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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eleviin

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Eleviin Last updated on January 14, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So lets get this out in the open, i am not the best at this game but i have had years of practice at it, ive played pretty much everyday for the past 3 years. I prefer to play more tanky AD champions over scummy squishy AD carries or AP caster, because i would prefer the sustainability of one. These builds may not be what you prefer so please dont hate, its what i build and its what i prefer. Yes these champions are well known to be "OP" but thats what makes them fun ;)

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The runes used for these champions are really obvious, the armor runes for less AD and magic resist runes for less AP, with the Armor Penetration runes, if you like you can make them Physical Damage, its completely up to you, and with the Quints you can make them whatever suits your needs, i use Movement speed for the gap closing and chasing, it helps alot!

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The masteries are just normal AD with a bit of HP/HP Regen, this is obvious for any AD Off Tank, With some chamions like Riven or Lee Sin, you do not need the masteries called Lethality or Frenzy because no critical strikes are used for these champions, but like i said in the introduction, these are just my builds and i am not trying to stop you from going,your own way, so if you want to get some critical chance on any of these champions, it is completely up to you.

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The items on these champions are quite similar because they are all off tanks which means they don't vary much, except for Garen, he is probably one of my favorite champions because after you get your Infinity Edge, your spin does tons of damage because this ability has the chance the crit, not many other champions have this advantage, plus when Garen isn't spinning and he crit's, it look F*cking sick!

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Skill Sequence

Riven: I would prefer maxing your Q first just for the damage output, although maxing your shield is also very reliable since it stacks with her AD not her AP which is very unique since most AD champs with a shield it counts on AP such as Lee Sin, Maxing her W last is obvious because it its used mush for its damage then its stun, this is a good ability just for the extra advantage.

Pantheon: Maxing your Q with Pantheon is really common, but i like to take levels into my E as well since your juke is, W, Q, E, Q, and with the extra damage on the E it can be very helpful, it is also a good range ability if your Q is on cooldown.

Lee Sin: With Lee sin, i like to level up my Q and my W together because, he's Q can put out damage while he's W gives him a shield and extra Life Steal which can be useful in laneing and harrasing, He's good at jumping back and forth between enemies and alies, remember Lee Sin can use his W on himself not just minions or allied champions.

Garen: Most people starting off with Garen will usually max their Q first because of its movement speed advantage but he is much more viable maxing your spin first because of its damage, he W is very useful and should be used as much as possible because it shields you for a percentage of damage not armor or magic resist, which makes him a useful champion in turret diving and initiating.

Olaf: Starting off with Olaf you should always get your Q just for the damage and the slow but always maxing it last since it isnt as much of a good ability as hes W or E, hes E is very useful since it does true damage so it will do the same amount of damage to any champion no matter
how much armor they have, hes W is also good because it give you life steal and AD which can be good in 1v1's, hes passive is also extremely good since the lower your health is the more attack speed you get so lets say for example you have 10% of your health left, you will gain 90% attack speed which is a huge amount.

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Ignite is an overall good spell which is used on any damage outputing champions since it does true damage over 5 seconds and reduces the enemies health regen which is very useful against counter champions like Mundo or Volibear.

Flash is also the most common summoner spell and is used by almost everyone because it cant be used as a good gap closer or escape tool. You can also jump walls with it.

Ghost is also a good spell because it has the same uses as flash but you can not jump walls and it can sometimes be countered by champions.

Exhaust is also a good choice since it reduces the enemies attack speed, attack damage and movement speed, so if they are running you can catch up and if your fighting them you will do way more damage.

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Ranked Play

Playing ranked with these champions is fun even though im not much of a ranked player myself, also these champions get banned often since they are extremely over powered champion.

Banning champions like, Mundo, Volibear and Singed is good because they are counters for most of these champions, but if you are versing them make sure to take exhaust!

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungeling with these chamions is alright i guess about mid game to late game just for the extra creep and cash, i do not encourage you be the actual jungle on your team with these champion but some are really good like Olaf or Lee sin.

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Team Work

Some of these champions have good teamwork like Lee sin or Pantheon because Lee sin can help an ally champion by shielding them or slowing the opposing team, Pnahteon can also stun and ulti into team fights and do TONS of damage.

With the other champions they arnt so much team orientated because they can easily kill steal, like Riven and Garen have their ultimate's which do damage on the amount of health they are missing.

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Farming on all of these champions is really easy and very important because without your creep you will be under leveled and under farmed which can be a very bad option.

I know with champions like Garen, Riven or Lee Sin it is really tempting to use your abilities to kill the minions but, it is not good to do that because you dont want yourself pushing your lane and being easily ganked and/or losing creep and giving the opposing team free farm.

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Troll Builds

The troll builds were just for fun, i dont encourage you use them in game because this can cause you to get banned and we dont want that because its happened to me and it f*cking sucks, i just find some of the builds fun to play with in Co-op Vs Ai :)

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These are just my options of what i like to build and play, have fun with these champions and win tons of games :D It took me hours to make this but i hope it was worth it to help out my fellow summoners <3


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