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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author m4urice

The Metaguide: a guide about guides

m4urice Last updated on April 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This little guide is merely a list of links to interesting things I have seen while roaming on the web. I started this thinking of it as a personal reminder, but now, I do not see any reason not to publish it. So here it is!

The first section contains links to general guides, while the second one contains links to champion builds. I did not list builds for all the champions I play, because in some cases, I simply did not find any guide meeting the quality standards I set as a requirement to the inclusion on this page. The guides I provide links to are detailed, well-written and well-presented (in most cases).

Enjoy the reading and feel free to recommend additional pages I could include in that list.

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I decided to rate the freshness of the various guides this page links to. However, my ratings are different from Mobafire's, as a guide my not have been updated for a while but still contain usable information.

Up-to-date: the information in the guide is still up-to-date.
Usable: the guide contains valuable information, but some figures may not be up-to-date.
Expired: the general information in the guide is still worth of interest, but large parts of it can simply not be used anymore.

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General guides

The following guides cover general areas and are excellent to read. Although they will not make you a better summoner, they will have you become aware of the flaws in your playstyle (if any ;) ).

General guides

League of Legends - A guide for beginners and other people, by Dotter: good for new players (and experienced ones as well). Up-to-date as of 06/12/2011.
New Player FAQ, by Mowen: stop reading this page and read this. It is a brilliant LoL basic knowledge compendium. Up-to-date as of 06/12/2011.
Things LVL 30s should know: long post, by Myridus: the title explains itself. Up-to-date as of 06/12/2011.

Gameplay guides

Warding helper - More than your eyes can see, by Panglot: everyone should read this, since warding well can change the turn of a game (remember this game, when they ganked you five times at your blue buff?). Up-to-date as of 06/12/2011.
Jungling 101 - What You Need To Know!, by Xenasis: everything useful about jungling. Up-to-date as of 06/12/2011.
Jungling 202: Beyond The Basics, by Hahano: in-depth information about various aspects of jungling. Up-to-date as of 06/12/2011.
Who is your jungler and what does he do?, by Hahano: a detailed analysis of various junglers. Usable as of 06/12/2011.
Duff's Anti-Carrying., by DuffTime: know the difference between a carry and an anti-carry. Very useful information in there! (Plus a rather good AD Evelynn build :) ) Usable as of 06/12/2011.


5 Champs You Should Know How To Play [AKA Who do I Buy Next], by Jebus McAzn: excellent advice about team composition and metagame (and very good purchase guide). Usable as of 18/12/2011.

Game mechanics (including rune and item analysis)

Why/Why Not?! - Runes/Masteries/Items, by jhoijhoi: general advice about different points of rules in the game. Usable as of 18/12/2011.
Rune tips - What secondary and primary means and more., by Searz: important information about runes. Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.
Season two masteries explained, by SingerOfTheFall: an in-depth analysis of the season two masteries. Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.
In-Depth Item Guide, by theBMB: contains information about nearly all items; neatly written. Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.
How the Math Works: Atk Spd, Crit, CDR, MR & Armor, by Complexicate: accurate information useful for minmaxing and optimizing builds. Usable as of 18/12/2011.

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Champion guides

This section contains a list of champions guides and builds I liked (any careful reader will infer that my personal judgement and taste are involved in the choices I made here). I tend to favor in-depth guides, which will rather advise and help you make your own build than give you some magical recipe for victory.

I also have to say that jhoijhoi's guide reviewing page is far more thorough and professional than this one. If you don't like mine, have a look at hers!


Alistar: The CC King, by PsiGuard: well-written, detailed, neatly presented. Nearly perfect! Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.


In-depth guide to Annie, by Niegen: incredibly detailed, and brilliantly written. Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.


High-End Ashe Guide, by Kopfkondom: contains excellent advice. Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.
Ashes to Ashe's, by jhoijhoi: more in-depth than the previous one, it is also much longer. Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.


An all-inclusive guide to the Terror of the Void by Stompystomp (Dmark91), by Stompystomp: correctly detailed, correctly written, good item selection. Usable as of 18/12/2011.
A gentleman's way of playing Cho'Gath, by PotatisFarfar: a slightly different view on Cho'Gath, well-written as well. The writer seems to like tank Cho'Gath. Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.
Cho'Gath - Feast On Their Soul, GrandmasterD: well-written, mage-oriented guide. Features a Dominion section! Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.


..::Evelynn - The black widow::.., by Adeori: an aesthetically pleasant guide, with a good item selection. It still remains unfinished, but it is a nice piece of work, worth being used for an AD Evelynn (especially with the upcoming jungle update). Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.


A simple and comprehensive guide to Garen [Revamped], by M4urice (hey, it's me!): the way I think is best to play Garen (built upon rusPiglet's guide). Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.
Garen - Spin to Crit, by Palthios: that guide changed my view on Garen. Not very good-looking (quite average, in fact) but contains very good advice for playing Garen at higher gameplay levels. Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.
Garen - The Foundation of Victory, by Seviseth: correctly written, and most important, he shares my view on most points about Garen. Good item selection, thoughtful choice.
Garen - cry me an ocean, by rusPiglets: the guide I learnt to play Garen with. Not brilliant, but fun and a good source of inspiration. Usable as of 18/12/2011.


Irelia - full of facts., by SingerOfTheFall: an excellent guide about offtank Irelia. Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.


Your AP Katarina Du Couteau Resource (dont play with knives), by wRAthoFVuLK: just great! Not incredibly good-looking, but quite in-depth and very effective. Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.
Katarina: Playing with Knives, by Kazega: more beautiful than the previous one, also full of good advice (and probably a little more in-depth). Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.


Daughter of Amun Ra - An indepth guide to Leona, by Ssyrak: thorough, and a very valuable "build your own Leona" section. Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.


Rocking Solo Top With Malphite (Jungle Guide Included!), by PsiGuard: in-depth, well-written. Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.


Invinci-Kaiser REVAMPED + New TT Build 3.0; The ex-Premium Guide With a Semicolon, by Frish: quite thorough, but a little outdated. Usable as of 18/12/2011.
Unforgiven's Guide: How to Build a Successful Mordekaiser, by TheUn4givenRage: very in-depth, with original ideas; however, a little cluttered and hard to navigate through. Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.
Mordekaiser - The Sovereign of Carnage, by Alahric: well-written, pretty comprehensive. Archived because the author thinks his Mordekaiser is not powerful enough after the Mordekaiser nerf in patch Too bad, it's very good :'( Usable as of 18/12/2011.


Malevolent Morgana, by jhoijhoi: as usual when it comes to jhoijhoi's work, a well-written and in-depth guide. Not all ways of playing Morgana are covered, but it is a brilliant piece of advice. Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.


Master of Assists (by Bguggs [INN]), by Bguggs: in-depth, up-to-date and dramatically effective (one of my favourite guides, actually, not due to aesthetics but rather because of the awesome completeness of the contents). It was ported to MobaFire here by Jebus McAzn. Usable as of 18/12/2011.
Just another Rammus guide. [Mastery Update+}, by Zyv0x: a good Rammus guide as well, with fresher updates. The builds are well-detailed; the gameplay section is also great, although Bguggs's is even better. Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.
Jungledillo - Updated for Nautilus, by Crows: well-detailed, well-written, with very good advice about jungling. Up-to-date as of 28/02/2012.


Singed the Crazyman, by Razmuffin: funny, extremely effective. Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.


Your Friendly Neighbourhood Support, by Halipupu: simply put, a good support Soraka guide. Up-to-date as of 22/12/2011.
AP Soraka: No, my horn doesn't poke through my Deathcap, by The_Nameless_Bard: this one is about mage Soraka. It is good as well. Up-to-date as of 22/12/2011.


Your Tryndamere Resource, by Apotheosis: all you need to know about Tryndamere (way better than any 3 x Phantom Dancer build). Officially discontinued, but updates still come. Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.
Z3rg3m3n's 2k ELO Solo Top Tryndamere, by Z3rg3m3n: he wins using this :) This build is pretty similar to Apotheosis's, but the view on different aspects is different. Interesting. Usable as of 18/12/2011.


Wanderlust Warwick, by jhoijhoi: in-depth, well-written. Up-to-date as of 18/12/2011.

Guide Top

Change log

2012/04/17 - updated the Irelia and Rammus builds; Udyr joined the crew
2012/02/28 - added more links
2012/01/12 - Happy New Year! Irelia joined the crew (this champ rocks)
2011/12/22 - added more links
2011/12/18 - added more links, deleted others; added a freshness score
2011/11/28 - added more links
2011/11/22 - updated mastery trees
2011/10/30 - added more links
2011/10/26 - added more links
2011/10/24 - added categories in the General guides section; added more links
2011/09/28 - update: added more links
2011/09/28 - first release

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About the builds

The builds I included in this guide are self-made and rather mainstream. My view on Garen is thoroughly presented in my guide. Irelia and Udyr are two other champions I play very often, and the builds presented here have proven their effectiveness. My jungle Rammus is a fun offtank combo I use sometimes; non optimal, but definitely surprising for the opposite team. The Evelynn build is a personal min-max AD recipe I used when this champion was viable; at the moment, she got nerfed so herd that even with this build, she's useless in most games. My Malphite build is the one I used for solo top when I played him a lot.


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