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Singed Build Guide by Talv

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Talv

The Singed Main's Guide to 7.14

Talv Last updated on July 23, 2017
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The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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My name is Talv. I also go by Silver Singed, and Sailboat (On PBE.)

I have been a Proxy Singed main since season 5 when I had to have surgery and was sitting around the house for 2 weeks with painkillers and nothing important to do. As I played, I realized that Singed gave me the tools to play the game my way. I could focus improving my macro and playing the whole map, and I was having so much fun that it no -longer bothered me if I played well and lost. Finally, I had a champion that allowed me to take an objective focus on my own play and really enjoy the game no-matter how hard anyone flamed.

I am only in Gold on my main account. I have PBE access and have had time to play the reworked Singed many times over. Despite my low rank I believe I have something worth-while to offer for both Singed beginners and even more veteran Singed mains alike when it comes to the reworked version of Singed.

Below is a video of me playing against a Diamond 3 Singed main in PBE. I believe him to be an overall superior player of league of legends.

NOTE: This video is taken from HIS perspective. It is HIM on cam. His commentary is largely from the perspective of a lane Singed main. (My focus is primarily proxy)

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he optimal builds on Singed have varied throughout the years. While I missed the glory days of season 2 and Mana stack Singed, I have seen his play-style shift from an AP bruiser terror in season 5, to a split pushing tank in season 6, to a team utility tank, glorified support, RG fling bot in season 7.

I am happy to say that I believe Singed's new kit in 7.14 firmly aligns him as an AP bruiser and split pushing God like he was in season 5. The changes will not fix everything wrong with his kit. They do, however, allow dedicated mains to enjoy their favorite champion again.

Singed's item choices are now more constricted than they have ever been. Singed used to be a champion that would allow you to buy almost any AP item, or any Tank item in the game for it's utility because he could make excellent use of it's base stats and still scale excellently. With the kit rework and item changes in 7.14 his final build is largely set with only a few situational changes.

That said, the actual order in which you build items on Singed is still very fluid, and very situational depending on the lane and jungle matchups, and how well you are doing.

I hope to explain why I think the items I list as core are so important. And, I hope to explain why some items that many Singed mains like a lot do not feel like the right choices to me.

We are a defiant lot, we Singed mains. And, this champion has few crutches. If you find anything works better for you? Do it.

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Why should I play Singed?

Why should I play Singed?
Most people know exactly why they want to play Singed in the first place. We know our type. You're defiant. You loathe the meta. You're kind of a troll, but want to use your powers for good. ...Maybe. You're an enigma that prefers to leave your team guessing whether you're trolling or a mad genius who's going to carry their game.

Singed is a special champion who can provide his team with God tier split pushing, unparalleled map pressure, a unique form of indirect objective control, and excellent peel.

We are not concerned with KDA. In fact, we celebrate mediocrity. Many Singed mains enjoy throwing themselves into the enemy fountain when the enemy nexus is secured in order to pad their average deaths per game.

A Singed main is most happy when we are able to draw 3 people top the entire game. We like to take towers on the other side of the map because our own teams' laners are alone in lane. We like to force the enemy team into lose-lose situations. We like wasting the summoner spells and ults of the enemy team in wild goose chases just before it's time for a teamfight over a major objective.

Your health bar, and even your death count is just a resource for you to trade in for things you want more.

It's all about playing the entire map.

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Runes and Masteries

The runes and masteries in this guide will give you a great options for Singed's PVE gameplay (proxy / waveclear) and Singed's PVP gameplay (Laning and being chased.)



Magic Pen marks are really important for making damage stick, especially early. Every champion in the game has base magic resistance which scales up. Between these marks and Liandry's you should have enough penetration to cripple squishy targets quickly.


Unlike most champions who can prioritize MR or Armor in their runes depending on matchup, Singed must be able to tank minion waves even while he's laning. These runes are not optional.


As of the changes in 7.14, the AP provided by Glyphs is now more important than ever. You need to make up significant amounts of AP in runes and masteries for the changed to base damage and AP ration on Poison Trail (q) to be a buff instead of a nerf.


As of the changes in 7.14, the AP provided by Quints is now more important than ever. You need to make up significant amounts of AP in runes and masteries for the changed to base damage and AP ration on Poison Trail (q) to be a buff instead of a nerf.

Singed's new passive really negates the need for movement speed quints. I believe the situation where you might still want to run them would be versus as Fiora, and only for the late game.

I have tested both glyphs in game extensively and the AP quints feel a lot more powerful to me, but this may be up to taste. If you find that movement speed quints work better for you, take them.


Most of the masteries are self explanatory, but I will attempt to call out a few choices that might feel close.


The choice between taking Death Fire Touch (DFT) and Courage of Colossus (CoC) is still hotly debated among Singed mains.

I refused to take CoC pre-7.14 and swore by the power of DFT.

However, I believe that the changes in 7.14 make CoC irresistible. Singed's kit now allows him to build two AP items (where one felt greedy before.) You do not feel as though you are lacking damage without DFT. In addition, the new Slipstream passive on Singed makes the Tenacity in the 5th row of the resolve tree very important.

You will do more damage over time if you live longer.

Ferocity Tree, Row 2

I chose feast because I believe it is the best balance of allowing Singed to lane or Proxy. For the champion more prone to escaping with 10 HP than any other, the sustain from feast is nothing to laugh at. I believe Singed's Runes and Masteries are mostly to aid in early clears both in lane and proxy. This mastery choice reflects that.

That said, arguments might be made for expose weakness for the power it could add late game. If you believe, based on team comps, that your team will consistently be overpowered in the mid and late game, and you expect to team fighting with them, consider expose weakness.

Ferocity Tree, Row 3

Natural Talent is the superior choice on Singed. You need a significant amount of AP from runes and masteries for the new Poison Trail and you really can't afford to lose it here.

Resolve Tree, Row 2

You have a choice here. Many Singed mains like Tough Skin for how powerful it is in laning and early proxy. I personally haven't found clearing 3 waves from level one with near full health to be a problem. That's why I prefer Explorer for skipping towers in-between waves, map control, and escapes.

Resolve Tree, Row 4

Most of Singed's currently preferred items are heavily resistance, not health based. A percentage increase on resistances is really hard to pass up. That said, many Singed mains like to take insight for the cooldown reduction for Ghost and Teleport and this is perfectly valid.

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Summoner Spells

Singed's staple summoner spells are Ghost and Teleport. You will want to take them almost every game.


Singed's major focus is playing the entire map, wave control, objective control, and mobility. Nothing accomplishes these goals like teleport. Use it wisely. Many teleports can be avoided with proper planning and timing. Never trade a teleport for 2 minions.


Flash is now the best secondary summoner spell for Singed. I'm still getting used to having it after using Ghost for so long, but the combination of the new passive and the fact that Ghost takes 2 seconds to ramp up now makes flash preferable.

That said, Flash is more difficult to use than Ghost, and it isn't as good for proxy escapes.

If you decide to take Flash, I would recommend practicing these two combos:

Cast E before Flash, only Flash when you will be in range to Fling after the Flash completes. If you are not in range to Fling when the Flash completes you will pause for about a second before continuing towards your target.

Cast W, Flash before the animation completes, THEN press E. If you press E first you will not cancel the W animation. If you do this correctly you can Lift someone into the air with E before the W particle appears on the ground.

Remember that Flashing into the enemy team will proc your passive instantly, unlike Ghost which takes 2 seconds to wind up.

Taking Flash instead of Ghost makes Righteous Glory a very good idea.


Ghost is an easier summoner spell to learn to use on Singed than Flash. It also tends to be easier for proxy Singed. However, you will find yourself infinitely kited by some champions (think Taliyah) if you only have movement speed and no gap closer.

Remember to use Ghost BEFORE you really need it, as it takes 2 seconds to wind up.

Also remember that diminishing returns in movement speed mean that Ghost does not actually synergize well with passive.


This can be a worthwhile cheese summoner if you plan to lane. However, it largely outlives it's usefulness in the late-game compared to Teleport. This spell can also be useful against heavy sustain champions like Tryndamere, Aatrox, Vlad, or Nasus, but even in those match-ups, teleport is usually still preferable.


Smite is a largely cheesy summoner on Singed. The basic idea is that you can use it to more easily steal camps from the enemy jungler in-between minion waves while proxying and secure objectives with double smite. While this strategy was never optimal, I believe it is even less so with the 7.14 changes because of how strict Singed's completed build is compared to previous seasons. There is no room in your item slots for runic echos, and even cinderhulk is not efficient on Singed when you consider that most of his preferred items are more resistance heavy than health heavy.

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Item Philosophy

It is hard to give an exact build path for a champion like Singed because the items he needs in any given game vary. He's not like an AD carry where your items and the order in which you build them are practically all the same every game.

That said, I want to arm you with a basic understanding of item strategy so that you can make informed choices for yourself.

A good Singed main knows when to proxy and when to lane. Even in the best proxy matchup you will still be forced into laning at certain points. Even in the best laning matchup you will still need to proxy in order to create pressure or punish enemy laners who recall early.

This means that any items you buy need to work for both situations equally well.

Defensive Items:

Defensive items need to protect you from 4 things primarily:
  1. The Enemy Top laner.
  2. Minion waves during proxy.
  3. The Enemy Jungler.
  4. The Enemy Mid laner.

Because Singed's entire kit revolves around running away, you will need to decide early if you are going to lane or proxy. Defensive items are more important when you decide to lane because in order to initiate trades, you need to run towards the enemy, not away from them. You should still pick items that improve your proxy clears and damage the enemy.

The perfect example of this is grabbing a Bramble Vest (the new component item of Thornmail) against the yasuo matchup. Bramble Vest will improve your minion clear time because of its passive. It will damage yasuo and set off his shield because of its passive. And it's a strong early defensive component item. With an early bramble vest, you can crush Yasuo in trades and still proxy very well.

Abyssal mask will not improve your waveclear because its passive only works against champions, but it is the closest equivalent in an AP lane.

If you're surviving a bully lane without building a full Abyssal mask, but are having problems with an AD jungler is it perfectly acceptable to build a Negatron Cloak and a Bramble vest which would still improve your waveclear. However, I would not complete two full defensive items before completing your first damage item.

Damage Items:

Damage items on Singed are more effective during proxy. In proxy, your goal is to run away from enemy champions, not towards them. This means that increasing the damage on your poison trail is an acceptable trade-off for tankiness you hopefully won't need to use because you will be kiting outside the enemy's range. Damage items improve your clear in proxy and allow you to move to other objectives in-between waves such as taking enemy jungle camps, harassing the enemy jungler enough to force him to back, and even moving inside the enemy base to prepare for double proxy.

It's important that your damage items are equally effective in early and late game and provide some kind of utility or damage beyond flat AP.

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Dark Seal Stack

Starting items such as Doran's items and Dark Seal are incredibly gold efficient, and extremely slot inefficient items. Dark seal stack was a strategy where Singed could prolong his early game power spike by using his passive which converted Mana to health. More importantly it abused the fact that the passive (which empowers potions) is not unique. Once he had 3 or 4 of them, it turned Singed into an unstoppable duelist in lane vs almost every champion.

As of patch 7.14, this strategy is no-longer optimal.

  • Singed No-longer has a passive which converts mana to health. The item is less efficient on him.
  • Changes to poison trail's base damage and AP ratio mean you need more AP early in the game than dark seal provides.
  • Building multiple Dark Seals only delays, and sometimes defuses, your incredibly powerful mid game power spike. Build one and leave it at that.

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Core Items and Recommended items

Starting Items

The Dark Seal

Dark seal is a staple starter item for both lane and proxy Singed. The 15 ability power it provides, small as it may seem, in addition to runes and masteries is enough to make the changes to singed's Q base damages and AP ratio a net buff even early in the game.

The passive increases healing from potions by 25%. This synergizes well with Refillable and Corrupting Potions.

The 100 mana is very helpful for both lane and proxy.

If you happen to get a kill in lane, you get an additional 6 AP until you die. This potentially allows you to snowball off of your level 3 powerspike with very little risk or cost.

Do not replace your dark seal in slot unless you are able to replace it with an item worth approximately 800 gold or more.

Refillable Potion

This item is also a must. It should be upgraded to Corrupting Potion on first back.

You are going to spend a lot of your time on Singed recalling, which means you will have a lot of opportunities to refill this item. Over time, this becomes a very, very gold efficient buy for Singed.

Corrupting Potion

This potion gives health, mana, and damage. Your Poison Trail (q) applies it's damage burn to all enemy champions that walk through it. Using a charge of this during an early trade is the difference between the trade sticking or feeling like a flop. However, unlike the AP from Dark Seal, the damage this item provides does not apply to minions which is why I don't recommend starting with it. Early wave manipulation tactics on singed are important. Even if you don't intend to proxy it's critical to be able to clear waves quickly. Especially in ranged match-ups.


If you stop moving on singed, you die. To that end, boots provide unique utility you cannot buy elsewhere in the game: Tenacity and Slow Resistance. Value them highly.

Early tier 2 boots are usually not optimal on singed compared to other items. However, there are some exceptions. Champions which can stick to you with ease once they are in range, and champions who are heavy positioning reliant can make an early tier 2 boots purchase a very good idea.

Examples of such champions:
  • Darius
  • Vlad

Another time when buying tier 2 boots early is a good idea, is when you are in a lane matchup that you cannot survive due to constant ranged poke. They will allow you to (sometimes) reach the enemy champion for all in engagement OR allow you to make it out of lane and behind their first tower in between waves by running the long route.

  • Teemo
  • Gnar
  • Kennan
  • Heimerdinger
  • Jayce

Boots of Swiftness

These are the boots you will want for the mass majority of your games. They allow you to engage, kite, dodge skill-shots, and easily move past towers between waves with time to spare.

They provide a large amount of flat movement speed that your passive will increase by a percentage. This is good synergy. Buy these unless you are forced to buy Mercury Treads.

Mercury Treads Mercury Treads

Do not but these boots solely for the magic resistance on them. The ability to kite that swiftness provide will keep you alive far more than the 25 MR on Mercs.

You want to buy Merc treads when the enemy has point and click hard CC (like Twisted Fate's Gold Card) AND multiple other forms of CC that they can layer on top of it.

If all the enemy team has for CC is skill-shots? You can use Swifties and passive to dodge them. If they can get you with a targeted stun first? You're going no-where without Mercs. If you buy Mercury Treads, you will want to opt for Dead Man's Plate.

Ninja Tabi

I really hate that I have to recommend these boots. I don't like boots that give up movement utility, and these boots have none of that.

However, the lethality changes in 7.14 make these boots impossible to ignore. Lethality is very, very powerful right now. Ninja Tabi have damage reduction for auto attacks which lethality cannot cut through. The passive does not work against on hit effects like BOTRK.

Obviously the damage from abilities (think Darius) will not be cut by the passive, but 30 additional armor is nothing to laugh at either.

If you buy these boots, you will more than likely want to go for Dead Man's Plate.

A word of warning: These boots become more powerful and more important the higher elo you go. Playing against diamonds who can actually auto attack animation cancel and weave in auto attacks on a champion like Lucian is worlds different from playing against the same champion in bronze - gold. Teams can often be much more coordinated the higher the skill of your games and can be better at fending off a split-push and even catching you out too far.

These boots are much better if you intend to team fight.

If you plan to split push I would prioritize movement speed utility boots.

Core Damage Items

Focus AP items if you plan to proxy, or if you are already dominating your lane and want to keep your lead.

Changes to Poison Trail's AP ratio in 7.14 mean you will want to build these items every game. They provide the most utility and damage available on any AP item. Do not buy more than 2 damage item for your completed build. You need the tank items to be effective. Two AP items is about all you can afford.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

This item provides you with more utility than any other AP item in the game at all stages of the game. This item applies a 20% slow to anyone who steps into your poison. This is useful in proxy escapes early in the game. It can also be purchased in lane versus champions who do not have gap-closers and need to walk towards you to deal damage like Darius. It is also very effective against Yasuo when you are not near your own minions.

Later in the game, this item allows you to peel for your entire team against anything without gap closers. In combination with the Ground effect on W you can keep just about anyone off your carries.

Buy this item every game.

Liandry's Torment

No item allows your damage to stick more solidly than Liandry's torment. It synergizes well with Rylai's Crystal Scepter because the % health damage burn in it's passive is doubled versus slowed champions. If you should lose an inhibitor, this item allows you to clear super minions with ease.

In most games, you will want to buy this item sometime after Rylai's is already complete. This is not an item to rush in most lanes.

The exception to this is if you are fighting melee champions with large health pools, and low damage like Malphite. Rushing Liandry's versus these kinds of champions can be very effective if you already have a strong lead.

Core Magic Resistance

Abyssal Mask

In defense items you want to find a mix of defense and offense where possible. Abyssal mask is a strong magic resistance item that amplifies your damage against your enemy laner. I would recommend rushing this item in difficult lane match-ups with AP such as AP Teemo or AP Kennen. Use the resistance and amplified damage to clear the wave and survive with enough health to go proxy.

The eternity passive is not as effective at regenerating health as Spirit Visage, but it is enough to let you proxy in relative safely.

The mana it provides is invaluable, and is not offered by Spirit Visage.

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Situational Items

You will need at least one armor item in almost every game. Full AP teams are very rare.

For your AD item you will want to pick either Thornmail or Deadman's plate.


As of patch 7.14, this item is strong. Very, very strong. Buy it.

This item improves your waveclear with it's passive and your damage against the enemy laner. A lot of times you will find yourself buying just the Bramble vest component in lane and finishing the item after you have completed your first AP item.

Thornmail is currently always preferable to Randuin's Omen, even against the most notorious of crit champions: Yasuo. The cold steel passive on Thornmail and Randuin's Omen does not stack.

Speaking of Yasuo, building an early Bramble Vest will allow you to cripple in him lane.

Default to this item unless circumstances force you to build a Dead Man's Plate.

Dead Man's Plate

This is a very useful item against champions that cannot be peeled or CCd.

For example:
  • Olaf
  • Yi
  • Fiora

However, in the specific case of Fiora, a Thornmail rush is better unless she had already killed you several times and is very ahead.

The flat movement speed it provides synergizes very well with the new passive, which will increase your movement speed by a percentage.

If the enemy team has more AD than AP, and you have decided not to split push with Zz'Rot portal, I would suggest this as a strong contender for your situational item. It will allow you to take towers more quickly, help you get picks, and help you survive.

Zz'Rot Portal

When I have more time, I intend to write an entire section on this item. It is uniquely powerful on Singed because with proxy, you can guarantee that every single voidling hits the enemy tower. In short, this is a great item to take if you plan to be a split push threat. You can place it between the enemy tier 1 and tier 2 while you proxy. The minions will walk backwards in lane for the tier 1 until it's destroyed, then start walking towards the tier 2 tower

It is generally best to buy this item when you are already in your mid game power spike and have the power to protect it from one or two people.

Point Runner passive allows you to navigate the map more quickly to make it to team fights and objectives without having to use TP, improves your ability to tower dive, and helps you escape when 3 people decide to chase you during proxy. It also helps you get back to lane after a recall faster to keep up the pressure.

It also provides a modest amount of health regeneration. In tandem with the eternity passive, it makes a noticeable difference in your ability to stay in lane or in the enemy base. Default to this item as your last (situational) item if you intend to proxy.

Spirit Visage

This is a powerful magic resistance item. With buffs to Singed's base health regeneration and the health regeneration on his ult, it is definitely useful for sustain. However, it does not provide any utility and does not improve your waveclear. Do not use it as your early MR item. Buy it when you really need a second MR item.

Frozen Heart

Frozen heart can still be effective in a very limited set of situations. Unlike Randuin's, its attack speed slow passive WILL stack with Thornmail's cold steel passive. This makes it effective in teams with 3-5 auto attackers. Auto attack speed slow is also very useful against champions like Vayne who ignore your resistances.

This item should be purchased rarely, if ever.

Righteous Glory

Righteous Glory is a very solid option if you decide to take Flash instead of Ghost. If you take Ghost it's redundant. Incorporating RG into the Goo Flash Fling combo shown in the summoner spell section can be incredibly powerful.

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Items to Avoid

In my opinion, these items should be avoided. Some of these are singed main favorites so I may catch some flame for this, but I will try to explain my reasoning why with each item:

Randuin's Omen

This might sound odd, but this is mostly because the new Thornmail on release is going to be overpowered, and will almost always be the superior buy, even against the most notorious of crit champions: Yasuo. The cold steel passive on Randuin's will NOT stack with the one on Thornmail. This leaves no place for it in the build. It's not a bad defensive item. It is simply outclassed.

Warmog's Armor

Warmog's has a few issues. The raw health on it is massive and so at the beginning of the game it can make you feel really tanky. However, it's primary draw is its passive which allows you to regain all of your health after a fight if you are out of combat long enough which should in theory make it great for proxy and split pushing.

A few problems with this:

You should almost always be in combat as Singed. If you aren't, you're wasting time. You always need to be taking waves, camps, and towers on singed. Efficiency and 100% use of all time is the name of the game with him.

The passive makes it primarily a split push item. If you're going to split push you really need to take Zz'Rot Portal for the voidlings and point runner passive (escapes, and efficient movement around map.) this leaves no room in the build for warmogs.

Again, it is not a bad item, it is simply outclassed and you only have 6 item slots.

Sunfire Cape

There's simply no room. Thornmail accomplishes the same purpose of speeding up minion wave clear and it's not worth giving up Dead Man's Plate, which provides more utility, damage to towers, and a single target CC.

Banner of Command

Building Zz'Rot portal and banner in the same build can be very effective at split pushing, but since there's only room for one of them, Zz'Rot portal is vastly superior for taking towers, and the fact that banner's active is effective only against heavy AP teams makes the heavy armor stat on this item generally confused. It has an identity crisis.

You could argue that it is perfect for setting up slow pushes, but if there is one thing Singed does not need help with, it's setting up slow pushes. You can do this innately with your kit without using an item active to do it if you know how to set them up.

Banshee's Veil

The passive on this item is too easy to pop for a front liner like Singed. You have all the damage you will ever need in Rylai's and Liandry's, so use the slot for better tank items.

Adaptive Helm

The item's passive is simply not strong enough, even in situations where it should be MOST effective such as Cass or Teemo. If the Cass is far enough ahead to make this item an effective buy, you have already lost.

Iceborn Gauntlet

You already have Rylai's and toggling Q does not proc sheen. You do not ever need this item.

Lich Bane

You cannot proc sheen with poison trail. If you could this would be an amazing split push item that would allow you to tear down towers. However, it doesn't, so you can't, so you shouldn't.

Sorcerer's Shoes

I'm sure you'll have tons of fun dealing slightly more damage for the brief moment you are alive without slow resistance or tenacity.

Rod of Ages

Oh boy. Here's a big one. Singed's power spike is in the mid to late mid game. So why not build a ROA which provides him with health, sustain, mana, and AP with profound gold efficiency?

Well? Simply put, there are better tank items that reward you for your gold lead while you still actually have a gold lead and don't take stacking. The AP it provides adds flat damage to your Q, but it doesn't scale up with the enemy's health like Liandry's does. Liandry's also works better against squishy targets because of the flat 15 magic pen.

It also provides no utility like Rylai's.

Now that singed's mana passive is gone, I don't believe there is any room in your 6 item slots for ROA. There are better damage items, and there are sure as HELL better defense items.

Archangel's staff:

Another big one. But it fails for the exact same reason that ROA does. See above.

A tear of loss. A tear of joy.

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Overall Singed Strategy

Work In progress.

This will be a description of your goals and focuses on Singed and emphasize the importance of knowing when to lane, proxy, and group.

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Work In progress.

This will focus on the specifics of how to proxy. Warding locations. Techniques to sustain mana and health from level one, and emphasize the importance of map awareness.

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Laning with Singed

Work In progress.

This will describe how and when to lane with Singed. When to stop laning. How the play style changes when you're facing a melee opponent vs. a ranged one, and how to level 3 cheese by setting up a freeze just outside your tower range after hard pushing the first two waves.

Guide Top

Tilting the Enemy

Work in Progress

Self Explanatory.

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Music Suggestions

Work in progress.

A delightful blend of beck, psychedelia, rock, and other trashy classics.

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Acknowledgements go to Teemodiesalot for helping me edit the monstrosity of grammar I sent him this morning, and Subzeroark because I shamelessly abused his video in a desperate attempt to gain credibility despite my rank.