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Lux General Guide by ShadowVenim

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShadowVenim

Support Lux; A Guideline

ShadowVenim Last updated on January 19, 2013
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Support Lux

Ability Sequence

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Support Luxanna


Greetings to all who seeks the cutenes that is Luxanna; The Lady of Luminosity. This is my very first guide to any champion; so it might start off a bit rough and unpolished, but I'll get better at it at time passes.

First I want to mention that since this is a support guide for Lux you must not take anything out of this guide and excpect it to work, what I mean is: As a support you have to delicatly decide what do to, what to buy and where to be. You will never play the same game twice - which is what makes is so fun to be support! We may not get too much of the credit, which usally goes to braggers like the top and middle laner, but we do make a difference. This is why I now present to you my Lux guide.

Pros / Cons


+ Long Range
+ Able to deal damage in the laneing face.
+ Can easily shut down ganks from Udyr and alike.
+ Can help to zone out opponents; denying the enemy carry minion kills.
+ Can secure kills if neccesary; but you're no Karthus.
+ If played well you will set up many a kill for your carry and other players later in the game.

You are playing as Luxanna; arguable the cutest person in League of Legends; you mad Teemo, Tristana and Ahri fans? With Lux your job is not to assist your allied carry like a Sona or Soraka would, your job is to annoy the enemy carry. Abuse your long range and high damage potential early game to deny the enemy carry minions kills and lower their health bar for potential ganks. If played correctly you can as Lux: keep your carry safe from melee gankers, keep the enemy laners off your carry's back, have good map control around the bottom lane.

- You're not very durable, like a Leona.
- You have no heal, like a Soraka does.
- Your shield is not very rewarding, like Janna's.
- You have no passive that passivly protects your carry, like Taric.
- You're very much skill based; you need to hit with your stuff, not just miss on every Light Binding.
- You do fall off in late game, because you lack any late game fight turner ability, like Sona's Crescendo.

Sadly, these are the things that makes Lux a very rare support - although her popularity has increased recently. Because you fall out in the late game and do not really have any obvious support abilites, except for your Prismatic Barrier; which in itself is not very good - as stated. You hit your peak in the middle of the lane phase and slowly fall down from there. Depending on how well your lane is doing, which should go well or else you have not completed the task support Lux is suppose to do, you should be at least a small leap ahead of your opponents when team fights starts to accour.

Guide Top

Guide to Luxanna

Guide to a supportive Luxanna



This is my usual mastery page. Although I activly edit it when in champion select because that gives me time to chat with my carry; to know how the carry wants to play is important. When you know whom you are facing in your lane, and in other lanes, you might want to take and remove a few points here and there. Ex. Facing Caitlyn and Nunu might force you to get into the Defensive tree to reduce the impact of their harrasment.



Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Gold

  • Greater Quintessence of Gold: While playing as support you will not recive a lot of gold; unless your team somehow feeds your lane a lot of assist. And since you are not allowed taking minion kills these quintessences of gold will give you the income you desire. Greater Quintessence of Ability Power is also viable, among other runes, depending on what playstyle you and your carry chooses.
  • Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: Playing as Luxanna you want to be able to deal damage early, middle and late game; it is vital for your victory. There are no real other choices on this one, in my honest opinion; these marks are good in every part of the game, if you really want to Greater Mark of Armor is possible - but I think that is too defensive when replacing much needed damage.
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: Very standard glyphs for support; you want to be able to survive a Sona's harras and recive reduced damage from magical sources later in the game. If you wish to be more defensive in the late game pick Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist.
  • Greater Seal of Armor: A must for any bot laner; you want to survive incoming harrasment from the opposing carry and you do not wish to be to weak against minions - it actually matters in lane.

Summoner Spells

Flash: As we all know flash is overpowered; as stated by many professional players. Simply put: You get to flash away from enemies and you might be able to flash out of enemy skillshots, like Morgana's Dark Binding.

Exhaust: Because you are in the bottom lane against an enemy carry you need this summoner spell in order to reduce the damage dealth in a engangement. It is vital that this spell is picked because in the early game it can win engangements, and win over the lane, and in the late game it needs to be used on champions with heavy AA; like Olaf.

Heal: This is very rarely used, but it can be a game changer. If you feel it is better for your lane to have this rather than Exhaust, or perhaps someone else has it, take heal. Although it's power falls off late game it can win engangements in the bottom lane or it can force passivity.

Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >
In your lane you wish to have all the basic spells at level 3; at with many a champion. But maxing our Lucent Singularity we can the most out of mana as well as increased utillity; because it's slow amount goes up with each rank. Next up usally is Light Binding because of it's ability to deal damage and snare. Always skill in Final Spark and max out Prismatic Barrier last - in most cases.


Item Sequence

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Ruby Sightstone

Runic Bulwark

Zeke's Harbinger

Frost Queen's Claim

Talisman of Ascension

In this build Luxanna has choses to grab the cooldown reduction boots. When she buys these she will be graned more crowd control, zoneing and scouting potential. However, she could also've bought Sorcerer's Shoes for the extra magic penetration; increasing her damage dealt.

Luxanna has picked this item up for two reasons: Be able to ward the map without having to spend more than it's cost in wards. And to gain some health; but that is less significant. To be able to save gold on this item is great, and the sooner you get it the more gold you'll save.

Although Runic Bulwark is a classic support item I think Luxanna was forced to buy this item. The new trend is that the jungler, Lee Sin, Xin Zhao, Malphite, Shen and etc, buy this item so the support does not have to - which is great! If you are not forced to buy this item replace it with a Void Staff, Will of the Ancients, Rabadon's Deathcap or etc, this way you will be able to deal more damage and do more for your team late game..

zeke's herald Another aura item bought by Luxanna. It is almost tradition to buy at least one aura item each game, because they are very effective - and I usally buy one too. But in some cases it is better to add more ability power, personal defensive items or utility items. Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Banshee's Veil, Zhonya's Hourglass or perhaps Will of the Ancients if not already bought - obviously.

shard of true ice This item builds from kage's lucky pick and is the reason Luxanna bought the item. If you somehow manage to complete all your items before the game is over: replace it. All ability power boost items are good; like Athene's Unholy Grail.

shurelya's reverie Number One Support Item. Even if your team already has one, you should buy this item. It will allow the other carriers of it or philosopher's stone to replace it with a more personal boost item.


When in a teamfight with support Luxanna you want to focus on the enemy's position; you want to use your abilities to zone out champions, blocking their path to your carry for instance, snare fleeing enemies and, of course, deal damage.
Ex. A teamfight arrives and Lux is at the back of it. In the front your team has: Cho'Gath and Olaf, next to you is the amazing Caitlyn and the powerful Orianna. Cho'Gath casts his Rupture onto the enemy carry, Sivir. Knowing that she is has her magic absorbing shield available you throw your Light Binding onto her to secure your allied melee champions task: kill the carry. But as you throw your Light Binding the enemy Nocturne dives onto your two ranged allies, with Malzahar and Malphite just in front of you. Knowing that you cannot stop Paranoia from reaching your carry you throw your Lucent Singularity to block the path of the remaining enemies. You throw Prismatic Barrier onto the carry, and use your Final Spark to damage the enemy Sona and Malzahar; because they are the two most obvious targets.


These are the tips I have to generally fight and behave as Luxanna, further on I will talk more about her abilites, carry friends, lane enemies and team synergy.

Guide Top

Skill Explanation

Light Binding
You can snare! And you can snare TWO people; yay! However this does NOT ignore minions, but because of that you can use it to trap your opponents off-guard when they think they're safe behind their single minion.
You want to pick this at level one. Simply because a snare is more efficent than your slow at level one. Yes, you might be able to slow the entire enemy team, but if they really cought you in the jungle they'll just flash. It scales pretty well off your ability power; 70%, and lasts just as long the entire skill, which just makes it even clearer that it does not need to be skilled up first.

Prismatic Barrier
Throw a mini-staff of light into the air, making all allies hit super happy!
This skill is all well and good for a Lux Support, but I personally do not like it. I think it is unreliable. It only scales 35% of your ability power, costs the same each level and has a thousand rage. Now, if you want to save some mana I'd recommend that you max this before your snare. Because the snare deals more damage when skilled up, yet costs more mana. With the shield however you get more shield for the same amount of mana! Experiment here, I switch these two spells up all the time because I feel like they're both good in different phases.

Lucent Singularity
A circle of searing, heavenly light that will melt your opponents; and reveal bushes!
Your slow and main source for damage and zoneing. I ALWAYS max this ability first, because I want some damage in my lane yet I also need to make it easier for the carry to deal damage, farm and push; this super awesome circle will do just that. It scales 60% with your ability power; which is "Ok", it's cost goes up every level and so does it's damage and slowing amount; by far your best basic ability.

Final Spark
Shut up, Riot! This is Finales Funkln; your ultimate. As well as doing damage it can be used as a zoneing or scouting tool. You're playing a LIGHT mage after all.
Finales Funkln! This is your ultimate and with it you'll wreck havoc upon the enemy. You can scout, zone, clear minion waves, pick off lost kills or simply deal some damage in a teamfight. It scales 75% on your ability power; which is good I guess, always costs a hundred mana. Has a short cooldown, triggers AND applies your Illumination: With all that ,and three thousand range, this ultimate is always worth skilling.

This is how I pick my ability sequence, I hope you found this part helpful as a potential future support Lux.

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Whom to support

Every support synergises better with some carries than others, in this section I will list some carries and give my reasons to why I like, or do not like, supporting them; and what I feel is good or bad combined with Lux.

Ashe: The Frost Archer
Ashe is a standard ranged carry with slow, stun and extra gold income.
Ashe is not a bad pick with Lux. Her Frost Shot can work well with your own CC and can be of great help when you are being ganked and when reciving a gank from your allied jungler. Her Volley is also very good combined with Lux, it makes it easier for you to snare the enemy, or the other way around; Ashe has good poke but I don't really prefer over any other carry. But if you are going with her, you might want to max out Prismatic Barrier first, simply because Ashe's slow is enough but you can still snare just as good with Light Binding.

Caitlyn: The Sheriff of Piltover
Caitlyn is a long ranged carry with snare, slow, damage and a anti-luck ultimate; much like your own.
I really like to lane with Caitlyn, her aggresive lane phase combined with her skillset is very good combined with the destructive power that is support Lux. And because I play favourites I'll talk about each of Caitlyn's abilites in a little greater detail.

Headshot a great harrasment tool for Caitlyn. If you ward the lane bushes you secure Caitlyn, allowing her to stand in the bushes and gain stacks faster. It also gives Caitlyn more burst, which is just what we want.

Piltover Peacemaker
... a delightful skillshot that is capable of dealing a good chunk of burst damage. This ability works well with your own Light Binding and Lucent Singularity, because it can be very hard to hit with due to it's obvious animation and considerable cast time. Against opponent such as Corki or Vayne it will be even harder to hit with; reducing it's potential.

Yordle Snap Trap
... a trap that can save you some wards, if you are behind; never spare the wards - they'll win you games. It can also be used in combination with you Light Binding for a amazing stun lock for almost 4 whole seconds. This trap combined with your amazing warding will make it perfectly safe for you and your Caitlyn to push forward and kill that Kog'Maw before he is able to kill everyone on your team.

Ace in the Hole
... is Caitlyn's ultimate; it works perfectly with your own ultimate to finish off any so called luckers that has cowardly fled the fight; hoping to escape. But with this and your own ultimate not even Corki with his Valkyrie will be able to fully escape his inevitable absolution.

Corki: The Daring Bombardier
Corki is a fairly standard ranged carry, with great escape abilities.
Corki can work fairly well with Lux, due to his good burst after optaining Sheen. He can also easily disengange from combat with his Valkyrie; this in combination with your Light Binding will secure his escape. The ability that works the best with Lux is Gatling Gun. Because this ability needs some time in order to get the maximum potential, and you can give it just that; your Light Binding and Lucent Singularity can both ensure the maximum effect of this ability. When laneing with Corki max out Lucent Singularity first; you wish to deal some damage, unless the opponent harras you extremely much then max Prismatic Barrier.

Draven: The Glorious Executioner
Draven is a very aggresive carry with supreme early game.
Draven can work very well with Lux, unlike Corki that needs Sheen before he can gain great burst, Draven can rule his lane with amazing aggresion. None of Draven's abilites are really "made" for support Lux, but the champions playstyle works well with Lux. Trapping someone with Light Binding, then hitting with Illumination and Lucent Singularity followed with Draven's glorious damage will lead to a dead Vayne/ Taric or Ezreal/ Lulu. Draven's ultimate, much like Caitlyn's, works well with Final Spark; there is no escape from the Whirling Death.

Ezreal: The Prodigal Explorer
Fairly long ranged, shot-shot based carry with good burst.
Ezreal can work with a Lux, although with the heal removed from Essence Flux, a very long time ago, you lack sustain in your lane. Yet Ezreal has great poke with Mystic Shot; but his burst does not show itself before optaining Sheen or double Doran's Blade with a Phage. Arcane Shift allowes him to move around in combat, notably Nunu's Absolute Zero, and he can disengange as he pleases. As the case with Ashe, Caitlyn and Draven his ultimate, Trueshot Barrage, has great "anti-luck" potential mixed with your Final Spark. Also, they both shoot light which in itself makes them a great team - obviously.

Graves: The Outlaw
Short ranged carry with great durability and burst from the get-go.
Graves works very well with Lux; his burst is great, his True Grit allow him to take more punishment, that you cannot recive, and he can escape with Quickdraw. Graves his a good carry early, mid and late game making him a very good pick for your team and for Lux. Your combined burst will decimate any lane opponent: Light Binding into Illumination with a Buckshot and Collateral Damage then followed by Lucent Singularity, Final Spark and Quickdraw will wreck fools.

((This Section is still being edited; I'll finish it as soon as possible))

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When it comes to the items Lux is very versatile; as any support. You just want to buy the items your team needs from you late game. I usally build after my carry's whishes, but I usally start with philosopher's stone, Sorcerer's Shoes and kage's lucky pick simply because these are very good items for Lux and can turn into great support items - thank you Riot; for making it viable for supports <3 Then I usally build an Aegis of the Legion, if any other teamate is building it I switch to a fast zeke's herald.

Again; These items are suggestions and what I personally use most of my games, you should experiment and decide based on how the game goes and on your team composition.

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Thank you for reading my guideline for the amazing, delightful and cheerful Lux! I hope the information was useful to you, or otherwise sexualy stimulating.

Please give me any feedback; There is always room for improvement.

If you see unfinished sections in the guide I am currently updating but I've been forced to interupt my work - I'll get it done.


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