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League of Legends Build Guide Author angrepskongen

AP killlanes teamguide

angrepskongen Last updated on July 7, 2013
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yes, suprisingly this is a teamcomp guide without adc. I have playd almost all my games the last 7 months botlane as ap carry (ap carrys + supports botlane). i hope that by the end of this guide you will see that the lane, and the two teamcomps here, have some advatages and that you test out the teamcomps or atleast the botlane before giving feedback (votes or comments)
This guide will focus on botlane and teamfighting without adc.
Btw this isnt a guide from a bronze player, i just got promoted to platinum (EU W)playing mostly Anivia and Xerath botlane with agressive supports.

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Burst and midgame comp

When you pick Anivia Leona botlane, you want your team to have safe or strong laningphase, and a jungler that can put presure on lanes, and can fight for objectives. Hard CC and good in midgame teamfight potensial is also preferred.
So my suggestion for a comp with Anivia and Leona botlane is Renekton top, Jarvan IV jungle and Orianna mid
Renecton is a lanebully top, jarvan can put presure on lane while also doing well in teamfights laiter in the game, and oriana is strong with champs like jarvan.

Botlane Laningphase

The idea with anivia leona botlane is to use the strong burst they got to snowball and/or zone the other teams adc. A nice combo at level 2 deals a LOT of damage: 60 from Zenith Blade + 100 from Shield of Daybreak + 170 from Flash Frost + 20 from Sunlight + 160 from Frostbite + 90 from Ignite
that is a total of 600 damage wihtout using auto attacks. yes the damage get reduced by ressist, but you also have a bit of magic pen, you have auto attacks, and you have the % damageamplifier from masterys. There is no adc that can survive a well playd level 2 from leona + anivia!
At level 6 you hitt a new powerspike. you now have a 6 sec cd poke that hitt for a thrird of the adc`s hp, Glacial Storm deals 100 damage(one sec), and Frostbite deals 350 if the target is in your ulti.
shorter verson: you win botlane if you play this lane well


ok, so you have a botlane that have a total of 4.25 sec stun, 3 sec of that is AoE cc. On top of a wall and a slow. You should also outdamage the other teams botlane without problems. This is the perfect possison to be in when forcing a drake fight. Use the lane presure you have and get drake and outerturret bot and mid if they are still up. Clean waves so your lanes are pushing and start counterjungling if you are unable to take more turrets. Try forcsing fights or stealing away obectives from the enemy team.


So you have failed to end the game before 35 minutes, you lack tower damage and the other team is sitting passive waiting for their vayne to get to her 3rd or 4th item. what do you do?
You have two options: either go baron, or dive the enemy team under tower. The reason i picked the safeguard mastery on renekton is that I would reccomend diving. You play a comp where you have 2 burst champs (orianna and anivia) and all 5 champs have hard CC. Its easyer to towerdive with a comp like this then it is for a "normal" comp. If you have a lead, dive them.
If the other team is a team that is hard to dive, cleaning enemy wards around baron is a nice way of catching someone with Crystallize when they come to check baron.
a few things you need to have in mind lategame with this comp:
  • you lack barondamage
  • you lack poke
  • you need zone or kill the enemy adc early in the fight if he isnt far behind

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Lategame comp

First thought when you see this comp is probably "this comp have way to much magic damage, no way this will work because the enemy team will stack mr" followed by "wtf Runaan's Hurricane on Kayle?!?!"

A look at the comp

so you have Kayle top, Amumu jungle, Karthus mid, and Cassiopeia Soraka botlane
Kayle is a toplaner that is used both as a strong and safe laner, and to protect high priority targets from burstdamage
Amumu is a snowball jungler, but is easy to counterjungle, so the laners need to be ready to stop the enemy jungler if he try to conterjungle
Karthus is a midlaner that gives your team global presure and good lategame damage. weak against ganks early
Cassiopeia botlane is, like when she is mid, a lanebully. Good poke and can zone out ad carrys when she get her Petrifying Gaze. Considerd a hypercarry
Soraka Soraka is a safe laningphase champ. You can get your laneparter through laningpahse easyer then most other supports can, but you lack the ability to go all inn and kill your opponent. On top of the Requiem, you can now change fights anywhere on the map with Wish


The other AP comp, like most ap comps you run, need to have an advantage from early game, and midgame so they can close out the game before the enemy team outscale them. However, this comp should outscale normal teamcomps. Powerspikes that you could try to use to make plays midgame is when Soraka finishes Will of the Ancients, when Amumu finnishes Abyssal Mask and when kayle finishes Runaan's Hurricane.
If you see the enemy jungler out of possison, taking the dragon is a good idea. Karthus is maybe the midlaner in the game with most dragon/baron damage. And you also have cassiopea witch is the only AP champ that can match karthus with drake/baron damage.

Besides dragon i would reccomend waiting for lategame. You can make plays with Requiem, but focus on geting farmed, unless you have decent lead from laningphase.


this is what you have been waiting for. you have three or four items on your carrys, and max level ultimates.
"well you have 2 ap-hypercarrys, a magic damage junglers, and a toplaner with magic damage on hitt effects. Even your support have a Will of the Ancients! how are you planing on doing damage if they stack mr?"
in teamfight this comp is based on the amount of magic resist reduction there is the game right now. The new Wit's End add even more, and with Runaan's Hurricane you`re able to reduce tons of mr. So what magic ressist reduction do you have on this team?
There is no way you get five persons in a Wall of Pain, or 10 stacks of Starcall on several targets. Reducing the MR of a few targets by 30% and 106/118 flat is far from impossible.

EXSAMPLE: (warning, math incoming)

This can turn 256 MR(base mr level 18, Resistance , Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist, Runic Bulwark, Abyssal Mask, Mercury's Treads and Spirit Visage into 97 mr, and that is before the Void Staff, Arcane Knowledge , Sorcerer's Shoes and Haunting Guise (for cassio) and Greater Mark of Magic Penetration reduce the efective mr down to 20! see that? a tank with 3 heavy MR items and mr boots have 20 efective MR against the cassio, and 35 against karthus.
"but then you need to aplay Wit's End and Holy Fervor to all your targets"
well, you remember the Runaan's Hurricane i mentioned earlyer? you can aplay the debuffs onto three targets eatch time you attack! on top of that you have high attackspeed, as both items give attackspeed.

just to add that, magic ressist reducstion goes to negative values, that means adc`s, or tanks that think they can avoid the magic ressist reducstion, with 50-70 mr can end up under 0. Negative values for mr works the same way as possitive ones, just that it increas the damage insted of reducing it.

tl;dr: this teamcomp can destory any mr stacing tank.

So your left with a karthus and cassio that can get protected by Intervention, Divine Blessing, Astral Blessing and Wish. You get ressist bonuses from Astral Blessing, cONSECRATION and Runic Bulwark. And if that wasnt enouf, you get spellwamp aura from Will of the Ancients. All this while dealing truedamage!

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more coming soon

I hope that i can soon have a bit more knowlage on counterpicks and synergy botlane for AP carry support lanes, and that i can put up another teamcomp guide, and also a guide where you can find all the different AP carrys that work botlane, what champs they counter, and what supports i would reccomend.
This is a lot of work finding myself, if anyone is up for helping me test lanes, add me, IGN is angrepskongen.


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