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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Xin Zhao Build Guide by Christhelegend

Assassin Warrior Spirit's Xin Zhao guide AD carry build Season 3

Assassin Warrior Spirit's Xin Zhao guide AD carry build Season 3

Updated on June 18, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Christhelegend Build Guide By Christhelegend 9 6 68,114 Views 5 Comments
9 6 68,114 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Christhelegend Xin Zhao Build Guide By Christhelegend Updated on June 18, 2013
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hey all League of Legends fans,here is Christhelegend and I have a Xin Zhao full guide and how to play him in an Pure AD carry build.
Note:This is my build and how do I play him so please don't trollvote or flame.Also it is my first build so I am very sorry if it has no pictures. :(
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Pros / Cons

1.One of the AS masters in the game.
2.Has a cooldown reduction ability.
3.Has a charge and a Knock Up ability.
4.Great art and a long spear.
5.Can easily win 1v1s and has sustainability and a great passive.
6.Is a pretty easy champion to play.
7.Has an armor reduction passive.

1.May be useless if not played well.
2.Has only a little AS in level 1.
3.Very item dependant if his Battle Cry is maxed last.
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The Greater Mark of Attack Damages provide a good amount of AD and Xin Zhao needs that.
Alternative: Greater Mark of Attack Speed which also provide a good amount of AS

The Greater Seal of Armors provide Armor and Xin Zhao needs that armor.

The Greater Glyph of Attack Speeds give AS.

The Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage provide a great amount of AD.
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Summoner Spells


Exhaust is a great summoner spell and with that you can both exhaust an enemy you are chasing,exhaust someone in a gank or exhaust that stupid Twitch who is tower diving you and you want to make him pay for that.Also you can exhaust dat Nunu or Galio who is using their ultimate at the moment.

This is a great spell which also allows you to pass through walls and simply get out in case in which 5 people are chasing you or just simply flash out of Nunu's or Galio's ult or flash out of a turret's range.

Ignite is a great spell too mostly used for killng the champion who is running away with 50 HP,reduce someone's lifesteal in 1v1s or KSing a champion.


Ghost makes you ignore unit collision and run 27% faster.A great spell for all champions which is used defensively but offensively as well.However,this can be defeated by an exhaust.

Heal is still a great spell but greater after its buff even though all of the hate against it.Mostly used by tanks and support but it works even better in a carry AP or AD though they are squishy and need that health if they aren't trolling of course. :P

Teleport can be greatly or badly used.Has both offensive and defensive uses.

Cleanse has been underestimated by much.Still a good option although you can simply get a Quicksilver Sash and thats very rare.


Take smite this only when you want to jungle and this is not a jungling Xin Zhao guide.

Garrison is the troll spell for dominion.

Revive is THE troll spell for classic and take it ONLY WHEN YOU WANT TO TROLL HARD.

Umm as far as I know you are not Soraka.

Xin Zhao doesn't suffer from mana problems.
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Skill Explanation

This is Xin Zhao's passive.Pretty cool like Black Cleaver's passive which synergises well with other Xin Zhao's abilities.

Pretty nice ability which makes Xin'Zhao an UNSTOPPABLE BEAST with its nice additional damage,short cooldown and cooldown reduction on all other abilities when attacking with this buff on.[three talon strike]] also increases Xin Zhao's attack speed during those 3 crucial attacks. Used to assasinate enemies and pushing towers but it doesn't proc at inhibitors.

Pretty nice ability.Get this at level 2 if you have trouble sustaining,or get this at level 3 if you don't have trouble sustaining.Use this at duels,and when pushhing towers.

NOTE!!:When you are pushing towers,use this skill before you use Three Talon Strike because Battle Cry will get a cooldown reduction of Three Talon Strike.

Pretty straightforward and important spell on Xin Zhao which also applies his passive.

And finally we have come to Xin Zhao's ultimate.Pretty strong ability which deals a flat amount of phsysical damage to all units around Xin Zhao plus a 15% execute based on targets current healt.Also,it has a knock back effect on targets not affected by Challenge and some armor and MR based on how many enemy champion has Xin Zhao hit by his Crescent Sweep.Can be used to escape situations due to the armor and MR and the knock-back effect.
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Skill Sequence

At level 1 take Audacious Charge for initiating the fights WITH your team mates and applying Challenge to certain enemies.

Though Three Talon Strike is my favourite ability on Xin Zhao,it doesn't need to be maxed until level 13 but instead Audacious Charge MUST be maxed on level 9.

I max Battle Cry third because I don't think is as important on early game as Audacious Charge and Three Talon Strike.

Crescent Sweep is Xin Zhao's ultimate and shall be ugraded whenever availiable (levels 6,11,18).

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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Core Items

We take Doran's Blade after our Boots although we can skip Doran's Blade if we feel like we dont need extra hp and sustain. Mercury's Treads are great boots on Xin Zhao as he is vulnerable to cc and Mercury's Treads reduce cc effects on Xin Zhao. Bloodthirster is a great item on Xin Zhao which increases our damage but we must keep those charges up. Ravenous Hydra is the best melee AD item released on S3 as it is an upgraded version of Tiamat with lifesteal too. Its only con is that only melee champions benefit from it.We take it after our Bloodthirster for even more damage and lifesteal.Untill now we haven't needed AS as our Battle Cry provides us with that.But now we do need a little bit of AS so we buy our Phantom Dancer for huge amounts of AS and Critical chance.
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Situational Items


After the Core Build you can sell Doran's Blade for the last item.
If you are focusing on damage then this item should be:

infinity At this point we can get Infinity Edge for the huge damage boost, critical chance and critical damage.

The new Black Cleaver is great vs tanky teams.If you want to buy Black Cleaver, just buy a The Brutalizer

Currently Blade of the Ruined King is OP mostly vs tanky teams of health stacking tanks like Dr. Mundo or Zac.Great AS boost, some AD, a great active for burst damage and heal and a passive which shreds the enemy's life like there is no tommorrow :D

Great item vs AP team of dangerous burst APCs like LeBlanc or Kassadin.Also comes with great AD boost.If you want to build this item , buy an early Hexdrinker.

Another good item vs AP teams.Although it doesnt come with extra AD, it comes with nice AS and MR and a good passive.

Good item but definitely an expensive one. Xin Zhao doesn't benefit from AP that well, but sometimes it can be a hell of an item to buy.

Great item vs cc heavy teams as those can completely destroy Xin Zhao because he is vulnerable to cc.Also, the AD wont hurt.


In the current meta, almost everyone buys this item even ADCs(lol).It has the most health provided by any item, and the healrh regen helps a lot.Buy if you need you want more life.

A good item vs mixed teams.Usually the support buy this upgrade of Aegis of the Legion, but if you want to buy it, go ahead.

Great item for Xin Zhao and the most recommended one of Xin Zhao's situational items as no one will escape from you and you get that hp and AD boost.Buy it whenever you feel to.

Great armor item vs heavy AD teams.The armor and health will help you alot and the active will help you initiate fights (if there is no tank in the team) and chase down opponents.

Very good item vs Heavy Autoattack teams as this will return 30% of AA damage done to you, to them as magic damage.I like how their ADCs die to my thornmail as they try to AA me down xD. The highest armor provided in the game by an item is definitely going to help you survive the teamfights.

Good item when you need health and armor at the same time.Also de passive is good when you need some AoE damage too.

Great defensive item vs heavy AP teams as their first spell cst on you will be wasted, denying the cc and the damage done from it.Mana doesnt hurt too although not as usefull on Xin Zhao as on other champions.

Good item that will help you survive the teamfights with armor and magic resist.The passive will make focusing you much harder, too.

Great item if they have a fed ADC and you need armor. The attack speed slow is good, the armor too and the mana will help us somehow stay longer without going back to base.
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Boots & enchantments


Good boots on Xin Zhao if the enemy team lacks cc and you need extra attack speed.

Great if the enemy lacks cc and has lots of AD champions.

The best boots on Xin Zhao because he is completely destroyed by cc and the cc usually comes for magic damage spells.

Take those boots when you roam a lot , and I mean A LOT.


The best enchantment for Xin Zhao as it will help sticking to targets more possible.

Good enchantment for Xin Zhao if you feel like the enemi╬Ás are escaping from you much.

Funny enchantment which is taken if you are losing or need to go to lanes quicker.

Take this enchantment only when you are laning with a ranged ADC or if no one in your team has it.
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Gameplay & Teamfighting

Early Game

If you are playing solo top, try to last hit as much as possible and trade with your opponent if they dont completely counter you.
If you are playing normals then last hit minions or ks minions from your lane partner :P (unless they are your team's ranged ADC) and try to take kills so you become a fed beast late game.

Mid Game
Now, you should be roaming in whether lane you are and gank other lanes preferably mid lane, though try not to forget that you have a lane and you should farm it.Also try to play with your team and force little skirmishes.Also try to kill objectives like dragon and Baron and take down towers if possible.

Late Game

Late Game is the point if the game where going alone is dangerous and puts you in a constant danger of going in an 1v5.Stick with your team, kill objectives like Dragon and Baron.You should have pushed every lane by this moment.If it is safe, then split push.Split pushing means that you push one lane while all other of your team is in another lane, and their whole team too.Now your main objectives will be to push, do Baron and end the game.


Finally,the teamfights.They can determine the course of a match.Alright, let's begin.Firstly, you shouldn't initiate a teamfight, your tank should do so.If you do not have a tank,and you are the tankiest person in your team, take some defence items, jump in focus their carries and pray that your team follows you.Generally, you will want to focus carries or their person who deals the most damage in their team.Sometimes, their front line wil be powerfull and even if your tank initiated and you dive in to their carries,you will get melted instantly.In that case,focus their front line then their carries.But all the time you should be watching their team if anyone is overextended to quickly burst him down.If you are losing and the enemy team is fed (but not to the point you all 5 get burned in a second), you should peel for your carries.For example, lets say you are playing solo top, and your team's ADC is Vayne and APC is Xerath.While Xerath will not have problems of being focused down if hes smart, Vayne with somewhat short range will have problems.So what you want to do is, fight near your carry so if someone dives it you will be able to instantly focus him down BEFORE he kills your carry, which now is Vayne.
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End of Guide

So this is the end of the guide. If you want to, send me pictures of you with this build doing good scores, and Ill be sure to put them in the chapter Ill make, Hall of Fame.
Thanks to everyone who read this guide,and good luck on the Fields of Justice :D
League of Legends Build Guide Author Christhelegend
Christhelegend Xin Zhao Guide
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Warrior Spirit's Xin Zhao guide AD carry build Season 3

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