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Nami General Guide by spacemonsterz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author spacemonsterz

S4 Nami Tidecaller's Blessing Hybrid Build

spacemonsterz Last updated on June 24, 2014
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Contents / changelog

1. opening paragraph
2. why hybrid nami? (new)
3. how to use this build (reworked)
4. build information
5. cons and pros (new)
6. League maths
7. theory time
8. which runes? (new)
9. building items, the lazy man's guide (reworked)
10. full gameplay video
11. conclusion

[v.1.0: just submitted the build, changes might need to be done, not sure yet :d ]
[v.1.1: added situation and playstyle items, sorted text, added in resistances to maths section and added a full gameplay video]
[v.1.2: added rune section, support, normal and tank hybrid build paths, plus explanation on situation / play style items, cons and pros to guide and realistic explanation for theories]
[v.1.2.5: added why hybrid Nami, build paths to the main items list above and grammar check, cleaned up how to use this build]

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1. opening paragraph

Hello there, S3 sliver 3 player Spacemonsterz here! :) Before I start this guide there is a few things I need to mention, number one, this build does not teach you how to play Nami from the beginning that's something you have to go out and try, you should watch the full gameplay video later in the guide it can help you understand the ropes of the champion (no guarantee though) and a look at supporting hybrid Nami

This build is mainly focused on Nami's best ability Tidecaller's Blessing. If your the sort of Nami player who uses Ebb and Flow more or puts more then 1 point into Aqua Prison before maxing Ebb and Flow and Tidecaller's Blessing or doesn't try to auto attack in lane then your going to have a bad time with this build and gameplay style in till you get used to it.

Secondly if you've hardly ever played with Nami or don't have the power to handle squishy champions or know how to handle her Aqua Prison professionally then you need more time training. Lastly, Nami is my main champion I own all her skins and normally try to do something a little different with her each time but this hybrid combination on her Tidecaller's Blessing, I had to make a build for so here it is enjoy it for what its worth and don't come complaining back if your bronze 5 when you wanted diamond because this is made for normal games only, okay? good.

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2. Why Hybrid Nami? (new)

unlike the other hybrid potential champions like: Kayle, Ezreal, Jax, Teemo etc... which have stronger hybrid damages then what you might see in a Nami hybrid, she brings something different to the table, none of them have a ranged 2 second magic damage stun or on hit slows which comes with a speed boost from Surging Tides. hybrid Nami is properly the 2nd worst role for her (ad being 1st worst in my opinion), ap Nami provides more damage then hybrid in all of her abilities back to back, a support Nami doesn't need to worry about damage only crowd control.

but why hybrid, does it make any sense? yes and no, it depends how you look at it or how you play your league. my main focus with hybrid Nami is to focus around Tidecaller's Blessing, for its on hit slow and magic damage even if the 20% ap bonus doesn't do much its utility is priceless along with her passive speed. and unlike other hybrid champs where if you fall behind, have no damages, you still ultimately have a strong presence in the game from Nami's kit.

coming soon: hybrid Nami damage vs ap Nami damage

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3, how to use this build (reworked)

As a Nami player you HAVE TO already know how everything about her abilities and the skill shot stun Aqua Prison works in order to use them correctly if not then as I've said in the opening paragraph you need to go train more. But if you know everything then read closely.

hybrid supporting

The first thing to know if you're hybrid supporting, is to get talking with your adc and work as a team, tell them what your going to do rather then go into lane expecting them to know. The main objective with this build is to cause enough early damage, to help your adc get the kills to start snowballing out of control, even if your adc dies or you confirm the kill they will still get assist money.

the key thing to watch for is if the enemy adc is coming to poke yours you can switch on Tidecaller's Blessing and slow them down resulting in our adc getting their own back and landing both our auto attacks, which can easily get first blood from if they don't Flash or have their support get in the way. once their low hp, you can farm stomp them and win lane.

solo lanes

more tricky then being in bot lane as your alone, there are certain strengths and weaknesses you will have to watch out for. save Aqua Prison at all times only use it to defend yourself to disrupt against anyone that leaps, channels, pulls, teleports and turns invisible on to you. you could use Aqua Prison to stun offensively, although you'll be vulnerable during the cooldown so make sure its worth while rather then using it to farm or poke with.

unlike supporting you now have more gold to buy damages with but also farming to handle which Nami takes her time doing, focusing on improving basic attacks first after Tear of the Goddess will help speed up her wave clear and put more power into her Tidecaller's Blessing pokes. In order to trade you need to wait for an opening, which is a whole lot easier to find if your fighting a champion you know, for example: Katarina uses Shunpo and Death Lotus, the moment she leaps onto me I cast Aqua Prison onto my self the time it lands Katarina gets stunned right at the start of Death Lotus giving me the upper hand where I can unleash my damages and the minions, even if she Flash out my slow is still on her making escape only possible through jungler.

since you'll be stuck against your tower, its a prime opportunity for your jungler (if they're any good) to come gank your lane and if you can land your cc on them its ggwp. just don't let that kill go to your head though because you're still squishy meaning that most mid lanners can still take you down with ease. another good way to get ahead is to roam lanes, Nami's kit is mostly full of cc. none can escape the Tidal Wave when placed correctly letting that lane and yourself get ahead tipping the game to your favour. as for the last pieces of information, you can use your cc and Surging Tides against enemy ganks making it hard for them to get you, however cc also counters you with the amount of health you'll have it'll only take one stun, so you have to be extra careful.

how to get the most of the build? well later in the guide I have a nice league math section where you can see where all our damages are coming from, one last thing before that if you can get ahead in game on assists or in some cases kills and take dragon s you'll easily reach some strong items before the enemy do, just remember the MOST important detail your squishy like an adc you can't go ham against 3+ people alone. also your movement speed is really low so I advise using Surging Tides more often then you would.

looking for items? also later in the guide there are some build paths that come with an explanation and approach to each as you get the items. are you confused at the situation / play style items? have no fear, there is an explanation for each item and how it could benefit your own preferred style, one shoe does not fit all sizes.

if you need more information then what is already here there is plenty more in my theory section! :) (if you have the burning desire to read of course)

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4. build information

This is a summery of the maths section, if you don't like maths then you can use this, if you would like to see where the damages or the stats come from then you gunna have to dip into the maths section. if your looking for resistances that's in the maths section too.

build information (level 18, full items, no masteries or runes)
total ad: 195.38
total ap: 325
cool down reduction: 30%
attack speed: 1.39 attacks per sec
Tidecaller's Blessing: 2108 total damages (all 3) 948 (first hit) *auto attacks included, Deathfire Grasp 20% active as well* (casted onto self)
attack damage: 193.38 ad +79.74 ad Muramana active
mana pool: 1329
mana regen: 24.7
movespeed: 357 (really slow ms, but doesn't matter as e has a slow plus use Surging Tides for speed)
extra move speed from Surging Tides: 72.5 for 1 second
Aqua Prison: 457.5 magic (549 grasp active)
hp (no hp items): 1697
hp regen (no hp regen items): 14.4
armour (no armour items): 85
magic resistance: 45 (+5 per attack ( Wit's End))
Ebb and Flow: 846 magic damage with 282 health (3 targets, hostile hit first) or 609.3 health with 422 magic damage (3 targets, ally hit first)
Tidal Wave: 545 magic damage (2725 total damage if it hits 5 people)

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5. cons and pros (new)

- very squishy / low hp and resistances
- stun reliant to get most damage out before attacked
- item reliant
- easily countered by crowd control and hard focus
- team reliant
- damage starts falling off late game
- expensive items

+ snowball effect when fed
+ even if behind, Nami's kit can still be useful to the team
+ can branch off into magic or attack damage more based on resistances
+ strong early damage pre 6
+ has very strong cc abilities and a heal
+ easily able to avoid ganks and has a lot of roam potential
+ different build paths available

there is loads of good points and terrible points about using this guide, it also comes down to the play style and position your playing. Nami's kit always brings good synergy to team fights so regardless of being behind or ahead in the game, with or without any damage your presence will always be in the game.

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6. league maths

league maths

WARNING: if you hate maths skip this section, otherwise your in for a world of pain if you want values use the build information chapter above!

Nami Tidecaller's Blessing build: Hextech Gunblade, Deathfire Grasp, Muramana, Nashor's Tooth, Lich Bane, Wit's End (not build path!)

total ad at 18: 103.8 then add item bonus ad: (26.58 + 45 + 20) 195.38 ad for this build

Muramana(lvl 18): total mana: 1329, 3% is 39.87 x2 is 79.74 on hit. awe ad bonus is: 26.58

total ap at 18: 0 (no scales) then add items bonus ap: (65 + 120 + 60 + 80) 325 ap for this build

how much damage for Tidecaller's Blessing, with all item actives proc'd?:

1 Tidecaller's Blessing hits: 85(20%ap) magic + 193.38 ad + Lich Bane (145 + 162.5) magic + 15 (48.75) magic + 42 magic + 20% all magic ( Deathfire Grasp)

total 1 Tidecaller's Blessing damage: AD(basic attack): 193.38 +79.74 = 273.12 ad then AP(from spell and procs): 563.25 + 20% 112.65 = 675.9 magic

ad and magic together creates: 948.31 damage (with Lich Bane, Deathfire Grasp and Muramana procs) and steals 135(sv) + 32(ls) = 167 hp

full Tidecaller's Blessing damage: (first hit will only have Lich Bane) first Tidecaller's Blessing: 948.31, second and third will each hit: 580 full Tidecaller's Blessing: 2108 total

max Aqua Prison hits: 295(50%ap) which is 457.5 magic damage and turns into 549 with Deathfire Grasp active

max Ebb and Flow: damage is 230(50%ap) heal is 185(30%ap) and its +7.5%(from 300+ ap) for each bounce

if damage: first bounce: 392.5 magic, second: 422 magic, third: 453.65 magic

if heal: first bounce: 282.5 health, second: 304 health, third: 326.8 health

so: 846 magic damage (392.5 target 1, 453.65 target 3) with 282 health given to ally target 2

and: 609.3 health (282.5 ally target 1, 326.8 ally target 3) with 422 magic damage to target 2

max Tidal Wave: damage is 350(60%ap) which is 545 magic damage, *hits 5 people* it comes to: 2725 magic damage



Deathfire Grasp: 15% enemy hp, Aqua Prison: 549 magic, Lich Bane / first AA: 307.5 magic (lich) + 273.12 ad,
Ebb and Flow (self first): 422 magic, Tidecaller's Blessing first hit: 273.12 ad + 675.9 ap, Tidal Wave: 545 magic
second and third Tidecaller's Blessing hits: 273.12 ad + 306.88 magic + 273.12 ad + 306.88 magic

WHICH IS: 15% enemy health, 1092.48 attack damage, 3113.16 magic damage

NEW: how resistances without using the full damage rotation will pan out.

okay, so normally you wont get the full damage as shown above, so for our damage in this section we'll use our Aqua Prison, Ebb and Flow, Tidal Wave and only the first hit of Tidecaller's Blessing. which is: 2192 magic and 273.12 damage

lets put that 2192 magic and 273.12 damage against 200 armour and 100 magic resistance, and another situation against a lvl 18 Caitlyn's base resistances. for both situations the enemy is stunned.

100 mr reduces 50% magic damage while 200 armour reduces 83% so total damage will end up being 1096 magic and 47 damage

where as an adc ( Caitlyn) will have 30 mr reducing 15% and 80 armour reducing 40% so total damage this time is 1863 magic and 164 damage, Caitlyn's base health at 18 is 1830, so by just unleashing this combo you've killed her

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7. theory time


same as the maths section, if you don't want to read paragraphs of writing simply move onto the next chapter!

in a 1v1:

For a theory lets use this build against a lvl 18 Thresh, if I was building my Thresh I'd have a lot of mr, arm and hp. Lets say this Thresh has 3750 health with 175 armour and 80 magic resist.

For the battle itself, the Thresh will open with Death Sentence(his hook), in order to set up my combo I have to take or avoid Death Sentence, which will open up a small window for me to attack him in, bear in mind he still has the other 3 abilites. with Death Sentence out of the way, I cast Aqua Prison directly on him, the only way out is a Flash, which Thresh doesn't use by having him stunned I then use Ignite with Deathfire Grasp and Hextech Gunblade actives while Nami Lich Bane aa's him then following it with Ebb and Flow casted on self, by then the Aqua Prison stun wears off.

Thresh will then either panic and start moving backwards or return fire and attack, the first and most choosen option, will allow me to continue chasing with the bulk of my damage in Tidecaller's Blessing slowing him making escape impossible and giving me the kill, if he used The Box I'll Tidal Wave. where as if he turned afterwards, his The Box will go down if it didn't already (just stay in the box, although he might Flay you into it) and the Dark Passage will give him a shield and he can use Flay to disrupt.

after Aqua Prison ends I go straight into Tidal Wave. normally Thresh would be throwing Dark Passage after any stun ends allowing me to cast without a disrupt, by using Tidal Wave it gives a mini stun knock up giving me more time to damage him in. by now its near the end of the duel Thresh will have a medium sized chunk of health while I've just healed a brick ton from Ebb and Flow, plus spell vamp and life steal from Hextech Gunblade eventually resulting in me winning against him.

in a team fight:

in this theory I'll go support and use Udyr jungle; Draven adc; Syndra mid and Jarvan IV top. against a Thresh support; Shyvana jungle; Ashe adc; Fizz mid and Jax top.

it is 35 minutes into the game, our side won the bottom lane while other lanes had no advantage on each other meaning I have the main parts of my build in place but for time being lets say I have finished it. eventually all 10 players come to mid lane, both towers up and are ready to start a teamfight, at this point it could go in any direction all its waiting for is the initiation. looking at out team, in order to engage someone will have to go up to them in order to start where as if I tell the team in chat or have it premade I can tell them I'll use my Tidal Wave, and so I use it.

the first thing that will happen is if the enemy team sees Tidal Wave they will try to dodge so normally try and save it for the back up engage but for this theory it hits all the enemy team, it then allows everyone else to go straight in on them and while their using they're cc, I can then quickly use my Tidecaller's Blessing to eliminate a squishy while Ebb and Flow bounces then back off after or as someone comes for you and position Aqua Prison on them, or use aqua on someone channelling.

so for this fight, when it starts everyone is cc'd, I would focus Ashe with Tidecaller's Blessing and take her out, Jax, Fizz, Shyvana will all then jump on me without a doubt which will then put them in one space for Jarvan IV to Cataclysm, Syndra to put her balls and Draven to focus as I Flash out, Thresh will try put his Dark Passage in but that is all he can really do where as I can still throw my Aqua Prison and have strong auto attacks. even if I were to die from being jumped on I still killed the adc and got them into one spot for the team to continue winning the fight.


no fight will go perfectly. there are too many factors in place such as: teammates, positioning, champions, fight location, farm, levels, items, human error and riot's euw sever funhouse of disconnecting.

if your reading the theories thinking that this is how your game will be, it won't, it just won't, each game is different, every single one and I've played at least around 1200 to 1300 games none of them were and will be the exact same.

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8. which runes? (new)

for runes it depends on what you want to have more of, I personally recommend
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power so that it benefits all of Namis abilities. however you could also use Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage to add more power into your basic attacks, since its a hybrid build you could give Greater Quintessence of Hybrid Penetration a try but I don't own them and if none of these quintessences take your fancy there is Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed you can use to give you a little edge in staying out of attack ranges and staying in yours.

for the other runes (marks, glyph and seals) I normally take the Greater Seal of Armor, Greater Glyph of Magic Resist and Greater Mark of Magic Penetration combo which offers some nice early protection and penetration and is what most players use however you could spice things up and swap out these runes for (if you have the Ip to spend of course) Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration, greater mark of armor penetration, I would put these marks with the same stat quintessences you can also switch the seals and glyphs with more ap or ad damage though I wouldn't personally do that.

overall the runes you choose is up to you in your play style and ip budget, if you don't mind spending lots ip for runes then you can try some of the hybrid runes but the ones I'm using work fine and they are the same I use for any of my ability power based champions.

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9. building items, the lazy man's guide (reworked)


this section i'll talk about and show 3 item build examples and talk more into the situation / play style items and when you'll need them and how it changes the gameplay

hybrid support item build (video)

the most (and in most people's minds) the only use and role for Nami is support, and going anything but support with her triggers a little button in their brain that makes them think your trolling and then they'll start arguing because its not the meta. so to shut them up and to use this guide with the meta here is a example how I would build:

start: Spellthief's Edge + Stealth Ward + Health Potion + Warding Totem

starting with Spellthief's Edge gives 5 gold per champ hit and 10 damage with 5 ap, making it a good starting item, rush for Tear of the Goddess and buy more Stealth Wards + Vision Ward then either upgrade Spellthief's Edge or sell it for / get a Sightstone

should be near mid game now, so the support lane phase can end, though not likely. start to build towards what you need the most at the time, so Boots of Speed for movement purposes, Fiendish Codex for some cdr and ap, Vampiric Scepter for lifesteal and ad, Sheen for more mana and burst, or Stinger for more attack speed and cdr.

whichever one you pick you should finish or buy a few before finishing one. keep buying items in this method and purchasing Manamune when the stacks are done and you should be sorted for the items. you have to bare in mind that your supporting so your dependant on assists, more assists = more items so you should stick with teammates more then duelling 1v1's unless your ahead (I've killed an Ezreal once before). then just play with your teammates to win team fights and take objectives.

hybrid top/mid item build

when playing solo lanes the gameplay will change even though its the same game. you have to be careful with what you do, because unlike bot lane nobody (unless jungler) will be there to back you up, you then have to stay ahead in farm and prevent yourself from being killed, only poke with Tidecaller's Blessing when you get the chance.

start: Doran's Ring + Health Potion x2 + Warding Totem
alternative: Doran's Blade

before entering lane, help leash your jungler or guard red if your purple side top lane, I take Doran's Ring for the same reasons as my runes, the ap helps her other abilities and regenerating mana, whereas using a Doran's Blade will be for more basic attack poke and easier farming. like with support, rush Tear of the Goddess the second item depends on lane partner, if they're magic based I suggest going for Wit's End, generally Hextech Gunblade should be second or after Wit's End, then you have 2 options.

before the options, as your working up the build path for Hextech Gunblade if you think you need an item with a different stat ( Boots of Speed for example) then buy them. Also don't forget you can roam! if your losing or winning lane it can help you, and help the lane you roam, and put you in a position for dragon ! meanwhile, for option 1: if want more burst, mana, ap and movement buy Lich Bane while option 2: if you want more attack speed, cdr, ap and magic on hit buy Nashor's Tooth. at this point it would generally be near the end of mid game if not already late game you should be starting team fights or duelling if your ahead enough, again win team fights and take objectives.

hybrid tanky version item build

as you well know Nami is a squishy champion (part of the reason I loves her ^__^) but I'm sure you despise that so in order to confront it, lets beef her up while maintaining the essence of my Tidecaller's Blessing hybrid build, the main focus for this build is survivability over damage so that she can take a punch and dish one straight back!

start: Doran's Shield + Health Potion + Warding Totem

the masteries for this build would change so that more points in defence tree are being used, maybe 9/ 21, you can still use 21/ 9 but I think using defence will benefit this build more. on return, like the other builds rush Tear of the Goddess the main source of mana and regen. for second item aim for Rod of Ages for health, mana, ap and so that the passive has time to charge, third item aim for a Iceborn Gauntlet for more tankyness, mana and cdr. or Trinity Force for extra damage and mixed stats, it depends which spell blade proc item you need or use, I personally use the FROZEN FIST more on my tanky builds.

with 3 more slots you still got room for Boots of Speed which you might get early in the build, so 2 more slots you got the choice of the regular tank items: Warmog's Armor, Spectre's Cowl, Rylai's Crystal Scepter etc...
the only way good damage might be possible is with Muramana's active with the amount of mana in items along with a spell blade proc, don't forget that you still have decent ability power as well.

unlike the main hybrid build(s), this one is more focused at sponging damage for the team rather then seeking 1v1 duels, although feel free to do so, be funny watching someone throw everything at you expecting it to kill you while you splash water in their faces :P

situation and playstyle items

you've properly looked at it and gone wtf. and with no explanation srsly?
well... time to make one >:3

Boots of Speed:
useable for any and every champion, and can be branched into several nicely coloured alternatives, for upgrading get Sorcerer's Shoes / Boots of Swiftness or Ionian Boots of Lucidity if you really need cdr fast

Nami can benefit from shoes, but I tend to use Surging Tides personally and since mermaids can't wear shoes it kind ruins the role play for me :L

Rabadon's Deathcap:
every wizard needs their hat. quite explanatory, if your branching off to more ap, this is the item. x0.3 to current ap and adds 120 can't be beat, except for penetration but then that needs the hat to be effective.

Rabadon's Deathcap is more of a ap Nami item if you get it switch from hybrid to ap otherwise don't bother with it.

Archangel's Staff:
mhmm, what do to with our Tear of the Goddess? well it builds to 2 items this one and the core item Manamune. this one is down to personal play style. if you want more ap in the build buy this item, if you want a proc able shield buy this item. for Manamune it works oppositely more ad, activatable ad on hit from mana at the cost of mana

for Nami, Archangel's Staff is more of an ap Nami item to me as I can see more potential in the Muramana's on hit which triggers with each Tidecaller's Blessing

Frost Queen's Claim:
well you got Spellthief's Edge you may as well finish it?, that depends. if you do keep it you'll get more gold income sure, the mana regen is nice, the active and on hit passive don't do much damage though, however the slow might save your bacon or let you and others in biteable distance of said bacon.

personally don't think the item is worth bothering with, Nami has enough cc from her slows and stun adding an extra slow wouldn't do too much and the item wears off to damn quick.

Iceborn Gauntlet:
oh the FROZEN FIST, if your not a fan of the Lich Bane's spell blade which you should that thing does crazy hybrid damage. but anyway, the FROZEN FIST should be chosen to counter ad based champs but comes at the sacrifice of Lich Bane's burst

as fancy as Iceborn Gauntlet sounds adding a slow on top of another slow isn't a good idea (I'll be mentioning the same about the other slow items) as it is less effective, the damage based on ad of the other champ is 2 sided, sure it'll do nice damage on ad, but ap champs get away unharmed.

Guinsoo's Rageblade:
this item is not my cup of tea, you need to get down to half health for it to proc, and with how squishy Nami can be it is beyond a risk in trying to use it, and the stats are small even with the stackable passive, though it synergies with Maw of Malmortius nicely if your against ap cause of the magic shield letting you stay below 50% longer, against ad you can forget it.

Trinity Force:
this item is an all rounder, with a x2 attack damage spell blade along with good mixed stats. again down to personal choice with which spell blade active you like, for the hybrid build a Lich Bane would be more effect cause of it taking from attack and ability.

Trinity Force should be used on a more ad Nami, if your focusing more on ad and buying this item you should consider switching from hybrid to full attack damage to get the best results.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter:
the only benefit Nami gets from this item is the health and ability power, the slow passive won't do anything special. this item is mainly for its stats other then that forget about it.

Frozen Mallet:
again same as above, only the stats are going to be effective.

Blade of the Ruined King:
more of an ad Nami approach to the build, since your making a Bilgewater Cutlass, botrk is easily available and can add to attack speed and all its other good stuff it brings to the table, though for a hybrid build Hextech Gunblade is the way to go for more damages

Infinity Edge:
the most expensive item ingame, but it is super effective on crits, this build is more based on the combination of ability power and attack damage more then crit chances you could try adding crits in but it wouldn't be as effective as more ap or more ad would be.
the item itself is more of an ad Nami.

The Bloodthirster:
now you're thinking this has ad Nami written all over it and it does, perfect for attack damage and life steal sure, but even if you were to include it in the build how would it synergise in with the other items unless they were attack damage based as well, least by getting it first you can confuse the enemy into thinking its ad Nami though :)

Statikk Shiv:
adds to the burst, can't argue with that. increases speed and lets crit chance be expanded onto. if you were including crit into the hybrid build I would start meshing them together with this item, remember it deals extra burst with crit on the passive. should give this item a go, though you'll properly end up with a ad Nami

Runaan's Hurricane:
tired of splashing water around? hah, not likely! if your suffering from long wave clear its worth the buy, however it does interfere with Tidecaller's Blessing as it procs with each semi hit so, more suited to ad Nami but I would stay clear of this item, otherwise the blessing stacks will be gone in one or two attacks crippling the hybrid damages

Liandry's Torment:
no the passive does not proc with Tidecaller's Blessing very sadly, if it did the damages could of been 12% health over 3 sec per each hit cause they slow, works with all her other abilities just not her E. the stats are nice got penetration, health and ability power all in one item. personally I don't go for it, defiantly would if riot changed the passive to make it proc.

Sword of the Divine:
not worth bothering with, I tried using it and failed miserably, your focusing all your money just into attack speed you can't even use once you proc 3 crit strikes which I used but they didn't do any damages and I was stuck there with no attack speed, should only use with high attack damage and no crit items otherwise, don't buy.

this is a nice item, gives ad, attack speed, cdr and movement and can be built from a Stinger though I would recommend a Nashor's Tooth over Zephyr though because it gives more damage, speed, cdr and comes with a lot of ap.

Maw of Malmortius
perfect for countering magic burst champions that would pop you like a balloon the moment they get close as well as adding some magic resistance and attack damage, you should heavily consider this item to help counter lane.

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10. Full gameplay video

break out the popcorn, get your drinks and sodas ready as you witness some epic league moments for a full game from my point of view, just like stepping into my shoes! the run time is 42 minutes so get comfortable :D

( don't forget to use 1080 hd quality!)

video comments: (taken from YouTube)

32:12 (+1) honourable opponent to super minion

dude 10000 thnx i've started playing her now and i am realy good by the way but with your video i am 10 times better thnx

Rich M:
this is tight! definitely going to try this

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11. conclusion

if you've made it all the way here then thank you very much for taking the time to read through every section... or skipped everything just to see the conclusion. but still you should at least try out and somewhat master this build to the point where you can just trigger Tidecaller's Blessing then delete a large proportion of health, then turn it back on again few seconds later.

if your interested in me as well as the build then check out spacemonsterz on youtube, I also have a twitch account setup but I rarely use it, and spacemonsterz is my ingame name you can always fire a question or two my way if you want an answer or a nice chat.
that is all for my first build, see you soon on the fields of justice!

feel as if anything is missing or could be added? comment and i'll see to it or if its a nice complement then give me hugs :D


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