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Alistar Build Guide by Vetle158

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vetle158

Alistar, ''i like flowers'' An in depth guide to Alistar

Vetle158 Last updated on July 17, 2011
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''I like flowers''

Hello and welcome to my Alistar guide

This is my first guide and it is going to be about as you know our dear Alistar.
before we start i would like to say that Alistar is not the easiest champinon and hes not the one to deal loads of dmg and get penta kills, so if that is what you want you should go read a master Yi guide or something. And this guide is intended for people who want to learn to play Alistar or just looking for a new build. this is not to teach experts how to play.

Alistar is an very good tank with quite powerfull abilities(often underestimated)
he can push lanes quite good(specialy now after remake of passive), heal minions, gank good etc. But your most important job no matter what build you choose is to put enemies in places they do not want to be in. run in with Ghost/ shurelya's reverie pop Pulverize and Headbutt Master Yi to your team so they can kill him. he can be played in three different ways as i see it, full tank, off tank, and support tank. i am going to show you two of those here.

And if there are mistakes, things you don't like, wrong spelling or something that is missing please tell me

And if you have any good scores with this build you are welcome to send them to me and i will post them :)

And remember:

Alistar is not a cow he is a Bull so play him like one


I might add a jungle Alistar and aura support Alistar build, if you want me to let me know in comments

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Pro's and con's


- He can take alot of dmg
- deals good dmg with some items
- can farm good if you concentrate
- can putt enemies into positions they do not want to be in(like in the middle of your team)
- aoe stun; Pulverize
- looks cool
- has a heal that also heals minions: Triumphant Roar
- can push good


- Uses ALOT of mana(if u need to heal often you use even more)
- A little item depentandt(mana regen, movespeed etc)
- Is slow
- Hard to farm if your lanemate is someone like sivir
- hard to farm if you get harrased
- not the easiets tank to play
- little dmg unless you get items like sheen or some ap
- is quite team dependant, cant really 1v1 that good(better if the off tank build)
- Often has games with little kills and VERY much assists, since there always is someone on your team that needs the gold more

Guide Top

Abbreviations and some other basic stuff

Mpen= Magic penetration
Mr= Magic resistance
Ap= Ability power
Mregen= Manaregen
Cc= Crowd control(meaning stuns, slows, Silence's etc)
Dmg= Damage
Ad= Attack damage
Aoe= Area of effect
Hp= Health points/health (meaning 100 hp= 100 health points/health)
Fed= a champion that has gotten alot of gold, (usualy by killing champions on enemy team, but can also be of minions)
To feed= someone who is feeding an enemy champion(dying so the enemy get's alot of gold)
Regen= regneration
Cdr= Cooldown reduction
Gp10=Gold per 10 sec
Gp10 item= items that gives gold per 10 sec( avaric bladem Heart of Gold etc)
Oom= out of mana
Blue= The buff that the big blue golem gives
Red= buff that the red big lizard gives
Baron/nashor= The big boss with a red skull on the minimap
Dragon= the dragon, located near downlane. looks like a dragon
True dmg= dmg that ignores armour/magic resist

Let me know if i have forgotten something here.

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Trample(passive) its a nice little damage boost and it deals double dmg to minions so it helps at farming and pushing. and it can also target towers!
remeber to use you Triumphant Roar near enemy minions for the extra dmg
0.1 ap ratio.

This is a VERY good ability. Aoe knockair/stun with 10 sec coldoown without cdr? thats VERY nice, it has a 0.6 ap ratio. this is your best minion farming ability so use it if you have the mana.
Also you can Pulverize then Headbutt towards your tower.
Another really important thing about this ability is timing, try to use it when you can hit at least 3 people in a teamfight. disabling their whole team for 1,5 seconds is extremely good.
Use this to trigger your passive when pushing a tower(if heal is on cd) even with no minions around.
This can hit over some walls(tiny walls ofc)

This ability has so many uses its almost sick, a wild Master Yi appears to kill your Soraka with 100 hp and you Pulverize and Headbutt
then Soraka has gotten away or Master Yi has given up.
you can also last hit minions, last hit champions but most importantly put enemies in places they dont want to be. the enemy doesnt want to be Headbutt into your team, thats why you do it. its also good to get buffs and if you got ryalis you can Headbutt straight forward and still cath up to him/her/them
And it has a 0.8 ap ratio.
carefull with this ability tho. you might destroy other skillshots like Annie's stun with Summon: Tibbers

Triumphant Roar
Kinda straight forword, its a heal. BUT its better than many other heals because its aoe, it heals minions to wich really gives you amazing pushing power and its cooldown is decreased by 2 sec every time an enemy dies, quite good huh?
And a 0.4 ap ratio.

Unbreakable Will
well it makes you unkillable in 8 seconds. even if you played ap glass cannon it would be hard to kill you, so imagine if you play tank then.
another good thing is the removal of crowd control effects on activate. its easy to forget but its free cleanse
+ the nice bonus dmg that helps you take out towers
but seriously. and maybe Sivir/ Master Yi could backdoor a tower in no time if you tank with this and you would almost lose no hp. its just amazing
BUT it does not affect true damage so Vayne's Silver Bolts will still own you

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Summoner Spells

Here are the summoner spells i use. you should use the summoner spells you like, but here are mine

These are the recommended

This is maybe the one spell that is good on every hero and Alistar is no exeption, basic combo is Flash Pulverize then Headbutt
and it is good for chasing, escaping, flashing over walls etc.
use this in every game

This is speed, very good speed. with this you can easily cath up to someone and Pulverize
works even better together with shurelya's reverie

Pretty basic stuff, use this if jungling. It is also usefull for gaining more gold and securing buffs/stealing buffs.
But never get if you are not jungling

Recommended but situational

Fortify Really usefull if your tower is attacked and you cant defend it, or if someone is tower diving. But ghost is more usefull on Alistar so only take it if noone else takes it and you think you need it.

Clairvoyance This should be on every team. its just an epic spell. If you dont have a support that takes this then you take it.
If ranked it is a must.

Good/decent choices

I like Cleanse. the ability to remove cc twice is amazing.
and your job is to use cc on the enemies at all times and you cant do that if you are cc'ed

Clarity if you think you really need to spam heal or is really bad to save mana then it works but really not recommended

Teleport if you like it take it. works very good with fortify for defending towers.
And teleport ganks are always fun

Exhaust you already have lots of cc but if you want more you are welcome.
if no one else gets it you can get it. very good against auto attackers

Heal its very good for first blood and before lvl 10, after that is not very good.

Ignite its not very good on you, but the extra dmg can help of course.
and the healing debuff is decent

Bad choices

Revive you wont die that much if you play right and rather pick a spell that helps you survive. dont get it unless you play Fortify Revive tank premade

Rally only hero i think this could be viable on is Sivir
but you can get it for the lulz if you want. can be decent for backdooring tho. Better than revive

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Skill Sequence

This is also very up to personal preference but i like to start with Pulverize at lvl 1
Then focus Headbutt or Triumphant Roar

Level in this way.
- Unbreakable Will - Pulverize/ Triumphant Roar - Headbutt (for the tank build)

- Unbreakable Will - Pulverize - Headbutt - Triumphant Roar (for the off-tank build)

Lvl 1-6

Usually how i level from 1-6(tank)
1. Pulverize
2. Triumphant Roar
3. Headbutt
4. Pulverize
5. Triumphant Roar/ Pulverize
6. Unbreakable Will

1. Pulverize(off tank)
2. Headbutt
3. Triumphant Roar
4. Pulverize
5. Pulverize/ Headbutt
6. Unbreakable Will

After that just focus Pulverize if you need damage and Triumphant Roar if you need healing
And level Headbutt at last or if you dont need heal.(tank)

After that focus Pulverize and then Headbutt take Triumphant Roar when you must or really need better heal.(off-tank)

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Masteries and runes

Masteries can be built in two ways.
For the tank build i really recommend 0 21 9(see top for details)
and for the off tank build i use 9 21 0(see top for details)
But getting 21 in utility works for both builds.

Why good hands! its like you intend to die
read this.

Why not ardor?
I use it on the off tank build but im not sure if i like it.
Think 4% more aspeed and ap.
if you got 100 ap you get 4. if you got 1000 you get 40
so for the tank alistar will get 4% aspeed, and that will not help him. but for offtank he will get maybe 6-8 ap. wich i think is decent.

Why no dodge masteries in off tank build?
Because with 2% dodge you will dodge every 50 hit. and i dont think its worth it over strenght of spirit it actualy gives you good health regneration actualy 9 hp/5 in lvl 18, more than a Rejuvenation Bead

Then for runes

These are what i use. you should use what you self like.

Marks: Greater Mark of Magic Penetration magic pen, to farm and for some dmg
Greater Mark of Health works to
And actually greater mark of desolation could work on the off tank build. if you get Guinsoo's Rageblade and not Deathfire Grasp. because with Guinsoo's Rageblade and Trinity Force and the dmg from Unbreakable Will your autos will be decent/half good(good for a tank, very good for a tank)

Seals: greater seal of Vitality Since they nerfed his health pr lvl by a little i started to use these instead and i think they work better than manaregen. but you are free to use greater seal of replenishment or Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration

Glyphs: here you can use alot, i prefer cdr runes Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction or Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction but magic resist is also good Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist(changed so i use these for tank build now. found it better to be more tanky)

Quintessences: here i would recommend either Greater Quintessence of Health or Greater Quintessence of Ability Power both for early game power Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed works to

Guide Top

Items: Tank Alistar

Ok here are the items that i buy. items are not carved in stone, they will vary from game to game and buying items that counter's the enemy team is extremely important

The one thing you should remember is that you NEED cdr when playing tank. so get some cdr items alog the way. shurelya's reverie or Spirit Visage or Frozen Heart to say some.

Alternative start for all builds

Dont buy Eleisa's Miracle and dont buy Boots of Swiftness and go for either Ruby Crystal or Doran's Shield in lvl 1 and rush Ninja Tabi or better mercury treads
This allows Alistar to be more tanky whole game due to not spending 1.2k on speed and healt and mana regen. but you MUST buy more movespeed sometime and you must watch your mana. blue buff is a must.
The reason for this start is that ali usually has little gold.
OR rush philosopher's stone and defansive boots Ninja Tabi or mercury treads and build philosopher's stone into shurelya's reverie later.
He will be more tanky in early game and 3s with this to.

Tank Alistar
-Can take alot of dmg
-Can easily tank baron or dragon or such
-Better at backdooring
-Usualy the best choice
-Little damage
-Worse farming
-Bad heals
-not that good at pushing

Pick the tank build if you are the only tank on your team, or if you have alot of glass cannons

Tank Alistar rating
Surviveability: 9/10
Damage output 3/10(with auto attack)
Spells 3/10(with abilities)

First the tank Alistar build

The core build that you always buy is:
Eleisa's Miracle for good mana regen and health regen
Next is. or just a philosopher's stone And then a
Heart of Gold
Boots of Swiftness Or Mercury's Treads Or Ninja Tabi
Aegis of the Legion
Or philosopher's stone Or Or [

After than you could go for
shurelya's reverie if you need mana regen and a free ghost or a Banshee's Veil for spell block, health Mr and a little mana or a Quicksilver Sash is also very good if you need cheap Magic resist or just Uber op epic triple cc removal
And after that maybe a
Frozen Heart or a Sunfire Cape if you need armour Force of Nature if you need magic resist Soul Shroud is also good if you dont got enough cdr and need more and good hp.
then at the end of the game you could get Guardian Angel

other good items for tank Alistar

This is a good item and makes your heals a little better. but i like other cdr items better and the heal is so weak it does not help that much and your heal is mainly for others anyway.

Well this is armour. only armour. lots of armour. very very much armour.
This is an anti And or any ad carry item.
They will die before killing you.
BUT ONLY get this aganist a pure ad team or some really fed ad carries. quite useless on and or is much better in general.

Well this is actualy a very good item with a good recipie. the active is really good and you also get a liiitle cdr boost. get this agains ad teams.

Here are examples of some builds

Against heavy ad team
Or philosopher's stone OR

Against heavy Magic teams
Or Philosopher's stone OR

Against balanced teams

Or philosopher's stone OR OR OR OR OR

The reason for choosing Frozen Heart over Randuin's Omen is simple. Randuin's Omen has some advantages BUT the 300 health isn't that good and Alistar really needs the cdr that Frozen Heart gives + you get both items against ad and frozen heart] gives 24 more armour. The advantage with [[randuin's omen is that it has an active but Frozen Heart also slows aspeed as a passive.

Just something about some items

This must be the best mr item for it provides hp wich needs. and a good portion of mr + some mana wich is good and the spell shield. it will save you from 's ulti, Random stun etc.
just good

This is my favourite tank item in this game maybe. because most of the time you are against a balanced team(not always in 3v3's tho) and this provides both armour and mr and a nice boost to your allies + a little dmg for much less than all that is worth, it is not that good late game but still its epic early and for that price. i get this about 90%+ of my games right after boots.

This is good, i get it on almost all other tanks i play aganist ad. but still it is not the best on because it has only 45 armour. wich is decent but not the best.
450 health is good but still. and the dmg is good. but it has no cdr or something alistar needs. and not the best recipie either. but i get it if i can fit it into my build

This is an item i started experimenting with after the ap ratio nerfs, and it is good. if you rush aegis first you have enough mr and armour to last for a little while and this offers the hp, mregen and cdr you will need then. but often i prefer instead because of the increased health regen and it is cheaper + mr. sometimes surelya's reverie to, but rarely on the tank build.

I get this item against heavy magic team or fed mages(ofc)
it is good but it is lacking other stuff than mr. the health regen is nice but quite useless late game(i think) the movespeed is good but still.
i get thi ONLY for the mr. and i would always rather get a instead. this is lategame option.

This is a good 6th item if you ever get that far(rare becaus you play alistar.)
if you get this far you are tanky enough and this provides the little extra bit + a nice revive. but im not a that big fan of it. not much you get for the prive you pay. revive thingy has 5 min cd and if YOU die then your team will probably be dead long ago. + it is a dont focus me item since you will just revive wich is dumb since you want people to focus you.

Well this is armour. only armour. lots of armour. very very much armour.
This is an anti , or any ad carry item.
They will die before killing you.
BUT ONLY get this aganist a pure ad team or some really fed ad carries. quite useless on and or is muuch better in general.

Well this is not very often i get and that would be against almsot only mages. because you have your ulti that removes cc plus cleanse if you chose it(i grab cleanse or ghost about 50/50, depending on what they have in ranked games or if i feel like in normal games)
but it is cheap and offers lots of mr and usefull if they got 4-5+ stuns. but i even prefer force of nature rather than this.

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Items: Off-tank Alistar

Off tank Alistar

Alternative start for all builds

Don't buy Eleisa's Miracle and don't buy Boots of Swiftness and go for either Ruby Crystal or Doran's Shield in lvl 1 and rush Ninja Tabi or better mercury treads
This allows Alistar to be more tanky whole game due to not spending 1.2k on speed and health and mana regen. but you MUST buy more movespeed sometime and you must watch your mana. blue buff is a must.
The reason for this start is that ali usually has little gold.
OR rush philosopher's stone and defansive boots Ninja Tabi or mercury treads and build philosopher's stone into shurelya's reverie later.
He will be more tanky in early game and 3s with this to.

- Does more dmg
- Farms better
- Heals better
- Pushes better
- Can tank and do dmg with Unbreakable Will
- Cannot take that much dmg
- Cant defend anything that good
- Cant tank baron that good
- Cant tank towers that good
- A little item dependant
- Without your Unbreakable Will you cant really tank at all
- Should have another tank/off tank to

Off-tank Alistar rating
Surviveability 6,5/10
Damage output 5/10(auto attack)
Spells: 6/10(with abilities)

The off tank Alistar build

This is the new off tank build since his ap ratios got nerfed.

About the build

This build is made for a little more dmg.
it does that with the use of Trinity Force and cdr so you can spam and proc Trinity Force every time it is up.
with Unbreakable Will you can always tank anyway.

The core build

First get
Or philosopher's stoneSecond item should be


And that completes your core build.

After sheen get either or Banshee's Veil or Frozen Heart if you must have Defence
If not/after that finish Trinity Force
After that get Spirit Visage or Soul Shroud or Shurelya's reverie
and for the last item i recommend Zhonya's hourglass] or maybe an [[abyssal scepter for some defense and offense get a Guinsoo's Rageblade wich i have tested a little now and it actualy works, Or a Morello's Evil Tome
or something defansive like a Randuin's Omen, Force of Nature, Frozen Heart or maybe a Banshee's Veil

Try to build these items so they will get around 40% cdr. with Alistar's new bad ap ratios cdr is more important

some other items that may be usefull

It works but it is even Worse now and you really need more ap to make this work.
get Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Rod of Ages if you get this.

Everything about this item is good, the cdr the ap and the manaregen. but i just cant fit it into my build.
You are free to get it if you want

If you dont like Rylai's Crystal Scepter get this instead. but i like to have a slow on headbutt. but this give more health so both are as good, the mana is kinda useless tho.

This was in the build before but removed it after ap ratio nerf.
it still works i just find cdr more important, get this if you want or need a slow on headbutt or something

Why ?

Because it gives you ap wich is good, more ad wich is also good and aspeed everytime you attack and use an ability.
it works very well with trinity force and you can actually crit quite high once your trinity proc is up. and since Unbreakable Will gives you some ad and Trinity Force gives you aspeed and ad i thought i could use that a little. it is just really usefull with the other items i usually get.

Example builds

Heavy ad team

Or philospher's stone



shurelya's reverie Or

or a

Against heavy magic

Or philosopher's stone

(dont buy eleisa's then) Or


shurelya's reverie
and now sell Eleisa's Miracle

Against balanced teams

Or philosopher's stone


shurelya's reverie
And now sell Eleisa's Miracle

The old off tank build:

The old one, not used anymore due to lower ap ratios by patch

The core build

First get
Second item should be
these are the best for this build. third item is

And that completes your core build.

After sheen get either Aegis of the Legion or Banshee's Veil or Frozen Heart
After that finish Trinity Force
After that get Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Zhonya's Hourglass or Abyssal Mask
and for the last item i recommend Deathfire Grasp because it is an amazing item and that extra damage is good. if you want a defansive item as 6th the best are Randuin's Omen or Thornmail or Force of Nature

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Jungle Alistar

Jungle Alistar is a good thing, he gets more gold in jungle and your team will have 2 solo lanes.

-Gets more gold
-2 solo lanes
-Gan gank easily
-You will get buffs
-Good surviveability in jungle
-Can escape if ganked easily
-Not the fastest jungler
-Not the best counter jungler
-Kills some creeps slow(red/blue/dragon)
-Quite easy to counter jungle him
-Not good at invasions(going into enemy jungle and steel buffs/creeps)

The route

Im not the best jungler, this is just my way of doing it.

First buy Doran's Ring(Requires atleast armour runes in seals) then go to wraiths. Smite the big one and pulverize the others.

Then go to wolves. Pulverize and focus the big one. after the big is dead pick heal, heal and kill the others

Then go to golems. Smite the one and kill the others. Recall and buy Cloth armour and 2x Health Potion

Go wraiths and do the same thing again

Then Wolves and do the same again

Then either Go red/blue or the golems then red/blue. And thats the whole route. After that you are lvl 4, pick headbutt and go gank and kill any creep camp that spawns.

So the route is

Wraiths - Wolves - Golems - Recall - Wraiths - Wolves - Golems/red/blue -red/blue

The items

First tank.(build 3)

Cloth armour

And thats the core build next is just normal tank items, like in the tank section

Off tank one.(build 4)


Cloth armour
ionian bots of lucidity
philosopher's stone

And that is the core build, just get more offtank items after this.

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Wards are really important, for finding loner enemies, seeing escaping enemies, seeing invisible enemies, ganking the enemy team when they do dragon/baron, and to watch over buffs.
if you ward places it will pay it self sooner or later. and if you do and not the other team you have a big advantage
If they have an invis hero you should buy mostly Vision Ward to see them and gank and see when they scout.
if not get the normal sight ward

Most common places to ward.(maybe add pics later)
Blue buff, both sides
Red buff, both sides
Baron(more important)
Bushed in the mid lane can also be usefull.
and if teamfights often start in one place or a invis hero often walks somewhere it can be usefull to ward there.
in the lane phase ward the bush that is closest to the river because you can prevent ganks and see when the enemies leave lane or just stand there.
and the jungle in general is good. but those i have mentioned now is the best.

Most important! should be warded
Really smart to ward, will give an advantage.
Good, but not necessary
Random spots that might be worth warding if the enemy camps there, jungler etc

Sorry for not taking ingame pics, might do later some time

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Why i buy Eleisa's miracle everytime

The reason why i buy Eleisa's Miracle is simple, it give health regen wich is really usefull in early laning and you can take heavy harassment and it will heal you quick. but the most important reasons is that it gives you manaregen wich is something Alistar really needs, and i mean really. and you can heal more often and there will be no point in harassing you.
and it gives tenacity and that is awesome. with tenacity you dont have to buy Mercury's Treads and can get better boots for Alistar like Boots of Swiftness or Ionian Boots of Lucidity
and it one of the best laning items in the game(in my opinion) i always get this and tier 1 boots at my first b. never play a game without. but sell it when you got 5 other items for a more tanky item or something like that

But if you love Mercury's Treads you should really not get this

If i feel i need to be more tanky i get philosopher's stone and Mercury's Treads instead. but i do struggle more with mana then.

Guide Top

Why i dont use boots of mobility

I see many other guides out there that use Boots of Mobility for Alistar
but i can't understand why. you will be in combat in all fights so they will not give you more mvoespeed there and when you escape you will be so slow that they will never proc. not even if you Pulverize Headbutt they will still catch you.

So i say stick to the Boots of Swiftness or Ionian Boots of Lucidity

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Friends and enemies

Alistar is a great champion but he works better with someone and fears someone more than others

Good heroes to lane with:
The heroes are rated from 1-6 where 6 is best(i have not laned with all heroes in game so thi is not complete, and some are based only off what i know about their abilities]

Laning with her is amazing, she harrases good and if you pop in with Flash Pulverize Headbutt and she fires Enchanted Crystal Arrow they are sure to be dead.
the downside is she will take your minion kills and if you Headbutt wrong the Enchanted Crystal Arrow will miss

Veigar does good dmg and has a stun so it should work.
Combo would be Pulverize Event Horizon Dark Matter Baleful Strike then Headbutt he would most likley be dead if not veigard can fire a Primordial Burst

This would be a good combination
he can tank and stun and do uber good dmg
combo would be Cryptic Gaze Death's Caress Pulverize Headbutt then maybe even Cryptic Gaze or Pulverize is off cd

double heal is always lulz.
you would not really get that many kills so its no good combo. but you would harass them good( Soraka harasses good) and you would out level them because you dont need to leave lane

even better double heal, maybe even some kills.
combo= Dazzle Shatter Pulverize Headbutt

you do the tanking he does the dmg.
Pulverize Leap Strike Headbutt Counter Strike and he would most likley be dead

This is good, really good. he can heal himself + you can heal
and combo would be Spinning Slash Mocking Shout Pulverize Headbutt and he would be dead by then

Anivia(hmm 4)
dont know that much about her
but she does loads of dmg and should be a good/decent combination

she has a stun and she does good dmg.
double stun is always good
but you will be mostly magic dmg then. combo would be Summon: Tibbers Disintegrate Pulverize Incinerate Headbutt
It is very good, i have a friend who use to play Annie and we dominate in lane everytime

Holy god you will have loads of cc.
but your headbutt can destroy hes grab. will be really good if well timed.
basic combo would be Rocket Grab Power Fist Pulverize Headbutt Static Field

same as annie basicly. he initiates with stun or you do, then he unleashes all hes spells
your headbutt can destroy hes Sear stun


Well laning corki with a support tank is amazing.
when you stun it is certain death.
Pulverize Headbutt to corki Exhaust Gatling Gun and corkis ulti and 10% true dmg passive and hes dead before he know what happend

double stun and decent damage.
Evelynn is not the best in early game and not Alistar either so its not great

Master Yi(5)
he does good dmg and has no good farming even in lane, he can heal himself to.
but he is easy to beat if put some cc on and it has to be a good master yi.
no combo her lol he just auto attacks

he can also heal himself and harras good
and your Pulverize with hes Absolute Zero is good

There are more that are good to lane with but here are some.
as you see the best to lane with is usually a carry meaning ad carry since most carries are ad. then you can stun and heal and they can farm or minion farm

Dangerous enemies!
this is also classified from 1-6 where 6 is the most dangerous. i will only take the most dangerous here. they will also be classified as not so dangerous, dangerous or very dangerous

Vayne(5-6)Very dangerous
she has so many dmg boosts and such and using your ultimate doesn't help
her Silver Bolts is true dmg. and guess what? stacking heal doesnt help either, because Silver Bolts has base and %hp dmg. she will rape you if shes even a tiny bit fed. focus her down fast. shes usually extremely squishy.

Kog'Maw(6)Very dangerous
If he plays Bio-Arcane Barrage style with Madred's Bloodrazor and mpen you are screwed. you got to stack really high amounts of mr to counter this and even then it is hard.
he deals 10% of ur hp pr strike. you will max get it down to 4-5% but then you need loads of mr. so just focus him down if you can. he has a sick long range to

he often gets Madred's Bloodrazor and hes Hungering Strike is %hp based but he is meele so not that hard to focus down

Cho'Gath(3-5)Not so dangerous - Dangerous
If this guy plays tank he's ulti will do 800 dmg(768 if you got tenacity) even if you got Unbreakable Will on. but 800 isnt that much.
But if he play's ap tank you have a problem. he can also silence you wich makes you kinda useless in some seconds.
if tank(3-4)
If ap/ap tank(5)

He is not so dangerous but when he pops hes Fury of the Sands he gains massive damage per sec to you(%hp based) and bonus attack damage, just back off a little or Headbutt him away

Corki(5-6)Very dangerous
if he is good with Corki and has a good tank on hes team he is sick. hes Gatling Gun reduces alot of armour and he usualy has The Black Cleaver and those reduce 95 armour.
and if he does reduce your amrour by 95. all other meeles will do mroe and apply their arpen also. meaning. if against him + other ad's insta buy Thornmail and Frozen Heart or something like that.
and he probably got more arpen. and if even a tiny bit fed(even fed of minions) he can do 3k dmg fast late game
+ he's passive that does 10% of he's ad in true dmg. meaning it ignores your Unbreakable Will

Amumu(3-4)Not so dangerous
Well he is annoying and hes Despair does %hp based dmg but he usually doesn't have that much mpen so it does not do that much, but he is often hard to kill to so over time it will be a good amount of dmg he deals.

Here is a scenario, a teamfight just started and you charged in and got focused so you popped your ultimate. you start to win and someone of them starts to run. but you only have 800 hp left because everyone focused you and suddenly garen appears and because he gains 1 bonus dmg pr 2,5 health u miss he gets 1k bonus dmg and one hits you with Demacian Justice and Flash over a wall and runs away.
his ulti is so dangerous for high hp guys/tanks if they lose a decent amount of hp.
if hes near and you are low, heal yourself really fast or run/recall

Well he has true dmg, Reckless Swing wich ignores your Unbreakable Will
so every true dmg is annoying for Alistar
he is also hard to kill and gets more aspeed the less life he has.
but you should be able to survive him

Brand(3-4) Not so dangerous
Well he does alot and hes ultimate is good in teamfights( Pyroclasm)
but the pain is harassing early game. he's Pillar of Flame and Conflagration is good at that and if he hits you with Sear after you get stunned.
and on top of that he has a passive that takes 8% of your max over some sec when he hits you with an ability. like Ignite just not true dmg

Cant really think of anyone else now.
But basicly every fed carry is dangerous or any fed hero.
but these are the ones with abilities that is good against you.

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Farming and harrasing

Farming with Alistar is not very hard, the only problem is if you farm with abilities you will use to much mana so try to last hit as much as you can and a Pulverize hear and there
and use your Triumphant Roar near enemy minions so you might get some extra gold.

Harassing can be harder, if they are range or has long range abilities you usually should not bother. but the easiest way to harass is to use Headbutt when they come to farm minions.
that means less gold for them.

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Ap caster Alistar

Yes i know Pulverize has .6 ap ratio and Headbutt has .8 and passive has .1 but still..
WHY? yes you can survive with Unbreakable Will to but.
a meele ap caster? its usually bad and Headbutt and Pulverize is your only damage source.
and he is so much better at tanking.
and why pick him as your ap caster? yes he deals decent dmg but still. Veigar, Annie, Ryze, Malzahar and all those are so much better.

And now that his ap ratios got nerfed it is even bader

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General gameplay

-Try to farm minions alot early game and stay in lane as long as possible. when you go back you should have around 1000-1500 gold.
-if you get harassed alot level up your heal most.
get blue buff when you can(get your lanemate to help)(not if your ap carry needs it, or jungler)
with Alistar you can often get games like 2 5 20 and such because you dont get that much kills and usually someone on your team needs the gold more. but try to get as much gold as possible.
Do dragon at lvl 6.
Remember that aura items(Like Aegis of the Legion) supports your team to. but it is unique so if you and another one has the item you will get hes aura(so you and him will get 2x aura, idk why) but your team doesnt.
always get aegis if noone else does.

Buy items AGAINST the enemy. dont follow my builds exact. This is EXTREMELY important if not you will fail.

- Alistar is much better in premades (i think)
-you can easily tower dive at lvl 6. but beware its only 6/7/8 seconds your ulti lasts
-you can tank baron early with your Unbreakable Will and even better with some good armour items

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General gameplay: Ranked

in ranked things are usually a little different.

1.If you are laning with a carry, you should give the carry the last hits and focus on keeping the carry alive(if the carry can last hit about 60% of the minions atleast).
2. Wards are much more important.
3. You might want to do a blue buff invasion at lvl 1 to destroy their jungler.(but carefull so he doesnt get yours)
4. teaming up on dragon at lvl 6 is good(you cant really tank it before that) can do it before if ww can tank it or you have alot of heals
5. You have to use your Pulverize so it hits as many as possible(really important)
6. Farming!(your carry should farm lane, but if you dont lane with a carry farm like ****)
7. you can go in the jungle and farm(or jungle)
8. Tell ''ss'' or ''mia'' when someone is missing! really important, ping if you know where they went.
9. Area around dragon/baron should be warded at almost all times.
10. Taking the wrait camps offer you alot of easy gold
11. PROTECT YOUR CARRY!(the most important of all) Do not let the carry die before or in a teamfight, since he does almsot all the dmg.
12. Let almost all the kills for either the ap carry or the ad carry.
13. Remember your role and be carefull. dont always facecheck brushes if you dont have to.
Ashes hawshot or abilities like that can do the job better.
14. Remeber that you are a tank but you can still die if 5 focus you.
15. You want them to focus you in teamfights.

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Summary and some Tips & Tricks

So Alistar is a tank. even with no items and only hes Unbreakable Will he is.
He can farm good and do decent damage.
hes headbutt can often destroy for other abilities like Lux finales funkeln

He can be built as a tank, off tank, and support tank(showing 2 of the builds in this guide, since i never play support tank)

He has a good amount of cc .

Works best with very good teamwork or in premades

hes heal can heal minions to(yay!)
Can push very good.

Headbutt actually stuns the enemy a little bit after the knock back. so you can actually headbutt them forward and catch up to them.(not with everyone)

Unbreakable Will removes cc(many seems to forget) like Cleanse does.
so with Cleanse you have double cc removal.

if you chose to get Ghost and shurelya's reverie you will get sick movement speed if you pop both at once.

One of the heroes that is easiest to survive with in the whole game.but suiciding for teammates can be good. better that they get 300g for killing you than 800 for killing your godlike Ashe

Use your Triumphant Roar and Pulverize to trigger passive when killing towers(even with noone to heal noone to stun.
This works on minions to ofc.

Dont pop ulti before you rush in, pop in when you see they attacking you. if you pop it when they focus someone else its a waste.


If someone is standing next to a tower go behind them and another one in front. charge in with Headbutt and Pulverize and then pop Unbreakable Will and tank the tower while the other guy kills the enemy.

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This is some of my(and hopefully) some of your scores soon.

The game with bad scores was to show that you can still win a game or play good even with a bad score, or maybe you tanked good and got focused down by their fed carry and your team got all the kills, point is you dont have to have more kills than death to be good.

Some more

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Change notes

13th may Eu time.
- Guide has been posted!
- Fixed some mistakes and wrong spelling.
- Added a little more in some sections
- Added section about Ap caster Alistar
14th may Eu time.
- Added Scores section
- Added a picture and description to scores section
- Added Caster Alistar build way down at the bottom.
- Added a section for why i dont use Boots of Mobility
17th may Eu time.
- Change name from Alistar ''i like flowers'' to Alistar ''i like flowers'' An in depth guide to Alistar
- Changed all philosopher's stone to Eleisa's Miracle
- added a Section about why i get Eleisa's Miracle every game
21th may eu time
- Changed a mistake in masteries(thanks to Nominty nom)
- and wrote a little more in skill sequense
- Fixed masteries a little
22th may eu time
- Added some more to the scores
23th may eu time
- Added Olaf to the friends and enemies section
- Added Brand to the friends and enemies section
24th may eu time
- Added the patch to patch sections
- Added a new build in the item section
- Added ward section
25th may eu time
- Added the new build for offtank
- Changed skill sequence
31th may eu time
- Put the off-tank build in one section and the tank build in one section. added some more to both.
- added a little more to the Pulverize description
- Changed a little in the skill sequence
- Added lots of description's to the tank items in Items: Tank Alistar
1th june Eu time
- Changed the item section for tank a little(in the top) to match the balanced team build in Items: Tank Alistar
3th june Eu time
- Changed summary section to Summary and some tips & tricks
- Added a little more to the Summary and some tips & tricks section
4th june Eu time
- Added alternative start for both builds.
- changed runes for tank.
10th june Eu time
- Added greater mark of desolation to the rune section as optional
- Added picture to wards section
22th june Eu time
- Added more gold over time items.
- Changed cleanse with ghost
- added some more in the item sections
23th june Eu time
- Made a ranked section instead of having the ranked play in general gameplay.
- Added more in General gamplay, General gamplay: Ranked And Summary and tips & Tricks
24th june eu time
- Added the changes for gp10 items
- Changed the section grammar's name to Grammar and some other basic stuff
- Jungle section and 2 jungle builds added!
- Removed deathfire grasp
25th june eu time
- Added another score picture
- Changed summoner spell section a little
- Changed the section name of Grammar and some other basic stuff to Abbreviations and some other basic stuff because that is more correct.
- Removed the troll caster build at the bottom.
17th july eu time
- Changed masteries and items a little.

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Patch changes

League of Legends


Health per level reduced to 102 from 110
Ability power ratio reduced to .6 from .8
Reduced the chance of failed knockups near terrain
Base damage reduced to 85/130/175/220/265 from 85/135/185/235/285
Ability power ratio reduced to .8 from 1

This is a little nerf. it will not really affect the tank build, exept that you get 144 hp less in lvl 18. but the offtank build will be much worse with bader ratios, so i will work on the offtank build and remove some of the ap for cdr or something like that.
this makes trinity even more important for the offtank build.


The gold per 10 component of Philosopher's Stone, Heart of Gold, Kage's Lucky Pick, and Avarice Blade is now unique to itself

U cant get 2 of the same gp10 item now.

League of Legends v1.0.0.121


- Headbutt ability power ratio reduced to .7 from .8
- Pulverize ability power ratio reduced to .5 from .6
- Triumphant Roar ability power ratio reduced to .2 from .4

More nerfs... well this makes getting ap a little worse but the dmg will almost be the same.
the heal nerf is worse tho... your heal heals little enough already.