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Wukong Build Guide by imGh0stly

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author imGh0stly

Wukong, King Of The Jungle!

imGh0stly Last updated on December 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Questions and Answers / Explainations

I understand many people are asking why would you create a jungle guide for a laning character and I fear i did not explain this well enough throughout the guide. This section, I will uses to answer and Important Questions in the comments that other people might not want to take the time to look at.


Wukong has no sustain so he'd be really slow at jungling compared to other junglers and no CC besides his ult (which isn't even CC it just a 0.5 second knock up) to gank so I dunno if I would give Wukong the jungling spot because its better to give it to someone else with WW Nunu Trynadmere etc....

If your going to Vote down on it before you have even tried this a couple of times just because you consider other junglers faster then you need to reconsider. I will be putting some of my match history up once i get a full page of Jungling Wukong match history, Like i have stated in this guide, The objective is more geared towards Ganking which he is excellent at rather than focusing on leveling in the Jungle as much as possible. Yes i did take the information about Nimbus Strike vs Crushing Blow from another build because it is useful to this build for understanding how Jungling wukong works. It is only information im tryng to explain. You may not see the information if your only looking at my guide and not others so its nice to have everything there.

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Warmog's Armor

Basically I just wanted Everyone to know that Warmogs Armor is Highly Recommended after getting The Bloodthirster but I didn't want to put that in the main build because i don't want people to think they HAVE to build Warmog's Armor. Simply I am addressing this in its own chapter because I feel it is very important!

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-Changed Boots of Speed to be acquired before Long Sword also Added Mercury's Treads to Situational Items Chapter.
-More in depth reasoning for the Summoner Spells "Do Not Use" Abilities.
-Also Added Warmog's Armor Chapter.

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This is my first guide and it is on Wukong , The Monkey King. I decided to make this build because i feel that many people discourage Wukong as a jungler because he isn't as fast at clearing compared to Nocturne or Fiddlesticks, but Wukong is an amazing ganker that should not be overlooked and he has the survivabilty that some other junglers lack. Wukong is like Shaco's utility combined with Udyr's survivability. That being said that doesn't mean u can 2v1 so don't get over confident. Since this is my first build feedback is welcome and i've been testing out jungle routes and will explain what i have come up with for the optimal route i've chosen, but feel free to give suggestions on how to make it more efficient.
This Guide actually works really well to. Here are a few games i played with him. (sorry can't take screenshots for the time being; hopefully soon.
Win - 27/8/11
Win- 17/5/3
Lose -8/2/6
Win- 15/5/11
Win- 14/2/4


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Pros and Cons

- Amazing Ganking ability
- Good Survivability
- Great escape artist
- He can launch to a target with Nimbus Strike Strike multiple times so they can't get away
- His ult Cyclone helps your teammates catch up to you and keeps enemies there longer

- Unable to do anything if focused with Crowd Control
- Vulnerable if Decoy and Cyclone are on Cooldown
- Not as fast at clearing the jungle as Nocturne or Fiddle Sticks

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Greater Mark of Desolation
I chose this Mark because tanks are hard to gank and are any Jungler's weak point and the armor pen helps alleviate the problem. The mark is all around the best in terms of DPS too. Combined with your Q you can most likely penetrate or even go through ALL of the enemy's armor in early game/mid game. You can change this to whatever you want I only strongly recommend Armor penetration.
NOTE- Wukongs Q, Crushing Blow has a 30% armor debuff that is applied to the enemy that the ability is used on.

Greater Seal of Armor
This rune helps make Wukong have a bit more survivability but you can always You could probably swap out the seal for one of you choice such as [[Greater Seal of Clarity].

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist or Greater Glyph of Attack Speed
Personally i would take Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist because all AD carries need magic resist for late game and survivability. Some people might take alacrity too for the fast attack speed which can come in handy too.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation
I would take this one because well the more armor pen the faster and easier it is to kill someone and it really helps against tanks. An alternative to this rune would be Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed which helps you catch up to people but in my opinion Nymbus Strike closes the gap plus in the my build the Trinity Force has a slow that can proc too allowing for use of another more vital rune.

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Summoner Spells

What I Recommend-
Smite - If i have to explain the uses of this then well don't Jungle... but if u must know it is used for increasing jungle speed and making it possible for most junglers to kill red or blue at very early levels. It does not work on Towers or Enemy Players. It is great for killing Super Minions too :D.

Ghost - Most people use Flash but i prefer Ghost because first, My mastery setup for this build has the talent for Ghost enabled which further increases the speed gain from the ability by 6% and increases the duration by 1.5 sec. This paired with Decoy in my opinion out does flash because of the invisibility making it possible to juke alot better and gain distance at the same time.

OKAY To Use-
Flash - Flash is a great ability for any character to escape ganks or get that last hit on a champion that got out of range. It is best used by flashing over walls. With my build Ghost simply out does this spell but if your not comfortable with my above suggestion in coupling Decoy with Ghost then go for it!

Exhaust - This is somewhat useful because it will help you by slowing the enemy down or making it harder to kill you because Exhaust puts a debuff on the enemy that reduces attack damage by 75%. I wouldn't recommend this because without Ghost or Flash you leave yourself alot more vulnerable especially when Decoy is on Cool Down, and Trinity Force has an passive ability that can slow people + you have Nimbus Strike.

Do Not Use-

Heal - Heal is a spell usually used by the New players in the game. Heal is spell that is easily out casted and is really only useful for laning in ways such as luring an opponent then healing to kill him or just basically saving u from going back to your nexus.
Revive - If you need this unistall the game... i'm j/k but seriously unistall the game if you do. Revive is a spell that is not very useful because just like heal it is easily outcasted and other abilities offer more effective methods of escaping or winning a fight.
Teleport - Only good if laning and does not give as many advantages as the other spells. Teleporting is not good for a jungler because there are no nearby structures that u can teleport to in the jungle. This again does not offer as much utility as the other recommended abilities.
Fortify - Only tanks and support use this (and even then very rarely). Fortify is not useful to any jungler primarly because it affects towers and you are usually not near towers and if you are its to gank. You teammate that is usually a tank will take this ability to protect towers while soloing when you are in the jungle.
Clarity - AP characters eat through mana and rarely use this. Its pointless when you can press B; you shouldn't even be fighting if u have no mana.
Ignite - You will do more damage auto-attacking them while running at them with ghost. Ghost offers more utility then Ignite.
Rally - This spell is left for the TroLLS only! <(;..;<) Rally is not really a good choice because most of the time champions are moving and can move out of range of the ward. The other summoner abilities offer more utility than Rally.
Clairvoyance - Leave it for support. Clairvoyance is not useful to a jungler or AD because most of the time as a jungler you will be patrolling the jungle and placing wards while ganking enemey players. Its your job to make sure you team does not get ganked.

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Skill Sequence

Basically i choose to max out Nimbus Strike first because if you look at the below comparison, Nimbus Strike scales alot better than Crushing Blow.. NOTE - This information was taken from the top guide because it still applies to this build as wukong attacks multiple units in the jungle allowing him to jungle more effectively

Look at this comparison:
Level 1:
Nimbus Strike: 70 Damage+(o.8 per bonus attack damage), 3 seconds 20% attack speed buff, 8 second cooldown.
Crushing Blow: 30+Base attack damage, 3 seconds 30% armor debuff, 9 second cooldown.

Level 2:
Nimbus Strike: 115 Damage+(o.8 per bonus attack damage), 3 seconds 25% attack speed buff, 8 second cooldown.
Crushing Blow: 60+Base attack damage, 3 seconds 30% armor debuff, 8 second cooldown.

Level 3:
Nimbus Strike: 160 Damage+(o.8 per bonus attack damage), 3 seconds 30% attack speed buff, 8 second cooldown.
Crushing Blow: 90+Base attack damage, 3 seconds 30% armor debuff, 7 second cooldown.

Level 4:
Nimbus Strike: 205 Damage+(o.8 per bonus attack damage), 3 seconds 35% attack speed buff, 8 second cooldown.
Crushing Blow: 120+Base attack damage, 3 seconds 30% armor debuff, 6 second cooldown.

Level 5:
Nimbus Strike: 250 Damage+(o.8 per bonus attack damage), 3 seconds 40% attack speed buff, 8 second cooldown.
Crushing Blow: 150+Base attack damage, 3 seconds 30% armor debuff, 5 second cooldown.

As you can see, Nimbus Strike gains more damage per level than Crushing Blow and also it's attack speed buff is also made stronger by each level, not to mention that Nimbus Strike is a multi-target movement skill that allows you to chase and close in on your enemies easily.
Also, Crushing Blow is currently bugged so it sometimes doesn't go off as soon as you Nimbus Strike someone and you might not always get in range to Crushing Blow someone so it's a safer deal to max Nimbus Strike first.

Trust me that the benefits out way Nimbus strike over Crushing blow as you can harrass the enemy easier with a strong charge attack that also gives you an attack speed bonus. Just check the champion spotlight advice if you don't believe me.

Decoy is maxed because you only need the ability for the utility seen as it doesn't do much damage and can only damage enemies near it.

Cyclone - is chosen over everything when ever you get the ability to upgrade it at the levels of 6,11,16. This is an amazing ability because it can be used offensively or defensively because is disables a unit but popping them up in the air slowing them down. This can be used to save other player and even yourself from dying and it does a ton of Damage and can be used to keep and enemy from running away long enough to smack your giant staff across his face for the kill.

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Now for explaining the items used in the build and why they are the most optimal.


This is the basic combo for most junglers seen as this will be upgraded shortly to Madred's Razors and then to Wriggle's Lantern The armor keeps you alive longer while jungling and the Health potions heal you.

This item is an amazing item for junglers or farmers because it gives attack damage, armor, and the most important part of the item, its Unique passive which is a passive that can proc dealing 500 bonus magic damage to a minion or monster.

This item upgrades the Madred's Razor's by increasing the armor, damage, and the Unique passive to 20% instead of 15%. Plus it allows you to place a free ward which can be used to help teammates see enemies en route to gank them so they can run away. It can be placed by an enemy's red or blue buff allowing you to see and steal the buff from the player or gank them. It allows you to save guard baron or the dragon. This item is one of the all around best in the game for any character based on attack damage.

Well do you want to run fast or not? Anyway Boots of Speed is Essential to every character in the game although some do not get them as soon as others. Boots of Speed are very important because well they make you run faster allowing a better chance of escape and catching someone and killing them. They are also upgraded into other types of boots that benefit you even further.

This upgrades the boots making you EVEN FASTER! MOAR SPEED! anyway it is really good for Wukong allowing u to use his abilities more often helping in a chase by using Nimbus Strike multiple time to attack the enemy. you know when you Decoy and its like ww chasing you and you just can't get away because Decoy is on cool down. Well these boots might just help you get another Decoy allowing you to escape. I reccoment these over Mercury's Treads because of the use of your spell Decoy seeing as you can turn invisible and juke the enemy and Nimbus Strike closes the gap if they slow plus if you need these that means you think you can kill annie with her stun... "ur crazy".

To start of building towards Trinity Force i get Phage first because of its slow that can proc and the survivability + damage gained from it. It is another all around great weapon. When your building towards this get the Ruby Crystal first as it give you more survivability as compared to the alternative Long Sword which give 10 attack, the health benefits you more.

Next on your way to Trinity Force start building towards sheen because the unique passive that procs after using an ability increasing the damage of your next attack which is great. Sheen also give you mana which Wukong needs in order to spam abilities. In building this weapon get the Sapphire Crystal first because it give you mana and benefits you way more than the Amplifying Tome because the only ability affected by the Ability power is Decoy which isn't very useful offensively damage wise ( Decoy can be used offensively like Shaco's Deceive.

Finally attain Zeal the great thing about Zeal is it increases you Movement Speed and Attack speed which is both needed for Wukong. In getting Zeal the frist thing you need to buy is Dagger because it is increases your attack speed which is more useful for Wukong than the Critical Strike chance.

Finally you should put all three of the items together with a small price of 300 coins to create Trinity Force the ultimate all around best weapon. This benefits Wukong in every way as explained through each individual weapon above.

This weapon is great because of the damage gained especially for junglers and ad carries because if you farm minions it gives you attack damage and lifesteal for every kill. This item increases Survivability and Damage out put making Wukong pretty Ferocious.


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Situational Items


Youmuu's Ghostblade- This item is one of the best offensive weapons in the game let alone an amazing weapon for Wukong. This weapon offers an Active Ability that increases the movement speed and attack speed of your charracter by a tremedous amout really helping you catch a runaway champ or win that close 1v1. It also offers armor penetration which is really useful for most AD carries especially Wukong. You can replace The Bloodthirster in the main build for Youmuu's Ghostblade also and that works really well too!!!

Black Cleaver- This item is Very useful when the other team is stacking armor because of its unique passive that decreases their armor by 15 for the first 3 attacks. The item increases Attack speead also making u just deal more damage per second.

Bloodthirster- Couldn't hurt to have another? i mean who doesn't want more lifesteal and attack damage.

Phantom Dancer- This item gives you loads more crit and attack speed, making you an auto-attacking death machine! It's movement speed increase is also a great bonus to Wukong, however, I would rather get an Attack damage item instead of this because u can already keep up with people running away at this point and u will have decent attack speed. You spells are the main attraction with Wukong.

Frozen Mallet- Moar health and attack damage!! It also gives you a 100% slow chance on your auto-attacks instead of the 25% given by Trinity Force. Good if you want to go tankier. It is a viable replacement to Trinity Force

Last Whisper- Enemy tanks stacking armor just for you? Don't worry just buy a Last Whisper and rip through them like they're butter! (Well maybe not that easy so like Frozen Butter i guess)



Mercury's Treads- This Item offers tenacity which reduces debuff duration such as stuns and slows. This is a great item for anyone who is being focus or chased it gives them a long amout of time to avoid being ganked. This also offers magic resistance that is great if the other team has Heavy AP or fed AP characters. I recommend Ionian Boots of Lucidity over Mercury's Treads because the Ionian Boots of Lucidity reduces the cool down of all your abilitys especially Decoy which is you main survival spell. The more times you can Decoy in the amout of time you have before you could get ganked will increase your chances of survival. In my opinion i believe the reduced cooldown of Decoy with or without Ghost benefits Wukong more that Mercury's Treads.


Warmog's Armor- Gives a huge boost to your health pool and loads of health regen. After getting farmed up you'll reach around 1500 extra health with this! Amazing For wukong just worry about the other team if they have Madred's Bloodrazor, (imo the best for wukong if your having survivability issues).


Thornmail- Got a enemy AD carry/DPSer killing you faster than you killing them? No worries! Take a Thornmail and watch them shred their own health with their own auto-attacks! It keeps you alive and deals damage who could ask for more? GIVE ME MOAR...

Sunfire Cape- Gives a good amount of health and armor while giving you a 'buff' that deals 35 magic damage to all enemies around you per second. Not my first choice...or Second... or Third but it's what ever you want bro...

Randuin's Omen- More of a Tank's item but still works fine on Wukong. It gives loads of armor and a fair bit of health while giving enemies that attack you a attack speed and movement speed debuff. Can also be activated to give an AOE (area of effect) attack speed and movement speed debuff surronding you. Good counter against heavy AD teams.

Magic resist:

Force of Nature: A good anti-ability power carries item. Gives a high amount of magic resist, a small movement speed bonus followed by loads of health regen. Good if you really need that protection and movement speed against AP heavy teams.

Quicksilver Sash: NEVER underestimate this item! It's underused! This item gives you a solid amount of magic resist but most importantly, it's active acts like a. However, it works even better than cleanse because it removes ALL debuffs on you character that means it will even remove Ignite and Vlad's Ultimate Ability .Sadly It does not remove Karthus's ult as it is not a debuff.

Guardian Angel: Okay, this item gives both armor and magic resist but I put it here because I wanted to even it out :) Anyways, this item is very useful for surviving those close teamfights when you get killed because instead of dying you'll be revived with 750 health and 350 mana! So use your second life and KILL' EM ALL!!!

Hexdrinker: This although has attack damage i would consider as a defencive item because of its magic resist and its great passive ability that will shield you from terrible evils like Kathus... did i mention i HATE Kathus' ult? R-R-R-R-RAGE QUIT.


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Creeping / Jungling

Okay Jungling as Wukong won't be as extraordinary as Nocturne or Fiddlesticks in the aspect of speed Jungling. Wukong jungling just makes it easier for Wukong to get fed and gank people. Especially because most of the time the Enemy team won't know where you are unless they have wards which is causing them to spend money giving your team a slight advantage. (Especially cause of the free ward you get for your team).

Now this path I route I spent a little bit trying to figure out since no one really has jungled with wukong and he does not have a heal. For right now since this guide is in progress Feedback is appreciated to help create the most optimal route for [Wukong] jungling

1. Start at the Wraiths! Smite the big blue wraith and then Nimbus Strike the lesser Red wraiths until they are dead. Use on of the Health Potions if you need to after u smite the big wraith. You will need this to keep decent health regeneration as you get hurt. Use Nimbus Strike as soon as it comes off cool-down every time. This will keep your attack speed up so you can kill it faster and not lose as much health.

2. Once you finish the Wraith camp head over to the wolves, make sure to put a point in Crushing Blow On your way there activate another Health Potion , but make sure your first one is completely done. [[Nimbus Strike] the big wolf as soon as you get there. When you kill the big wolf you will level to level 2 get make sure you get Crushing Blow!!!

3. Next Head over to the Smaller golems where by the time you get there you smite should be refreshed or almost. Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow a Golem and then smite it. Finish off the other golem using you ability and use a [Health Potion] during fight too. After you should have 2 or more health potions left use 1 to get Health and then see if you can Gank someone in the lane as this will definitively set the game for you and your team. Early Ganks are very vital. If you can not gank simply go back to spawn and gain health and mana. You should be able to buy boots of speed at this point. Then repeat steps 1-3 until you have enough or until you have enough for Madred's Razors.

4. Once you have Madred's Razors head over to the blue buff and kill fight it and use smite if you have too other wise save smite for the Red buff. Nimbus Strike should take care of the minions at both red and blue while you focus the main monster. If you can't kill it don't be afraid to just farm a bit more or gank until you can.

5. Move on to the red buff after if you saved your smite other wise repeat steps 1-3 again until smite is back up and also continue to gank.

Note - DO NOT be afraid of stealing enemy buffs or trying to counter Jungle as Wukong also try and have you teammates ward the other teams Blue and Red if you can.

!!!!!!Your main objective after while jungling as Wukong is To GANK and to PUSH TOWERS!!!!!!

Sorry i don't have any pictures yet :S

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Well i hope you find this guide informative and an interesting alternative towards Laning. I don't have pictures yet but i'll get some soon.
I love playing Wukong and to me he's like garen mixed with shaco, shaco being my favorite character <3. Wukong might replace him. Anyway i hope you just enjoyed. Updates coming in the future depending on how popular this gets.


Enjoy the pwnage!