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Wukong Build Guide by ShortyHUN

AD Offtank Wukong - Insanity

By ShortyHUN | Updated on June 18, 2013
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Hi I'm ShortyHUN from League of Legends EUNE. This is my guide for Season 3 Wukong, also my second guide on MOBAFIRE.

Wukong is a bruiser champion, capable of both jungling and solo laning. Despite his lack of natural sustain, he's pretty hard to kill thanks to his Stone Skin and Warrior Trickster. As you progress in a gmae Wukong will become harder to kill, while dealing high burst and harass the enemy. Later in the game he is a very good initiator, he can easily CC the whole team and force out enemies from the teamfight. With his skill kit he can chase very effectively and deal high damage to take out the enemy fast.

Wukong looks easy to play, but actually he's pretty tactic reliant, you will need lots of practice to master him, but he's really rewarding if played well. Basically he's a pretty safe pick and has only a few weaknesses.



+ High burst damage
+ Great escape mechanism from Warrior Trickster
+ Passive grants high armor and MR
+ AoE CC from Cyclone
+ Armor reduction from Crushing Blow
+ Low mana cost skills
+ Short cooldowns
- CC has kind of long CD
- Stone Skin needs enemies around you
- Low base HP
- Wrong used Cyclone can make you dead

Recommended Runes

Wukong scales insanely well with AD, thus choosing Greater Mark of Attack Damage and Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage greatly increase his early game potential. Tried out many other marks and quints, but these were the best for me, however playing styles differ. Solo top champions usually do AD damage, so Greater Seal of Armor gives you some extra protection from them, aswell as from minion damage. In case you get an AP top (or hybrid damage) Greater Glyph of Magic Resist works wonders.


greater mark of armor penetration

Viable Runes

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed is another good pick for Wukong. These quints increase his roaming and ganking strength, aswell as make chasing easier, while still maintaining high damage.

Greater Quintessence of Health is maybe a bit less beneficial, it basically helps your early game sustain with some extra HP. They even scale a bit becuse of Juggernaut , but still not as beneficial as other quints.

greater mark of armor penetration is a top tier mark, which makes it probably the strongest mark, the only problem is that Wukong just scales too good with AD. Still these runes work for him and stacks nicely with his Crushing Blow armor reduction.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist is as good as flat ones, these end up giving more MR in the end. Early game AP champions don't deal so much damage anyway so you can run these, also they follow the AP champions in strength pretty nice in my opinion.

Wukong is a tanky champion, so in my opinion the best mastery for him is 9-21-0. This mastery build gives him some increased damage, which is pretty high already and increase his tankyness for the best balance and potential.


In offensive tree, we pick Sorcery for the cooldown reduction so we can use our abilities more, which increases the damage output. Deadliness for a little AD boost, since Wukong scales really good with AD, as noted before. Also taking Weapon Expertise which gives 8% armor penetration, not too much but still good, however since reduction goes before penetration it has a bit less effect after Crushing Blows.

Summoner's Wrath is optional, it's good if you go with Ignite, Exhaust or Ghost, even then the bonuses are not too big, but they are useful for just 1 point. If you choose spells which are not supported by this masterie, you shouldn't put a point into it.

Running Wukong with 21 points in offense is not so viable in my opinion, he benefits much more from defensive tree. Also since Havoc is pretty weak for 3 points and Lethality doesn't benefit Wukong at all you would waste too many points for that few extra AD from Brute Force . Executioner would be nice, but again, too many wasted points.



Veteran's Scars is a really good mastery which gives flat HP, so right from level 1 it gives you a nice boost. Durability on the otherhand gives you more HP level based, not too much but by level 18 it gives 3 times more than Veteran's Scars . Juggernaut might seem weak, but since it's percentage base, early game it doesn't add too much, but as your health rises it gives more and more.

For extra armor and MR we take Hardiness and Resistance , they give you a fair flat amount of them. Defender gives armor and MR depending on how many enemies are around.

On the other hand damage reducing masteries are really effective. Unyielding and Block reduce 5 damage from auto attacks, which is pretty strong early game. Honor Guard reduces the damage by 3%, which is pretty good for just 1 point. Also Reinforced Armor against those painful crits, works wonders against ADCs.

Recommended Spells




Ignite deals true damage over time and halves healing effects on the target. It helps getting early kills and dominating your lane. Later in the game it can still be used to secure kills, but healing reduction is the real thing by that time. Flash is pretty much a must have on any champion. It can be used both offensive and defensive, the utility in this spell is just too much. Flashing over walls is a very strong merit. The only problem is the long CD on it. Sometimes replacing Ignite with Teleport is good. You might not dominate your lane with it, but you can assist other lanes really easily with this, or teleport back to your lane to defend and you don't have time to walk back.

Viable Spells



The slow and damage reduction can save you or a teammate on many occasions, or it's also helpful when chasing someone. With Summoner's Wrath it also reduces the enemy armor a bit. Not the best, but can easily turn the tables. Ghost can help a lot at escaping or chasing someone. Can't go over walls like flash, but this one doesn't have a visible effect while stealthed, not spoiling your invisibility while Warrior Trickster. Also covers a longer distance than Flash.

Wukong has a relatively unique skill kit, with lots of utility in it. His skill kit lets him fulfill multiple roles effectively. In my opinion tanky and bruiser builds suit him the most, as he can get into the fray easily, disrupt and heavily injure the enemy and get out if he needs or wishes to. With his high damage output with even lesser AD and gap closing ability he's really good at chasing down enemies. The chapter consist of three parts, you can jump to a desired part below.

Skill Explanations

Stone Skin


Wukong's passive makes him tankier depending on how many enemy champions are nearby. Gives 4/6/8 armor and MR for each enemy champion nearby, which means in early game you will get atleast 4 while laning. When they try to gank you, your defenses will get a little boost for better survival chances. At higher levels this can mean a +40 armor and MR in teamfights.


Crushing Blow

Mana Cost: 40 | Cooldown: 9/8/7/6/5

Wukong does an overhead smash with his staff which deals heavy damage and reduces enemy armor. This skill is one of your main damage sources, it mostly scales on AD and leveling it decreases the CD. The 30% armor reduction stacks additively with similar effects, example: Black Cleaver.



Mana Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 | Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10

Wukong's signature skill, makes you invisible and leaves a clone behind. The clone has the exact same values as the actual Wukong but stays still. After 1.5 seconds the clone hits nearby enemies with magic damage and disappears.

Spoiler: Click to view

Nimbus Strike

Mana Cost: 45/50/55/60/65 | Cooldown: 8

Your gap closer skill for Wukong, has a pretty nice damage, which scales fairly good by leveling. A nice addition to this skill is that it hits 2 other enemies nearby the target. Also it gives an attack speed buff which gets stronger by leveling the skill, this little buff makes Wukong's auto attacks much more effective.



Mana Cost: 100 | Cooldown: 120/105/90

Your ultimate, the name says pretty much all. Wukong starts to spin and knock up each enemy once. The skill itself deals pretty high damage and has one of the most insane AD scaling. During the spin you recieve 5% movement speed for easier chasing. While the skill is active, you cannot use any other skills.


Skill Sequences

Basically there are two skill sequences for Wukong each prioritizing a different damage skill. In both sequence your most important skill is however Cyclone and your least important skill being Warrior Trickster. Depending on your personal playstyle you can choose to max Crushing Blow or Nimbus Strike first.

>> >> >>
Prioritizing Nimbus Strike increases your basic combo burst a bit more than maxing Crushing Blow. Also since leveling Nimbus Strike increases the attack speed bonus, this way you can duel other champions more effectively. However this means increased mana cost too.

>> >> >>
Prioritizing Crushing Blow keeps your mana cost low, but your burst will be a bit weaker, aswell as your attack speed. Instead you can use this skill more often to keep up your damage. If you can time your double attack well, this sequence is better to take objectives, at the cost of not dueling champions so well.

Skill Combos

Combos are your basic source of damage on Wukong, i see many Wu players only do EQs but there are so many different combos you can pull of. If you have Tiamat or Ravenous Hydra don't forget to use the active in your combos to add some extra burst.

The very basic combo, if you are new to Wukong you will probably use this most of the time.

>> Auto
This is the real thing, since Nimbus Strike's animation is only the dash, it will start an auto attack right after it hits, which is actually really fast. Now let that auto attack hit and as soon it lands use Crushing Blow for a fast double hit already mentioned in the explanations.

>> Auto
>> >>
Your harassing combo, Warrior Trickster lets you get away without getting punished in most cases. If there's no threat, or you just don't have Warrior Trickster yet you can simply run away.

>> >> Auto
>> >> Auto
Use these for ganking. Pop your Warrior Trickster in the bush and close up the enemy while stealthed, when you are close enough jump on them.

>> Auto
>> >>
Standard kill/initiate combo. Just try to hit the most possible enemies with this one. Try to aim a squishy champion with Nimbus Strike when you initiate a teamfight.

Baiting combos can give an upperhand in teamfights if they are pulled off. Basically you position towards the enemy team, either by running or Nimbus Strike, when close enough pop Warrior Trickster and let them waste their skills on it (beware of AoE effects), when your clone goes off just Cyclone on them.

Starting Items

sight ward sight ward
Probably Crystalline Flask has a comeback with this patch, i think this has enough sustain in it and you still have enough gold for a sight ward. Also since it recharges everytime you go back to the shop it will probably work really well. Another comeback, Cloth Armor and Health Potions were really popular once, but lately Elixir of Fortitude was too effective. This one also has a high sustain, but needs potion restock, also lacks a sight ward. This start helps you stay on lane longer, also lets you buy a sight ward on start. Also this might need some potion restock. The good part is it's a part for Warmog's Armor and the item is not wasted. You even spare some gold at the beginning.

Core Items

The Black Cleaver

Giant's Belt

Black Cleaver is a really strong item, even without the upgrade, a The Brutalizer benefits Wukong a lot. This item grants a nice bonus to AD and adds some cooldown reduction to allow you more skill usage. The small flat armor penetration it grants doesn't make too much difference, however it's passive chops off huge amount of armor from the enemes. Giant's Belt can be built into many useful items for Wukong thus mentioning this as core instead of one of the upgrades. Depending on the situation and your farm, you cna build it into a Randuin's Omen, Sunfire Aegis, Warmog's Armor or a Frozen Mallet. All these items benefit Wukong a lot but Warmog's Armor and Sunfire Aegis are the two most cost effective.

Boots and Enchants

Mercury's Treads

Ninja Tabi

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

These boots are a must vs CC heavy teamcomps, the MR helps a little against AP carries too. Still the tenacity given by these boots have some flaws, stuns tend to be short so they are reduced by very short time, also knockup/knockback effects totally ignore tenacity. So in the end tenacity effects mostly snares, slows etc. I consider these the most tanky boots in the game. Right now AD casters and AD carries pose the biggest threat, these boots reduce auto attack damage and give you armor. If you started with Cloth Armor you can build them really early, even if started with something else these boots are really cheap. Mostly using these boots when i can snowball and noone really poses a threat. The 15% CDR in these boots combined with The Brutalizer's 10% and Sorcery give you enough CDR to use your skills to use your combo around every 4 second and keep up all their buffs/debuffs for maximum damage.



Since Wukong needs to kite his enemies many times Enchantment: Alacrity is the best for him without question. This enchantment gives a flat amount of movement speed, good for both roaming and kiting your enemies. Enchantment: Homeguard is for the occasions when the enemy pushed a lane to your inner turrets or further. Lets you recover HP fast at the well, also grants a massive movement speed buff to go back into the fray really fast.

Offensive Items

Last Whisper

Ravenous Hydra

Despite the reduced effectiveness of this item from the high armor reduction, it's still really viable and pushes Wukong's damage close to true damage. It's pretty cheap to build and gives nice amount of AD aswell, making this item really cost effective. If you get this, you can deal unexpectedly high damage to tanks aswell, but there are some better choices for dueling. Wukong is one of the few champion who benefits greatly from Ravenous Hydra. Since he lacks natural sustain both the lifesteal and the HP regen help him a lot, especially since it can steal HP from multiple targets. This item grants a massive AD bonus which goes so well with Wukong. The passive and active of the item are beastly too, the active can be used to increase burst, while the passive makes your auto attacks and Crushing Blow AoE.

The Bloodthirster

Trinity Force

Bloodthirster has the most AD and lifesteal in the game, the AD increases you damage output by a lot, but the lifesteal isn't used too much by Wukong making it not so cost effecient as the other items. If you want utility build other items, if you want pure damage buy this. However if you build an assassin like build this item is a must. Trinity Force is one of the most expensive items in the game. Rushing it used to be really good, but since the new HP meta it's more of a late game item. Overall this item really worth it for Wukong, mana for more skills, some AD for more damage, a small crit chance, more movement speed for better kiting, more attack speed for better dueling, and the passive which gives a lot damage to your combo. The only wasted stat is the AP.

Defensive Items

Randuin's Omen

Iceborn Gauntlet

One of the most tanky items in the game, it grants a nice HP boost along with a huge armor. The passive slows the attack speed whoever hits you with an auto attack, which helps dueling enemies a lot. The active slows down both the movement and attack speed of every enemy in an area around you which is great in teamfight or for chasing enemies. Similar to Trinity Force, but this has a huge armor instead of the HP. This item also has an improved slow effect compared to Trinity Force and gives some AoE effect too. The CDR and mana lets you use more skills. Another good point is that it's cheaper than Trinity Force, however the AP is pretty much wasted again.

Sunfire Cape

Maw of Malmortius

In my opinion Sunfire Aegis is a more offensive version of Randuin's Omen. It nearly gives the same amount of HP and only a bit less armor, but it is way cheaper and does magic damage around you. The 40 magic doesn't seem too much, but since people stack less MR than armor it does more damage than 40 AD. The only thing is, you must be cautious around turrets since it can attract turret fire. Maw of Malmortius is a really good offtank item, it gives a nice amount of AD and MR, also has a spell shield, which blocks spell damage when falling below 30% HP. You can build a Hexdrinker early to have most of its benefits and upgrade it later in the game for more AD and it's passive that gives you even more AD as your HP drops.

Wit's End

Runic Bulwark

This one seems questionable, however as previously mentioned, people tend to stack less MR than armor, thus 42 magic damage worths more than 42 AD. Also this item further increases you MR with every auto attack. The bonus attack speed in this item increases your dueling strength by a lot. I think this is a very good item for it's price, the problem is that it doesn't scale your skills. A really great tank item, i think it's one of the best. You can build an early Aegis of the Legion which already grants nice HP and defense bonuses and only upgrade later. The Runic Bulwark gives you a nearly as much HP as a Sunfire Aegis, nearly the same armor and grants an insane 60 MR. If the enemy team has high AP threat, this item is a must, especially since it's aura gives armor and MR to teammates around you.

Frozen Mallet

Warmog's Armor

A very good tanky item with lots of HP in it with some very good utility and AD. Frozen Mallet build from a Giant's Belt and a Phage, depending on the situation you can choose which to build first. The 30 AD granted might not seem too much, but don't forget Wukong's armor reduction and AD scaling, even that 30 makes difference on him. The slow which applies every hit helps chasing enemies which makes this item even better. Warmog's Armor has the most HP in it in the whole game. With HP being one of the most effective stats in the game, this item performs really well. It also gives a % based HP regen which scales with your HP, making HP stacking even more effective. If you can build this early, you gain so much HP your will be close unkillable, however there are other defensive items that have more utility in them, but since Wukong lacks sustain, the passive helps him a lot staying alive.


Doran's Blade

This item is really cost efficient early game. For 475 gold it has 10 AD (same as Long Sword), 80 HP and restores 5 HP on each auto attack. All together it's a pretty nice boost, but the catch is you can't upgrade it into anything. This makes them only worth buying really early game. Stacking them is only effective up to 2 pieces.

Important Note:

I mentioned an example build in the cheat sheet, it works well for newer players, but generally you shouldn't blindly follow an example build. There are plenty of viable items, choose the ones which feel the most comfortable for you and build according to situation.

Example: You are laning vs a Vladimir, so building armor would be pretty stupid. You will need it later, but early it won't protect against your lane partner so don't waste gold on it.

Early Game

Early game you should play for safety and farm your *** off. By the calculations of Meiyjhe in 20 minutes there are a total of 234 minions on a lane. You must get atleast 60% of that (140 CS) or you pretty much failed. Only harass your opponent or try to force him out of the lane, never dive for a kill unless you are 100% sure you can survive it.

Don't push your lane, the more you push the easier target you are for enemy ganks, also your jungler can't really help you if you derping under the enemy turret. Just try to freeze the lane and farm with last hitting. Last hitting is really important in the laning phase, you wait until the enemy minion goes low enough on HP to kill it in one hit.

Mid Game

At this part taking out objectives is the most important, you can't win a game with all the enemy turrets standing anyway. You should roam around and help your team wherever you can, meanwhile keep an eye on your turrets. Pushing and taking down enemy turrets is not everything, defending your own turrets blocks the enemy from advancing toward your nexus.

Try protecting your own turrets as long as you can, if the 1st turret falls on your lane you become more susceptible to ganks. Leave the lane and help others and only go back to the lane when enemy minions are close to the 2nd turret.

Help any lane you can, roam around the map and help where you see an opportunity to push or to defend their turrets. While roaming keep an eye on your turret and go back if it needs to be defended, or ask someone to defend it. Turrets give gold to the entire team, so taking out more means your whole team gains gold.

Dragon is the objective of the jungler, however if he cannot kill it alone, he can ask for help either from the mid or bot lane. Dragon gives gold to the entire party, just like turrets, but Dragon respawns every 6 minutes.

Warding dragon is really important, it helps you keep track of it, or can spot an enemy heading to kill it. But this appleas for the enemy too, if they warded dragon they can gank you pretty hard and maybe even steal dragon too. When going for dragon, knowing where the enemy is reduces risks by a lot.

Late Game

Mostly teamfights ,the pushing slows down. In this phase your team can push when you win a teamfight or with pushing tactics. With Wukong your main role is to focus the carries and either kill them or force them out of the fight.

Wukong can backdoor efficiently since he can take down turrets and inhibitors pretty fast, combined with his insane escape abilities he can get away if the enemy comes. For the exact same reason split pushing with Wukong is very effective.

Warrior Trickster is a really tricky skill, there is more to it than just popping and running straight forward. I see many Wukongs do so and pretty much waste the skill. First of all, never use it in a straight place, use it at junctions so your enemies have to guess which way you went. Stopping for a moment and waiting for the enemy's reaction can help you decide what to do.

Warrior Trickster can be used to set up ganks. Using it in a bush grants a brief moment of invisibility, during that time you can cover a relatively long distance and suprise enemies. After you get Cyclone this can get really devastating when roaming around.

Warrior Trickster can also be used to block certain skillshots. The clone acts like a champion so many skill shots can be blocked with it (for example: Enchanted Crystal Arrow). The clone is placed behind Wukong so you have to face the opposite direction from where the skill shot comes.

When chased you can press "S" (default key bind) to stop, it looks the same way like you used Warrior Trickster. Stopping at obvious Warrior Trickster spots will make the enemy ignore you and run past you, however if you stay still too long they will turn back so escape in time. However there are some people who have some kind of grudge against clones and they go all out on Warrior Tricksters regardless of the situation.

When chased you can also run through a bush and press Warrior Trickster as you leave it. The enemy will assume you are still in the bush and turn back, giving you some extra distance from them for an easier escape.

Or you can also do the opposite, use Warrior Trickster as you enter the bush. Right when they loose sight of you, use Warrior Trickster and escape to where you and your chasers came from. A bit more risky, but if you know where the enemies are you can make great escapes this way.

Easy Opponents

You can outfarm these champions easily and they don't really threat you. Just farm and harass them, they can't really punish you back. You shouldn't have too much trouble with the champions that need to target you actually, skillshots and AOE skills are a bigger threat to Wukong.

Ranged Opponents

Ranged opponents are a bit harder, since you lack ranged skills getting closer to minions will result in taking hits, you need to be much more cautios and use Nimbus Strike to farm sometimes. However they are squishie so you can force them out easily or even kill them.

Medium Opponents

These are the better guys, these champions can harass and punish you, especially if they play good they can be a serious threat. You have to play more defensive against these champions, again use Nimbus Strike to get some minions. Try to dodge their skill shots and such, because they might hurt, try not to get punished too.

Hard Opponents

They hurt, they don't want to die and Warrior Trickster is not effective. They can out farm you and if not cautios they can kill you. Play really defensive, use Nimbus Strike to farm, try to keep up with them. Only engage them if you have a great HP advantage or the jungle is there to help.

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