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Warwick Build Guide by Nutzpflanze

AD Offtank Wrecking Warwick Patch 4.20 (Outdated)

By Nutzpflanze | Updated on September 8, 2019
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Laurence hat den kleinsten ***** in ganz **********in Europa.

Und vor allem sehr mad. AMK
Hello and welcome to my Season 5 Warwick Guide. My name is Nutzpflanzé and I am playing League of Legends since the end of Season 2. I am currently on my way climbing the ladder in Platinum.
I enjoyed playing mid most of the time I played League. But since I started a Ranked Team with my friends, I had to take Jungle as my main role. First I wasn´t that happy about it, but I soon realized how important this role is for the team. After some games with my friends I really enjoyed killing the jungle monsters, secure the barons and help the lanes. To put it in a nutshell I just wanted to tell you that I will have an idea what I am talking about and I hope you will enjoy my Guide.
Always remember that English is not my main language, but I´ll try my best making the guide enjoyable to read^^
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The New Jungle

With the begin of Season 5 Riot decides to completely change the jungle. We have new items, new camps, new buffs and WE CAN SMITE CHAMPIONS! If you want to have a quick overview i´ll recommend you to watch the following video. Nevertheless i will give you a quick overview about what changed and what is important.
LoL Season 5 Jungle - Everything You Need to Know
First the new Hunter's Machete costs now 400 gold, which leaves you with 75 gold, which you will spend in two health potions. Furthermore [Smite] now has a 60 sec. Cooldown.

For only 350 Gold you can upgrade the Hunter's Machete into 4 different Weapons which will upgrade your smite:
- Poacher's Knife
- Ranger's Trailblazer
- Skirmisher's Sabre
-and Stalker's Blade
Each of them will upgrade your smite in a different way.
Poacher's Knife is for counterjungling. When smiting a monster in the enemy jungle you will obtain more gold, Smite's Cooldown will be halved and you will gain a Speedbuff.
Ranger's Trailblazer will give you a Smite Cooldown of 45 sec. and you are able to do an AoE- Smite on jungle monsters stunning them and giving you back 15% of missing health and mana.
Skirmisher's Sabre allows you TO SMITE CHAMPIONS. They will get revealed and marked. If you attack them while they are marked you will deal extra true damage.
Stalker's Blade also allows you to smite champions. It will deal reduced true damage while slowing them.
After upgrading the Hunter's Machete once you can upgrade it a second time. You can choose WARRIOR for an Ad Boost, Cooldown Reduction and Armor Penetration. This will be for AD bruisers like Lee Sin or Kha'Zix.
The Second upgrade is MAGUS giving you Ap and Cooldown Reduction. This is made for the Fiddlesticks and Amumus in this world.
For the tanks like Sejuani or Malphite you will take JUGGERNAUT to get Health and Cooldown Reduction.
And last but not least there is DEVOURER for Attack Speed and On-Hit Damage. It works like the old Lantern and is made for Warwick or Xin Zhao.
Poacher's Knife - Magus
Poacher's Knife - Juggernaut
A particularity of new jungle is that whenever you smite a jungle camp you will get a certain, limited time buff. I don't want to explain all the new Buffs, because it would take too much time and space. Just watch the video for more^^. The Jungle Creeps are tougher right now and will deal a lot of damage when you fight them too long. There is also a new jungle camp on the river called the Scuttle Crab which will give you vision of Baron and drake. I will come back to it later on.
Now i will come to Baron Nashor and the Dragon . Killing Baron now provides 40 AP and AD. It also gives you a 4 sec. recall and the ability to buff your own minions while you're close to them.
Dragon no longer provides global gold. Killing it will give you a stackable buff for the whole team. This buff will give you the following rewards:
Dragon's Might (1 stack): +8% total attack damage and ability power
Dragon's Dominance (2 stacks): +15% damage to minions and monsters
Dragon's Flight (3 stacks): +5% movement speed
Dragon's Wrath (4 stacks): +15% damage to turrets and buildings
Aspect of the Dragon (5 stacks, repeatable): Doubles all other bonuses and your attacks burn enemies for 150 true damage over 5 seconds. Lasts 180 seconds.
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Why Warwick is Op right now

First off I will give you a quick overview why Warwick is OP at the time. This will only be a short calculation when you are Full Build and I will explain each point in detail later on in the guide. This Calculation will include an Level 18 Jinx with Full Build, Runes and Masteries and a Level 18 Warwick, with Masteries, Runes and Items included.

Runes: +9 ARMOR, +12 Magic Resist
Masteries: 36 Health + 3% Maximum Health
Level 18 Base Stats: 1938 Health, 30 Mr, 76 Armor

All In All: 2033 Health, 82 Mr, 135 Armor

Runes: 9 AD
Masteries: 14 AD, 3% AD, 6% Armor and Magic Pen
Level 18 Base Stats: 118 AD

All in All: 186 AD 6% Armor and Magic Pen

Now we will see how much Warwicks Ultimate will do: Remember that it applies On-Hit-Effects 5 times.
Warwicks Ultimate deals 420+(200% Bonus AD) Magic Damage 556 Magic Damage
We are at level 18 with Full Build. Meaning we can look at a Warwick with 60 Stacks. The Item deals 40+(Stacks) Magic Damage On Hit 500 Magic Damage
Wit's End deals 42 Magic Damage On Hit 210 Magic Damage
Warwicks Passive deals 16/32/48 Damage On Hit. Stacking each time he hits the enemy 192 Magic Damage
As said before and explained later on, the upgraded Smite will give you 69 True Damage On Hit 345 True Damage
The Blade of the Ruined King is very viable in its Damage because it scales with the targets actual health. We will look at about 300 Damage 300 Magic Damage

In Total we now have: 1758 Magic Damage and 345 True Damage.
Now we add 82 MR = 45% Reduction-6% Magic Pen = 39% Magic Damage Reduction. 1758*(61/100)=1073 Magic Damage.
1073+345=1417 Damage!!

If we add Hungering Strike which will deal 16% of the targets maximum health as magic damage we will deal 2033*(16/100)=325 Magic Damage.

Together this is 1742 DAMAGE with 2 "point-and-click-abilities". If you have Baron Buff and Red or Blue Pot you will 1-hit the enemy ADC with only 3 clicks. And now think what happens to champs without Def-Item.
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Pros / Cons

+relativly fast clearing
+High Movement Speed
+INSANE sustain
+gives team attack speed
+one of the Best ults
+1-hit potential
+great ganks past level 6
-no real ganking potential pre 6
-no other gap closer than Infinite Duress
-ult can be cancelled
-can get counterjungled easily

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> > >
Eternal Thirst:Each of Warwick's attacks will deal additional magic damage and heal him. Each successive attack against the same target will increase the damage dealt and will restore increasing amounts of health to Warwick.
Amazing Passive! Gives you huge early sustain so you can clear the jungler in a very easy way. You can outtrade nearly everyone and the damage and heal is also be proct by your ultimate.
Hungering Strike:Strikes an enemy and heals Warwick for 80% of the magic damage dealt.
Another great way to sustain yourself. The heal and damage it provides is just insane. But the mana costs are just too high to spam it without blue buff. Also very usefull in 1v1 trades and to burst after your ult.
Hunters Call:Warwick lets out a howl, increasing all nearby friendly champions' attack speed for a short time.
Great Ability!The attack speed buff it will give you and YOUR TEAM is just so ridiciously strong. You will easily get to 2.5 attack speed when using this ability. Awesome for trades and to proc your on-hit effects.
Blood Scent:Warwick passively senses weakened enemy champions around him. The scent of blood sends him into a fury causing him to move at incredible speeds.
Amazing for chasing down enemies which is the only use of the ability^^ If you have this ability on level 5 no one REALYY no one will be able to escape you. Take this at level 4 or 5 cause you normally won't gank early
Infinite Duress:Warwick lunges at an enemy Champion, stunning them, suppressing their summoner spells and dealing damage for a few seconds.
This is by far one of the best ultimates in the whole game! You can 1-hit people with this because it will trigger all your On-Hit-Effects 5 TIMES! The Damage is just incredibly high if you use the new smite to trigger true damage (will come to that later). Use this Ability to completely shut down the enemy marksman in teamfights
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Key Factors

1. Choosing the right jungler item

When playing Warwick you ALWAYS want to build Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer. And many people will ask why. When building this upgrade for smite you can smite champions marking them for 6 Seconds. During these 6 seconds you autoattack AND YOUR ULTIMATE will deal 18-69 TRUE DAMAGE. This means a level 18 Warwick will deal 5*69=365 True Damage when smiting an enemy champ before ulting him. This provides high 1-hitting potential on the enemy ADC. Upgrading it too Devourer let you have the old lantern in a better version. When you finished building it, the item starts to stack every jungle camp and every kill and assist giving you 40+ magic damage on-hit. And this will also be applied by your ultimate. Just the best choice on Warwick.

2. Your Ultimate

As mentioned before Infinite Duress is one of the Best ultimate in the Game. You can hard engage the enemy ADC or APC with it. Try to have as much On-Hit effects as possible. Your ult can 1-hit and applies:
-Your Passvie Eternal Thirst
- Blade of the Ruined King
-The On-Hit part of Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer
-The Smite part of Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer
- Wit's End
- Frozen Mallet
The Fact that you will heal while ulting makes you so tanky that you can and always want to hard engage.

Jungling, Ganking and Controlling Buffs

As Warwick you normally want to stay in the jungle until you hit Level 6. I will show you my jungling route later on. You will normally get to level 6 when you kill the blue/red a second time. This is the point where you should start ganking and helping your lanes. After killing blue/red you can straight go to the nearest some kind of pushed lane. Go to the lane and if you can safe your ultimate as long as possible to bait some flashes and then gap close with your ultimate. Sometimes, when for example ganking mid lane, it might be better if you instantly ult so a Zed or a LeBlanc can instantly burst down the enemy. Since the beginning of the preseason it becomes very important to control baron and drake, because of the important buffs they provide right now. But i will come back to this later on in the gameplay part of the guide.
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As Warwick you will relie on early clearing Speed, so you can get to level 6 as fast as possible. This is why you take Fury , Sorcery and Butcher . For even more Damage and Sustain you will take the other masteries, for example Brute Force , Martial Mastery , Devastating Strikes and Havoc , because they will provide everything you need to 1v1 everyone and 1-hit the enemy ADC.
Because you will hard engage on the enemy ADC or APC you also have to be some kind of tanky. Otherwise the enemy team will shut you down in a matter of seconds. So you have to take Recovery , Veteran's Scars and Juggernaut . Enchanted Armor and Tough Skin will help you early on in the jungle.
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8x If you consider jungling in Season 5 you need at least some kind of AD source at the start of the game. 8 AD will be enough to give you a good early in the jungle. These are the marks I just most, but there are other choices for example Greater Mark of Attack Speed or Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration. Its personal preference
1x I know most of the people will ask me why the hell should i take 1 critical strike in my runes? The answer is that sometimes you need some luck. If you win a fight or get a drake because you crit it with the 1 percent chance one time, you will know why you took this Mark.
9x Taking Armor in the Seals is inevitable, because the new jungle monsters will deal so much damage that even Warwicks passive cant avoid this damage.
9x Magic Resist is a key factor on every champ, because it will help you avoid the high damage of AP Nukers playing on mid lane. You can also take Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
3x Everything on Warwick and the itempath i will follow scales so so well with Attack Speed that this is the only think i would consider taking as your Quintessences. It also helps you early on in the jungle.
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Summoner Spells

As a Jungler you need Smite by a 100%. Securing barons, drakes and now dealing true damage towards champions make this indispensable on every jungler right now. Flash is the best Summoner Spell in the complete game. Just think of the infinite possibilities it provides: Escaping, Engaging, Juking, Kill Securing or Objective Securing. You will pick these in 97 percent of the games you play Warwick. Sometimes it might be a better idea to take Ghost to chase down people. Some people like taking Ignite to secure kills. It also helps 1-hitting enemies, but Smite should always be a better choice.
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Starting Items

Starting with these items is the only viable start right now. You will need the extra damage and sustain the new Hunter's Machete provides. The two Health Potions will give you even more sustainability in the jungle.

The Magic Duo

As said before this is the key item on Warwick. The On-Hit Damage, the 50% attack speed bonus and the true damage of smite is just so good on Warwick. Always build this item first cause it is just PERFECT on Warwick
Blade of the Ruined King works perfectly on Warwick as well. The Active effect deals nice damage and is good for a 1v1 trade. Furthermore it's amazing for chasing down people and it also makes ganking much easier. The Passive effect stacks on your ultimate. And this is so damn good, because you will 5 times steal 8% of the targets current health with the ultimate. Always get this as your core.

What you need next

When ganking and chasing down people you will need some high base movementspeed. This boots will give you all you need: High movementspeed and slow resist. It makes ganking and chasing just so easy. Nearly always buy it

This is just an amazing item on Warwick. It provides 100 Armor, Cooldown Reduction and some Mana. You can spam your skills even more and you are so tanky with this item even if you do not have that much health.

Another great Item. It provides some kind of tankyness by giving you health and magic resist. But the Greatest thing is the passive: +20% on Healing Effects. Your sustain in fights will just be unbelievable. With your passive and Blade of the Ruined King you can win with 200 Health vs a full life toplaner.

Items to end the Build with

You will come to a part in the game where you have to decide between being tanky or going for more damage. This is normally the point where you have to decide between Frozen Mallet or Wit's End. Your decision will relie on what your team needs and at what point in the game you are now. Both are just great on Warwick. Frozen Mallet gives you nice tankyness and a nice slow. Wit's End gives you even more damage on your ultimate and autoattacks. Choose wiselsy.

Other Choices

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As mentioned several times before, it's important to jungle to level 6, because your ganking potential is just not good before level 6. You will always start at the bottom side of the map at red or blue buff. Cause of your passive you can solo these buffs, but a leash is always good to jungle faster. Smite this buff as late as possible to get the bonuses it provides (red gives you health and blue mana back). After that you want to go to the Raptors (the old wratihs) and kill them. They will now deal high damage but with 1 Health Potion you can outsustain their damage easily. Afterwards you will clear the other big buff with your smite. Then go to the camp thats next to it (gromp or golems). Clear it and walk to the the wolves. Afterwards you can clear the other camps that you have not cleared yet. When you do it right you want to go back when the buff you cleared first (blue or red) has about 1 minute to respawn. Buy the First Back Items and clear the buff. If possible gank directly. If not clear the jungle even more. Since now you should gank whenever your ult is up. Try to secure Drake and Baron whenever you can (coming to that later).
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Baron and Drake Control

If you´ve read the First Part you will have noticed how important Dragon and Baron have become. The stackable Buff Dragon provides is just insane. The buffs are so strong and if you are close to end the game, a 5th dragon provides you a buff that will absolutely demolish the enemy team. You always want to get every possible Dragon. This means on the one hand that dragon should always be wardet. Thanks to Riot there is a new jungle camp which is located at the river. It's a little crab which is tanky as F*ck. But it just runs away from you so you should be able to clear it relatively fast. After you clear it, it will run towards Dragon/Baron depending on which side of the river you killed it. Right now it will give a 1,5 min undestroyable ward at dragon. If possible always have it cleared. If not just ward the dragon pit. The next key point about controlling baron is ganking the top lane. When ganking top ALWAYS be sure that the enemy jungler isn't close to dragon, because if he sees you ganking top, the enemy will have a member advantage at the bottom side and this will lead into a free dragon for the enemies. So be sure to ward the enemy jungle and have control of the enemy jungler.

Around the 30 minute mark baron becomes more and more important. You will normally start Baron in 4 cases:
-you recently aced the enemy team but you cannot push a inhibitor/nexus
-you are ahead in so many aspects that you feel so confident to just do it
-you cleared the complete Baron area and have such great vision control that you can start it
-you are 20:0 and can solo it^^

In most of the cases you need to scout the area. For this you´ll need the help of your team. You will need 1 or 2 Sweeping lenses, maybe a pink ward and some standart wards. The Red Circles are the areas to be clearedm the red x are the wards.
Blue Side Red Side
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New Warwick on Top Lane?

(Coming soon)
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Ap Warwick?

(Comning soon)
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Tips and Tricks

1. Your All-In Combo

When you've finished your jungler item and your Blade of the Ruined King you are able to 1-hit enemy squishies. To do this you shall always use this combination:
+ +

If needed add 1 autohit and Blade of the Ruined King

2. Getting Assists with Hunters Call

If you're ganking and for example your bot lane gets 1 kill before you get into melee range, you can use your w to buff your teammates and get an easy free assist. With a range of 1250 this shouldn't be a big problem.

3. Securing Barons and Dragons

Always be sure to have smite up when fighting for Baron oder Dragon. Look at the excact damage they will deal, so you can be sure to smite at the right time. If you are able to manage it press q ( Hungering Strike) and Smite at the same time to shut down the monsters even better. A good idea is to do your Q + Smite is when the baron/dragon has 250 more hp when your smite deals damage.

4. Shut down enemy Jungler

Whenever you have space in your inventory and gold, buy wards. You can shutdown the enemy jungler or prevent your lanes from getting ganked. It will help everybody and you will soon notice how much impact 1 ward can have if you manage to catch 1 person out of position.
Place a Pink ward in the top brush and a normal ward in the bottom one in the enemy jungle to completly denie the enemy jungler. You will always see him when he is walking in his own jungle. On top of that the pink ward won't be cleared in 90% of the games. Same goes for the other side These are places to ward when you're playing on Blue Side. When playing on Purple Side use the same wards vise versa^^

5. Knowing which person to ult

Be aware of persons like Olaf or Gangplank who can dodge your ults with their abilities. Be also sure that you ult the right target, normally the ADC or APC, because they will deal most of the damage. Items like Zhonya's Hourglass, Banshee's Veil or Quicksilver Sash will completely counter you. Let your team engage and bait out their Zhonya's Hourglass or Banshee's Veil before ulting.
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To put it in a nutshell you can say that Warwick is extremely OP at the time, although his Hunters Call got nerfed heavily last patch. The new jungler item just works to well on him, so i would rather say Riot will nerf him pretty soon. We'll see in which way^^ For now enjoy 1 hitting people with 2 clicks and use him for your Promotion Games.

That's it from my side. I hope you enjoyed reading the Guide. If you found some mistakes or have some questions feel free to tell me in the comment section!

Update History:
22.11.2014 Release