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Jayce Build Guide by UlisesFRN

Top So, you have watched Arcane

Top So, you have watched Arcane

Updated on December 18, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author UlisesFRN Build Guide By UlisesFRN 7 1 34,583 Views 0 Comments
7 1 34,583 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author UlisesFRN Jayce Build Guide By UlisesFRN Updated on December 18, 2022
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Runes: The Best

1 2 3 4
Phase Rush
Manaflow Band
Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Threats
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Champion Build Guide

So, you have watched Arcane

By UlisesFRN
The Guide
This is a work in progress
This guide is aimed at new Jayce players that, like me, are a little overwhelmed by the complexity of the Champion and need something as a guiding tool.

I will keep updating this guide with content either daily or weakly, until i run out of freetime, until i get an hiatus from the game, or until the guide is finished
The runes and items i displayed are what i recommend, based on my personal experience after 7 months of almost OTP´ing Jayce, from 12% Winrate all they way up until becoming a comfort pick. I will try to use this experience, alongisde the info i gather from other sources, to help new players in the procces of learning one of the most demanding Champions in the whole game

Jayce is currently my second Champ with M7, the other one being Garen, he is also the Champ i got faster to M7 with 32K points, as i reached Garen with around 60K and the other Champs i have in M6 all have more Mastery Points that 32K
I have played Jayce in both Top and Mid, to the point where i consistently pull S califications in both lanes.
I also like to play him in ARAM with Dark Harvest. While im not a high Elo player (i dont even play ranked) i hope all this proves im worth giving a shot, so you may learn something from my guide or at least upgrade your level of gameplay with more consistent Builds, Runes and Playstyle

If you, like me, fell in love with the character after watching Arcane, or you just liked the Champ, keep following this guide as i build a compendium for beginners, trying to summarize as much info as i can, so you can start to dominate the rift and fight for a brighter tomorrow!

Current Content
The Guide
Explanation, general info about the guide
Pros and Cons
Champion strengths & weaknesses
Summoner Spells
Wich ones to take
Rune Pages
Wich ones to choose
Item Choices
Wich ones to build
General Tips
More Info about Jayce
Pros and Cons
+ Amazing damage
+ Can poke from really far distances
+ Not many people know how to play against you
+ Can be really slippery
+ Very safe blindpick, worth maining
+ Jack of all trades, can splitpush, teamfight, poke, catch people, good at siege, good at defending siege, good against ranged and melee

Jayce is a very powerfull champions in its own right. He can do pretty much anything, he has carry potential, his Mid and Late game are superb, his splitpush is really good, he is a really safe blindpick too, there are no matchups that are unplayable and few that are really bad. His Kit allows him to be Jack of all Trades, and actually Master of some, as his poke is unmatched, he is also really good catching people by surprise, and can push lanes like crazy
- Weak-ish early game
- Squishy Toplaner
- Armor screws him good
- Item dependant
- Skill dependant
- Useless when behind

While Jayce excels at many things, he also has some weak spots that you will have to know and work around. The most important thing is that he is a really hard Champion to pull off, and you will propably start with really bad games against much less challenging Toplaners like Garen, Darius, Sett, Mordekaiser...its a test of endurance to see if you have the patience to leanr how to play Jayce. His early game is not THAT bad, but he is rather weak compared to most other Tops,specially because he can run into mana issues, his damage is rather low until you have at least Serrated Dirk, and he is also really squishy. Dealing with tanks can also be hard, as they will be really tanky for you while you are easy kill for them. Jayce also depends on staying ahead or even in the game. This is easily archived with good Farm, but if you are behind, as a damage dealer, your utility to the team will be non existant
Summoner Spells

FLASH: There are no secrets here. Flash is the best summoner spell in the game. As a Champion without dashes, Jayce should always take Flash, great at defense and offense. Pro Tip, you can do some stuff with your rQ and mQ, buffering the ability before casting flash. Go to training ground, and practice doing it (Buffer means putting the ability in qeue, try pressing mQ on an enemy champion out of range then flashing into range).
IGNITE: Ignite is a very offensive Summoner spell that doesnt scale at all into late game. I suggest running this only into heavy healing champions, especially if you are playing Mid. You can also run it against squishy matchups like Seraphine to snowball early.
TELEPORT: Even after the nerfs, TP is an amazing Summoner all around. Use this to minimize the farm you loss during laning phase, and to apply preassure in sidelane when objectives are up. You should be running TP most of the games as Top, and a good amount of games as Mid.

Other Summoners are situational, you can run Exhaust against Tryndamere to never die against him, or Cleanse Mid against heavy CC users. More on this in specific matchups
Rune Pages

Phase Rush ★ This is my absolute favourite Keystone as Jayce. Its also the one i suggest to all new players on Jayce. My experience first trying this rune is as follows:I was having a bad time laning with Jayce, to the point i was always going to mid game behind by a bunch, getting solokilled etc...Its only when i tried Phase Rush that i started being confident on my laning phase. This rune allows you to chase like crazy, on to run away from trades with Bruisers and Tanks. The rune scales well, and the tree is the best on us. Strongly encourage you to use this rune, 10/10 .

Conqueror ★ A decently strong rune on Jayce, as we can stack it pretty much instantly with our combo. This Rune adds some damage to Jayce in exchange of the mobility Phase Rush gives. You can use this in most Toplane matchups. Highly encourage you to use this rune, 8/10 .

First Strike ★ A lot of Jayce players are abusing this rune since it came out. I personally started playing with it and didnt go well. It doesnt help your laning phase at all, and while it gives decent chunks of Gold into the mid and late game,but Jayce should already be strong at that point,I dont like it, but you should try it anyway and see how it goes. This is a decent option in the Midlane. Midly encourage you to use this rune, 5/10 .

Electrocute ★ The oneshot rune. Early on, the rune doesnt provide much utility, the damage is kinda meh, but there is a point in wich Electrocute starts doing A LOT of damage, so it helps you with some oneshots against targets that are somewhat tanky. Its bad against Bruisersm but neat against Squishys and AP Mages that build some HP. I rather have this than First Strike in the Midlane or against easy Matchups. Midly encourage you to use this rune, 6/10 .

Secondary Runes and Trees

Sorcery Tree is the best tree for Jayce period. It gives Damage, Mobility, Ability Haste and Mana. You should be taking Manaflow Band 99% of your games. After that, you have to choose beetwen Absolute Focus and Transcendence. Both are good, but as a rule of thumb, pick Focus in games where you expect to poke a lot with Mercury Cannon and Transcendence in games where you expect to get dirty with Mercury Hammer. Scorch can be decent but Gathering Storm is much more usefull as Jayce really shines into the 20/30 minute mark. If this isnt your main tree, use Manaflow Band and Gathering Storm nextcol

This are all really useful Runes on Jayce, and are what i recommend taking, there arent many more that are worth. The pairing with they own Keystone should look like in the Rune section above, in general the best Secondary Tree is Inspiration ussually with Biscuit Delivery and Magical Footwear but most combinations are good enough. Be sure that your Rune Page has: Extra Damage, Mana Sustain and Utility, and thats pretty much it.
Item Choices
We have reach the chapter of the guide where i explain to you wich Items are good on Jayce and what to build depending on the game and the needs of your team. To be fair, the builds are pretty straightforward since Jayce works with a very small pool of items, and his builds usually looks similar. You will have to make some decissions tho, so lets begin with the:

Starter Items

Since the Durability Patch i´ve started building this item as a Starter for Jayce and it has given me amazing results. The Sustain is the lowest of all starting items, but the trading potential is the best. You are very unlikely to die during the early levels due to the increase in HP and Armor + the extra HP of the Doran's Blade. I suggest to go this + Health Potion most games as a toplaner

Another Doran´s item, the shield is much less impressive on Jayce, since we expect to be the ones poking instead of being poked. Nontheless, this item is also really safe, and can be useful against hard matchups or, as intended, against most Ranged matchups like Teemo or Gangplank

Not a fan of this start but it gives you the best Sustain in lane. Pair it with Time Warp Tonic. Really good against heavy trade lanes or when you want to stay longer in lane

The OG start, you can go with either Refillable Potion or Health Potion. This start allows you to rush Serrated Dirk but be careful since you will be much more squishy. Good on easy matchups or in the Midlane

Core Items



Seryldas Grudge
This is what you are building 100% of the games. There is not even a discussion. This Items are Core on Jayce, any other Mythic that isnt Eclipse will underperform, without Manamune or should i say Muramana our damage and mana poll would be really low and we wouldnt scale at all, and since patch 12.10 also known as Durability Patch, we will need Serylda's Grudge to deal with level 18 enemies due to a higher Armor Stat on each and every Champion

General Tips
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League of Legends Build Guide Author UlisesFRN
UlisesFRN Jayce Guide
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So, you have watched Arcane

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