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Teemo Build Guide by PlayerWhatever

Jungle [12.12] Teemo jungle: let's get the enemy to AFK!

Jungle [12.12] Teemo jungle: let's get the enemy to AFK!

Updated on July 7, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PlayerWhatever Build Guide By PlayerWhatever 3,619 Views 0 Comments
3,619 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PlayerWhatever Teemo Build Guide By PlayerWhatever Updated on July 7, 2022
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Runes: Marksman/Duelist

1 2 3 4
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[12.12] Teemo jungle: let's get the enemy to AFK!

By PlayerWhatever
Who am I and why Teemo jungle?
Hello fellow LoL players! My player name is PlayerWhatever, from EUW and I'm a Teemo main and off-meta picker, troller, who likes to play disgusting champions like Teemo, Master Yi, Jax, Kayle, Vi...Everything wich on-hit works! I play Teemo since I started playing LoL, maybe 8 years ago? I remember his shrooms duration being WAY longer then what it is nowadays. Teemo is just... beatifull.

Why Teemo jungle?

In recent times, Riot decided Teemo jungle would be a thing, so they buffed his E and Q! Your blind has double duration against monsters, which means you rarely get auto-atacks from them. You dont even need pots ^^.
He is a hiper-mega-versatile champion that can play every position and be effective. A good Teemo is always effective, doesn't matter if you are behind or ahead, you can always do something! If you want to spice things up and are bored from the game, try Teemo jungle ;)


- Simple skill set to learn
- Outplay potential
- Tons of damage
- Slow and AoE
- Always effective and versatile
- Memes and making the enemy player's tilt
- Cool skins (LITTLE DEVIL TEEMO >:)


- Jack of all trades, which means he isn't the best in any of his roles
- No CC
- Telegraphical abilities wich are easy to predict
- No escape: you must use your Shrooms, dodge skills and be smart/tricky
- A Trinket (Oracle Lens)and consumable (Red Ward) counters you ;___;
- Although easy to learn, you must know a lot of the game in order to get the best of this champ (this can be applied to almost all others but to be the Devil himself you must be good at this game)
In this guide I have 2 + 0.5 (suited for the "best gold income
2 fantasy) options for Teemo. Lets talk about the main ones:

#1 - Marksman/Duelist

Once you get core, you deal a ton of magic damage from autos. High attack speed combined with sustain from the omnivamp of Riftmaker and Challenging Smite makes you... a challenging foe x). You excel in dealing damage with autos, you deal less damage with mushrooms but they're slow and AoE makes them perfect tools to help you stick to your targets. Red buff helps you a lot aswell. You can 1 vs 1 any standard ranged bot ADC.

#2 - Assassin/Shroomer

With core, your magic damage comes from abilities, mainly Noxious Trap. Q, E and R deal A LOT of damage! Your shrooms should devastate the enemies and, the more items you get, the better! If you collect a lot of Dark Harvest stacks, late game you might remove 1/2 to 1/3 of the enemy health bars. Your biggest counter is Force of Nature - that item reminds me old Adaptive Helmet :(. You can w8 in a bush or somewhere else, put Shrooms nearby and, when the enemy aproaches...BUM! GUERRILA WARFAREEEEEE! You can also defend your base from giant minion waves with 1 or 2 Shrooms. You are squishy and you don't have the insane sustain like the #1.

Either build you chosse is effective and I don't think there is a better build for Teemo jungle. Or you excel in duels and dealing damage with autos, or you excel in assassination and burning out the enemy patience and HP bars. Assassin/Shroomer build brings more utility to the team then Marksman/Duelist build though. Marksman/Duelist power-spike comes in early/mid game, Assassin/Shroomer in the mid/late game. You are always a carry, keep that in mind.

You can mix the 2 options by editing the runes and items because, like I said earlier, Teemo is versatile! I advice this though only for experienced players (perhaps those players dont even need to read this guide but whatever xD)
Jungle clear/pathing
You dont need pots if you are experienced in kiting jungle monsters and use Q whenever you can.

There are 2 options, second one is more tricky to pull if you dont have pots:

Stealth in Blue bush -> Blue Sentinel -> Stealth in Gromp -> Gromp -> Murk wolves -> Stealth in Raptors -> Raptors -> Red Brambleback -> Rift Scuttler -> krugs

Stealth in Red bush -> Red Brambleback -> krugs -> Stealth in Raptors bush -> Raptors -> Murk wolves -> Blue -> Rift Scuttler -> Stealth in Gromp -> Gromp


You can be a cool player and, when the game starts, go running to the enemy blue or red bush and stay there and steal his buff or even kill him! High risk, high reward tactic. Then do the #1 or #2 clears. This is usually what gets a salty player to AFK :D (already happened).
Shards are always Axe, Diamond. Heart for mid-late game or Shield for early game and help you in the jungle.

Lets talk about Marksman/Duelist runes:

Primary runes:

Press the Attack is your main rune, that's why you take it. It increases your burst damage in early stages of the game and the % increase in your damage makes your Toxic Shot DOT damage hit like a truck!

Triumph makes you able to do risky moves like 1 vs 2 and stay in the fights for longer periods of time. The money increase is good aswell.

Legend: Alacrity it increases your attack speed, good synergy with Teemo kit and build.

Coup de Grace the less health they have, the more damage you deal. It lets your Noxious Trap able to execute enemy champions who are running. You can take Cut Down against tanks and if you think you won't be doing HP items.

Secundary runes:

Conditioning a scaling rune. It's money efficient, worth 650 gold in general (haven't made the maths yet, something like 13 armor and magic resist increase in the mid game in most mathces).

Revitalize I like to think that it is a replacement for Ravenous Hunter. It wouldn't work if you didn't have omnivamp from Riftmaker, but you do have + it increases not only its healing but from other heals like Astral Infusion or Heal.

Assassin/Shroomer runes:

Primary runes:

Dark Harvest doesn't offer much in the early game. But if you managed to stack it during the game, your mushroom damage will be INSANE if they get below 50% HP. I dont like Electrocute because you must be nearby in order to proc it. With this rune, you become a better "global mage".

Cheap Shot offers a lot of damage, check it in the end of the match if you don't believe me. Always triggers with Noxious Trap and damage followed by Blinding Dart.

Eyeball Collection a scalling rune, it increases your ability power on champion takedowns.

Ultimate Hunter it lowers your Noxious Trap cooldown and trap generation time, your main ability in this playstyle. In the late game, you usually have a mushroom ready from 10 to 10 seconds :D.

Secundary runes:

Transcendence more cooldown reduction, but in this case for EVERY ability.

Gathering Storm the longer the game gets, the better for your damage. This rune is a must have: free AP?


Primary runes:

First Strike MONEY MAKING RUNE! We love gold!!!! It will always trigger with Noxious Trap, wich means you will generate MONEY just from placing the mushrooms and EXISTING!

Magical Footwear don't buy Boots! Get them for free! Dont waste a single penny!

Future's Market we love going shopping, right? Getting those extra Amplifying Tome's because we dont have money for Lost Chapter or to finish a legendary item... BUT what If you could enter debt to buy items??? YUP, we can!

Cosmic Insight smite, smite, smite those monsters! You lower your Smitecooldown generation time, increasing your clear speed and making you getting Challenging Smite faster!

Secundary runes:

Cheap Shot DAMAGE, DAMAGE! More damage = more money from First Strike procs.

Treasure Hunter MORE GOLD MAKING RUNES? Yup! Get it, use it! You are a GOBLIN!
Marksman/Duelist core items:

Berserker's Greaves for attack speed. Makes you land more autos (really good!)
Nashor's Tooth is mandatory. Synergizes well with your Toxic Shot.
Riftmaker is another must have. The omnivamp makes you able to duel, decreases the number of times you have to go back, gives you true damage and the HP increase doesn't let you die easily because you will be near the enemies in fights. Mythic passive is SO GOOD!
Rabadon's Deathcap is a big power-spike. Can be delayed if you need defensive items like Zhonya's Hourglass.

Exclusive offensive options for Marksman/Duelist build:

Guinsoo's Rageblade for me feels like a cheaper Wit's End with the trade-off of not getting magic resist. The extra damage you get is mixed though (physical and magical damage).
Wit's End similar in terms of role for Guinsoo's Rageblade. More expensive but gives you magic resist and movement speeed on autos. Mixed damage (physical and magical damage).

Assassin/Shroomer core items:

Sorcerer's Shoes for the flat magic pen wich increases all of your magic damage.
altough your main form of damage is burst and comes from Blinding Dart and Noxious Trap, you need Nashor's Tooth for jungle clears, to do objectives like Baron Nashor or Turret and even to land 1 or 2 autos because your 2 abilities aren't usually enough to kill champions.
Liandry's Anguish for SHROOM DAMAGE, your signature move :D. Even against squishies that usually dont build HP items or runes, I find the damage they take from shrooms similar to the one if you took Luden's Tempest. BUT, the damage minions and jungle monsters take is not the same: Liandry's Anguish out-damages Luden's Tempest!
Rabadon's Deathcap similar reason from Marksman/Duelist core items. You can skip it though if you think you need more HP and less damage like Demonic Embrace.

Exclusive offensive options for Assassin/Shroomer build:

Demonic Embrace against magic resist or HP stackers and for increased HP.
Morellonomicon against healing (I do it most of the times, your shrooms trigger the effect pretty easily and its AoE).

Offensive items:
Shadowflame for flat magic penetration and increased AP and HP. Good against shields and squishies, really good item path. Good item overall!
Lich Bane for assassination contracts ;). It increases a lot your combo burst damage and makes you run faster!
Mejai's Soulstealer if you are way ahead, to snowball and movement speed. Im starting to do this item first, after Nashor's Tooth, but I dont recommend it.
Void Staff against magic resist (if more then 50, its worth it).
Teemo jungle is a versatile pick with a decent and healthy jungle clear speed that is able to suprise enemy players and allies aswell. I hope you have fun trying it out and thank you for your time! Any suggestion, feedback, etc. is welcome ^^.

Special thanks to GROOVEN_FISH for his amazing "MAXIMUM ECONOMICS TWITCH (CHINESE REAGANOMICS) (AD/AP)" guide, he served as inspiration for me for a greedy and rich rune set and playstyle ;). Check his Twitch build!

Perspectives for this guide in the future: add an image for jungle clear and shroom positioning; add defensive items; add Lethal Tempo runes and explanation from "MEEPO" runes page.
League of Legends Build Guide Author PlayerWhatever
PlayerWhatever Teemo Guide
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[12.12] Teemo jungle: let's get the enemy to AFK!

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