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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anastasios

A short guide to On-Hit type builds.

Anastasios Last updated on September 18, 2012
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Hi everyone, i am Anastasios, and welcome to another of my guides. Rather than a champion guide, this aims to be a short yet informative introduction to On-Hit type builds, including what champions can use them, why, and pretty much what On-Hit builds are.

I noticed that even though On-Hit builds are very powerful, they are rarely seen. Thus, i decided to make a guide about them, hoping to boost their popularity even by a tiny bit, as i use them very often.

Note that the builds displayed on the cheat sheet are not binding, they are just generic on-hit builds for each champion.

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On-Hit Type Builds

So, what is an On-Hit build?

In short, On-Hit builds rely on extra damage (magical) and debuffing effects that come from certain items, usually being unique passives. These are paired with high attack speed, in order to deal a lot of mixed (magical and physical) damage in a short period of time (2-4 seconds). A lot of champions can use such a build, but only few of them can utilise its full potential.


+ Mixed damage (physical+magical)
+ Very high DPS
+ Excellent damage against both tanks and squishies
+ Very cheap
+ Reliable on every game

- Vulnerable to AS reduction
- Not much item flexibility
- Limited to few champions
- Doen't fit the current meta much
- Not much sustain

The On-Hit effect page on the LoL Wiki: On-Hit Effects

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Items Suitable For On-Hit Builds

Only certain items can make up an On-Hit build. These items have 1 or more of the 4 following attributes:

  • Attack Speed
  • Damage Source
  • Debuff
  • Survivability/Sustain

Standard boots offering attack speed, most O-H builds need them to get close to the 2,5 AS cap.

These are used instead of Berserker's Greaves when a champion has quite high magical damage and an ability that boosts his AS, in order to boost his overall damage.
AS, Damage, Debuff
Malady is a very good item, giving you good AS, decent extra damage, but most importantly magic resist shred on you autoattacks. This leads your following attacks with on-hit effects to deal increased damage.

AS, Damage, Survivability
Wit's End is another major part of the build, giving you another source of damage and AS, as well as increased magic resist.

Damage, AS, Survivability
The core of every hard-hitting On-Hit build, this will give you a lot of extra damage against tankier targets. Along with its AS increase and some bonus armor, a solid choice with exceptional synergy with certain champions.

AS, Damage, Survivability
Ionic Spark deals considerable damage to multiple targets, and with the high AS it offers for more often passive procs, it makes you a threat to an entire team rather that a single person. Comes with some extra HP for beefiness.

Debuff, Survivability
Frozen Mallet offers a big chunk of health, along with a slowing effect on your every autoattack. This can make you stick to your target no matter what, or easily escape them by autoattacking, while dealing damage at the same time.

AS, Survivability, Damage, Debuff
The Jack-Of-All-Trades, Triforce gives you health and a slow from Phage, some AS with Zeal, and The damage boost from Sheen. This might seel like the perfect item, but not all champions need it to have a proper On-Hit build.

Sustain, Damage, Debuff
This is a quite situational item, mainly because of its grevious wound active. However, it gives a decent on-hit DoT, and very good lifesteal for its price. The critical strike chance is good too, although not an importand part of the build.

Debuff, AS
The Black Cleaver is very useful when facing a team with lots of armor, and your overall high attack speed with get the debuff stacked very fast.

The following items are not a core part of an On-Hit build, but can be used instead of others to boost your sustain.
This will give you good sustain while laning, as well as easier farming. The free ward is always nice, but you should sell it late game for something more powerful.

This will boost your damage and sustain by a lot. I tend to sell one of my items late game and buy this one, since i already have all the as i need.

The same as the Bloodthirster, a late-game item for some damage and sustain. Better suited to some more AP-oriented champions. Note that on-hit damage from items does not benefit from spell vamp.

Dont forget that you can buy elixirs. Elixir of Agility gives you 22% AS at level 18, so that can make up for swaping one of your AS items for a sustain item.

Q~ Why not Nashor's Tooth, Guinsoo's Rageblade, etc?
A~ These items are more suited to hybrid builds. They can fit certain champions, but they are not optimal for an On-Hit build.

Q~ Why not Void Staff and Last Whisper?
A~ For teams with high resistances, prefer the shredding items ( Malady, The Black Cleaver), since they synergise better with this type of builds. Void Staff and Last Whisper offer no attack speed or any on-hit effect, so they are suboptimal.

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Champions That Can Utilise An On-Hit Build

Kog'maw is one of the strongest On-Hit champions, thanks to the attack speed boost from Caustic Spittle, and, of course, the % Hp damage from Bio-Arcane Barrage. The extra range is also a very strong addition, and the armor and magic resist reduction also synergise greatly with the overall build.
Synergy with: Madred's Bloodrazor

Kayle is another strong On-Hit champion, because of her passive, Holy Fervor, that reduces armor and magic resist, as well as Righteous Fury, that increases her range and adds extra magic and splash damage to her autoattacks. Thus, Kayle is a very good champion against tanky teams, shredding their defenses.
Synergy with: Malady, The Black Cleaver

Teemo has his own on-hit DoT, and a powerful one at that ( Toxic Shot). He also has an attack speed boost from Camouflage, and his Blinding Dart makes him a very effective counter to AD carries.
Synergy with: Malady
Guide: Ferrovial's Teemo Guide

An amazingly strong champion, 3 out of 5 of his abilities synergise with an On-Hit build. His passive gives him extra on-hit damage as well as sustain, he has an very good attack speed boost ( Hunters Call), and his ultimate procs on-hit damage, making him a huge threat.
Synergy with: Madred's Bloodrazor, Wit's End
Guide: CombatJack1's Warwick Guide

Vayne benefits greatly from attack speed, dealing % true damage every third attack thanks to Silver Bolts. The damage from Tumble is certainly less that full AD vayne, but the higher attack speed makes up for it. Plus, you benefit much more from the bonus of Final Hour.
Synergy with: Madred's Bloodrazor, Trinity Force

Twisted Fate isn't usually seen with an On-Hit build, but we is extremely strong with it. His E ( Stacked Deck) gives him a very strong damage source every fourth second attack, as well as increased attack speed. He also has a lot of versatility from Pick A Card for even more damage, and extra effects on his autoattacks.
Note: when you buy Ionic Spark, make sure your Stacked Deck counter is 0, in order to get both of them to trigger on the same attack for extra burst.
Synergy with: Ionic Spark, Trinity Force
Guide: my own Twisted Fate Guide

Fizz has a nice kit with a lot of extra damage from Seastone Trident, plus Urchin Strike applies on-hit effects. He is not a usual pick, but he can certainly pull it off.
Synergy with: Trinity Force, Malady
Guide (not full on-hit, but the closest):TheWeekndOVOXO's Fizz Guide

I haven't seen anyone play on-hit Twitch, but his abilities seem to work nicely towards it. He has his own stacking on-hit damage ( Deadly Venom), an as boost from Ambush, and his ultimate applies the on-hit effects to all targets. Plus, your high attack speed allows you to stack Deadly Venom fast, in order to make full use of Expunge and Venom Cask.
Synergy with: Madred's Bloodrazor, Malady, The Black Cleaver

Miss Fortune can be a good on-hit champion, with an as boost and stacking damage from Impure Shots, as well as Double Up applying the on-hit effects.
Synergy with: Trinity Force

Other champions that are not optimal, but still viable:

Shyvanna isn't good with a full on-hit build, as she also needs a lot of defense. However, thanks to Twin Bite applying on-hit effects twice, and having its cooldown reduced with autoattacks, she synergises greately with attack speed and defensive on-hit items.
Synergy with: Wit's End, Frozen Mallet, Madred's Bloodrazor

Darius has his own built-in stacking on hit effect with Hemorrhage, making attack speed work nicely with him. His Crippling Strike synergises nicely as well.
Thanks for OTGBionicArm for this.
Synergy with: Trinity Force, The Black Cleaver

Fiora has a huge attack speed buff, and her ultimate applies on-hit effects. Understandably, though, she is better full AD.

He has some good extra damage with Blighted Quiver, plus he gets a small as buff with kills and assists from Living Vengeance.

On-hit Chogath relies on his CC to keep the enemy in place, while utilising Vorpal Spikes to their fullest potential. He still needs to be tanky, but he doesn't need much health from items thanks to Feast. He also has good sustain from Carnivore.
Synergy with: Wit's End

The only reason Orianna is viable as on-hit is because of her passive, Clockwork Windup, giving her extra stacking damage. However, don't forget that it increases with AP, so an AP/AS hybrid build is much better.
Synergy with: Malady

Shaco can actually be a pretty good on-hit champion thanks to Backstab and Deceive, but most importantly because of Hallucinate. The clone will apply all on-hit effects with its autoattacks, but i don't find him as strong as pure AD Shaco.
Synergy with: Trinity Force, Madred's Bloodrazor

I don't really feel that Lulu is a good enough on-hit champion, but MiSTakE played her at the Riot World Invitational, so i guess she is more than just viable.

Champions that are not good with an on-hit build, even though it might seem otherwise:
- Akali
- Caitlyn
- Corki
- Diana
- Draven
- Gangplank
- Ezreal
- Irelia
- Kennen
- Kassadin
- Nautilus
- Nocturne
- Rengar
- Shen
- Tristana
- Xin Zhao
- Ziggs
- Volibear

Guide Top

A Few Things To Consider About Attack Speed

When building your items, always try to think about external factors affecting your attack speed. You don't want to reach the 2,5 cap and have wasted gold on AS, and neither do you want to have much less attack speed because of enemy debuffs.

Here is a list of items/abilities that affect your attack speed, either positively or negatively:

+ Ezreal's Essence Flux
+ Nunu's Blood Boil
+ Jarvan's Demacian Standard
+ Nidalee's Primal Surge
+ Sivir's On The Hunt
+ The item Zeke's Herald
+ The summoner spell Surge

- Anivia's Glacial Storm
- Ezreal's Essence Flux
- Gragas' Barrel Roll
- Lee Sin's Tempest / Cripple
- Malphite's Ground Slam
- Nasus' Wither
- Nunu's Ice Blast
- The item Frozen Heart
- The item Randuin's Omen
- The Dragon's autoattacks

You may ask, "Yes, this is all very informative, but why is it so importand?".

The reason that i put this chapter here is to emphasise on the (obvious, but often forgotten) fact that you must Build Situationally. If you have a lot of AS buffs on your team, e.g. Jarvan in the jungle and Nunu as support, you can skip some attack speed items for more damage or sustain; Similarly, if the enemy has a lot of AS debuffs, you can counterbuild, e.g. ask your support to get a Zeke's Herald, or pick Surge as a summoner spell (if you are on draft pick, and you can see your opponents).

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In dominion, On-Hit buids are not as powerful as in classic. The increased gold/exp gain makes it more suited for pure AD or AP builds aiming for endgame power, rather than mid-game dominance.

What you don't have in dominion mode:

What you have instead:

A good item with a fitting passive and active, but it offers no attack speed.

The weaker version of Madred's Bloodrazor, you will have to settle for this.

Your sustain item, the weaker Bloodthirster. Its stats increase with hits, so synergises with your high attack speed.

hextech sweeper These are good if the enemy has a lot of stealth ( Akali, Teemo, Shaco, Twitch, Wukong, Evelynn etc). The Lightbringer is optimal for most champions, but Hextech Sweeper is still a good choice due to its active.

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I hope you found this guide informative and helpful.

If you find any mistakes (typos, about abilities or items etc), or if you think that i have forgotten something importand, leave a comment and i will try to fix it asap.

Many thanks to:
- jhoijhoi for her guide on How to write a guide
-IceCreamy for his guide on How to use columns
-CombatJack1, TheWeekndOVOXO, Ferrovial, for allowing me to link their guides.
-All of you for reading this guide.


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