stacks of your passive Doran's adds an additional 30 damage to your E Contaminate.Added to this is the 9 AP from your runes which will also deal an additional 18. This may not sound like a lot, but added to its base damage it pumps surprising burst to laners who would be taking armor in their runes. Doran's Ring also allows you to come to lane with 2 potions outsustaining your opponents, especially when you play with Lulu and/or Yuumi. Each minion kill grants 6 mana . This gives you one free use of you W Venom Cask almost every single wave. The value of this is huge.
"But Splinter what if I need lane sustain, wouldn't I want the omnivamp from Doran's Blade???"
Probably not. Considering Doran's blade doesn't allow you to use your abilities more than once you will be staying on full mana. You can instead stay on full mana with two potions and steal heal for 3 HP each minion kill.

Cull is a good choice for a starting item, especially because it DOES NOT give you HP. "How can that be a good thing you fat rat bastard???" you may ask. It's because of the fact you took Cut Down you moron follow the damn guide! At level 1 that 70hp from doran's is more than 12% of the enemy's health. That is directly converted to % bonus damage dealt from Cut Down. Considering Twitch scales to become a late game hypercarry, 1 bonus gold per minion for 100 minions plus 350 gold in the end and an additional resell value of 180g Cull is for when you wanna be making fat stacks. The problem with Cull is that you want to buy it when enemy adc and support both have higher base HP than yourself to maximise the value from Cut Down. There is just one small issue... Twitch has the highest base hp of all bot lane champions. That's why I recommend Doran's Ring over Cull. For reference At level 1 Twitch HP = 612 Caitlyn HP = 510. Twitch is number 1. Jinx is the next tankiest early at HP = 610.

Dark Seal
Although Dark Seal is completely troll if you purchase it as first item, some consider it standard as your buy in the AP build and even sometimes in the AD builds. A word of caution: even if you're completely smurfing probably never upgrade into Mejai's Soulstealer the gold is much better spent on a Needlessly Large Rod instead. You can buy a dark seal on your first or second back if you happen to have enough gold for it AND an item component such as Blasting Wand or Recurve Bow or Hearthbound Axe.




Kraken Slayer
The eternal question will always be Kraken Slayer or Galeforce. And the answer as always is - it depends on matchup.
Kraken Slayer is an item you almost always can't go wrong with. It gives you insane damage. Specifically for Twitch remember kraken cannot on its own help you kill a tank . Kraken pumps some coke into your autos so they hurt everyone, the true damage is the same to squishies as it is to tanks. The ultimate value comes in with the passive. Each item will grant you 10% attack speed. This is 50% at full build.

Galeforce on the other hand grants you the extra mobility you want in order to kite the enemy. When buying the mythic item how many skillshot CC will you be able to dodge with Galeforce. Do enemies have Blitzcrank, Xerath, Lux, Thresh or anything similar? If yes then Galeforce is a good choice. The 2% movement speed per item may not sound that great, but percentages are multiplicative
so together with the 7% you receive from Runaan's Hurricane you will be multiplying 500+ with 17%, that's over 80 movement speed, added to what you get from Lulu or Yuumi especially with Shurelya's Battlesong and an additional 20 from a Wit's End it you become an autoattacking Quinn ult. Jhin will be jealous.






Very Situational:

Real (Unpaid) Happy Customers
Here we see a person (actually not me)
Who decided to try out the builds on my guide.
They're not a twitch main.

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