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Xin Zhao Build Guide by Seimitsu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Seimitsu

*UPDATED* Complete Xin Zhao Jungle Guide - IN DEPTH

Seimitsu Last updated on August 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Utility: 11

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Welcome to my Xin Zhao jungle guide!


- Currently when I refer to a skill most places in the guide I refer to it by the key it is assigned to, as I feel like that is easier for someone who doesn't know his skill icons/skill names to reference. If you disagree and would rather see the names or icons in it's place, just leave a comment saying so and I'll change it.

So why a new Xin Zhao guide? Well when I first picked up Xin, I went looking for some basic information, to try to get a feel for him before I jumped right in. I looked at almost every guide, and one of the first things I noticed was that the large majority were outdated. Xin underwent a couple of big nerfs followed by some buffs to compensate, and because of this, certain builds and strategies are somewhat outclassed by others now. I wrote this so that people could be assured that the information included was effective and up to date.

Xin Zhao is a tanky dps champion that has a very potent jungle if done correctly. With a lot of Xin's skills being based on on-hit effects he benefits greatly from attack speed items as well as some life steal.

His passive, Challenge, grants an amount of HP for every 3 auto attacks he hits.

His Q, Three Talon Strike, causes his next 3 auto-attacks to do additional damage and provides a knock-up on the third hit. This makes killing early red and blue buff much easier.

His W, Battle Cry, passively increases attack speed while providing an attack speed steroid when activated that also reduces his other ability cooldowns by 1 second per auto attack.

His E, Audacious Charge, is a gap closer that also slows the target and hits several nearby enemies.

His R, Crescent Sweep, is Xin's ultimate. It hits a fixed area around him causing him to deal damage to all targets in range while also granting him bonus MR and armor based on the amount of champions hit.

One last thing before we move on. If you take the time to read the guide and enjoy it please upvote! If you didn't enjoy it, please leave a comment explaining why before you decide to downvote. I'd love to hear some feedback!

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Why chose Xin?

This section is meant to be a spin-off of the usual "Pros/Cons" section. I chose to do this because it allows me to give a little more detail and draw on Xin's finer points, rather than just using a bulleted list. If you don't care and would rather just read a bulleted list than you're in luck! (Look below for a TLDR ;D).

So why would you want to choose Xin Zhao? Xin has a number of things going for him that make him an effective jungler and an all-around good pick. Aside from his gap-closer, he brings a fair amount of utility to the table for your team (in the form of a knock-up and slow) which can help secure a kill on a fleeing champion. Also, unlike other junglers he can gank pretty successfully right after red, and doesn't rely on his ult as much as others (Nocturne). He also has a pretty solid early game and doesn't drop off very hard late game which makes him a slightly more versatile pick.



  • Doesn't rely on his ult to gank at early levels.
  • Scales pretty well into late game.
  • Provides a fair amount of utility for your team.
  • Has a pretty safe and easy jungle.


  • Doesn't have a reliable method of escape.
  • Requires a few items before he becomes a real threat.
  • If you fall behind early, it can be hard to catch up later.

Soooo I told myself I wasn't going to be one of those people that tried to prove a build was useful by uploading a bunch of pictures of my match history, but this was just too good to pass up. We started off the game getting crushed. Our GP rage quit at 25 minutes and it looked like we were doomed to lose. The rest of our team picked up the slack though and we managed to come back with a victory :P

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Summoner Spells

I usually run ghost and smite on Xin, but you can switch out ghost for a number of different spells depending on the situation and your play style.

Other Good Choices - Flash, Exhaust, Ignite, Cleanse.

Ghost and flash are both good options because Xin doesn't really have much of an escape other than movement speed (which isn't very reliable). Exhaust and ignite are good for netting early kills and can also be effective counter picks to auto attack champs or champions with an innate heal. Cleanse is also useful for Xin as he is very vulnerable to CC and can tend to be focused in team fights if you're doing well.

The other spells just really don't have their place on Xin. He gets enough heal with his passive and wriggles (once you get it). CV and fortify are better used on supports/tanks. Xin can be mana dependent at early levels, but clarity isn't really the answer for that, if you find yourself starved for mana use MP5 runes or try to keep up with blue buff. Teleport isn't necessarily a bad pick, but I think the options I listed tend to be more useful. Lastly, rally and revive just aren't really viable choices on Xin.

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My runes are pretty standard for an AD jungler:

greater mark of desolation

Quints - I like to use the flat HP quints, because they provide a lot of early game survivability. You could probably exchange them for armor penetration or flat attack damage, but you won't have any trouble clearing the jungle without them and I think the HP will prove more beneficial in the long run.
Marks - Armor penetration marks are pretty much the standard here. Honestly, the only other mark you could really argue for would be attack speed, but it wouldn't be nearly as beneficial. TL;DR - just use armor penetration.

Seals - I choose to use flat armor seals when jungling Xin. A lot of people might argue that you should use attack speed yellows, but armor makes for a much faster, and much safer, jungle. Aside from that, the armor is more useful outside of the jungle while the attack speed will become insignificant later in the game.
Glyphs - Being that Xin benefits from attack speed it never hurts to include some from the start. Attack speed glyphs provide a bit more starting attack speed without sacrificing a needed other option. If you'd prefer something else there are a number of others you could use: MR per level, flat CD, and MP/5 per level are all viable options.

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Sooo the masteries might seem a little strange, but they do work pretty effectively. The general idea behind it, is that you get the best off all 3 trees from a jungling standpoint. Improved smite, attack speed, armor penetration, minion damage, and attack damage in offense. Extra armor in defense. And improved ghost, bonus experience, and increased buff duration in utility. If this doesn't suit you, however, Xin is a fairly versatile champion and can benefit from several different mastery trees (although as with any jungler I would NOT skip out on the bonus experience in the utility tree, it makes the jungle slightly longer to trek through).

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Skill Sequence

I know the section up top pretty much details that, but I wanted to explain one small thing that differs from usual Xin jungle guides. I grab my Q first as that provides the best utility for taking down the early blue buff and will save you a fair amount of HP that will allow you to grab an easier red without having to back. At level 2 I grab W. The passive attack speed is useful and you can use the active to refresh your Q cooldown while getting a little extra attack speed. At level 3 its a good idea to get your E as its your most beneficial skill as a gap closer and slow for early ganks. From then on you should max your E, grabbing your ult at level 6, followed by your W, then Q.

The general idea is that after level 4: R > E > W > Q

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Core Build

Note: This section is long and explains a lot of WHY I choose the items I do. If you aren't interested skip down a bit and read the TLDR.

I usually start with the standard Cloth Armor + 5 health potions (although you can start with a vampiric scepter, it works to almost the same effect). On your first trip back you should get Boots of Speed and 2 more health potions and if you have enough (┬┐successful gank?) Madred's Razors should come next. From there work towards Wriggle's Lantern, grabbing a The Brutalizer next and eventually building that into a Youmuu's Ghostblade. The build can differ here a bit depending on the enemy team comp. If the enemy team is AP heavy or has a lot of reliable CC then Mercury's Treads are definitely the way to go. If the enemy team is made up of AD champs or auto-attacks then Ninja Tabi can be an effective counter. Although I don't recommend it, if you're feeling pretty safe and you want a little extra attack speed you can grab berzerker's greaves, but keep in mind you'll get plenty of attack speed from the rest of the build. After that I usually grab a Recurve Bow and work towards getting Zeke's Harbinger.

*NOTE* - Be sure to remember that Xin Zhao fits into the Tanky DPS category. You are NOT the tank, you should be building damage as you need to make sure you're a threat. With that said you are also NOT a glass cannon, you should always make sure you have some survivabilty. If you get bursted down at the start of a team fight you aren't doing anyone very much good.

TL;DR - Cloth Armor + 5 HP potions > boots 1 > The Brutalizer > boots 2 > Youmuu's Ghostblade > Recurve Bow > Stark's Fervor.

Situational Items

Offensive Items

There are a number of different items that you can use to finish off your Xin build. In an ordinary game you probably won't get very far past your core, but on the occasion that you do, here are some good situational items and their uses!

Cloak and Dagger - The first item I'll touch on is the Cloak and Dagger. This item is fairly new, but shouldn't be underestimated. The benefit of this item is it provides 3 things that are fairly staple to Xin's build, especially if you chose to get berzerker greaves or ninja tabi over merc treads. With 20% AS, 20% Crit Chance and +25 tenacity this item deserves a place in builds that doesn't include merc treads (just remember tenacity doesn't stack!)

Trinity Force - Trinity Force synergies really well with Xin Zhao for a number of reasons. It provides both attack damage and ability power (provides a little extra damage to your E). It also gives an AS, crit chance, MS, HP, and MP boost, all of which Xin benefits from. The passive slow and attack boost can also prove useful in kiting or peeling off champions.

Frozen Mallet - Mallet works well on Xin because combined with red buff and his E he becomes very difficult to get away from. Aside from that it provides a small AD boost as well as some extra HP for a bit of survivability. If you find that Trinity Force isn't your thing for some reason, I would definitely recommend you pick up Frozen Mallet in its place.

The Bloodthirster - Bloodthirster is a decent pick on almost any AD champion. It provides a significant AD increase as well as up to a 25% life steal. Its not part of the core build, but if you're having a hard time deciding on your next item and you have the gold I would definitely recommend picking it up, just make sure you farm it.

Infinity Edge - 80 AD, 25% crit chance, and 250% crit damage. Not much more needs to be said about this item, but its definitely worth picking up.

Last Whisper - Last Whisper is a little less important to this build since Black Cleaver is picked up pretty early on. If you start to snowball though, there is a chance the enemy team will start stacking armor. If that happens, Last Whisper is definitely the item for you. With 40% armor penetration you'll be melting tanks like squishies.

Madred's Bloodrazor - Madred's is an excellent item for Xin in a number of different situations. It gives good AS, some extra armor, and bonus attack damage. The bread and butter of this item, though, is the passive. Magic damage equal to 4% of the target's maximum health is a great counter to champions that stack HP (Cho' Gath, Swain, etc..).

The Black Cleaver - This item is a good middle ground if your Youmuu's Ghostblade isn't quite enough armor penetration, but a Last Whisper would be too much. It provides pretty decent attack speed and damage while also shredding up to 45 armor on the third hit.

Phantom Dancer - This item was included in my core until recently, when I decided that a Stark's Fervor provides Xin with a little more of what he needs, while also bringing some extra utility to your team. That being said, a Phantom Dancer is still a good idea in situations where you find yourself needing extra AS, Crit chance, or MS.

Warmog's Armor & Atma's Impaler - I'm listing these two items together, and at the bottom of the offensive section, because they synergize very well and double as both offensive and defensive. This does not mean that these two items should not be separated because there is a time and a place fore everything. If you aren't familiar with them, Warmog's provides close to 1000 HP with 30 HP/5 and can be farmed (in the same way a Bloodthirster) up to an additional 450 HP and 15 HP/5. Atma's provides 45 armor and 18% crit chance and has a passive that converts 2% of your max HP into attack damage. This is why these two items work so well together. A fully farmed Warmog's alone will be converted to almost 30 bonus AD. If you're trying to fulfill a tankier role these two items should not be underestimated

Defensive Items

Force of Nature - Force of Nature works well on Xin as it allows him to with-stand a lot of caster burst while also providing him with a few extra benefits. The HP/5 mixed with the passive allows him to sustain himself as long as he isn't taking constant damage and the movement speed (which when coupled with Trinity Force and Phantom Dancer can reach an excess of 500) almost guarantees you'll catch up with your target or atleast force them to waste a summoner or two.

Banshee's Veil - Banshee's Veil allows you safely initiate a fight without having to worry about that first burst of CC (stuns like Annie's for instance) while also providing a little extra HP and MP. Another added benefit of Banshee's Veil is it can sometimes convince the enemy team not to try to initiate you at your tower if they feel they can't make the killing blow.

Thornmail - Thornmail is especially useful in games where you're facing a lot of auto-attacks that also provide some utility (Ashe, Trynd, Noct). Thornmail will allow you to pick up Merc Treads while still convincing auto attackers that you shouldn't be their focus.

Frozen Heart - Frozen Heart is another defensive item that works well against auto attackers, especially those that stack AS, while also passing on the benefit to your team. With 99 armor, 20% CDR, and a passive that slows enemies attack speed by 20%, Frozen Heart should not be overlooked. Be aware the effect does not stack so if someone on your team already has frozen heart you should consider grabbing something else instead.

Quicksilver Sash - The QSS serves its purpose as an MR item that works well against teams heavy in CC (especially suppression: Malz, WW). If you chose an escape as your other summoner spell I would definitely recommend picking up this item.

Guardian Angel - A Guardian Angel has a number of different uses and I recommend it as a defensive item if the enemy team has a good balance between AP and AD. Aside from the obvious stat bonus's, this item will also revive you on the spot every 5 minutes allowing you to potentially rejoin a team fight if you were the first to go. Guardian Angel can also provide the same hidden benefit as Banshee's Veil. An uncoordinated team may decide not to focus you if they know you'll just be coming back while they're dealing with the rest of your team.

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Now we get to the section that you're all here for. Parts of this section are going to be a bit redundant to the people that read the other sections, but I wanted to add the additional information in here for a bit of context.

You should start the game with a cloth armor and 5 HP potions. Xin is a very strong jungler and should start at blue buff with very few exceptions. Ideally you'll want your team to help defend/leash your buff, but if for some reason they won't, Xin can take down blue alone pretty easily. Start with your Q, but wait to use it until immediately after you land your first attack. The reasoning behind this is that Xin's Q resets your attack timer so a well timed Q can result in some saved time (Use HP potion). Continue whacking down the golem, using your Q when it's off cooldown and smite it when it gets low. Proceed to finish off remaining minions then level your W and move to the wolf camp. Start with the big wolf, using the same strategy you used on the golem (land 1 attack then immediately proc your Q), and then move to the smaller two.

A technique that I use that often makes jungling much quicker is to activate your W AS SOON AS your Q goes onto cooldown. This allows you to gain a much needed AS steroid while also refreshing the CD on your other abilities. If you remember to do this every time you will greatly improve your jungling speed and be able to gank with more HP in the long run.

After you appropriately deal with the wolves make your way to the wraith camp. Again, follow the same technique starting with the big wraith (use HP pot) using your Q and W when available to deal with the smaller wraiths afterwards.

After the wraith camp you should be level 3. If you plan on ganking after lizard I would recommend getting your E next. If you plan on just moving on to twin golems and basing then it would be acceptable to level up your Q again (just remember that an effective jungler takes every opportunity to gank/help a lane)

You should be moving onto lizard at this point. If you chose to put a point into your E you can use that to initiate (use HP pot). Once again, you should be using the same technique as before, although if you have your E you should use it before your Q when possible (that way your W will be reducing the cooldowns on both). Depending on your HP you may have to use a another potion during the fight, just make sure you use it when you drop below half hp to avoid dying. Once lizard falls you have two options: gank the lane nearest your red buff (especially beneficial if you are purple team and your solo laner is 1v2) or go after the double golems. I won't provide details on either (there will be a ganking section later on and the golems are pretty self explanatory at this point), but afterwards you should be basing and picking up boots and a couple more HP pots.

At this point you can do one of a few things. Ideally you'll be ganking the lane that has the most potential, but if there isn't an opportunity(I'll discuss what to look for in the ganking section) then you can either go back through your jungle (wolves should be up by now) OR attempt to counter jungle the enemy jungler (assuming they have one, otherwise you're more than welcome to clear their jungle, you're teammates would almost certainly appreciate the extra buffs).

By now you should have the gist of what you need to be doing in the jungle, once you pick up madred's razors the jungle becomes much easier to work through.

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • It is your responsibility to gank/help your team when they need it.
  • It NEVER hurts to ward the key areas of the map (partially your job). These areas include
  • Baron, Dragon, your neutral buffs, their neutral buffs, and several other chokepoints in the map (they're hard to list without showing, I'll try to get a map up eventually, I know I've seen one before).
  • Keep an eye on your mini-map. It might land you a kill/save your life.

Jungle with a Leash

Jungle without a Leash

*NOTE* - There is no real difference between these videos as far as routes, builds, or strategies are concerned. The only purpose of including the second video is to show that it is possible efficiently jungle Xin starting at blue with no leash.

Ward Placement Map!


  • The red spots signify Baron and Dragon, these are important to ward for both control over the monsters themselves, as well as for general map awareness due to their positioning on the map.
  • The green spots mark the neutral buffs in both jungles. The wards at your own buffs are slightly more important later in the game, especially after your first line of towers are destroyed. The wards in the enemy jungle are slightly less necessary, but make counter-jungling/ganking much easier.
  • The blue spots are my recommendations for ward placement in relation to top and bottom lane. If you only place one, I would suggest you choose the spot in the river at the fork.
  • The orange spots are denoting the two bushes on either side of middle lane. These wards are a little less of a necessity if both top and bottom lane are warded, but they never hurt. There are some other spots that work as well, but they would over lap with other wards, so I didn't list them (the purple spot above dragon for instance).
  • The purple spots show choke points that you should ward, if at all possible, when attempting to kill dragon or baron. It's very important to know if your location is compromised so that you can get out without any casualties (this is much more important for baron, as dragon isn't much of a threat late game).

*NOTE* - This map by NO MEANS details every spot that should be warded. Ward placement can be very situational. If you notice that the enemy team continues to spring on you from the same spot, consider warding there as well. Just bear in mind that map control is the key to winning any real game and should never be underestimated.

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No Runes? Low Level? No Problem!

So recently I've been trolling around the new player forum and I noticed a few posts asking about jungling. A lot of suggestions were thrown around as to who could/couldn't be jungled without runes and it sparked my interest in regards to Xin. I set to work trying to figure out a good route/strategy and came up with the one I'm about to share with you.

First, let me go ahead and say I was NOT able to jungle Xin with no masteries at all. Your best bet is to wait until you're level 8. The reason for this is that without the 4 points in the utility tree for extra EXP, you won't hit level 2 off blue buff or twin golems and that seriously hinders your jungle, especially when attempting to do wraiths. The masteries page I ended up using had 3 points in Perseverance, 1 point in Haste, and 4 points in Awareness.

The strategy I found best was to again start off at blue buff (twin golems took a weird route and I wasn't able to solo blue, even at level 3). For this to work you DO need a pretty solid leash (I requested my friends to get the golem down to roughly 700 hp before fleeing). If done properly they will get away with enough time to not lose experience in their lane, as well as allowing you to finish golem with mostly full hp. From there move to wolves and then down to wraiths, using the same strategy listed in the jungle section above. After wraiths you should move down to twin golems and then to gank if possible. I did attempt to kill red buff several times and was not able to bring him down. It probably would be best to just wait until you have Madred's Razors to do it. With this route, you finish at level 3 with blue buff, and are still in a good position to gank the nearest lane.

The video below shows the strategy described above. I'm not particularly proud of the video or the route, but it DOES work and I mostly just wanted to prove it could be done. I'll keep testing a few things out and if I manage to come across anything better I'll be sure to update this section.

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Ganking (and normal fighting situations)

This section is a little hard to detail given the large amount of variables that differ from lane to lane, but it never hurts to lay out a few general guidelines.

As the jungler you should be ganking often and at any point you feel you have the opportunity. Assuming you didn't run into any complications during the first phase of your jungle you should have plenty of health (as well as double buff) to attempt a gank after lizard. Here's a few things to look out for when attempting a gank:

  • Are any of your allies being harassed/zoned or are they at risk of dying?
  • Is your solo lane facing a 2v1 situation?
  • Can you gank the lane nearest to you?
  • Are any nearby enemy champions at half health or below?
  • Are any of your lanes being pushed to their tower?
These are listed in no particular order, although I would consider the first to be your highest priority. You should also encourage your teammates to only last hit and avoid pushing towards the enemy's tower. Remember, don't wait in the brush for an opportunity to present itself. You're costing yourself value experience and may also be neglecting another lane that could use your help.

So you've found an opportunity and moved in to gank a lane. What comes next? First, make sure your teammates are aware of your intentions and are in a position to help you (communication is key). You should always position yourself in a spot that keeps you hidden, but also allows you to make a quick move should you need to (the brush in the river on the side lanes is an EXCELLENT place to wait). Once its time to move in you have a couple of options:

*NOTE* - Do not try to force a gank if your lane is low on HP. It is better to allow them to base while you watch the lane, then it is to fail a gank and potentially give up first blood.

Option One - Initiating with Audacious Charge

This option is useful in giving you the element of surprise. When the enemy steps in range (or comes close enough) you can use your E to jump onto them, closing the gap while also slowing them. If you choose to, you can go ahead and use your W right before using your E, otherwise now is a good time to use it. As soon as your W activates you should activate your Q. The reason for this is the increased AS allows you to get your knock-up off in the shortest amount of time. Hopefully after your combo your enemy will be dead or near dead and you or your allies can finish them off.

This option does have a few trade-offs, however. For starters, using your W before your Q means you won't be getting the full affect of the CDR that comes with the active (this can be easily fixed, by using your W AFTER your Q goes on cooldown, but you run the risk of not being able to secure the kill in that instance). The bigger issue, however, is that by initiating with your E, you've wasted your gap closer and primary chasing method (especially if you haven't had an opportunity to get boots yet). If you're confident you and your team can secure the kill though, this is the method I recommend.

Option Two - Walking up behind them

This option requires timing, but can prove to be more effective in securing your kill (leaves your gap closer available for when you need it). For this method you should always make sure that the person you're attempting to gank is in front of where you're waiting (if you walk out in front of them, they just have to turn around and walk away). If they're pushed to your tower its best to wait for the time between waves (that way you can be slightly sneakier by not allowing minions to show your approach). Just as in the last option, you should use some combination of your Q and W to knock the opponent in the air while attempting to get in as many auto attacks as possible. The benefit of this option over the last is that you still have your gap closer to catch up should they pop ghost or flash (or any other form of escape).

*NOTE* - Remember that if you wind up using ghost or flash to catch up to the person you're chasing you run the risk of having the situation turned around on you (you've probably moved closer to their tower/team and away from yours) and you've already wasted your only means of escape. Always use your best judgement when aggressively using your summoners.

*NOTE 2* - Although it may not feel like it, forcing an enemy to use a summoner spell can easily be considered a successful gank. Summoner spells have a pretty long cooldown, so just head back to base, and make your way back to the lane, chances are you'll be able to get them next time.

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Team Fights

This is another section that doesn't really have a set strategy. Team fights happen all over the map and can be initiated in a number of different ways. Rather than try to give an example of every possible scenario, I'll instead try to help you understand your role as Xin Zhao when you find yourself in a team fight.

The first thing to note when it comes to team fights is that you are NOT the tank. Xin can initiate if necessary (I'll explain that shortly), but if at all possible you should be hanging back a bit waiting for the initial burst to pass by before jumping in. Xin excels in 1v1 fighting and should be used to pick off a dangerous carry once the fight begins. Like in the ganking section, you should be holding onto your E if at all possible to try to chase down any weak champions trying to escape. Your strategy in team fights actually should look a lot like your strategy for ganking. Once the burst subsides, pick your target and use your preferred combination between your Q and W, sneaking in as many auto attacks as possible. If you find yourself in the middle of the fight, don't be afraid to use your R. Aside from damaging any surrounding enemies it'll also give you some much needed survivablity to hopefully get you through the fight alive. Remember in team fights that FOCUS IS KEY. Make sure that you and the rest of your team have analyzed the threats and chosen your targets accordingly. Proper focus can be the difference between winning or losing a team fight.

Initiating (This works best with a cleanse)

Once again I do NOT recommend this if at all possible, but if your team lacks a tank or a proper initiate, you can step up and fill those shoes. First things first, I would suggest you make sure you have some extra survivablity before hoping right in. Make sure your team is ready to move when you do, and look for an opening. When the timing seems right, use your E to jump to the champion in the middle of their team. If you get CC'd use your cleanse, if you have it, and try to get your ult off. If you have flash, you can attempt to flash out afterwards, but chances are you're going to get burst down before you have the opportunity. If things go correctly, however, your team should be able to get an upper hand on the enemies with some of their health and burst wasted on you. Bear in mind, Xin's ult deals a base damage plus additional damage based on the current HP of the champion(s) it hits, thus it is best used at the beginning of the fight when most champions are still near full health.

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In closing, I hope this guide proves as useful to you as I planned it to be. I'm always willing to change/add something based on changes to the champion or player feedback. If there is anything you'd like to see changed or added please say something in the comments before down voting. I'd be more than willing to add a section discussing lane Xin, farming, etc... if anyone shows interest in it. Enjoy, and as always

Happy Summoning!

*NOTE* - Some things to check back for:
  • Video for the ganking section, showing several ganks and how to execute them.
  • Video for the team fight section, showing how to effectively use Xin in a team fight.
  • Potential section/video for counter-jungling.
  • Updates any time an item/champion is changed that affects Xin.
  • An update after the jungle rework (no ETA on that as of now).
  • This is a BIG "if", but I've been looking into the effectiveness of jungle Xin on Twisted Treeline. I'm not heavily pursuing it, but if I come across an epiphany I'll be sure to add a section about it.
  • Many other sections/features based on user feedback.

Guide Top


This is the section that I will be using to publish a date and description of any changes I make to the guide.


  • Based on feedback, changed the skill order.
  • Did a complete overhaul of items section as well as some major adjustments to the core items.
  • Added a section for jungling Xin with no runes and level 8 masteries.
  • Added a video to the above section.
  • Added a "ward placement map" under the jungling section.
  • Somehow managed to forget Guardian Angel in the items section. This is now added.
  • Added more images to several sections (items, summoner spells, runes, etc..)
  • Reworked all images in the guide to display stats on mouse-over.