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Ryze General Guide by Danwatts85

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Danwatts85

Ryze the art of keyboard mashing

Danwatts85 Last updated on March 13, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Lane phase/early game

Ryze is a high mana dependant champ. He has decent mana costs but to get the bang for your buck you need to spam. That is how mana issues occur for ryze. At game start Faerie Charm provides some of the mana regen required and is ideal at helping you through the rough early levels. You have the Health Potion to keep you in lane as long as possible as you need to farm up well. You can intergrate the Mana Potion for Health Potion depending on your opponent. (Against a kassadin i would take 3 health 2 mana pots) this is because you can defeat kassadin in a 1v1 and the extra mana allows you to punish him when he tries to farm, keeping him behind. On first return to base you want to buy Tear of the Goddess you also want to build up towards your catalyst the protector decide whether to buy a Sapphire Crystal if your are doing well and want more for ability casting, or Ruby Crystal for the health. This you must build into a Rod of Ages. Buy Boots of Speed at this point before the Rod of Ages then build up your Tear of the Goddess into a Manamune hopefully your tear should be charged nicely so you have or are close to having your Muramana remember your summoner spell this will help you and your team. You can use it in many ways. In the lane phase Teleport is used mainly to gank bot lane. If your support has a sight ward in the bush, you can tp in behind your opponents and secure you or your adc a kill. Teleport can also be used to teleport to a low health tower to finish it off, or Teleport to a ward in the jungle to kill a low health enemy or jungler and steal his blue buff. speaking of which if your jungler is kind enough to give you an early blue you should love him forever. It will make your job so much easier and allow you to charge your Tear of the Goddess easier. I feel that there is my three favourite junglers to work with as .



Lee sin

In order and why.

Amumu strong stun allows you to apply yours aswell. Without fail. And if you time the stuns right you can optimise the amount of abilities use. This works even better with amumus ult. this allows you to cast enough abilities to kill even the tankiest enemies.

Maokai solid root and slows allow for high combo potential.

Lee Sin has less to offer but guarentees the blue buff his ganks have less effect for you. However the addition of the blue buff allows you to do most work wothout his help.

Ryze with Iceborn Gauntlet now can dictate the outcome of the game.

It doesn't matter how you are doing untill now!

This is no joke you could be 0/7/0 it doesnt matter you now have the power to defeat your counters 1v1 anyone on the team and steam roll the game. It is my personal opinion that Ryze is the second most influential character who can imapct a game and determin its outcome, second only to Vayne.

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Laning vs counters and the countered




So why is Cassiopeia top counter?

  • higher damage per spell
  • low cooldowns
  • better range
She has the ablilty to bully you out of lane. She will kill you.

How is Xerath a counter?
  • higher damage per spell
  • never comes near you
  • much much better range

How is Brand a counter?
  • higher damage per spell
  • anti tank ap mid
  • better range

Who does Ryze counter?
The answer for this is essentialy anyone who has short range abilities or auto attacks. Ryze is an anti high damage close range champion. Here are the top champs who are countered by Ryze



The reasons are as explained and Ahri because she is a highly squishy caster who does not do well against a tanky opponent.

How does Ryze counter Fizz?
This is a great counter as fizz requires minimal distance between him and his target to deliver his damage. He is also what may be described as a 'glass cannon' (essentialy a very low health, but ultra high damage champ.) ryze can use his Rune Prison spell to keep fizz from using his gap closer on you, and allowing you to freely harass him at will. However dont go thinking that you are invincible now. Like any champ you may counter him in the long run, but slip up and he will punish you for it. I played a game as ryze vs fizz today. I countered him and got first blood surprisingly easy at lvl2 however as expected i got camped by the jungler really hard. This allowed fizz to close the gap and the counter was not as strong. From this i learnt that you can easily counter fizz and get fed. However make sure you keep buying Vision Ward or sight ward to keep him from closing the gap on your lead.

Why is veigar countered?
Veigar is an ap mid who specialises in destroying defensive mid champs using his high burst and giant snare. This however does not phase ryze. Ryze is an agressive mid and can capitallise on veigars high cooldown stun. He requires the landing of a full combo to kill an enemy. This is where ryze can provide a lot of free harass on to veigar with little to no response. However the same applies as with fizz. Use wards and hold on to your lead as veigar is deadly when he is farmed up.

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Time to faceroll

Ok so now you are ready to kill but what about your abilities?

Overload this is your damage ability. Max first, rely on this, this is how you kill

Rune Prison this is how you root your enemy so you can use your Overload ability multiple times.

Spell Flux this is your e it has multiple uses. The first is lane pushing use in corrolation with your ult for instant lane pushing and restoring health through spell vamp. Using your e in a fight is also effective not for its damage but for the procking of your Arcane Mastery reducing the cooldowns of your spells by 1 second meaning you can spam your Overload ability more.

Desperate Power your ult. dont not be afraid to use it, it provides spell vamp move speed and 50% of your spells damage is dealt as aoe damage. Usefull for lane pushing wraith farming and health restoring while granting move speed for greater gap creating after using Rune Prison capitalise even greater with the furor boot enchantment for escaping.

For your comboing use your abilities in this order.

Overload Rune Prison Overload Desperate Power Spell Flux Overload Rune Prison Overload rinse and repeat. This may seem like a huge combo but infact with ryzes cooldowns this is a quick combo. The more you cast the better you will be at comboing, also you will be able to spam quicker. Dont forget to activate Muramana.

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Pros and cons of ryze




  • insane 1v1 champ
  • unrivalled cooldowns
  • ability to dictate outcome of the game
  • satisfaction of keyboard smashing next to none


  • early game mana issues
  • good comboing required
  • auto attack range longer than ability cast range
  • can be bullied in lane by ranged champs

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Thanks for reading

I will add and update. Any suggestions for additions and improvements drop a comment. This is only my second guide. Thanks

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Additions and changes

i had many questions on why ad red runes. The answer was infact in the runes notes. However, i will post here for ease. As you may know ryze has a cool autoattack animation. This is deciving as the actual damage is so miniscule that last hitting is not as easy. I take ad reds on ryze to allow those who arent so great at last hitting to farm easier. This process is made even easier by the ad from Manamune. If you are a confident farmer you can switch for ap reds. I however keep the reds as when you are out of mana you an still provide harass to those opponents who farm with close impact auto attacks. *added extension to how ryze counters fizz. *added pros and cons *added veigar countered while i was at it *fixed anivia photo taking place of brand.

Major change. Get WOTA Will of the Ancients the ap and spell vamp are insane on ryze!

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game score

Got the image url to work. Carried hard first game after posting this guide


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