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Zed Build Guide by DemonBlade

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DemonBlade

Zed In-Depth Mid Guide by Hi im Yasuo

DemonBlade Last updated on September 27, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Some basic information about me and the guide

Well, Hi there. :)
Before i start to talk(Type) about the guide i'll give you some basic information about me.
I'm DemonBlade from EUNE. I'm highly skilled player(At least that's what others said), but probably i'm nothing better than you :]. My main lanes are Mid and Top. My current goal is to reach Diamond 1 and join a decent ranked team for tournaments and so on. I'll be live streaming as soon as i reach Diamond 5(It will be really soon).
- What's in this guide? -
In this guide, along with detailing summoner spells, mastery points, runes and skilling order, I will also explain everything about items and my gameplay.

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About Zed

Zed's role is to be an Assassin or a Fighter, he is based on Energy. Every skill that he uses it costs Energy instead of Mana. Zed as an Assassin is an attacker that sacrifices defensive power to focus on dealing tons of damage to single targets. Typically focused on using his Abilities more than his Basic Attacks. As an Assassin Zed has a great focus, great damage and great escapes.

+Doesn't require Mana
+Low cooldowns
+High mobility
+He can be Untargetable
+Decent pokes
+Great Escapes
+Passive makes farming easier

-Most of the time low on energy
-Only 2 skins in total
-Hard to master
-Gets countered by Zhonya's Hourglass

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Updated Build

I was absent from Mobafire a little bit because i was trying to get Diamond, and i succeeded, so i'll be making the new builds and helping you guys out. ( Of course my journey changed my old build on Zed)
Doran's Shield Start with this item if you are playing passive, and if your enemy has annoying pokes.
Boots of Speed Start with boots if you are going to lane against Brand to ignore his
Pillar of Flame or for example Lux to ignore Lucent Singularity
Doran's Blade Start with this item if you are playing aggressive, and you are willing to trade basic attacks against your enemies. Good against passive lane champs for example Anivia
Bilgewater Cutlass Rush this item so you get Lifesteal, Damage and of course it's awesome active.
[The Brutalizer Against people who buy Cloth Armor and upgrade to Seeker's Armguard
Blade of the Ruined King This will be your first item upgrade. Awesome active and passive, perfect with Zed in my opinion.
Last Whisper In order to ignore their armor and drop them dead.
Hexdrinker Great item against AP make sure to rush it if you are being focused by their team.
Youmuu's Ghostblade I always enjoy when i get The Brutalizer to Youmuu's Ghostblade Active is great, it will demolish their APC and ADC.
Guardian Angel Your life.
Maw of Malmortius If you are low on health your ad grows, GREAT shield against abilities.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity My build is based of cool downs. Although you can change this item with Mercury's Treads if their team has tons of CC.
Did i mention that my build is focused on cool downs so i don't have to explain the runes :p? BUT I'LL DO IT ANYWAY.
Early Damage, easier farm, more damage.
Greater Mark of Armor Penetration Penetration for the win, ignore their armor.
] Armor.. enough said.
Easier usage of Shadow Slash and all the abilities.
Late magic resist, works for me.
and my ratio

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Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration
Early game penetration great against mid laners which will rush armor in start
Early game damage which will destroy your enemies in the early game, also with it you'll be able to farm easier.
For defense against AD junglers or AD mid laners.
For defense against Ap jungler or Ap mid laners.
It's great to have a balance.

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This is how i roll.This one provides me extra speed and more damage instead of the Standard one, also more aggression.

The standard one
More health advantage less damage advantage.

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Flash Always good for a quick escape or a secured kill.

Cleanse is considerable against heavy CC team . It removes all CC and it will trick your enemies to ignite you or so.

Ignite his gives you an extra bit of damage and reduces Healing Effects. Especially good vs Champions like Vladimir, Morde and Akali.

You can also consider this summoner although i do not prefer it, it's good for ganking and helping in the team fights but it's a spell more used on top than mid.

Barrier is a great spell if you are willing to change your game from aggressive to passive. It's a life saver, but mostly used on AD carries.

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Ability Explaination

Contempt for the Weak Basically this give you extra damage on the enemies below 50% health very useful for the farming also.

Razor Shuriken Use this as much as possible to poke the enemies and farm. This ability will eat their health potions, which will eventually run out and you'll have a chance to strike.

Living Shadow Great spell for farming in safe zone, cutting enemy and get over walls to run away and chase enemy.

Shadow Slash Great for slowing your enemies and also great for the lane pushing. Make sure to use your Living Shadow and Shadow Slash as a combo when your jungler comes to gank.

Death Mark Try to use this from best position so u can reuse it again to get out of team fights, if you are fighting one on one make sure u have in mind that u have one more shadow to use and deal damage.

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Ability Sequence Order

We want to max Q first, since it's our main source of Damage, with a low cooldown effect and a great damage. After this I always max E, because it has slows, and damage while your W doesn't. I would always prefer Q over E.

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This is how i usually start, health, and passive is the great. Also the damage if you attack the minion you regain 5 health on each hit but do not over push . I never start with Doran's Sheild it doesn't suit me.
If you are going against Riven, Talon or so, you'll get 3 Health Potion which are really reliable.

Why should you rush this as the first item? IT WILL MELT your enemies down with its passive and also grants you huge attack speed which will stack perfectly with your passive, also great active it will deal damage and steal your opponents speed. (Also great for crushing tanks)

Why would i buy this next i mean i will not have a lot of ad? Zed does not require tons of AD to deal damage, with this item you will gain a decent damage and amazing penetration.

Great for pushing, saving the turrets, being with your team and making the ganks, i usually focus on bot lane if i decide to gank.

This is a great item which gives you armor and magic resistance and most important of all it gives you life after death. *TRY TO GET THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF THEY GOT OR ANYONE ELSE WHO HAS A GOOD FOCUS*

Crazy damage, critical hits which will melt your enemies, it is expensive but it's totally worth going for this item instead of The Bloodthirster

It will stack perfectly with your attack speed and passive, also it has a great active where you can deal AOE damage, if you use your E and if you active this item you'll see a nice combo.

Consider it if you are going against heavy ability power team, it will give you extra health which will save you from most of their finishing blows.

cool downs, always handy if your jungler lets you take the blue it will be perfect you'll be spamming your Shadow Slash

This are perfect boots if their team has tons of CC it will save you from a lot of things.

*You should buy items in the same order that i have made the example builds and my build. (You should do it the same way in the order for the build to be effective)*

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Extra info about my build (Old build)

I always rush Blade of the Ruined King i find it as the most useful item for Zed, it gives him speed and great passive and active.
After Blade of the Ruined King i rush Last Whisper to bully everyone in the early game and ignore their armor in the late game.
Then i usually get Hexdrinker but i do this if they got heavy ap damage dealers in their team.
If everything is smooth i get Infinity Edge to deal insane damage and critical hits, but sometimes instead of rushing Infinity Edge i have to get Guardian Angel because as an Assassin i get focused a lot (And most of the time i have to rush the Guardian Angel because i am the last hope left in the team and the complete team relays on me)
If i have a wish to roam i get Boots of Mobility but in the late game i sell this boots for Mercury's Treads.
I also get Ionian Boots of Lucidity most of the time for extra cool downs, i like to have low cool downs so i can spam my abilities.
This is not the build that i prefer to everyone, especially not for the new players that want to play Zed. I also use this build every time when i play ranked games.
Why? Because this is a glass, paper build where you'll die first as a newbie with Zed.
This is my own build, i did not copy it from anyone i have played with it since Zed was open in beta.

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Match-ups tips and tricks

Zed really has no counters, expect this one. (In my opinion counters do not exist, it's all about the plays).
Well my biggest fear is to lane against

She has crazy pokes, heals and she also counters your ultimate.
Against her you should call for help from your jungler to destroy her in early game so you can help the others, for example if you know that you can't win your lane, you should roam to win the late game.

A good Lulu is able to wreck the reason of it are slows, and crazy pokes.. A good tip against Lulu is to play passive, and wait for your jungler to gank, or you could engage before she's level 6.
Skilled Match-Up this is depended on the player's skill, a better Player will win the lane, or in some cases a better jungler. If you are going against Xerath rush Hexdrinker it will hlep you a lot, try to spam your Q as much as possible.

Easy Match-Up Why is it easy? At the early game you can poke her and out-damage, but make sure always to follow her she'll try to get the kills from other lanes because she will fail against

This is a skilled match up depended on the player's skill. You'll be able to dodge her ultimate once when you are good enough you'll be able to dodge everything from her.

Medium match up his silence is sometimes annoying, but you should be able to win against him, when he comes close enough spam your Shadows and punish him with your abilities.

Skilled match-Up depended on the players skill and sometimes luck. Tip for this is to get Oracle's Lens While she's in her stealth mode, use your Living Shadow and Shadow Slash to let her know that her stealth mode will not help.

Make sure to punish him before he reaches level 6. After Level 6 Follow him all the time.

He will poke you and annoy you a lot but you can do the same, skilled Match-Up, buy a lot of Health Potion and you could start against him with Cloth Armor

You shouldn't have any problems against this guy, you can dodge everything and also punish him when he starts to drink(W).

This is a skilled Match-Up sometimes it is easy. A good Ziggs will play passive and poke you a lot, keep farming in the jungle and push the lane so you can jungle.

Sometimes she is problematic, make sure to tell your jungler to gank early.

She is not a problem at all.

Skilled Match-Up.

You will be able to win against her, most of them are passive. Stick behind the minions :)

Skilled Match-Up, where a smarter player wins.

Most of the time Syndra is a problem. Play Passive and roam.

You should be able to defeat Fizz easily, you can dodge almost everything from him.

A good Anivia will play passive and keep farming, this can end bad for you, you'll keep getting ganked. Don't forget about Health Potion and Vision Ward

Try to poke her as much as possible, once when you are six she will be a paper to you, but don't try to kill her before you are 6 she will be able to punish you then.

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Farming and Warding

Farming on the lane is easy, with your passive and abilities you'll clear the waves like a boss.

Outside jungleAlways steal their witches and keep doing your witches when your lane is outpushed, don't hang out and watch the lane :)

Buy a ward, save a life!
The red X shows you 2 sides where you could put a ward of having a map control and also in the case if their jungler camps a lot.
the red Star Tells you where you can buy pink wards, people rarely check this places and it will help your team a lot.

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Some matches that i recently played (OLD)

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Thanks for seeing my build, i did put C2V because i want to know what did you vote and why did you do that for, so i can change my mistakes in the future :)
This is my first guide so far i'll be making more soon(I have tried the best in this guide, sorry for the grammar mistakes if i made them and i hope that my next guide will be better than this one)
By the way i am really inactive right now and i'm not planing to make future guides.
Regards, DemonBlade.(Hi im Yasuo)
Build created March 2, 2014
Build reached 1 000 views: March 3, 2014
Build reached 5 000 views: March 15, 2014
Build reached 30 000 views: May

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Pro tip

- Rush The Brutalizer against enemies that are rushing armor against you.
- Rush Bilgewater Cutlass against enemies that are not buying armor in early against you.
by armor i mean Seeker's Armguard.