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Rek'Sai Build Guide by TheNatokenProject

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheNatokenProject

A Rek'Sai Guide by TheNatokenProject [6.4] [Jungle/Top]

TheNatokenProject Last updated on February 2, 2016
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Team 1

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 0

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 12

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

Hello, my name is Glarator, from The Natoken Project, and welcome to my Rek'Sai Guide.

I decided to make this Guide due to our most recent release: Asiimov Rek'Sai V3
We make a lot of custom skins and you check them out in our website [WIP] and also on Map Skins

If you have any questions or want to suggest something, please leave a comment in the Discussion section.
Also don't forget to leave feedback on the guide, I really appreciate it. :D

With that said, lets get right into it!

Rek'Sai is the 'Queen' of the Void, a creature that seeks victims while burrowed to the ground. Rek'Sai's most popular role is in the jungle due to her fast clear, good ganking with her (E) Tunnel and (W) Unburrow, and global pressure with her Ult (R) Void Rush. She can also be played in the Top Lane since she is a huge tank and with the addition of Titanic Hydra and the new mastery Grasp of the Undying. She still does a lot of damage while building tanky.


+Can see stealthed units.
+Good sustain in the jungle and fast clear.
+Good at all stages of the game.
+High mobility.
+Low Cooldown on her knock-up.
+High damage and tankyness.
+True damage on her E.


-Not the easiest to master.
-Hard to see when burrowed.
-Squishy early.
-Tunnels are found and destroyed easily.
-Ult is on a long Cooldown.
-Hard to play when from behind.
-Very item dependent.

With the new masteries in season 6, going in the Resolve is the best. With the Fervor of Battle nerf there is no question about it. If you are playing Top lane you should get 12 in Ferosity, if you are playing jungle you can choose between Ferosity and Cunning, I recommend going Cunning for the Dangerous Game and Runic Affinity .

Resolve Tree

Tier 1. Unyielding gives you an extra 5% of your bonus Armor and Magic Resist and since you will be building those its really good

Tier 2. Tough Skin blocks 2 damage from Champions and jungle camps auto attacks. Helps a lot in the early game for trades and jungle clearing.

Tier 3. Veteran's Scars gives you 45 flat HP. Its good early and the Healing increase from Runic Armor is not that good.

Tier 4. Insight puts your Summoner Spells( Flash, Smite, Teleport) on a 15% lower cooldown. I prefer this but if you want to take Perseverance instead, take Runic Armor from Tier 3.

Tier 5. Swiftness grants you 15% extra Tenacity (reduces the duration of stuns,snares,etc) and slow resist. Mercury's Treads gives you 20%, only 5% more!

Tier 6. (Keystone) Grasp of the Undying, every 4 seconds in combat your next Auto Attack on an Champion will steal life equal to 3% of your max Health.

Cunning Tree

Tier 1. Savagery gives you 5 extra damage against jungle camps and lane minions. Helps with early game jungle clear and lane farming.

Tier 2. Runic Affinity extends all neutral buff durations by 15%. Really helpful when playing in the jungle, and also because you don't need the Health Potions

Tier 3. Merciless makes you deal 5% increased damage to champions below 40% Health. Meditation is useless since you don't have mana

Tier 4. Dangerous Game helps you survive in team fights giving you back 5% of your missing Health. Bandit is a support mastery. Always take Dangerous Game

Ferosity Tree

Tier 1. Fury gives you 4% attack speed which works good with Rek'Sai. you don't need the ability damage from Sorcery

Tier 2. Double Edged Sword grants you 3% increased damage to Champions in exchange for 1.5% increased damage taken from Champions

Tier 3. Vampirism is better than Natural Talent . The 2% lifesteal and spellvamp is a lot better than +10 AD at level 18.

Tier 4. Bounty Hunter makes you deal extra 1% damage to champions for every unique Champion you have (caps at 5%). Although you have a knock-up, it only lasts for one second so Oppressor is not that good.

In this Section I am going to show you 2 rune pages that I think are the best on Rek'Sai

Rune Page 1

This is the Rune page you will be running 90% of your games. It gives you some basic stats that work really well with Rek'Sai's kit.

For Quintessence's take 3 Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage. AD is really good stat on Rek'Sai because she is an Auto Attack based Champion, and her (Q) Queen's Wrath and (E) Furious Bite scale really well with AD.
For Marks take 5 Greater Mark of Attack Damage. Again AD is a really good stat to have as we mentioned above.
Also take 4 Greater Mark of Attack Speed. Rek'Sai's damage from this build comes from her Auto Attacks with Titanic Hydra so some Attack Speed is good. You can also take 1 Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed if you want but the marks are enough.
For Seals take 9 Greater Seal of Armor. This is pretty standard for almost every Rune page at any role. It allows you trade in lane,tank a bit more minion damage and sustain in the jungle. If you think about it, almost everyone does a bit of AD damage. Overall they are really solid Runes.
For Glyphs take 9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. This will give some Magic Resist so can tank some more AP damage before you finish your core items, since you don't usually build Magic Regist until 15+ minutes in.

This entire Rune Page will cost(assuming you dont have any of the runes already)
-3 AD Quins x 512 = 1536
-5 AD Marks x 102 = 510
-4 Attack Speed Marks x 410 = 1640
-9 Amour Seals x 102 = 918
-9 Magic Resist Glyphs x 102 = 918
Grand Total =5063

Rune Page 2

This Rune page you can use when you are against a team with no AP threats. It has no Magic Resist, but a lot Cooldown Reduction. Most of the Runes are the same so I will only explain the changed ones.

For Glyphs take 6 Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction. Although Attack Speed is really good on Rek'Sai, Cooldown Reduction is as well. It helps your Jungle clear and poke in lane, and puts your ult on smaller cooldown, increasing your global pressure.
You also want to take 3 Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction. By doing so(getting 6 Flat and 3 Scalling) at level 18 you will have 10% Cooldown Reduction from your Runes, without having to get a Greater Quintessence of Cooldown Reduction.

This Rune Page will cost(assuming you don't have any of the runes already)
-3 AD Quins x 512 = 1536
-5 AD Marks x 102 = 510
-4 Attack Speed Marks x 410 = 1640
-9 Amour Seals x 102 = 918
-6 Cooldown Reduction Glyphs x 820
-3 Scaling C. Reduction Glyphs x 287
Grand Total =10385 ip (ouch xD)

Here are the Summoner Spells that work the best with Rek'Sai

Flash is MUST on most Champions. Rek'Sai is one of them. Flash allows you to escape if your (E) Tunnel is on cooldown, surprise enemies by Flashing on them for the Knock-up, and make plays in general. Try to save it when you can by using your (E) Tunnel, since it is very strong tool to help you outplay your opponent. Some people say its not necessary; I highly disagree. Always take Flash no matter if you're Jungle or Top.
When you play Jungle you don't really have an option, since you will be taking Flash and you need Smite in order to jungle. What you can change is your Jungle item. Tracker's Knife its mini Sightstone with 2 ward charges, allowing you to buy a Sweeping Lens for vision control. Stalker's Blade makes your smite cast-able on Champions, reducing their MS and increasing yours. Skirmisher's Sabre makes your smite cast-able on champions, giving you vision of them for 4 seconds, and reducing their damage to you by 20%
Top Lane
Teleport is one of the two viable Summoner Spells on Rek'Sai when you play Top Lane. Again you always take Flash. Teleport gives you more global pressure on top of your Ult (R) Void Rush. You can use teleport to get back in lane faster so don't lose a lot of exp and CS if your ult isn't available, you can use it to save your bot lane or your mid lane from a gank, it allows you to split push late game and Teleport when a fight starts and you also have control over dragon , baron and rift herald. I usually get this on every game, I really like it and I know how to make the best out of it. If you don't know how to properly use Teleport, you should take Ignite instead.

Ignite is the second viable Summoner Spell. If you decide to take ignite you have a mayor advantage over a enemy that picked Teleport. You have a lot more All-in potential than him and it can help you snowball and win the game. Rek'Sai is more of an team oriented champion, meaning that you won't do enough damage to carry the game. You also giving away your global pressure that Teleport gives you since you won't have tunnels bot lane early game. However if you don't rely on your teammates, or want to hard carry, Ignite is the way to go. For high Elo(Ranked games) I would suggest to take teleport, but its your choice.

In this chapter i will explain most, if not all, of the items that are the best on Rek'Sai. if you want to see exact details of what an item actually does, hover over its icon on the left.

Starting Items

Doran's Blade is your standard staring item in lane. It ofters you sustain, health and a bit of AD. Take this on most match-ups, especially against AP.

Cloth Armor gives you a good amount of armor in lane and a lot of sustain, since you buy 4 Health Potions. Usually take this against AD lane bullies, like Riven, Renekton, etc.

Long Sword only gives flat AD, but you buy 3 Health Potions. Take this if you are against a tank top, that has no kill pressure, without ganks, or if you want to force him out of lane. Pretty rare buy.

Hunter's Machete is your best option when jungling. It gives extra damage versus monsters and lifesteal to help you sustain. Plus you have no Mana or Energy, so Hunter's Talisman is useless.

Refillable Potion is a good buy as an alternative for Health Potions when jungling. The Lifesteal from the Jungle item is enough to help you sustain. You don't need to upgrade it, keep it and sell it when you need space for an other item. If you don't know how to take less damage in the jungle take 3 Health Potions. You should be fine though with just the Refillable Potion

Warding Totem is a standard buy level 1. It gives up to 2 charges of wards to give you vision. You shouldn't swap for Sweeping Lens unless if you have a Sightstone or a Tracker's Knife


Enchantment: Cinderhulk is the best jungle Enchant for Rek'Sai with this build. The flat Health and the % extra max Health scale really well with your Titanic Hydra. If you don't go Enchantment: Cinderhulk go Enchantment: Warrior and buy The Black Cleaver instead of titanic. NEVER go Enchantment: Devourer

Titanic Hydra is the bread and butter of this build. This item allows Rek'Sai to build tanky, and do more damage. It also adds a lot of wave-clear with its AoE cone. Unlike Ravenous Hydra the active of this item is an Auto Attack reset, meaning you combo faster(ex AA(Auto Attack)-Activate Titanic Hydra-AA) really fast.

The Black Cleaver is a very cost efficient item on Rek'Sai. It provides all the stats she needs, AD, Health, Cooldown Reduction, Movespeed and Armor Shred. Buy this if you are ahead and you don't need tank stats right away, or your team NEEDS armor Shred. It use to be an always buy item but the changes to The Black Cleaver (more AD, less Health) made it a situational item.

I don't really recommend to build damage on Rek'Sai but if you decide to do it this is what you will get.

Blade of the Ruined King gives some AD, Attack Speed and Lifesteal. It's passive makes your Auto Attacks deal 6% or your target's current Health Physical damage and it's active steals your target's Movespeed.

Ravenous Hydra is the replacement for Titanic Hydra. It gives a lot of AD, Lifesteal, the Cleave passive for wave-clear and the active and an active that adds to your damage combo. Do not buy Titanic Hydra and Ravenous Hydra at the same time, their passive is Unique.

Trinity Force gives a lot of stats that Rek'Sai likes(Health, AD, Attack Speed, Crit Chance, Movespeed), a passive that gives you Movespeed when you deal physical damage and a Spellblade effect that makes your next Auto Attack after a Spell deal extra 200% of your base AD, this works really with your (Q) Queen's Wrath.


Dead Man's Plate is incredibly strong on Rek'Sai. Buy this right after Titanic Hydra if you need Armor, or rather if you don't need Magic Resist. It gives a good amount of Health and Armor as well a great passive. What it does is, as you move around you build Momentum. The more Momentum you have the more Movespeed you get, to help you engage, and your next Auto Attack will deal more damage, consuming the stacks. At 100 stacks your Auto will deal a lot more damage and it will slow the target as well to help you lock them down.

Randuin's Omen its good against Crit threats. It grands Armor, Health and reduced damage from Crits. It slows whoever is Auto Attacking you and it's Active is an AoE Slow. Very helpful in kitting and chasing.

Thornmail is a situational item against Auto Attackers and Draven. Careful, not physical damage but Auto Attacks. Its not good by its own cause the damage it deals back scales with your bonus Armor and it gives no Health to support that Armor. You can buy it as a second Armor item. Its a strong item just not alone.

Sunfire Cape its not the best item out there. Its still a very good item, it gives Armor and h
Health, but its for early game and early you need to finish your core items ( Titanic Hydra, Dead Man's Plate, Spirit Visage). The damage from Bami's Cinder its not that much and you can't stack it with Enchantment: Cinderhulk.

Spirit Visage is your go to Magic Resist item. It gives Magic Resist, Health and Health Regen. The reason its so strong is it's passive, which it increases all healing effects on you by 20%. That means your passive becomes 20% better. If you need Magic Resist but it right after Dead Man's Plate, unless if you NEED Magic Resist, then buy it first.

Locket of the Iron Solari is a situational team oriented item. Its situational cause supports usually build this. If the enemy team has many AP threats and no one else on your team builds it, feel free to do so. The Magic Resist Aura is really good for team fights, as well the shield. The only problem is it doesn't give that much Magic Resist to you and the Aura is a Unique passive, so they won't stack( the reason only one should build it).

Banshee's Veil its good against all in burst comps or long range Crowd Control comps. It gives Magic Resist, Health and it has a build-in Spellshield on a 40 second Cooldown. Over all its a very strong item.

Maw of Malmortius became a very strong item for Rek'Sai. She takes advantage from both AD and Magic Resist. Hexdrinker is a very strong item to rush in an AP match-up in lane ,if you have trouble, and upgrade it after. The Shield you get from it scales with your Magic Resist and upon activating you also gain Lifesteal and Spellvamp.

Sterak's Gage is really good item that can help you to initiate. It gives you Health and some AD. With this item, when you take an amount of damage, based on your level, you activate Primal Rage for 8 seconds on a 45 second Cooldown. Primal Rage increases your Size, grants 25% extra Base AD and a shield that decays fast equal to 30% of your Max Health. This way you can tank a lot more damage before your team reaches you.

Warmog's Armor gives a crazy amount of 850 Health. This stacks really well with your Titanic Hydra. But it only gives Health and Health Regen when out of combat. Buy this item against mixed comp when you need both Armor and Magic Resist. But getting other items is usually better since her kit doesn't have HP scaling abilities.

Guardian Angel is pretty situational due to it not providing great stats, as well as a long passive cool-down timer. Despite all this it can be the difference between a win or loss. Definitely consider purchasing this item late game, if your death will likely result in defeat.


Mercury's Treads is very strong item. It gives Magic Resist and a big amount of Tenacity(20%). Tenacity reduces the duration of Crowd Control(CC) Effect depending on how much you have. Buy these against a team with a lot of CC so you can escape from their CC easy. Sometimes you may need to buy them even against Full AD Comps if you cant avoid getting hit their CC.

Ninja Tabi is really good against a team with a lot Auto Attackers. It grands Armor and makes enemy champion Auto Attacks deal 10% less damage to you. it reduces their damage significantly, and makes you a lot tankier against them.

Enchantment: Alacrity increases your Movespeed, making it easier for you to engage. This upgrade is better to be bought late game, cause it give % Movespeed and not flat. That way it has more value and it doesn't delay your items.

Enchantment: Distortion reduces the Cooldown of your Summoner Spells. This my personal favorite to get right after Titanic Hydra. Having your Flash on a smaller Cooldown allows you to surprise people and catch them of-guard, securing a objective like that. Really strong on her.

Since Pre-Season 6 Homeguards are given to everyone after the 20 minute mark. Early Homeguard used to be really good because you keep the Movespeed when you ult. Now you can still Homeguard Ult(R) Void Rush just not early.


Elixir of Wrath gives AD and life back when dealing Physical damage to champions. It use to reset on kills and assists to help you snowball, but know its not that good. Still if want a bit more damage early on its really good.

Elixir of Iron is the best option in terms of an elixir for Rek'Sai. It gives you health, that stacks with your Titanic Hydra, and Tenacity, which reduces the duration of Crowd Control effects. Very effective late game.


Corrupting Potion and Hunter's Potion are both upgrades from the Refillable Potion. Corrupting Potion is a potion for laners, you don't have mana or sustain problems so its not that good of a choice. Hunter's Potion is a potion for Junglers, which again you don't really need since you have good sustain with your Passive Fury of the Xer'Sai.

Vision Control is very important to winning a game. Always try to have a Vision Ward on the map at all times. You can put one in your Lane bush to protect you or have one in the enemy Jungle(careful when you go to place it).

In this Chapter I will analyze Rek'Sai's Abilities and show you some tricks and tips. For more details go to the Wiki.

Skill Order

Your early Skill points should be:
1.(Q) Queen's Wrath for the early damage
2.(W) Burrow- Unburrow for the knock up and the sustain
3.(E) Furious Bite- Tunnel for the true damage and your Tunnels

Then you want to max (R) Void Rush(when you can)>(Q)>(E)>(W)
Passive: Fury of the Xer'Sai
FURY: Rek'Sai generates 5 Fury every time she lands a basic attack and 10 Fury every time she lands (Q) Queen's Wrath, (W) Unburrow or (E) Furious Bite. Rek'Sai loses 20 Fury per seconds if she has not gained any in the last 5 seconds.

FURY OF THE XER'SAI: As long as Rek'Sai remains burrowed, she expends her Fury to heal herself. This stops once Rek'Sai consumes all of her Fury or returns to full health.

Fury is Rek'Sai's tool to sustain the Jungle. After you killed a camp or traded with your lane opponent, Burrow to get back some of the health you lost so you are in position to gank a lane or trade again. If you don't use your Fury to heal, you will end up wasting it and gain nothing from it. Make sure that you always use your Fury. Correct management of Fury is really important.
1st Ability(Q): Queen's Wrath/Prey Seeker

Un-burrowed: Queen's Wrath
Rek'Sai's next three basic attacks within 5 seconds deal bonus physical damage to her target and all surrounding enemies.

Queen's Wrath also resets her Auto Attack timer and extends her range to 325.

Cooldown: 4 seconds

Queen's Wrath is Rek'Sai's main source of damage. Keep in mind that it is an Auto Attack reset, which means you can AA(Auto Attack)-(Q)-AA without having to wait for normal attack speed delay between AA. This is really important for early game Jungle clearing and Trading. It also allows to proc Titanic Hydra faster since you can AA-(Q)-AA-Activate Titanic Hydra-AA for a huge chunk of Damage.

Burrowed: Prey Seeker
Rek'Sai fires a void-charged pulse in a target direction that detonates on the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage to all enemies in the area and revealing them.

Cooldown: 11-7 seconds Range: 1650 units

Use your Prey Seeker as a tool to check for objectives, since it reveals the targets it hits. Its also a very good and safe way to check bushes, if you are not sure if someone is waiting for you, (Q) the bush. This Ability is AP scaling so it wont that much damage to Champions. It can be used to safely get CS from far, and help clear the jungle. With its big Range(1650) you can use it to secure kills, stop someone from Recalling or even steal neutral camps.
2nd Ability(W): Burrow/Unburrow

Un-burrowed: Burrow
Rek'Sai burrows into the ground, reducing her sight and disabling her basic attacks while gaining bonus movement speed, immunity to unit collision, access to Burrowed Abilities and Tremor Sense.

When Tremor Sense is activated, enemy and neutral units that move near Rek'Sai have their position revealed to her and her allies. This can be through Fog of War, but it doesn't give you vision of them.

Cooldown: 4 seconds after Unburrow.

Here is picture of how Tremor Sense looks like. This is a Champion. Neutral units are shown with a smaller circle.
Spoiler: Click to view

Try to always be burrowed when walking around the map. The Movespeed you get helps you roam a lot faster. Being burrowed also triggers your passive, healing you based on how much Fury you have. Tremor Sense is a very powerful tool, since it allows you to see stealthed Units through the Fog of War and over walls as well. But remember! If someone is standing still, you wont be able to see him. Don't always trust it. Also you don't know what Champion is that. Be cautious.

Burrowed: Unburrow
Rek'Sai bursts out of the ground, dealing physical damage to surrounding enemies and knocking them up for up to 1 second, based on how close they are to her. Enemies cannot be knocked up again for a few seconds after.

Cooldown: 1 second after Burrow. Range: 160 units.
Cooldown per target: 10-8 seconds

Unburrow is an insta-cast Ability, meaning that it will go off as soon as you press it. It also doesn't stop Rek'Sai's movement command. A very popular tactic is to Flash and then instantly Unburrow. Even though is a really strong tool if the enemy has his Flash or his gap-closer up, you will have waste your Flash for no reason, so be conservative with it. Remember the duration of the knock up scales with how close you are to an enemy, meaning that at max range the knock up is not long enough not even for a Yasuo Ult Last Breath. So try to get as close you can get but don't always go for the man duration. Also Unburrow is automatically triggered if Rek'Sai try to Auto Attack someone near her.
3rd Ability(E): Furious Bite/Tunnel

Un-burrowed: Furious Bite
Rek'Sai bites the target enemy, dealing physical damage that is increased by 1% for every point of current Fury. At full Fury, Furious Bite deals true damage instead.

Cooldown: 12 seconds. Range: 250

Try to use your (E) Furious Bite at the end of your combo, the Fury that you will get during it will increase its damage by a lot. This spell has a big Cooldown, so be conservative with it. Later game you want to use your (E) Furious Bite at max Fury most of the cause the true damage can even shred tanks. Its also a great way to secure objectives when jungling. You can combine your (E) Furious Bite with your Smite to deal a lot of true damage and out-smite most of the Junglers in the game. If you hover over the Ability at any point in the game it will tell you the max damage it can do, so you can plan your smite or know when to execute an Enemy with it.

Burrowed: Tunnel
Rek'Sai dashes in a target direction, leaving behind a Tunnel with 2 entrances. She can interact with an entrance to go through the tunnel again, but each Tunnel has a use cooldown.

Rek'Sai's Tunnel last for up to 10 minutes and can have up to 8 of them active on the map at the same time. Enemy champions can destroy a tunnel by standing on it.

Cooldown: 20-18 seconds.
Tunnel Cooldown: 10-6 seconds.

Tunnels is very powerful tool for Rek'Sai's Kit. They can be used to gap-close for a gank, go over walls, engage a Team-Fight or escape. Tunnel are always visible to you, but an enemy must at least spot them once in order to reveal them. When you are playing Jungle try to have at least one Tunnel in each lane so you can be there with your Ult(R) Void Rush. Keep in mind that Tunnels are targetable, meaning you and your Allies can use Teleport on them. Pro Tip: You can also spot an enemy's location since you can see when the tunnel is destroyed through the Fog of War.
Ultimate Ability(R): Void Rush
Passive:Rek'Sai gains 20-60% bonus attack speed.

Active: Rek'Sai targets one of her Tunnels and channels for 1.5 seconds. Upon completing the channel, she burrows into the ground and dashes to the target tunnel, becoming untargetable for the duration. This channel can be additionally interrupted by Champion and Tower damage, not just disables.

Cooldown: 150-70 seconds. Range: Global

Try to use your Ult(R) Void Rush to save a lane from a gank, or go quickly to an objective when you need to. You can also use it go to your jungle faster if you know there wont be any ganks soon or you to clear and gank faster. It can be used to save your Teleport as well. Be careful where you cast (R) Void Rush, since a simple Champion Auto Attack can cancel it. If you press your (R) Void Rush and the Tunnel you targeted gets destroyed you will still reach there as long as you complete the channel. When you reach your target Tunnel you will be burrowed and the Tunnel entrance won't close. It also scares the enemy when you cast it, if they don't have vision of you, due to her scream when you cast it.

Rek'Sai is very strong lane that is hard to kill and has a lot of ganging potential. The point of playing her top instead of jungle, is cause you get more gold from farming in lane, so you will become a huge tank that is really hard to kill and offers a lot of utility to the team.

In lane try to poke your opponent with your (Q) Prey Seeker, keep 1-2 Tunnels near your tower and ward to avoid ganks(to the left is an image of good warding spots).
For Rek'Sai surviving in lane is better, cause its very hard to play from behind. Against a kill lane start with a defencive item, her base damage is enough to allow you to trade. Rek'Sai doesn't use Mana so you can spam your abilities in lane for trading and securing CS.

When you are getting ganked, run to your tunnels, or just double kill them of coarse, if you can. If you don't have Tunnels near don't use yours right away, wait for them to use their gap-closer/ers or Flash, unless you don't have another option, then use it. Same goes with Flash. Some times you may need to use Flash even if you have your (E) Tunnel up, since its instant, (E) Tunnel its slower.

Use your Ult (R) Void Rush to save your Teleport if you are going back in lane. Teleport can be used to help other lanes survive a gank, or even gank the lane your self if they are overextended. Void Rush only targets Tunnels, and you are not going to have any in other lanes than Top. Also Teleport its normally 5 minutes of a cooldown, while Void Rush its a 2.5 minute cooldown early game, wich goes down to 70 seconds late game.

When you take your tower, you can roam and gank other lanes to help them snowball. or group for fight over Dragon , towers or objectives in general.

When jungling you want to start where your duo lane is. That way you will have a better leash and your first clear will be easier. Its not that worth for them to do a camp now, due to the exp nerf for those who don't have a jungle item. After that do your buff, if you have enough HP do your third camp, else do scuttle so you gain some HP then do a camp. Don't forget to knock it up so it loses it's Armor and Magic Resist. After that go back, keep farming or try to look for an early gank. Rek'Sai has an amazing early game. Try to get a gank as soon as possible. Don't try to force anything though, if you can't gank a lane don't waste your time.
A good way to help stay healthier in the jungle to kite the camps. You do so by moving between your Auto Attacks, so the monsters walk a bit before attacking you again. If done correctly, it can save you a lot of Health.

Try to be efficient when you farm the Jungle. Its a huge waste of time to walk past cleared camps. To avoid that, always remember in what order you cleared your camps. Plan your route when you leave the base. Where do you want to gank, what camps you will farm to end up to a gankable lane, when or will you invade the enemy Jungle, etc. Here are some good counter jungle ward spots. Mirror for blue side.

Try to plan ganks, its important to gank, but its also important to farm. When you walk to a lane don't forget to leave a Tunnel behind, so can get there with Void Rush if you need to. Void Rush can be used to get to Jungle faster as well if you know you are not going to need it.

As the jungler is your job to secure neutral objectives with your Smite. Rek'Sai has a great tool to help her with that. When you reach max Fury your (E) Furious Bite deals true damage. What that means is, since you know the max damage of your (E) by hovering over it in-game, you can plan your execute by adding Furious Bite damage and Smite damage. If you use them at the same time you are going to able to out-smite most junglers. Its not easiest thing to do so practice it in customs. Its a very powerful tool if mastered.

Rek'Sai with this build has the role of a tank in team fights. Tanks do best 3 things: Engage on the enemy caries, peel and protect their own caries and be a front line that stops the enemy from engaging. Rek'Sai doesn't have a lot of hard CC, to stop an enemy engage and protect her caries easily. But She has an amazing engage.

in most situations you want to be in the front-line of your team, so the enemy can't reach your back-line easy. Use your (Q) Prey Seeker for poke before the fight and to check bushes. Although it won't do that much damage to tanks its going to hurt squishes with no sustain. At the same time, try to look for an opportunity, a window in their front-line, to engage their back-line. when you find one, use your (E) Tunnel to go past the tank, and lock-down one of their carries, by using your (W) Unburrow or your Flash + (W) Unburrow combo and apply the slow from Dead Man's Plate on them,. This way your team will be able to kill them easily or they will be distracted by you, while your carries are killing their front-line.

If you are not the only tank on your team, and they can survive without sitting in the front, you also try to flank them. to do that you are going to need good vision of them (tremor sense doesn't tell you which champion that is) and they must not know that you are there (this can be achieves by placing a Vision Ward down, using a Sweeping Lens or having the raptor oracle buff).

Before you engage make sure that your team can follow up on your initiation, while considering how fed the enemy is. If you go in 1v5 on a 12/0 Vayne its your fault.

When a team fight is about to start, you should usually stick with your team. If you have Teleport and its up, you can consider Split-Pushing. Split-pushing right before a fight, applies pressure in the opposite side of the map. That will result into making the enemy team send someone to stop you, making your team have number advantage, or give you a free tower and/or am inhibitor. When the team fight starts Teleport to a nearby unit as fast as you to help your team win. Always take a look at your map and your team to know when they need you. You shouldn't Spit-push when you don't have Teleport up. Your Ult Void Rush might be global but the enemy team will make sure to remove all your Tunnels near there.

This about wraps up my guide.

I would also like to give you some general tips, that don't belong to Rek'Sai but are worth to mention.

1. Do not rage. Remember that you play the game to have fun. don't be mad about a teammates mistake and do not flame. You don't only ruin the game for yourself but for 9 other people as well_assuming you in Summoners Rift).

2. If someone is toxic, flames or anything of that nature, ignore him. Press TAB and mute him. Answering will only result in more anger. Don't let others ruin your day.

3. If you want to improve, always try to learn from your mistakes. Lets say you lost a team fight. Think. What did you do wrong. Why you did it wrong. How can you avoid it next time. This is the way most Challenger players think and as you see it has results.

I hope you found this guide useful and learned something new about Rek'Sai or just items, masteries, runes, etc.

Again, don't forget to leave feedback, I would really appreciate it. If you also could leave a comment why you rated the guide the way you rated, it would help improve it or just feel all warm inside :D .
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