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League of Legends Build Guide Author haveagoodorange

That's So Riven, Unique and In-Depth ||Out of Date||

haveagoodorange Last updated on December 8, 2012
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That's So Lane


That's So Jungle

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This guide is INCOMPLETE!

This is not because of an inability for me to do so, and is not up for adoption, but because I do parts of this guide at a time, and don't (or cant find) enough time to write this.

This will be completed shortly. If it isnt, COMPLAIN MINIONS, COMPLAIN!

Coming SOON!!!!!

  • Situational Full Builds
  • Ability Breakdown
  • Ability Sequences
  • Early Game/Jungle
  • Mid Game
  • Late Game
  • Lane Opponents

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||Introducing : Myself and Riven||

Hi there!

First of all, this is my first ever guide on MobaFire (shock-horror!), so any feedback - negative or positive - is extremely welcome. Before looking at my guide, and going wtf????, please read through, and check out the effectiveness of it yourself, before telling me how bad I am. Thanks :D


I have played Riven quite a bit, buying her the absolutesecondshecameout! I can safely say that I didn't do too well when I first started, back then I focused more on AP Mid Carries. But now, with my all rounded awesome play style, I can safely tell you my spin of Riven, The Exile.

Now, I play her in ranked, and a lot of people are telling me how useless she can be. My current ELO isn't that flash - 1330 :( - and I myself was stuck in ELO hell (yah, the bad one, at around 900) and players don't really think outside of the box there. It was always the same: Tank solo top, Bruiser jungle, AP mid and duo ADC/Support bot, a solid team composition, but also a very worn out one. Riven is obviously not a very tanky champion (this is somewhat mitigated by this build) and so does not fit in with the aforementioned play style at the top lane. She is, however, viable in Jungle. Hopefully, though, with my build you will learn how to unleash the hidden talents of Riven, and learn some awesome tips and trick along the way :D

Ja Ne

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||Awesome Pros & Fateful Cons||

Awesome Pros:
  • Nice, easy attack animation
  • Woman with a sword
  • Excellent early harrasment
  • High (if not the highest) mobility for a melee champion, especially in situations when retreating
  • Her ultimate transforms her into a lady with a giant sword
  • Her spells cost 0 mana. Think of all the Mana Potion you don't have to buy anymore ;)
  • A shield that scales excellently into late game
Fateful Cons:
  • Squishy early game
  • No inbuilt lane sustain
  • Only gets a giant sword when ultimate is activated ):
  • Losing the lane is hard to recover from
  • Falls off slightly late game
  • Somewhat high cooldowns
  • No ranged harass - except her ult, but you don't want to be spamming that

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||Marvellous Masteries||

This is extremely helpful early game, but not so much late game. In the lane phase, managing to grab that extra +5 AD from burning Ignite. It might just get you that kill, or give you a teeny little boost in your harass. Either way, there is no point in throwing away bonus AD.

This is pretty obvious I suppose. A bit of a buff to your early AD, but it isn't that noticeable late game. You grab this for the easier last hitting on minions more than anything, but then again, you could get...

+4 Cooldown Reduction? Yes please! With the runes (next chapter) this will bring your CDR to about 10%. This is quite nice, but will stack up to higher amounts later on in the game.

Pretty obvious choice right here. Bonus damage on towers, means that you take it down faster. Not completely needed, but a nice bonus all game round.

Why would you want to give up FREE ARMOUR PENETRATION!

This helps us a little bit with our lane sustain, that is all. It isn't all that noticable, but with constant last hitting, or even constant auto attacking if you feel comfortable enough (you brave soldier, I salute you) your health will steadily increase. And of course it all adds on late game when you buy your The Bloodthirster


Ahhhh. Extra damage when the enemy has low health? What more could you ask for? The only problem is, its a very small buff, but could be the difference between Wind Slash (which is very tedious) killing someone, or them getting away with 4 HP.

Ones We Don't Take

This isn't completely necessary on Riven, as Attack Speed isn't a big thing for her, but this may help you in last hitting, which is what the early game is all about :D

This will make last hitting on Riven a breeze. An extra bit of damage (+4) will go a long way in the lane phase, as a lot of people only JUST miss getting the lass hit, so this can help you.

Ofcourse, this is completely situational. I don't take it when playing Riven, as it isn't needed in my opinion. But if you have troubles last hitting then this is for you. Also, you would have to leave one point in Brute Force , as Butcher only has two available points to be nominated.

Also!You would definitely take this when jungling, as the bonus damage will help you take down jungle creeps.

Considering you need to waste 4 Mastery Points to get some extra damage on crits we don't really get, this is a waste of time.

Yeah, this isn't really all that great... At Level 18, you are given +9 AD. Which isn't much at late game. Case closed.

If you think that this will give you a butt tonne of awesome bonus damage... please read on...

Lets say you have 6x The Bloodthirster. You now deal 700 damage on each attack (That's with full stacks and base damage at Level 18}
1.5% of 700
For 3 valuable Mastery Points, you gain 10.5 on an auto attack. And this doest even count enemy armour. Looking at it, 1.5% of something isn't much.
Hopefully that clears everything up :D

A little more armour that stacks with out Greater Seal of Armor, and possible Cloth Armor start, making us a little harder to kill by minions (OP!) and other AD Top champs.

Reduces incoming damage from minions. We only get this because we only need one Mastery Point to get to the next row of masteries, and this might possibly save your life. Maybe. The reason why we don't go +2 Magic Resistance is because that's really not all the helpful, whereas this (I'm repeating my self :D) may just save your life.

Also! You would take two Mastery Points in this when jungling, and two in Hardiness , so you take reduced damage from jungle creeps.

A little bit of extra heal, not all that much, but at Lvl 18, its 108 bonus health, so its not too bad for a mastery.

+30 Health at the start of the game isn't something to laugh at. When invading, this could quite possibly save your life, mean the difference from surviving or dying to an enemy Ignite. That's what the Defensive Masteries are taken for. To save your life.

I haven't really used this tree much for Riven, but those who prefer it over Defensive may want to use it.

10% reduced spawn time at the end of the game could mean that your team wins or loses, but it isn't that noticeable early game. The main reason that you would choose this is because Expanded Mind isn't really that useful to Riven :D

We only get this because everything else on this row is completely useless. A little extra time off Recall is nice though :)

This is probably why you would go into this Mastery Tree, as Movement Speed items aren't really suited to Riven, unless you feel like a Trinity Force ;) Which I have never done...

Oooh. Extra Red Buff time? YES PLEASE!!!! That's about it really!

Guide Top

||Runes Page Breakdown||

Greater Mark of Strength - +0.95 Attack Damage
The very basic Marks that most, if not all, Summoner Level 20 plus,should be own, or be in the process of buying, and so it shouldn't be a big surprise that this is the preliminary choice for Reds.

greater mark of desolation Greater Mark of Desolation - +1.66 Armour Penetration
These runes are 'okay', because in my opinion Runes are for mostly early game dominance. Unless you get scaling. And only in a few rare cases do you find yourself laning against someone who has a full Armour Rune Page. If you like these runes, get them. That's all I have to say.

Greater Seal of Resilience - +1.41 Armour

You know just before I said that only in a few cases will you find someone buying Armour Runes. Well, this is one of them :D Greater Seal of Armor will give you a total of +12.96 Armour, and +6 from Masteries. At level one, this means you have 34 Armour, instead of 15, over double you Attack Damage resistance.

Greater Seal of Strength - +1.41 Armour
I have no idea what people want on AD Rune pages in the Seal section, other than Greater Seal of Armor, so if you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment. I put Greater Seal of Attack Damage here because some people would rather that +3.87 Attack Damage. Bat shi_t crazy if you ask me.

Greater Glyph of Focus

So I'm sure some of you are thinking 'WTF is this build? CDR? No Magic Resist?'. WELL! You know that Ki Burst ability that everyone loves? The AOE stun and damage? Yeah, at level 5 with the Runes and Boots of Lucidity it has a 5 second cooldown! As does you Valor. A free shield (just over 400hp at full build) ever 5 seconds? Your gotta be dreamin'.

Greater Glyph of Shielding
Yes. The aforementioned rune - Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - is my secondary choice. Well. Its other people's secondary choice ;) You would choose these runes if you don't feel comfortable about Magic Damage. My reasoning against these runes are that if you don't like versing against AP carries, grab a Hexdrinker. Replace Atmas Impaler, or even Warmog's Armor if you dont want to lose the Attack Damage Buff.

Greater Quintessence of Strength

YAY!MOREDMGS! Yes. That is basically why we run with Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage, for all the bonus Attack Damage it gives us. Coupled with the Greater Mark of Attack Damage x9, its brings our bonus Attack Damage to +15! Isnt this wonderful! Without any items, you can start the game with 75 AD. This is so great :D

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness
These Quints can give you a very surprising, and game long, advantage over your enemies. Whilst +4.5 Movement Speed may not seem like much at first, lets do some MATH!
Riven starts off with 320 Movement Speed. This is decent. With the Movement Speed Quintessences added on she gains:

= 334

334 Movement Speed without any boots. That allright. Pretty decent. Now add on boots you should be picking up at the start of the game.

320+50 Boots of Speed
= 370

That isn't even including any movement speed items you may purchase. So you can see the positives to buying MS Runes. I still prefer the Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage, but I just wanted to show you the benefits.

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||My Splendid Summoner Spells||

||A/N||Notice I say my? That's because Summoner Spells depend solely on the Summoner. Me? 95% of the time, I run Ignite and Flash. Others prefer Ghost, Exhaust, Teleport, Cleanse and even Heal. Its completely up to you.||A/N||

In my humble (and awesome) opinion Flash is the number one Summoner Spell for almost any situation. An low hp enemy champion only JUST out of range? Flash and get that straggler. Being chased by an enemy? Flash over a nearby wall, ledge or around the corner. Use it to avoid those pesky skill shots you know are coming in do or die situations. A very versatile Summoner Spell.

Ah. Ignite. From Summoner Level 7 onwards, it has helped players secure kills, negate heals and even steal jungle creeps every now and then. This spell works in so many situations, and fits into every role. Yes. Every. Even the support will now occasionally run Ignite. For shi_ts and gigs. It negates heals by 50%, I think :D, (take that Soraka!), deals some non-laughable-at damage and coupled with Summoner's Wrath gives you a +5 Attack Damage. I know. Its meagre, but its something. On top of that, you get +5 ABILITY POWER! I know right. Thrilling.

Yes, Smite. Every top laners best friend. Especially with the Summoner's Resolve mastery, you gain that bonus gold every time you use it! Best pick for top laners!
IF YOU BELIEVED THAT GET OUT OF MY GUIDE! Jokes, keep reading, because you are obviously bat shi_t crazy. This is ONLY for jungling. If you ever use this in lane, I sincerely hope that it is a Custom Game -.- . But, more on Jungling later!

||Some Viable Summoner Spells||


This is a Summoner spell I (REPEATING I) prefer that Bottom Lane Champion carry or the support to take this. There are only a few cases where I find having Exhaust on Riven viable. Laning against Tryndamere? Get exhaust, only to shut his stupid face up when he spins at you with 400% Crit Chance and 900 Attack Speed (Impossible, but it doest seem so whilst fighting him...) Others prefer to take Ignite against Tryndamere, that way when he ults, after a few seconds, throw Ignite on and he dies. It is completely your choice. Again.


So, you are in a Ranked Game Champion Select. You hit that last 30 seconds where you can do whatever the hell you want. Throwing insults at the enemy team, creating funkeh Mastery Pages and other assorted champion brick-a-brack. You see the other team has Amumu, Jax, Swain, Lulu and Kog'Maw. Only a few stuns and slows there. This is the only time I would choose Cleanse, so I can safely dance with the enemies carry.


You can choose this if you are under Summoner Level 6. All the disappoints if you do and you are Level 30...


This will help you when you want to backdoor the enemy team, get back to lane really really fast, or just whatever. I do not recommend it for Ranked Play, as it means you will have to get rid of Flash or Ignite/ Exhaust. I do use it every now and then in Blind Pick, fo gigz and shizzle.

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||Incredible Item Build||

Both of the Item Builds at the top of the page are JUST REFERENCES. You can follow them exactly - that is completely acceptable. I do it. That's why I posted this build to begin with. But, more often than not, you have to adapt to the game you are playing. This is where I will be telling you what to do, what to buy, and when to buy them. Enjoy *flourishes away*

Starting Items

This is what everyone runs with these days - Mid, Bot and Top Lane. The pros are pretty obvious. You move faster, meaning you can harass the enemy easier, and dodge harass as well and you have higher sustain that buying, say, Doran's Blade. It also means you can upgrade your Boots of Speed ASAP, getting the bonuses you want. I would recommend this as a starting item for most, if not all starting Riven players.

I haven't had to use this unless in extreme cases. Such as vsing Yorick, or Darius, who deal annoying large amounts of sustained damage, and so you need to accommodate with a larger sustain pool. Use in cases where you feel there is a low chance of winning you lane.

This is an excellent item - gives you health, some Attack Damage, and a small amount of lane sustain (+3 Lifesteal isn't that much, even coupled with Vampirism ). It just doesn't give you the lane presence that you always want. I would only pick this if I felt extremely confident about winning the lane.

REMEMBER: If you do not feel like you can control your lane, let the enemy push a little past the centre, and get your jungler to gank. Make sure you initiate, as Ki Burst can go a long way into helping the jungler land either their own stuns, or their combos.

First to Second Recall

You want to pick one of these three as your first item, as it will give you EVEN MORE MOVEMENT SPEEDS Its great right? Yes.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
I'm sure a lot of people are wondering WHY I chose these boots primarily. Its pretty simple. Riven doesn't have any mana (as in, she is a MANALESS champion, not she doesnt have much of a mana pool :D), and so she can spam her spells to her heart's content. The only thing stopping her from that is her sorta long cooldowns. This is where these booties come in.

Broken Wings at all levels has a 13 second cooldown. With our Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reductionx9 that brings it down to
= 12 second cooldown
With the Sorcery as well
= 11 second second cooldown (just over)
And Ionian Boots of Lucidity on top of that
= 10 second cooldown

Plus a Crest of the Ancient Golem here and there would bring it right down to
= !WOAH! 7 second cooldown

Thats only on Broken Wings. I wont go into the other spells, as its pretty self explantory - they basically lose a quarter of their Cooldown, which can save your life, or secure a kill.



Ninja Tabi
I would recommend these boots as situational as they dont help every single time. If you are vsing a Yorick or Xin Zhao top, than these will certainly help. Also, consider getting these when you jungle, as you can never get enough bonus armour when jungling :D

Mercury's Treads
Like before, when talking about Cleanse, this is very situational, I would only be getting them if
  • The AP Mid carry got fed, or has a butt tonne of CC
  • The enemy team is full of CC Lockdowns i.e. Amumu, Galio, Nunu combo
  • You're a scaredy cat

These little bit_ches give you a LOT of bonus stats (as previously mentioned), so getting a few early game doesn't hurt at all. You can get one, or two, and I wouldn't recommend getting any more than three, as it is a bit of overkill. You can grab a few Doran's Blade before your boots, for some nice HP and Attack Damage steroid, but if you want to play it safe, stick with the boots.
sight ward

ALWAYS grab a few of each when you Recall. Sight Wards (or even Vision Wards if you feel rich enough) can completely counter the enemy teams jungler.

If you have the time, watch this lengthy warding video, it will be worth it, even for veterans such as myself

Yes, some may say that these are worthless items, but they have upsides you know. For only 250 gold, you get bonus Attack Damage and Health. You get more or less the same AD then you would from buying a Doran's Blade, and you get almost as much as a Ruby Crustal. I think one or two of these at the early phase is a good idea. But only if you have gold to spare :D And once you have finished your build (this doesn't happen very often D:) you definitely want to grab a few of these.

These are two core items for my Riven Build. With the two of them, you are provided with HEAPS of Attack Damage, as well as a nice HP buff.

The Bloodthirster
A high AD and Life Steal steroid? What more could you want from such an extravagant item? Oh, when you kill a minion or champion, you get bonus stacks? Even better. If you manage to get this item before the laning phase is over, then BRAVO! But it also means that whilst you are farming and pushing, you are gradually getting you BT Stacks. This way, you don't have to purposely go out of your way to farm the stacks. If you have finished the laning phase, and just bought your The Bloodthirster, consider taking the jungle creeps every now and then, pushing your lane to the next tower (make sure you ward ALOT!) or push an allies lane.

Frozen Mallet
This item is what can make Riven an extremely scary carry or bruiser. With her already high mobility, and what with you weaving auto-attacks in when you can (which you should be doing, as the damage from Runic Blade is considerably high), they will have no escape. Unless they flash over a wall or something -_-

Atma's Impaler
This will grant you some tasty Armour, as well as a NICE bonus from all the HP we get from Frozen Mallet, as well as the Warmog's Armor you can purchase right afterwards. The Crit Chance buff is nice, but you wont really notice it too often.

Warmog's Armor
Yes, I know what most of you are thinking... This isn't the best item you can be getting for Riven. Why not get Maw of Malmortius or even a Sunfire Cape, at least they provide offensive and defensive stats? Well, stray question, that is why you previously buy the Atma's Impaler. Whilst the total damage gained from your HP isn't huge, it isn't negligible either.

The above statistics don't actually count Warmog's Armor stacks, but by this point of the game, your total health should be rounding to 3800-4000+. Moving on though, lets say you have about 4000 HP (I hate doing tricky math, so a nice easy number :D), and you utilise the Atma's Impaler passive.

This means you will be gaining +80 AD. Wait, lets look at that again.

You will be gaining +60 AD.

Wow. You are gaining the same Attack Damage then you would from a The Bloodthirster (I'm ingoring the stacks) and the pretty close to amount of Damage from an Infinity Edge. And all you did was buy a Warmog's Armor. Yes, it would be good if you had bout the said items instead of Warmog's Armor, but they don't give you a HUGE steroid to your Health bar.

Whilst this isnt the best offensive way to build Riven, doing so will mean that you have an extremely heavy presence in Team Fights - with damage and a butt tonne of health.

Maw of Malmortius
This has to be one of the best anti AP carry items you can buy. Or even against hybrids. Laning against a Teemo? This could very possibly save your life, from shrooms and his passive on auto attacks (that's his main damage output to be honest). Early game, try and grab one if you feel like the enemy AP carry is getting mean and nasty, or even if you just want the damage, with a bonus spell shield every now and then. Its completely up to you of course.

Last Whisper
This is a stupendously wonderful item! Attack Damage, as well as a hefty amount of Armour Penetration, means you can deal more damage. Obviously. Because Last Whisper has percentage Armour Pen, it means that you can steal do a large amount of damage to those who stack Armour.

The Bloodthirster

Five bloodthirsters, whilst seeming really stupid, is actually rather strong. For someone like Riven, who gains an AD steroid ( Blade of the Exile), this means you AD will increase exponentially. And, with full stacks on all The Bloodthirster, it means you get +500 AD, a total of 600 (around about) Attack Damage. WOOOOO. Time to spam skills. You also get a nice 100% lifesteal :D. This just means that the enemy AD Carry will eat you for breakfast, as you have no defence what so ever :D

Guardian Angel
This can turn fights around, all the way from 1v1's to team fights. More often than not, playing Riven comes down to that last few milliseconds where you couldn't get that Ki Burst off, or Valor was only a second or two away, allowing that DOT (that's you Ignite) to only JUST kill you ): Well, a revive every five minutes will be able to completely help you :D

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Thank you very muchly for taking the time to read this succulent build :D
Please, leave a comment and vote (up, preferably) and tell me what you did, didnt like, and how I can improve my build.

I haven't finished my build.
Coming SOON!!!!!

  • Situational Full Builds
  • Ability Breakdown
  • Ability Sequences
  • Early Game/Jungle
  • Mid Game
  • Late Game
  • Lane Opponents