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Yorick Build Guide by Hydralot

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hydralot

Yorick Jungle / Offtank Dps UPDATED

Hydralot Last updated on June 28, 2013
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Offtank / Jungle

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I have decided to keep an update log to show the changes I have made and / or planning to.

11-26-12 Changed runes section, updated items for jungling (replaced Wriggles, too blue dependent)

12-5-12 Started Updates for S3 patch

6-28-13 Finally remembered my Password..... and updated this LOOOOOOOONG overdue guide. Happy Hunting

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Hello and welcome to my first Mobafire guide. Any vote whether good or bad I wish to be left with a comment explaining why. Now i see Yorick in almost no games at all normal or ranked, and even fewer with him in the jungle. I feel he is one of the strongest champs out there, amazing sustain, great dueling power, and built right he is almost unkillable. I have played nearly 1400 regular games and played Yorick for quite a few of those and this guide is going to be the culmination of what i have learned while doing so.

I will explain how i play Yorick in both the jungle and for top lane. I have used many resources in my item choices and spent many hours playing and tweaking both runes, masteries and the items themselves.

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The runes I have set for jungling seem to make for a faster clear and give ganks a little more power, I will list the ones I use here and after some more testing put in some replacements that will not impact the jungle speed or ganking power too negatively

Jungle Runes
All times are without a leash
Set 1
Clear time to lvl 4 Game time (4:12)
Strongest in the jungle

Set 2
Clear time to lvl 4 Game time (4:20)
Safe set up, Increased move speed helps map control

Set 3
Clear time to lvl 4 Game time (4:22)
Probably the squishiest rune set up, but the attack speed helps a little with ganks

Set 4
Clear time to lvl 4 Game time (4:02)
Turned out surprisingly well. Fast clear time, and makes sustain a bit better. NO Mres to start with though.

As for the lane build you could probably swap out the for either or depends on who you might be facing. I prefer the mana regen for laning because that way I don't Have to go back as often because Yorick can self heal as long as he has mana through his E skill.

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My item choices are nearly the same every game. The only variation I have is if the other team is heavy AP or AD.

Core Lane
Standard item, needs for Lane, otherwise he has some very serious mana issues.

What can i say, love this item. Everything he needs in a neat little one slot item. And the passive helps out his dmg output.

This is another must have imo. Amazing damage boost to his and Not to mention the boost on the Trinity Passive.

The Rest of the items are situational but i will list some good options for you.
When you feel you need some More CDR.
For more Ap dmg teams or when they have some CC you dont like.
Helps against those pesky Auto attack champs.

Situational Items
AD Team

Obvious choice here, gives everything Yorick needs, Cdr, Armor and mana.
Again, if that Fed Yi gets out of hand this may be another good choice. Just make sure you have some HP to soak up some of his dmg if you expect to make it out alive afterwards.
Not an item i use very often, but another solid choice to add some survivability.

AP Team

Got an Annie that just loves trying to Nuke you with that almost adorable bear? Nullify her opening and walk away mostly intact with this.
One of the MRES items i am really thankful they added. because of Yorick's natural tankiness adding this into your build not only adds survivability because of the resistance and bubble shield, but also acts like Tryndamere's minus the heal OFC, the lower HP you are at the more dmg you will do.
If that Kassadin keeps combo 3 sec killing you, jus add some HP and watch him Rift out.
nice item for Stuns and to clear off debuffs like ignite and nasus' Wither, Decent Mres and DMG

Now that i have gone through the more common choices there are a couple others worth mentioning that will add to his tankiness a little bit more.

Syncs up with his quite well. Having trouble with opponents killing your Not a problem anymore is it?

And lastly if you are facing one of those teams that just seems to be full of tanks and will do wonders versus their armor. And not to be forgotten Is just amazing vs tanks, % dmg Active that gets boosted by your and Attack speed always nice since will have decent amount of AD.

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Creeping / Jungling

Now for the Jungle side of Yorick. With the the Jungle changes standard start is now and x5

For new junglers I would suggest this route Blue buff, Wolves, Wraiths, The two golems, Red buff, and then back to wraiths. Going through this route only takes about 2-3 minutes and should get you level 4. This is also the time I would use to see if any of your teammates could use a gank since you will end up towards mid lane and your travel time would be about even for top or bottom. If you have a successful gank you could possibly end up with enough to go straight for Then get your boots, and . I left it blank in the cheat sheet because you have to get them based on the team you are fighting against.

This is slightly outdated as far as the patch we are on goes, but the information there is still good if you are looking to get into jungling.

For experienced junglers I have had some success in getting a leash on Blue and saving smite to run across the river and steal the other jungles red buff and then proceeding to gank at Lvl 2, Granted you do not have your slow yet but you should have your speed buff from your

Another Option is having your top lane come down and Gank the opposing jungler when they attempt to finish off the minion or 2 you left there to stop the Red buff from respawning on time (Blue Team). Based on the side you are on, Could have Mid or Bot ADC come as well since they would need the kill more (Purple Team).

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Summoner Spells

Well by now I'm sure you guys know what summoner spells you like, just as I know what ones I like. But I will Explain anyways my choices.

Has been nerfed in the past, but still viable for escapes and initiates, also good for turret diving if that is your thing.

Obvious choice for going Jungle, not much to say here.

This one is normally my go to spell with flash for laning, too many champs can get away with life stealing their way to victory. This spell puts a stop to that.

Good if you know how to use it. Can be very effective in chasing since Yorick has a rather slow base run speed compared to the champions he normally faces. Just don't be using it to run past two turrets to make a kill at the other teams inhibitor.

Another solid choice if you are going against some hard AD champions, works well for AP too as it weakens their damage output for a short time as well as slow them.

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Ranked Play

I have played a few ranked games, and Yorick is very underplayed and under appreciated. He has complete lane dominance for basically free farm, can counter strong stun based champs like Jax by throwing out Pestilence and hitting either Jax or a minion with Omen of War to speed out of stun. Teamfight Presence is AMAZING late game, spam minions hurt everywhere, no escapes without some very tricky jukes or alot of coordinated stuns / slows, so Enemy ADC is pretty much toast if you can reach them to start with.

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Well this finishes what I feel Yorick can do. AND HE IS A TOTAL MONSTER. Play him, dominate, and LoL your way through LoL ;)