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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Elise Build Guide by Kavalier

Assassin [S6] Jungle Elise: Queen of the Jungle! Advanced Tips and Tr

Assassin [S6] Jungle Elise: Queen of the Jungle! Advanced Tips and Tr

Updated on February 1, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kavalier Build Guide By Kavalier 20 5 1,686,200 Views 60 Comments
20 5 1,686,200 Views 60 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kavalier Elise Build Guide By Kavalier Updated on February 1, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


About Me & Introduction


First off, if your reading this guide. I'd like to say thanks. I've been playing league of legends for quite some time now, but that doesn't mean i'm the best player.

Summoner Name: iShaco
Server: North America
Current Rank: Silver 3(S5) (i was gold before reset)

Favorite Champs:
Shaco, Elise, Lee Sin, Trundle, Udyr, Riven, Rengar, Fiddlesticks
I do play a lot of different champs all the time.


Welcome, to my Elise guide! This is currently a WORK IN PROGRESS. Please don't be harsh over the way it looks now.

Elise is my favorite AP Jungler. She has an amazing kit that has so much potential. She has two forms, and because of this, she has 6 abilities(3 per form, with their own cooldowns.)

Human Form:

-Single target damage spell which does damage based off of their max health
-Area of Effect Spider
-Skill Shot STUN. Much like Lee Sin's Sonic Wave
-While in human form, dealing spell damage readies a spiderling.


-Single target spell which lunges at enemy and does damage based off of their missing health
-Attack Speed buff/Sustain for damage dealt by you and your spiderlings
-Rappel into the air and become untargetable, and reactivate it on an enemy to jump to them.
-While in spider form your spiderlings come to help and you gain bonus magic damage on your basic attacks.


-Hard to lane against
-Can carry HARD
-Very Versatile Kit
-Awesome Escape/Gap closer
-TWO percent health damage abilites
-Self sustain with maxing W
-Auto attacks deal BONUS magic damage based off of your ability power
-Very good at kiting (especially with Rylai's)
-Spiderlings can block some abilities.
-Can dodge most abilities in rappel (ex: Karthus' ult)

-Can be very squishy
-Mana hungry early on
-Full combo forces you to go into spider form and get into close range.
-Spider form forces you to be in the fight
-Staying back in human form has long cooldowns.
-Using/messing up rappel too early or not at the right time can cause you to die.

Guide History

Version 0.50(9/5/13)
-Redid the introduction and added a little extra to each section. Added Version history, Pros and Cons, and more.

Version 0.55(10/29/13)
Added the Jungle Tips and Tips 'N' Tricks sections. Redid part of the guide. Adding more to these sections as i go.

Version 0.60(10/30/13)
Added much more detail to each chapter. Added new tips n tricks.

Version 0.60(1/29/14)
Changed some things around(items, information, etc.) due to comments. (Hope you like the changes)

Version 0.65(6/26/14)
Small update. Not a lot is changed. Haven't edited the guide in a while. Made some small changes and clarified things a bit better. Build is pretty much the same. Adding some small details to the guide.

Version 0.7(12/11/14)
Small update for S5. Most of the guide stays the same.

Version 0.75(3/25/15)
Major season 5 update. Guide is TOP VIEWED-Elise jungle guide!

Version 0.80(2/1/2016)
Very minor update for season 6. Most of the guide hasn't changed. Elise has gone through some changes since the last patch and plenty of new/changed items are viable. I will try to update this guide when i have free time after I've tested/played more.
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These are the runes that i currently use, but there are other options that i will get into when I have more time to work on the guide.

9X Seal of Armor
Gives the armor you need to have more tankiness in the jungle and when ganking in general. These are very important for a jungler as it will reduce the damage you take while farming your jungle.

9X Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
Gives some extra magic resist to help you survive during ganks. This is sometimes not enough magic resist and you will need to buy some type of Magic Resist item.

9X Mark of Magic Penetration
Magic Penetration is very important on Elise. Haunting Guise and Sorcerer's Shoes are also very important additions to your magic penetration but these marks are also helpful, especially early on.

3X Quintessence of Movement Speed
Self explanatory. Quints of Movement Speed are necessary for Elise as she needs to be able to run around the jungle. These help give her get from place to place and respond to ganks early on.


3X Quintessence of Ability Power
Self explanatory. Quints of Ability Power are necessary for Elise as she needs to build a decent amount of AP. These help give her abilities an extra bit of damage early on. Don't forget Elise's Spider Form auto attacks scale off of ability power. Each basic attack does extra magic damage(+20% of your AP.)
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Summoner Spells & Abilities


Flash- Flash is the best second spell for Elise. It gives you an extra escape if you have all your abilities on cooldown and can help you dodge/gap close and net a kill. Probably the best summoner spell available.

GhostViable on Elise. Gives her a short movement speed boost that is good for escapeing/chasing.
IgniteA okay choice. Not the best choice for elise as ignite isn't an escape spell.
Teleport Not the best idea for Elise jungle but its an option.


Elise is a very versatile champion and her kit is one of the best in the game. Having two forms gives her a total of 6 abilities.(excluding her Spider Form)


Spider Queen
This passive is one of the most unique in the game. In human form, this passive readies spiderlings. Each spell used while in human form readies a spiderling. When you use your Spider Form, your spiderlings will follow your movements/attacks.

Human Form
Human form switches you back into your human form where you can cast spells. This takes away your spiderlings and the extra bonus's you get from spiderform, such as the extra damage on your auto attacks.

This is Elise's percent health damage ability. This is a single target spell that does percent damage based on the target's current health. Max this first as it gives the more damage based on enemies health.

Volatile Spiderling
This is Elise's Area of Effect spell. It summon's a spiderling that is gorged with venom. Exploding on contact with an enemy or after a few seconds.

Elise's stun. It shoots a single cocoon in a line. The first enemy hit will be stunned and "revealed". I put revealed in quotations because it doesn't reveal stealth.

Spider Form
Spider form gives Elise new abilities. When elise switches to spider form, her spiderlings come out to help her and she gains extra damage to her auto attacks. Her autoattacks get extra magic damage +20% of your AP.

Venomous Bite
In spider form, Elise's first ability lunges at an enemy and does percent health damage based off of the target's MISSING health. It also lunges all spiderlings at the target. This includes your Volatile Spiderling. This is usually the last ability you use in your combo because you want the target to have as much missing health as possible.

Skittering Frenzy
This gives Elise's spiderform and spiderlings increased attack speed. Don't forget that for Elise, attack speed can be very helpful. This is because her spider form ability gives extra magic damage based on your Ability Power.

Elise's gap closer and her main escape ability. This ability can be activated on an enemy to repel to that target. Activating this ability without a target will repel Elise into the air where she can dodge almost any ability. This doesn't work against tethered abilities such as FiddleSticks' Bountiful Harvest. Once you are repel'd you can reactivate this ability on an enemy to repel to them. When in trouble, try to use this over walls or to minions away to get away from harms way. Just make sure that if your jumping over walls to a jungle camp, make sure the camp is up and not respawning.
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Sorcerer's Shoes
By far the best shoes for Elise. Giving the Magic Penetration that Elise needs to do a lot of damage in fights.

Mobility Boots
I highly suggest getting these boots if you don't get Sorcerer's Shoes. These are my favorite boots for jungling. They give an insane boost to your out of combat movement speed. Which is great for running around the jungle and counter-ganking or getting to a gank before the enemy laner stops over-extending.

Mercury's Treads
Your second option for boots. Get these if the enemy team has way too much crowd control. The magic resist helps a lot too.

Ninja Tabi
I normally don't get these but they are a valid option if needed. Usually get these if the enemy team has too much physical damage dealers and those who concentrate on auto attacks, such as Lee Sin Shaco or if they have a fed/two ADCs.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Don't really get these. EVER. You could buy them but it would be pretty stupid. The cooldown reduction isn't too great on Elise. Sorcerer's Shoes are much better.


Stalker's Blade - Magus
This gives you all the stats you could want with an AP jungler.
Ability Power and Cooldown Reduction. Be sure to kill the big monster in the jungle camps for the gold boost. The smite powerup helps when chasing.

Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk
This is the Tank jungler item. Since Elise is a melee/range champion, this is a good item to help her sustain when she's in the middle of the enemy team. Health and Cooldowns is helpful for any champion, especially if they are melee. The smite powerup helps when chasing.

Haunting Guise-> Liandry's Anguish
Haunting Guise is usually the second core item to be built. It gives a nice boost to your AP along with some very useful Magic Penetration.
I highly recommend not upgrading it to Liandry's until you finish your Rylai's. The percent health damage isn't very good until it is doubled from Rylai's. Especially early on when there isn't anyone that is tanky enough for it to be useful.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
This is a very good item on Elise. It gives a nice chunk of health along with a big boost to your AP. The thing that makes the item perfect for Elise is it's passive. Dealing spell damage will slow your target, which combined with Liandry's Anguish will wipe any opponents life quickly.

Zhonya's Hourglass
This is a perfect item for almost any AP caster. A perfect combination of armor and AP. It's active ability is especially useful as it gives a gaming changing stasis which can be used to dodge abilities and give your team a chance to help. This can be used to avoid all damage/abilities for a few seconds. Using this in spider form can give u a chance to wait until u have a target to repel to.

Lich Bane
This is a decent item on Elise. This adds a TON of damage to your autoattacks. Since Elise has two forms, she has even more abilities that can proc Lich Bane's passive. The ability power, movement speed multiplier and 250 extra mana aren't a bad bonus either. Most people think this item is a waste but i believe it is useful on Elise as it packs an even bigger punch to her AA's.

Luden's Tempest
This is the new AP Statikk Shiv. This is an ok item on Elise. Do i think this is the most amazing item ever and that Elise should ALWAYS have it? No... It's good but i think she benefits from other items more. It's pretty good overall but I don't think its the greatest item ever for Elise. Its viable and you should build it if you want. It'll help your burst but most matches don't require Luden's Echo and other items are much better for the item slot.

Abyssal Mask
This is a perfect item for most AP casters. Giving AP and MR along with passively lowering nearby enemy champion's MR. This is one of the best items on Elise. Although you can substitute if for another item if a teammate already has it.

Rabadon's Deathcap
This is by far one of the most used AP items in the game. A huge 120 AP boost along with a 30% boost to your total AP. This isn't the greatest item on Elise as she doesn't need as much AP as it offers, but it is a viable item for Elise. I normally don't grab it but if i'm snowballing i sometimes pick it up. Be sure to avoid this item if the enemy team has a Veigar(Unless your like to be one hit with his ultimate).

Void Staff
A good item for Elise for when the enemy team has a lot of Magic Resist. This will help shred enemy MR and do a lot more damage. The AP boost is also helpful.

Will of the Ancients
I've been buying WOTA occasionally in ranked games since it was changed. The old passive was an aura that gave spellvamp to your teammates. Now since it gives more AP and spellvamp exclusively to you, it is worth the buy. This is pretty much the only spellvamp item i would buy(there aren't many to choose from).

Archangel's Staff
I normally don't get this item on Elise. EVER. It isn't recommended. It is more of laning item then a jungling item, and even in lane it isn't very good on her. The only good i see in this item besides the extra mana/ mana regeneration is the active shield you get from when it is full upgraded into Seraph's Embrace.

Warmog's Armor
A great item for most champions. This will give you an extra 1000 health and a lot of health regeneration(1% of your maximum health per 5 seconds). Get this if you think you need some extra tankiness.

Randuin's Omen
This item is great for when the enemy team has a ton of physical damage dealers. The armor and health it offers make Elise a tanky threat. The active is also a very helpful escape/chase tool. It's active can be used to escape from a gank/teamfight or catch fleeing enemy champions. Use it often.

Aegis of the Legion/ Locket of the Iron Solari
A great item. This should be picked up by at least one person on your team. It's aura is beneficial to your team winning team fights. If you do pick it up, be sure to upgrade it to the Locket of the Iron Solari. The locket gives not only the same aura, but other stats such as CDR and an active that will give a small shield to yourself and nearby teammates. Don't forget about this active as it can help with team fights.
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Jungle Tips

The jungle is my favorite role because there are so many different ways to start a game.

Most of the time i like to have my team help me get a smiteless starting buff. That way I can go to the next buff and smite it and quickly gank a lane.

Jungle Routes in League of Legends aren't as set in stone as people think. Most people assume:
"Oh, Lee sin has no mana, so he has to be starting near Red!"
"Elise is AP so she is probably starting blue or gromp!"
Nope. Jungle routes can be switched up to confuse the enemy every single game. You could go Gromp->Blue->Wolves->Red->Gank one game, then go Golems->Red->Wolves/Raptors->Blue->Gank the next.
Not only that, but you can do practically anything you want! Usually the best course of action is to do what i call, The Champion's Best Route, CBR for short. This means if your AP/mana reliant, start blue side. If your an energy user or someone who's AD heavy like Shaco or Lee Sin, then start near Red.

Elise's CBR is Blue side since she is an AP champion who uses a lot of mana early on.
So her CBR: Gromp->Blue->Wolves/Raptors->Red->Gank/Another camp.

The main thing that Junglers should know is that the route doesn't need to be the same every time.

Usually the best starting routes for Elise are her CBR(blue side), or depending on which jungler you are going against(or which side they are starting), you can mix things up a bit.

If your Elise and the enemy jungler is Lee Sin, and he is starting red. You could start at Red buff...hit level two, and then go straight for Lee's blue. Usually warding in the intersection between Gromp and Wolves. That way you can steal his blue and if he is coming, you will see him and be able to escape/know that you need to hurry.

However, you can choose what route you want to take depending on the situation.
It also helps to start at a certain side, based on which team you are on(blue/purple)

If you start on the BLUE side it's probably better to start near the Krugs(Golems)->Red since the bot lane will help leash.


If you start on the PURPLE side, you probably want to start near Gromp/Blue since the bot lane is there to help leash.

This isn't required since you can have top help leash or just do it by yourself(although this will take a lot of health and therefore more time.)
Chances are if you don't have 2 people/bot lane leash for you, you will have to go back to base/lose time.

Always remember, that there are important objectives a jungler must fulfill.

You should always be warding the map. Whenever you go back to shop be sure to buy a few wards with your extra gold.

Upgrading your yellow trinket to either the Greater Stealth Totem(2 wards) or the Greater Vision Totem(1 vision ward) is a near must for any jungler at level 9 or higher.
Usually it's best to buy whichever is needed for the game your in. Playing against a stealth champion such as Eve/Shaco? Greater vision totem please!
Don't need Vision wards that much? Greater Stealth totem is your friend!

It is especially important to ward both jungles. If your teammates do not ward their lane, you should take it upon yourself to ward the river for them.

Important places to ward:

Early game (0-5 minutes)

Ward the other team's jungle(especially if you plan on counterjungle/invading)
Ward the dragon buff to make sure the enemy doesn't take it.(Pink ward is better)
Warding your own jungle is important especially if the enemy jungler is bound to invade.
Warding the river will help your team prevent being ganked. It is especially important to ward the mid lane banana bushes as these will help you see if the enemy jungler is invading and it will give some vision to the mid laner.

Mid-Late game(5+ Minutes)

Warding Dragon and Baron buffs.
Warding the jungle is important. Usually it is best to pay attention to the positioning of both teams. If your team is on the defensive, then it is better to ward your jungle. It is also best to ward the enemy jungle if you are on the offensive.

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Tips 'N' Tricks

Elise is good at just about everything. She has everything you could want in a champion.
Just like every champion, there are tips and tricks to mastering your kit. Knowing a few tricks isn't enough to be master Elise. REMEMBER: Practice makes perfect.

Elise's numerous and versatile abilities create some amazing combos and tactics.

I will update this with as many tips as i can. This is probably the most viewed part of my guide as it allows new/experienced Elise players to learn some useful Tricks that will help you turn into an Elise PRO!

Elise's full combo is:

Human Form AA -> W -> Q(hits before W) -> AA -> E -> R(switch to spider form) -> AA -> W -> AA's and finish with Q) -> If barely alive switch to human form and finish off with Q/W.

This combo uses Elise's kit to the max. It leaves open her rappel in case of danger/needing to dodge abilities.

Don't forget that her skill set allows for some versatility. Use your kit to your advantage. Use your abilities as the situation sees fit.


- Use your rappel to the fullest. When in a fight you can use it to escape. Pay attention to your surroundings. If your in lane, pay attention to where the enemy minions are and if there are any jungle camps you can rappel to. Timing the rappel is key as it can make or break a good Elise. Use it on the best minion to ensure your survival. Remember that with rappel, it is better to move to the best spot and wait for the right moment to rappel.
Final note: Don't waste the rappel in a panic. Instead of rappeling to a minion that MAY save your life, see if you have enough life/tankiness to move into a position where you can rappel over a wall.

- Don't forget that Rappel is more than just an escape tool/gap closer. It also can be used to dodge most abilities! You can dodge a Karthus Requiem, or even a Nidalee Javelin Toss. You can dodge almost anything with it, and what makes it even better, is that you can stay untargetable for a few seconds. That's right! Don't think that as soon as you rappel and dodge an ability that you have to come back down. The one exception to this rule is tethered abilities such as a Fiddlesticks Bountiful Harvest.

- Rappel is a unique ability. As you just read, it can make you untargetable for a few seconds. What is a very important thing to master, is when to use it and when to come down from it. Think about this scenario:
You are about to die with 100 health. Your abilities are all on cooldown except rappel. A Nidalee spear is about to hit you but you dodge it with rappel. What do you do? Nidalee can easily switch into cougar form and pounce on you, and your abilities are all on cooldown. So the best solution would be to stay up in rappel for as long as you can. See if you can rappel to a minion before the rappel finishes and hopefully your abilities will be up. If you were to rappel down right away after dodging the spear, chances are that you would be killed much easier.
At the same time, it is better to come down from the rappel if the scenario was the other way around(you have all your abilities and your enemy has cooldowns). That way you can dodge their ability and still have yours and win the fight.
For example if you were facing Veigar, and you dodged his combo(this would give him about 5-17 seconds for his abilities to be ready), you would be better off rappeling to him to finish him off rather than wait for rappel to finish.
Final Note: You must master the timing of rappel. Use it at the best opportunity and make use of being untargetable. Use cooldowns to your advantage and always pay attention to your surroundings.

- Your Neurotoxin and Venomous Bite deal percent health damage. Neurotoxin deals percent damage based on CURRENT health, while Venomous Bite does percent MISSING health. Neurotoxin should be cast whenever it is up at the beggining of a fight, but Venomous Bite on the other hand, shouldn't be rushed right away. You could use it as soon as you jump into spider form, but it is sometimes better to wait so you can deal more damage. Always try to assess your situation and see what is the best choice.

- Elise can kite quite well. If you have Rylai's Crystal Scepter, you can kite even better! Without Rylai's, her Cocoon has a very long range and can help kite at early levels. Don't think that Elise always has to jump into a fight. She can sit back if it is the best idea. Also don't forget that Rylai's passive will activate with Elise's auto attacks.

- Elise's Cocoon isn't only a stun. It can also detect hidden enemies. Use it along a brush and you can reveal lurking enemies. Also, if you hear it hit without seeing the enemy, it means there is an invisible champion there.

- Elise's Skittering Frenzy gives a big movement speed bonus. Instead of switching to spider form and instantly using it, wait and use it right after your first auto attack. This will give you an extra AA and give you the fullest damage output.

- Always pay attention to your enemies skill set. Do not go into your full combo without thinking about what your enemy will do. For example, if you are against a Fiddlesticks, going into your full combo before fiddle uses his Terrify and Bountiful Harvest combo, isn't the greatest idea. It would be better to wait for fiddle to use his Bountiful Harvest before you use your Cocoon.
Final Note: Pay attention to your enemy's capabilities. Always try to counter their abilities with your own.

- Pay attention to your Smite cooldown. Try to use it as often as it is up, but DON'T underestimate its potential. Yeah, it's a summoner spell that deals damage to non-champion enemies. Yeah, that means you can't deal damage in a fight with it...BUT! if you have spell vamp you can gain a boost of life. Spell vamp works with Smite. This trick is great for when your low on life and need a boost. If you find yourself in a close fight where you might die, use smite on the biggest nearby minion you can(the one with the most HP). This will give you a nice boost to your health depending on your level.
Final Note: Always pay attention to your smite. It can save you in a pinch if you remember to use it, especially against Ignite.

- Spider Queen gives you a few spiderlings which follow Elise wherever she goes. You can use your spiderlings to tank damage. Abilities such as Lee Sin's Sonic Wave or Nidalee's Javelin Toss can be blocked by moving away from them. Since spiderlings follow behind elise, you can position yourself so that their skillshot will hit your spiderling.

- Spiderlings are also very important for helping you tank damage. When clearing the jungle, be sure to have spiderlings ready when you start a camp. After using human form abilities and switching to spider form, be sure to auto attack the big monster so your spiderlings attack it aswell. Then you can move behind your spiderlings and the camp will switch aggro to your spiderlings.

- Another neat trick with spiderlings is to take advantage of the way the neutral monsters switch targets. The rule of thumb behind them is that the closest enemy will be attacked. This means that whatever target is closest to the monster will be the one it attacks. So, you can take advantage of this by moving in front and behind of your spiderlings very quickly. This will negate a few attacks because the monster will switch from you to your spiderlings, then back to you, and back and forth and back and forth. If you do it fast enough, it is possible(VERY HARD!), but possible to switch the aggro back and forth so fast that the monster wont even attack ONCE! This is almost impossible so don't even attempt this unless you need to not be hit.

- Elise's Venomous Bite is a lunge. This means that Elise will travel a short distance to her target. This can be extremely helpful for when trying to escape or chase an enemy. You can use it to lunge to a minion to get a little extra distance from your pursuers. Likewise it will also be helpful if your trying to catch a fleeing enemy. You can use Venomous Bite on a minion and hopefully it will put you in enough range to use your Rappel on the fleeing enemy.

- Venomous Bite not only lunges you toward your target, but it will also lunge your spiderlings toward that same target. This includes your Volatile Spiderling. It can be used to guarentee your [[volatile spiderling] to hit it a target.
Final Note: Volatile Spiderling's can be cast away from an enemy and if you switch to spider form and use Venomous Bite fast enough, the Volatile Spiderling will fly and explode on that target.

- Rappel is probably my most favorite of Elise's abilities. It can be used in so many ways. Besides its primary uses, rappel can be used to scout over walls in even in brushes! That's right! You can rappel next to a brush and see inside of it! This is a great scouting tool but don't forget that it can't see stealthed champions.

- Spider Form is great for finishing off low health enemies. Her spider form has it's benefits. Spiderlings, extra magic damage with auto attacks, extra movement speed, and what may be one of its better attributes: MANALESS ABILITIES!
Be sure to take advantage of her spider form when mana is a problem. Don't farm the jungle in human form if your low on mana. That way if you get caught out you can switch to human form and have a fighting chance. Fighting only in spider form would take away half of her damage, and putting yourself at a disadvantage like that...isn't too smart.

- Spider form's movement speed boost isn't a whole lot, but its considerably better than human form. So make sure when traveling from base or across the map to use spider form so that you can save some time.

- When using spiderlings to absorb abilities for you, make sure to pay attention to abilities that move their champion to your minions. Such as Lee Sin's Q. To avoid his second Q, switch to human form as soon as the Minion is hit.

- Elise has an extra bonus because her spider form uses no mana. Also her spiderlings can tank damage from the jungle camps. This way you can get a ton of mana because you don't waste any. As for health, most junglers will not gain as much from the passive because they are constantly losing the health they gain. Whereas Elise's spiderlings will absorb that damage, allowing her to keep all that extra health.
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Elise isn't the greatest level 2 ganker, but when she has her full kit, she is a BEAST.

Always pay attention to the map. Map awareness is what makes any league player, regardless of role, a better player. You could try to do a level 2 gank right after your first buff, but it is probably better to get level 3 before you try to do anything.

Paying attention to the map is a way to get better. The amount of information you can get from just looking at a map is amazing when you think about it. Not only should you be watching your map, but also paying attention to your teammates and enemies builds and levels.

Before you go for a gank you should be communicating with your team. Find out where wards are(if any), and warn your lanes ahead of time of your plans. If you plan on ganking top after getting both buffs tell your top lane. Thanks to the new pinging system, you can tell them you are on your way to their lane, or warn them if there are incoming enemies. Abuse this ping system and make sure you communicate with your teammates as much as possible.

There are many ways to gank a lane with Elise, but you must assess the situation before you choose what way you want to gank.

Ganking a lane isn't as simple as walking up to a lane, and killing the other team.

Before ganking a lane you must pay attention to:

Where wards are(if any)
- Ask your laner where wards are and try to avoid them.

What you are going up against and what your teammates have to offer.
- Look at the stats of your laner and their opposition. See if they have an advantage and try to figure the best method of ganking them. (such as baiting them or suprising them before they can react etc.)
- Know the builds of your enemy and make sure you can handle them. You don't want to feed them more kills or give them your buffs.

Where the enemy jungler/laners are.
- Be sure to know if a counter gank is a possibility and try to know if there is any chance of the enemy team helping their laner(s).

What you have to offer to make the gank successful.
- You don't want to go in for a gank and realize you don't have enough mana or if you are too behind to be a threat. (You don't want them to just annihilate you and then kill your laner because your gank made them go out of position.)

There are so many ways to gank a lane. I will try to add pictures in the future to help explain some of my favorite ways to gank.

When ganking a lane, always pay attention the the enemy team's position on the map, especially the Jungler!
If the laners are all in their lanes and you know/have a general idea of where the enemy jungler is, your safe to gank without worrying too much about getting counter-ganked.

Usually as Elise the best choice is to start of with having your laner CC the enemy. Follow this up with your Cocoon(E)->Q->W->R(Spider form) Then use your Q->AA->W->AA's depending on how much life they have left. Save your rappel for when they flash or dash away. Saving rappel is important as well because if things go wrong you can always use it to escape.

On the other hand, you can use it Rappel to engage! Rappel onto a minion/the enemy to surprise them. It is best if you rappel from the fog of war so they don't see you coming, but if they are pushing enough, you can just run into lane and then rappel to them. Use your best judgement on what to do.

Lastly. Teamfights!

Teamfights are part of every game. Elise is an assassin, so therefore its best to go for the enemy carries. Since Elise has health percent damage, they can do quite a bit of damage to tanks, even when Elise is building tanky.

Try to save rappel for the best moment. If the enemy carries are almost dead and they flash over a wall or something, then you can rappel to them. If you need to escape because your team lost the fight, use it to rappel over a wall or away from the fight.

Another job as the jungler is to defend your own carries. Since every game is different, you may need to defend your carries if they are getting focused and killed to easily. Usually you'll need peel for them when you have more assassins then normal. For example, if you have damage top like Riven or Lee Sin or Rengar or anyone who's job is to focus enemy carries, then you need to defend your carries.

Elise is one of the most versatile AP junglers out there! Make sure to learn your own playstyle and practice! This guide will only open the door! So keep practicing if you want to master her!
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