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Pyke Build Guide by PykEugeo

Support ✔️ The Most detailed Guide ever made on Pyke [SUP] [MID] [ JGL ] [ADC] ✘

Support ✔️ The Most detailed Guide ever made on Pyke [SUP] [MID] [ JGL ] [ADC] ✘

Updated on June 12, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PykEugeo Build Guide By PykEugeo 351 38 642,315 Views 23 Comments
351 38 642,315 Views 23 Comments
League of Legends Build Guide Author PykEugeo Pyke Build Guide By PykEugeo Updated on June 12, 2024
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  • LoL Champion: Pyke
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Runes: After Lethality Changes it's the Best

1 2 3 4 5
Hail of Blades
Sudden Impact
Ghost Poro
Treasure Hunter

Cash Back
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+10-180 Bonus Health
+10-180 Bonus Health


Exaust Power
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

✔️ The Most detailed Guide ever made on Pyke [SUP] [MID] [ JGL ] [ADC] ✘

By PykEugeo

Welcome to my guide! I'm PψkΣugeØ, Italian Pyke OTP, and in this guide, I'll be sharing all of my experiences with Pyke. Whether you're already a seasoned Pyke player or someone looking to learn the champion, I've got you covered.

After spending a considerable amount of time playing other champions, I eventually discovered that Pyke's kit and playstyle align perfectly with my preferences. However, I must admit that playing Pyke is not always a walk in the park (it requires some skill), but I'll show you the reasons why picking Pyke is worth it and why he's enjoyable to play.

Here are my mastery points and my rank: I finished Season 12 with the rank of Silver 4, but it's essential to note that I wasn't stuck at that rank. I simply preferred playing more drafts with friends rather than ranked games. During those drafts, I often encountered formidable botlanes, like Samira and Nautilus (both at Gold 2 and 1v2 winning botlane), and still managed to secure victories. This leads me to believe that my rank in the last season was somewhere between Gold 1 and Platinum 4. However, my goal for this season is to achieve Platinum 4, and I'll keep you updated on my progress throughout the months.

I started to upload videos on youtube, I leave you one of these to see, but I suggest you to see them more, to understand my playstyle. Sub me to see others video in future, and leave a like :).

My others guides and awards won:
✔️ The Most detailed Guide ever made on Pyke [SUP.] [MID] [ JGL ] [ADC] ✘
✔️ How pocovirtuoso got Rank 1 Rell in World with this Setup ✔️
✔️ Tank + Alistar = MUU!! ✔️

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A excelent Roaming:
Pyke excels at roaming, allowing him to exert pressure on other lanes and set up successful ganks.
Ultimate Provides More Gold: Pyke's ultimate not only secures kills but also grants extra gold last his teammate who assisted in the takedown or himself if assisted in kill with R.
Easy Lane Ganks After Roaming: Following a successful roam, Pyke can easily gank his own lane, catching opponents off guard.
Execute Potential with Ultimate:
Pyke's ultimate ability allows him to execute low-health enemies, providing a reliable finisher in team fights.
Wall Passage with Phantom Undertow:
Pyke's Phantom Undertow enables him to pass through walls, granting him additional mobility and escape options.
High Mobility compared to most champions in League of Legends (second only to Talon).
Snowballing as an Assassin: If Pyke manages to snowball in the early game, he becomes a formidable assassin, increasing the chances of winning the game significantly.
Utility of Phantom Undertow for ADC and Early Game Kills: Pyke's Phantom Undertow not only provides utility for his ADC but also aids in securing early game kills.
Pyke is a Playmaker:
Pyke's playmaking prowess shines through his exceptional roaming, setting up successful ganks and catching opponents off guard.
If you prefer a cunning and aggressive playstyle, Pyke is the perfect champion for you. His kit not only allows him to outplay specific opponents but also catch late-game enemies off-guard with his powerful roaming ability, sometimes resembling a second jungler. Pyke's roaming is not only highly effective but also helps him multiply the gold earned every time he secures a kill or assist with his ultimate. This advantage allows him to build items for his ADC much faster than the enemy, giving your team a significant edge in the game.
Fragile Champion:
Pyke is squishy due to his passive, Gift of the Drowned Ones, which converts any bonus health from items into attack damage, making him vulnerable to burst damage from mages and other assassins.
Challenging Botlane Matchups: Pyke struggles against tanky, sustain-heavy, or high DPS enemies in the botlane, making these matchups challenging for him.
Roaming Setbacks :
A failed roaming attempt can halt Pyke's snowballing potential, as successful roams are essential for him to gain an advantage.
Susceptible to Ranged Poke: Pyke is susceptible to poke from ranged enemies, making it difficult for him to sustain in lane.
Late Game Reliance on Ultimate: In the late game, Pyke heavily relies on his ultimate, and without it, his impact on team fights diminishes.
Snowballing and Team Coordination: Pyke's effectiveness is heavily dependent on snowballing or having a cohesive team. If he falls behind or lacks team coordination, his impact can be significantly reduced.
Vulnerability to Hard Crowd Control (CC): Pyke's lack of crowd control immunity makes him susceptible to hard CC, such as stuns, roots, and suppressions.
Like any champion, Pyke also has some weaknesses. Apart from being an assassin and thus susceptible to being one-shot by mages and other assassins, his passive also prevents him from benefiting from bonus health items, converting them into attack damage instead. It's crucial to have a team that understands how to play around Pyke effectively. If he fails to snowball early due to enemy sustain or high DPS, it can be frustrating to continue the game, and surrendering might seem like the only option. Additionally, like any other champion, Pyke is vulnerable to hard crowd control, which can disrupt his plans and make it difficult for him to execute his plays.
Pyke's maximum health cannot increase except through growth (per level), instead he gains 1 bonus attack damage per 14 bonus health.
Pyke stores 9% (+ 0.20% per 1 Lethality) of the post-mitigation damage he takes from enemy champions as grey health on his health bar, increased to 40% (+ 0.4% per 1 Lethality) while there are two or more visible enemy champions nearby. He can store up to 80 (+ 800% bonus AD) grey health, with an upper cap of 55% of his maximum health.

When Pyke is not visible to enemies, he rapidly consumes his grey health to power heal for the same amount.

Target range: 400 − 1100 (Based on channel time)
Effect radius: 550
Width: 140 / 200
Cast time: 0.25 sec.
Cost: 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 Mana
Cooldown: 10 / 9.5 / 9 / 8.5 / 8 sec.
Physical Damage: 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+ 75% bonus AD)

ACTIVE: Pyke charges while being slowed by 20% for up to 3 seconds to increase Bone Skewer's range over the first second of the channel. Bone Skewer can be recast at any time within the duration.

RECAST: Pyke hurls his harpoon in the target direction that deals physical damage to the first enemy hit, (knock up) pulling them towards his direction, during which they are also revealed, and slowing them by 90% for 1 second.

Releasing the ability within 0.4 seconds causes Pyke to instead thrust his blade in the target direction, dealing the same damage to the closest enemy champion, or closest enemy otherwise.

If the charge is silenced, interrupted or completes without reactivation, Bone Skewer is cancelled and the ability is put on cooldown full cooldown but refunds 75% of the mana cost. Bone Skewer's mana cost is refunded if it hits an enemy champion.

Cost: 50 Mana
Cooldown: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 sec.
Detection radius: 600

ACTIVE: Pyke submerges into water, entering camouflage for 5 seconds and gaining 45% (+ 2% per 1 Lethality) bonus movement speed that decays over the duration. Enemy champions within 1500 units of Pyke are alerted of his presence and whether he can execute them with Death from Below.

Attacking or casting abilities ends Ghostwater Dive immediately.

Target range: 550
Effect radius: 110
Width: 110
Speed: 3000
Cost: 40 Mana
Cooldown: 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 sec.
Physical Damage: 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+ 100% bonus AD)

ACTIVE: Pyke dashes a fixed distance in the target direction, leaving behind a Phantom.
After a 1-second delay, the Phantom homes back to Pyke to stun enemies around it and those it passes through along the way for 1.25 (+ 0.1 per 10 Lethality) seconds. Enemy champions hit also take physical damage.

Target range: 750
Effect radius: 125 / 282.5 × 100
Cast time: 0.5 sec.
Cost: 100 Mana
Cooldown: 100 / 85 / 70 sec.

ACTIVE: Pyke marks the target location with an X before striking it, executing enemy champions within the area that are below 250 − 550 (based on level) (+ 80% bonus AD) (+ 1.5 per 1 Lethality) health. Other enemies hit and enemy champions above the threshold are instead dealt ( 50% of the amount as physical damage ).
If Death from Below hits an enemy champion or at least one is killed inside the X by an ally, Pyke will blink to the center of the X. For the latter case Pyke also gains the ability to recast within
20 seconds at no cost.
Each successful execution grants one to the last assisting ally, instead of its natural assist gold. In addition, each enemy champion killed inside the X by an ally during Death from Below's cast time grants Pyke one .

Game elements that increase health based on the champion's health (e.g Overgrowth) will increase the health before getting converted by Gift of the Drowned Ones, thus granting increased bonus AD.

Spirit Visage and Grievous Wounds, a debuff that reduces all of a unit's healing and health regeneration received by 40%, take effect after Gift of the Drowned Ones's healing cap.

Pyke's grey health does not have a time limit, and will stay on his health bar until Pyke leaves enemy vision or dies.

Since Pyke's maximum health cannot be increased, Gift of the Drowned Ones reaches the upper cap of 55% of maximum health at 40.25 − 172.85 (based on level) bonus attack damage.

Untargetable champions count towards Pyke's modified grey health storing.

The maximum amount of additional grey health storing gained possible from all lethality sources is 47.8 - 50.8 at 127 lethality. This is reduced to 23.9-25.4% while there are fewer than two enemy champions nearby.

Gift of the Drowned Ones is 93.75% gold efficient.

1 HP = 2.66 gold. (calculated with Ruby Crystal. 400g / 150 hp = 2.66)

1 AD = 35 gold. (calculate with Long Sword. 350 g / 10 ad = 35 g)

AD/HP (35 / 2.66) = 13.125 (this is to find where AD=HP, meaning 13.125 HP is equal to 1 AD. The equation would be 13.75 [HP] = [AD])

Pyke's passive converts every 14 bonus hp into 1 ad. so if you divide 13.125 by 14, you get 0.9375, meaning each bonus HP you buy is only 93.75% the gold value you get for each AD.

100% efficiency would be 8 AD for every 105 HP.

Mathematical calculations on the passive

Only the charged version of Bone Skewer will be intercepted.

This ability will cast from wherever the caster is at the end of the cast time.

Pyke can still use summoner spells besides Flash, Teleport, Hextech Flashtraption, and Mark/Dash while hurling the harpoon but he cannot perform any other action.

When an enemy is alerted, sharks will circle underneath their feet while a sound will be played to them that changes based on health threshold.

The maximum amount of bonus movement speed gained possible from all lethality sources is 254% at 127 lethality.

Mathematical calculations on the W

The dash distance can be extended to up to 900 units (estimated) when targeting across terrain.

Like most projectiles, the flying Phantom cannot hit targets whose center is behind the position it originates at or beyond the position it catches up to Pyke at, but the spell can hit targets behind its origin as long as their hitbox radius overlaps with the original unit Phantom's 110-radius check at the end of its lifespan.

The maximum increase in stun duration possible from all lethality sources is 1.27 seconds at 127 lethality, with the base duration included for a total of 2.52 seconds.

Mathematical calculations on the E

Applies raw damage to executed targets and area damage to targets above the threshold.

Raw damage is a type of damage that ignores all resistances and shields active on target. Invulnerability, (e.g. Divine Judgment) is only way to reduce raw damage, but Spell Shield will also negate its application where applicable. All current champion-sources of raw damage deal in excess of 100% of the target's current health, and so this damage type is often referred to as execution damage.
By default, raw damage will also ignore minimum health threshold and resurrection effects. However, all current interactions between champion-sourced raw damage have been handled to not-kill protected champions. It is worth noting that for Undying Rage and Lamb's Respite, the special-cased behavior to prevent affected champions from being executed will leave them on 1 health rather than the amounts specified by the ability.

The following effects trigger a champion to enter in spell shield against Q and ( only for
Nocturne, Sivir, Fiora, Pantheon* ) too R:

Braum's Unbreakable block Pyke's Q,E
( Pyke's Q,E are projectiles but R is not a projectile)

Dr. Mundo's Goes Where He Pleases block Pyke's Q, E
Fiora's Riposte block Pyke's Q, E, R
Malzahar's Void Shift block Pyke's Q, E
Morgana's Black Shield block Pyke's Q, E
Nocturne's Shroud of Darkness block Pyke's Q, E, R
Samira's Blade Whirl block Pyke's Q, E
Sivir's Spell Shield block Pyke's Q, E, R
Yasuo's Wind Wall block Pyke's Q,E (only in the direction of E on wall)
Edge of Night block Pyke's Q , E, R
Banshee's Veil block Pyke's Q , E, R
Pantheon's Aegis Assault block Pyke's E, R
*only if the shield is in the direction Pyke's R or E started*.

The following effects trigger a champion to enter in Unstoppable:

Briar's Certain Death block Pyke's Q,E
Camille's Hextech Ultimatum block Pyke's Q, E
Corki's Valkyrie block Pyke's Q, E
Hecarim's Onslaught of Shadows block Pyke's Q, E
Illaoi's Leap of Faith block Pyke's Q, E
Jarvan IV's Cataclysm block Pyke's Q, E
K'Sante's Path Maker block Pyke's Q, E
Kalista's Fate's Call block Pyke's Q, E
Malphite's Unstoppable Force block Pyke's Q, E
Nocturne's Paranoia block Pyke's Q, E (recast)
Olaf's Ragnarok block Pyke's Q, E
Ornn's Bellows Breath block Pyke's Q, E
Rammus's Soaring Slam block Pyke's Q, E
Rek'Sai's Void Rush block Pyke's Q, E
Sett's The Show Stopper block Pyke's Q, E, R (suppress him if pyke is in air)
Shyvana's Dragon's Descent block Pyke's Q, E
Tahm Kench's Devour block Pyke's Q, E
Udyr's Blazing Stampede block Pyke's Q, E
Vex's Shadow Surge block Pyke's Q, E
Vi's Cease and Desist block Pyke's Q, E
Viego's Heartbreaker block Pyke's Q, E
Warwick's Infinite Duress block Pyke's Q, E, R (suppress him if pyke is in air).
Yone's Soul Unbound block Pyke's Q, E (recast)

The following effects trigger a champion to enter in Dodge but this effect DOESNT WORK on Pyke's Death from Below:

Jax's Counter Strike blocks basic attacks Pyke
Nilah's Jubilant Veil blocks basic attacks Pyke
Shen's Spirit's Refuge blocks basic attacks Pyke

The following effects trigger a champion to enter in Invulnerability:

Ekko's Chronobreak nullify Pyke's R
Kalista's Fate's Call nullify Pyke's R
Kayle's Divine Judgment nullify Pyke's R
Kindred's Lamb's Respite nullify Pyke's R
Lissandra's Frozen Tomb nullify Pyke's R
Taric's Cosmic Radiance nullify Pyke's R
Tryndamere's Undying Rage nullify Pyke's R
Xin Zhao's Crescent Guard nullify Pyke's R (only invulnerable to champions a certain distance away)
Pantheon's Aegis Assault nullify Pyke's E, R (only invulnerable to non-turret damage coming from a specific direction)

The following effects trigger a champion to enter in Untargetable:

Camille's Hextech Ultimatum Dodges Pyke's Q, E, R
Elise's Cocoon / Rappel Dodges Pyke's Q,E,R (rappel)
Evelynn's Last Caress Dodges Pyke's Q, E, R
Fizz's Playful / Trickster Dodges Pyke's Q, E, R
Galio's Hero's Entrance Dodges Pyke's Q, E, R
Gwen's Hallowed Mist Dodges Pyke's Q, R ( E depend )
Kayn's Umbral Trespass Dodges Pyke's R
Kled's Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard dodges Pyke's R (untargetable for 0.5 seconds)
Lissandra's Frozen Tomb Dodges Pyke's R
Maokai's Twisted Advance Dodges Pyke's Q, E, R
Master Yi's Alpha Strike Dodges Pyke's Q, E, R
Rek'Sai's Void Rush Dodges Pyke's Q, E, R
Sylas's Hijack Dodges Pyke's Q, E, R (stealing correct ult )
Xayah's Featherstorm Dodges Pyke's Q, E, R
Vladimir's Sanguine Pool Dodges Pyke's Q, E, R
Viego's Sovereign's Domination Dodge Pyke's Q, E, R at the right time
Zed's Death Mark Dodges Pyke's Q, E, R
Bard's Tempered Fate Dodges Pyke's R (Q,E)
Ekko's Chronobreak Dodges Pyke's R (Q,E)
Zhonya's Hourglass Dodges Pyke's R (Q,E)
Mordekaiser's Realm of Death could dodge/block Pyke's R if used in right time on another Pyke's teammate

Death from Below cannot execute clones. They are always dealt 50% physical damage.

If the target is in a zombie state or does not enter the death state, Death from Below does not grant Your Cut nor the recast.

The following effects trigger a champion to enter a Zombie State:

If an enemy champion dies inside the X during Death from Below's cast time, Pyke will be shown as having received an assist in the kill feed, but this will not trigger takedown effects.

Death from Below cannot be interrupted; Pyke will always appear at the target location if enemy champions are caught inside the X even if he is moved (e.g. by being displaced) during the cast time.

The only exception is if he is being suppressed (e.g. by Nether Grasp, in which case he will not blink.

The following effects trigger a champion to Suppress:

The maximum execution threshold increase gained possible from all lethality sources
is 190.5 health at 127 lethality.

Mathematical calculations on the R



Choosing the right skin in League of Legends can indeed make a difference in the gameplay experience, as each skin can alter the visuals and sometimes even the animations of abilities. This can impact the way Pyke's ultimate ability, Death from Below, is perceived and potentially enhance certain synergies with specific champions.

In this section, I will provide insights and recommendations on which skin to use for Pyke based on different scenarios and team compositions. Certain skins may have better visual cues for his abilities, making it easier to execute combos effectively. Additionally, some skins might have thematic synergies with champions like Yone, Yasuo, Diana, Orianna and others, potentially enhancing the overall experience and performance during the game.

Consider factors like skin animations, particle effects, and thematic ties when choosing the best skin for Pyke in specific situations. Having a deeper understanding of how each skin can impact your gameplay can lead to more satisfying and successful matches.

The next section will delve into the various skins available for Pyke, highlighting their unique features and potential benefits in different game scenarios.
Vote for X
x 6/10 for pentakill
( killing 1 for 1 )
x 5.5 / 10 for more kills in the X
This is Pyke's basic Death from Below appearance, without any skin. While functional, its visual impact is modest, lacking the grandeur desired for achieving pentakills or multi-kills. Embracing a captivating skin enhances the ability's allure, elevating its lethal potential and dark allure. Opt for a skin whenever possible to fully unleash Pyke's true prowess, though if unavailable, the default appearance will suffice.
Vote for X
x 10/10 for pentakill
( killing 1 for 1 )
x 7/10 for kills in same X
I recommend using this skin in ranked games or whenever you want to perform at your best. The meticulous design of the blade's tip enhances the effectiveness of your grabs, making it easier to catch enemies. Moreover, the ultimate ability becomes a deadly tool for executing enemies from maximum range, even under their tower, before swiftly escaping. This skin's potential is immense, and it remains a solid choice even if there are champions like Diana, Yasuo, Yone etc. Embrace its power and make the most of it in your matches!
Vote for X
x 7/10 for pentakill
( killing 1 for 1 )
x 6.5/10 for kills in same X
The Blood Moon Pyke , with its modest design, offers a unique gaming experience for challenge seekers. The dark-toned blade adds an eerie touch to the Death from Below ability, making it perfect for those seeking a more subtle atmosphere. While it may appear unassuming, this skin proves to be an excellent choice for determined players. In competitive ranks, its presence is subtly menacing, improving grab accuracy and empowering long-range executions with the R.
Vote for X
x 7.5/10 for pentakill
( killing 1 for 1 )
x 7.5/10 for kills in same X
PsyOps Pyke skin offers a futuristic and cybernetic theme. Equipped with advanced technology, this skin is designed to elevate your in-game experience. The sleek and sharp visuals enhance the Dead Man's Trigger ability, making it a visual treat as you wreak havoc on the battlefield.
Vote for X
x 8/10 for pentakill
( killing 1 for 1 )
x 8/10 for kills in same X
PROJECT: Pyke , a skin with great potential for try-hard players and lethal assassins. Its slightly elongated X sides enhance precision, while the booming central part aids in securing multiple kills. Additionally, the skin's unique particle effects can disorient opponents, making it a formidable choice. With its futuristic theme and sleek animations, PROJECT: Pyke immerses you in a cybernetic killing spree, earning a more than favorable rating.
Vote for X
x 7.5/10 for pentakill
( killing 1 for 1 )
x 10/10 for kills in same X
Sentinel Pyke , an excellent choice for both try-hard players and skilled assassins. Its thunderous central part empowers multiple kills within the X. Ideal for matchups with champions like Yasuo, Yone, Diana, Orianna , and more, as it facilitates securing kills on multiple enemies, potentially leading to pentakills. The skin's visual impact is striking, immersing you in a sentinel's quest for justice.
Vote for X
x 10/10 for pentakill
( killing 1 for 1 )
x 10/10 for kills in same X
Ashen Knight Pyke , a skin with immense potential for try-hard players and multi-kills. Its thunderous central part empowers deadly executions within the X. The broken segment design adds a challenging yet satisfying element, rewarding precise strikes. With its "Dark Souls"-inspired theme and mythical status, Ashen Knight Pyke offers marvelous effects and immerses you in a dark and epic adventure. Embrace the power of the knight, dominate the battlefield, and let the awe-inspiring visuals strike fear into your enemies' hearts. Unleash the might of the Ashen Knight with every calculated move.
Vote for X
x 8-/10 for pentakill
( killing 1 for 1 )
x 7+/10 for kills in same X
Empyrean Pyke , while aesthetically captivating, may not be the most gameplay-friendly skin. Its unique X formation in the ultimate adds challenge and satisfaction when mastered. However, the Q effects make it difficult to predict successful grabs, leading to potential confusion. The R execution can also pose a challenge. Choose this skin for its visual appeal, but be prepared for gameplay intricacies.
Vote for X
x 8+/10 for pentakill
( killing 1 for 1 )
x 9-/10 for kills in same X
Soul Fighter Pyke , a recently released skin, possesses great potential for try-hard players and multi-kills, with its thunderous central part amplifying the thrill. The X formed by broken segments adds complexity, rewarding mastery with satisfying precision strikes. Similar to Sand Wraith Pyke , its efficiency shines through as it complements Pyke's gameplay mechanics.
Vote for X
x 9+/10 for pentakill
( killing 1 for 1 )
x 9/10 for kills in same X
Prestige Soul Fighter Pyke , an incredibly exceptional skin with immense potential for both try-hard players and multi-kills. Its thunderous central part intensifies the thrill of executions. The broken segments in the X add complexity, offering a rewarding challenge for skilled players. The skin's impressive effects and sounds enhance the experience, rivaling the greatness of Ashen Knight Pyke . Embrace the prestige and immerse yourself in the skin's allure, channeling its power for unparalleled dominance on the battlefield. Unleash the might of the Prestige Soul Fighter, leaving enemies awestruck by your lethal prowess.
As a support, one of your primary responsibilities is to provide vision control for your team. Proper warding can make a significant difference in the outcome of the game, and as a Pyke player, you can leverage vision to set up deadly plays and secure crucial picks.






Youmuu's Ghostblade
Before delving into the gameplay, let's explore some fundamental concepts for the role of an assassin support like Pyke. Understanding lethality and armor penetration is crucial. Lethality was (in season 13) a scaling effect tied to the player's level, but now (in season 14) it's become a flat variable who affixes the opponent's armor, enhancing damage output against opponents with low armor. It proves effective against tanky enemies or those building armor, allowing Pyke to deal substantial damage where it might otherwise be lacking.

Against Squishi Champ
Exactly! The formula for calculating flat armor penetration is as follows in S14:
Flat Armor Penetration = Lethality × (0.6 + 0.4 × level ÷ 18).
In Season 13-
In past Season 13 formula Lethality was multiplied by a coefficient that increased with the champion's level. This meant that Lethality was more effective on higher level champions. In Season 14 instead, the formula was changed so that Lethality penetrates armor evenly, regardless of the champion's level. This change aims to make Lethality more consistent and predictable.

Against Tanks
Pen. Armor
Lethality is the sister stat of bonus armor penetration and is applied to the target after clearing bonus armor penetration.
In a scenario where you would have 20 flat armor penetration from lethality and 30 bonus armor penetration, the target would lose 30 of their armor, before losing the fixed amount of 20. At 200 armor, for example, the target would be reduced to 140 from bonus armor penetration and then to 120 from flat armor penetration.
(200 - 30% bonus armor pen) - 20 flat armor pen = (200-60)-20 = 140-20 = 120
Tips and Last considerations
Absolutely, Lethality is an essential stat for assassin champions aiming to snowball in the early game. It provides a significant damage boost, especially during the early levels, allowing assassins like Pyke to punish opponents in the bottom lane with low base armor. AD champions such as Senna, Draven, Jhin, and Varus can also benefit greatly from lethality if they manage to survive the laning phase.

However, it's essential to recognize that lethality becomes less effective against champions who stack a lot of armor. In such cases, building items with bonus armor penetration is more efficient as it allows you to bypass a significant portion of the opponent's armor. As the game progresses and enemies build more armor, considering armor penetration items over pure lethality becomes vital for maintaining your impact in team fights and against tankier opponents. Balancing lethality and armor penetration is key for adapting your build to different situations and maximizing your damage output as an assassin support like Pyke.

PTA If snowballing

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DMGs reducted If even
Celestial Opposition

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Synchronized Souls > Mov. speed & enhanced recall
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Mercury's Treads > Tenacity
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Boots of Swiftness > Counter Slow
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Ionian Boots of Lucidity > For CDR
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Zephyr > For ATK speed (AFTER LIV 15)
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Ferrari Assassin
Youmuu's Ghostblade

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+Lethality+ bonus

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Lethality Energized
Voltaic Cyclosword

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To reset ASAP next R
Axiom Arc

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Breaks Excess Shields
Serpent's Fang

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+AD+ bonus endlessly

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Spell Shield
Edge of Night

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Ward Destroyer
Umbral Glaive

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Tenacity + MR
Wit's End

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Best against IE
Randuin's Omen

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Best against Burst AP
Maw of Malmortius

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Chempunk Chainsword

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Lord Dominik's Regards

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Best to Farm
Profane Hydra

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Best against Atk speed
Frozen Heart

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Profane is better
Titanic Hydra

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No shield 30% hp
Sterak's Gage

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No motive to have 2 exe
The Collector

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Hail of Blades
Hail of Blades is undeniably the key rune for Pyke, offering unparalleled benefits due to its unique hit-and-run playstyle. When combined with Bone Skewer (E), this rune allows Pyke to quickly engage and disengage in fights. After landing a hook, Pyke can unleash all three Hail of Blades-enhanced auto-attacks in rapid succession, significantly increasing his burst damage and catch potential. This burst of damage is especially effective during the early game, making Hail of Blades the go-to choice for Pyke players looking to dominate the laning phase.
Cheap Shot
Cheap Shot: With Phantom Undertow (Q) at his disposal, Cheap Shot becomes an excellent choice for Pyke. The stun effect of Phantom Undertow activates Cheap Shot, dealing bonus true damage to the target. This added damage can make a difference in securing kills or poking down opponents, enhancing Pyke's overall threat as an assassin support.
Explanation of Sudden Impact
Ghost Poro
Ghost Poro is invaluable for Pyke as a vision-centric support, enhancing map awareness and control. This rune leaves a Ghost Poro where each ward expires, providing additional vision points on the map for an extended duration. It allows Pyke to track enemy movements, particularly the jungler, by controlling the river and jungle entrances. This helps Pyke's team predict enemy moves, set up counterganks, and secure objectives like Dragon and Baron. The extended vision duration aids Pyke in planning safer roams and making impactful plays.

With Ghost Poro, Pyke can establish dominance over key areas by placing strategic wards in high-traffic zones, river crossings, deep vision on blue/red buff enemy and objective areas. This limits the enemy's options and makes them vulnerable to Pyke's presence. The rune complements Pyke's hit-and-run style, allowing him to set up vision in enemy territory and disappear, leaving the enemy guessing his whereabouts. Overall, Ghost Poro plays to Pyke's strengths as an assassin support, granting him an edge in tracking enemies, controlling vision, and setting up game-winning plays.
Explanation of Zombie Ward
Treasure Hunter
As an assassin support, Pyke heavily relies on snowballing and obtaining gold advantages. Treasure Hunter plays a pivotal role in this, providing extra gold for each unique takedown or assist on different enemy champions. The incentive to roam and secure kills aligns perfectly with Pyke's playstyle, making this rune a top choice for him. This additional gold enables Pyke to reach his item power spikes faster, ultimately increasing his effectiveness in the game. Compared to Ultimate Hunter, which reduces the cooldown of his ultimate, the potential for increased gold income is more advantageous for Pyke's overall performance and impact in matches.
Cash Back
The new Cash Back rune in the Inspiration tree, replacing Magical Footwear, can offer significant advantages for Pyke. This rune provides an 6% gold return on the purchase of legendary items, giving you 180 gold back on a 3000 gold item. This immediate gold return can be reinvested into other items or wards, providing a continuous economic advantage throughout the game. Unlike Magical Footwear, which locks you into a specific purchase and provides free boots after a certain time, Cash Back offers flexibility by allowing you to benefit from any legendary item purchase, enabling you to adapt your build according to the game's needs without waiting for boots.

Early game, Pyke benefits from the gold boost provided by Cash Back, helping him complete his core items faster and enhancing his effectiveness in roaming and skirmishes. As the game progresses and you purchase more legendary items, the gold advantage that is provided by this rune far exceeds that of the Magical Footwear. This replaces the old Future's Market, which involved managing debt and interest, with a simpler and more straightforward economic benefit.

Additionally, the extra gold from Cash Back synergizes well with Pyke's playstyle, which relies on mobility, assassinations, and quick item spikes. The economic boost helps Pyke reach his power spikes faster, enhancing his ability to secure kills and assist his team. The additional gold can also contribute to building situational items that can turn the tide in fights. Overall, Cash Back provides Pyke with a consistent and flexible economic advantage, allowing him to adapt dynamically and maintain his role as an effective assassin support.
Cosmic Insight
Secondary Rune Alternative: Resolve

Secondary Rune Alternative: Precision

First Combo - x 3? ?

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Second Combo - x 3? ?

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Third Combo - x 3? ?

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Fourth Combo To Kill - ? ?

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Fifth Combo To Chase - x 3 )

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Sixth Combo - x 3 x #?? ?

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As a Pyke player, it's essential to know how to deal with champions that have abilities like invulnerability, untargetability, suppression, spell shields, sustains and dashes, which can counter Pyke's kit. While it may seem daunting, mastering the art of adaptation and survival is crucial to succeeding with Pyke.

When facing champions with invulnerability or untargetability effects, patience is key. Remember that these effects have a duration and will eventually wear off. Instead of going all-in immediately, focus on staying alive during this time. Play a more cautious style, using your mobility to dodge skill shots and avoid getting caught. Once the invulnerability or untargetability wears off, seize the opportunity to strike back and secure a kill.

Learning the timing and audio cues of these abilities can greatly improve your ability to respond effectively. For example, when an enemy uses Zhonya's Hourglass, watch for the stasis effect to end, and quickly follow up with your ultimate to secure a kill.

Champions with dashes can be tricky to deal with as they can easily dodge Pyke's abilities. To counter this, try to bait out their dashes before going all-in. Feign an engagement and force them to use their dash defensively. Once their dash is on cooldown, capitalize on the opportunity and go for the kill.

Regarding champions with sustain abilities, focus on short, bursty trades rather than prolonged engagements. Sustaining champions can outlast Pyke in prolonged fights, so it's better to strike quickly and retreat. Use your combo to deal significant damage, then disengage before they can heal back up. Keep in mind that your ultimate ignores shields but not healing, so target champions with low health and avoid wasting your ultimate on high-health sustainers.

Overall, learning to adapt and adjust your playstyle based on the enemy team composition and their abilities is crucial for mastering Pyke. By honing your survival skills and choosing the right moments to strike, you can become a formidable force on the Rift, regardless of counters or unfavorable matchups.

The most serious counters in fact for Pyke (without contradicting myself with those lists that I have listed in the samples section) are the dashes and sustains (not shield-type, only the cures, since the R passes through any shield (except Sivir etc.)).

Let's start with the first one, the dash. There are several champions who abuse the dash to dodge Pyke's attacks.
Here is a list, I hope exhaustive, of all the champions who give dash their skills:

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