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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Already taken

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Already taken

3 differents build, look :D

Already taken Last updated on June 12, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Sorry !

It's the first build I ever made, with a lot of work so, maybe he is bad, and if my english is bad sometime, or all the guide, I'm really sorry, I'm french so..., anyway I hope I will help someone. I made the guide for fun but a lot of time is on it, so. Ty for the comments, See you on the next guide :D Enjoy !


( I will update the guide too add some descriptive things and I will add some champion, how to play vs him, her. )

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Kha'Zix is a really strong 1vs1 men,his really stong early but Kha'Zix need some items, for made sure he can 1vs1 everyone. Kha'Zix have an incredible poke with his Q Taste Their Fear. Use this spell to poke the ennemie down. You can combo your Q Taste Their Fear and W Void Spike to give more dommage and then back with your E Leap. When the ennemie is low, you can engage for the kill. You can also use your passive Unseen Threat to poke them,if you need to keep your mana. Finally all that to explain: poke your ennemi the most you can and when his 50% hp you can go for the kill. A little trick is, when your ennemie is low try to kill him with your E Leap, you will have no cooldown on it and you can escape without dying. This can be really usefull during a towerdive. Quick note, if you only poke, and you're not sure of what's going on, because of your ultimate, R Void Assault Evolve your Q Taste Their Fear, your poke will be amazing in laning phase, and you can take advance by doing i freat combo of Q Taste Their Fear and E Leap to get away without taking too many dommage.

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Kha'Zix VS ...

Top Lane


Garen ,can counter Kha'Zix so hard, if you can't kill him early. Use your passive Unseen Threat and Q Taste Their Fear to get your advance, the earlier you can. You will try to make him lose his farm, and keep him low life. When you get the chance to kill him do it, you really need to outplay him, or mid game he will comeback with armor and some dommage and he will kill you, and your team will not like you at this time, because he will become unstoppable. So Vs Garen you need to poke him, kill him the earlier you can, FirstBlood would be amazing, and you can deal with Garen , early and mid game. To deal with Garen in mid game, you need to have more farm and kill. But care him late game, he can kill you, if he build a lot of armor and some dommage.


What I said for Garen is also true for Shen but he will tank more, it will be easier because the silence of Garen Decisive Strike is change for a Taunt Shadow Dash and he deal you less dommmage in general.


And all I said can be true for Renekton too. But I tihnk it's little bite harder because he got stund Ruthless Predator , more dommage and his ultimate Dominus can counter your towerdive. You will have touble to deal with him, but you need early kill or he will wreck you.


Rengar is one of you biggest counter, he can destroye you, but you can kill him, it's not impossible. If you burst him down early and can have early kill, you're job is done, BUT remember that mid game he destroyes you. The only way to win all the laning phase is to get firstblood and don't let him farm, because he will comeback, and you can be really suprise.


Teemo , the little devil, well nice you will not have trouble against him, you can poke him as well that he does. But I think that you need you're E Leap to fight vs Teemo. At level 6, you can destroye the power of teemo, his Blind, Q Blinding Dart when he blind you, start your ultimate, R Void Assault and his Q Blinding Dart will almost finish so you can win the fight.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin , well I guest that he can counter you, but in early game, you can fight a Lee Sin without being too scare, I think. I do not have a lot of experience vs Lee, but when his tanky and he have some dommage, you're in trouble. In early game you can fight him, you have a better poke, but he have double spell so, it's almost the same, but the one who made the best play can have the kill. But when Lee is tanky, he still dealing you dommage, but you, you have reduce dommage, so it can be hard. If he goes AD, you can fight him untill he hits level 6, because he will kick you, with his ultimate, R Dragon's Rage and come one you, with his Q Sonic Wave too fast, you will have some trouble. So in general, Lee Sin counter you, but you have chance to beat him, if you play well.


Jax , Jax counter you from the beginning to the end, at the beginning, you will have trouble to deal with his stun, E Counter Strike, but you can fight, but when he gets, one item with armor he will destroye you, he will combo he's ultimate, R Grandmaster's Might and you will have hard time, Kha'zhix is not the best pick you will made vs Jax . People tihnk that kha'zix can counter him, but you need to outfarm and kill him, or the trouble will start.

Very Hard

Jayce , I hope his not a good Jayce, because he will detroye you, I don't have a lot of experience vs Jayce, but if I know that other team had him, I don't pick kha'zhix, if he counter you it's because he have the same poke of you but with range spell, and when you come closer he have an other burst for melee fight, you cannot deal vs Jayce, if he is well played. Do not pick Kha'Zhix vs Jayce


Yorick , I never played vs Yorcik, I cannot help you with this one, but I tihnk he counter you because his tanky, and he can deal dommage, be heal and slow you, his ultimate,R Omen of Death will put you in trouble, I'm not sure but, it mades that your evolve Q Taste Their Fear do not have the bonus of the 1vs1 man, so that's why Yorick can counter you, but him not sure.


Pantheon , he got a stun, W Aegis of Zeonia, can poke you with range, because of his Q Spear Shot, and he can be tanky, but his dommage is really high too. I played once vs Pantheon, and I had hard time, but i didn't fed, I was useless if we compare him to me, but we win, so he counter you, but if you can farm you will be ok to carry your late game, or your team.

Mid Lane


Katarina , one thing poke her all day long, it's really easy to play against her, you just poke and farm, if she ultimate, R Death Lotus you just have to, E Leap away and comeback for the fight, but do not stay close to her, made her waste her ultimate, R Death Lotus, you poke, escape and kill her. It's a easy lanning phase, you can feed you, and you need too.

Finally, Kha'Zix is really strong, but he's not the best vs Tank champion, that have some dommage, you can deal with tank but, you will need more than one combo to finish him, so you need to be 1vs1 or you will not survive. You need to focus the AD Carry, you can destroye him in 2 secondes, and get away if you use your E Leap very well. Try to not pick Kha'Zix vs tanky domamge champion ( Renekton or Jax example ). You can deal with assassin but you can have hard time vs Rengar , but I think is one of the only assassin that can counter you. Range spell or Stun are hard on Kha'Zix but you can deal with it. The only range spell that counter you and you cannot really escape is the Jayce one.