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Nidalee Build Guide by Do1HaveTh3Sauce

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All Roles: Nidalee *10.21* Updating Chapter Guide

By Do1HaveTh3Sauce | Updated on October 20, 2020
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  • LoL Champion: Nidalee
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    Nidalee (Support)

Runes: Safest Runes

1 2
Sudden Impact
Zombie Ward
Ravenous Hunter

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Midalee Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Jungle Role
Win 45%
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Champion Build Guide

All Roles: Nidalee *10.21* Updating Chapter Guide

By Do1HaveTh3Sauce
About This Guide
Instagram @nidalee.the.bestial.huntressHey guys, I am a Nidalee Jungle Main that can also play her as a Mid Laner or Top Laner. I hit Platinum recently on one of my accounts :). Anyways, this guide should help you with you Nidalee gameplay. It is still under construction, because I am learning how to code images and icons, so you will see some changes in the guide section. I hope y'all enjoy.
Pros & Cons Back to Top
1) Strong Assassin
2) Great Clear Time
3) Dominant If Mastered
4) One Shot Champion Potential
5) Flashy Ganks
6) Fun To Play

1) Squishy
2) Highest Skill Cap Jungler
3) A lot Of Difficult Match ups
4) Depending On Your Item Build, Falls Off Late Game
How You Should Jungle With Nidalee Back to Top
Nidalee is a strong early game jungler that will snowball if fed. When playing Nidalee, you need to know what you're going to do when the game starts even before the game begins. This is knowing what side you are going to be starting on, and if you are going to invade or not.
Worry about getting objectives and farming, rather than your K/D/A.
Starting Game: Invading Back to Top
When you spawn in, you should correlate with you team if you are going to invade or not. Ask if top lane will ward your blue or the river at 1:20.Normally you want to invade if you have a CC support, or someone that is extremely strong early game (Yasuo for example).

If the invasion is successful, it is a great opportunity for a first blood because your Q grows stronger the lower the opposing champions health is, so a Q, Flash, R, Q will be an easy kill if your team is with you.

Normally you invade when your team start at the top of the map, because you would normally start red, which is right above their blue side. More champions are starting red, meaning you will be able to invade if your Mid-Laner and Top-Laner will help.

If you are invading their Blue, ask your ADC and Support to see if they are starting red before you cross the river.

If you go to the bush in the middle of the river and see a champion, back off and just ask your Top-Laner for a leash and then clear using the following chapters method.

If you decide to invade their red because you see that the other team is starting blue, ask your entire team (Top may or may not come) to come with you.
This is the normal spot where there is a lvl 1 teamfight.

Make sure your support and adc come because this will be on the bottom side of the map where the other teams adc and support will be giving the other jungler a leash.

If this goes successful, you should end up with your team having 1-2 kills and you stealing their red buff.
Starting Game: Invading (After Clearing Enemies Red or Blue Buff) Back to Top
Once you have successfully invaded and taken their Buff, you want to upgrade E before W.

This is because you will want to go straight for your buff on the opposite side of the river, and will need a heal over AoE damage. You will also have 2 refillable potions, and possibly smite depending on whether you used it on the opposing teams buff.

Clear the remaining side of the jungle that you are on (Your Red or Blue Side). Then follow the steps that are provided in "Starting Game Basics: Red Side" and "Starting Game Basics: Blue Side.
Starting Game Basics: Red Side Back to Top
If you aren't invading, you always want to start red side. This allows you to get the most efficient clear time where you clear your side of the jungle, grab scuttle, and gank one lane.

1.Upgrade Q and stand in the bush in front of the Red Buff as far back as you can (Nidalee's human Q form does more damage the farther away you are from the target).

2. Start Red Buff with a leash. (if possible)

3. Upgrade W and set a W trap in front of the smaller Krug.

Backup and throw a spear (Q) at the big Krug, and instantly hit R to transform into your Cat form, and W across the wall into the big Krug that you marked with your Q (Gives you extra range to hop over the wall into the Krug because of Nidalee's Passive Skill).

4. Once you hop into the big Krug, immediately Smite the Big Krug and do a Spear (Q) Transform (R) Claw (E) Bite (Q) combo on the big Krug. Keep in mind, the small Krug should be taking damage from the Trap (W) that you placed out before you started the Krug Camp.

Keep on using your abilities to combo and kill the smaller Krugs, losing the least amount of health possible.

5. Go to the Raptor's Camp. Transform into human form. Use one Refillable Potion and place a trap (W) then Spear (Q) then Transform into the cat form (R) and use your W and Q while switching between your forms using R.

This takes practice because you need to know how long your ability cooldowns are.

6. After clearing the Raptor's camp Upgrade E (Heal and Claw) and begin to heal when you can.

7. Next, cross mid lane to go to the other side of your jungle.
IMPORTANT: If your mid laner needs a gank, throw a Spear (Q) and have your Q, R, W, E, Q combo ready if you hit the spear, and you can get a kill.
Starting Game Basics: Onto The Blue Side Back to Top
By this point, you should be level 3, and should have cleared your entire red side.

1. Clear the wolves. This camp is an easy clear because you have all of your abilities to clear and heal with.

2. Clear the Blue Buff, by using Smite.

3. By now, scuttle is up, go to river (you should be next to it after clearing Blue Buff) and kill the scuttle for vision.[/color]

4. Clear the gromp (You should have smite back up by now) and then gank one lane.

NOTE: You can clear gromp first and use smite on it instead of blue buff, then clear scuttle and invade their side of the jungle. Only do this is you know you out duel them early game and preferably know where they are on the map.
5. Recall, grab items, and go to the first objective: Dragon.
Nidalee Starting Game Basics (Conclusion) Back to Top
If you have done everything like I described above in the previous chapters, or some variant of it depending on the exact game situation, you should clear your jungle, grab scuttle, possibly have invaded their buff, and recalled before 5 min have passed in your game.


It's recommended that you go into the practice tool to learn how to clear the smaller camps, and the order that you do them in.

Then go into bot matches and ask other players for ganks, to see how your health stands after getting a leash from them (250 health or more is ideal), and then clear under 5 min.
Starting Game Basics: Blue Side Back to Top
Use this section if you want to learn how to start at the Blue Buff.

Ask you bot lane for a leash and kite to take minimal damage. DO NOT SMITE

Upgrade W and place trap and use your spear at maximum range to deal the most damage.

Use you abilities to kill the gromp, being sure you smite it when necessary.

Place trap and throw spear at the wolves and clear them.

Upgrade E and heal yourself, then crossing over to spear the raptors, and place traps so two of the raptors get marked allowing your pounce to get 2 cool down resets. Continue to use abilities and maximize healing when possible.


Skip over krugs and go to scuttle, then clear it.

From here, if you notice that the other jungler hasn't taken their gromp or wolves or for some reason their blue buff, you should invade them.

Note: Nid has great escape potential which makes her counter-jungling immense.

If you don't feel like counter jungling, gank mid or top lane to scare them off, possibly getting a kill and at minimum give your lane prio.

At this point its up to you what you do, because Drag will be up soon, so if you have kill gold, you might want to recall and get items, if you have plenty of mana because you took their blue buff, maybe stay and go for drag... all up to you.
Solo W Start Explanation Back to Top
Starting W is a risk because if they invade, you are kind of out of luck. However, if you master this clear, not only is it fast and you end with lots of health, but your lanes don't need to give you a leash.

This of this clear as a better but more complex version of Shaco's box clear.

So to begin place 3 traps at raptors, and 1 near the small krug.

Use your W to hop onto the raptors, which will reset serveral times due to the traps.

Be sure to switch to human for at some point and place a trap to get more resets on your pounce.

Upgrade Q, then throw spear and place trap. Start to clear the red buff by kiting.

Your goal is to move back and forth around the camp and spear, pounce and bite. Once mastered you shouldn't take any hits from the red buff. DONT SMITE

W in front of the big krug and throw spear. If you remember, you placed a trap in front of the small krug, so you will have two resets already up when you spear and the small krug walks onto the trap. This means you will have two resets on you pounce. SMITE THE BIG KRUG TO SAVE TIME

Next follow the instructions on the Starting Game Basics: Onto The Blue Side section.
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