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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Idalgos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Idalgos

Unusual ways of playing Kha'Zix (Mid Kha'Zix)

Idalgos Last updated on March 2, 2013
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 22

Honor Guard

Defense: 8


Utility: 0

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Hi, I'm Idalgos and this is my guide to Kha'Zix. It's my first guide here and I wanna show you my way of playing this game, which probably won't make all the bichiz scream, because my playstyle don't follow meta. For me, following common builds is pretty boring thing. Instead, I prefer making something funny and/or stupid. And one of those things - mid lane Kha'Zix. When you do this, you will make people explode, and, probably, you will hear loads of insults toward your face, something like "Mid Kha'Zix? Lol", "U r idiot, biatch", "Go jungle, NAOW", "Dat kha is troll, report pls" etc. So, I suggest you to try this guide when you want something crazy and to troll some guys out there. And I STRONGLY recommend you not to play like this in ranked game, or you will blow brains of those ELO farmers in soloqueue.
P.S My English kinda sucks, so sorry if you find this guide hard to read and feel free to point my face in errors.
P.P.S. Naow its BAWS - 531st

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Some explanation

So, when you want to go mid with Kha'Zix:

  • You have 2 or more champions with magic damage
  • You want to counter enemy mid champion
  • You have some friends and you want make something unusual
  • You meet some troll team and mid Kha'Zix will make them spew zee *** all over the screen
  • You just want it :P.
Pros / Cons than you are mid


+ // Great farm
+ // Great mobility
+ // Good at 1 vs 1
+ // Excellent assassin
+ // Pretty good at harassing
+ // Some cool bug

- // Mana hungry when spamming W
- // Hard CC will eat you
- // Expensive items requiered
- // Hard to master
- // When focused = dead

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With masteries, we go 22-8-0, because we want LOADS of damage and a little bit of fat is always useful. But you can spend some points in Utility tree, instead of Defensive tree, it's your choice, pick whatever you want and what you think will be more useful. Here I will explain my choice.
Offensive masteries
  • Summoner's Wrath : We have Ignite and adding 5 extra AD seems little, but still viable.
  • Fury : This stuff will increase your total damage output and we need some points to advance it further.
  • Deadliness : It seems that this AD isn't that much, but even a little bit can change outcome of fight, plus more AD is always useful.
  • Weapon Expertise : 10% penetration is pretty much, especially at the end of game. AND you can have this for free.
  • Havoc : 1,5 % of damage increase isn't that much, but it works on all your damage, so your better have this.
  • Lethality : We will have some critical chance, so increased critical damage will work fine with that
  • Brute Force : More AD = more tons of damage. Plus, last-hitting will be a lot easier when you have more AD.
  • Frenzy: Since this stuff is new, I thought it can be useful in the end of the game. Though, I am not sure about this.
  • Sunder : Early armor penetration helps, though late game it won't make significant impact on game.
  • Executioner : It will help you a lot in getting kills and making some tricky situation go the way you want.

Defensive masteries
  • Durability : More HP - and you'll have increased chance to survive.
  • Hardiness : Some armor can save your face.
  • Resistance : Because we are heading mid lane, you are most likely to encounter some AP champion with magic damage. So magic resist will help you to fight successfully with them.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

  • Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: When going mid, you will need to dodge some skill-shots, run away from junglers etc. So this runes are my favorites, plus they are pretty universal. After a new patch, speed runes became even more valuable. With them at start you will have 365 movement speed, and this is pretty much.
  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage: This one goes same with masteries - more AD = tons of damage = easy last-hitting. And marks will give you more free AD at start than others runes(except Quintessence).
  • Greater Seal of Armor: Usually most of enemy team's damage will be physical, so some armor always helps. You can try Greater Seal of Defense by the way.
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: Most magic damage dealing enemies will be the problem at mid or late game, that's why i find magic resist per level better, then flat ones.

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Skill Sequence and Explanation

Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >

Kha'Zix have unique mechanics build in his abilities. Each time you level up your ult , you gain "evolution point", which can ne spent to upgrade one of your abilities. You can have only 3 of this points, so you should think what you would upgrade.
You can have 4 evolution points with side quest called "On the Hunt". This quest activates, when you have Rengar in opposite team and both of you reached lvl 16. Goal is to kill or get assist on enemy before he'll do the same.
  • Unseen threat: This passive is really cool. It will deal bonus damage that can't be ignored and apply some slow effect, which is also good. To gain this passive, use the bushes(,luke), fall a bit back or use your ult. You should try to always have your passive on when laning, in case of some extreme situations or to make some additional damage then harassing. In teamfights, try to maximize use of this ability, go in and out, in and out. (huhuehuehue...)
  • (Q) Taste their fear: This ability is incredibly POWAGHful and makes 1 vs 1 with you extremely hard. But we will max this last. Why? Because it have a good AD rating and we need points in other abilities. One early point will be enough with that kind of build. When using this ability, always try to move enemy away from creeps, because it will deal increased damage.
    Evolved version: This evolution turns this ability into powerful finishing one. You can easily finish off people who's running around with low health. And even more, you will increase it's range and range of basic attacks, which is also cewl. But we will upgrade this last. We need other abilities upgraded more.
  • (W) Void Spike: This is core ability of the build. You can use this ability to harass enemies in range, to farm some creeps and even to have a little more sustain in lane. But, you should use it carefully or you will run out of mana quickly. Or build some mana items to spam it. We will max this first, to maximize ranged poking POWAGH and sustain.
    Evolved version: Evolved version will shoot 3 projectiles, instead of 1 and apply your passive with successful hits. You should always get your passive with this ability, because you can slow a lot of enemies and deal even more AoE damage. You will became farming GOD. One ability use - LOADS of creeps. Most of mid-lane champions pretty squishy and increased damage will hurt them a lot. 2-3 hits - and their health is low. In teamfights you should damage multiple enemies at once and slow down as much targets as possible. So, to successfully stay in mid lane, you want to evolve this ability first.
  • (E) Leap: This ability give you a lot of mobility. You can use this to jump through walls, to travel faster, to chase enemies, to make git and run attacks. Plus, this ability have some AoE damage, which you can use to farm creeps or deal a little bit more damage. We want to max this second, because more cooldowns - more mobility.
    Evolved version: Then evolving this ability, you gain hugely increased range, allowing to confuse people while jumping around. But most tasty thingy - assists and kills refresh the cooldown. You wiil be able to make some cool tricks with that. If you see low health or squishy enemy in center of enemy team? Jump there, burst him, jump out. 3 low health enemies in a row - it's MARIO TIME! But you need your W improved first, so evolve this second, to fly high.
  • (R) Void assault: This is your ultimate. It's not about winning games with one R. It's more about super utility. As I mentioned before, you will get evolution points to improve your abilities, including your ultimate itself. Activating this ability will make you invisible and grant 40% movement increase for 1 second also activating your passive. For enemies, it will look like some kind of teleports. After some time, you will be able to use your ult one more time. You can use your ult in big variety of situations like - 1 vs 1, to chase enemy, to broke focus from your precious butt, to reach their carry, simply to deal more damage in teamfights or to run away. In teamfights, save second use of this ability to use it with W because ranged slow can help you a lot. As all ults, grab this as fast as possible.
    Evolved version: Upgrading this ability will give you third use of your ult and give 40% damage reduction while ult active. It helpful in teamfights to reduce DoT spells damage and deal more damage yourself. Though I don't evolve this ability, it's still a valuable thing to do. Usually you will choose not to evolve R or W, if you play normal Kha'Zix. But this time, you have to choose between R and Q. I think, evolved Q will be more useful than R.

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Summoner Spells

  • Flash: Summoner spell that almost every champion would like to have. You can use Flash to jump out of dangerous situation, to get greedy and die, take a better position in fight or simply chase some fellows down. But you should use this only when necessary, because it's have long cooldown.
  • Ignite: Pretty simple spell for those, who wants to deal more damage. You should use it, when you dealing some mega burst and planning a kill or hit it on low HP champ, wish him a nice day and go away. Plus, it will reduce enemy's heal if he has one.
Other options
  • Exhaust: This spell will help you to shut down enemy AD champs in teamfights or simply to win 1 vs 1 situation. But it won't help you a lot in getting kills as Ignite and AP champions won't suffer much from this. So it's better not to take this on mid lane.
  • Teleport: This spell will grant you some global mobility. You can go and buy crucial items and return to lane in a moment, create surprise gank out of nowhere or help you team defend and push towers. But you should use it smart. Jump in the middle of enemy team and you will only feed your enemies, which is kinda bad. Personally, I prefer Ignite, because I am a little bit greedy person. (<--- Damn right he is xD)

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Item Sequence

Boots of Speed

Sapphire Crystal

Ruby Crystal


Mercury's Treads

Frozen Mallet

Trinity Force

Atma's Impaler

The Bloodthirster

Early game
  • Tear of the Goddess: Because we are going to spam Void Spike a lot, we need some mana to do this and Tear of the Goddes will help us with this. It's cheap, easy to afford, pays well in late game with it's passive and we can use it to increase total damage output by building Manamune.
  • Boots of Speed: Pretty simple increase of speed. We don't buy this first, because Kha'Zix have a good speed from start and we've increased it with speed runes (Aren't we?). But after buying Tear of the Goddes get it as fast as possible or enemies will run away from you laughing at your face every time.
  • Sapphire Crystal: I buy this to be sure that I will run out of mana only when all the farm grabbed and enemies are dead. It's my personal fetish to spam abilities everywhere like crazy so you can skip this part if you want to.
  • Ruby Crystal: Since you will be in the middle of maelstorm every teamfight, more HP will come in handy. We will build it into Frozen Mallet later.

Mid game
  • Manamune: Many players wouldn't like it, but I think it's pretty cost efficient. When you buy this, it will grant you about as much damage as B.F. Sword plus mana. In the end of game, AD from Manamune will be around 60. Not as much as Infinity Edge or The Bloodthirster, but sacrificing a little bit of damage to utility worth it, isn't it?
    After new a patch this item was rebalanced. Know that it costs a little bit more, grants less damage at start, maximum bonus mana decreased to 750, but, at reaching full stacks it will transform at Muramana improving stats to what it was before and granting new ability, that burns 3% of your maximum mana to deal bonus damage each time you use ability or auto-attack. Personally, i find it an awesome thing in the end of game.
  • Mercury's Treads: At this point of game, you want to increase your speed. Plus, this boots providing you some magic resist and tenacity. And you want tenacity, because in almost every team there is a champion with stun, silence, snare etc. You can build CDR boots as another option, but I think being a little bit more tanky better than have a little bit more damage.
  • Frozen Mallet: This item will increase your health a lot while adding more offensive abilities at the same time. A little bit more damage will be useful and slow is very helpful when chasing people. You can use your ranged slow, jump closer and apply auto-attack slow from this item. That's why I prefer Frozen Mallet over Warmog at this build.

Late game
  • Trinity Force: This item will provide you pretty much everything in small portions. But main things we want from this - upgraded Sheen passive to deal even more TONS OF DAMAGE and movement speed bonus to run faster. But all others stats will be nice too.
  • Atma's Impaler: At late stage of game overfed AD carry will become extra dangerous, so you want more armor. Since our health will be around 3000 it will also provide 45 AD, increasing overall damage a lot. Plus, critical strike chance is fine too.
  • The Bloodthirster: As last item, I usually build this 'cuz awesome bonus AD and lifesteal. But you can build something else, what would you like more.
As with any build, always buy items after analyzing current situation and never take build order as strict sequence. Use the force to alter the build and to achieve advantage over the situation.

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Playing game


You start your queue and now you finally made it to the lobby. Most likely, someone will instalock or instashout "MID", so if you want to go mid, take your champion quickly. But it's much better to wait for other and communicate with team. Yeah, you want go mid for sure, but it isn't always good idea if you already have 4 AD champions to pick mid Kha'Zix. It's better try this another time. Don't make your team go rage about nothing, try to be more cooperative and pick champion to synergize with others champions. Do not forget to set up runes, summoner spells and masteries, because Miss Fortune with 56 AP is really sad sight.
Early game

Buy your items and head up to your lane. If you have jungler, do not forget to protect him from invaders and pull buff to him. Usually they ask for this stuff, but sometimes you will meet some silent assassins, so you'd better be sure.
Then laning, always last-hit every possible minion you can safely reach, but you should be careful, because enemy mid champion most likely will predict that move and will try to harass you or make something bad. Use Void Spike to finish multiple minions at the same time or ones you can't safely reach. Search for opportunity to harass enemy with W. Bait them to use their main damaging ability, after that Leap to them, use auto-attack, apply your passive, Q them and than think - is your enemy low enough to finish off? If yes, continue your attack, use Ignite and be careful enough to survive yourself. If no, than go back, and continue your farm adventure.
It most likely, that till lvl 6 enemy will be ahead of you in farming creeps, so just farm your Tears of the Goddess passivly, try to avoid enemy jungler and wait for enemy's mistake. Be careful when using abilities, because you can easily run out of mana.
Mid game

In that stage of game, champions can go to gank another lane, secure dragon and make other cool things. Before you get lvl 6, enemy will be most likely ahead of you and will be sure he has an upper hand. You can use to your advantage.
After evolving your Void Spike, you can get all farm you lost early in game. Get your passive before every usage and always try to hit enemy champion. You will be surprised with amounts of damage you can deal with your W. So, push your lane as hard as you can, harass the enemy, farm all creeps you see and wait for opportunity to get kill. Always be aware of enemy team's movement and be sure to have Leap and/or Flash on, to escape sticky situation. If you see some opportunity to gank another lane - go ahead, use it! Especially when enemy mid champion dead or just teleported to base. Buy some wards to set in crucial location if you have some spare money, because well placed ward can win game.
Your goal for now - achieve nice creep score and some kills while buying cool stuff. It would be nice, if enemy mid champion will be in underfed, it will make life of your team a lot easier. And try to charge Manamune passive as fast as you can.
Late game

At this point of game, teams will be roaming around together, pushing lanes and destroying towers while sometimes punching each other in face. You should always have ward near Baron, because Baron's buff can give you edge in teamfights. Try not to split your team up, because it can be the last thing that you will do in this game. As usual, try to harass enemy team with your W every time you can.
Never initiate teamfight, most likely you will be dead in a matter of seconds, not even able to make any damage. Instead, wait for your tank to initiate fight and try to kill most DPSing enemy champion first or most squishiest one first. Use refreshable Leap to move around the battlefield, confusing enemy and making focusing you a hard thing. Your ult can help you to survive, if you getting focused or you want to get closer to enemy carry.
Be part of every teamfight that you can, even if you think that starting fight now is bad idea. If you will run away doing nothing, you will lose fight for sure, and if you will help your teammates, than you can achieve victory in fight, maybe by using opponents mistakes or making brilliant moves, who knows?
Also, remember, flaming at other people won't help you win, you just going to make people angry and that definitely wouldn't help you to get your first win of day. It's better to eat chocolate helicopter, ice-cream or similar stuff instead to prevent anus overheating and chain reaction.
After game

When game ends, you do not want to be a shidbag saying things like "EASY", "BG", "Biatches" and stuff like that. Report bad guys, make some good karma and try to be positive even if you just lose match. Be sure to use honor feature, if you think it will be good. In the end, every word you say will return to you, isn't it? (But we all know that you're going to burn in hell for the words you already said xD)

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Made some testing with this build, so here it is. Not all games went good (leavers in my team, feeders etc), but I tried my best. Anyway, I am going to make more testing with this build. Feel free to send me your score, if you suddenly want.

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Summary and Credits

It was pretty fun thing to do. I would like to hear some critics or ideas on how can I improve this build and idea behind it, but if you don't like whole idea of this build - then I suggest you to go check other awesome guides instead. If someone find this interesting or useful - than my job well done. I do not care about ratings, so feel free to vote on how you like. I would like to continue writing stuff like this. And also, let me know if I made some bad mistakes in guide. Have fun playing this game!

  • First thing, thanks to jhoijhoi for her awesome Making a guide, without it doing this guide would be IMPOSIBRU.
  • My awesome friends for playing with me in crazy ways.
  • And you guys, who didn't broke your eyes reading guide to this point.
  • 531st for being an ultimate GAWD of English grammar

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Update Notes

07/02/2013 - After few moths, I finnaly have some time to make update. Actually, it's season 3 now, game was drastically changed, lots of nerfs and buffs happened. So, what with this guide? Well Kha'Zix first ability Taste Their Fear was slightly nerfed, especially at attacking lone isolated targets (AD rating dropped to 2.0 from 2.4). Damage from passive Unseen Threat at late levels was reduced, as well as slow from it (it's 25% now). But, despite the nerf, this build is still valiable, slow is tasty and damage is high. And nice thing - Manamune was buffed to have more AD from start.
03/03/2013 - No global changes to Kha'Zix yet. Some new heroes, minor changes to items and gameplay process.