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Singed Build Guide by Forget about the boy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Forget about the boy

Singed: chemical madness

Forget about the boy Last updated on January 5, 2014
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This is my first guide and it is not complete. Please leave suggestions in the comments below. I should be finished in the next couple of weeks.

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Pros / Cons


  • Amazing farming.
  • Durable.
  • Mana and health increase health.
  • Ghost on a super low cool down with distortion boots and masteries.
  • Can get ap items do to passive


  • Murdered by harass early game (spear pantheon)
  • Needs farm to be effective
  • Mana hungry early game
  • Singed isn't immortal

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Summoner Spells

Recommended-I recommend Ghost and Teleport because they provide amazing mobility. Ghost synergies with you ult giving you extra speed. This allows you to escape most ambushes due to your incredible speed and cc. Teleport will allow you to never miss a minion and reduces the need for low health situations. With Enchantment: Distortion and masteries you'll never walk to lane again (except for the beginning...).

Ignite-I personally don't like this skill on Singed because it provides killing power which isn't the purpose of a tank. Although it provides damage over time like your poison, most of your gold should come from farming, not killing. It also doesn't get it's cd reduced by your boots enchantment. Take this skill if you are planning a aggressive laning phase.

Flash-Other than a Flash into a Fling, this skill is not very useful other than escaping which Ghost provides plenty of. It's cd is reduced by Enchantment: Distortion though so it will have a short cd.


Cleanse-This is just no... This provides, with Mercury's Treads immunity to CC for 3 seconds but unless your trolling, you can stand 3 seconds of CC with almost no trouble unless the entire team is focusing you, the purpose of a tank.

Clarity-This item provides mana. While singed has mana problems early, this is not worth using a summoner spell for. Mana problems are done when you buy your Rod of Ages.

Heal-This is going to be pointless late game when you have 3.5-4k health, a little extra health won't do much.

Barrier-This is almost like heal, the only possible use of this is if there is a Karthus on there team. This will prevent him from getting a free kill after a hard fight. Other than that, a 2 second shield won't really help.


Clairvoyance-Is Singed a support?

Revive-Possibly. Late game, this can make or break a game but losing a more useful spell such as teleport which has much more use and can be used alot more often.

Exhaust-Possibly. This spell is nice for lowing there damadge and preventing kiting so you can get that kill getting fling. At level 2, Mega Adhesive has a larger range and slow amount.

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Ill update these, eventually.


I recommend scaling armor seal, scaling magic resist Glyphs, Magic Penetration marks, and move speed Quints.

I recommend these because...


Scaling armor is my favorite for the extra durability late game. If you are against a Hard AD top, flat armor seals can win you the lane.


Scaling magic resist Glyphs will allow you to survive the burst mages, well, burst. Flat magic resist if against an say a Teemo or other AP champ.


Magic pen marks will help you deal more damage with all your abilities. The other option is unconventional, but mana regen marks will help with lane to maintain your mana supply.


Move speed quints to help with attacking and escaping.

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Defense Tree-

I go 22 in the defensive tree for increased durability and resistance so that I can be a more effective tank. The masteries choices are pretty standard IF YOU ARE FACING A NIDALLEE OR THE LIKE, CHANGE YOU MASTERIES AND TAKE 3 POINTS OUT OF Juggernaut AND PUT THEM IN Unyielding AND Block TO REDUCE DAMADGE FROM AUTO ATTACK HARRASS!! This can win you lanes as they deal 5 less damage per auto attack, spread out to say 50 auto attacks is 250 reduced damage!

Utility Tree-

I get improved teleport to get to lane even faster (no better option) and mana regen to help with early mana problems. I get 3 points in Mastermind to get an even lower CD for Ghost and Teleport.

Offensive Tree-

The point in Summoner's Wrath is really impotant to improve your ghost giving you 8% more movement speed. You can get CDR and magic pen if you want more damadge, but a higher cd on Ghost and Teleport.

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Rating system, out of 10


++++++++++=100%. ==========No, just no...

Must get

Rod of Ages-This is one of the best items you can get on Singed. It gives him damage through AP, health, and more health through your passive. After this item, your mana problems are over, unless you leave your poison on. This also provides sustain through its passive charging and on leveling up. ++++++++++

Boots-I suggest Mercury's Treads for the tenacity (CC Reduction), but if the enemies teams CC is mainly slows, boots of Swiftness are a great replacement. ++++++++==. not 10/10 if against ad team with cc...

If you get one, other highly suggested

Rylai's Crystal Scepter-This is a great item for Singed because it applies a 15% slow to everyone in your poison. This will make escaping easier. This will increase the slow of your Mega Adhesive, not by 15% but by a smaller amount due to the soft cap on slows. This will also double the damage of Liandry's if you choose to get this. +++++++===. (>alone) +++++++++= (>with)

Liandry's Torment-If you get Rylia's this item will have your poison dealing 4% of there current health in magic damage each second. This is amazing in team fights as you should be running through there team Flinging and Slowing there carries. Your poison will affect there entire team so that they start losing lots of health early in the fight. This will make it easier for your carries to finish them off. Not much defensive stats so be warned that you aren't as tanky. +++++===== (>alone) ++++++++== (>with)


Frozen Heart-This is one of the best armor items for singed because it provides more mana, and thus health. 99 armor and a great passive that reduces enemies attack speed by 20%. The enemies shouldn't be focusing you making this better that Thornmail when not being focused. +++++++++=

Thornmail-This is a great item to get if the enemy adc Is fed or there team is mainly ad. This item will make you hard to kill because they will damage them selves while you have 100 extra armor. Good if you are being focused by there ad. ++++++====

Randuin's Omen-This is another great item against a fed adc as his attack speed and move speed are reduced if he attacks you. The active is also good for chasing letting the rest of your team catch up. This item is a good source of armor and health. More effective if focused. Good with Thornmail if focused to reduce there adc's damage. +++++++===

Sunfire Cape-I normally don't get this item because your poison deals enough AOE damage and we get plenty of health and armor from Rod of Ages and/or Thornmail. Still a good item for armor and health. +++++=====

Magic Resist

Banshee's Veil-This item is a great source of health, mana, and most important, Magic Resist. It is also a great counter to a Blitzcrank pull initiate. No stats are wasted on this item which is a plus. +++++++===

Runic Bulwark-This is another item if you are lacking resistances or your team isn't tanky enough to survive. This also will help you push and farm as your minions get increased stats. Try not to double up if your support is getting this item. +++++=====


Archangel's Staff-This is an item made viable in s3 by making charge on mana expenditure, not on spell cast (poison didn't count as spell cast). This item will provide a lot of ap due to your Rod of Ages. This will also get you 250 health through your passive. This item still takes a while to charge because the Tear of the Goddess has a 3 second CD. This item needs to be bought early. Get this item if your team already has an other tank (EX jungle Shen). ++++======

Warmogs-In s3, health is king but personally on Singed I like getting more resistances and damage. This item is a one shot deal because it only provides health and health regen. I usually don't get this item because there are lots of other great items for Singed. Get this item if you are having trouble with AP burst mages. This will make you tankier. +++++++===


Always get Distortion if you have Ghost. If you forget to change your summoners, then I suggest home guard or alacrity. +++++++++=

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Starting Items

Sapphire Crystal and pots-This is my normal start because it provides mana so you can use your poisin and Fling more often. It provides a mix of mana and health through your passive and Health pots.
Boots and health pots-This a good start against a champ with skill shot pokes like Jayce. It will provide extra move speed and health. I don't prefer this due to a slowing in getting you Rod of Ages and no extra mana.

Cloth Armor and health pots-This is for against serious defense against attack damadge and harass.

Cloth Armor and Rejuvenation Bead-This requires different masteries!!! See above in build 5. This is against a passiveish lane with say a Nasus who is focusing on farming but deals mainly AD.

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Singed has lots of nice jukes.

1. Bush juke-One is when you are being chased, run through a bush and wait in the bush. When the enemy nears the bush fling him into the bush while placing your slow in between you and him. Proceed to run in the direction he came from.

2. Tower Dived-Another juke is for when you are low health and being tower dived. Use your ult for the move speed and runaround your tower with your poison on. Use the juke above if they get to close. They should die to the tower damage, your poison and fling. After they are dead or they somehow succeed, recall back and then teleport right back to lane getting farm.

3. Tower Farming-This is more for farming but if your minions are pushing the tower and the enemy wave is coming, run to them and poison them preventing there damage to your minions and getting free farm without needing to last hit. USE THIS WHEN THE ENEMY IS NOT AT THE TOWER! Or the tower will attack because you are attacking a champion with your poison.

4. Double slow-When you are chasing someone and you catch them with your slow, fling them back to the opposite side of the slow so they need to walk through it twice, doubling its effectiveness.

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Lane match ups

Pantheon HARD SWITCH LANES. His spears will harass you to low health then his other abilities will kill you. If you must, get lots of armor or a Doran's Shield. Gets lots of ganks and farm on the tower.

Kha'Zix MEDIUM Depending on skill level this can go either way. Don't be aggressive and avoid free hits by him. STAY NEAR MINIONS and TOWERS. This will stop him from dealing extra damage with his Q. The isolated radius is a little more than the range of fling. A fling into a tower will discourage him from jumping to you.

Jayce DEPENDS If you avoid his shock blasts this should be a farming lane. Don't try to harass because if he is smart he will shoot you a couple of times then switch to melee and smack you out of range with him taking no damage but you with ugh damage. Ganks are good against Jayce with your slow and fling.

Nasus EASY. Farm city. Test his farming skill by poisoning all the minions and pushing. Be wary of ganks though do to Nasus's Wither. If he is pushed a tank is effective do to his lack of an escape other than his one target slow.

Gangplank HARDISH Like Pantheon but with less finishing power and more sustain. Try to farm and ganks should be relatively easy because your cc can't get cleansed.

Kayle HOLY **** Pantheon spears in slashing auto attacks and a slow so you can't touch her... I got murdered, because when I tried to get close to her, she slowed and auto attacked me until the slow ran out, then healed leaving me behind. Stay in the bush so she has to get in melee range to attack you. GET GANKS. I did ok that game, but had a horrible laning phase.

Teemo HARD His poison will leave you low health and kill able with the simple combo of poison, blinding dart, and ignite. Stay in the bush to avoid auto attacks and one fling into your tower will make him afraid to attack you.

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This is my first guide so if you have suggestions then please leave a comment. Singed is one of the tankyest champions in the game that still deals damage. Alister is really hard to kill but deals little to no damage unless he builds damage. Singed has nice damage duo to rod of ages and the ryalies lyandrias combo. All these items provide defense through health and ryalies also has a slow. Please don't down vote until completion in the next couple of weeks. If anyone would like to help I would appreciate all the help I can get..

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Skill Sequence

You always want to max our poison first because it its you farming and damage tool. Get Fling for the cc then max Mega Adhesive for the great slow.

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Farming with Singed early is hard. Your poison deals minimal damage and your auto attacks are weak. To help you farm, double tap poison to leave a small cloud of poison on the minions your trying to farm. This will conserve mana and reduce how much you push.

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Changes to come

More general updates with more sections like farming, skill sequence explanation, team fights, and more coming soon.

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Change log

[04/1/13]-Guide published. Small guide.
[04/1-8/13]-Several additions over this time with summoner spells, and items
[04/10/13]-Toldith aboutith though sins (Special thanks to Meiyjhe)
[04/15/13]-Major additions with addition of more summoner spells, Mastery explanation, CODING!!, more lane match ups, more items, Rune explanations, and this section.
[04/29/13]-Added a starting items section.
[05/3/13]-Added item rating system, and have over 2000 views. Hope to make this look bad in the future...
[12/20/13]-2 hour delay means a out of the blue update! Not much of a change but updated for s4