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Zed Build Guide by KidOkamei

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KidOkamei

Secrets Kept Are Weapons Wasted - ► S4 Zed Guide

KidOkamei Last updated on February 28, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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► Introduction

Hello Mobaians, I'm Kid Okamei.

Welcome to my first guide here, I'm a League Of Legends addict, I cannot go a hour without thinking about league. I strive to get better every day and I'm still learning new things constantly. If you're here, you're probably new to Zed and you've come to the right place to learn. If you disagree with something please let me know and I'll give you my opinion on it.

Zed is melee assassin and most commonly played mid. His extreme high burst abilities allows him to take out his targets quickly as well as make an escape after. Zed's skills cost energy instead of mana which makes it easier to consistently preform combos without fear of being out of mana.

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► Pros / Cons


+ High Burst Damage
+ Uses Energy
+ Extremely Moblie
+ High skillcap
+ Can dive turrets
+ Great poke with Razor Shuriken
+ Can split push for days.
+ Best champ to bm with
+ Difficult to gank
+ Good gap closers

Zed's Strengths

Zed's ability to turret dive should make any laner fearful, he's probably one of the best assassins in the game because of Death Mark His ult makes you untargetable for a short period of time while you kill the enemy carry and survive. Zed's great split pushing revolves around how mobile he is, never miss an opportunity to split push when you can for the extra pressure and gold. Zed is an extremely difficult champion to gank because of Living Shadow but remember it has an 18 second cooldown early levels so be careful when you use it. Zed is an amazing carry if he gets ahead.

Zed's Limitations

Zed's worst enemy is anyone who can because invulnerable for a period of time. Champions like Kayle and Lissandra. Zed's an extremely difficult champion to master, based on how you remember to use your skills and knowing your damage output for all ins. One miss click under a turret will most likely lead to your death. Zed is a common ban in Diamond Elo because of how scary he is if the player has a good amount of games with him. If the enemy team has alot of CC you're barely worth one kill because of how easily they can stop you from assassinating the carry.


- Vulnerable to CC
- Difficult to master
- Hard to catch up if behind.
- Squishy as hell
- Useless in teamfights if his ult is on cd
- Easily Countered in pick and ban phase.
- Countered by Guardian Angel & Zhonya's Hourglass & Quicksilver Sash

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► Zed's Item Choices


Magic Resist

(These are different options for Zed for certain situations, not 100% Recommended)

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► Summoner spells

  • Do not take anything else.

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► Zed's Counters

Lissandra: Hard Counter
Why She counters you

Kayle: Hard Counter
Why she counters you

Vladimir: Hard Counter
Why he counters you

Aatrox: Counter
Why he counters you

Malphite: Counter
Why he counters you

Singed: Counter
Why Singed can counter you

Fizz: Counter
Why he counters you

Gragas: Counter
Why he counters you

Zac: Counter
Why he counters you

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► Laning Phase


Since Zed doesn't really have alot of killing potential pre 6 unless your jungle ganks so keep that in mind before trying to all in someone. So it's best to just farm until 6 and get harass off when you can, before you go Alpha mode and wreck lane.

What if I fall behind?

This is a really tough position to be in with Zed because it's hard to catch up. If you're losing lane, your best option is to make it a farm lane and play as passive as possible and look for possible roaming opportunities to pick up kills to get yourself back in the game. Since you most likely won't be able to out duel your enemy laner.

What if i'm super ahead?

Well then great! But remember every champion has limitations I've seen people who're 5/0 end up being 6/13. This is for many reasons, but I'll explains the basics with Zed.

Know your champions limitations, don't just think because you're 5/0 you're Faker and can 1v5 at drag, you can't Zed isn't a 1v5 champion. If he's alone and really ahead he can put up 2 kills if played properly or if ones missing a huge chunk of health he can 1v3.

Take other champions skills into consideration !

If you're thinking about diving a 1v2 at drag, take a look at the champions in the pit.

Think : "Do they have major CC? Like Curse of the Sad Mummy Or Frozen Tomb"
This will dictate wether or not you can kill them and survive, or maybe just steal a dragon.
Thinking before doing is what makes a Diamond player from a Silver player.

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► Teamfighting

You have ONE job as Zed in teamfights.

Kill the highest priority target on the enemy team, which is usually the enemy AD carry.

If you Death Mark the Dr. Mundo or the Sona you're a failure to your team, and hopefully you can get carried. Because this is exactly what you're not suppose to do as Zed do not initiate as Zed, wait for someone on your team with a good initiate like Wukong using Death Mark to initiate will ultimately lead to your death.

How to execute Zed's job in teamfights

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► Escaping/Juking

Zed's W Living Shadow is great for escaping and should always be casted wisely, in case someone tries to gank. Quick reaction time is essential to your survival as Zed.

Zed's ult can also be casted for an escape if done correctly.

- Death Mark onto an enemy and create as much distance between your shadow as possible.

- When the enemy gets as far away from it as possible you hit Death Mark again to move back to your original ult position. (Be careful for the cdr on the shadow)

Here in this video I use my shadow without thinking about the enemy Kha'zix. I preform the best example of how to escape / juke with Zed's Death Mark

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► Conclusion

Zed is a god in solo queue, but can be easily countered. He's an amazing champion to carry with. I hope you all enjoyed my simple Zed guide, feel free to leave any feedback.

Have a good day !