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Anivia Build Guide by Michaelharding607

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Michaelharding607

The Wholeness of Anivia the elemental (updates constantly)

Michaelharding607 Last updated on February 27, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Anivia is a CC monger mid champion, Although you usually find her in the mid lane she can be successfully/ semi-successfully played in all roles but ADC. She also has many different types of builds that use her great amount of flexibility to her advantage. I will go over all of her builds that I currently use and do good with. These range from top to support as you may see in my build guide i have provided you with several core-builds you can use as reference. Lastly before we start my builds aren't law nor am i trying to impose my ways upoun you, in fact I am using this to open your eyes to new opportunities with this champion and I hope you the people who read this will become better then me and create your own builds.

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Ap anivia

Flat AP anivia is the most commonly found in the league of legends. It is powerful and simple to build. As AP Anivia I reccomend you start with mana crystal for your sustain past the primary blue leash for jungle. From levels 1-5 try and focus on farming minions as much as possible dodging the enemy's spells and poke constantly try and bait their spells until they're oom this is especially important when going against champions such as Veigar and AP sion who scale from last hitting minions. At 6 your farm game improves dramatically as well as your offencive play. At this point you want to zone and poke your opponents out of lane, farm and experience points. This will put you and your team ahead in teamfights effectively making their APC useless. During teamfights you want to poke as much as possible before grouping melee fighting with your Q E and such also you may want to trap one of them with a wall making it a 4 v 5. After grouping commences you want to keep your ultimate on people who are dependent on high attack speed to deal damage or to sustain. At the same time you may try and circle your ult using your wall to keep weakened champions near your top and ADC as well as trying to poke the enemy ADC and APC with your Q stun, but Prioritize your E for people inside your ultimate. During chase you must make sure you are surrounded by your team especially in jungle so you have access to protection and support with your cc if jumped by the enemy team.

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Support Anivia

Anivia support is a very fulfilling experience it tests your true skill in hitting her moves effectively and NOT killing your enemies only making it easy to keep your ADC fed. I would reccomend this to any Anivia player who is looking to break their own skill restrictions on Anivia. Support Anivia is focused on keeping your ADC alive while disabling their ADC to the point of uselessness then getting your ADC fed. I've played this role many a times and have destroyed many a times. Its easy to be seen as a troll with this build so try it with a friend a few times. The best ADC with Anivia is Ezreal because you can effectively save him with your wall without worrying about blocking him. Early game be careful because you are not as sustainable as other champions who support. So rely on your stun to give you time to go in and set your wall up. Also have good communication with your ADC so they may attack at the proper times and get kills. One of the strongest aspects of Anivia support is her ability to bait with her egg under the allied turret. ! auto attack from your ADC is a kill for him and an assist for you. Once you get your R use your wall and R parallel to each other to zone the escape route. Forcing the fleeing enemy to use a summoner spell to get over your wall, brave your R slow and damgage or take the long route through the river this tactic is great for practical laning or supporting a gank. In the end-game and teamfights you want to keep all warded. A good aoe stun to 5 people in a bush is a game winner. When engaged in teamfights remember to stun and slow and block as much as possible also remember to use your item's actives on stunned allies and your twin shadows to reveal enemies who are running away or are hiding in bushes.