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Alistar Build Guide by PykEugeo

Support ✔️ Tank + Alistar = MUU!! ✔️

Support ✔️ Tank + Alistar = MUU!! ✔️

Updated on June 12, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PykEugeo Build Guide By PykEugeo 6 1 13,149 Views 0 Comments
6 1 13,149 Views 0 Comments
League of Legends Build Guide Author PykEugeo Alistar Build Guide By PykEugeo Updated on June 12, 2024
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Runes: Tanky

1 2
Font of Life
Bone Plating

Hextech Flashtraption
Cosmic Insight

+8 Ability Haste
+10-180 Bonus Health
+10-180 Bonus Health


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



For a over-fed ADC

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
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Champion Build Guide

✔️ Tank + Alistar = MUU!! ✔️

By PykEugeo

Welcome to my guide! I'm PψkΣugeØ, Italian Pyke OTP, and in this guide, I'll be sharing all of my experiences with Alistar.

After Pyke and Rell, Alistar is among the point guards I like to play the most, and I'm here to show you why. I will show you its strengths, how to play it, teaching you some macros, tips on warding etc.., how to make the best choices and increase your chances of winning.

Abilities & Tips
Alistar’s Abilities and How to Master them
Pros & Cons
Champion Strengths & Weaknesses
Summoner Spells
Best Summoner
Best runes
Best items for every situation
Best Tips to ward
How to freeze lane
How to play early-mid and late game
Best decisions to make in game
Dealing with your enemies
Working with your ADC
Thanks and personal notes
Triumphant Roar
INNATE: Alistar generates a stack of Triumph for each enemy champion he stuns or displaces with his abilities, and each time a nearby enemy minion or non-epic monster dies. He generates 7 stacks if a nearby enemy champion or epic monster dies.

At 7 stacks, Alistar consumes them all to heal himself for 5% of his maximum health and nearby allied champions for 7% of his maximum health.

Triumphant Roar can occur only once every few seconds, though Alistar may still generate stacks before then.

EFFECT RADIUS: 1000 / 950

  • If Alistar is at 7 stacks when Triumphant Roar comes off cooldown, he will roar as soon as it elapses.
  • Alistar does not gain stacks for unsuccessfully trying to apply crowd control, for instance against a crowd control immune target.
    • Alistar will still gain a stack for unsuccessfully trying to knock back a champion protected by a spell shield with Headbutt.
  • Healing occurs simultaneously for Alistar and his allies.
    • There is a VFX projectile (700 missile speed) that cannot be destroyed by Wind Wall and is unrelated to the actual heal.
  • Alistar loses all Triumph stacks upon dying.
ACTIVE: Alistar smashes the ground, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and stunning and knocking them up simultaneously for 1 second.

COST: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 MANA
COOLDOWN: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 sec.
CAST TIME: 0.25 / 0.15 sec.

MAGIC DAMAGE: 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 (+ 80% AP)

  • Pulverize can be buffered during Headbutt to cast with reduced cast time when the dash ends.
  • Displacement immunity will also resist the application of the stun.
  • It can be blocked by spell shields.
  • This ability will cast from wherever the caster is at the end of the cast time.
ACTIVE: Alistar dashes to the target enemy's location. If they are within 400 units upon arrival, he deals them magic damage and knocks them back 700 units over 0.5 seconds while also stunning them for 0.75 seconds.

COST: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 MANA
COOLDOWN: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 sec.
TARGET RANGE: Range center 650
SPEED: 1200 / 1544 / ∞

MAGIC DAMAGE: 55 / 110 / 165 / 220 / 275 (+ 100% AP)

  • Trick: Headbutt may be used as a gap-closer to knock up enemies at the target location with Pulverize, additionally overriding Headbutt's knock back.
  • The dash speed depends on the inverse of the distance to the target:
    • If Alistar's radius overlaps with his target's, he will dash with 1200 speed.
    • If Alistar is further from his target than the previous condition, he will dash with (1200 × dash distance) / (dash distance - sum of radiuses).
      • At maximum target range, against an enemy with a 65 gameplay radius (median of all champions), Alistar will dash with 1544 speed (reaching his target within 0.429 seconds).
      • Both the lower the dash distance and the larger Alistar and/or his target, the faster the dash becomes; this scales hyperbolically.
  • When Pulverize is buffered during the dash, the knockback distance is reduced to 200 units.
  • The CC duration of the ability can be reduced by up to 33.33% Tenacity, due to airborne not being reducible while the stun is.
  • The knockback direction is in a straight line from Alistar's original location at start of cast and the enemy when Alistar's dash ends.
  • Headbutt can knock enemies through terrain. The knockback stops short on walls that cannot be surpassed but the disable duration is not changed.
  • The spell indicator for this ability also displays the direction for the knock back relative to Alistar's position.
  • Alistar's attack range is reduced「 to -375 」during Headbutt, to prevent him from being able to attack the target when he completes the dash.
  • Displacement immunity will not resist the application of the stun.

ACTIVE: Alistar tramples the ground around him every 0.5 seconds over 5 seconds, becoming ghosted and dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. Each time this damages at least one enemy champion, he generates a stack of Trample that lasts for the remaining duration, stacking up to 5 times.

At 5 stacks, Alistar's next basic attack against a champion within 6 seconds is empowered to deal 20 − 275 (based on level) bonus magic damage and stun the target for 1 second. This will end Trample prematurely.

COST: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 MANA
COOLDOWN: 12 / 11.5 / 11 / 10.5 / 10 sec.

MAGIC DAMAGE PER TICK:» 8 / 11 / 14 / 17 / 20 (+ 7% AP)
TOTAL MAGIC DAMAGE: 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 / 200 (+ 70% AP)

  • Trample deals persistent area damage damage around Alistar, while the bonus damage on the resulting attack is proc damage.
  • The stun and bonus damage are blocked by spell shields but the base attack damage is not.
  • The on-hit effect is consumed if the attack blocked, but not if it is dodged or missed while Alistar is blinded. In all cases, the attack's effects are negated as normal.
  • As it is an on-hit effect, the bonus damage and stun can be applied by Guinsoo's Rageblade's Phantom Hit.
Unbreakable Will
ACTIVE: Alistar Remove cleanses himself of all crowd control. For the next 7 seconds, he reduces incoming damage taken.

COOLDOWN: 120 / 100 / 80 sec.
CAST TIME: 0.25 sec.

DAMAGE REDUCTION: 55 / 65 / 75%


+ Strong laning phase with sustain and CC
+ Engage potential with Headbutt+ Pulverize
+ Tanky frontline presence with his R
+ Alistar is a Playmaker
+ Effective roaming potential with CC abilities
+ Provides reliable CC for teamfights
+ Versatile playstyle allows for both engage and peel

Laning Phase:
  • Strong sustain: Alistar boasts high base health and natural tankiness, allowing him to withstand enemy aggression in lane.
  • Crowd control: Alistar's abilities provide potent crowd control, enabling him to disrupt enemy positioning and set up kills for his team.
  • Synergy with ADCs: Alistar's kit synergizes well with many ADC champions, offering peel and engage potential to complement their playstyles.
Late Game:
  • Powerful engage: Alistar's Headbutt- Pulverize combo provides unparalleled engage potential, allowing him to initiate teamfights and catch out priority targets.
  • Protecting carries: Alistar's tankiness and crowd control make him adept at protecting his team's carries from enemy threats, enabling them to deal damage safely.
  • Effective tank: Alistar's innate tankiness and defensive abilities make him a reliable frontline presence in teamfights, capable of absorbing significant amounts of damage and disrupting enemy strategies.
- Relatively high skill floor
- Limited disengagement options
- Vulnerability to follow-up
- Susceptibility to kiting
- Roaming can leave ADC vulnerable
- Difficulty escaping outnumbered situations

Laning Phase:
  • Lack of mobility: Alistar's lack of mobility makes him susceptible to ganks and engages from enemy champions with high mobility.
  • Challenging to play: Alistar requires precise positioning and timing to utilize his abilities effectively, which can be challenging for less experienced players.
  • Struggles against ranged supports: Alistar's engage potential is limited against ranged support champions who can poke him from a distance, making it difficult for him to engage or trade effectively.
Late Game:
  • Vulnerable to burst: Alistar can be easily burst down by enemy champions with high burst damage, especially if caught out of position.
  • Limited carry potential: Alistar is not a champion known for carrying games individually, relying heavily on his team to secure kills and objectives.
  • Weak against champions with CC: Alistar's effectiveness in teamfights can be hindered by enemy champions with crowd control abilities, as they can interrupt his engages and render him less impactful.

Flash provides Alistar with the ability to maneuver past obstacles and quickly close the gap with enemies. This is particularly valuable for initiating engagements with her W-Q combo or for reaching fleeing enemy carries, allowing her to swiftly disrupt their positioning and control the battlefield.

Moreover, Flash enables Alistar to position herself optimally for her abilities, including her ultimate. By using Flash effectively, Alistar can enhance the impact of her crowd control and damage, significantly increasing her team's chances of securing kills and winning team fights.

If Alistar has taken the Hextech Flashtraption rune, Flash can be utilized creatively between bushes to surprise and outplay the enemy team in the bot lane. This allows her to set up engages and catch opponents off guard with her combo, gaining a strategic advantage for her team in skirmishes and engagements.

When playing Alistar with Ignite, you gain a significant offensive boost. This allows for dealing additional damage and securing kills during skirmishes. Ignite also reduces enemy regeneration, putting pressure on their lane.

The use of Ignite increases pressure on opponents, forcing them to be cautious and facilitating kills, especially when combined with your ad carry. Alistar can capitalize on this increased pressure due to her crowd control and damage, giving the team an advantage during fights.

Ignite enhances Alistar's killing potential, especially in the early game, and can make the difference between a guaranteed kill and an escaping enemy. It also pressures the enemy lane, allowing your ad carry to gain more farm or deal damage more freely.

Finally, Ignite is effective against champions with high healing or regeneration, reducing their effectiveness and making kills easier during skirmishes.
Exhaust offers Alistar valuable utility and defensive capabilities during both laning phase and team fights. By casting Exhaust on enemy champions, Alistar can significantly reduce their damage output, making it easier for her and her ADC to survive incoming threats.

During the laning phase, Exhaust can be used defensively to mitigate the damage dealt by aggressive enemy champions or to neutralize potential all-in attempts from the opposing bot lane. This allows Alistar and her ADC to stay safer in lane and potentially turn the tide of skirmishes in their favor.

In team fights, Exhaust can be crucial for protecting key allies, such as the ADC or other carries, from burst damage or assassins diving into the backline. By casting Exhaust on priority targets, Alistar can help peel for her team and disrupt the enemy's offensive capabilities, giving her team a better chance at winning the fight.

Additionally, Exhaust can be used offensively to hinder the effectiveness of high-threat enemy champions, such as assassins or hypercarries, by reducing their damage output and slowing their advance. This can create opportunities for Alistar and her team to capitalize on and secure kills during team fights or skirmishes.
Heal offers Alistar and her ADC valuable survivability and sustain during laning phase and team fights. When cast, Heal provides a burst of health to both Alistar and her ADC, helping them to stay in lane longer and potentially turn the tide of skirmishes.

During the laning phase, Heal can be used to quickly restore health to Alistar and her ADC in response to enemy poke or all-in attempts. This can allow them to sustain through trades and maintain pressure in lane, giving them an advantage over their opponents.

In team fights, Heal can serve as a clutch lifesaver, providing an emergency burst of healing to Alistar or her ADC when they are low on health. This can help them survive burst damage or execute a well-timed escape, turning the tide of the fight in their favor.

Additionally, Heal can be used proactively to provide a small movement speed boost to Alistar and her ADC, allowing them to reposition or chase down fleeing enemies more effectively. This can be particularly useful during engages or disengages, helping Alistar and her team secure kills or retreat safely.

Choosing Aftershock as the primary rune for Alistar can significantly enhance his tankiness and survivability, especially during engages and teamfights. Alistar's kit naturally lends itself to close-range engagements, and Aftershock synergizes well with his ability to dive into the enemy team and disrupt their formations. Upon immobilizing enemies with his abilities like Pulverize and Headbutt, Aftershock activates, granting Alistar bonus resistances, making him harder to kill while he's in the thick of the fight. This rune choice allows Alistar to absorb significant amounts of damage for his team, effectively serving as a frontline tank and creating space for his carries to deal damage safely. Overall, Aftershock is a solid choice for Alistar, empowering him to fulfill his role as a durable initiator and protector for his team.
Font of Life can be a valuable rune choice for Alistar, especially when paired with his crowd control-heavy kit. When Alistar immobilizes an enemy champion with his abilities like Pulverize and Headbutt, Font of Life will apply a mark to them. Allies who attack marked enemies will then heal for a portion of Alistar's health over a short duration. This rune provides additional utility for Alistar in teamfights, as it allows him to indirectly support his team by providing sustain during engagements. Font of Life can be particularly effective when playing alongside ADCs or other champions who rely on sustained damage output, as it can help them stay healthier in extended fights. Additionally, Font of Life synergizes well with Alistar's role as a frontline tank, allowing him to provide both crowd control and support to his team simultaneously.
Bone Plating is a valuable rune choice that enhances his durability in the laning phase and during teamfights. Upon taking damage from an enemy champion, Bone Plating will reduce the damage of the next three incoming attacks or abilities from champions, providing Alistar with a significant amount of damage mitigation. This can be particularly useful for Alistar during trades in lane, as it allows him to absorb enemy poke more effectively and trade more favorably. In teamfights, Bone Plating can help Alistar soak up initial burst damage from enemy carries or assassins, allowing him to survive longer and continue to disrupt the enemy team with his crowd control abilities.
Unflinching is a rune choice that bolsters his tenacity and resilience in the face of crowd control effects. Upon activating a summoner spell, such as Flash or Ignite, or upon being affected by a crowd control effect, Unflinching grants Alistar bonus tenacity and slow resistance for a short duration. This allows him to shrug off enemy crowd control more effectively, enabling him to continue engaging or peeling for his team even when under the effects of enemy disables. Additionally, the bonus tenacity provided by Unflinching synergizes well with Alistar's kit, as it allows him to maintain control over teamfights and disrupt the enemy team's positioning with his crowd control abilities.

Hextech Flashtraption provides him with additional mobility and surprise engage potential, allowing him to catch enemies off guard and initiate favorable fights. Alistar can use the Hextech Flashtraption summoner spell to quickly reposition himself or bypass enemy wards, enabling him to set up unexpected engages or flank maneuvers. This rune synergizes well with Alistar's kit, as it complements his strong engage tools, such as his W - Headbutt and Flash, allowing him to access key targets and disrupt enemy formations more effectively. Additionally, the element of surprise provided by Hextech Flashtraption can catch opponents off guard, giving Alistar and his team the upper hand in teamfights or skirmishes.
Alistar benefits from Cosmic Insight as a secondary rune choice, enhancing his overall utility and effectiveness in various aspects of the game. With Cosmic Insight, Alistar gains reduced cooldowns on his abilities, summoner spells, and item actives, allowing him to engage, peel, and disrupt enemy formations more frequently. The decreased cooldown on Flash is particularly valuable for Alistar, as it enables him to initiate fights or make clutch escapes more often, amplifying his playmaking potential. Additionally, the increased cooldown reduction on item actives synergizes well with support items like Redemption or Locket of the Iron Solari, enhancing Alistar's supportive capabilities and team utility.
The Ability Haste shard on Alistar significantly reduces the cooldowns of his abilities, allowing him to engage more frequently in combat and provide consistent support to his team.
The double Health Scaling shard provides Alistar with additional health as he levels up, offering increased durability and survivability throughout the game.

The itemization for Alistar requires Utility, flexibility and adaptability. It's essential to carefully evaluate the game situation and the needs of your team to build a set of items that maximizes Alistar's effectiveness and support on the battlefield.

This is a standard tank build for Alistar:
Plated Steelcaps: These boots provide Alistar with increased resistance against physical damage, allowing him to be more durable during combat phases.
Celestial Opposition: This item offers Alistar damage reduction and the ability to slow surrounding enemies, enhancing his survivability in fights and enabling better battlefield control.
Locket of the Iron Solari: This item amplifies Alistar's support capabilities, providing valuable protection to his team during skirmishes and teamfights with its area-of-effect shielding.
Kaenic Rookern: This item grants Alistar a magic shield after not taking damage from champions for 15 seconds. This shield, amounting to 18% of your maximum health, provides a valuable layer of defense against burst damage or sustained magical attacks, enhancing your survivability in crucial moments of combat.
Knight's Vow: This item extends Alistar's longevity in combat and strengthens his ability to protect his allies by reducing the damage they take and sharing a portion of the damage they receive with himself.
Jak'Sho, The Protean: This item further boosts Alistar's resilience and makes him harder to take down during combat phases, allowing him to survive longer and continue protecting his team.

Celestial Opposition

Solstice Sleigh
Choosing Celestial Opposition as a support item is recommended when you need to increase your resistance to enemy damage, particularly against opponents with high potential for melee or ranged damage. Additionally, its passive "Become Blessed" provides excellent utility in team fights by slowing surrounding enemies upon losing the Blessed effect. Solstice Sleigh is a great choice when you need to enhance your team's survivability and provide additional support during skirmishes. Its passive offers a useful healing effect and speed bonus to the most vulnerable team members, helping to keep your team alive during engagements.

Chain Vest
Buying Chain Vest on the first recall with Alistar in the bot lane can be a strategic choice if you're facing an opponent who deals primarily physical damage, such as an enemy ADC like Jhin or Draven. This item provides early armor to increase your survivability and mitigate incoming damage during trades and skirmishes. By purchasing Chain Vest early, you can better withstand the enemy's physical assaults and maintain lane presence, giving your team an advantage in the early game.
Winged Moonplate
Purchasing Winged Moonplate on the first recall with Alistar in the bot lane can be a strategic choice if you're facing opponents who deal a mix of physical and magical damage, or if you're struggling to sustain through trades and skirmishes. This item provides early health regeneration and increased health, enhancing your durability and allowing you to withstand a variety of threats in lane. Against champions with poke or sustained damage, such as Caitlyn or Ashe, Winged Moonplate can help you sustain through their harassment and maintain lane presence, giving your team a stronger foothold in the early game.
You will buy Boots if you have excess gold which will later allow you to buy more important boots. Later I will better describe which ones to opt for based on the situations.
Ruby Crystal
Choosing Ruby Crystal on the first recall with Alistar in the bot lane can indicate a need for immediate health and survivability, especially if you or your ADC have been forced to recall early due to being pushed out of lane or taking significant damage. This item provides an immediate boost to your health pool, helping to offset any disadvantage you may have encountered in lane. Perhaps you and your ADC were out-traded by the opponents, or you were caught out of position and took unnecessary damage. Whatever the reason, purchasing Ruby Crystal allows you to quickly bolster your defenses and mitigate any potential mistakes or disadvantages you may have encountered, giving you a better chance to regain control of the lane and contribute to your team's success.
Control Ward
Purchasing a Control Ward on the first recall with Alistar in the bot lane can be crucial for maintaining vision control and preventing enemy ganks or roams. If you find yourself pushed back to base earlier than expected, it may indicate that your lane is struggling or that the enemy jungler has been applying pressure. Buying a Control Ward allows you to regain vision in key areas of the map, such as the river or the enemy jungle entrances, helping to prevent further setbacks and allowing you to safely resume laning. Additionally, placing a Control Ward in the river bush or the enemy tri-bush can provide valuable information about the enemy's movements, potentially averting future ganks and enabling your team to make informed decisions.

Boots of Swiftness

Ionian Boots

Plated Steelcaps
Opting for Boots of Swiftness, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, or Plated Steelcaps with Alistar depends on the specific threats you're facing and your team's needs. If you'arent up against opponents with heavy crowd control or magical damage like Leona or Zyra, Ionian Boots of Lucidity can provide invaluable cooldown reduction, allowing you to cast your abilities more frequently for engages and disengages. On the other hand, if you're dealing with a high-physical damage threat or need increased mobility to dodge skillshots, roam, or engage/disengage more efficiently, Plated Steelcaps can be the better choice against champions such as Lucian or Caitlyn. Similarly, Boots of Swiftness can be effective against skillshot-based champions or when mobility is crucial for positioning or roaming.


Locket of the Iron Solari
Opting for Trailblazer as the first item especially combined with Solstice Sleigh for Alistar can significantly enhance your mobility and utility, particularly when looking to provide additional support to your team during skirmishes or engages. With its combination of armor, health, and movement speed, Trailblazer bolsters your survivability and allows you to maneuver more effectively around the battlefield. Notably effective in compositions that prioritize mobility and engage potential, Trailblazer helps you position effectively and provide additional support to your team during fights. Opting to build Locket of the Iron Solari as the first item may be preferable if you're facing a bot lane with mixed damage, such as Kai'Sa and Seraphine. Locket of the Iron Solari provides significant protection against magic damage, along with offering an activatable shield that can be crucial for protecting yourself and your allies during skirmishes in lane or early game engagements. This item can help mitigate damage from a variety of sources and increase the survivability of your entire team, especially in situations where the opponent has a mix of physical and magic damage.

Locket of the Iron Solari
Opting for Locket of the Iron Solari after building Trailblazer as your first item can be a strategic choice to bolster your team's survivability and provide additional utility in team fights. While Trailblazer enhances your own mobility and roaming potential, Locket of the Iron Solari complements this by offering a team-wide shield and magic resistance aura.
Since Trailblazer is primarily focused on enhancing your individual performance and map presence, transitioning into Locket of the Iron Solari shifts your focus towards supporting your team in team fights and skirmishes. The activatable shield from Locket of the Iron Solari can provide crucial protection to your allies, mitigating burst damage and turning the tide of engagements in your team's favor.
Knight's Vow
Knight's Vow can be a strong choice as a second item for Alistar due to its ability to enhance your survivability and provide additional utility for your ADC or another teammate.
As a tank support, building Knight's Vow allows you to redirect a portion of the damage taken by your ally to yourself, effectively increasing their durability in fights. This can be especially beneficial if your ADC is ahead or if they are your primary source of damage output. By taking damage for your ADC, you not only increase their survivability but also strengthen your bond as a supportive duo.
Abyssal Mask
Opting for Abyssal Mask as a second item for Alistar can be a strategic choice to enhance your tankiness and provide additional utility in team fights, particularly if you find yourself facing opponents with significant magic damage threats.
Abyssal Mask provides a substantial amount of magic resistance, making you more resilient against enemy magic damage dealers. This can be invaluable if you're facing a composition with strong AP threats, as it allows you to soak up damage and remain a formidable frontline presence for your team.
Additionally, Abyssal Mask's unique passive enhances your own magic damage output and that of nearby allies, amplifying the effectiveness of your abilities and potentially increasing your team's overall damage output. This can be particularly beneficial if your team composition includes AP champions who can benefit from the bonus magic damage.
Kaenic Rookern
Opting for Kaenic Rookern as a 3-4th item for Alistar can be a strategic choice to increase your durability and provide additional magic resistance, this enhances your effectiveness as a frontline presence during skirmishes and team fights, allowing you to better withstand the enemy's magical onslaughts.
Moreover, the unique passive of Kaenic Rookern grants a magic shield after not taking damage from champions for 15 seconds. This shield, amounting to 18% of your maximum health, provides a valuable layer of defense against burst damage or sustained magical attacks, enhancing your survivability in crucial moments of combat.
Randuin's Omen
Randuin's Omen offers a substantial amount of health and armor, making you more durable against physical damage threats and it has an active that allows you to slow AOE all enemies near you.
Additionally, Randuin's Omen's unique passive reduces the critical strike damage received from enemy champions, mitigating the impact of champions who rely on critical strikes for their damage output. This can be particularly effective against ADCs or champions with built-in critical strike mechanics, as it significantly reduces their damage potential and makes you more resilient against their attacks.

Frozen Heart
Opting for Frozen Heart as a situational item for Alistar bolsters your durability and utility in team fights, especially against attack speed-focused opponents. With its significant armor, it fortifies your frontline presence, allowing you to absorb more damage from physical threats like marksmen. The unique passive of Frozen Heart, which reduces nearby enemy champions' attack speed, diminishes their damage output significantly, particularly effective against champions heavily reliant on auto-attacks. Additionally, the cooldown reduction from Frozen Heart enhances your crowd control abilities' availability, aiding in controlling fights and peeling for your team's carries. Notable examples of champions who struggle against Frozen Heart's debuff include Yasuo, Jinx, or Master Yi.
Opting for Thornmail as a situational item for Alistar can substantially increase your survivability and utility, particularly against enemy champions heavily reliant on basic attacks or life steal. With its significant armor and unique passive that reflects damage back to attackers, Thornmail fortifies your frontline presence, making you a formidable deterrent against auto-attack-focused opponents. The passive damage reflection from Thornmail not only punishes enemies for attacking you but also helps mitigate their sustain, reducing their effectiveness in prolonged engagements. Additionally, the grievous wounds effect applied by Thornmail reduces enemy healing, further weakening their ability to sustain through fights. Notable examples of champions who struggle against Thornmail's effectiveness include marksmen or champions with significant life steal, such as Vayne or Fiora.
Sunfire Aegis
Opting for Sunfire Aegis as a situational item for Alistar can significantly bolster your durability and provide additional damage in team fights, particularly when looking to increase your presence as a frontline tank. With its substantial health and armor, Sunfire Aegis fortifies your resilience against physical damage threats, making you a formidable force on the frontline. The Immolate passive of Sunfire Aegis deals persistent magic damage to nearby enemies, increasing your damage output during prolonged engagements and enhancing your threat level in team fights. Notable examples of champions who struggle against Sunfire Aegis's damage output include squishy melee champions or champions with low mobility, such as assassins or bruisers.
Hollow Radiance
Opting for Hollow Radiance as a situational item for Alistar can significantly enhance your durability and provide additional damage output in team fights, especially when seeking to increase your presence as a frontline tank. With its substantial health and magic resistance, Hollow Radiance fortifies your resilience against both physical and magical damage threats, making you a formidable force on the battlefield. The unique passive of Hollow Radiance deals persistent magic damage to nearby enemies when taking or dealing damage, increasing your damage output during engagements and exerting pressure on enemy champions. Notable examples of champions who struggle against Hollow Radiance's damage output include squishy melee champions or champions with low mobility, such as assassins AP or bruisers AP ( Akali, Evelynn, Mordekaiser, Gwen).
Jak'Sho, The Protean
Opting for Jak'Sho, The Protean as a situational item for Alistar can significantly enhance your durability and defensive capabilities in extended team fights, especially when facing sustained damage threats. With its combination of armor, health, and magic resistance, Jak'Sho, The Protean fortifies your resilience against both physical and magical damage, making you a formidable tank on the frontline. The unique passive of Jak'Sho, The Protean grants stacks for each second in combat with enemy champions, increasing your bonus armor and magic resistance by 30% at maximum stacks until the end of combat. This allows you to become increasingly tanky as fights progress, providing additional protection against enemy damage sources. Notably effective against compositions with sustained damage dealers or prolonged team fights, Jak'Sho, The Protean helps you withstand enemy assaults and maintain your presence in extended engagements.
Force of Nature
Opting for Force of Nature as a situational item for Alistar can significantly enhance your durability and defensive capabilities in extended team fights, especially when facing sustained magic damage threats. With its combination of magic resistance and movement speed, Force of Nature fortifies your resilience against magical damage, making you a formidable tank on the frontline. The unique passive of Force of Nature grants increased movement speed and health regeneration, allowing you to maneuver more effectively in fights and sustain longer during prolonged engagements. Notably effective against compositions with heavy magic damage or burst mages, Force of Nature helps you withstand magical assaults and maintain your presence in extended engagements.
Zeke's Convergence
Opting for Zeke's Convergence on Alistar offers a significant boost to your engage potential and crowd control capabilities, especially when in Teamfights late game. The item provides a blend of armor, mana, and ability haste, enhancing your survivability and reducing cooldowns for more frequent engages. Its unique passive creates an ice storm upon casting your ultimate, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies within its radius. This effect complements Alistar's crowd control, enabling better lockdown of priority targets.
As a support, one of your primary responsibilities is to provide vision control for your team. Proper warding can make a significant difference in the outcome of the game, and as a Alistar player, you can leverage vision to set up deadly plays and secure crucial picks.

Knowing where to place your wards is vital for maintaining map awareness and controlling key areas. Here are some essential warding spots for Alistar:

1. River Brushes:
River Brushes:

Spoiler: Click to view

2. Tri-brush:

Spoiler: Click to view

3. Enemy Jungle Entrances:
Enemy Jungle Entrances:

Spoiler: Click to view

Clearing enemy wards is a crucial aspect of vision control, and for Alistar, utilizing the red trinket ( Oracle Lens) is a game-changer in this regard. As a support, denying enemy vision is one of your primary responsibilities, and the Oracle Lens allows you to do it with unparalleled efficiency.

1. Control Wards:
Empowering Map Awareness and Safety

Spoiler: Click to view

2. Roaming and Surprising:
Vision Control in Action in Full Swing

Spoiler: Click to view

3. The Red Trinket:
Revealing Secrets and Asserting Dominance

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In the realm of League of Legends, vision control reigns supreme, and as a skilled support player piloting
Alistar, you possess the power to turn the tide of battle through strategic warding. To further elevate your vision control game, this section delves into the importance of visual aid when it comes to placing wards effectively.

Securing Strategic Vision on the Blue Side:

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Gaining Deep Vision Against Invisible Junglers:

Warding against invisible junglers like Evelynn, Shaco, Rengar, Talon is crucial for staying one step ahead in the game. With their ability to sneak around undetected, having deep vision becomes your greatest ally in keeping track of their movements and thwarting their surprise attacks.

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By diligently maintaining deep vision with well-placed wards and utilizing Control Ward to unmask invisible threats, you can neutralize the advantage of stealthy junglers. This proactive approach to vision control will not only protect you and your teammates from ambushes but also empower your team to exploit the weaknesses of these elusive opponents, leading your team to victory in the Summoner's Rift.

Securing Strategic Vision on the Red Side:

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Gaining Deep Vision Against Invisible Junglers:

Warding against invisible junglers remains crucial on the Red Side, just as it is on the Blue Side. With stealthy champions like Evelynn, Rengar, Talon and Shaco sneaking around undetected, having deep vision becomes even more critical to track their movements and thwart their surprise attacks.

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By upholding diligent deep vision with well-placed wards and making strategic use of Control Ward, you can neutralize the advantage of stealthy junglers, regardless of the side you play on. This proactive approach to vision control will protect you and your teammates from ambushes and empower your team to capitalize on the weaknesses of these elusive opponents, leading to success in the Summoner's Rift.

Talking of wave management, Alistar wields strategic prowess as a support. With her versatile toolkit, she navigates the delicate balance of controlling minion waves to gain advantages for her team. From orchestrating fast pushes to orchestrating freezes, each technique serves a distinct purpose in her quest to secure lane dominance and pave the path to victory.

1. Fast Push
Accelerated lane clearance

When your ADC decides to fast push, your role as Alistar is to help them quickly clear the wave and push it towards the enemy tower. This strategy is useful when you want to reset the wave or create pressure on the enemy tower. Use your abilities to clear minions efficiently and provide protection for your ADC during the push.

2. Slow push
Gradual lane buildup

Slow pushing involves killing enemy minions at a slower pace, allowing your minion wave to build up over time. As Alistar, you can assist your ADC by selectively damaging enemy minions to maintain a slow push. This strategy is effective for building a minion advantage, creating opportunities for turret dives, or setting up for objective control.

3. Freeze
Wave Freezing

Freezing the wave involves maintaining an equilibrium near your tower, denying the enemy ADC access to farm safely. As Alistar, you can assist in freezing the wave by only last-hitting minions and zoning the enemy bot lane duo away from the minion wave. Freezing is advantageous when your team wants to deny the enemy ADC farm or set up for jungle ganks.

Alistar is a versatile support champion known for his crowd control and tankiness, making him a formidable presence in teamfights. While he excels in disrupting melee or close-range compositions, he can hold his own against higher-range teams if they lack heavy poke or disengage. With his ability to engage or peel for his team, Alistar synergizes well with compositions that possess strong engage or protective capabilities, mitigating his vulnerabilities. Despite a relatively modest early game, Alistar's potential shines in the late game, where he can dictate teamfights and secure victories with his disruptive kit and strategic playstyle.


Early in the game, Alistar lacks significant burst damage for quick trades, but he possesses strong engage potential with his Q Pulverize, W Headbutt, and taking advantage of the passive Triumphant Roar, healing himself and nearby allies after casting spells. Utilizing his Q to knock up enemies and W for repositioning or isolating targets, he can set up favorable trades and potential kills, especially if he reaches level 2 before his opponents. Incorporating the Hextech Flashtraption rune, Alistar can surprise enemies with unexpected engages from brush to gain trading advantages.

When poking or trading, Alistar players should aim to maximize damage output by using Q and W in quick succession, ensuring to land Q without hitting minions for maximum damage. Moreover, using W for engage when enemies are near their minions or your tower can pressure opponents and create advantageous trading opportunities, especially when coordinating with your jungler or mid for a potential gank. Alistar's E, Trample, serves as an engage or disengage tool to start a fight or avoid getting killed, but caution is advised to avoid being baited into using it prematurely.

As Alistar reaches level 6, his engage potential increases significantly because of his ultimate ability, Unbreakable Will, making him a potent threat in gank setups. By consistently poking, trading efficiently, and out-sustaining opponents, Alistar can create opportunities for all-ins and potential kills, especially with the added durability provided by his ultimate. Transitioning into the mid-game, Alistar should prioritize roaming towards the mid lane or invading the enemy jungle with his jungler, utilizing his crowd control to secure objectives and establish deep vision for map control and objective control.


Transitioning into the mid-late game, Alistar's role becomes pivotal in teamfights and securing objectives. With his crowd control abilities and tankiness, he excels at initiating fights and protecting his team's carries. In teamfights, Alistar should prioritize locking down high-priority targets with his Q Pulverize and W Headbutt, disrupting enemy formations and enabling his team to secure kills. His ultimate, Unbreakable Will, can turn the tide of teamfights by providing significant damage reduction and allowing him to soak up damage while providing crowd control.

Moreover, Alistar's ability to engage and peel makes him invaluable in securing objectives such as dragon, Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor. His crowd control can zone enemies away from crucial objectives or lockdown priority targets during objective fights, giving his team a significant advantage. Additionally, Alistar's tankiness allows him to soak up damage while his team secures objectives safely.

Overall, in the mid-late game, Alistar should focus on using his engage potential to initiate favorable teamfights, protect his carries, and secure objectives to push for victory. Coordination with teammates and proper positioning are key to maximizing Alistar's impact on teamfights and objectives in the later stages of the game.

As a playmaker support, Alistar stands as a beacon of strategic influence on the Summoner's Rift. With her ability to initiate and dictate the flow of team engagements, she transcends the traditional role of a support, becoming a pivotal figure in orchestrating macro-level plays. Whether it's leading the charge in coordinated jungle invasions, facilitating mid lane ganks with her crowd control prowess, or spearheading objective control with her disruptive presence, Alistar embodies the essence of a playmaker support. In the hands of a skilled player, her strategic acumen and decisive actions can tilt the scales of battle in favor of her team, securing victories through calculated macro plays and unparalleled map control.
Mid lane ganks
As Alistar, coordinating ganks on the mid lane can be highly effective, especially when accompanied by your jungler. Utilize your crowd control abilities to initiate and lock down enemy mid laners, creating opportunities for kills or summoner spell burns. Communicate with your mid laner and jungler to ensure successful ganks and capitalize on overextended opponents.
Jungle Invasions
Invading the enemy jungle alongside your jungler is a proactive way to establish vision control, deny resources, and apply pressure across the map. With your tankiness and crowd control, Alistar can assist in securing kills or forcing enemy junglers out of their territory. Coordinate with your team to invade when you have lane priority and ensure proper vision coverage to avoid potential counterattacks.
Objective Control
Supporting your team in securing objectives like dragon is crucial for maintaining map control and securing victory. Use your crowd control to zone enemies away from contested areas, providing opportunities for your team to secure objectives safely. Additionally, coordinate with your team to set up vision around key objectives and rotate accordingly to contest or secure them when they spawn.
Map Awareness and Rotation
As a support, maintaining map awareness is paramount. Keep track of enemy movements, objectives timers, and potential gank opportunities to make informed decisions. Rotate efficiently between lanes and objectives to provide assistance where needed, whether it's protecting your ADC during sieges or roaming to assist other lanes in securing kills or objectives.
Baron Control
Having vision around the Baron pit is paramount when it comes to securing this game-changing objective. By placing wards in key areas like the river, enemy jungle entrances, and the Baron pit itself, your team gains essential information about the enemy team's movements. Vision around Baron allows your team to detect enemy attempts at sneaking the Baron, providing an opportunity for a decisive contest or potential pick on unsuspecting opponents. Additionally, vision around Baron can serve as a baiting tool, enticing the enemy into unfavorable fights and creating opportunities for your team to gain the upper hand.
Deep Jungle Wards
Placing deep wards in the enemy jungle can lead to successful picks and rotations. These wards grant your team insights into the enemy jungler's position and roaming patterns. Knowing where the enemy jungler is allows your laners to play more aggressively when the jungler is far away or set up plays when they spot the enemy jungler on the opposite side of the map. Additionally, deep wards in the enemy jungle enable your team to spot enemy rotations, leading to more informed decisions and strategic movements across the map.

In this section, I'll delve into bot lane matchups, focusing on how Alistar support fares against various types of enemy supports. I'll categorize them based on their playstyles: engager-disengagers, peelers, tanks, mages, enchanters, poke mages, poke burst, and playmakers. It's important to note that some supports may fall into multiple categories, and item builds can significantly impact their playstyle. Additionally, the support matchup often holds more weight than the ADC matchup, particularly in higher elos, influencing lane dynamics and overall strategy.
Enchanter Champions

When facing Enchanter Champions like Lulu, Soraka, Sona, and others, Alistar's gameplay dynamic shifts. These champions primarily focus on protecting and empowering their ADC rather than directly engaging. Conversely, Alistar excels in crowd control and setting up skirmishes with her crowd control abilities. Dealing with Enchanters can be an initial challenge due to their healing and shielding potential, but Alistar can counter them with consistent pressure and well-timed engagements. It's important for Alistar and her ADC to look for opportunities to punish Enchanters during windows of opportunity when their abilities are on cooldown. Aggressive play and proper skirmish management can undermine the effectiveness of Enchanters, allowing Alistar and her team to gain lane control and potentially secure victory.
Playmaker Champions

When facing playmaker supports like Pyke, Blitzcrank, Thresh, Rakan and others, Alistar must adapt her approach due to their aggressive engage potential. These champions thrive on catching opponents out of position and starting fights. However, they often lack sustain and rely heavily on landing skill shots to engage effectively. Alistar can exploit this by playing cautiously and avoiding getting caught by their crowd control abilities. She should focus on using her own crowd control to disrupt their engages and peel for her ADC. Additionally, punishing their missed skill shots or engaging when their abilities are on cooldown can create opportunities for favorable trades and turn the tide of the lane in Alistar's favor. It's crucial for Alistar to maintain vision control and communicate effectively with her ADC to anticipate and counter the aggressive plays of playmaker supports.
Poke-Burst Mage Champions

When facing poke-burst supports like Lux, Karma, Brand, Zyra and others, Alistar must approach the matchup with caution due to their high damage output and long-range abilities. These champions excel at harassing opponents from a distance and can quickly burst down squishy targets if left unchecked. However, they are typically squishy themselves and lack sustained crowd control. Alistar can capitalize on this by engaging when their key abilities are on cooldown or when they misposition. Utilizing her tankiness and crowd control, Alistar can disrupt their poke patterns and create opportunities for favorable trades or all-ins. Additionally, maintaining bush control and vision denial can limit their ability to land skill shots and poke effectively. Communication with her ADC is crucial to coordinate engages and avoid unnecessary poke damage. By playing smart and capitalizing on windows of opportunity, Alistar can neutralize the threat posed by poke-burst supports and secure lane dominance for her team.
Peeler-Tank Champions

When facing peeler-tank supports like Taric, Tahm Kench, Braum and others, Alistar must navigate their formidable defensive capabilities and crowd control. These champions excel at protecting their ADCs and disrupting enemy engages with their crowd control abilities. However, they can be susceptible to being kited or outmaneuvered due to their lack of mobility. Alistar can exploit this by utilizing her mobility (if Alistar is building Boots of Swiftness, Solstice Sleigh and Trailblazer) and crowd control to create opportunities for engages and picks. She should focus on disrupting their peel attempts and isolating priority targets with her crowd control abilities. Additionally, Alistar can punish their mispositioning or overcommitment by coordinating engages with her ADC. It's important for Alistar to play patiently and avoid all-in engages when their defensive cooldowns are available. By maintaining vision control and capitalizing on moments of vulnerability, Alistar can overcome the defensive prowess of peeler-tank supports and secure advantages for her team.

In this section, I'll explore the synergies between Alistar support and various ADCs, focusing on their compatibility and effectiveness in different playstyles. I'll categorize ADCs based on their strengths and playstyles: Snowballing Champions, Long Range Hypercarries, Poke/High Range AD Carries, and Short Range All-In ADCs. It's crucial to understand these dynamics as they heavily influence lane dynamics and overall strategy, often outweighing the significance of the ADC matchup in higher elos.
Snowballing Champions

When paired with snowballing ADCs like Tristana, Draven, Samira, Lucian and others, Alistar can capitalize on their aggressive playstyle and early game dominance. These ADCs excel at securing kills and building leads, making them ideal partners for Alistar's crowd control and engage potential. Together, they can apply immense pressure in lane and secure kills with well-timed engages. Alistar's tankiness and crowd control abilities provide these snowballing ADCs with the safety and support they need to thrive in aggressive matchups. Against enemy bot lanes, Alistar and her snowballing ADC should look to establish lane dominance early and punish any missteps from the opposing duo. By coordinating engages and capitalizing on their early game strength, they can secure kills and objectives to snowball the game in their favor. Communication and vision control are key to exploiting the weaknesses of the enemy bot lane and securing victory for Rell and her snowballing ADC partner.
Long Range Hypercarries

When paired with long-range hypercarries like Xayah, Aphelios, Vayne, Kog'Maw and others Alistar can provide strong frontline protection and crowd control to enable their scaling potential. These ADCs excel in the late game with their immense damage output and range, and Alistar's tankiness and crowd control abilities complement their playstyle perfectly. Alistar can peel for these hypercarries effectively, ensuring they can deal damage safely in team fights. Additionally, Alistar's engage potential can create opportunities for these ADCs to capitalize on their long-range abilities and secure kills from a safe distance. Against enemy bot lanes, Alistar and her long-range hypercarry should focus on farming safely and scaling into the late game. They should be cautious of aggressive engages from the enemy duo and prioritize vision control to avoid ganks. Coordination and communication are essential to capitalize on their scaling advantage and secure objectives in the later stages of the game. With proper positioning and teamwork, Alistar and her long-range hypercarry partner can dominate team fights and carry their team to victory.
Poke/High Range AD Carries

When paired with poke/high-range ADCs like Miss Fortune, Caitlyn, Ezreal, Varus, and Ashe, Alistar can provide strong zoning and engage potential to complement their poke abilities. These ADCs excel at harassing opponents from a distance and whittling down their health before engaging in an all-in fight. Alistar's crowd control abilities can help these ADCs create space and control the battlefield, allowing them to safely poke from a distance. Additionally, Alistar's engage potential can catch enemies off guard and set up opportunities for her poke-focused ADC partner to land crucial abilities. Against enemy bot lanes, Alistar and her poke/high-range ADC should focus on establishing lane dominance through consistent harassment and zoning. They should prioritize vision control to avoid enemy ganks and punish mispositioned opponents with well-timed engages. Coordination and communication are key to maximizing their poke potential and securing objectives during the laning phase. With proper positioning and teamwork, Alistar and her poke/high-range ADC partner can control the pace of the game and dictate the outcome of team fights with their combined poke and engage capabilities.
Short Range All-In ADCs

When paired with short-range all-in ADCs like Kai'Sa, Tristana, Xayah, Lucian, Aphelios, Kalista, and Vayne, Alistar can provide strong engage and follow-up potential to capitalize on their burst damage and mobility. These ADCs excel in close-quarters combat and rely on quick engages to secure kills in lane and team fights. Alistar's crowd control abilities can help them lock down targets and unleash their full combo, ensuring maximum damage output. Additionally, Alistar's tankiness and peel can protect these short-range ADCs during fights, allowing them to stay in the fray longer and deal sustained damage. Against enemy bot lanes, Alistar and her short-range all-in ADC should look for opportunities to trade aggressively and punish opponents for mispositioning. They should coordinate engages and focus on bursting down priority targets quickly to gain an advantage in fights. Vision control is crucial to avoid enemy ganks and maintain pressure in lane. With proper communication and teamwork, Alistar and her short-range all-in ADC partner can dominate the laning phase and snowball their lead into a victory.

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