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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Jhin Build Guide by ZERO Destructo

ADC [SEASON 10]A Comprehensive How to Jhin Guide [10.1]

ADC [SEASON 10]A Comprehensive How to Jhin Guide [10.1]

Updated on January 10, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZERO Destructo Build Guide By ZERO Destructo 83 19 154,434 Views 51 Comments
83 19 154,434 Views 51 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ZERO Destructo Jhin Build Guide By ZERO Destructo Updated on January 10, 2020
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Runes: Fleet Footwork

1 2
Fleet Footwork
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[SEASON 10]A Comprehensive How to Jhin Guide [10.1]

By ZERO Destructo
Hello guys. I'm ZERO Destructo, and hereby I welcome you to my How to Jhin guide.

I've been a part of League of Legend community since the early start of the 4th season. From the moment I started playing, the role that caught my eye was Bottom Lane - AD Carry. Right now I'm Platinum Division. I wasn't really paying attention to the new champs coming out, and the same thing was with Jhin. I was bored once, and he was on free rotation, so I decided to try him out. And let me tell you, I was blown to smithereens. His design, abilities, voice lines, playstyle, I just can't decide what I loved more. The best word to describe him would probably be UNIQUE. From that moment, Jhin has become one of my most played champions. But anyway, you'll hear more about how great he is in his own section, this one's for me to shine.

I'm the type of a player that focuses more on his game knowledge and usage of it, than on sheer mechanics. Therefore, I will do my best to put that knowledge on a paper, give you as much as possible information for you to manipulate it, and hopefully encourage you to start playing this champion. Oh, and I'm also extremely toxic, but I hope that is something you will not pick up here.
If I may say, I spent a decent amount of time playing Jhin, testing items, builds, runes, playstyles, and of course, the most important part, skins. I'm not that much in high elo, but I've also spent a lot of time watching some really high people play, and I've picked up a few things. Hopefully, I'll be able to lay it all out there, and help people better understand and enjoy Jhin.

I also want to thank you for reading my guide, and let you know that i do appreciate the effort, and will do my best to keep it up to date and meta. Cheers!
About Jhin

Jhin, The Virtuoso
Ranged, AD Carry, Bottom Lane

Faction: Ionia
Occupation: Hitman
Bio: Jhin is a meticulous criminal psychopath who believes murder is art. Once an Ionian prisoner, but freed by shadowy elements within Ionia’s ruling council, the serial killer now works as their cabal's assassin. Using his gun as his paintbrush, Jhin creates works of artistic brutality, horrifying victims and onlookers. He gains a cruel pleasure from putting on his gruesome theater, making him the ideal choice to send the most powerful of messages: terror.

Why should you play Jhin?Jhin is currently performing extremely well and can stomp his opponents. In my humble opinion, he's the most unique and fun champion out there, and if you are tired of the classic adc this is a good choice.
Aside from good damage he provides good utility like rooting enemies or shooting from afar with his ultimate, which makes him excel in these circumstances, while also being a finisher type of adc when using his 4th bullet.
Jhin is not one of the easy, point to kill champions, and needs some thinking before acting. He has far superior carry potential, but it is also very easy to throw with him. Also, you become obsessed with number four. When it comes to his playstyle, there is no champion i can compare him to. My best advice would be to give him a shot, and enjoy the most unique lad out there!


Insanely high AD
Easy lane push & poke
Beautiful voice & animations
Great scaling
Extremely long range
Late game 1shots


Very high skill ceiling
Lack of mobility
Team reliant
Not based on AS like other ADCarries
Extremely punishable with bad positioning
Skills require a perfect timing and precision

Jhin is not your average ADCarry champion. Everything about him is unique. You will probably have some hard time getting used to 4 basics. His lack of mobility is a big problem, and he can't really do much without relying on his team. Having premade support will help you a lot with him. But putting that aside, he has very good lane presence, his huge range allows you to pick up kills from afar, and sometimes change the course of the game, and honestly, we all like seeing him 1/2shot Vayne in the late game. A little game knowledge, decent support, and appliance of some tactics with his traps. That's pretty much all you need to feel good while playing Jhin.
Jhin Math 101
About a year ago, I came across this video, on LoL Esports channel. There's a guy in video that explains thoroughly conversion of item stats to Jhin, and it compares it to how it influences other ADCarry champions.
For better understanding of his passive and champion damage overall, i recommend you to watch this video 'till the end. It's not long video, lasts only about 4 minutes and trust me, it wont be a waste of your time.


Fleet Footwork - As a Keystone, i found Fleet Footwork to be the best.For the old players, you can think of it as of new Warlord's Bloodlust , which i also used on old runes and masteries. Walking and attacking builds Energy stacks, and when you reach 100 your next basic attack heals you for 5-50HP and gives you bonus 30% movement speed for 1s. It gives you more sustain during laning phase, and more MS during later game phase. It also provides you with great burst of damage in combination with Rapid Firecannon and your 4th shot.

Triumph - Next in line comes the Triumph. Putting aside that bonus 25 gold you get after a takedown, what makes this really useful i that it restores 15% of your health after a takedown. Honestly, it saved my life plenty of times from ignite, basics and minion aggro after killing enemies.

Legend: Bloodline - Not much to say about this one, it gives you permanent 0.6% life steal for every Legend stack you get during the match, which at max of 20 stack results in total 12% life steal.
Coup de Grace - During mid/late game, Jhin's 4th basic attack deals terrifying amount of damage, and with this step picked you get a bonus of 10% damage to enemies below 40% of HP. Result - easy 1&2shots.

You get total of 9 AD adaptive through the tame, and +6 armor.

This is my basic rune page for Jhin. Most of the time, this is what I go for when playing him.


Hail of Blades - Your passive gives you additional attack damage from attack speed and critical chance. So when you attack someone,you'll deal higher damage than normal. Since it's always 110% it's really strong in early game.

Taste of Blood - This is a replacement for Legend: Bloodline, gives you decent sustain.

Eyeball Collection - +18 AD at 20 stacks.
Ravenous Hunter - I like to take this one for more sustain, instead of Relentless Hunter for bonus MS.

You get total of 9 AD adaptive through the tame, and +6 armor.

Like I said before, this is not my often pick, but it has its own pros. Try it, and decide if it fits you and your playstyle.
ADC Matchups
Knowing how can you win, or lose against an opponent on your lane is a good thing to know. I'll try to give as short tips as I can that will help you understand and use your situation in your own advantage.

Unless Draven is really behind with gold or low HP, Jhin will probably never win a fight against him. Getting too greedy in the early game is a huge mistake since he will eat you alive. Due to Draven being, well, simply Draven, he will most likely push the wave constantly. Even though that seems like an easy gank, one mistake can end up in triple kill for your opponent, so be careful when you call for ganks. The best option here would be to just farm safely, wait to outscale him and wait for a chance for an all-in.

Playing against Ezreal is not an easy matchup. His W+Q poke is insanely strong, and his E allows him to easily escape your stun or ultimate. The ideal thing to do here would be to use your minions and guard yourself against his poke, trying to sidestep his W since it can go through minions. Buying early boots would be probably a good idea, in order to dodge more easily. His all-in potential is also much bigger than yours past level 6. Try to harass him with your Q, and farm. You will outscale him.

Due to Caitlyn's much bigger range, she will be a lane bully, and probably try to poke you all the time. I like to start with Doran's Ring in this case, in order to prevent her from a hard push, and for better sustain with 2 instead of one health pots. Be patient, don't lose to her in CS, and wait for her mistake to go all-in.

Playing against Jinx should be an easy lane for Jhin due to her low range and extremely weak early game. Go for trades and harass her as much as you can. As soon as she's down to 60% of her HP, you can go all-in and finish her. But be careful, one mistake can be a game-changer, since Jinx snowballs fast if allowed some early kills. Basically, if you shut her down at the beginning, the game is yours.

Kai'Sa has low range, and isn't that strong in lane. Abuse her with your 4th shot and Q. Trying to shut her down pre-6 would be the best thing since her all-in potential gets much bigger with her ultimate. Do not engage 1v1 with her, since that's a fight you will lose unless she is extremely behind. Also, avoid longer trades, she benefits from them, unlike Jhin.

Abuse her for her weak laning phase by setting her up to be vulnerable for ganks and harassing her with poke. Look for chances to all in her with your support. Be careful of her level 6 power. Jhin should be able to win this lane fairly easily, as long as you don't make mistakes and end up giving her free kills. Also just like with Ezreal, try to use your minions as protection against her W.

Pay attention to your positioning. You don't want to stand between Xayah and her feathers. She is extremely vulnerable before level 6, but also much stronger once she gets it. Try to shut her down early, but be careful since she is much better at all-ins in early game unlike other ADC's.

Fairly easy lane. Harass her with 4th + Q and avoid extended trades because of her W. Avoid trying to 1v1 her after she gets her ultimate, you will probably lose that. Shut her down as fast as you can, you're much stronger earlier, but beware that Vayne is late-game monster and even a few kills matters.

Another easy lane for Jhin. Poke and harras him as much as possible, you want to go full aggro on him. Deny him as much farm as you can, but also avoid any longer trades. Control Ward and Sweeping Lens are your best friends here, since Twitch wil use his Q for surprise attacks or runaways.

He is pretty immobile, so you'll want to harass him as much as possible while doing your best to avoid his Q. Early boots will help you with that. Keep your distance, and one finger on Flash when he gets level 6. And don't get relaxed if he hits someone else instead of you with his ultimate, just run, since it can pass on you and stun you too.

Sivir has a small range, but a huge push and scale ability. Do your best to poke her. When engaging, try to bait her E, or negate it with Q/E before landing your W. Doran's Ring also might be a good pick here because it allows you to keep up with her wave shove power.

Just like Vayne, Tristana is extremely strong in late, so try to shut her down early. Take advantage of short trades, and don't let her get full stacks on her E. Also, try not to leave your lane and recall when their wave is stronger, since Tristana can melt your tower.

It may seem hard, but it really isn't. All you have to do when playing against Miss Fortune is pay attention to your positioning, and health of your minions. Constantly changing your lane position will benefit you, and if she wastes her Q, you can out trade her. You need to be careful when she gets level 6, and try to position yourself so you always have a way out even if she ults. Flashing out immediately and using your W to interrupt her could win your lane.

Kog'Maw is extremely immobile. Try to win trades against him during his weak early phase. Don't spend too much time in his W because in that case he will most likely win the fight. If he doesn't get any free kills, you should be good.

Not an easy matchup for Jhin. Be aware of your positioning since he will poke you with his Q through minions. Getting good trades on him is really important here, try to use your slightly bigger range to your advantage. Also try not to make mistakes, since you won't survive his all-in, and 1v1 with him is just a waste of time and a free kill for him, don't do it.

Kalista is one of those champions that benefit from longer trades. Avoid them at all cost. Short and efficient trades are your way to go in this matchup. Just like with Varus, keep one finger on Flash when she gets level 6.
Summoner Spells
There are many paths when it comes to choosing correct summoner spells for your champion and your style of playing. In total there are 11 summoner spells, of which 2 are reserved only for Aram game mode. Those 9 that are left and can be used on Summoner's Rift are:

The most common choice of every ADCarry is Flash & Heal combination.

Flash - We can all agree that this is the summoner spell that almost everyone takes on every champion. It's extremely good for gap closing or running for your life. Due to Jhin's fairly noticeable lack of mobility, this is the best choice for him.

Heal - I don't think much talk is needed when it comes to heal. From healing yourself and teammates to surviving ganks, all-in baites and tower dive this spell is really useful. It's a must for Jhin's survivability.

I consider this combination optimal and most suited for Jhin as and ADCarry. As he deals a lot of damage and can survive more with them in order to continue dealing that huge amount of damage.

As for the other spells, I will provide my opinion, in case you come into the temptation of using them.

Ignite - This spell is mostly suited for all-in champs, that can burst you with their combo. I don't see a point in using this on Jhin, except maybe on MID. But I won't talk about mid build here.

Exhaust - There are combinations where support likes to play with Heal, therefore you can use this as your 2nd spell. Also, it's not that bad playing with it on MID too.

Barrier - It's not a bad spell to take when enemies have for example a lot of diving champs like Zed & Akali, but overall that bonus permanent health and temporary movement speed you get from Heal makes it less efficient.

Ghost - Yea, it gives you a fair amount of speed, but that's not really necessary for Jhin. and in case it's needed, Flash makes a much better small gap closer/escape.

Cleanse - This is a spell that removes all disable except airborne and suppression, and it can be useful against Ashe's ult, for example.

I don't think much explanation is needed for why you don't need Smite and Teleport, and once again, I want to mention that I believe Flash & Heal combination is far superior to all others on Jhin.
So, we've come to the part where I will explain all abilities Jhin has, and how to use them properly.

Passive: Whisper
This ability is consisted of 2 parts: Death In 4 Acts and Every Moment Matters

Death in 4 Acts

Jhin’s gun - Whisper - chambers four shots, and the last one always crits and applies extra damage based on a portion of his target’s missing health( 15 / 20 / 25% of the target's missing health as bonus physical damage at levels 1/6/11.).
Jhin's attack speed doesn't actually scale with items and runes, and the only way it can be improved is through leveling.
After firing all shots, Jhin takes 2.5seconds to reload. Also, if you aren't shooting for 10 seconds, Jhin will automatically reload.

Every Moment Matters

While critical strikes deal 25% reduced damage on Jhin, they also grant 10% (+4% per 10% bonus attack speed) movement speed for 2 seconds.
Additionally, his attack damage is increased by 2% - 40% (based on level) (+4% per 10% critical strike chance) (+2.5% per 10% bonus attack speed).
Jhin's 4th auto-attack will do a 44% mini-crit to towers and structure.

Jhin's last shot is going to be your poke during laning and even late game, and I advise you to use it carefully since after your 4th shot Jhin has to reload, meaning if you're far into the enemy's lane trying to poke you may get poked harder, or even get both you and your support killed.
The best time to poke your enemy with 4th shot is when they start approaching you in order to last hit minion. Before they get close enough, you should hit them with your last shot. That way, you will probably scare them and they won't take that minion they planned. So basically, you've denied their farm, and dealt a decent amount of damage at the same time.
Also, a thing you want to keep in mind is that your 4th shot has a limited time to be executed, so be careful you don't approach enemy at the moment you start reloading. In order to prevent there, Jhin can reset that time by if he uses any of his abilities or by receiving any type of damage.

Dancing Grenade
RANGE: 550

MANA COST: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60

COOLDOWN: 7/ 6.5 / 6 /5.5 / 5 seconds

Jhin launches a canister at the targeted enemy unit, dealing physical damage. Dancing Grenade can bounce to up to three additional units.
Each unit killed causes the subsequent bounce to deal 35% increased damage.

Minimum physical damage: 45 / 70 / 95 / 120 / 145 (+40/45/50/55/60% AD) (+60% AP)
Maximum physical damage 123.01 / 184.52 / 246.04 / 307.54 / 369.05 (+73.81/86.11/98.42/110.72/123.02% AD) (+147.62% AP)

Jhin's Q should be mainly used for farming or as another source of damage while reloading. It can also be used as a poking tool on the lane, for example, if the enemy is behind near caster minions that are low hp, you can throw Q at first minion, and it will bounce and kill all 3 of them, while 4th jump will be on the enemy. That last jump will deal larger damage too.

Deadly Flourish
RANGE: 2500

COOLDOWN: 14 seconds

MANA COST: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90

PASSIVE: Enemy champion that has been struck by Jhin's basic attacks or any allied damage, or is inside a Lotus Trap, are marked for 4 seconds.

ACTIVE: After a delay, Jhin fires a laser in the target direction, dealing damage to the first champion that it hits, and 75% damage to non-champions along the way.
If marked champion is hit by laser, he's rooted for 0.75s / 1s / 1.25s / 1.5s / 1.75s, and Jhin gains Every Moment Matters movement speed.

Deadly Flourish is great for chasing or running from enemy champions. On a lane, it's really easy to root targets with it, since champs are marked when they're hit by your basic, or your teammate's ability. It can also be used for farming & sniping low HP enemies from afar.

Captive Audience
RANGE: 550



COOLDOWN: 2s + recharge: 28/27/26/25/24 seconds

TRAP RECHARGE TIME: 28 / 27 /26 / 25 / 24 seconds

MANA COST: 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 +1 Lotus Blossom Trap charge

PASSIVE: BEAUTY IN DEATH: Whenever Jhin scores a takedown on an enemy champion, he summons a blooming Lotus Trap on their corpse.

ACTIVE: Jhin places a Lotus Trap on the target location that arms and stealths after a brief delay, and lasts for 2 minutes. The Lotus Trap blooms if an enemy unit walks over it.
Captive Audience uses stock and Jhin can store up to 2 charges at once. Beauty in Death does not consume charges.

Blooming Lotus Traps slow all enemy units inside for 2 seconds by 35%, after which they explode, dealing damage to nearby enemy units. Non-champion units only take 65% damage. A bloomed Lotus Trap reveals all units in its area for 4 seconds. Subsequent traps deal 65% damage to enemy champions.

MAGIC DAMAGE: 20 / 80 / 140 / 200 / 260 (+120% AD) (+100% AP)
NON-CHAMPION DAMAGE: 9.75 / 48.75 / 87.75 / 126.75 / 165.75 (+84.5% AD) (+65% AP)

Placing Captive Audience on bushes and lane exits is a really useful thing in case an enemy jungler ganks you. It's also great for when people are chasing you that way you can slow them down and escape or just slow them for kiting whichever you prefer. If enemy on lane walks into your trap, using W to stun him on spot can deal a decent amount of damage too.

Curtain Call

COOLDOWN: 120 / 105 / 90

RANGE: 3000 at edge of cone

FIRST CAST: Jhin channels for 10 seconds and fully assembles his weapon before taking aim in the target direction, revealing all marked units in a huge area and gaining the ability to reactivate Curtain Call up to 4 times.

SECOND CAST: Jhin fires a round in the target direction that stops on the first enemy hit, dealing physical damage to all units hit and slowing them by 80% for 0.5 seconds.

Curtain Call's damage is increased 2.5% for everyone 1% of the target's missing health and the final shot critically strikes for double damage, increased by bonus critical strike damage.

MINIMUM DAMAGE: 50 / 115 / 180 (+20% bonus AD)
MAXIMUM DAMAGE: 140 / 350 / 560 (+70% bonus AD)
MINIMUM CRITICAL: 100 / 230 / 360 (+50% bonus AD)
MAXIMUM CRITICAL: 280 / 700 / 1120 (+150% bonus AD)

Most of the time it is used to finish off enemies or slow them down if they are escaping. Also if you can't find a good position for teamfight, you can step away and shoot them from afar. Stealing drakes/baron with last shot since it deals a lot of damage isn't bad idea either. Don't forget to choose your position when using this ability wisely, because you are an open target with no escape during Curtain Call.

In the end, I will leave my most used combo for Jhin.

-> -> 1st & 2nd AA -> -> 3rd AA -> -> 4th AA ->

Throw a trap down at their feet immediately once you all-in so they are forced to flee or stand on the trap to take damage, and reset your 3rd auto-attack with a quick Q. Save your 4th AA for the last part of the combo to get the execution damage. Finish them off with your ultimate if they didn't die or they're running away.
Skill Sequence


















Items and Builds
In general, there are a lot of options when it comes to build on Jhin. I will cover a few of them here, and explain all the situational items and when should they be used.

First off, I wanna start with Full Crit Double AS build.

Item sequence:

Usually, you would build those items in the order they are listed above. However, if you're against long-range carries like Caitlyn or Kog'Maw you would want to build your Firecannon before you build your Shiv. Based on your enemy team composition you should determine your best boot option( Boots of Swiftness/ Ninja Tabi/ Berserker's Greaves).
If the enemy team is already stacking large amounts of armor, you should buy the Last Whisper before the second Zeal item, but not finish it immediately.
Often, I prefer playing a double attack speed build on Jhin vs the lethality build. I find that building Statikk Shiv and Rapid Firecannon is a lot more reliable in some situations and it allows you to do more damage than the lethality build would.

Next in line comes my old build, that I used a lot, and it still can be viable.

Item sequence:

I don't need to explain the first item much. Ghostblade gives the most damage for Jhin as a first item and gives him the highest potential to snowball, and if this happens, he can buy items to keep up the momentum. Also, it gives a decent boost to Jhin's nonexistent mobility. When you finish Youmuu's Ghostblade you should buy boots you find fitt the most to that specific match. After that, you have few choices on what to build next: Duskblade of Draktharr, Infinity Edge and Rapid Firecannon. Let's start with Duskblade first. I never buy that item, but I've seen a lot of people do, and I want to explain why you shouldn't. Simply put, it's just not worth it. Jhin is ranged champion, and when it comes to lethality he has much more use of Youmuu's than Duskblade, and there is no point in camping in the bush with Jhin, is there? I mean, unless you wanna pretend you are Rengar. And for decent damage, there's Infinity Edge, therefore DB is just a waste of money. So, after Youmuu's and boots you would want to build Infinity Edge, followed by Phantom Dancer. Again, if enemies are stacking armor already, you should buy Last Whisper before PD. If the enemy team consists of 5 squishy champs, and they have no one to tank for them, you can replace Lord Dominik's Regards with Essence Reaver, and put an end to your build with Guardian Angel.

The next build I will put here is also my currently most used one, and in my humble opinion, currently the best.

Item sequence:

I believe this build doesn't need much explanation. Depending on the situation, you can replace Boots of Swiftness with Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads. If the enemy team has a lot of tanks, consider changing Essence Reaver with Lord Dominik's Regards. If there is only one tanky champion in their team, and you're not behind, there is really no need to do it. The same way, if they don't have any assassins/superfed mages that can 1tap you, you can swap that Guardian Angel with another crit/AD item, like Statikk Shiv, another Infinity Edge, Death's Dance or keep the Essence Reaver and get Lord Dominik's Regards instead of GA.

Now that we are finished with builds, here I will cover other important items that can be and are used on Jhin.

MID Lane players often tend to play all-in burst champions such as Syndra, LeBlanc, Ahri and every ADCarry hates when they start focusing him. And that's the time when Maw of Malmortius takes its place. When you're below 30% of your HP, shield activates and protects you from magic damage, but you also gain 20AD and 10% life steal.

I don't think I need to explain why is this situational item. Obviously, if the enemy team has no super tanks, there is no need to buy it. But, in case they do have them, this will be your late game tank destroyer. With this, physical damage ignores 35% of target's bonus armor, and it grants you up to +20% bonus damage to targets that have greater maximum health than you.

This item probably influences Jhin's passive more than any other item in-game. It grants you a decent movement speed if you're 500units from the enemy champ, your basic attacks on an enemy make them deal 12% less damage to you, and you can move through minions. Personally I don't prefer this item over Statikk Shiv and Rapid Firecannon, but it can be useful against tanks that can just catch up to you and destroy you, like Singed, Olaf, Zac, etc.

Now, this is the item you should be very careful with. It can be your savior, but it can also be your greatest enemy. When it comes to stats, sure that 40AD it gives you is cool, but that's not the reason we are buying it. The main reason is Guardian's passive, and armor. Mostly it's used when the enemy team has super fed assassins like Zed for example, and it allows you to get another shot at dueling them after they all in you. But as I said, be careful with it. There are situations where you end up stuck in the middle of the enemy team waiting for the item to revive you, just so you can die again.

That's right people, you're not hallucinating, it is indeed Zhonya's Hourglass. Now, you're probably wondering, why on earth should you buy this on ADCarry? Well, allow me to explain. Imagine a tense situation, where both teams are left with only Nexus alive, and its crucial not to make mistakes. Also, they have fed Zed, and you just used Guardian Angel in teamfight. Enemies are regrouping again, teamfight is about to start, Zed will obviously all in you first, and you don't know what to do. That the point in which you should probably sell GA, and buy Zhonya's Hourglass. Instead of GA's 30 armor, you'll get +45 armor from it, and 10% CDR. Of course, you will have the most use of it when you have to survive Zed's all in, and if you play it smart, you will survive every time. But as soon as your CD on Guardian Angel passes (300s), you should buy it again immediately. Once more, this is only for late-game situations where everyone is on full build and has stacked gold, and when it's crucial for you to survive enemy's all-in burst in order to win your game.

When someone mentions lifesteal, I bet this is your first thought. And it should be because it's the best LS item ingame. Grants you 80AD, 20% lifesteal and a decent shield. Most of the times you'll want to buy this item, 'cause it fits perfectly multipliers gained from Jhin's passive.

Its main use was for champions like Zed and Ahri, but since QSS got nerfed a while ago, and it no longer removes debuff's, I don't really buy it often, only when I need to get away from CC. When it comes to magic resist, I prefer Maw of Malmortius over it.

This is a really good item, providing Jhin with everything he needs except a critical factor. After it got buffed recently, I started buying it more often instead of Bloodthirster. It grants you 80AD, 10%CDR, dealing damage heals you for 15% of it, and 30% of the damage you take is turned into a bleed that lasts for 5 seconds. Overall, it is truly a good item, but it's up to you whether you want to replace Bloodthirster with it. In my opinion, it's worth it.

When going for Full Crit Double AS build, this is usually my 3rd item, after IE and boots. I don't recommend buying it as a single Zeal item since RFC or PD will do a better job solo, but it's awesome when you combine it with Rapid Firecannon.

Probably all of you know how much OP are these boots against the full AD enemy team. I don't think you should buy them if the enemy team isn't consisted of superfed AD assassins .

The main boot option for Jhin, does not need more explaining.
In order for you to get a better grasp of how should Jhin be played, im leaving you some basic gameplay tips.

Laning phase

Harass with a quick Q - 4th Auto Attack combo any chance you can. The speed burst from your passive will let you escape the fight easily and win the trade.
Jhin's abilties reset his auto attack time. His Q has the shortest animation, so a good trade would be AA --> Q --> AA. His E also has a short animation, but his W is the longest of all. It might be wise to throw down a trap to try and reset his AA before using your W for a snare.
Farm, farm, farm! Farming is key on Jhin. It's not easy, due to his ammo system, so use your Q to last hit minions if you're reloading. Always try to last hit with your autos if you can, and use Q and W as a last resort if your minion is about to die. It's nice to have a support who can bring a Targon's Brace to help you farm when you're reloading.
Place traps to the sides of the lane to prevent ganks, aggression by your lane opponents, and in brushes to give you vision. Be careful to not put them where minions might step on them!
Traps give vision inside brushes, so keep at least one in a river bush at all times if you can.
Try to get your 4th auto crit as fast as possible in lane and use it on the enemy carry immediately. You can out trade most lanes with a fast AA-Q combo at level 1 thanks to your Life Steal. You'll reload by the time your first minions are ready for last hitting.
Place traps any time you have extra mana available. They're your zoning tool to keep you safe in lane and will dissuade aggressive supports from attempting anything.
An early Bloodthirster will counter champions who can build a Thornmail early, such as Rammus or Malphite.
Use your W from far away to get extra cs when you're walking back to lane.
Always have a control ward on the map and a control ward in your inventory.

Mid Game

Don't get busy chasing kills and forget to farm! Farm! Farm! Farm!
Don't walk around alone, don't push too much trying to get CS. You're an easy kill if caught alone.
Stay grouped, go for objectives, help your teammates on other lanes push.
Farsight Alteration is your best friend! Don't go around face checking bushes.
Be wary of enemy flanks and assassins, they will try to snipe you. Keep yourself save, kills aren't as important as your farm is.
Use your Captive Audience for vision, help your team.

Late Game - Teamfighting Phase

Stay with your team, don't wander off solo, you'll be giving a free kill.
If you are behind, farm both lanes and your jungle, but still use vision and don't risk it too much.
This is where your damage really starts to shine, so do your best not to die too much, in order to increase it.
Stay calm, don't panic. You have the ability to turn the tables, on your, OR on enemy side!
Consider starting off by softening the enemy team up and supporting your team with your ultimate. If you're fighting around an objective like baron or dragon, their tanks will peel off the objective to body block their carries. This can create a do-or-die choice for the objective that can give your team a favorable fight.
Put one trap in front of your position rather than in the center of the team fight. There's a good chance that at least one person on the enemy team will try to take you out as fast as possible. The slow from the trap and the massive damage it deals will allow you to blow up and peel anyone coming after you.
If your team loses the fight and you're still alive, use your other charge of your trap to save yourself or your teammates.
If you're versus champions that can dive without being stopped ( Vi, Malphite) then it's a good idea to stack some traps on top of where you're posturing before a fight happens.

Usage of Curtain Call

Fire IMMEDIATELY. Don't waste time trying to lead them with the first shot. If you land your first shot, you'll probably land all 4 shots. As soon as the camera zooms out, start smashing your R key as fast as possible.
When using Jhin's ult, most people's natural reaction will be to try and escape to the closest side of the cone. Try to force them to run back towards the center of the cone by leading your shots and making them juke back the other way.
Mind game people with your ult. Most people who don't try to escape the cone will do everything they can to juke your shots. If you let them juke long enough, eventually they won't know what to do, and will panic into running in a straight line. There's benefits to letting people wobble back and forth until they get so caught up in their own heads, they make themselves easy targets.
When people are hit with the ult, their first instinct will be to turn around and dodge the other way. Keep this in mind when firing.
Your ult lasts approximately 8 seconds, while moves like Wind Wall and Stand Behind Me only last 3-4 seconds. Laugh at people who think Yasuo and Braum counter your ultimate.
Drop a Farsight Alteration after level 9 on top of the target that you're trying to snipe. The Farsight Alteration reveals enemy units for a few seconds and will make it easier for you to land that first shot crucial on the enemy.
Wait for your enemies to get into narrow corridors about one screen away from you before ulting, so that they can't run out of your ult's cone as easily. A good place to ult is usually under their tower, since there's nowhere to run except straight away from you.
It's important to know how much damage you ultimate can do at level 6.
If you land all 4 shots of your ultimate, you'll do around 300 AD damage + the execution damage of you ult, but after your enemy's resistances, it will be somewhere closer to 225 damage + execution damage. Try to keep this in mind so you don't waste your ult.
I don't know how many of you will reach this part of the guide, but for all of you that did, Thank you! Thank you for your time and understanding, I truly hope I managed to teach you something and helped you discover your inner love for art. I believe all of you realized how unique Jhin is as a champion. I gave my best to put my knowledge on paper(website, in this case).
It will take a while for you to get a hand of his playstyle and abilities, but after some time it will become natural to you. That said, there are some side effects. For example, whatever champ I play now, I unconsciously count 4 shots in my head, and after that, I move aside to reload - even tho I don't have to.. (~.~)

Thanks again for reaching this far, keep it calm and appreciate thy art, because Thy Art Is Murder.
"The end is important in all things." - Khada Jhin, The Virtuoso

Updated items for preseason and patch 9.23. A lot of things have changed, I spent some time testing out, and I came to the conclusion you can get most out of Jhin with these updates items. I will be doing more testing, so more changes are possible.
Special Thanks
BBCoding & general guide making help: jhoijhoi - I doubt i would understand everything without her work on guide making help.
Also a special thanks to various artists that made GIFs & pics I used, if any of you are here, PM me to put your name & link to your other work.

Also, thanks to the various artists for photo work, if any of you are here, PM me so I can link your profile!

Special thanks to LoL Esports team and their Jhin math!
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