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Nasus Build Guide by ERNESTSAURUS

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[10.19] Get easily to GOLD with Nasus, all Matchups explaine

By ERNESTSAURUS | Updated on September 16, 2020
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Runes: Conqueror Runes [READ NOTES]

1 2 3 4 5
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand

Second Wind

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide

[10.19] Get easily to GOLD with Nasus, all Matchups explaine

2- About me Back to Top

Welcome to my first Mobafire Guide, my name is Ernestsaurus and I'm a Nasus Main with nearly 160k Mastery points in total with all my accounts and here is some proof to it,

Here are some more random points in different accounts which I share with some friends in multiple servers (I didn't grind 100% of all those mastery points but I did a decent ammount), Also there are other accounts that I don't mention, but overall you get the idea:

I've been playing League of Legends since early Season 8 / late Season 7 and I put out this Guide since I think all other Mobafire Guides are either aimed at super High Elos (Master, Grandmasters or even Challenger), not saying they are bad but at all, just that the difference between below Gold elo and Diamond 1 and up, is huge, and everything changes there. Also there are guides that are severely outdated with really off meta builds and don't provide enough help in Matchups and in Laning phase.

With this Guide I will help you to get out of Bronce and Silver with Nasus by detailing every single matchup in the game, all 149 other champions (obviously excluding Nasus), and giving you as many tips and tricks as I can based on my personal experience while laning against a lot of champions with Nasus in different roles, diferent servers and elos. I also add some tips and tricks taken from other guides. Remember this guide is based for lower elos but still isn't that bad on higher elos.
3- Pros and Cons Back to Top


Infinite Scaling with Siphoning Strike
Decent sustain with Soul Eater
Strong Mid/Late game
Decent Splitpusher and Teamfighter
Lot of Burst to Squishies
Lot of Tankiness with Fury of the Sands
  • Nasus when it comes to his strenghs, he has one of the best Late game scalings due to his Siphoning Strike allowing him to permanently gain damage while being able to build resistances to provide a good frontline for his team.
  • He also has a really decent Splitpush potential since he shreds towers with his Siphoning Strike and late game it becomes close to impossible to kill Nasus when he has his Fury of the Sands on, making him one of the strongest Scaling Splitpushers in the game.
  • Due to how his Fury of the Sands gives him bonus resistances over time when casted, he becomes one of the Tankiest, if not the tankiest Juggernaut in the game, while being able to stand in a teamfight for a really long time.
  • When it comes to Nasus weaknesses, they become really but really clear, His lack of early game power makes him really vulnerable to strong early game Toplaners that can abuse really hard of him.
  • He also lacks of a lot of Mobility, since there is no ability in his kit that allows him to move efficiently over the terrain in the map and his only way to gap close is by using his Wither which can be removed with Cleanse, Mercurial Scimitar or Mikael's Crucible, he becomes a rather easy champion to kite.
  • Nasus also has a clear problem with his Runepage and playstyle, since none of the current runes offer him a good early game survival while providing a decent fighting late game, he also has mediocre Teamfighting skills and he's a rather weak splitpusher in comparison to Tryndamere, Jax or Fiora.


Lack of Early game power
Low Mobility
Not the best Splitpusher neither Teamfighter
Easy to Kite
Unconsistant Rune Page options
The higher the Elo, the more difficult to carry/be useful
4- Ability Kit Back to Top
Soul Eater
ABILITY: Nasus permanently has 12% / 18% / 24% (based on level) bonus Lifesteal .


Siphoning Strike
COOLDOWN: 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 SECONDS
BONUS PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 30 / 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 (+ Siphoning Strike stacks)

ABILITY: Nasus' next basic attack within 10 seconds becomes unstoppable, gains 25 bonus range and deals bonus physical damage.


If Siphoning Strike kills its target, Nasus permanently gains 3 stacks, increased to 12 if it's target is a Champion, large Minion or large Monster.
Siphoning Strike resets Nasus' basic attack timer (Cancels auto attack animation).
COOLDOWN: 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 SECONDS

ABILITY: Nasus ages the target enemy champion for 5 seconds, slowing them by 35% and Cripple them by half that amount, both increasing over the duration.


MAXIMUM SLOW: 47% / 59% / 71% / 83% / 95%
MAXIMUM CRIPPLE: 23.5% / 29.5% / 35.5% / 41.5% / 47.5%
ADDITIONAL SLOW PER SECOND: 3% / 6% / 9% / 12% / 15%
ADDITIONAL CRIPPLE PER SECOND: 1.5% / 3% / 4.5% / 6% / 7.5%
Spirit Fire
COST: 70 / 85 / 100 / 115 / 130 MANA

ABILITY: Nasus unleashes a Spirit Flame at the target location, dealing Magic Damage to enemies in the area.


The flame then remains for 5 seconds, dealing Magic Damage each second to all enemies within and reducing their Armor while they remain, lingering for 1 second.

MAGIC DAMAGE: 55% / 95% / 135% / 175% / 215% (+ 60% AP)
MAGIC DAMAGE PER SECOND: 11% / 19% / 27% / 35% / 43% (+ 12% AP)
TOTAL MAGIC DAMAGE: 110% / 190% / 270% / 350% / 430% (+ 120% AP)
ARMOR REDUCTION: 25% / 30% / 35% / 40% / 45% of target's armor
Fury of the Sands
BONUS HEALTH: 300 / 450 / 600 HEALTH

ABILITY: Nasus empowers himself for 15 seconds, gaining Health, Armor, Magic Resistance, 30% increased size and 50 bonus Attack Range for the duration.


While Nasus is empowered, he deals Magic Damage to nearby enemies each second capped at 240 per second.
Nasus also gains bonus Armor and bonus Magic Resistance each second
Siphoning Strike's cooldown is reduced by 50%.

MAGIC DAMAGE PER SECOND: 3% / 4% / 5% (+ 1% per 100 AP) of target's maximum health
TOTAL MAGIC DAMAGE: 45% / 60% / 75% (+ 15% per 100 AP) of target's maximum health
5- Matchups/Rune explanations Back to Top

Conqueror = This is one of my personal favorite rune page on Nasus, and though out this season, I've been testing how to make it more efficient and adapt to my playstyle. Whenever picking Conqueror as your Runepage you must remember that once you get lvl 6 and Sheen power spike, in most of the matchups you can start doing heavy trades with the Conqueror damage and healing (It's also dependent on matchup). Also you are looking to be a Drain Tank, a tank similar to Dr. Mundo, where the lower HP you have, the more damage you get with Last Stand and Unflinching.
Fleet Footwork = Fleet Footwork is the type of rune that most Nasus players think It's troll but after a lot of tries to this Runepage in a lot of matchups, I've came to the conclusion it's one of the best sustain options you can have. Whenever picking this Runepage, your goal changes dramatically from the Conqueror runepage, as you are trying to survive lane rather than forcing extended fights. You usually will look to make your opponent waste his resources on trying to poke you while outsustain his Poke and look to outscale your opponent.
Unsealed Spellbook = Unsealed Spellbook has become a really popular rune nowadays even though it was tested and played for a long time by Carnarius (A EUW Nasus Main) even before it became popular. The Core of this setup is to provide Utility via Summoners Spells and help you survive lane with Biscuit Delivery. I personally made some adjustments to it which are explained in the chapter 9, based upon my personal preferences, I recommend it as a viable option to replace the Conqueror rune page, making it a matter of personal preference for you to choose which one is the best for your playstyle.
Grasp of the Undying = Grasp of the Undying in about 90% of the cases you are using it, it's a really bad rune and it's known in between Nasus Mains for being a sort of Noob Rune and I agree with them BUT, I see some potential in this Rune. The only time it becomes useful is whenever you have to do Short Trades into your oponnent into an eventual All in where Grasp of the Undying can be useful but still, has a poor scaling since it's a rune designed for Tanks rather than Juggernauts. Whenever picking this rune is because all the other alternatives aren't the best, but never pick it constantly, it's not good.
  • INTRODUCTION = In this guide, unlike a lot of guides for Nasus, mentions every single possible matchup in the game, regardless if it is a troll pick or not, Yuumi as an example. I found out that in low elos, people usually play whatever they feel to play regardless of it is a good or even a playable Top lane pick, so to help you out, I decided to list every single possible matchup in the game, excluding Nasus since the guide is aimed at ranked games rather than normals; With detailed tips and tricks on how to approach them and different Rune pages, Builds and Starting Items
  • WHY MULTIPLE RUNEPAGES AND ITEMS? = As you can tell, in all the matchups mentioned, I usually give 2 Runepages and some different options for starting items. I made it out like this so you can have options to choose inbetween different options based upon your personal preferences. In the Rune Page part of the Matchup (the very beginning), I give some times 2 rune pages, The first one is the one that I recommend the most and the second one is an alternative to it which is not that bad.
  • CLASSIFICATION OF MATCHUPS = The Matchup guide is based mostly upon my personal experience. The matchups are clasified into 5 different sections which are provided by Mobafire. First there are the EXTREME THREATS, these are basically the counters to Nasus and are really hard matchups which require a lot of experience in order to win them. Second there are the MAJOR THREATS, which are decent picks againts Nasus but there is some more room for counter play. the Third type are the EVEN THREATS, these matchups are somewhat easy but still you must play properly or else they can beat you. The fourth type are the MINOR THREATS, These picks are usually bad picks to beat Nasus and mostly they are non toplane picks, most of the cases you can win the lane Easily. Lastly there are the TINY THREATS, this group is based upon either Troll picks or picks that are really easy to beat even early on. Remember all these matchups are based upon personal experience and the difficulty may variate depending elo, but overall this is what I think these are the hardest matchups for Nasus.
  • HOW TO APPROACH THEM? = My explanation to the matchups consist in a short introduction of the champion on how it affects Nasus, What to do Early on in between lvl's 1-5, How to approach the lane after you get your lvl 6 + Sheen powerspike, if you outscale your opponent or not and based on that, to decide either to Splitpush or Teamfight later on to the game. It's also based upon my personal experience and overall knowledge of the champion
  • WHAT TO DO EARLY ON? = Early on, regardless of the matchup, you must not contest minions and trying to get early stacks, just let them die and wait for the wave to push towards your torret, it's fine to lose minions and stacks early on, Only go for them if you see your enemy laner is not punishing you for trying to get them. If you contest your enemy laner for having early stacks he can trade against you and beat you since Nasus early on deals no damage, look to sit back in XP range and let the wave push towards you. Look to have the wave always on your side of the lane and try to not overextend in the lane.
6- Conqueror Setup Back to Top
7- Fleet Footwork Setup Back to Top
8- Spellbook Setup Back to Top
9- Grasp (Scaling) Setup Back to Top
10- Grasp (Tank) Setup Back to Top
  • RUNES =

    Grasp of the Undying
    Grasp of the Undying has always been the sort of "Noob player" rune to go with Nasus and even a lot of players don't recommend it but i find it particulary really good into certain matchups where you must do Short Trades into an all in, Examples like Tryndamere, Jax or Wukong make this rune somewhat viable. Usually I recommend this runepage whenever your toplane matchup is really hard to outscale and it's better to be a frontline for your team rather than trying to do damage.

    Demolish is realistically the only useful rune of the Resolve tree for Nasus, Font of Life healing is insignificant and Shield Bash even more since Nasus doesn't even have a shield to begin with appart from Sterak's Gage but is still not worth to give up Demolish over Shield Bash for some more damage while Sterak's Gage passive is on (Which is 8 seconds).[/b]

    Conditioning is the best rune for trying to get as much armor as you can, Bone Plating is not bad but in this setup you are the frontline of your team so Conditioning will become more valuable.

    Overgrowth is another good stat that makes Nasus permanently stack health which is not bad. Unflinching is not bad and I recommend swaping to it if the enemy team composition has a lot of CC.

    Biscuit Delivery
    Biscuit Delivery is really good in this setup since we replace Second Wind and Revitalize so we lose on some sustain that Biscuit Delivery provides also, it's the only reliable rune since Nasus wants to stack minions rahter than use Minion Dematerializer and Future's Market is not as strong as Biscuit Delivery.

    Time Warp Tonic
    Time Warp Tonic based upon my experience its better than Cosmic Insight and let me explain you why. Once Nasus presses R, with 40% CDR he will hit an Q and then after a full Autoattack he can Q again and Siphoning Strike will have a 2.4 seconds cooldown and with Cosmic Insight it's exactly the same, you can Q + Autoattack + Q and Siphoning Strike cooldown will be 2.2 seconds, giving up so much early game sustain over .2 seconds is not worth. Also it reduces the cooldown of Summoners by 10 seconds which is a really small window to capitalzie in enemy laner mistakes which in the Grasp of the Undying Tank setup is not really an option to capitalize.

    Attack Speed
    Axe is a good rune since with this build you don't have any Attack speed at all from Items since Trinity Force is replaced by Iceborn Gauntlet. Also tank items have a lot more of CDR than Bruiser items so the Time rune isn't really needed.

    Shield will help you into matchups that deal Physical Damage since its the only rune that actually provides tanky stats for Nasus early on. Go double Shield if it is an AD matchup.

    Magic Resistance
    Circle will help you into laners that deal Magic Damage since its the only rune that actually provides tanky stats for Nasus early on. Go double Circle if it is an AP matchup.


    Teleport is such a better option rather than Ghost since in most Grasp of the Undying lanes, Nasus goal is to survive the enemy laner poke and look to outscale or outtrade the enemy laner, Teleport is overall the best Summoner Spell for this. Also it allows you to do Teleport flanks in teamfights and backdoors.

    Flash is a must go in every single Build, even if you have Unsealed Spellbook, its not worth giving up such a great and instant disengage tool like Flash for other Summoners, and remember that Nasus doesn't have any sort of Dash or Gap Closer ability appart from his Wither, which can be removed with Cleanse, Mercurial Scimitar or Mikael's Crucible.


    Sheen is Nasus core item purchase and main source of damage and the difference of having and not having Sheen is abysmal. It provides CDR and Mana making it a Gold Efficient Item for Nasus

    Kindlegem is one of the more cost/efficient items for Nasus and it also provides a decent ammount of HP, also Nasus later on will build Spirit Visage, which increases healings, but it saves some gold. Since Kindlegem provides some tanky stats with its 200 HP, it's better to build them instead of Stinger since Nasus main goal with this setup is to Protect his Allies.

    Glacial Shroud is an excellent item on Nasus specially since it gives Armor, Mana and even CDR making it a core item into AD matchups. Since Glacial Shroud provides some tanky stats with its 20 Armor, it's better to build them instead of Stinger since Nasus main goal with this setup is to Protect his Allies.

    Iceborn Gauntlet is a to go item with the Grasp of the Undying (Tank) setup, It's hheaper and gives more Armor than Trinity Force (Trinity Force doesn't give Armor) and an unique Passive. Since the goal is to tank, this is the perfect item to go as Nasus plus you don't give up on the Sheen damage.

    or Ninja Tabi are really good for Nasus into AD dependent enemy team compositions or teamcomps that heavily rely on auto attacks, and Mercury's Treads are a good option when the enemy team has a lot of Magic Damage or a lot of CC. With Grasp of the Undying it is really good to get early boots since they provide resistances, that in certain matchups are going to be needed really bad.

    or Spirit Visage is such a good item on Nasus since it Boost the healings and Drain Effects by 30%, while also providing 10% CDR, 450 HP, 100% Base Health Regen and 55 Magic Resistance, making it a really good item on Nasus. If the enemy team is Full AD, go for Frozen Heart.

    Sterak's Gage is a really good item for Nasus, it provides 2 really good Passives, One being the scaling base damage, and the other one being the Shield it gives after reciving a lot of damage which also grants Tenacity . Its a really good item for the Grasp of the Undying setup since the shield will prevent you from getting bursted, and the Tenacity is not bad either.

    or Last item is usually situational and Depends a lot on the enemy teamcomposition and how can Nasus adapt to his build path their main source or main sources of damage. Check the Situational items listed up in the build.
11- Frequently Asked Questions Back to Top
  • Why don't you go Nimbus Cloak + Transcendence for Secundary Runes with Unsealed Spellbook?

    + Nimbus Cloak + Transcendence are decent runes for making Unsealed Spellbook better since you can gain Movement Speed by Nimbus Cloak and you won't overstack on CDR with Transcendence, the problem relies that Nimbus Cloak + Transcendence doesn't provide any sort of Tanky/In Combat stats making you heavily rely on your full build potential which most of the times isn't the best for your team. Also Presence of Mind + Legend: Bloodline scale even better and make your teamfight potential in the Mid/Late game stronger.

  • Why don't you go Heal + Ghost for your Summoners Spells with Unsealed Spellbook?

    + Heal + Ghost are somewhat decent but Heal effectiveness gets countered by Ignite Grevious Wounds and Ghost isn't the most reliable way to kite your opponents early on, usually you want a quick way with Flash out to reduce more their damage and gap closing plus if you survive you can stay in XP range.

  • Why do you have so many rune pages and different setups? Is it necessary for me to use all of them?

    Nasus though out the past of time has remained as a sort of Forgotten champion that tries to adapt to all this new meta changes with a lot of True Damage, Percentage HP Damage and multiple Dashes in normal abilities in overall one kit. He also never really had a Clear Runepage so his versatility with all runepages is really big allowing him to play a lot of different setups and still be viable. Press the Attack, Fleet Footwork, Conqueror, Dark Harvest, Phase Rush, Arcane Comet, Summon Aery, Grasp of the Undying and Unsealed Spellbook are all somewhat decent and playable runes on Nasus. I like to use his lack of a Clear Runepage to go, as an Advantage to be more versatile, and yes I recommend this setups (following the mathcups guide) since for me they granted me a lot of Success.

  • Is AP Nasus good or viable in Ranked?

    AP Nasus is a For Fun build, you can't realistically Climb with it since it has so many Mana problems, Lack of Tankiness and Sustained damage and lastly the E Range isn't that big to be viable enough since you have to get really close to someone to hit him with E, It also negates the ability to get stacks negating a lot his scaling; you can try it in normal games with your friends since it's fun to see the enemies die to a single E and you are not ruining your team the Ranked Experience but rather than that don't try to climb with it, it's not a good/viable build.

  • Why should I trust a Gold Player on how to Climb with a champion that isn't even his main?

    Yes, I know I'm not even close to be one of the best Nasus players by far and I mostly play Tryndamere, but what I can tell you is that I've played this champion for 2 Seasons so far, and managed to get around 200k Mastery Points with him and I managed to get Gold multiple times in different servers, Currently im Gold in LAN and EUW and I'm planning to get Gold in LAS and NA servers as well, I have decent knowledge of the game and lately I've barely been trying to climb in SoloQ since most of the time I get unmotivated by toxicity, but overall my guide should help you atleast to get out of really low elos, such as Iron/Bronze, It's not a tutorial guide on how to play Nasus but rather a help to understand how to play him more efficiently. Also, I'm currently try to play as many Flex games as possible to test how efficient the build is in Higher Elos than Gold and since in Flex games now you can get in Lane with people of Highler elos, and so far it has proven some success in this more skillful elos (My biggest victory so far was a Diamond 3, Teemo 1 Trick in EUW in one of my accounts and my build managed to win me the game).
12- Conclusion Back to Top
Remember you can ask me questions in the discussion section and I will try to answer them as fast as possible. Also, If you notice a Spelling/Grammar Mistake in the Build or a Mistake regarding some information, please tell me since It's really hard to notice them while editting but it becomes rather easy to spot them while reading the guide from the outside.

Also, thanks for Everyone that came from the Nasus Reddit, I truly apprecieate the Tips, Mistakes and overall feedback about the guide, 53 Upvotes and 91% Upvoted with 22 comments in 2 days, half where mine xD but still, I truly apreciate the Nasus Reddit for the Feedback!!

This guide is based upon knowledge shared by many Nasus Mains that I'd like share their Guides too: (they are really good guides in case you disagree or dislike mine)

- Carnarius_v2 =

- L Viper =

- Psychopathic Top =

- Minister of Agriculture and Forestry (Translated from Korean). (Unluckily this is the only link I can give you of him) =
13- Update Log Back to Top
- 8th-12th of August = Detailed every single matchup from Aatrox until Orianna + Yuumi matchup. Explained all runes, summoners, maxing skills, starting items.

- 13th of August = Detailed matchups from Orianna to Rammus, detailed and corrected some mistakes in certain matchups such as Maokai or Cassiopeia, re-arranged build paths for all builds and added situational items all with explanations.

- 14-16th of August = Detailed matchups from Rammus to Shyvana, corrected mistakes on Aphelios, Corki, Diana, Fiddlesticks, Kennen, Kog'maw, Lissandra, Miss Fortune, Olaf and Rakan matchups.

- 17th of August = Detailed matchups from Shyvana to Tahm Kench, Corrected mistakes on Camille and Cassiopeia matchups, Corrected some mistakes on the situational items and added new items.

- 18th of August = Added more tips into Ahri, Akali, Alistar, Amumu, Annie, Ashe, Aurelion Sol, Azir, Bard, Brand, Caitlyn, Dr. Mundo, Elise, Fizz, Garen, Graves, Kai'Sa, Kha'Zix, Lillia, Master Yi, Neeko and Soraka Matchups.

- 19th of August = Detailed matchups from Taliyah to Vladimir (Excepting Viktor), Fixed some mistakes on some matchups and items.

- 20th of August = Detailed matchups from Vladimir to Zyra and fixed some minor details on other certain matchups. I also Verify the account and finished every single possible matchup in the game.

- 21th of August = Started an Introduction, Detailed every Single Rune, Summoner and Build according to the setup, Added Frequently Asked Questions section, a Conclusion and a visual update to the Update Log.

- 22th of August = Added a Table of Contents, added better visual effects to the Introduction and fixed an Issue regarding the pictures, added a Pros/Cons section with explanations, Abilities explained with videos and Matchups explanations that unironically are work in progress, therefor unexplained... YET. Fixed minor mistakes on some Guide Chapters and Lissandra Matchup.

- 23th of August = Fixed some mistakes in the guide and Jax Matchup, and shared the guide in the Nasus Reddit to get more feedback on it.

- 26th of August = Due to some confusion regarding Doran's Shield and Rejuvenation Beads, I decided to add in every single matchup, to add the Tripple Rejuvenation Beads start as an alternative to Doran's Shield. Fixed minor mistakes on certain matchups while doing this. Also added Feedback of the Nasus Reddit in the conclusion.

- 29th of August = Added the Matchup/Rune Explanation sections, Adjusted Rune pages from Aatrox, Aurelion Sol, Caitlyn, Camille, Cho'Gath, Draven, Ekko, Ezreal, Garen, Gnar, Hecarim, Illaoi, Irelia, Kayn, Kled, Leona, Miss Fortune, Nidalee, Nocturne, Nunu & Willump, Olaf, Pyke, Qiyana, Rakan, Riven, Sett, Shen, Skarner, Tristana, Trundle, Tryndamere, Volibear, Warwick, Yorick, Zac and Zed Matchups.

- 1st of September = Updated Ahri and Kayle due to Mini-Reworks and added more information in Miss Fortune, Sejuani, Swain and Udyr matchups.
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