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Tristana Build Guide by Tauricus2017

Middle AP Tristana

Middle AP Tristana

Updated on May 31, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tauricus2017 Build Guide By Tauricus2017 57 9 273,568 Views 5 Comments
57 9 273,568 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tauricus2017 Tristana Build Guide By Tauricus2017 Updated on May 31, 2021
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Runes: Burst Damage

Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None
Greetings summoner. My name is Tauricus. I am a League of Legends player and guide writer since the very end of season 6. This guide is aimed at an AP Tristana. You can play her on all lanes but you will find the most success as a midlaner or ADC. AP Tristana has a lot lower DPS and late game potential then AD Tristana but on the other hand she has an insane burst damage and can make it pretty awkward for an enemy team to buy defensive items against. The main point of this guide is to help you have fun with Tristana and make you try something new and interesting. Have fun <3
Tristana Statistics
450 BE / 585 RP

Secondary Bar:

Release Date:

Secondary Attributes:
Ability Power


///// ///// /////
Health regeneration:
Mana regeneration:
559 – 2055
3.75 – 14.8
250 – 794
7.2 – 14.85
525 - 661
Attack damage:
Attack speed:
Magic resistance:
Movement speed:
61 – 117.1
0.656 (+ 0 – 25.5%)
26 – 77
30 – 38.5
Baning Phase
That is a very complicated question to answer. Usually people BAN champions that:
  1. Are stressful to play against
  2. Are very strong in the current meta
  3. Counter a champion they want to play
A typical example of a champion that it is stressful to play against can be Ashe. Ashe is always playing from afar making it hard for you to get in range. Her damage is high and her Enchanted Crystal Arrow is deadly If you won't dodge it. She isn't very strong and Tristana can still win this matchup but it is just way too stressful matchup.

An example of a champion that is very strong at the current meta as for time I was writing this is Sona. At the time of me writing this, she is holding a 52.77% winrate and her playrate is only growing up. She is powerful, popular and very effective at this time.

An example of a champion that counters Tristana would probably be Sivir. She can easily block your very expectable Rocket Jump and this ability is pretty much all damage you have with this build. Sivir just counters Tristana with her playstyle and there is nothing you can do about it.

But If you really don't have a champion to BAN, then here are my personal recommendations:



βœ” Electrocute
Great rune that allows you to dish out a lot more damage from successful combos. It has rather short cooldown so go for a trade whenever it is up. Let the enemy eat that damage up, feed it with your AP burst, make sure to squeeze their stomachs and let all of that sweet gold burst out. Welcome to AP Tristana life..


✱ Cheap Shot
Tristana rather always takes Cheap Shot or Sudden Impact. Both of those amplify your damage from Rocket Jump engage. I would personally say that as for right now Cheap Shot provides less damage and thus should be never taken.


✱ Taste of Blood
Hypothetically a good rune. Great into poke matchups and allws you to keep up in lane. However usually When I face a poke champion I don't want to "survive" his damage and just CS, I want to crush it to the ground and that is Why is this rune usually pretty bad. It allows you to survive your opponent, but not to kill it.


βœ” Sudden Impact
Great rune. Boosts your all in potential with Rocket Jump. You can even proc it when using blast cone or Flash.


✱ Zombie Ward
Tristana has hard time dealing with wards. This rune is usually good only on Oracle Lens support s and/or Umbral Glaive users. Tristana is none of those.


✱ Ghost Poro
This rune generally isn't bad. On Mid, it is hard to keep up the vision in both bushes and longer ward duration can come in handy. As the game will go, however, you will lose a lot of AP you would get from Eyeball Collection and you will fall a bit more behind. Not bad rune - situational - not good either.


βœ” Eyeball Collection
Great rune, allows you to snowball very quickly forward and keep up the damage train going. It is a bit worse on bottom lane because it takes time for the game to kill all those enemies in lanes far far away.


✱ Ravenous Hunter
This rune is a pitfall you have to avoid. You don't need more self sustain. You jump on your enemies and you survive/die, there is no way that healing would do anything there.


✱ Ingenious Hunter
We have only one active item, Zhonya's Hourglass in our build. That however isn't enough to get much value from this rune :/


βœ” Relentless Hunter
Great rune that helps you get to your lane faster then your opponent. Your engages will be quite a bit quicker and when deep warding you won't lose that much EXP.


βœ” Ultimate Hunter
Generally a tiny bit better then Relentless Hunter. You often times NEED to use Buster Shot to survive and your damage without it is pretty low as well. With this rune you don't have to worry that much about it.



✱ Overheal
Usually a bad rune. It finds a bit of value with healing based support like Soraka but even then it just is not enough.


✱ Triumph
Definitely a great rune in situations when you feel like Ignite in 1v1s might be a problem. A solid rune in some cases.


✱ Presence of Mind
Probably the best mana focused rune available. Sometimes it can be hard to stack it but when you do, the mana sustain it provides is amazing. Helps you keep up in game without recalling for mana restoration. A solid choice in some builds.


βœ” Legend: Alacrity
Great in most cases. Allows you to stack up Explosive Charge faster and makes your combos and DPS a lot stronger. Also ties well with Nashor's Tooth.


✱ Legend: Tenacity
When the enemy team has way too many CC champions in their team like Morgana, Leona, Ashe, Evelynn, Amumu, etc. this rune becomes absolutely insane and overvalues Presence of Mind with ease. On the other hand If the enemy team doesn't have that many CC champions, this rune becomes almost useless.


✱ Legend: Bloodline
Pretty bad rune. We already have low AD with this build and thus the value of this rune is underperforming.


βœ” Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace is a very powerful rune that empowers our damage significantly. Since we want to engage mainly on low health enemies this rune is just absolutely insane.


✱ Cut Down
This rune is pretty bad at every situation. Doesn't matter If you are facing max HP based champions like Cho'Gath. With AP build you won't ever kill them, and Cut Down makes no difference here.


✱ Last Stand
Usually when you hit the HP level this rune needs to start working, you will be already dead in next few seconds anyway. This rune is not useful at all.
Axe is the king of shards in most Tristana builds. People often ignore this rune on APCs like AP Tristana, but I consider the bonus attack speed much more relevant then more AP. It helps you clear wards, destroy turrets or stack up Explosive Charge much easier. Diamond is not necessarily a bad choice but there the value is barely not good enough. Time is a really bad rune, that is almost always pretty bad. Ignore this one completely.

Diamond is (almost) always a right choice. It just brings you so much more value then Circle or Shield could ever provide. Even against full AD team compositions, you would still probably go for Diamond rather then Shield. Against full AP compositions I guess Circle could be selected as it gives you more MR then Shield gives Armor, but even then, Diamond would be an optional and completely viable option.

Since Heart is extremely bad rune for you, as you don't scale with HP by any means. Always choose Circle or Shield depending on which champions are you facing on your lane. If the botlane is double AD ( Pyke + Jhin for example), always go for Shield. If there is a high poke mage on botlane ( Xerath, Brand, etc.) or If the marksmen is AP champion ( Viktor, Ziggs, etc.), go for Circle. If the damage of the enemy botlane is somehow equal ( Sona + Ashe), choose between Shield or Circle, depending on other champions you will often see in game like a jungler or enemy midlaner. When you are mid, simply pick a rune that counters damage type of enemy midlaner.
Pros & Cons


+ Ranged champion
+ Amazing Burst
+ Great Engage
+ Great Disengage
+ Versatile Item Path
+ Great self peel
+ Doesn't need Flash

AP Tristana is a queen of burst damage. She can annihilate her prey very quickly and then immediately Rocket Jump back into the safety. Even though this build is kind of trolly, Tristana still has 3 abilities that scale with AP. She has absolutely outstanding late game potential and she is overall a great champion to play.


- Squishy
- Low DPS
- Easy to counter
- Under-performing early game
- Report Magnet
- Her combos are tricky
- Requires good Support synergy

AP Tristana sucks in longer fights. Her Rocket Jump can be really easily denied with CC, making her highest source of damage nearly useless. Her early game is quite bad due to non existential passive ability and low damage output. She needs a good setup from her support , otherwise she won't be able to properly engage. Her combos take a lot time to learn.
Summoner Spells
Always Choice
Ignite is a very powerful summoner spell that helps pushing your engage damage over the top. It is necessary in every situation and every situation when you don't want to run Ignite you don't want to play AP Tristana either as burst damage is all she has. This summoner spell can also be potent against healing based champions like Soraka and Vladimir.

Bot Lane/Good Communication Only
A pretty good summoner spell that works best on bot lane as it can save you or your partner from danger or setup an engage. It can also do the trick on mid lane but only when you can communicate with your jungler well as this summoner spell can help both of you collect early kills.

Against DPS
Exhaust is a very universal summoner spell. It can be used as a way to lockdown high DPS champions like Cassiopeia, Vayne or Riven. It can be used as a way to lower damage of assassin champions like Katarina or Talon when used before their combo activates. It can also be used on enemy jungler while ganking you to prevent them from engaging properly. But it can also be used as a way to slow down your prey making it easier to chase down or to protect your ADC from enemy ADC. Overall it has a lot of uses and is a very universal summoner spell that still shines the best against DPS thread.

Cleanse is a solid summoner spell that can save you from situation where Exhaust and/or Barrier are completely useless, most notably heavy CC abilities that can lock you in place making you a vulnerable prey. It offers bad teamfight potential and is hard to use but can be crucial If you want to survive constant CC engages from champions like Sejuani or Morgana and in combination with Ignite it can make up pretty undetectable engages and turnarounds.

Teleport is amazing teamfights turnaround ability. It can be used to quickly get back to your lane or to kill a low health enemy in a galaxy far far away. It can be also used as a way to escape engages when paired with Bushes or Alcoves. It has high cooldown but is very useful.

Against Burst
Barrier provides you a solid defence against quick and burst champions and provides the most safety out of all secondary summoner spells. Barrier can also be used as a way to tank a turret shot for your jungler/support, remain longer in a fight, when tower diving or to proc Shield Bash If you are an absolute madman.

A pretty unnecessary summoner spell for AP Tristana since we engage with Rocket Jump > we get a reset somehow > we Rocket Jump back. Still Flash is a solid summoner spell that allows you to flash into dragon pit and still have Rocket Jump available for dragon steal or you can use it as a tool for W animation cancel combo or as an emergency survive tool when you mess up something.
Ability Explenation
Draw a Bead (Passive): The range of basic attacks, Explosive Charge and Buster Shot increases with each level.

Rapid Fire (Q): Tristana increases her attack speed for few seconds.

Rocket Jump (W): Tristana jumps to nearby location dealing damage and slowing nearby enemies that she lands on. On enemy champion takedowns or upon detonating Explosive Charge at maximum stacks on an enemy champion, the cooldown is reset.

Explosive Charge (E):PASSIVE: Enemies explode when killed by Tristana's basic attacks, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies. ACTIVE: Tristana places a bomb at target unit or turret. The bomb grows in power as it gets hit by Tristana's basic attacks and abilities up to 4 times. After 4 seconds (or when applying the last stack) bomb explodes and deals damage to nearby enemies. If Buster Shot is used to apply the last stack, the detonation will instead be delayed until the end of the Airborne or the 4 seconds expire.

Buster Shot (R): Tristana fires a massive cannonball dealing damage to target hit and knocking it back.
Starting Item?
As a MID/ADC player you have a lot of items you can buy at the start of the game, that will affect your early game a lot. Here are ones you should be focusing on, reasons why they are so good and in which situations you should take them.

Going Doran's Blade makes all your Diamond runes into +AD which is brilliant for farming. You can also punish your enemy/ies a lot harder when they come for CS (generally good against close range mid laners). Also When you switch to AP items the Diamond runes turn into +AP creating something I personally call "Unexpected shift", enemies will all of a sudden have to fear your Rocket Jump engage more then your AA poke, completely re-learning what they have learned when playing against you, which may or may not result in their mispositioning and underestimation of your power .

Corrupting Potion is great for early engages with your Rocket Jump. The bonus damage works well If you feel like you and your jungler are planning some early ganks. It can sustain you from damage and renew some mana you lost for trades. It provides 0 stats throughout the laning phase though, making it problematic for newer Tristana players to last hit.

A very risky choice to take. If selected in right situation it can snowball you incredibly hard and allows you to take some easy kills here and there. It also provides some solid healing bonus and makes it able for you to go Refillable Potion instead of just healing potions. Makes last hitting quite a bit harder though and when things go wrong it can mess up your early game a bit. Good with aggressive supports or against poke midlaners.

Cull is great for chill CS farming. If you will play safely and just CS a lot in general while avoiding any dangerous fights, you will get an insane value out of this item later on. The healing is generally stronger then healing from Doran's Blade and selling this item provides a lot more gold as well. I dis recommend it to newer players, since this item requires you to play around it and shift your playstyle to a bit different position.



Sorcerer's Shoes provide you a much needed boost in AP damage against squishy champions. The bonus is very negligible against tanks but you don't want to focus on them anyway. Plated Steelcaps are great against AD/AA team comps featuring a lot of dangerous AD threads like Yasuo, Tryndamere or Zed. Mercury's Treads are great against heavy AP damage based enemies like Syndra or Anivia. It is also great as a way to reduce effectiveness of strong CC abilities like Dark Binding or Glacial Prison.
Items Detailed
Essential Item
Amazing stats for you. AP helps you in engages and attack speed helps you to proc all stacks of Explosive Charge. The on-hit damage helps a lot during CSing and it ties really well with Rapid Fire. Super good item you want to build every game.

Essential Item
The only really good Mythic item for AP Tristana. It provides great load of AP and Magic pen. as well as some mana on top. The passive effect it provides is great for bursting down enemies and the mythic passive is absoilutely nuts as well.

VS. Heavy AD
Great item that provides you amazing stats that are generally better against AD team compositions but work well every time. The stasis is extremely effective as it can be used to survive even the deadliest damage abilities or remove minion/turret/dragon aggro.

Huge Powerspike
Amazing but very expensive item. It takes time until you will be finally able to afford it but when you do, it is absolutely worth it. The damage boost is simply insane and post Rabadon's Deathcap you will have no equal.

A very powerful item that provides you some solid battle stats. A lot of AP, health and some movement speed on top. You need all of those stats pretty hard to remain relevant in the game. It's spellblade passive ability is very useful while taking trades, engages or when farming to get rid of the siege minion s.

VS. Heavy AP
Great magic resistance based item that works best against AP team compositions. It provides solid damage stats and nice +10% CDR. The Spellshield ability is always amazing but it finds the most value against champions that need to hit that 1 ability to engage like Zoe's Sleepy Trouble Bubble or Fizz's Chum the Waters.

This item is very risky but can provide you a huge spike in damage If built in a right situation. That is, When you are already ahead and you need to push your power quickly forward. Keep in mind that building this item has consequences. If you die, you lose A LOT power, enemies will be more likely to focus you, you will have to play much more safe and you will have to sell this item after fullbuild to obtain something more reliable.

VS. Healing
When building this item, you usually want to stop with Oblivion Orb and finish it later on as the rest of the item is very expensive and inneficient. This item provides some nice battle stats but the main part of this item is Grievous wounds passive that can reduce the healing of your opponents. Great against healing based champion like Vladimir, Soraka or Dr. Mundo.

VS. Magic Resist
Great item that allows you to takedown larger and much beefier opponents. Great when enemies are building a lot of magic resistance against you or when you are just facing a lot of tanks.

Engage Without Ultimate or Items

+ + + AA + AA + AA

Basic Trade

+ + AA + AA + AA + AA
  • Requires 50 mana (+5 mana for every additional point in Explosive Charge)
  • This combo is great for basic trades and it doesn't require you to jump into dangerous position.
  • Every auto attack you cut from this combo, makes it unable to reset Rocket Jump and the combo will do less damage but it will be a lot quicker and safer.
  • It offers solid damage, it is pretty easy to do and procs Electrocute

Full Engage

+ + + + AA
  • Requires 210 mana (+5 mana for every additional point in Explosive Charge)
  • This combo your strongest engage combo in your disposal.
  • It offers enourmous damage, it is pretty hard to do, moves you and your enemy forward and procs Electrocute
  • Make sure you cast Explosive Charge before actually landing on your opponent to not lose 1 stack of Explosive Charge
  • Cast Buster Shot just as you are about to hit ground to reduce it's cast time and make a combo faster
  • You can cast this combo with missing Ignite but keep in mind that it reduces damage of this combo quite a bit
  • It does not matter when will you cast Ignite.

Bonk & Jump Combo

+ + + + + AA + AA
  • Requires 210 mana (+5 mana for every additional point in Explosive Charge)
  • This combo is great to turn the tides of battle around after getting engaged. Simply wait for opponent to get right next to you, throw him away with Buster Shot and then immediately engage with Rocket Jump on place he will appear.
  • This combo is very hard to pull of, has a lot of requirements and is very situational but it can dish out a lot of damage

Rocket Jump Animation Cancel

  • Requires 60 mana.
  • Simply use Rocket Jump at close distance and then immediately Flash at the exactly same spot. If you have done it right, you cast Rocket Jump and immediately dealt damage around yourself without any cast time.
  • This combo is very, situational and hard to pull of and has extremely small range, but on the other hand is very quick and unpredictable.

Champion Hook

+ + AA
  • Requires 160 mana.
  • Simply use Rocket Jump to get behind your enemy and then push him right into your team/turret with Buster Shot
  • To maximize the damage but lower the reliability, you can use Rocket Jump on your enemy while still being behind him. It is hard to hit but it does a lot more damage.
  • This combo is quite easy to pull of and it is very powerful in utility it provides to your team
  • Make sure you follow up with Basic Trade combo after this If necessary.

Christmas Gift

+ + AA + AA +
  • Requires 150 mana (+5 mana for every additional point in Explosive Charge).
  • Simply use stack a Explosive Charge on your target and then throw him into enemy team with bomb on it to deal a massive team damage.
  • This combo is one of the hardest to pull of as you have to know exactly where will your target be after Buster Shot. I generally dis-recommend to newer Tristana players to use this combo.

Zhonya Engage Combo

+ + +
  • Requires 210 mana (+5 mana for every additional point in Explosive Charge).
  • Use this combo to engage on your enemy under the turret and kill him instantly. Zhonya's Hourglass helps you redirect the turret shot on nearby friendly minions as you won't take any turret aggro after landing with Rocket Jump
  • Make sure you cast Explosive Charge before actually landing on your opponent to not lose 1 stack of Explosive Charge
  • Cast Buster Shot just as you are about to hit ground to reduce it's cast time and make a combo faster

Tips & Tricks
  • You can cast abilities during Rocket Jump. Use this to make your combos faster, so you won't have to wait for ability cast times.
  • When being chased by an enemy, you can fire an auto attack on a Blast Cone (explosive flower in the jungle) and then use Zhonya's Hourglass right after to not get knocked back by it.
  • You can use a Blast Cone as a way to proc Sudden Impact magic penetration bonus
  • After casting Buster Shot you should be able to fire a one more auto attack onto your target while it is knocked away
  • If you use Buster Shot on a target with 3 stacks of Explosive Charge the target will explode immediately after getting knocked back, giving its allies no space to dodge the explosion.
  • Try to make your damage seem "bursty" rather then "over time". If you will wait for your Explosive Charge to get last stack and then immediately cast Rocket Jump and Buster Shot in the air and make all of those 3 abilities (combined with Ignite If possible) hit your target AT THE SAME TIME, you will crush your opponent out of nowhere, If you would wait on the other hand and make big space between your abilities your target will be able to react with Flash or Barrier and there is a chance that you will miss a kill.
Warding Through Walls
How to Have More Fun?
Having fun in League is not as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of reasons that prevent you from having fun and just enjoying game. Take a look at my notes on What is blocking you from fun nirvana:

  1. YOU ALLOW OTHER PLAYERS TO TAKE YOU DOWN - Seriously, don't listen to other people. All they usually want is to win or just make you feel terrible. Whether they are overpinging you for mistakes, flame you or just want to report you - don't listen to them. Mute all players, mute all pings and focus on yourself.

  2. YOU ARE FOCUSING TOO MUCH ON OTHERS - This is basically an opposite version of last point. When you keep watching other players and you flame them, ping them or 'guide them' (=meaning you keep telling them What to do and How to play the game - players hate that, don't do it!). You are going to have fun much less frequently. Don't center your mind around others - leave them alone and focus on yourself.

  3. YOU ARE PLAYING TOO MUCH RANKED GAMES - Alright, ranked games are basically normal games but centered around competition. Competition might be fine for winning and pushing your game knowledge further but it really is not good for having fun. Play normal games instead. In normal games there is nothing you can win and nothing you can lose.

  4. YOU CENTER FUN AROUND WINNING - Probably the most important point of them all and hardest to overcome. All people enjoy winning, that sweet taste of victory on your tongue is amazing - I know it - But is it correct to have fun only when you are winning while falling down when you are losing? If you teach yourself that winning X losing are just 2 words with very small meaning, you will not center your excitement around state of the game. The only real difference between having and not having fun should be you. You should be able to decide yourself If you are/aren't having fun and not center it around other's gameplay.

  5. YOU ARE AFRAID OF EXPERIMENTING - Experimenting is great, trying new strategies, builds, rune setups, champions, etc. can keep the game fresh and unique. Don't stick to just one build. Open your mind to new options, Is there something so crazy what you have always wanted to try out? Go for it! Test it! Who cares that it might be bad If it makes you have fun.
Kiting is a technique performed mostly by marksman players to maintain the distance between the target while still applying solid DPS to them. The way kiting works is fairly simple, you want to right click your target with auto attack and then immediately reposition yourself. Then you right click your target again and once again you reposition yourself...., so you will basically auto attack your enemy while moving. This technique guarantees you maximum safety as you will be able to dodge skill-shots while staying in safe distance and dealing damage. Note that as AP Tristana player, you will most likely not utilize this technique as If you would play AD but still, this technique is quite important for you to learn. Also keep in mind that kiting is very skill-expressive, you need to move immediately after you fire the projectile from your auto attack. The longer the gap between that projectile and your timing will be, the more DPS you lose. Kiting requires a lot of practise to master and you definitely won't learn it in a day but with enough practise, everything is possible :)

Alert System
Pings are very important for you to understand and use them. Using pings you can immediately respond to a situation you are in and help other players with incoming threads. To ping your allies simply hold "ping hotkey" and hold primary click, and choose a ping you want to use in the current situation. The most useful ping in the set is ENEMY CHAMPIONS ARE MISSING. Every time your lane opponent leaves the map for at least ~5 seconds, use this ping in your own lane to notify other laners about possible incoming thread. Your jungler can now check the dragon , because maybe it is contested now. Your botlane can now slowly let the minion wave to their own turret to stay save and your toplaner can prepare his Teleport. Another important ping is ENEMY HAS VISION HERE. This ping is hidden under a different key then other pings (S) and it doesn't require you to hold anything, just press S where you want this ping to be located. This ping is great for calling Oracle Lens users to clear some Stealth Wards there. It can also be used as a way to tell your allies: "Don't contest this dragon , enemies see us." or to tell your jungler that he has been spotted in a bush and his gank would not be effective this way. Another important ping is ASSIST ME. This ping is usually used as a way to quickly ask your jungler for gank but it doesn't have many other uses outside of that. Then there is ON MY WAY. This ping is not very important but it has it's uses. You usually want to use it to notify others to wait for you, so they won't start a 4v5 teamfight. Then we have got a DANGER and ATTENTION pings. Both signalise pretty much the same thing (danger) but the ATTENTION is a bit less urgent and necessary. So When you see the whole enemy team hoping into 1 bush waiting for an ambush (pun intended) you use DANGER, but when you see your ally hoping into an unwarded area, you use ATTENTION. You can also ping some GUI stuff like respawn timers, cooldowns, levels, bounties, mana bar, items and much more. Use them for obvious reasons, to tell your allies that you can't engage yet because you are 58% from level 6 and your Buster Shot is on 12 second cooldown. You don't want to play aggressive because your bounty is worth 700G. You couldn't kill your target last teamfight because your mana bar was on 2%. You don't want to recall yet because you are 174G from Lich Bane. Be creative and use pings to quickly notify other players about everything that is happening on the map.

Learn more about pings here.
Chat Is Only For Business
Do not waste your time by typing into chat useless information. Do not type that you are just extremely unlucky, you were in alpha, your Ignite didn't cast, your allies are monkeys, jg diff, supp diff, top diff, ez, 1v1 me bro, nice babysit, your champion is not balanced, nice feed Yasuo, WTF Zed 0/2/1??, WTF is your hitbox, your mom gay, etc. By the time you were writing this you could notice Zac quickly passing through your Stealth Ward and you could ping your toplaner that enemy jungler is prepared to ambush him/her. By the time you were typing this you could hit a really easy Explosive Charge because your enemy mispositioned. You could ward a dragon or analyse the best itemization for this game, but you didn't because you just had to type some random nonsense no one else cares about at all. Keep your chat serious & don't complain and watch your winrate growing like a beautiful orchidea :)
Special Thanks And Links
Jhoijhoi's Making A Guide
Tristana Statisticks
xHS - Warding through walls video
Thanks for reading my guide. I hope you learned something new and interesting. If you like my guide consider an upvote, it helps me a lot. If you have any question, feel free to ask in the discussion or just PM me directly (I don't mind). If you would have any ideas how to make this guide better, express them in the discussion of this guide, I am doing my best to keep the guide to your likes. Good luck in future games and have a ravishing day <3

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