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League of Legends Build Guide Author DaBoBuilds

Shaco - He'll crack your Nut(cracko) [Updated]

DaBoBuilds Last updated on November 6, 2011
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Utility: 9

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Hi readers,

Welcome to another build of DaBo. This time we'll discuss Shaco, The Demon Jester. why? Shaco is fun to play, strong, hard to master and worth the time to master. This might not be the best build, but it's MY setup for Shaco, and I'm glad to share it with you guys. let's see...

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As for runes, I chose:

greater mark of desolation Greater Mark of Desolation
why? In this build's core, there aren't any Items for Armor Penetration, so to make up for it, Greater Mark of Desolation.

Greater Seal of Fortitude
why? To make up for the lack of health expecialy at start, also because of the possibility to get the Ancient Golem, Blue (Mana) Buff.

Greater Glyph of Alacrity
why? Expecialy at beginning, you will be needing extra Attack Speed in combination with Two-Shiv Poison.

greater quintessence of desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation
why? In this build's core, there aren't any Items for Armor Penetration, so to make up for it, Greater Mark of Desolation.

Alternate Runes:

Armor Penetration:
9x greater glyph of desolation Greater Glyph of Desolation.

Attack Speed:
9x Greater Seal of Alacrity.
3x Greater Quintessence of Alacrity.

9x greater mark of strengyh Greater Mark of Strength.
9x Greater Seal of Strength.
9x Greater Glyph of Strength.
3x Greater Quintessence of Strength.

Just mix these runes up, to match your own Playstyle.

(Reminder* If you replace your seals, you will lose like 50 health, and that will degrade your intimidation).

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As for Masterys, yea, what to say? Just a 21/0/9 Damager setup. with:

In Offence:
Critical Strike, Improved Exhaust (Cripple), Bonus Attack Rate, Bonus Armor Penetration, Bonus Damage on Minions, Bonus Damage, Bonus Critical Damage and 15% Extra Damage.

and In Utility:
Increased Regeneration, Increased Ghost (Haste), Increased Experiance Gained, and Greed.

It's just like you have to do something, and this is the best, for my build. I've got nothing else to say about the Masterys

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As for Items, I chose this setup:

1. Boots Berserker's Greaves
2. Lifesteal The Bloodthirster
3. Defence Trinity Force
4. Damage Infinity Edge
5. Attack Speed Phantom Dancer
6. Lifesteal The Bloodthirster

This is how I build it:

Buy Sapphire Crystal and a Health Potion. Then make Sheen and buy Boots of Speed first. Complete Berserker's Greaves. Buy first B.F. Sword. Then complete your first The Bloodthirster. When building your Trinity Force Buy Phage first, then Zeal and then complete your Trinity Force. For Phantom Dancer, Buy the Zeal first, then Cloak of Agility and then complete it. Infinity Edge, Buy B.F. Sword first, And then complete it. And for the last The Bloodthirster just do the same as with the previous.

The core is:

(So the core is Lifesteal, Attack Speed and Damage)

Alternate Items:


(Beware: You will miss bonus Attack Speed)

Attack Speed:
sword of the devine
(This way you will miss the extra damage of Madred's Bloodrazor. In this case, Sword of the Devine is a good alternate item.)

Instead of 1 Bloodthirster:

(Beware: Your Lifesteal will be slightly less. however, other good passives and actives may occur.)

Not recommended:

This is a good item, but I think Shaco is far too squishy for it, and he is...

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence:

At start, try getting the manabuff by placing as much Jack in the Boxes as possible in the bush near it's spawningpool. When he spawns, attack him once, and then run into the bush. The JitB will attack him, and if you help, you'll be able to kill him.

1st max out Deceive.
2nd max out Two-Shiv Poison.
3rd max out Hallucinate.
and last, but not least Jack In The Box.

High Damage early game.
Capable of getting First blood.
Element of Suprise.

No Anciend Golem buff.
No Jack in the Box traps (So less bush domination).

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells:

I chose:
For Chasing, escaping, ganking and positioning.
For Chasing, escaping and ensuring a kill. (BEWARE: Some people get greedy when using Exhaust, well, just DON'T.)

Why these and not any of the other good Summoner Spells?
Well, I tried them all, and just got the best result with Ghost and Exhaust. It's nice because you can always escape, or make sure to kill an enemy. When I needed the spells, they were always there. So that's why. ;)

Good Summoner Spells for Shaco:
(Only take Clarity when you're beginning with shaco, then it'll come in handy, early games).

Medium Summoner Spells:

Bad Summoner Spells for Shaco:
(:In this build)

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Pros / Cons

Shaco has a lot of great Assasin abilitys, so hear you see the Pros and Cons:

- It's Shaco :D
- High Damage.
- Usefull ganker.
- Intimidating.
-Insane pusher
-Even dying gives benefits
- Annoying as hell
- Great champ killer
- Risky = Carefull Gameplay (So less deaths).

- Shaco is weak with a Weak team.
- Greatly weaker after death.
- Hard to master
- Oracle kills some of the fun
- High stake = High risk.

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Team Work & Tactics

Team Work:

Ask your team to constantly harrass the enemy, because otherwise it's to risky to gank. Also make them place wards, so there won't be any Unpleasent suprises (Exept for yourself). MAKE SURE TO BE OF ANY HELP FOR YOUR TEAM!!!


- Try to team up with a Disabler or a Ranged champ.
- Late game, make Jack In The Box traps. The enemy team won't see that comming, because you never did thet before in that game.
- Remember, when the clone dies, it explodes and damages the enemy. This could be extremely usefull.
- Make sure you're safe first, before helping a teammember.
- When in a pinch, try releasing your clone, and deceiving away. (Only when there is at least 1 low health enemy chasing you).
- Last hitting isn't KSing, safe your dagger for last.
- If you want to harass, trow your dagger, the rest costs to much mana.
- Deceive's casting animation (the red puff of smoke) can be seen in fog of war.
- Hallucinate has a slight delay before the illusion spawns, allowing Shaco to evade damage and projectiles.
- The illusion's attacks deal most on-hit effects Shaco has for himself, including items such as Madred's Bloodrazor.
- The illusion can receive its own Banshee's Veil buff, but not Guardian Angel.
- If Shaco has any neutral creep buffs, his illusion will not have the buffs or the associated particle effects. In such an instance, it is easy to distinguish between the illusion and the original.
- Your Tags are: Farmer, Assasin, Nuke, Stealth, Slow, Fighter, Pet. Try to use them all!

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As for farming:

there isn't much to say. Just try to last hit minions with your regular attacks, don't use abilitys on them, that's a waste. (Shaco is f***ing mana hungry!!! :[).

When teamfights start, and there isn't anything of interest for you, just slay the wraiths or something. (Watch chapter: Safety and Monsters).

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Ranked Play

While playing ranked games with Shaco, make sure first: play good with shaco, second: Don't KS to much (People will hate you, and you might get banned) Besides, even if you KS, and people are scoltering at you, nevermind them, It's for the sake of the game :P , and third: HAVE FUN!!! (Because some people, Like myself, forget that it's just a game).

In ranked play, it might also be a good Idea to ward your lane. If you die, even in a gank, people will hate you. ;)

Most people don't like Shaco ranked, but I think that's exactly why you SHOULD play him ranked. It's unexpected, and they don't know how to deal with you.

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Safety and Monsters

In this Chapter we'll discuss what to do to ensure your safety and when and where to kill Jungle Monsters.


Red arrow: Indicates you, going upper lane or down lane.
Green circles: Show you where to place Sight Wards, to give you safety when pushing.
Blue circles: Indicate the Monsters you could get while a Team fight is going on at Mid-lane.

Now, why am I showing you this? It's because it's very important!!!

Some examples, your bot lane is not the best and have been ganked by the enemy mid Champion or jungler. Set up a ward at there lane to prevent feeders or ganks. Your team spots two enemy champions doing dragon, you en up getting a double kill with your mid team mate. You have a ward at enemy blue buff and steal it with smite. You put a Ward at enemy red buff, kill the enemy and steal the buff. someone is out there to gank you, you close them in with your mid team mate and eventualy change "The Gank into a Prank".

When sucking and feeding early game, it's over, so you'll have to be extremely carefull, as well as agressive.
Also, positioning is everything, so you should, while killing Jungle Monsters, always watch your team, and the enemy team.
And when it's getting Dangerous for your team, feel free to jump into the teamfight, but make sure you stay alive!

The blue circles don't count for The Twisted Treeline, because you should always be in Teamfights! Don't be selfish, and help your team ;)

When the game is paused and there is no futher purpose in the next few minutes, just go kill some monsters, I mean, Why not??? :D

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Just fooling and Goofing Around

This is Kefka from Final Fantasy 6. This was the Inspiration of Shaco, I think.

This youtubevideo Inspired my build. (Notice the Bloodthirsters effect on his laning and ganking, This is a Masterpiece).

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How to?


Use either:
Deceive, Ghost, Exhaust, Hallucinate or Jack In The Box


Deceive -> Exhaust -> Regular attacks -> Two-Shiv Poison
(When needed, just use the clone... Ofcourse).

Get the mana golem:

Put your first point in Jack In The Box. Run either with or without Ghost tot he Ancient Golem camp (Blue Buff). Place as much as possible jack in the boxes in either the brush just before the Ancient Golem camp, or at the top of the Ancient Golem camp. Wait for the golem to spawn and hit him. The Jack in the boxes will do the rest ;)

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Summary & Ending

This was my vision of Shaco. Thanks for your time to read this. I just don't know what to say anymore. So I hope you guys like it and see you again with another build! :D


DaboBuilds (2-man cell).

Information, advice and from:
SomethingReal (Twitch Pro).

Special thanks to:
You guys (You are all great :'] ).

Remember, Questions?
Comment: DaBoBuilds
Find me in LoL EU server: SomethingReal / TheFatalHit
or even E-Mail:

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