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Evelynn Build Guide by EmeraldCheese

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EmeraldCheese

[S3] AP Eve: Time to Feed (Me)

EmeraldCheese Last updated on December 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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You are probably wondering "who the hell is this cheese guy?" I was a 1700 elo player on NA during S2 who plays mostly mid and top (although I have picked up ad carry recently). S3 my elo has fallen drastically since I played ranked during final exams week while burned out (very bad idea).

Ever since the rework of Evelynn I have been trying her out in PBE and then on live once she came out. I spent some time playing her AD. However, I soon discovered how powerful she is AP after reading some forum threads about AP eve getting people to platinum (before ranking change). I decided to try her out mid and discovered just how powerful she is.

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12/15/2012: Season 3 update! Remade the item sections, redone masteries, redone magic penetration calculations, and added more match-ups.

12/1/2012: Added AP match-ups, replaced my void staff rush, and updated items and runes.

9/25/2012: Did a little reordering on the chapters.

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I run 21-9-0 on almost all my AP casters. The short version of why I run this exact page is more damage plus some defense to help you survive early game.

Detailed Breakdown


Summoner's Wrath : Improves Ignite. Not much else to say

Butcher : Easier last-hitting early game.

Sorcery: CD is really nice to have to use your Agony's Embrace as often as possible

Blast : More AP damage

Arcane Knowledge : Percent magic penetration is strong on any AP champ, especially % health based magic damage

Mental Force : Early AP to help your damage just a touch.

Spellsword : Easier last hitting with melee. Once you get some AP allows you to deal more damage with basic attacks, although that's usually dangerous.

Archmage : Percent increased AP. MORE DAMAGE!

Executioner : More damage from everything once your enemy is low enough.


Durability : More health for taking more damage.

Resistance : You will most likely be going against an AP carry. If going against an AD mid take 1 point here and 3 in hardiness instead.

Hardiness : Allows you to tank auto attacks a bit more along with minions. Get 3 points here if against an AD mid.

Veteran's Scars : Again, more health for taking more damage.

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I have started running this page ever since I replaced Boots of Mobility for Sorcerer's Shoes. It gives you the mobility needed to quickly roam around the map and return to lane before they can do too much to your lane.

This is the page I used to run. It gives good early damage with the quints, but sacrifices mobility which is now more needed ever since I stopped building Boots of Mobility

This page allows you to deal more damage with marks+quints, survive early auto-attacks or jungler ganks, and survive any harass a mid laner can throw at you.

I used to run the same page but with health, which is just as good unless your mid laner is AD:

If you feel you can avoid harass OR if you are laning against AD you can run more offense:

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Summoner Spells


Pretty standard summoner spells. Not much to say.

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Passive: Shadow Walk

Evelynn stealths into the shadows only being seen by nearby enemy champions or true sight. While stealthed, Evelynn regenerates 1% of her maximum mana every second.

Casting spells, taking damage or dealing damage reveals Evelynn for 8 seconds.


Amazing passive. Allows you to roam and gank other lanes without being seen until it's too late (unless they pink warded). Can also be used to regenerate mana since it's almost like a free [imgsmall=items/chalice-of-harmony.png]. It can also be useful if your denied blue for some reason.

This is what makes Eve such a great roamer. The enemy HAS to invest in Vision Ward to see you before it's too late. This is also really good for baiting people in lane, since you can make them think you backed, and then BOOM! they're dead.

Q: Hate Spike

Evelynn fires a line of spikes through a nearby enemy, dealing magic damage to all enemy units in its path.


Unable to farm in melee range? at level 2 this ability helps you farm from range. It can also very effectively clear minions waves or jungle camps. Always spam this when fighting. With Rylai's Crystal Scepter you can also kite/chase all day.

W: Dark Frenzy

(Passive): Evelynn's spell hits on enemy champions grant her bonus movement speed for 3 seconds. This effect stacks up to 4 times.

(Active): Evelynn removes all slows affecting her and gains bonus movement speed for 3 seconds. Champion kills and assists refresh Dark Frenzy's cooldown.


Every time I use this i feel like Master Yi: "Cannot be slowed. Cannot be slowed. Cannot be slowed". I would not recommend using this to engage, because if things go bad, one of your escapes is blown. If you know you will get the kill then you can activate this right when you enter their vision range. Also, you can tower dive with this ability, get the kill, then activate it again to quickly run out of turret range. Use it when you are running/chasing and you need to break a slow. You can constantly break slows if you get kills/assists.

E: Ravage

Evelynn slashes a target twice, dealing magic damage with each strike. Evelynn then gains bonus attack speed for 3 seconds.


Good single target nuke that is really useful to use after your initial combo. The attack speed actually does have its uses on AP evelynn. When pushing tower, activate this on a minion to push it down faster. With enough AP you can push down turrets almost as fast as AD/AS champions since turret damage scales on AP or AD (whichever value is higher after some percentage calculation). Can also help you lay down a little more DPS on a target you are attacking early on, but try avoiding melee in larger fights.

R: Agony's Embrace

Evelynn impales all enemies in the targeted area, dealing magic damage equal to a percentage of their maximum health and slowing their movement speed for 2 seconds.

Evelynn siphons their pain, gaining a shield that grows in strength for each enemy hit and lasts up to 6 seconds.


What the hell was Riot thinking? an AOE % health nuke? If you land this on everyone in a teamfight you effectively killed one member (damage-wise), but the damage was dispersed among all members. This is what makes Evelynn so strong. Just Deathfire Grasp your target and follow up with this, making sure you hit your Deathfire Grasp target. You can also use this defensively (this has saved me a few times), by quickly hitting a target with it and running. Screw ignite I have a shield. Tower diving? Oh, right, I have a shield.

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Skill Sequence

Agony's Embrace Max this first because it's your ult and your main source of damage.

Hate Spike Max second to deal more DPS when attacking targets, pushing minion waves, or farming from a distance.

Ravage Max second to last because again, more DPS.

Dark Frenzy Max last. You could get another point early if somehow they outrun you.

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Start Boots of Speed and Health Potionx3 if you want to avoid skillshots, sustain, and escape ganks.
Start Crystalline Flask, sight ward, Health Potionx4, Mana Potion if you want to just farm, sustain like mad, be safe from ganks, and harass.

Get your Haunting Guise on your first back.

Get your Sorcerer's Shoes on the second back (or earlier). If you are in need of MR, get Negatron Cloak first.

Finish your Abyssal Mask and get your Deathfire Grasp here to finish off your damage. The magic pen will give you the damage you need and the Deathfire Grasp will complete your nuke and give you a hefty amount of AP. Continue to possible endgame items.


sight ward

No you are not a support. Yes you MUST buy sight wards. EVERY role should buy wards throughout the game (except the AD Carry who should help a bit early).

You can place sight ward at your blue/red if your jungler is being counter jungled. You can place sight ward at the enemy blue/red to attempt and coordinate a buff steal with your team. If your really manly you can try to steal it by yourself, which would require sight wards around the enemy buffs to make sure you can get away in case the enemy figures you out.

Warding your lane is probably what you will do. If you are low on gold or sight ward you can ward just one side and stick to that side so the jungler has a harder time ganking you from both sides. One side will be sight ward and you will be far from the other side.

You can also sight ward objectives if no one else is. I would recommend Vision Ward on objectives since it will allow you to deny vision to the enemy as well.

Possible Final Items:

If you want more damage and are not dying. I usually get this after my core simply because pure AP after massive magic penetration will bring targets to near 0. Also Hate Spike and Ravage work better off of pure AP rather than magic penetration

For survivability and a permaslow on Hate Spike. It also gives decent damage. The health is very useful if you need to survive both physical and magic damage and none of it is % health based. Also health rounds out overall tankiness when you have resistances.

Finally! An upgrade to Haunting Guise! Gives decent AP, some health for tankiness and an amazing passive. With the passive, After using Agony's Embrace, everyone will burn for 10% of the health they have left ( Agony's Embrace slows so it applies the double effect).

With Rylai's Crystal Scepter, you will constantly burn 10% of the person's health. Please note that this burn is less effective the lower they are on health, so hitting people that have full health will make the passive stronger.

Awesome to get now since S3 calculates percent penetration before flat. This shouldn't be rushed at all and should be a 5th or 6th item since the trio of magic penetration will be enough for most situations. Get this if the enemy has 2+ MR items (not including boots).

If your taking too much physical damage and still want more damage. The active is amazing but can also screw you over if you use it incorrectly. DO NOT use it when you are being chased because that allows the enemy to catch up. You could use it if being chased/caught out if the 2 seconds will allow the cooldown of Flash, Dark Frenzy, or Agony's Embrace to come off cooldown.

Aside from that, the active can be used in a teamfight to force the enemy to stop focusing you. Assuming you're not the only one left, this could allow your team to clean up the enemies and allow you to live in the end. It could also be used if you accidentally get caught in front and need to buy enough time for your initiator to properly initiate for you, although at this point you can't really sneak around.

If you need to just survive everything. It is just so strong if you want to live longer to deal more damage. The extra life is awesome if you die and your team can continue fighting, so that way you can come back and continue fighting alongside them.

Sustain? Hybrid damage? Heck yea! I rarely get to a point in the game where I can finish my build, but this will allow you to survive longer as long as you are fighting. It also allows you to do sustained damage aside from Hate Spike. Get this if you aren't dying and are able to survive by just fighting.

It is so easy to proc this by just spamming Hate Spike that it will allow you to nuke enemies even after you use Deathfire Grasp+ Agony's Embrace. Get this if you want larger sustained damage or to push towers faster.

Items to avoid:

Sure it gives the most AP in the game and Evelynn could stack it, but really you get plenty of AP from other sources and Evelynn is melee based, meaning you will probably be prone to getting hit.

You kind of have this as your passive don't you? this is more of a mana sustain item, which you don't need if you just stealth. The MR is taken from Abyssal Mask and you can get cdr from Elixir of Brilliance+any blue buffs you can get.

If you're going hybrid Eve this could work, but AP eve is more of a nuker and not as much of a fighter as hybrid or AD Eve would be. For AP, this option just isn't optimal.

You are not going to get this stacked early game. You may get a few stacks after you start roaming, but this item is just such a risk for a reward that is instantly taken if you make one mistake. If you play perfect and never die, sure buy this item (but in that case you probably don't need the guide).

What do you need this for? CDR? Just get an Elixir of Brilliance. AP? You have Deathfire Grasp which already beats this out. Mana? Use your passive or ask your jungler for blue. Healing reduction? Yea you should be able to nuke them down before they can heal back up. Plus you have ignite.

Are you hybrid? no? then don't buy this. CDR? You should have Deathfire Grasp. Again buy Elixir of Brilliance. AP? way more options. AS? Use E. Either way you shouldn't be in melee long enough to make use of the AS.

Need health? Get Rylai's for more utility and similar stats elsewhere. If your worried about your mana pool, I guess you could get it but really this is more of a late game item. You need to try and snowball, and this pretty much stops you by delaying your main damage items.

Why? Get a Lich Bane instead. If you're hybrid or AD Eve this is actually a really good choice. For AP Eve? No.

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The Trio of Magic Penetration vs. Void Staff

Magic penetration scales better than AP on % health based damage, and that is what eve is. Read the long version for math.

I used to have an extremely large math section here about void staff rush, but it no longer applies after the changes to Deathfire Grasp and Agony's Embrace.

Since magic penetration is still the best way to increase eve's burst damage, but void staff isn't a good rush, we now move onto the trio of magic penetration.

With Haunting Guise, Sorcerer's Shoes, Abyssal Mask, and your marks, you will be penetrating 57.8 magic penetration, which is enough to deal true damage to nearly anyone early on.

Now let's think of how much MR your enemies will have. With runes, most non-tank characters will have 30 base + 12 from runes to get 42 MR. that means with just Haunting Guise and Sorcerer's Shoes you are doing near true damage to them. With all three of the magic pen items, they will need an additional MR item for you to stop dealing true damage.

Now let's assume they run scaling MR runes instead. they now have 30 base + 24 at level 18. that is 54 at level 18. With all three items at level 18 (which you should have), you are still doing true damage. They need an additional MR item to stop the true damage.

Now let's assume you are against a tank that has scaling MR per level built in (like Amumu). Typically it is 1.25 MR per level or 22.5 MR at level 18. With flat MR runes, they will have a total of 64.5 MR at level 18. With all your magic pen items, that is near true damage.

If the scaling MR champions also run scaling MR runes, then at level 18 you will not deal true damage.

All of the above explained instances in the game in which you will deal true damage (or close to it). Basically with all three magic pen items, you will deal true damage to most ap carries, ad carries, and supports.

Now let's see a quick magic penetration comparison between Void Staff and the trio. void staff penetrates 35% of MR. With 165 MR, that is 57.75 magic pen. The flat magic penetration build+runes gives you 57.8 magic penetration. This means that void staff is less effective at penetrating magic resistance at any MR value below 165.

Just to give you an idea. Let's take our Amumu from before with MR per level runes and his built in scaling MR. At level 18, that Amumu would have 76.5 MR. He still needs 88.5 MR from items to warrant a Void Staff. That means he needs to build 2+ Heavy MR items. The most MR from one item comes from Runic Bulwark (30 MR plus 30 MR from aura so 60 MR) and Spirit Visage. Building Mercury's Treads plus one of those items is still less than 88.5 MR. Basically, they have to stack MR before you want to purchase Void Staff, and it is extremely rare to see people stacking MR, since armor and health are typically stacked instead.

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Early Game

This is probably the weakest point in time for Evelynn. You need to farm as best you can and not engage any fights unless your jungler pretty much forces you to. Just farm farm farm until you are level 6 AND have at least Haunting Guise and Sorcerer's Shoes. If you have trouble farming in melee range due to ranged harass, try to survive until you can get level 2 Hate Spike and farm from range with that. It takes getting used to the low damage of Hate Spike early on but as you level it, it will become much easier.

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Mid Game

At this point you should definitely have your core of Haunting Guise, Sorcerer's Shoes, and Abyssal Mask and have at least started, if not finished, Deathfire Grasp. Roam bot and top after you push your lane. Make sure to ask your lane partners if there are any Vision Ward so you can go around them. Any time your Agony's Embrace is off cooldown you should be able to gank a lane and secure a quick and easy kill. With Deathfire Grasp, that kill is basically guranteed.

Always after coming out on top of a gank mid or bot lane you want to secure dragon, since they will have one less person to contest. Fighting at dragon would, in most cases, be in your advantage at that point. You also want to consider pushing down your mid tower and top tower to secure more map control. Be careful about taking bot turret because if you do it before your AD Carry is ready to fight, you may end up hurting the team.

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Late Game

At this point you should definitely have your core and at least 1 more completed items on top of that. Your job now is to help ward (if you still have inventory space), catch people out and kill them before their team can help, and of course secure objectives.

Baron becomes more important than dragon at this point. If you are ahead, force baron fights or if the enemy doesn't contest baron, just go ahead and take it. If you are behind, make sure they cannot take baron easily and you MUST depend on them making mistakes. If anyone from the enemy team is bot, that is basically a free baron because there is almost no way they can make it to baron in time (unless they have Teleport or a champ like Shen or Twisted Fate).

Eventually, you want to be able to push down turrets and inhibitors. Taking at least two inhibitors allows easy access to nexus towers and the nexus after that. Take every inhibitor to be safe in case someone makes a mistake or is caught (let's face it, that happens A LOT in solo queue).

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Team Fights

Evelynn's role in a teamfight is that of an assassin, with an AOE component to her. You want to sneak into range of a squishy target such as the AP or AD Carry and launch Deathfire Grasp onto them. After that you want to hit that target with Agony's Embrace, making sure you hit as many people as possible along with your primary target.

At that point it should be clean up and you should start attacking the most vulnerable target without being too vulnerable yourself. Try not to be the one to engage since if the enemy sees you pop out and attack first, you might get focused down. Wait for a tank or other initiator to start the fight, then make your way around to your target.

DO NOT CHASE! If a squishy target is far from the fight, leave them for that time and focus any squishy targets actually in or near the fight. Only chase if you can disable (stun, snare, etc.) or kill the target within about three seconds. Other than that you should let them go and either push towers or take baron.

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Evelynn VS. AP Mid

Against any good Ahri player, you will have a hard time. She gets insane mobility when she hits 6, which is when you get your damage spike. The problem is, it is hard to hit you Agony's Embrace. Either you have to initiate with your Agony's Embrace, or wait until her Spirit Rush is used up. If you are obvious about your engagement, you will have a huge chance to miss Agony's Embrace basically putting you in a terrible position. Farm and avoid getting poked, and fight her in the ways mentioned above.

You will lose. At least that's what Malphite will say. You hit 6, so does she, and she now assassinates you because that is what Akali is meant for. She will burst you faster than you can burst her. I would recommend getting an early Negatron Cloak before you even think about fighting this pain.

Probably an easier match-up. She depends on slowing you to nuke you down. If you get a slow on you, Dark Frenzy right before her Frostbite hits you, and you will take a lot less damage. With your mobility you can easily dodge her Flash Frost. The only issue you will have is roaming. Anivia can push a lane so hard, that if you leave for one minion wave, your turret will be going down. Just avoid her spells and you can easily kill her.

This is basically an Anivia lane. Dodge his Pillar of Flame and you should be golden. Also sidestep his Sear to avoid getting stunned. If you can do those two things, this lane becomes yours. Just combo the poor guy and win your lane. Be careful about roaming when he is in lane, since he can push almost as hard as Anivia.

Another single target assassin. He will HURT. Even without his Chum the Waters he will demolish you. get an early Negatron Cloak, and you should be able to fight him (assuming he misses his Chum the Waters). I have mentioned dodging Chum the Waters because you can just Dark Frenzy and sidestep. Push this lane as hard as you can and roam, or this guy will constantly be a pain.

Easy. Just get to level 6 and you can burst this guy before he can burst you. DO NOT STAY IN MELEE RANGE FOR LONG. He will destroy you if you are too close to him too often. He squishes so hard, so seriously, just burst this guy.

The low elo horror. This guy is not actually that bad. I have destroyed so many, but a good one will destroy you. First of all, his passive will stop you from ever doing true damage because it isn't MR. Second, dat silence. His Riftwalk has a longer cooldown, so it is easier to hit your Agony's Embrace between his Riftwalk. Just harass this guy any time he is in melee. You can push this guy so easily and freely roam. Done correctly, you will constantly be able to roam while he has to sit back and protect his turret.

Ban her. Seriously there is no reason to not ban her now. If you do face one, you will have such a hard time. She can jump you anytime you are in range to farm. Get a quick Negatron Cloak to survive her. Farm and roam as much as you can, but she should be able to do the same. She is also better late game. Basically, this lane is hell.

Pikachu is so annoying. Get in range to cs or harass? get ready to be stunned. Basically, farm against him and sidestep his Thundering Shuriken to avoid getting stunned. Also keep an eye on his character model to know when his Electrical Surge passive is up. You can harass him after dodging his Thundering Shuriken and making sure he doesn't have his Electrical Surge passive up. Harassing him in those time windows is really the only way to win. Other than that, be aware of junglers so he doesn't all in you with his ult.

Another low elo terror. Her burst is insane and that silence can stop you from doing anything. But this lane isn't as hard as you think. She cannot push a lane to save her life. It is EXTREMELY hard to last hit as her. This means she relies on kills and global objectives for gold. Basically, get a Negatron Cloak after your Haunting Guise since health and MR effectively counter her. Push her to tower and roam freely as she struggles to push it back out. Played correctly, she will either roam and lose tower, or hug tower and have her team lose to your roam.

This lane depends on how good Lux is with her skillshots. If she cant land them worth a ****, then you have an easy lane. If she can, well, make sure she misses. Do not be obvious about how you will juke her abilities. Basically, dodge her abilities, and throw some harass on her. At level 6, you are more powerful, because the shield from Agony's Embrace is usually enough to survive her burst and allow you to kill her. You can push her to tower, until she gets Chalice of Harmony. Once she gets that, it basically becomes a Brand/ Anivia lane, where you two will fight to push. Either way, if she isn't ahead of you, you should be able to kill her. If she can land skillshots, she may survive.

I don't see this guy anymore, but he can be pretty hard. He can push lane fairly well, and his silence+dot is devastating. Once he hits 6, your screwed. If he lands his combo, you can't respond. Not much to do except rush Negatron Cloak and try to combo him before he can respond back. Late game you are a lot more useful than him. Quicksilver Sash OP.

Hue. One of my favorite champions. This will be hard for you, because if you go in to farm, he will just Siphon of Destruction on you, take the cs, chunk your health, and build a shield, all at the same time. Basically wait for him to Siphon of Destruction, and that will give you a small window to farm. Harassing him is tough because any smart Mordekaiser will keep his shield up constantly. If you can catch him making the mistake of having no shield, harass him, since he cant heal it that well with health costs. Your jungler should love ganking him though.

That ball will keep you zoned forever. Just constantly move so she can't accurately place her ball to get you, and farm while moving. This lane is pretty even, and with Chalice of Harmony, she can push almost as hard as Anivia. Farm and you can actually burst her at level 6. She doesn't do too well in melee range, although she can kite you with a shield from Command: Protect and the speed/slow from Command: Dissonance. Pretty even lane. Comes down to skill.

Pain in the butt. If you try to get into farming range, you will probably eat a Torment and Decrepify to the face. The only thing you can do is run him out of mana early on. To do this, do the Sustain Start, so you can eat his harass and run him out of mana. Once he gets Chalice of Harmony, good luck. You can't burst him without help, he can heal up quite quickly, and he can kill you. He can also push hard if he can sustain his mana, so roaming will cause damage to your turret over time.

This guy. Whenever he uses Pick A Card and gets a gold, back off until it is used. Once it is used you can farm and harass him (please avoid Wild Cards). If he gets blue, you will have almost no window to act between gold cards, because the cooldown becomes insanely low. You also cannot stop his ult. The best thing you can do is push him as hard as you can and try to harass him some, so that way it becomes risky for him to Destiny. Notify your team of when he leaves into the jungle, since that means he is probably ready to Destiny. At that point, there is no way you can get to the lane he is porting to, so either follow him (don't get baited) or push his tower as hard as you can.

O God, Why? His early game sucks as much as yours, but once you hit your damage spike, he can sustain, hurt, and push. Basically, it's a farmfest early on and then he becomes the scaling monster that he is. It is really hard to kill this guy, it is really hard to push against this guy. Basically, try to roam, but don't lose your tower in the process.

Bombs, bombs everywhere. Well, kinda. He has mana issues, but his damage isn't something to laugh at. Once he gets Chalice of Harmony he can do some crazy pushing and damage. He is squishy as hell so you can easily burst him, but remember that he can lead you through a minefield and then knock you away while he flies away. Like I said, he can push, but you can kill him, so after killing him, push his tower or roam.

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Evelynn VS. AD Mid

I made a special section for this because AD lanes hurt melee assassins the most and should be handled differently than the traditional AP Mid. Most AD champions that go mid do so to utterly destroy an AP carry's laning phase and make them useless for the rest of the game. Here I will list some possible lane match-ups and suggestions on surviving them and possibly winning against them.

Froggen has been popularize Lee Sin mid, so he is kind of catching on. Lee Sin will absolutely wreck you in lane. Every time you go in to farm, he can just combo you for a good chunk of your health. Basically, farm with Hate Spike and roam as much as you can. It might even be worth losing tower just to avoid feeding, but try to keep your turret up as long as possible.

I myself have done Darius mid before and this lane can be absolutely awful, although it is the rarer of the AD mid-laners. Definitely start Cloth Armor Health Potionx5 if you think you will get grabbed by him. If you think you can avoid his grabs with your mobility, then go ahead with the standard Boots of Speed Health Potionx3 start.

Your job is to farm as best you can without taking too many q's to the face. I would recommend farming with Hate Spike so you can farm from a safer range, although this will push your lane.

Once you hit 6 and have your Haunting Guise and Sorcerer's Shoes, you should ideally push with Hate Spike (make sure you have sight ward placed so you can safely do so) and leave your lane. You do not want to stay in lane with this guy.

If you are forced to stay in lane, bait his grab and then harass him since he has no built in sustain or escapes. After getting him down to about 2/3 health you should be able to all in him with your combo, depending on his MR. Always gauge how much damage you can trade with him so as not to get yourself killed.

One of the more common AD mid-laners. This guy will just Parrrley you out of lane at all costs. I would recommend starting Cloth Armor Health Potionx5 because his harass is ranged. You should really not be in lane with this guy. I would say to get a lane swap but Eve doesn't do too well against most top lane bruisers. Get a lane swap if top is just a farm fest.

If you can't lane swap ask your jungler to help you. If the Gangplank is smart, however, he will be leveling oranges along with his parrrley, making it really hard to push him out of lane unless an all in gank kills him.

You want to be out of lane as much as possible. Ask your jungler if you can take either wraiths or wolves (or both if he's really generous) so you can farm more safely. If you just die five seconds after returning to lane, buy a ward or two and ward their jungle. Become a second jungler pretty much by taking their jungle. Be very careful invading without wards and be aware of other lanes suddenly disappearing (DO NOT RELY ON MIA OR SS. LOOK AT YOUR MAP IT'S THERE FOR A REASON).

Ive seen a couple of these mid. Start is up to you ( Cloth Armor Health Potionx5 or Boots of Speed Health Potionx3).Not that bad since if she all-ins you, you can escape. Make sure to be careful if you're harassing her down because if she is lower than you and all-ins you, you get stunned instead of slowed, something you cannot break out of instantly.

Just farm until you have Haunting Guise and Sorcerer's Shoes so you can leave lane before she becomes a monster. Once you see she is able to trade a lot of damage, push your lane with Hate Spike as quickly as possible (hopefully without getting jumped) and leave your lane. Gank any lane you can. If you can't gank then just steal jungle camps or ask your jungler if you can have any of his camps.

Whatever you do, DO NOT GET STUNNED! you can do either Cloth Armor Health Potionx5 if you expect to be jumped by him. If you think you can outrun him so you don't get stunned much you can start Boots of Speed Health Potionx3.

This guy is like Gangplank in that he can harass you from range. The difference that if this guy all-ins you, you're probably dead. Again, just treat this like a Gangplank lane. If top lane is a farm fest and won't get you killed, lane swap. Otherwise, ask your jungler for help either by ganking or letting you take some of his camps. Again if none of those options are open, invest in sight ward and take the enemy jungle.

The most common AD mid-laner. This guy will hurt. Definitely start Cloth Armor Health Potionx5 because Dark Frenzy will do nothing once he's in range to jump. Not only will you be burst down and slowed by him, he will silence you so you cannot Dark Frenzy away from his engage. Again, just farm up until you have Haunting Guise and Sorcerer's Shoes and you should be able to burst him down after he blows his silence since most of these guys are squishy.

Make sure to gauge how much damage you trade in fights because it is very possible for him to be able to kill you first, in which case, try lane swap, getting jungle help, or stealing enemy jungle.

About as common as Gangplank and Pantheon mid. Start with whichever you want ( Cloth Armor Health Potionx5 or Boots of Speed Health Potionx3). This guy is probably the easiest of the AD mids to deal with because he relies on his slow to knock you into the air and kill you. Just farm this one and every time he engages with this charge, activate Dark Frenzy and laugh. After he blows his charge and knock up, you could poke him a bit but remember, he has built in sustain.

This has become very rare, but i still see it from time to time. All of these AD Carries pretty much would play out the same. They will harass you all day if they are smart and should make your life hard. That's why I would recommend starting Cloth Armor Health Potionx5. However, you can make them take minion aggro if they attack you, and these guys cannot handle a lot of that.

Once you have your Haunting Guise, Sorcerer's Shoes, and Agony's Embrace this lane becomes VERY easy (except ones with built in escapes such as Corki Ezreal Graves Tristana). The reason being is that, assuming they aren't really fed, is that burst damage > sustained damage in duels. They can probably hit you once in the time you take over half their health away, meaning they will run. If they stay (watch your map it could be a bait) then simply Ravage and spam Hate Spike while auto-attacking. You should be able to win those trades easy.

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Final Comments

I hope you enjoyed this guide and that it helps you learn AP Evelynn and make your own judgments on her. Remember that this guide should serve as a general foundation since each game is situational and should be played accordingly to the situation.