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Singed Build Guide by XtheZ115

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XtheZ115

Aggressively Running Away: The Art of Playing Singed

XtheZ115 Last updated on October 6, 2018
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Singed Build

LoL Path: Inspiration
LoL Rune: Unsealed Spellbook
Unsealed Spellbook
LoL Rune: Magical Footwear
Magical Footwear
LoL Rune: Minion Dematerializer
Minion Dematerializer
LoL Rune: Time Warp Tonic
Time Warp Tonic

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Celerity
LoL Rune: Nimbus Cloak
Nimbus Cloak

+13 Attack Damage or +22 Ability Power, adaptive

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Top Lane
Ranked #7 in
Top Lane
Win 53%
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Threats to Singed with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Riven The perfect matchup. Riven players tend to be very easy to tilt, and that is something a good Singed player can abuse. Spam your laugh, make her mad, and she will chase. Be sure to be nice in the all chat when she kills you. Be even nicer when you kill her. All jokes aside, Riven has to be very aggressive to be effective, and being aggressive with a Singed is exactly what he wants. Unless they are a very skilled Riven, you should have a pretty easy time.
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Who Am I?

Well, I'll be blunt. I'm just a Silver player that plays quite a bit of Singed. I started getting S grades with Singed before I was level 2 with him, and earning Mastery Level 7 with him was a breeze thanks to this build. I'm no authority in League, but my Singed build works and it works very well.

Why Singed?

Singed is a very special champion. He can carry entire games behind him and his fully stacked Mejai's, or he can feed the entire game but still win the game due to his tilting of the enemy team. This is what makes Singed a fun pick, even if not the strongest.

His general utility make him a very good addition to most teams, and the fact that you can't keep him down makes it hard to feel behind when playing Singed. Evne if you're 0/7/0, you still can have a huge impact on the game.

Out of all the champions available in League of Legends, Singed is one of the few champions that does not have to rely on their kit or playstyle to win games. He instead can rely on "the tilt factor." Like Shaco and Teemo, Singed tends to make his enemy mad. Spamming your laugh, taunting in the all chat, dancing on their corpse... all these are just as important, if not more important, than your Q and E. Making them want you dead more than they want to win drives enemies into breaking the number one rule of League: Do not chase the Singed.

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An Explanation of Spells


Singed is one of the few champions that prefer to take Ghost over Flash for a simple reason- you don't want to get away. You want to stay just outside of your enemies clutches, baiting them into thinking they will catch you... making them chase.

You'll probably be running Unsealed Spellbook, which allows you to grab another summ as needed, giving you access to Teleport or Exhaust, or even a Clarity (which is an amazing way to keep proxying). The reasons I take Smite as my "primary" summ are simple, and explained below.

1.It makes the enemy jungler uncomfortable- seeing the enemy toplaner with Smite gives you reason to be concerned for whichever buff of yours is closer to him, the rift scuttler, and rift herald. Having the jungler focus more on Singed in top lane gives breathing room for the rest of your team... so Singed has access to more stacks on his The Dark Seal. Don't forget to ward their buff and wander down to try and steal is occasionally, too... you typically will be a higher level than them, so you outsmite them pretty easily. Be sure to thank them for the leash afterwards, too.

2. It makes waveclearing EVEN FASTER- Singed has no issue killing minions, and using Dematerializers makes it even easier. Using Smite to either delete a mage minion or secure the cannon minion is a great way to make sure your wave will push out against theirs. I don't have to explain why having a bigger minion wave is important, do I?

3. The Tele-leash- Let's say you're ahead in lane. You just killed your enemy laner, and your jungler is itching to get a dragon. Tell him to ward, grab a tele with Unsealed Spellbook, and smite the lizard to not only gain a bit of health but rush the beast so you can tilt the enemy ADC by assisting a gank immediately after. This isn't limited to dragons, however. Come down and help your jungler with the herald, pick it up and tele bot for a disgusting gank that hopefully results in multiple towers killed!

4. Sustain?- Feeling a bit low on health? Wander into the river and smite the scuttle for a good chunk of free health. Doesn't hurt to kill it and grab some vision, either- provided you are on good terms with your jungler, who may or may not need the XP the scuttle gives nowadays.

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An Explanation of Runes

Singed can benefit from multiple runes in the Inspiration path, or what I will from now on refer to as the HAX tree. I enjoy the somewhat trolliness of it- something Singed adores. Unsealed Spellbook gives you access to versatile summoner spell changes, so you can grab Teleport to make an unexpected roam, or Smite to secure Rift Herald (if you choose not to take it as your "primary" spell), etc., etc.
Out of the first tier of runes, the only ones that really benefit Singed at all is Magical Footwear. Your boots being slightly better than your enemies boots is a very nice thing to have on Singed, who cares about 2 things- making Summoner's Rift look like Auschwitz and being fast. We'll discuss that first thing later, but the latter is helped out by the free boots. The other two option in this tier aren't all that useful to our smelly scientist, unless you take Flash and therefore Hextech Flashtraption is a viable alternative.
The Minion Dematerializer gives you even better waveclear, something Singed doesn't need but will appreciate when proxy farming. Biscuit Delivery is also a very good pick on Singed, since he likes to let himself get low health, then chug potions and biscuits to gain a lot of health as his enemies try to last shot him (and therefore chase the Singed). Being able to enter debt is also a nice quirk, but I feel like optimizing your waveclear is more valuable. It's really a personal preference between Dematerializers and biscuits, and I prefer deleting cannon minions.
Finally, we have the most beautiful rune in the entire tree. Time Warp Tonic makes your potions and elixirs last longer (something Singed stacks Dark Seals to achieve, so doubly good durations) AND GIVES HIM MOVESPEED WHILE HE'S UNDER THE INFLUENCE. Let's do some quick math here. Corrupting Potion lasts 12 seconds and heals 125 health, as well as giving you 75 mana. Each The Dark Seal (that sounds weird, dunnit?) makes those 12 seconds restore 25% more health, and you should have 2 of them. Time Warp Tonic makes the potion last 20% longer, on top of this, so that Corrupting Potion now is healing 50% more health (roughly 160, by my maths) over the course of 14.5 seconds, AND you have 5% increased movement speed the entire time, AND let's not forget that you do bonus damage during this time due to Touch of Corruption!

Celerity is a beautiful thing to have in your secondary path, as Singed loves any extra movement speed he can get... speaking of movement speed, we have the most gorgeous of runes in Nimbus Cloak. Singed's ult grants him some movespeed already, and that combined with this runes boost can turn your R in a Flash. Ok, not literally, but the massive movespeed boost can be used for clutch escapes or nabs.

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The Seals Option

There is a legend of a strange build marring the Rift. A scientist emitting clouds of gas, running through the war-torn arena... wearing two rings.
This is the story of Dark Seal Singed.
Joking aside, there is a very valid strategy of building multiple The Dark Seal. While it's unique passive doesn't stack, there is a very interesting effect of stacking the item... the item's second effect. 25% increased healing from potions. Not a bad effect on a starting item, right? Notice how it is not a Unique Passive. That's right, with 3 Dark Seals, your Corrupting Potion heals for roughly 188 HP instead of just 125. This keeps the potion viable for longer than it normally would be, making your sustain in lane better and allowing for a dastardly trick- letting your opponent smack on you until you are low health and then running away. They see a low health enemy, they chase to try and kill you. Meanwhile, you are gaining health back very quickly and dealing additional damage thanks to Touch of Corruption.

This trick is even better when you have 3 Seals, but due to you needing empty item slots for your Dematerializers and free boots, you only have room for 2. If you opt for a different rune setup, buy a third Seal.

If you find yourself at full stacks once the laning phase ends, you can sell off the extra Seal and your Corrupting for a Mejai's Soulstealer, giving you even more damage and mana, as well as increased movement speed if you can keep it stacked up!

I personally no longer buy multiple Seals very often, but it is still viable if you'd like to try it out.

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Laning Vs Proxy Farming

Once minions spawn, you have 2 options on how you want to approach the next 20 minutes.


If you're are matched up with a melee champ that cannot outrun you (i.e. most toplaners), you may want to stay in front of their tower and fight like a normal toplaner. Zone them away from your minions using your Poison Trail, and Fling them whenever you can. Use your Mega Adhesive as a harass tool. People get worried that you are about to make a play when you drop a slow behind them and will tend to run off. Use their fear to dominate the lane... but don't forget to annoy them the entire time. Make them mad so that they try and trade with you, a scenario where you almost always win.
Ranged champions, such as Jayce or Gnar will likely give you trouble if you try to lane against them- split pushing is recommended.
An exception to this would be champions with hard cc, such as Jax or Renekton. Hard cc can turn the tides of battle from you very quickly, so be wary when trading with these types of enemies.

Proxy Farming

This is what makes Singed fun. Forget trading and all that normal top lane stuff! All you want to do is kill minions! Run through the jungle and go inbetween your enemies first and second tower. This wide patch of land is now your home. Use the bush near their second tower as a hiding spot/restroom as you wait for the next line of minions to walk by, then kite the whole wave towards the first tower. Once you get near the outer range of the first tower, turn and run back to your hidey hole. This should very easily kill all of the minions, depriving the enemy toplaner any chance to push your tower.
How do you win lane, you ask? It's very simple. When a Singed is proxy farming you, you have 2 options... ignoring him and farming, or trying to kill him.
The first option is the best option for your foe. No progress will be made in top lane unless one of you goes back to base to buy items/refill potions. Boooring.
If they try and stop you, feel free to smile a toxic smile. You will have to kite both the enemy champion and their minions without the aid of your own minions, because they will too busy damaging an undefended tower. You see where this is going? You get free tower damage and potential kills? This is fun! If your enemy catches wise to whats going on, be sure to tilt them back into trying to kill you.
And this is what happens when you do tilt them into finally addressing you
Don't be upset if you die a lot doing this. Without kills, you eventually you will be worth less than minions, and time spent killing you is time wasted by the enemy team; still a win in your eyes.

A general note on the Dematerializers- I've been using 2 on melee minions and the rest on cannons, which makes you clear the entire wave at roughly the same time, instead of being stuck auto attacking a cannon minion for several seconds after all its friends died.

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After The Towers Fall

Once the laning phase is over, you have two main options as Singed- Be a second support or be a dedicated split pusher.

Toxic Teamfighter

Righteous Glory is the most important part of your build. Combining Noxious Slipstream, Ghost, Insanity Potion and Righteous Glory's active gives you around 300% increased movement speed (granted, that is the perfect scenario in which you draft off of all 9 other people in the game, but you get the idea). This is your initiate, your escape (due to the AoE slow it gives to the enemy champions near you), and a good bit of tankiness that will keep you alive. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is an all around good Singed item, but is essential here since your bolting through the enemy team just slowed all of them.
Every fight should start something like this- You try to draft off of at least one ally before activating Righteous Glory in order to maximize your movement speed, and run headlong into the enemy team. Use your Fling to grab the ADC or whoever is the squishiest and deadliest enemy you can catch. Your team will slaughter whoever was thrown, and your Rylai's just slowed all of your enemies, so your team can easily catch up and fight as you run towards the enemy base, clearing minions and damaging the enemies if they try to flee back home.
Due to your DoT nature, you likely will not get many kills this way, since you allies will like last hit anyone low enough to die from poison. While slightly less satisfying, this is since Dark Seal/Mejai's gain stacks from assists as well.

Splitpushing Scientist

Is your team just weighing you down? Or maybe they are fed themselves and don't need you to play as the tank? Fantastic! Run to a different lane and cause chaos. The enemy team now has to make a decision- deal with the 4 people in one lane or the Singed in another. Your clear is disgustingly strong at this point in the game (not that it is ever weak). Run past the enemy minion line and loop back towards yours, and those little buggers should die before the first friendly minion throws a basic attack. Use your bonus movement speed from Zz'rot and the slow from Righteous to run away from anyone who tried to stop you, forcing them to choose between trying to catch you or destroy your portal to the Void. Either way, you win.
There is nothing exclusive about either of these strategies, so please don't think that just because you have a Zz'Rot Portal you can't join your team in a fight. In fact, it is an often occurrence that I pop Ghost and Insanity Potion just to get some movespeed to make it to a fight in another lane. Singed cleanup is a great way to get additional stacks on your Mejai's Soulstealer or prevent major loss of objectives.

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One More Thing

All in all, you have to remember one thing when playing Singed. League of Legends is an objective based game. Your kills and deaths are not what wins or loses games, it's how play the map and what you prioritize. Don't be afraid to give up top tower to go help your jungler secure Rift Herald. Don't run all the way mid to try and help the 1v3, shove lane and get that first tower gold. Teleport bot and push while your ADC helps get the dragon. Singed has many tools to his disposal that allows him insane versatility with getting objectives, and that is the strength you have to play to. If you get a penta along the way, that's fantastic, but know that Singed can go 0/12/4 and still carry the game with the mayhem and confusion he can cause. You're never behind when smell like Gragas's behind.