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Vi Build Guide by The Equalizer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Equalizer

Vi - Piltover's Finest

The Equalizer Last updated on January 15, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Punch First, Ask Questions While Punching - Intorducing Vi


I will be archiving this guide soon as it has fallen out of favor. The Other vi guides beat me, the time i made this, they were really comptetive and everyone was downvoting each other. I will release this same name and everything but touched up and perfected. If this somehow gets more votes before i close it then i keep the changes on here and keep editing this.

Meet Vi - The Piltover Enforcer

Hello, and Welcome to my guide On Vi, The Piltover Enforcer. Vi comes from the city of progress, Piltover and is a Melee Bruiser Fighter. She has great top and jungle potential even though i favour her jungle. She is a fistful of fun and works really well with specific team comps, sometimes she makes her own.

Laning Top (General)

You will Farm pretty well in lane, and most of the time come out ahead in farm. If you have a dps jungler (Yi, Leesin, Nocturne) you can coordinate with ganks and tank towers, offering alot of distruption. You also farm really well with your Excessive Force and your Vault Breaker.

Jungle (General)

Vi has relatively ok clear time and Nice ganks. I think personally, she belongs in the jungle. Her Q allows for some sweet ganks, as it is a knockback and a gap closer. Ganks early on can blow flashes and often lead to first blood.

I will end the introduction by saying, this is still a work in progress. Make sure you read insightfully and im open to feed back, please keep it constructive. I am still playing more games, more ideas poping into my head about her. She is still a new champion. Keep up to date with the Change log.

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Pros / Cons - A little Smash and Grab


Fun to play.
Easy to pick up.
Nice batch of cc.
Almost unescapeable with Q and R.
Tons of damage with The Black Cleaver
Nice Initation
Invisible text!

Invisible text!

Hard to Master
Can be cced while in Vault Breaker
E is can be tricky to aim
Q can get you into sticky situations

At First glance, Vi looks super easy. I mean her Q looks like an easy thing to use. Her w is a passive which dosent require much and her E is just a on hit insta kill wave thing. Sound elementary right? Yep it is. But the way you use these ablties affect lane, jungle and ganks alot. More Discussion on this will next chapter.

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Abilites - Packing A Punch

Abilites Break Down

Blast Shield

Take Cover!
Her passive is on a gigantic cooldown during lane phase (even late game, 8 seconds is alot) and for good reason. She would very powerful with a sheild for 10% of her max hp thats up very often. In lane, you should base trades around your shield and when its up. Using it wrong and messing up timing/damage could make you lose a fight. In the jungle, it can help, but not very noticable as it is on a 18 second cooldown.

Vault Breaker

This abilty sets Vi basis kit. This makes helps you carry out ganks and coordinate well with ganks.
Awesome tool to catch up to the criminals and prep for your ult. It also Applies denting blows which soon after should lead the to a quick use of both e. The damage scales nicely early game but often late game you will use it to lead in to your ult. The damage on Q is also nice.

Also, for Added Hilarity:

Denting Blows

Breaking Down Health bars since 2'12
Denting blows is a passive effect, which should mean its a boring ability... Wrong. It nicely sets up for your E after you proc the 3rd mark of it. Its probably the most fun Passive abilty in the game (others belonging to Teemo and Vayne). Denting blows hit enemies hard dealing a percentage of there health per level up to 10% in physical damage. This decreased however unless you dont build armor penetartion.

Excessive Force

Smash Everything behind the wall.
This Abilty is your main if not only form of harass in lane. This abilty is your do all or nothing really. Super strong clear both in jungle and in lane. Nice harass in lane, which however pushes the lane so you may want to plan this out. Look for a minion isolated from the rest that the back splash aoe wont hit and then line it up with the oposittion. This should line up for nice harass early laning. If you cant do that, you can still hit a regualr minion, no harm done there... Except when yo get ganked by the enemy jungler for over extending.

Assault and Battery

Vi Dont Give a ****.
***ualt and Battery is a really nice move in team fights, lane, jungling and ganking in general. It knocks up and suppresses the target for a moderate duration which is nice and can help you mop up kills. This Abilty really synergises well with a few ultimates and champions. It deals alot of damage to the squishy ones, especially with that Black Cleaver of yours. This can be used to get away from a pesky gank by ulting the furthest away. It also does nice in ganks as it disables all cc effects, aswell as in team fights to help lock in your champion you want blood for.

Maxing Order Top

Always get a point in w first if jungling. If not, Q for saftey incase of an early gank.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Masteries - I'm Doing This, My Way

When I do Masteries, i always look at what is essential for that champ and why.

Jungle Vi:


Some Wacky Stuff here aye? I like Running 19/11/0 on Jungle vi, with all the points in the Attack damage side, All Penetration and 3 points in Sorcery which helps with Excessive Force. I tend to stray away from havoc mastery at all costs. It just really isnt that impressive (more talk on this below). Armor penetration is a must have. With the Defensive tree i take the minion damage reduction, health per lvl + flat health and Summoners resolve for extra gold. Also Relentless helps alot agaisnt your self slow Vault Breaker

Top lane Vi:


This Masterie tree is very standard for Ad briusers top lane. Pick realisticly, if your Facing any of these top lane get Resistance if not, Hardiness :

Why No Havoc and No Executioner on jungle? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

First off, im not sure wether people in general like the mastery or not, but it has to be said. Havoc is useless. Executioner not much better, still a viable pick. Lets break down havoc:

WARNING! Some maths, mabye enough to hurt!

At max Rank it is 2% increase in Damage.
At 100 damage, your damage is increased by 2 because 100x2%=2
500... 10.
Thats why its not reccomended on any champion.

Now with Executioner, lets say your target has 2000 max hp and half of that currently.
Your spells deal say... 400 damage each.
This can secure kills. This obviously a must have 21/anything/anything, but just think about it before you take it.

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Runes - Plan? I Don't Need A Plan

Jungle A Vi:

With a Rune Set up, you typically want the normal Rune setup for Ad junglers.

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Deeper Insight:

: This is key for fast and satisfying jungle clear time, it will also help proc your Denting Blows effect more often
: This is great agaisnt those pesky small wraiths and that damned small golem! Curse them! Also helps with extra tankyness late game.
: Pretty nice Against ap when you try to gank so you dont give the enemy mid laner double buff. Also scales well with what your building.
: Faster ganks and Faster movment speed between your wolves and wraiths. Need i say more?

Vi on Top:

The Glyphs and Seals are essentially the same but the marks and Quints are prefererd choice.

Deeper Insight:

Greater mark of Armor Penetration: This helps out alot throught the game as it gives you better damage and trades better.
: This Really impacts your farm, especially early game and even boosts your base damage a bit.
and Greater Quintessence of armor penetration should be chosen respectively via what you chose in marks. But in saying that i find it is much better to go Mark of attack damage and Quint of penetration and vice versa as its more flexible. You can however focous it into one section to give you a clearer goal on the target that you want.

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Summoner Spells- Sometimes, You gotta Make A Door

What Summoner spells Equalizer? Truthfully, all of them can play a significant role with 1 or 2 execeptions

Numero Uno Options:

[*] Secure kills much more efficently

[*] More Escapes/ Better Initiation

[*] Always Take this when jungling. No Questions asked. No no Questions. STHAP IT!

Lets not Forget these guys:
:I cant really reccomended it unless your really new to the game and trying vi on free week.
:Dominions a whole new topic.
:Its nice as it covers more area than your flash and your already have an escape (2 if used properly) so ghost could come in handy.
:Because its been belted to the ground and is not on par with others, i say nay.
:Still need to do more testing on this, but from what i predict, this can help her dismantle her target easily but tenacity should cover that.
:If you think youll have a bad time in lane or you want more farm or gank as top lane more effectively take.
:Can be used like old heal bait and more risky plays can be enabled with this aswell as survive burst lane (eg. Akali.
:Can work really well in times of ganks or vsing a lane you think youll be able to kill.
:Mabye... actually no. Cv is not good on Vi.

That Covers all the summoner spells. I say Smite Definetly when jungling and flash. Ignite and flash for top. Replace Ignite for Teleport, Barrier, Exhaust. Ghost and Barrier and Exhaust for flash.

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Counterpicks // Team Synergisers - I'm my own back up

Team Synergy

Odly enough Vi does seemingly well with quite a few Champions. One in particular, her partner in Crime Caitlyn.

Why cait? First of all Vi clears the way for caitlyns Ace in the Hole. Also if Cait catches anyone with a Yordle Snap Trap, you can pretty much dive that champion.

Malphites Unstopable Force is a realy game changer especially, and since your ult does the same thing, but single target it can help you quickly pick up kills in fights.

Ashes Enchanted Crystal Arrow is a great abilty that helps you lock in your target, and initiate like a boss. Reward ashe if she hits the arrow on your target.

All of Nauts Abiltiyes work well with your ultimate and q, i would say Naut is a prefered Jungler (he also is a nice support) when you play Vi top. Depth Charge, Dredge Line and Staggering Blow Are just so perfectly in synch with your abilties.

Taric seems to do well as a support as it gives Vi alot of tankiness to be that initator she needs to be and that nice stun. Taric is pretty nice in general plus the early game bursts with ganks.

As an example of Team Cait and Vi syngergy (watch till the end):

More Syngergies Coming Soon!

Top Lane Counter picks To Vi

There are some champions, depending on how people play them, will beat Vi in lane. One ive Noticed Cho'Gath will beat you, do as much damage as well if he build the appropiate armor. I.e Dorans Sheild. Discalimer Warning! This is personal opinion supported by facts, my view on matchups can be changed at any times, diffrent ways to beat them may pop up by competetive streamers. Some may infact lose to Vi.

Rate: 7.5/10
Teemo is a pain in neck. The little shroom addict can kite you pretty well pre lvl 6. Even then if he builds phage he will still dismmantle you and slow you really well. Plus his Shrooms means he is ungankable when you play jungle. Try to Direct your jungler on where his shroomed if your on the golem side top, try get your jungler come around from wraiths to tribrush.

Rate: 8.7/10
Yorick is such a annoyance in lane. He has alot of sustain, and can whittle you down. You can hope you have a competent jungler and he ganks your lane to help you out. Once you get a lead on yorick, it should be clear sailing. But rarely will you get a lead, or a Compotent jungler. Try to stray away from his Ghouls when he cast them. Play smart, play safe.

Rate: 11/10
Ill look into this more, but from my overview, Darius is a pain in the bum, neck, back, and keyboard. He has a ton of harass early game, his ******ed passive which is alot of free damage, means he out damages you. His Noxian Gulliotine means you cant expect to live with under 50% of your max hp. I once had a Darius deal 930 true damage with his ult to me... true story.

More top lane Counters to Vi Coming Soon(tm).

Vi Counters...

Vi has really gimicky and fast reaction type counter picks. Lot of it is mechanic based and late game. One for example. You can dodge Malphite ultimate with your ultimate.

Since your Excessive Force is your main form of damage really, you can still harass akali when she trys to be tricky with her little shroud. And you can lock her down when she isnt in shroud. Torment her pre lvl 6 and you'll have a good time.

This lane is all skill basically. All olaf lanes are. Timing with your passive is key in this lane. If you trade with your Blast Shield up and he uses his Wreckless swing you are sure to come out ahead. Also dodge his Axe.

YOU DONT VS KATARINA TOP LANE NOOOB!!! This is true, however with the whole kat op craze (i main kat and stand by the fact she isnt op) vi can shut down a kat when she ults simply with a .1 second charge of her Vault Breaker. Kat, not so op.

More Champions that Vi does well agaisnt Soon!!!

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Items - Here Comes the Punchline

When Building the Piltover Enforcer you want your build to look exactly like this:

All Black Cleavers Aside, it is a core item on her, and essential first item in order to dish out your damage. But please, for the love of god and blance dont have your build look like the above.

To Be more Realistic, here are your core items:

Why these are her core?

: Since Season 3, this item has become a must have on alot of bruisers, Vi in particular the armor shred, health, Cooldown redcution and damage, (eventually turning your attacks into true damage) is too good to pass. Your Damage goes through the roof.
:After Many games, i have decided that runic bulkwark is a very very strong item as it gives alot of good stats in general to help you become more tanky while the rest of your team aswell. It helps your passive bonous aswell which is sweet.
:This helps a gigantic amount agaisnt those pesky ap casters as health stops burst most of the time. It also gives your more of a sheild which is also nice. But the main thing her is the slow, which is a can help you lockdown your target much more Effeicently.

Best Starting Option?

Top lane

This is the Standard setup if your going to have a smooth time at top. This item may help you escape ganks, move quicker between harass and get away from fights better. The Pots are nice aswell for the regen. Also get this or Crystalline Flask agaisnt ap ( Vladamir)

This is really only needed agaisnt those who will give you a tough time agaisnt ad ( Jayce), in saying that, there is now crystalline flask which does better than cloth +5 pots. Cloth Dosent cut it anymore in my opinion. This is open for Discussion down in the comment section.
sight ward
When this Was let out to the public in lol. This became and still is a big starting item. It Regens mana and hp, both effectively good on vi for more harass and sustain. You also get 5 hp pots and a sight ward which means youll be able to sustain yourself as vi has no Self sustain.


This Set is pretty Standard jungle set up. Vi really needs this as it helps with sustain in the jungle and much faster clears.

Vi Boots Tier list: (Everything Deserves A tier list)

Tier 1:

Mercury's Treads, Ninja Tabi

Tier 2:

Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Boots of Swiftness, Boots of Mobility.

Tier 3: Berserker's Greaves, Sorcerer's Shoes.

Break down of the Useless Tier List...

Tier 1: Bassically The best boots for her. Tenacity from Mercury's Treads and Magic resit are really good. If your vsing ad heavy without much counterable cc I.e Xin Zhao, Ezreal, Zed, Darius then Ninja's Tabi.

Tier 2: The only one in here thay i would Rarely reccomened is the Ionian boots because of the cdr, the movment speed from the other 2 can help out with ganks, then its more lenient to Mobility.

Tier 3: Please dont pick any of these. You dont really want attack speed that much especially building up toward late game since your not an ad carry, or Magic pen since your not a mage.

What to buy, When to buy?

I Tend to buy this First and If doing alright without any pesky champions kiting you, i would Rush Black Cleaver.

If your Having hard time catching people in ganks or top and that teemo always lives with 2hp, this may be what you should get next after brutalizer.

If you're the only tanky initator, then build this straight after Black Cleaver without worying about phage. Your have 2 dashes, and 1 blink9 Flash0, you probably wont need it.

Most of the Time, Rush Brutaliser. The Black Cleaver,into Phage, into Aegis of the Legion, then finishing Frozen Mallet Allows for the best build flow and Damage + Tankyness.

Situations Call for Situantional Items

Of course in lane, there will be times where you need to pick up other items, or even in jungle. Here are a few that can be considerd.

Really useful agaisnt melee heavy top laners, also good if your planing to build Frozen Fist or Guardian Angel.

Really nice item for vi as it improves your passive, heals you for better sustain if your getting **** on.

If you are in general not getting any farm at all because of that troublesome Darius or someone, upgrading that cloth armor you might of bought eariler improves your farm alot.

Awesome agaisnt ap top laners and negates a nice amount of damage. You want this agaisnt ap and upgrade it later.

Pretty nice item agaisnt Auto attacking hazards and ad super opposers. Also if you are going to get iceborn gauntlet or Frozen heart, it wil be nice.

Hex Drinker is Awesome as it provides you to build into maw and gives mr agaisnt those pesky ap mages top. Also, i get this before The Brutalizer if you pln on building it.

*note*: If you build lantern, once you have 6 fully built item slots filled sell it in favor of another item. Also i think rushing Brutalizer is more valuable than Wriggles on Vi. my perspective might change but for now thats what i think.

Situational Items for late game:

Maw provides a nice sheild especially agaisnt ap bursters who will try kill you before you get your initation off. Also magic resit in general is nice and attack Damage.
Invisible text!
Iceborn is nice for vi. Vi gains 40 ap on her Exessive force (not noticeable) and damage and slow and aa reduction. Proably better for vi than Frozen heart.
Invisible text!
If you dont need to be really tanky, you could replace Frozen Mallet with this and deal alot of damage, especially with e.
Invisible text!
Magic Resit for late agaisnt mages, Active to get away from tight spots and situations. Attack damage for vi. Awesome item.

If you find yourself dying alot in team fights, this would be useful for a more continous affect on the fight.Invisible text!Invisible text!
Invisible text!
??? Blade of The ruined king is awesome on Vi agaisnt those 5 tank teams, or really tanky teams. The Drain and its passive are really nice.
Invisible text!
Frozen heart is very useful as it gives mana, Cdr which is always nice on vi, armor to be more tanky and Attack speed reduction, to stop those adcs.
Invisible text!
Atma's is very nice as it gives armor and attack damage based on your hp. This works well with Frozen mallet and other health items listed. Crit is useless on vi.

Especially great if your the main initator as its slow and its over all tankyness is such a great combonation. You will be the ultimate initator aswell.
Invisible text!
Last whipser is an awesome item especially as it armor ignore is great. Especially nice agaisnt loads team with lots of armor.Invisible text!
Invisible text! shurelya's reverie
Awesome initation tool. I Reccomend picking this up as your 3 or 4th item if noone else on your team has it. This can win games because of the powerful initation.
Invisible text!
I can only really reccomened this item agaisnt teams with 3 or more heals. In general its not that great but can shut down alot of heals.Invisible text!

My End game build often looks like this:

If you really want to, you can pick up another The Black Cleaver if you want but thats very situational.

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Jungling - Oh Look At Me... I'm On The Case


This is the Standard jungle path i like to take. Going from Wolves, To Blue, To Wraiths, Back to Wolves, then Red, then Golems is a nice route i like to take. But This is not the path you should have every game. At The begggining of the jungle, you need to set what your going to do. Going straight to red from wraiths is probably better, but i only go back to wolves to get xp for lvl 3 and if i know that Golems will probably kill me.

As i was saying, you need to map out what you are going to do. You should try fit in a Gank between wraiths --- Red--- Golems. Also you may want to counter jungle in between wolves and Wraiths, especially agaisnt weak 1v1s and weak early game mid laners. Speaking about mid lane, this lane and top lane should be your primary goals on your first gank. Even Ganking top after blue is effective.

I Will Edit this part at a later date for more Clarification.

Jungle Fast and Fast:

The Art of jungling fast on Vi is to make sure you Land and fully charge Vault Breaker and look for short cuts over walls to get to your camps, if it will lead to a faster clear time. Make sure you land both your Excessive Force after procing your Denting blow. Vi has a really nice clear time, especially compared to a few other junglers. She also beats a few common junglers.

Counter jungling:
First off all, when planning to counter jungle (which you should before you start your jungle route) you need to make sure your able too. Things to consider is, who the opposing jungler is. Vi has Great Damage, but lack of sustain, so you need to also consider wether your hp is high enough. If the enemy jungler is a very able fighter early on such as Lee Sin then it wouldnt be reccomeneded to counter jungler. If it was per say ammumu, then you will fight him much better. Also if your diving straight for a buff early on, consider how long it might take to finish it without the enemy jungler coming to red/blue and finding out.

If your stealing red, make sure you drag red around to the brush behind the red camp. If Your stealing an enemy red junglers blue, then there is no real place that is safe, but it is advisable to keep Vault breaker off cd and not used. Wraiths and wolves (or if your a real man, golems) arent that much tricky, just make sure you can get away and watch mid lane and the other lane on that camps side. You also need to take into account who there mid laner is, if it is a weak early laner, like LeBlanc, then counter junling early is good, but if it was a cassieopia, then it might be hard.

Also keep in mind when using Excessive Force while counter jungling, that the animation goes over the wall and people will be able to see, try aiming it towards the jungle, away from towers/enemy minions and champions.


In General Ganking with Vi isnt hard to begin with, Charge in with Vault breaker and if you have phage/Red buff it will probably blow a flash, or if you have ***auslt And Battery, it can score a kill. Just make sure when you need to turn on man mode and Dive under a tower i.e when you have resaonable health and mana. Also You can sometimes just stroll in and auto attack them then go in with Q.

With any jungler, Ganking will win lanes, Win buffs, Win Dragon, Win Baron, Win Team fights, Win Game. Gank as much as you can really. Wraiths.. Gank, 2nd red buff... Gank or even 1st red buff.
Just Gank alot so you become the monster of the jungle, and your team the winner.

Ganking Mid:

With My Hightech and Insanely well detailed Photoshop, this masterpiece Accurately Describes the best route to Ganking The Middle lane. As you can see, ganking by going around takes them off guard, but you need to know when to do this and timing this is key. Ganking by going around can easily put the other mid laner off guard and cause wasted flashes. Ganking normally via River is ok too, just make sure your at the right angle.

Ganking top:

Ganking Top early on can make game impacts, same with any lane, but top especially. Because of how far bruisers like Jax, Riven and others can get ahead, ganking to within the first 4-6 minutes can change the flow of that lane completly. Ganking from going around the Wraith area in mid towards top lane from tribrush is a brutal way to gank and not many junglers seem to do that.
Also gank normaly if it isnt warded. That helps.

Something i also think is fun to do on vi is if you are on Blue side and your top laners pushed up use a Fully charged Vault Breaker to charge into the Top river Brush if that brush isnt warded. Then walk in and Use ult immediately. This statergy Applies if Your bot lane is on the blue side.

Ganking bot:

Bot is probably the least of your concern as there are 2 people managing that lane so no biggy. Lane Ganking here is more impacting and more demoralizing. Normally the lane brushes are warded in the first 3-7 minutes so you should gank from the river and charge your way in. Adcs often dont notice as they focous on farm, but there supports probably will. Also before you gank bot, ask where it is warded. If it is warded tribrush, then come from the river and vice versa.

Counter Ganking

Always keep an Eye out for the enemy jungler ganking other lanes that you are near. If it looks like you can save them, Drop Wraiths, stop doing wolves, and go help the poor soul out and mop a kill or even allow them to live. Normally they get intimidated and back off straight away which is good for you and your mid laner, preventing a kill is always nice. Then you can go back to those wraiths.

Lane Ganking:

Lane ganking only works on top and bot lane really. You can do it mid, but only for counter Ganks really and in emergencys where they are dieing to death. Lane ganking or Brush lane ganks consit of your team in the top or bot lane to push there lane up so the minions do not see you enter your sides brush. You then wait for the perfect moment (when the enemy is going for a cs) to Punch your way in. Make sure your laner(s) arent making it obvious my trying to poke at them harder. If you have A Nami or Blitzcrank, Taric or Alistar as a support you should try to let them initate then have You follow up With A Q into R combo. In top lane, you generally want your laner to try and initiate first.

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Top Lane - Put A Dent in them

Refer to the Counter pick/ Syngery chapter to see how vi fares agaisnt other champions in top.

Primarly in top you need to farm, Trade, Ward and kill. Top is easily the hardest lane to play. Because most of the time, if the enemy bruiser/top laner gets ahead, there ahead permanently and will shut you down.

Save a life, Prevent a gank. Wards.

Getting ganked can easily set you behind alot, youll still have the power to clear waves once it reaches you, but if the other top laner know what there doing they will freeze the lane and not let you farm. So on your first recall, make sure you buy at least 1 ward, 2 would be nice so you can stay in lane longer, especially if you got Crystalline Flask. If you Got Crystalline Flask and on blue side, then make sure to ward at around 3:30 if it the enemy team has a blue statr jungler Sejuani Fiddlesticks, Nocturne. If it was a Red Side jungler, like Lee Sin, Tryndamere, Shaco, then i would Reccomended a little bit earlier, especially as those who do red always look for an early gank.

Now if your on red side. You dont need to really worry about a gank until a little later, use your own judgment for when to place a ward. If you find yourself in

Farming like boss

Farming Defenition: The activity or business of growing crops and raising livestock.
This is what you want to do, you eat your enemy minions and they act as livestock which you eat for gold. Try to always last hit unless you have a clear advantage. You can farm well with a combination of your Vault Breaker and E with lining up every minion, Realsing your Q then lining up the wave with your e. I only Reccomened this only if you have a clear advantage over your enemy top laner or if there out of lane and there jungler can be seen somewhere else.

Your E tool is a really nice farming tool which is also used for harass, Harass+Nothing they can do poke+Minion Gold=Won Trade off. For the most part try to last hit, with your Ad Runes this can become easier. In saying that, your Armor pen runes will be usefull for...

Trading, Poking and Coming out on Top

Timing is key when you trade, Especially early levels as trading in equal line with the enemy minions, especially a canon minion can cause you to take alot of damage. In alot of cases, people lose there lane just because they took so much damage from an early Trade. You want to try use the enemy creeps to your advantage by lining up with the enemy champion and auto attacking the minion with your Excessive Force up. Always try line it up with the champion but dont put yourself in an awkward spot, especially when you have no wards.

You want to trade when you passive is up and make sure its up everytime you initiate. You do a lot of damage and can survive fights timing your Q. Your Excessive Force refreshes your Auto attack so make sure you use it after procing denting blow for extra damage.

Coordinating Ganks

Rarely top laners gank, but if you took Teleport you can get a nice gank of with your patch of cc. On blue side at top, you can gank mid through wraiths my going throught the tribrush at top. If you plan to tele gank top or gank bot through lane, make sure you teleport to a ward in an unwarded lane brush and wait for an oppotunity to Vault Breaker and Assault And battery or dive straight in. If you walk down and plan to tele top, direct the bot laners to push the lane a little. Then go to your sides brush then gank.

Ganking can often Lead to your Tower being destroyed, make sure its worth it by taking there tower or teleporting back to lane quickly.

When and when not to take the top tower:

Taking the tower can easily give your team a good gold advantage and better late game push however, taking it too early can allow the enemmy laner to farm better and you to be pressured much more easily. Make sure you take this at effiecnt times. I would say if it is below 10 minutes, spare it, other wise above 17 minutes, its fair game.

In doing all of this, make sure you do not over extened too much when there jungler cant be seen. Here is a Saftey Top lane Grid:

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Team Fights and Late Game - Come on Resist arrest already!

Team Fighting Late game is intense. Fighting over baron, enganing at the right time, making sure you dont get caught. With Vi you need to make sure you keep up with farm as much as you can, but do not deny your Ad carry farm as you will need to protect them in most cases. You will not need Buffs, so give blue to your mid laners and your Red buff to your adc.

Late Game Goals: (in order)


Once this thing goes boom, you win the game. Its pretty straight forward and obvious that this is hte thing to destroy make sure you attack theres efficently and defend yours carefully, unless its a base race. Always attack on base race.


Baron is one of the biggest objectives you need to capatalize on. The bonouses and gold given by this buff are extremly strong. They are game changing and even lunging over a wall to succesfully smite baron can turn the tide of a game. Keep a timer on baron.


Always try get these down, as these are really vital in your dominating plan for victory. Since you are planning to win, Towers will get you further to the inhibitors which will spawn big super minions and they push much better than normal minions and give champions a run for there money.

4. Dragon

Dragon is the least concern out of all the probably of the least concern. A tower is much more valuable than dragon as dragon tends to respawn after every 6 minutes and gives a global of 190 gold and thats it. Everything else mentioned on this list is signifcantly more usefull and should be pushed for more. Of course, dragon is really nice to pick up if you cant push.

Team Fighting

In team fights, if your teams ahead or equal, once you and your team are confdient to fight, you should alawys initate unless you have another initator/tank like Sejuani, Malphite, Nocturne, if so then your goal should be to protect your adc by dismantling those who try go near her. If your hte sole initator and have some other protective walls, then Lead in with Assault and Battery and pick off the opposing adc and mage. Try to save Vault Breaker for fleeing enemys and make sure that Your Excessive Force hits as many as you can, but dont go out of your way too do that. Activate your activatable items at key moments in fight and make sure you keep punching away. Also if you see somone is in danger, use Vault breaker to get over there an help.

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Vi Summary and Champion Review - Here comes the Punchline

Champion Review

Coming soon!tm

Vi Summary

Vis is A fun champion. Seemingly easy to play, but pretty hard to master. Building right is key and black cleaver is an awesome item on her. Vi has some great early damage, it may seem to fall of late game, but that isn't much of a worry as the squishys are your target. And your ult is devestating and lines up for some perfect combos Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Unstoppable Force, Ace in the Hole.

I cannot over state how fun vi is. Even though some might consider her weak, and at her release point of date she has a low win rate, which is due to people not being able to fully understand her.


Thank you for taking your time to look at this guide. Rate it, Comment and give me your feedback to this. This is my first guide and i hope ive made a good first impression with. Vi is an Awesome Champion, fun and hard to master. Many can pick her up. Few will carry her over the mountain.

Any questions and helpful feed back is appreciated. Dont forget to vote aswell. If there any thing ive left out or didnt cover whic is important or your own opinion on the build that might need looking at, please leave them in the comment section. I put many hours of work into this, it would be nice if you were to vote and share this with other vi players.

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FAQ - Let's get Crackin

I Will answer some common questions asked in the disscussion below or some i would think people ask.

Why do you finish your build with Atma's?
Collectively with Runic bulwark, Frozen Mallet and Black Cleaver you have 3320 hp. 3320 hp X 1.5% is 50 ad, which is very nice, but Atmas is not a core item so replace it with something else if it is not needed.

What if someone on my team already has a Runic Bulwark?
Look at the situational item list and decide what you think you need personally. You might need some more magic resit since you lose 30 magic resistance from not being able to build the Runic Bulwark.

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Change log - No Vi Quote Here folks

Im Australian, so im using Australian Dating system. Bassically american guys do m/d/y we do d/m/y. I will constantly update this build(hopefully).

26/12/2012 - Guide Released (Guide Related)

13/1/2013 -Guide Related

    -Put complete Recommended build
    -Re Vamped the Horrid Late game Goals section
    -Wrote the When/when not to take top tower

16/1/2013 - Added Notice about clousure of guide.