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Jax Build Guide by deathalo44

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League of Legends Build Guide Author deathalo44

A Jax of all Trades, a Master of One

deathalo44 Last updated on August 8, 2011
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Team 1

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
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Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 9

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 0

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Change log

01/8/11 - Another update for my AS build :)
14/7/11 - Got around editting! New patch came, now Jax can leapstrike wards again (no mush)
03/7/11 - Put HP values in general info section (Builds don't count skills/passives)
23/6/11 - Patch coming that disallows Jax from leapstriking wards/mushrooms
22/6/11 - Edited Situational Items part, catagorised them for easier usage
19/6/11 - Tested out Jax build 1 Fully
15/6/11 - Edited guide based on 1st 2 comments, thanks guys! :D (and edited spelling)
14/6/11 - Finalized and published build
13/6/11 - Edited Build (Placed in Summoner's spells and skills)
12/6/11 - Created Build

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General Info

Who needs a real weapon?

As implied from the title (and the picture), I'm using Jax, who is basically the one of the kings of 1v1 battle, as well as the exterminator of nearly-dead campers and the ganker maniac and team fight specialist.

Please read the whole guide before commenting - The missing details will be shown throughout this guide.

Build 1 is more of attack speed, while Build 2 Focuses on Eternal Nightmare (Not nocturne style, but seriously impossible to beat 1v1 style)

Note that in the 1st build, Jax has a total of 2811 hp while in the 2nd build, Jax has 2850 hp. The figures are weird, I remember having more HP following the original builds...

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It is seldom the case where a champion is defined by his actions after joining the League of Legends rather than before. Such is the case with Jax, for whom the argument could be made that he is the most prolific tournament fighter currently at the Institute of War. Before joining the League, Jax was an unremarkable soldier-for-hire. For reasons known only to the former leader of the League, High Councilor Reginald Ashram, Jax was put on the top of the list of candidates to receive a League Judgment - the interview process that either accepts or rejects a prospective champion. His Judgment was the quickest in League history, where the Doors of Acceptance glowed and slowly swung open as soon as it began. Jax faced no recorded Observation or Reflection during his Judgment.

Jax proved himself to be an immediate terror in the Fields of Justice. The self-proclaimed ''Armsmaster of the League'' rattled off a streak of consecutive wins that to this day has not been matched. A number of summoners in the League grew concerned that the perceived objectivity of the League of Legends would be questioned by the presence of an unknown fighter who was unbeatable. For this reason, the new leader of the League (following Reginald Ashram's disappearance), High Councilor Heyward Relivash, created special restrictions for Jax to fight under. This was something the League had never done before, and something that has never been done since. The burly fighter responded by imposing his own special conditions; as a means of protest, he permitted himself to fight using only a brass lamppost. Neither the League's sanctions nor his own has affected his winning ways. The League has since rescinded its sanctions, but Jax has not; he fights and fights well with his trusty brass lamppost.

"Be advised - there has been an outbreak of lamppost-shaped bruises in the League of Legends." - Gragas

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Pros and Cons


- Easy early and mid game battles
- Not mana hungry
- Core items relatively cheaper than others
- Pain in the neck 1v1er
- Good at destroying low health targets
- Relatively tanky for a damager


- One of the biggest targets
- Stuns pwn you
- On click spells that can hit teammates (Aka, whoops, hit you instead of him)
- Reliant on Empower Leapstrikes at early game (Long cooldown for leapstrikes)

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For runes, I pick a bunch of stuff that no Jax lover will leave home without, as well as some really decent stuff that suits most carries.

As Marks :Greater Mark of Desolation Marks of Desolation are the key ingrediant to dishing out damage, even though Marks of Insight (Magic Pen) is equally, or slightly less, good. These marks will easily go with either Spellcaster types and Carry types, making it easier to choose champions if Jax is banned, or if you decide to use others.

As Seals : Counter Strike gives you 10 dodge chance, as well as the ability to stun if you dodge. Why not utilise it for maximum benefits? Note that your ulti's active also gets a nice boost of Magic Resistence with the higher the dodge chance.

As Glyphs : There isn't much to use, cooldown reduction, further magic penetration et cetra can work just as well. I pick these since they are my only runes that work, as well as the fact that they help early game quite a lot seeing that early game AP Jax is seriously a pain in the neck(But we aren't going all AP, so where does it leads?)

As Quints :Greater Quintessence of Desolation It all comes back to this. Further armor penetration (or Insight if you want) is the ultimate way to annoy you enemies by murdering them in massive damages before they notice

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Now so what have we here?


Row 1 : Both Archmage's Savvy and Critical strike chance are good, but I prefer Archmage's Savvy if I was aiming for a Lich Bane and Rabbadon's Deathcap combination, and Deadliness if I have a couple of phantom dancers. Even with only a single phantom dancer, your crit rate is high, even higher when you get your trinity force (Final Item for attack speed). Cripple is a big possibility if you have taken the Exhaust summoner spell.

Row 2 : Both Sorcery and Alacrity are useful, reducing time between your attacks and your skills. Take them to the max.

Row 3 : Archaic Knowledge is a must, followed by Sunder, which is also very important. After all, a combination of Magic AND armor penetration is good, is it not? For such a champion like Jax, it is important. Burning Embers can be taken if you took summoner's spell Ignite, especially if you choose the disregard the next tier. Offensive Mastery can be taken to help with slight amount of last hitting.

Row 4 : Brute force adds 3 to your damage...Not really useful. Anyway, It is better to add others than this.

Row 5 : Lethality is important if you plan to have phantom dancer(s) against your opponents. Higher crit damage and higher crit chance from deadliness, its a must have, but ignored in other situations (Lich Bane combi doesn't base on crit)

Row 6 : Havoc. You do want to wreck it with your opponents, don't you?


Row 1 : Both Resistence and Hardiness can be taken, but its best to focus on one. If you take the Summoner's spell Heal, you may want to take Mender's Faith, but its preferred not to have heal (Unless you plan for a sudden counter gank and pwntage alot)

Row 2 : Evasion. Duhhh. Higher dodge chance with your skills and tabi, its important.

Row 3 : Nimbleness is best among them, plus it gives a better escape plan than to reduce damage taken.

IF YOU PLAN TO CONTINUE THE DEFENSIVE MASTERY INSTEAD OF THE OFFENSIVE (Recomended for newer players/those who die too easily) Continue this Tree after taking Harden Skin

Row 4 : Veteran's Scars bonus HP helps a lot. Take Willpower if you have taken Summoner's Spell Cleanse.

Row 5 : Ardor is a MUST. Fortify's bonus isn't. So guess what you take?

Row 6 : Ultimate defensiveness, reducing 4% of damage taken is just a way to say you'll survive easier.

If you have taken Utility (UNRECOMENDED FOR ALL)


Row 1 : Good hands takes off about 7 seconds from your death timer at level 18. A must have if you don't take defensive masteries. Regeneration is totally useless, your regen is pathetic and even if it adds 10%, it won't help that much (Okay actually 10% will, but any less is totally useless). Take Haste or Spartial Accuracy if you take either Ghost or Teleport respectively.

Row 2 : EXP gain is better than Max mana. Imagine somehow you got 3k mana from manamune etc. 3k mana X 105% = 3150, which is like 150 mana, totally useless? Yeap.

Row 3 : Greed is useless, giving 6 gold per minute and 180 gold every 30 minutes. On the whole, you can get more $$ from 1/5 of your last hits as compared to what you get from greed. Meditation and utility buffs are better. Add 1 to either.

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Summoner's Spell

Summoner Spells for Jax are picked for various purpose, the main ones being king of 1v1 and escape/chasing mechanisms.

~Should have~

Reducing your opponents attack damage and speed are the main points. You get an upper hand every time you use this on a 1v1.

Mini-Leapstrike on an area! Great chasing and running mechanism.


Oh no! You got slowed, stunned, snared, feared, knocked upped, exhausted - oh wait, just ignore them all with this :D

Traditional chasing method, used for hitting normally and saving a final leapstrike to kill (Flash does the exact opposite, Leapstrike then hit to death)

I took this as a beginner Jax, it has a really good ability to annoy your enemy and escape afterwards, but most of the time, it just stalls for more backup :)

Opponent with 200 hp. Solution? Hit his face and burn his @ss :)

Able to go back any time as you wish, making it really useful.

~The rest~

They are mostly self explanatory or better left to another kind of champion. Either way, its best for you to stick to those mentioned.

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Skills - General

Jax is one of the rusher type champions, able to do a lot of damage without much effort (2 buttons and one click). There are several combinations that help Jax a lot, which really makes him the champion of 1v1s.

1) Equipment Mastery : Jax becomes tankier. An important part for any Carry who doesn't know when to back (Refering to a certain person :) )

2) Pain combination : Massive damage in a single hit, or else for longer battles, much faster to get stronger hits.

3) Defensive : Anti-AD and AP champions without much items needed. (Dodge based)

Guide Top

Skills - (P) Equipment Mastery

Equipment Mastery gives you 3 points of hp per AD from items, and 2 points of hp per AP from items. Do not be deceived by the HP amount as shown, if played well, you should be decently tanky enough to survive even ganks. Because of this skill, you will probably want to get some AP/AD hybrid items, in which case is shown in my guide.

Equipment mastery is similar to Crimson Pact, Vlad's passive. It is your base for tankyness and thus, warmog and other hp items are more than likely useless.

An example
(3000) : 1350 hp, some unneeded regen.
(3250) : 700 hp, 20 attack damage (Increases health by 60), total 760 hp, 20 AD, slow effect
Guinsoo Rageblade (2235) : 35 AD, 45AP, +6 AP per stack (Max 8), leading to 105 HP from AD, 90HP from AP, 96HP from stacks, total of 291hp and decent damage.
(3625) : 60 AD, 75 AP, lifesteal/spellvamp, slow(spellvamp), total of 180 HP from AD, 150 HP from AP, total of 330 HP.
Rabbadon's Deathcap (3600) : 140 AP, 30% of total AP is extra AP. Total of 364 HP from this alone, and much more from others (Debuffed)

From this, you can see that getting AD/AP items are wayy better, giving damage and fully tankable w/o getting hp items, and getting really painful at the same time.

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Skills - (Q) Leapstrike

Your burst damage skill which tortures your enemies all time :) Even against tankers, you should do a significant amount of damage which cannot be ignored. Take note, if you click on a friendly unit/champion, you won't do damage (duhh, you won't want to kill your teammate unless he realllllllyyyy annoys you :) ) But, it can be both a chasing AND escaping technique, able to go through walls and reach the target as well as do damage to your enemies.

It is best to be maxed first seeing you need the burst damage increase and is better than adding empower, since empower only increases damage, but does not decrease Cooldown reduction.

Note : When you start getting Hextech/Guinsoo, this would be much better. It has higher AD and AP scaling (100% and 70% respectively) while being 65 base damage less.

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Skills - (W) Empower

What Empower does is useful, as it increases your damage for your next attack. Note that it can stack with Leapstrike to provide an instant nuke on low health opponents. Try not to empower in plain sight, unless you plan to hit a minion, as most will anticipate and back off.

There are 2 ways to use Empower

1) Empower leapstrike combo

This combo does a high nuke damage, which is ideal in situations where you are safe or when you are chasing down a low hp champion.

These situations include :

Your tower at laning phase.

Enemies with less than 250 hp during late laning phase.

Enemies with less than 500 hp during late game.

When your teammates CAN reach you to help in time.

There are more, but it'll just flood :)

2) Leapstrike Empower combo

Whenever you leapstrike, it counts as an 'attack animation'. Therefore, after leapstrike, you cannot attack immediately. Empower resets your attack cooldown. Guess what or why you do this?

Note : Empower should be used early in prolonged fights (Not 1 sided fights), so as to help with your ultimate's stacks. Empower hits consider as a single stack, while empower leapstrikes don't.

Empower should be maxed 2nd for its useful boost.

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Skills - (E) Counter Strike

Nope, you don't suddenly get a gun that fires a ton of damage :) However, it is still useful. It provides a 10% increased dodge chance and 2% more each level as passive. When you dodge an attack (Together it should be roughly 30%+) you get to stun back :)

Beware of Sword of Divine, it will provide true hits and you cannot dodge them. Also, you can draw aggro from creeps (Don't try it with towers, you can't dodge them) and your stun is directly around you. After your empower leapstrike combo, use this to stun your enemies and fight on :) It can also be used to escape carries (There is no point escaping from Soraka w/o her teammates. Fighting back will pwn her unless you have below 20 hp :) ).

This can be added at level one, especially if your lane has little or no CCs.

Add one in level 3 and max it last seeing the difference won't be too much. It also does the least damage out of the 3 skills. It can be used to clear waves easier tho.

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Skills - (R) Relentless Assault

Relentless Assault is your ultimate. It gives you a stack each time you hit, and is stackable with Guinsoo Rageblade. Every 3rd hit does additional magic damage, and will easily destroy anyone 1 on 1.

That's not all

Its active does a great job at giving your good survivalbility on Magic Resist depending on your dodge chance (At maxed level, it should be over 30%). With the flat magic resistence + the dodge chance added to magic resist, you are much durable in a teamfight and can survive the aftereffects of some global damage like Karthus.

Note : This stacks with Malady, Sword of the Divine, Wit's End etc. The magic damage from these items are good bonuses to your ulti.

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Several items for Jax can be used for several purposes, each leading one way and shreds a lot off your opponent.

For me, I usually start off with a Doran Ring seeing that I spam my leapstrike a lot, thus requiring the mana regen. The hp boost is also useful seeing that I'll need some survivalbility after my crazy rushes (If they stop being taken by surprise). The AP is also a bonus in giving my much more damage.

This can be replaced by any other Doran item, Shield for much more tankyness (but less spam) or Blade(unrecomended) for level 1 pwntage (not useful for burst damage)

To fight epicly, be a ninja.

No, not really, I just made that up :)

But the dodge rate is too good to pass up, plus the fact that its the only item in the game that gives dodge chance. With it, you have 3 out of 10 chances to get your stun up and ready. Minion waves will be your love when it comes to ganking and deciminating opponents health and stunning their retreat.

The only time where you may pick others is when you face AD non-carries like Urgot, Corki, Pantheon etc. Their damage is based on AD, doing AD damage, but they usually use spells to pwn you. So, being based on their skillshots etc, you just need to be able to move fast enough to dodge their hits (Its really easy to dodge skillshots so long as you don't stick to one spot)

None other boots seem enticing except for :

1) Berserker Greives - Attack speed helps, but not as much as dodge chance by the time you get to 10 stacks on your ulti.

2) Merc Threads - A ton of CCs? This may be viable, but its still not as good as dodge rate to increase your ulti's active and magic resistence. Most champions are either AD carries or AP spellcasters, so upping your dodge chance is better.

The following are not important

1) Ionian Boots : Your skills' cooldown is fast enough by lvl 9 (Only leapstrike needs it, which is fast enough at level 9)
2) Sorceror's shoes : You don't deal much AP damage, and its magic pen doesn't really help much.
3) Boots of Swiftness/Mobility : Just a bit of speed cannot be compensated by the dodge chance, plus you can leapstrike your way around the map.

Guinsoo's Rageblade is the item for most AD/AP champions. Its cheap at a price of 2235 for an end game item, yet it stacks well with your ulti, giving you 2 boosts before your 1st attacks commence. It may be small, but it still is good and it helps a lot in battles.

Note : Guinsoo Rageblade gains no charges when you attack turrets and inhibitors if you have 0 stacks on it. Its best to quickly clear a creep wave and finish off an inhibitor/turret or use empower before hitting (No empower damage increase though)

The ultimate item. After swinging it, you can blast your opponents off the Fields of Justice. At ranged, you just blast them. At melee, you STILL just blast them. Either way, its the best item for Jax all around. Massive survivalbility from spellvamp and Lifesteal, whichever build you go (shown later), as well as an all round anti-escaping mechanism for your enemies. If on low health, blasting a random person will regain your health while being on the run and slow them. The only thing you become weak against is stuns, in which you can have your revenge with your crushing blows of victory. (You still can hit when snared)

One useful item for AP/AD champions. Attack speed and ability power, plus the ability to shred your opponents. However, this can be skipped. You can also put this earlier than Hextech Gunblade if you are pwning so much that you don't need the lifesteal/spellvamp combo. Shredding your opponents Magic Resistence is a useful way to beat them up and smash them down.

Now, seeing you got your Doran item, Ninja Tabi, Guinsoo Rageblade, Hextech AND Malady there are 2 ways to further your last 2 items (Doran to be sold)

Build 1

The best item for Jax, especially non-AP based. 150% damage is great after all.

Madred's Bloodrazor is great anti-tank, but since you got Malady and Trinity, lets just make it faster...And more painful.

All rounder trasher and godo attack speed :)

(Not too sure about attack speed statistics)

IMPORTANT NOTE : I stand by what I say. If you guys think that 'Hey, that totally sucks, I just need 2.500 attack per second at maxed 10 stacks only! However, your attack speed makes you able to go into the fray the latest and still dish a ton of damage. By waiting a few seconds, your opponents are always dispersed, unable to protect the weakest of them that blasts the most :)

Build 2

After your Doran item, Ninja Tabi, Guinsoo Rageblade, Hextech Gunnblade and Malady, and if your AP in your team is failing or getting r@pe, this is your style.

Rush this after your items since you get the bonus damage being severely useful. Your burst damage comes in 2 strikes, empower leapstrike and sheen.

You should get this 1st before Rabadon's Deathcap, but if you wish for a final ultimate pwntage strike (Godly Empower + Godlier Leapstrike = Godly burst) You'll get Rabadon's deathcap earlier. However, it is much prefered seeing you'll have 350+ AP (Higher with Guinsoo stacks) for a double burst. One reason to get Rabadon's 1st is if there is a really annoying Tryn. But from experience, a non-fat Tryn gets scared so easily that at half health, he ultis (and unfortunately for me, he survives ): ) An epic burst damage makes everyone scared, and a double burst? No one is safe from the Champ.

Your Coup De Grace, Rabadon's deathcap. Take note that its 30% bonus AP is not added to Jax's AP, meaning in actual fact, Jax has 548 AP (130% of 421.91AP). So lets see, Empower Leapstrike does a ton... Lich Bane does a second ton, if really well played, its even more godly : Leapstrike, Lich bane hit, Empower, Lich Bane Hit, Stun(Possible), Lich Bane hit, Leapstrike again, Lich Bane hit.... Continuous cycle of domination.

Note : Rabbadon's Deathcap is nerfed, now it has only 140 base AP. It shouldn't affect much, since it IS your last item, meaning 15 AP X 1.3% isn't too much. This loses a total of 20 AP (Give or take).

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Situational Items

I have placed quite a few situational items if ever needed to counter certain teams. Now listed in catagories, the items listed as the best at the top of the catagory, the worst at the bottom, colour coded Green for good, grey for only if no other choice.

Attack speed


The best item for a Jax playing attack speed, replacing his Guinsoo's Rageblade. However, 4k IS hard to farm. By the time you get this, its really really desparate for a freaking godly Lifesteal/Spellvamp combo. Phantom Dancer is preferred for its cheapness.

Phantom Dancer

Taking 2 of these makes you able to sell your boots (If you are pwning that much) to get a better item! Try not to sell your boots though, you probably still need it late game. Phantom dancers are the way to run at a crazy speed! (replace ninja tabi only when you are never focused much and fight easily)

Sword of the Divine

What is anti-blind/Jax? This Awesomeness is viable as a replacement for Guinsoo Rageblade if you go for attack speed build.

Yomuu's Ghostblade

Infinite attacks! Your starter hits won't need to wait anymore!

Magic Resistence

Wit's End
Opposite of Hexdrinker/Malady (since now it doesn't shred upon MP, but gives MR per hits instead). To be used as a anti-AP team.

Note: Difference between Wit's End and Hexdrinker is that Hexdrinker gives AD while Wit's End give AS, making Wit's End superior in AD champs, and also the fact that Hexdrinker gives a shield while Wit's End give MR. Hexdrinker is favoured when the opponent has a ton of nuking spells (Karthus, Nidalee etc). Its also slightly better than Banshee's Veil because it won't be affected by **** spells that do little damage, but only activated at 30% health or below. Plus its cheaper.


HAHA Karthus will never kill me now :) Suitable for a strong magic-nuker team.

Quicksilver Sash

Warwick and Malzahar, you guys can never beat me :) Gives a good bonus in magic resist and is cheap, and yet it has a godly active (Works better than cleanse). Also, its one of the cheapest end game MR items, yet it is really good.

Banshee's Veil

A Karthus and Eve conspiring to murder you. Solution?

Cloak and Dagger

Now, who was it that was so stunning again?
(Note, this is practically useless as compared to most others, only played when their team has like, 5 blitzcranks or something (At least 5 CCs) and if you play PURE AD, seeing crit rate sucks for you.

Anti-Tank Items

Madred's Bloodrazor

Good anti-tank item. With Last Whisper, this combination can deciminate tanker teams. Others is still preferred.

Last Whisper

Good anti-tank item, but preferred only when you face a tanker team (Seriously, I nearly had a 5 tankers in 1 team, and it nearly worked out)

AP Items

Nashor's Tooth

You pluck someone's tooth off! Since its light and has magical properties, you hit faster and have more awesome abilities :) Can replace Guinsoo's Rageblade and Doran's Ring in one go. However, it may not be cost effective.

Moonflair Spellblade
Good Anti-CC item, better than cloak and dagger.

Morello's Evil Tome
Only use if you don't have Doran ring and plan to go AP over Hybrid (In which case isn't shown)

HP-Related Items

Frozen Mallet

An item that may not be situational! Survivalbility and damage. Not to mention a slow. What more can you ask for?

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Good health boost and bonus AP, but Frozen Mallet is a better option than it.

Guardian Angel

Guaranteed Haters for life :) (Try not getting this, its preferred only if you die too much)

Atma's Impaler

To use this, you'll need some HP items like Rylai's Crystal Sceptre, Warmog's armor and/or Frozen Mallet. Otherwise its a waste of space.

Shurelya's Reverie

Shurelya's Reverie
Kind of useless, better left to a support. If you need the boost in movement speed desparately to the extend where you may want to spend 3 summoner skills on the target (yes, no typo errors), you might have to take it.

Warmog's Armor

A last ditch attempt for survival. Add with Atma's Impaler for damage.

Pwntage Items (Only when you pwnt)

Sword of teh pwntage
Best if you have Mejai's soulstealer, but can operate without Mejai's

Pwntage's soulstealer

Not useful seeing that you also need AD boosts. Unreliable item.

Anti-Whackers (Autoattackers)

Randuin's Omen

Not that awesome, but is a good anti-carry item. Do not use unless you need that tankyness, plus they got like, 3 ADs at least.

Frozen Heart

Ok, so they decided to have more than 2 ADs and they are freaking annoying... Attack speed reduction anyone? (Use only when severely needing anti-carry items)


A lot of edges
One good item, but I seriously don't recomend it seeing you are a hybrid, not a pure AD DPS

OMG FROOB USING TIAMAT REPORT HIS NUBBINESS. No seriously, its good, it can stack and you become a better anti-ganker. However, its not as good as other items.

Good mana item, however you aren't that mana hungry, plus you don't have high max mana. Perferred not to be used.

MOAR LIFE (Unrecommended)

Stark's Fervor

Not useful, better left to another carry. Its still the best tho, since it has some attack speed.

Not as viable as Gunblade. Most of the Lifesteal items are not useful anyway.

Will of the Oldies

NOT a good option unless you plan to get another lifesteal item, which then is just a waste of your money.

Executioner's Calling

Don't get this unless that Mundo is seriously healing 500 per second. Or leave it to Tristana's explosive shot :) Last ditch item against godly haxxor Mundo and such healing/regen champs. (Note, if you want lifesteal, grab the basic lifesteal (Vampiric Scepter), thats good enough mostly, and you do a lot of magic damage as well)

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Laning Phase

Finally we're all here! Lets see, how does Jax play well (Note, crazy people will still pwn you. Literally crazy people such as myfoot1 :) )

Round 1
Early Game
Level 1 - 6

Now, you seem to be weak, low on health regen and the fact that you die easily... Conspire with your lane partner :) If he uses a champion with a ton of CCs (2 or more), such as Maokai, Fiddlesticks or he uses a good support champion, such as Soraka, Janna (Healing/shielding IS A MUST) Or even a hybrid, like Taric, you can never lose that easily.

One of my favourite partners is Xin Zhao, especially someone like myfoot1. As a friend and a good lane partner, our lane can deciminate enemies easily. Three Talon Strike, a rushing skill combined with Counter Strike and Empowered Leapstrike combo makes the combination Godly.

Its easy to get kills, but equally easy to die if you rush crazily by yourself without notifying your partner. If your target is in both you and your turret range, do not hesitate to empower leapstrike (Don't empower too early, he'll know when to back most of the time)

Whenever your opponent has less than 400 hp, its time to prepare.... AND RUSH LIKE A G6 :) Your empower leapstrike combo does at least 200, if not more and with more damage by your lane partner, its 1st blood for you :)

Crazy rusher style : 2 less than 200 hp champions going back to their base via teleport. A crazy pair of Xin Zhao and Jax rushes in , each taking 1 kill.

Round 2
Mid Game
Lvl 7-12/15

Mid game can last a long time, and has a wide range, depending on your farming type. If you farm on champions, you won't level much. So, it is important to take note of the fact that you NEED to farm, despite being awesome and a good ganker.

Mid game is where Jax excels best. With the components of a Hextech Gunblade, you'll never starve much for hp. Be in spellvamp or lifesteal, use it well to NC when low hp to recover in safety.

Leapstrike is at its peak. Why not utilize it? From a failing 2v5, Jax can turn it around with just 1 teammate, despite the health disadvantage. From 2v5 to 4v5, the ability to defeat the weakest and meanest of champions such as veigar is relatively easy. With their damage down with your boosted morale and aura of awesomeness, there is a high chance you'll win. Take note that you MUST aim their biggest damage yet most fragile to get an epic win.

Laning will be a piece of cake. With your ulti, it is really easy to last hit especially when autoattacking. Make sure you farm abit, underfed opponents don't give much gold~ ;)

Round 3
Late Game
Till the end

Late game, you cannot afford to die, yet you must kill to win. This is relatively hard if you do not get an awesome amount of kills or a good farming rate. Either way, I enter late game with Malady and prepare for my finale items.

There is 2 ways to fight


Your team is owning, they cannot seem to die, yet they pwnt your opponents in decreasing their health.


With your tank taking the damage, you'll easily destroy the little boys who wanna fight back :) Therefore, it becomes a battle of the tanks. Who will win this epic fight? Duhhh

Stealth Mission ACTIVATE

Hide in a bush somewhere and wait till the fight starts. Their mage and carries will suffer most damage, meaning a combo strike kills almost instantly. So why not take the chance? Smack their faces with your combo and they can never fight back.


This would be the most common situation and is really hard. Buy time and keep surviving while farming for your last items. When you come back out, you'll just deciminate all of them.

Stealth Mission ACTIVATE

Go rush their weakened towers with creeps! As soon as some back, rush back to help your team kill the rest! Its really really hard to accomplish. And teleport is needed.

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Tips and Tricks

1) Never Initiate. Oh wait, I stolen that from somewhere. Anyway, any good Jax build will tell you that. Getting focused by going in 1st means suicide and the loss of 1 attacker. You got only 1 escape skill which doubles as an entering skill. Might as well wait for their skills to pool out!

2) Its good to have wards around the map. Invest in some or ask your support/tank to do so, giving you good easy view upon low health teleporting enemies (Now unable to leapstrike wards/mushrooms). Now its not as good w/o escaping abilities

3) Its not crazy to rush towers upon below 300 health champions. There is a really high chance you kill unless they heal somehow.

4) Jax early game has low regen and no lifesteal/spellvamp. Your harrasses should be quick and fast, such as leapstriking from bushes or walking closer of a better hit (So running away won't stop it)

5) Jax needs mana regen early game. A little from Doran's Ring is good enough, but it may make it harder to farm.

6) Leapstrike now can target wards (Not mushrooms). Against a high-ward team/invis team, investing on an oracle may help. You never know when Eve might save you instead of killing you :)

7) Other champions with rusher-type skills (Akali/Katarina/LeeSin) can dodge leapstrike, empowered or not, by using their rusher type skills. You will still get damaged by them but you can't hit.

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This is how I play Jax, the Grandmaster At Arms. It may not work for everyone, but I sincerely hope it will help you.

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Thanks to the following people who helped me with my build :

myfoot1 - Pain in the neck best friend
Vasarius - I based my build from yours :)
fr0ggyfr0g and KingBisc - Great friends, wished you were here :)
And finally

You, for reading my guide from top to bottom
(Or if you didn't, no thanks :) )

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