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Rumble General Guide by SedimxD

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SedimxD

Rumble guide - A Very HOT Champ - Top lane AP carry

SedimxD Last updated on September 20, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 0

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 12

Threats to Rumble with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Singed The trollchamp. If he won't proxyfarm, he does not play him correctly. Try to kill him before he gets MR.
Yasuo Easiest matchup ever. His base stats are pretty low. you may kill him even at lvl 2, so put pressure on his face early on. Don't let him get his core items!
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Hello everyone!
My real name is Tomi and I will help you guys playing and learning a very viable carry champion: Rumble!
With the start of the last season I was searching for a champion that can be played in every team composition that has a good laning phase and awesome teamfight potential. I tried tons of top laners and junglers before I stumbled upon Rumble, a fairly, for some reason little played top laner. My first game with him was very bad. I fed a lot, did not know what to do with his skills and how to use his passive properly. But my second game was much better, I got the feeling to play this champion and scored some kills. Thats when I saw the potential of this champion. Tons of damage with very few items and a lot of outplay potentioal. Thats why I decided to learn him to see if I could play him in ranked games. After about 15 games I managed to play him properly, and so I started to play ranked games, almost only Rumble top. After two months of playing a few games per week I managed to carry myself out of Silver and am currently Platinum V and keep climbing.
Oh and my in-game nickname is Very Hot Champ (EUW). Feel free to add me :)

Some neat screenshots

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Pros & Cons


  • Manaless Champion
  • Very good in laning phase
  • Excellent in teamfights
  • Virtually full build with only two items
  • Double kill potential if getting ganked
  • Tons of damage
  • Low cooldowns

  • Hard to play
  • Needs a lot of time to master
  • A simple mistake can ruin your fight or even the game
  • Bad vs lifestealers

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Summoner spells, Runes & Masteries

Summoner spells

For Summoner spells I almost always take Teleport and Flash.

Teleport is a must have for a toplaner. It give you the option to quickly recall and buying, if you are pushed or make a surprise gank at bot via teleporting on a ward in lane. If successfull, this wins the game very often. Just remember that map awareness is the key to use it successfully!

Flash is self explanatory. It gives you options to either escape or chase your foes.
Just don't forget that it has a 5 minute cooldown, so use it only when absolutely necessarry.

Ignite could be used if you play against a Volibear or Aatrox if you intend to go for kills and snowball. But keep in mind that you lose your map pressure.

Exhaust: You don't play vs assasins. But if you do, you counter them anyway. This is only a support and midlaner Summoner spell.

Clarity: why would you take that?

Ghost: No, you are not Tryndamere or Nasus.

Barrier: This is many times worse than ignite and many more times worse than teleport.

Heal: This is a better alternative of barrier, but still not viable.

Cleanse: No! You will never need this.

Clairvoyance: Just nope.

Smite: Only, if you wanna try

Masteries explained


Sorcery - Since Rumble deals almost only spell damage you are taking this.

Double Edged Sword is pretty awesome on any meele carries, since you deal twice more damage than you take. But you can also take Feast if you're having trouble with sustain.

Natural Talent is okay. It's better than Vampirism , so we take that.

Oppressor is awesome on Rumble since your Electro-Harpoon slows for a long time + your The Equalizer and Rylai's Crystal Scepter make this Mastery indispensable!

Piercing Thoughts is mandatory since you aim for penetration.

Deathfire Touch is a pretty awesome new Masterie for Rumble since you do so much over-time damage. And because it has no cooldown you practically have another Flamespitter wich deals decent damage for a Masterie.


Recovery is decent since Rumble has zero sustain.

Tough Skin helps you to deal with any ranged toplaners.

Veteran's Scars is also a mandatory Mastery since Rumble has so many health items.

Perseverance is in my opinion an awesome new Mastery since it gives you a huge regeneration boost when under 20% health. Use it to your advantage!


Greater Seal of Armor - Gives you some protection against every auto attack, minions and AD Chmapions of course.
Greater Seal of Health - You can take some of these instead of armor, but I don't recomend more than 3.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - since you usually won't build MR until 15min this gives you some early game protection.
Greater Glyph of Ability Power - I take 3 of those, just because you don't need too much MR in runes. But you can also take 9x MR, it's your call.
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - you need some more AP for the early game.
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - 9x this! Must have runes! Rumble has high base damage, so penetration is the key to damage.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction - We take now 3 of these since the 5% cooldown reduction from Masteries is no longer an option. With the scaling runes, we get 5% cooldown reduction at lvl 18, wich makes heating up in teamfights a lot easier.

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Junkyard Titan - This is Rumble's bread and butter. This can be used to lasthit minions or to rape your laner. Try to use it with your flamespitter on. But be carefull, while it's active, you are silenced for 6 seconds!

Flamespitter is your main damage ability. Mastering this and your heat will be the top priority if you want to win games. Use it to stack up your heat, but try to face away from minions, so that you don't push too much. Flamespitter is an insane pushing tool wich can be your doom. When engaging an enemy champion always have 50+ heat when turning on or it will deal much less damage. And try to hit them with Electro-Harpoon to slow them down. This will either force them to fight or take the full damage.

Scrap Shield will be used mainly to absorb damage and build up heat. It's also used to get to lane faster and chase or flee. Always be prepared to use it in lane to absorb harass and you won't have any problems. in skirmishes engage with it to bring your heat to 55-75 then follow up with flamespitter and hit the harpoons. Use it to overheat only if necessary to absorb chunks of damage.

Electro-Harpoon will help you EXTREMLY in skirmishes, lasthitting and escaping. You only need to keep in mind that is has a small delay(cca 0,2 sec), which can make you miss sometimes. If you think that your oponent will harass a lot until lvl 3 you can start with it and last hit minions from distance. The slow stacks, so try to hit the second harpoon just before the slow wears off. That way it will have maximum duration. The second shot does not add heat nor does it reset the heat falloff.
Since the small rework, the harpoon now stores charges, which can be used one by one. This will allow you to farm better and manage your heat more precise, since it gives only 10 heat per use. the slow was nerfed to 2 seconds, which is not that much of a nerf, since it is still stackable.

The Equalizer - In my opinion the most overpowered ultimate(yes, more OP than Ekko's ult). With click and draging you create a line of slowing area, wich deals damage per second and lasts for 5 seconds. The line is fully created after one second after the cast. Oh and the AoE is a bit outside the marker, meaning that even if someone leaves the area, he will still suffer damage from one tick. Even when flashing out. In lategame use it for teamfights, and TEAMFIGHTS only. It does so much damage to the whole enemy team if placed properly, that you just can't lose. The total damage in lategame is about 1200 + 600 = 1800. And because of the slow, Liandry's damage is applied double. It will take you a dozen attempts to get used to it, so don't give up and train it. In lategame teamfight one good ult will win the game and one bad ult will lose the game so try to hit it properly. If you miss the initial click you can abort with right clicking. Keep that always in mind!

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Sorcerer's Shoes are a must buy. Magic pen for only 1100 is great. Complete them if you started with boots and doing good. It will give you a huge damage-spike.
Haunting Guise is also a must have item. It's penetration + smoe AP and HP gives you everything you need in early to mid game.
Zhonya's Hourglass is a perfect item for Rumble. I did so many kills with Q-ing and pressing Zhonya's while being low. While invulnerable my Q flamed everyone in front of me. It's also good if you are overheating and need your shield shield. Simply activate Zhonya's and wait for overheat to pass. A proper use is to ult in teamfights, stand with your Q in their team and activate it.
Liandry's Torment - Upgrade your Haunting Guise when your enemies hit lvl 11 or so. At that time they have lots of HP, wich liandry's simple melt away with it's passive current health percent bonus damage. You can buy it early on if facing a Gnar, Cho'Gath or any other champ that gains HP without items.
Abyssal Mask in an underrated item. In early-mid game it gives you so much. MR while lowering your enemies MR by 20. This is literally 20 magic penetration. And of course you get some AP. Buy it even before Haunting Guise if you are against an AP laner, especially if mid has also an AP laner. In teamfights it neutralizes the effect of the Locket of the Iron Solari so not only you benefit from it.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter is great vs Champions who have very little dashes and blinks. And everyone in teamfight gets slowed by your Q! And even Liandry's does double it's normal damage. How amazing is this? You also get a lot of HP and AP. Buy it more in the mid-late game, after you complete boots, Liandry's Torment and Zhonya's Hourglass.
Void Staff - As soon as you see a full build MR item on your enemy top laner, start building this! Even before completed Lyandry's. You will just not do enough damage without this item. You will feel the difference!
Randuin's Omen gives you enough protection in a teamfight if you face a fed AD carry or a furious Tryndamere. It's active slow may slow down pursuers or escapers, but don't forget that it has a rather short range. The new critical damage reduction is perfect versus fed carries like Jinx, Tryndamere and Draven.

Don't forget to buy Elixir of Sorcery before every important teamfight. Even if you're not fullbuild it can turn the tide of a teamfight.

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Laning phase

Laning phase is the first phase of the game in wich laners farm in lane and earn gold for items and attempt to kill oponent laners or try to deny their farm.
Rumble's laningphase is pretty good versus most oponents. He has excellent harass, a low cooldown shield and some skillshot farming tool. The issue is his meeele range and weird attack animation.
First of all what you need to do is to check what jungler the enemy has. If it's an early ganker don't push with your Flamespitter. You will probably get ganked soon, wich will result in your death and feeding afterwards. Whenever you harass use your Flamespitter away from minions to stack up your passive to 60-75, use your Scrap Shield to reach your enemy or wait if you are close and need it to suck up damage. Then hit him with Electro-Harpoon to archive overheat and start autoattacking him. If enemy has a dash/blink, he will probably use it. Keep in mind that this combo is the most usefull after enemy laner uses his harass combo/skill.(for example when Darius uses Decimate or missed his Apprehend).

If you face a after lvl 6 ganker like Warwick, Shyvana or Rengar you can push the lane but keep in mind to place a Warding Totem in the bush. Even if enemy jungler is useless before lvl 6 you will be a sitting duck if he can sneak up behind you and you see him when it's too late. Also don't forget about the laner's crows control like Tryndamere's Mocking Shout. Such abilities can still be devastating where even flash won't save you.

Finish off combo: If you manage to poke enemy down before lvl 6 you can go ahead and kill him if he has no dash/blink at that moment. Walk up to him with 40-55 heat and hit him with Electro-Harpoon. If you miss it, you will probably not be able to catch him but can still poke him and force him away from farm. If you hit the first harpoon then start Flamespitter and Scrap Shield. Chase him down and use the second [[electro harpoon]. At that point you will be able to autoattack him while he is almost dead. Enjoy your kill.

After you hit 6 you should start poking your oponent with your Q more and more. Try to bring him down to half HP and force him to use his dashes/blink. After that you can engage with a Electro-Harpoon, The Equalizer, Scrap Shield Flamespitter, Electro-Harpoon combo, after wich you will have him slowed by your Electro-Harpoon and The Equalizer. If he has no MR items, you should kill him almost every time or at least force his Flash. If he flashes while slowed don't hesitate to flash after him if your Flamespitter is still up and/or you have a good chance of killing him. But better don't flash in his turret range unless he will die after 1 or 2 seconds.

If you dominate your oponent laner and have an item advantage, you can permanently push the lane and bait his jungler or midlaner to help him. Keep in mind that this tactic has the most success rate if oponent laner is half HP or lower. Now here is the trick: As soon as you see you are getting ganked walk in the top bush. Preferably the middle one. Stack up your heat to half with Scrap Shield and wait untill they come close. If the enemy is getting vision of you by either warding the bush or revealing you with a skill or if enemy walks into it then walk to the bush closest to your turret. That way the enemy will think you are trying to escape. When they exit the middle bush and are between the two bushes use your The Equalizer to cover both bushes and a bit away from the wall. That way they will have nowhere to run but to flash away. Most low ELO players won't realize what damage The Equalizer. So if they fight you, use empowered Q and E to slow them even more. At that point their HP will melt away very fast. Focus the one with lowest health. This trick will bring you either a double kill, a kill and a forced flash or both forced flashes. I can tell from my experiences that the chances to get a double kill are 50 : 50. It all depends on your ultimate and how greedy the enemy is.

Teleport: The trick in using teleport is to not waste it. Teleport is in my opinion the best summoner spell. Why? Because one good and welltimed teleport can win the game. As a Rumble TopLaner you will need very good map awareness. Alaways keep an eye on fights that occur. You can always teleport and help out. Even when enemy tries to escape after they see you teleporting you can use The Equalizer to slow down their escape. If you only get an assist it is worth it as long as you don't miss much farm.

When to Teleport:
- when enemy bot lane is pushing under tower
- when you are at base and want to teleport back to lane and your lane is pushed under your tower
- when mid or bot-lane gets ganked on a pushed lane
- when your presence can turn the tide of a battle
- when enemy team is attempting dragon and yours is trying to contest it

When to NOT Teleport:
- when enemy laner is near you and has any crowd control that can disrupt your teleport
- when your lane is pushed under your turret(make an exception if you are 100% sure that teleporting will result in at least 2 kills)
- when you are at base and want to teleport back to lane, but it is pushed under enemy tower(simply walk back to lane)

Keep in mind that communication is also a key element to victory. Ask your bot-lane to ward the lane-bush in order for you to teleport behind the pushing enemies.
You can also announce at the start of the game that you can teleport-gank a pushing lane if it is warded.

CreepScore is free gold for no risk. Always prioritize farming over poking and don't miss dem siege minion 's. Warding is essential for a successfully laning phase and pushing the lane will deny enemy laner a lot of farm.
After every kill on the oponent laner check your money. If you have enough to buy something important you should push under his tower and recall. If you don't have enough money but are low you should still recall and restock on Health Potion's.
If you are domination your lane consider buying a Vision Ward. While the lane is always pushed the enemy laner won't have a chance to clear it and if the enemy jungler attempts to gank you and finds that pink, you can fight him.

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In process

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Using The Equalizer

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Tips & Tricks

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Patch 5.16 (19.8.2015) - Since Thornmail's return damage was reduces and now also scales with armor I changed the defensive armor item to Randuin's Omen since it's active slow duration is buffed and it now reduces the damage of critical strikes by 10%

Patch 5.22(10.11.2015) - I reworked the Masteries since they have been totally changed. The "Summoner spells, Masteries & Runes" chapter will be updated soon.
Patch 6.4(24.2.2016) - Electro-Harpoon was changed. I updated the skill section to explain this change.

Patch 6.8(20.4.2016) - Rumble got a huge buff, his ult cooldown got down for 10 seconds on all ranks! And his Q now does 100% damage to minions, which means more lane control.

Patch 6.9(5.5.2016) - Since Abyssal scepter and Zhonya's Hourglass now give cooldown reduction, I've removed scaling cdr runes for that matter.


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