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Soraka Build Guide by Gwndimi

Top [10.10] Toplane Soraka Carry with heals

Top [10.10] Toplane Soraka Carry with heals

Updated on May 22, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gwndimi Build Guide By Gwndimi 127 12 338,227 Views 6 Comments
127 12 338,227 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Gwndimi Soraka Build Guide By Gwndimi Updated on May 22, 2020
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Runes: Sorcery Build

1 2 3 4 5
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band

Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4
Save Lane
LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[10.10] Toplane Soraka Carry with heals

By Gwndimi
Table of Contents

all about me and my Soraka

pros and cons

champion strengths & weaknesses


Runes and Build Path

1. Introduction
Hi guys, Let me introduce my self !

Im Ðìmitri, i play on EUW and this season i am Diamond III ( still climbing i hope)
I have 400K+ Points on Soraka (on this account) OTP Soraka Top Lane

i started playing Soraka back in season 7 i think, after being a Main mid player i got bored of spamming Cassiopeia and Brand so i started playing Top lane

How ever i couldn't find a good Champion to master, i started dropping in Rank and then i learned about the player IDimaI who was a OTP Soraka top lane

He was DiamondIV Back in the time he even managed to get to Diamond I and i thought to my self If he can do that with Soraka I CAN DO THAT !

I link his Profile here for you guys :

And here is mine :

After watching IDimaI Play i found my own playstyle And i am learning you so you can also make it to Diamond next Season!

at the moment i use the Summon Aery build almost every match up

check out my stream :
Check out my Youtube :

Current stats :

Main Rank :

Solo/Duo : Plat III
Flex : 8/10 placements (plat )
2. Pros/Cons

+ Strong Early 1 V 1
+ Off meta so fun to out play ppl
+ Late game Astral Infusion monster
+ Global ult Wish
+ Cheap builds
+ Doesn't need Ganks

Because of the Starcall Soraka Gains so many health back and Since you build alot of Health regenaration and Mana Regenaration its almost impossible to kill her her lane sustain is huge
Equinox helps alot to outplay the Enemy since they cant use skills and when timed correctly it will provides a hold
CSing is hard but since you build most Support items who are cheap you are not realy relaying on your CS.

- Bad VS Split pushers
- Can't Follow Teleport
- Team Reliable
- ALWAYS Getting Camped by Jungler
- Hard time CSing
- No frontliner

Yes Soraka Gets camped all the time! BUT thats also a good thing because when you expect it, your team mates will get ganked less and when they do get ganked Wish Free assists for you buddy
You cant Follow Teleport but you CAN cancel it with Equinox
Late game Split pushers are a nightmare but thats why we build Zz'Rot Portal
You are not a front liner but you CAN save your Team and carry thanks to your Astral Infusion
3. Runes Explained
Summon Aery β˜… Summon Aery Gives Soraka alot more healing and also provides a small shield but the most usefull the early damage Aery lets you kill the enemy top laner! Later in the game it comes in handy with your ultimate Wish
Manaflow band β˜… Soraka uses ALOT of mana so this ring comes in handy stack it up as fast as you can so you wont run out of mana again!
Transcendence β˜… we want that 40/45% CDR on Soraka as fast as possible so we can help out around the map with your Wish.It also makes laning phase much better since you can use Starcall more often so regenerate that health
Scorch β˜… Soraka is no Big damage dealer but with Summon Aery and Scorch you got a good 1 v 1 kiling potential before level 4 add Ignite to your kit and first blood is yours

Grasp of the Undying β˜… This might seem a little bit troll but it works when you are up VS Melee champions keep fighting and hit them every time with your Grasp of the Undying this will give you more health everytime you hit someone with it and it gives a little burst damage DO NOT FORGET TO AA IN FIGHT THIS WILL SAVE/WIN YOU THE FIGHT
Font of Life β˜… Font of Life Marks enemy champions and when hit by ally it heals for 1% of your Max health so stack some health items and get some free heals of by just hitting one Starcall or Equinox
Bone Plating β˜… Soraka is no frontliner so we all know she squishy as .... Bone plating helps you out since it reduces damage carefull tho this only helps you out early game, late game you can still be one shotted by a fed LeBlanc
Revitalize β˜… Soraka her favorite rune Revitalize makes her heals 10% stronger on your team mates below 40% of there max health BUT also on your self so try to outplay your enemy with low health

Electrocute β˜… Soraka is no big damage dealer but with Electrocute you can surprise Squishy champions just Starcall AA Equinox to get it off
Taste of Blood β˜… It happens to the best of us we miss all our spells we cant hit a Starcall so we wont regen some health back well Taste of Blood is your best friend now it only heals you for 18-35 health every 20 seconds but hey better something then nothing.
Eyeball Collection β˜… Since we have Wish a global ult stacking Eyeball Collection is easy and it gives us some extra AP not bad. If your team fights alot early/mid game then you will have this stackt with no problems
Ultimate Hunter β˜… Soraka cant follow Teleport but who cares we got a global ult stacked with Athene's Unholy Grail that is a huge heal who can turn fights just use your Wish and stack Ultimate Hunter to gain more CDR on your ultimate!.

Unsealed Spellbook β˜… We take Unsealed Spellbook because you can play passive and aggressive with it, use Smite to secure the cannon minion early try to take Teleport for your 1st back after that i mostly take Ignite to get a kill and take lane prio once you get that just relax focus on csing take jungle camps or crab in the river with your smite take Exhaust when you getting a gank.
Magical Footwear β˜… Since we are not rushing boots anymore we take Magical Footwear simply because we dont need Hextech Flashtraption you could also take Perfect Timing its just personal preference.
Minion Dematerializer β˜… Csing on Soraka is realy hard since her auto attack doesnt do alot of damage using 2 Starcall on the caster minions will kill them so use your 3 stacks of Minion Dematerializer on the melee minions for better wave clear.
Cosmic Insight β˜… Do i need to explain this ? Cooldown on EVERYTHING this is pure Love to Soraka.

Phase Rush β˜… We pick this if we are up against Darius and maybe Garen because his buff was to OP, Just Starcall AA Equinox to get Phase Rush AND RUN! dont fight the dariu only CS and wait to help out your team in the late game
Manaflow Band β˜… Soraka uses ALOT of mana so this ring comes in handy stack it up as fast as you can so you wont run out of mana again!
Celerity β˜… This build is all about Surviving and the movement speed from Phase Rush wil be 7% stronger thanks to Celerity
Gathering Storm β˜… Since this build is all about surviving its good to take Gathering Storm since we wanna scale into the late game no need to take Scorch

4. The Game
early game This is your time to SHINE! you out DPS many enemys try to land as many Qs as you can and keep poking with basic attacks. Try to get first blood You can lose some minions in order to get the first blood but after that focus on CSing!! you got your lead! FARM up for your items if you are ahead try to buy items who can help your whole team. if you fall behind build deffensive items like Redemption.
Try to ward as much as you can and buy a "pink" ward place it behind your tower bush since we are easy to one shot enemy junglers will try to dive you.
Hold your E up for as long as possible when you use it try to stand on your own E to make it hold the enemy.
always try to silence : Teleports / Rift heralds

mid game / late game this is when you fall of in Damage...try to avoid fights but keep your team mates alive place wards and remove enemy wards! if you got no blue trinket in your team buy it. no sweeper buy it. find out who is your carry on the team and stick with them you become a second Support now!
5. Youtube/Twitch
So i just made my own youtube page and twitch page check them out much more coming!

Check out my new Youtube channel:

Check out my Stream on :
League of Legends Build Guide Author Gwndimi
Gwndimi Soraka Guide
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[10.10] Toplane Soraka Carry with heals

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