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Shyvana Build Guide by Zerix9

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zerix9

Shyvana, the Dovahkiin of LoL

Zerix9 Last updated on November 6, 2011
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Hi everybody, this is my first build on mobafire. When I Shyvana was released, she was too intriguing for me to not buy right away. I experimented with how to build her a bit and decided that the early item builds I saw just didn't cut it. So here's my build, focused on AS/AD with a bit of lifesteal and survivability.

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The rune page I use for Shyvana happens to be the page I made for Caitlyn, but I feel it works quite well.
Greater Mark of Desolation This helps your basic attacks do a good amount of damage right off the bat.
Greater Seal of Attack Damage As with the marks, you're a fighter, you need to be able to hit for a decent amount.
Greater Glyph of Attack Speed This gives you attack speed, which is huge on Shyvana. Each auto-attack triggers a different aspect of her passive, which is a big deal.
I recommend choosing from Quintessence of Attack Speed, Quintessence of Attack Damage, or Greater Quintessence of Armor, though other Quintessences could work well, such as health or armor penetration.
If you have other runes you feel are better, feel free to use those or let me know in the comments.

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I go all the way to the bottom of offense because Shyvana is a fighter and should focus primarily on dealing damage. Attack damage masteries are good for increasing her output and strengthening her Twin Bite and Burnout; Attack speed masteries help increase her output and help you make better use of your passive; Crit is crit, always good; CDR helps her use her already low CD spells more often; and magic pen makes her Burnout, Flame Breath and Dragon's Descent hit harder. I put the rest into utility, but it's just as viable to put the rest into defense. I don't put many points into Perserverence because she doesn't have mana to regenerate, so she only benefits from half of that mastery.

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Fury of the Dragonborn

Shyvana's passive is Fury of the Dragonborn. With it, every autoattack benefits her abilities.
Twin Bite--Each autoattack reduces the remaining cooldown of Twin Bite by 0.5 seconds.
Burnout--Autoattacks increase the duration of the spell by 1 second, up to a maximum of 6 seconds. (I need to check if that's 6 extra seconds or 6s total duration.)
Flame Breath--While allflicted by the Flame Breath debuff, attacks deal extra damage equal to 20% of spell's original damage.
Dragon's Descent--Every attack grants 2 Fury Shyvana's resource used to cast Dragon's Descent. In addition, She passively gains fury while not in her dragon form.
This passive is why attack speed is so important. It allows you to cast Twin Bite way more often, make burnout last a while, deal extra damage to your Flame Breath target, and generate Fury.

Twin Bite

Shyvana's next attack strikes twice, the second dealing extra damage . Both attacks trigger on-hit effects (i.e. your passive) and grant fury (That's 4 free fury!) This is a great ability for when you're fighting anyone and anything, and use it freely. Use it to kill neutral monsters, use it to wreck towers, use it to ravage your opponents. It has a very low CD, which is made even lower when you're actively autoattacking. Since Shyvana doesn't have mana, you don't need to worry about conservation, so use this as much as possible! This ability scales with Attack Damage.


Shyvana does magic damage to nearby targets for 3 seconds plus whatever time you gain from her passive. Also, She gets a huge speed boost while this is active. Since the CD is relatively short and you don't have mana, use this any time it might help. Recalled or died? use it to get back to lane quicker. Killing minions? Use it to do aoe. Need to get to another lane to gank/save a teammate/take out a tower? use it to get there quicker, and then use it to do aoe. It's a very useful and versatile spell, and will help a ton for mobility, farming, and fighting. This ability scales with Attack damage.

Flame Breath

Shyvana chucks a fireball in the target direction. The first target she hits takes magic damage and has their armor reduced by 15% for 4 seconds. This spell is good for early harassment while laning. During team fights, try to hit the person you want to focus on with it, so their armor is reduced and your passive lets you do more damage with basic attacks. I find it quite hard to land sometimes, and it seems quite easy to outrange; when it looks like the spell should just hit the target, it stops just short. Practice using this spell to get an idea of the range. This ability scales with Ability Power.

Dragon's Descent

Shyvana's ultimate is Dragon's Descent, which allows her to transform into a dragon and take flight, becoming a wrecking ball and rolling over everyone in a burst of fire.
Putting points into the skill passively gives you some bonus armor and magic resist. When activated, Shyvana turns into a dragon and flies to a target location, dealing a decent chunk of damage to anyone she passes in flight and dragging them to her landing point. When you aim the spell, you can adjust direction and distance, so you don't have to fly farther than you want to. You can use this spell to push your enemies into your team, jump over a wall to enter or escape combat, initiate fights, or just to turn into a dragon.
While in dragon form, Shyvana's spells gain bonus effects: Twin Bite hits all targets in front of her instead of just her target; Burnout lights the ground she passes over on fire for 5 seconds; dealing damage over time (quite like singed's poison trail); Flame Breath hits and afflicts all enemies in a targeted cone.
I've used Shyvana's dragon form to fight 2 or 3 enemy players at a time and win. I sometimes use it to keep the entire enemy team busy and take their health down a lot so my team can come in and clean up after the enemy team kills me. Overall, its a versatile and kick-*** ability. The damage caused by the flight scales with Ability Power.

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Skill Sequence

I choose Burnout at level 1 for increased mobility, better farming, to discourage enemies from getting to close, or to deal damage in an early bush fight whether I manage to auto attack them or not.
I take Flame Breath at level 2 so I have a ranged harass, allowing me to keep enemies at a distance or fight back if they're poking me from afar. This, coupled with Burnout, can provide pretty good lane control in good conditions.
I take another point in Burnout at level 3 to make it more potent. I still haven't taken twin bite at this point because I'm not likely to get a chance to use it on an enemy champion at such a low level.
At level 4, I take a point in Twin Bite. At this point, it becomes high priority, and will be my first maxed spell. It becomes a major source of damage when fighting in melee and allows you to kill minions easier, or kill jungle monsters, etc.
I put another point or two into Burnout and Flame Breath before maxing Twin Bite to keep them useful.
After Twin Bite is maxed, I proceed to max Burnout and finally Flame Breath, of course taking Dragon's Descent at 6, 11, and 16.

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Summoner Spells

I use exhaust to make it even easier to chase, to help me escape, or to weaken an enemy carry so I can wreck them.
I use flash so I can chase, escape, or set up Dragon's Descent.

Other possible summoner spells:
Ignite--You could use this for finishing enemies if you like
Teleport--Usable, but not necessary because of Shyvana's high mobility
Heal--Nooby spell, but can save your life or piss off your opponents
Clairvoiyance Lets you see into bushes and stuff, useful for map awareness
Smite--If you're jungling, but then you probably shouldn't be using this build
Revive--Another pretty nooby spell, but if you decide to initiate and die a lot it could help

You probably shouldn't use:
Ghost--your Burnout gives you more of a movement speed boost on a lower cooldown.

Don't use this at all:
Clarity--You don't have mana. Don't be stupid.

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This section is very important, as the item guide above is not ideal for all situations.

I Start the game with Boots of Speed to get me mobile early, and Health Potionx3 to help me stay in lane longer and allow me to be a bit more aggressive.

+ =
Wit's End is our first major item. If I've made enough money by my first time back to base, I'll grab Recurve Bow. If I don't even have enough money for Null-Magic Mantle, I'll make sure I have 3 Health Potion and head back out. If you're playing against a team with no magic damage, you may choose to go for another attack speed item instead of Wit's End such as Zeal, but in general Wit's End is the best choice.

After Wit's End, I complete my boots, usually Mercury's Treads for the magic resist and tenacity. If the other team is short on CC and magic damage, you may choose to go into Berserker's Greaves for attack speed instead.

Next, I generally choose to take Vampiric Scepter as my next item, as the lifesteal helps survivability, then build it into Zeke's Harbinger for increased lifesteal, and attack speed for myself and the team.. However, If you find you don't need lifesteal yet, or Zeal's stats would be more useful, you can take it first. I also find getting Vampiric Scepter first, immediately followed by Zeal, is a good option if Zeke's Harbingerisn't needed yet, in which case you can put it off until after Zeal or even after Trinity Force

At this point, I start to build Trinity Force. I already have Zeal, and now start to build Phage. I don't take Sheen first because the mana is useless. Often I'll have enough money to go right into Trinity Force on my first trip back after Phage.

Next, I usually choose to build a defensive item for more survivability. If the other team has a balance of AD and AP, or I just want straight health, (or want to get Atma's Impaler),I'll get a Warmog's Armor. If The enemy team is AD heavy, I'll grab Thornmail for armor and so the enemy team kills itself. If The enemy team is AP heavy, I might get a Force of Nature for the magic resist and health regen. If I'm not having trouble staying alive, I may skip getting a defensive item and go straight for something like Madred's Bloodrazor.

Now for some big damage. If I've taken Warmog's Armor, I will grab Atma's Impaler for the health-scaled AD. Otherwise, I'll take a Madred's Bloodrazor, because it gives AS,AD, and armor, and 4% of the target's health as damage on each attack is never a bad thing. I may even take Madred's before a defensive item if I'm doing very well and staying alive). There are other options for this last item, such as Hextech Gunblade. I haven't tried it on Shyvana, but looking at the stats, it would probalbly be pretty good, though I'd prefer Madred's.

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General Tips

[*] During late game, kill minions or jungle monsters in between team fights or other encounters to generate Fury and get your health back up through lifesteal.
[*] Dragon's Descent can be used mid-fight to turn the fight in your team's favor, help your teammates escape, or destroy weakened enemies.
[*] While in Dragon form, your Burnout leaves a fiery trail like Singed's poison, and is pretty much a free Ignite (part of the reason I don't take ignite). This has got me a lot of kills just by finishing enemies off, even after I die.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my build! I plan on adding more general tips and updating the build. If you have anything to add or opinions on what might work better, please leave a comment below. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy playing Shyvana and that this build guides you to victory!