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Caitlyn Build Guide by MushlingTimes

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MushlingTimes

She left her fuzzy cuffs at home, Caitlyn Guide.

MushlingTimes Last updated on February 24, 2014
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Team 1

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Hello, I am MushlingTimes, I have climbed from Bronze 3 to silver 3 playing mostly ADC's and have reached gold 4. I have more than 500 normal games and Around 80 games in Ranked with Caitlyn. As this is my first Guide on Mobafire (And everywhere else.) this may be rusty and unprofessional, so all criticism is welcomed. I have a 62% win Ratio with her, and a 3.9 KDA at the end of season 3. But that doesn't really matter does it. Anyways, hope you read the entire guide before you downvote (although you can still down vote now, but I really don't care.) So now that that's settled, lets get started with the guide.

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Abreviations or General knowledge for the game:

FF - Surrender
ADC - Attack Damage Carry, someone who carries with Physical Damage.
APC - Ability Power Carry, someone who carries with Magic Damage.
Play D - Play Defensively.
Ar - Armor
MR - Magic Resist
CC - Crowd Control, things that impair your game-play and how you can move your character.
Tank - Someone who takes damage
MIA - Missing in action, someone from that champions lane is missing.
LW - Last Whisper
BT - Blood Thirster
IE - Infinity Edge
Greaves - Beserkers Greaves
BotRK - Blade of the Ruined King
PD - Phantom Dancer
Shiv - Stattik Shiv
Drag - Dragon, the objective at the right side of the map near botlane.
AA - Auto Attack
CS - Creep score, or the amount of minions or jungle monster kills you have.

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Runes, Masteries, and Ability Sequence




[*] With the new mastery changes and hardcore early game champions being introduced to the rift, you can no longer take Masteries in the utility and hope for success. As Caitlyn, you want to take 21/9/0, Masteries like Double-Edged Sword are actually not beneficial for Caitlyn even though you have the highest base range out of all the ADC'S also the %damage increase masteries are incredibly worthless on Caitlyn because all your spells have a long animation and is not your main source of damage. Since you're botlane and all ADC'S do the most damage with Auto attacks, you take Block to reduce it. Veteran Scars is a really great mastery as well, since the extra hp really helps keep you alive.

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage


[*] I take Attack Damage Marks because your AD scaling is quite good. Piltover Peacemaker scales an 1.1 ratio for total AD. And your Ace in the Hole scales for 2.0 of bonus AD. You could replace this with Armor Penetration Marks. But I prefer being able to last hit easier with the extra 8.5 AD.
[*] I take Armor Seals. You take lots of Physical damage harass in bot lane. I guess this could be replaced with Scaling HP Seals.
[*] I take Magic Resist Glyphs. All the supports deal Magic damage with their spells. You could replace these with Scaling Magic Resist, but only if the support is someone that can't harass you well.
[*] I take Attack Damage Quintessences because they are the only ones that work well on Attack Damage Carries. Movement speed also works.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Ability Sequence

[*] I take Q at level one, for checking bushes, and doing some insane level one damage (You could do 120+ damage at level 1 with a clear shot!)
[*] Q is maxed first, because it's your skill shot poke in lane.
[*] E is maxed Second, It is your escape spell.
[*] W is maxed Last, the snare duration does not increase with Levels.
[*] R is maxed whenever you can.

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Pros and Cons

Let's talk about what Caitlyn excels at, and what she is mediocre at.


Highest Base Range of all bot lane ADC's
Easy to Farm with
Ultimate has very very long range
You can snare and slow
Strong pushing
A disgustingly strong Early game.


Mediocre Escape
Useless Q and R late game
Has no Attack speed steroid
Easily Ganked

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Summoner Spell Choices


Really really useful, it saves lives, Flash over walls. Flash Ignite for kills. Flash to get the F*ck out off there.
Secures kills. Also gives you 5 extra AD and AP if it's on CD if you got Summoner's Wrath . :D Free AD is good AD.
This spell removes all cc on you, really useful if you are against an Ashe Sona lane. Also removes Ignite and Exhaust from you.
This spell gives you dueling power. And saves you from god holy sh*t powerful burst assassins of doom. ( Zed?)

Not Very useful...

Not very useful anymore since if got nerfed. Also, Ignite completely counters this.
Your support gets this, but I guess it could be good in 1v1's.
Get this if you don't have Flash yet.
If you are splitpush Caitlyn consider getting this.

I beg you, don't get, PLEASE...

Everything unlisted.

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Item Sequence

Infinity Edge

Phantom Dancer

The Bloodthirster

Last Whisper

Frozen Mallet

Enchantment: Furor


Start this if you want to dominate lane.

Start this if you want to stay in lane for a long time.


Rush this item, you should be able to get this item at 14 - 20 minutes.

This item give you life steal, and 100 AD at max stacks.

You should start getting this item after the enemy team gets some armor.

This item should be rushed after Infinity edge. Gives you attack speed and Crit chance.


Revives you with 30% hp, :D SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE YO. Choose over the Health Items if their whole team is just gonna dive you. ;-;

Gives you Health Regeneration and a flat 1000 health. Take this if you are relatively safe.

This item is super good, it gives you 20 AD, 700 Health, and a slowing passive that allows massive kiting. Take this when the enemy team doesn't have much gap closers.

Boots & Enchantments

You usually get this. Gives 20% Attack Speed.

Gives you Tenacity, which is useful for kiting. And magic resist, so APC's can't 100 - 0 you.

As For enchantments, you get furor if you are winning, or Home Guard if you are losing.

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Early Game

Caitlyn completely dominates the laning phase. Try to not push the lane too hard in the early stages of the game. Harass with Piltover Peacemaker and Lay down a bunch of Yordle Snap Traps around the lane, near the edges of bushes. Auto Attack poke when you have your Headshot proc. Also Auto attack harass when they Auto attack a minion and is focused on something other than trying to slit your throat. Lastly, try to last hit and GETALLTHEGOLD.

Mid Game

The Mid game is the rising action of the game, for most part, you should still try to get some last hit gold. But usually, travel with your team and try too get global objectives like towers and Dragons. Always place your Yordle Snap Trap, and use your Piltover Peacemakerto harass, it's important that you don't get caught.

Late Game

The Climax of the game, don't get caught, or else the game is probably over. Now you should have a full build and don't really need gold, try to give it to your teammates. Also, you would want to be positioning in team fights in such a way that you stay behind your tanks and with your support.
Kite (Walk, shoot, walk, shoot, walk) any divers. And follow your team to secure Baron and Inhibitors.

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Match ups and Supports

Supports that works with Caitlyn

Her Hymn of Valor and Power Chord combo packs a really painful harass. She also has a speedbuff , a attack damage buff, and armor buffs. She can Heal, slow, and stun. A really good support that basically is everything. However, she is really squishy.

She basically saves your life over and over again with Eye Of The Storm, Monsoon, Zephyr, Howling Gale. Her Hard cc(Knock up) Cannot be cleansed, unless they already used it, and the 30% to negate cc triggers. She contributes greatly to teamfights, and fixes your snail speed with her passive Tailwind. She however, doesn't have a heal pre 6. And doesn't have very great poke.

She can poke with Glitterlance and speed you up, she's got an decent shield, and her ultimate saves you from divers. She can Whimsy someone, which is like a blind and a silence. But she's got no heals and is initially quick squishy too.

He used to be the absolute best support for Caitlyn, his snow balls stings like hell, and there's almost no counter play to that. He has an attack speed and movement speed buff that fixes Caitlyn's poor mid game. His Ultimate is great at slowing and zoning people away from Caitlyn. He doesn't have however, an ally heal, nor an shield. Or any hard CC either.

Decent Supports

He's a real good support on anyone, his stun can stop aggression, and that extra Armor he gives is amazing. He's a support that actually can do some very nice 1v1 damage. People usually play him in an all in type of way though.

She has some very nice global presence with Wish, and she gives you infinite mana and health. Playing with her as your support is going to make you have to play passively though.

deadly bloom
Zyra has a breat burst damage, and some very good CC with her Stranglethorns and Grasping Roots. She also has mini wards with Rampant Growth. She's very squishy, and suffers the same problems as Nunu though. And she has no buffs for you.

Lux can do some really massive damage with her passive, Her binding is a great CC. And Lucent Singularity slows at a decent amount. Her shield shields decently enough for a support. And her ultimate is still op, AP or not (She's a firin' her lazors). She does suffer for having all her skill's skill shots. She also doesn't have any buffs other than a shield.

Thresh is actually really strong of a harasser. His Q set up a lot of kills, and he can save your life many times with Flay. His Dark Passage is broken as hell as long as you know how to use it. The fact that he has no heals and is pretty reliant on the Passive soul stacks, he is not always reliable.

She can heal, and gives Caitlyn even stronger poke with Tidecaller's Blessing. Her passive also makes disengagements easy with Tidal Wave. Her Aqua Prison is a very ******* long stun. She's really squishy and hard to play though, she also requires high burst ADC's and Caitlyn cannot burst at all.

Bad Supports

Leona is a hyper aggressive tanky support. She has no poke, or any ally buff. She focuses on hard engages, while Caitlyn pokes people until they 1. Die, 2. Almost die. The only thing that Caitlyn might be able to use from Leona is probably the pushing power of Piltover Peacemaker + Zenith Blade& Sunlight.

Like Leona, Blitzcrank is a champion that is hyper aggressive. He has no poke, or any ally buff. He pull people to you, which could very much screw you over. Yordle Snap Trap could work well with Rocket Grab though.

Alistar is another hyper aggressive support that focuses on headbutt pulverizing people until they die. Alistar is extremely hard to play as a support anyways. He does have a heal though, and can headbutt people away from you.

Side note
Teemo, Elise, Gankplank, Syndra, Anivia, Orianna. Are not viewed as supports in this guide.
Also, Nidalee and Morgana is unplaced because I have never gotten supported by them.
Still deciding where Annie should be, currently a pretty good support.

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Tips and Tricks

You can quickly E and then Q in a direction. You then Net back and Q at the same range as the place you were before you got recoiled back. When the enemy Auto attacks a minion, you can harass them with an auto attack without any retaliation. Also, another important thing to remember is that if you look at your minions hp bars, you can guess when the enemy is going to auto attack to last hit. use this information to land your Q's.

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Final Thoughts and Summary (TL;DR)

Caitlyn is a fantastic harasser and lane pusher, she can lane push very well and be safe at the same time, she has an amazing early game, and a decent late game. Her mid game is what people accuse her of being mediocre at, and I agree with that. Her traps, adds lots of lane/jungle/objective control. She has a decent escape, and good harass. She is probably one of the best farmers in lane. Caitlyn is absolutely one of the best ADC's in the bottom lane and should not be over looked.


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Shout out

Shout out to Retribution for telling me to putting a point into Destruction . And Changing my mastaries to 21/5/4. Also for convincing me to finally switch skill order so that you should max E first before W.

Also a shout out to my friend Jett (DarksiderEX) for checking my coding errors and grammar errors.


2013 July 13 - Started Guide
2013 July 14 - Finished Guide
2013 July 15 - Updated Guide
2014 February 24 - Updated Guide for Season 4
This Guide has taken a total of 10 hours and I have worked really hard on it. How you enjoyed my Caitlyn Guide.