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Ahri Build Guide by Actaurus

Support ✧ Azure Ahri ✧ ~ Ahri Support (Low-Elo Guide)

Support ✧ Azure Ahri ✧ ~ Ahri Support (Low-Elo Guide)

Updated on March 2, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Actaurus Build Guide By Actaurus 8,752 Views 0 Comments
8,752 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Actaurus Ahri Build Guide By Actaurus Updated on March 2, 2024
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Runes: ✧ Recommended Runes

1 2
Glacial Augment
Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Taste of Blood
Ultimate Hunter

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


1 2 3
✮ The "Standard" Spells ✮
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

✧ Azure Ahri ✧ ~ Ahri Support (Low-Elo Guide)

By Actaurus
Table of Contents (Overview)
The Lore
Ruined King Saga
Heal | Flash
Ignite | Flash
Exhaust | Flash
The Moveset
Glacial Augment | Domination
Dark Harvest | Inspiration

TABLE OF CONTENTS CODE BY Making a Guide: L3gislacerator

Ahri Champion Overview

AHRI : The Nine-Tailed Fox

I assume that most readers of this guide are already familiar with Ahri's mechanics. However, for those venturing into my off-meta Ahri build without prior knowledge of the champion, this pre-chapter provides an overview of our beloved Kitsune.

In the canonical lore of Runeterra Prime, Ahri is a female Ionian Vastayan and stands as one of the last of her kind. Despite her ties to Ionia, she is notably referenced in The Ruined King Saga events, where she hired Yasuo as her bodyguard during the Spirit Blossom Event: Perennial and Kin of the Stained Blade.

Identified as a Vasani, Ahri represents the final remnant of her race—a fox-like subset of the Vastayan People. Much like Xayah and Rakan embody bird-like Vastayans, and Sett takes on the form of a Wolverine. The peril faced by her entire race drove Ahri to consume the "essence" of those around her, culminating in an incident where she absorbed the essence of a dear friend and later her lover. This frenzy propelled her away from humanity. However, events during the Perennial compelled her to seek her people's artifacts and forge her own memories, shifting away from feeding on stolen experiences.

Aligned with Yasuo's renewed purpose after reconciling with Yone in Kin of the Stained Blade, he was hired as Ahri's bodyguard. This collaboration allowed Ahri to conceal her Vastayan power. Together, they embarked on a journey to Bilgewater, but eventually, Ahri parted ways with Yasuo out of concern for his safety from her unpredictable actions. Their paths converged once again in the Shadow Isles as they joined forces in the quest to thwart Viego.

AHRI : Moveset

Ahri's Abilities can be split into 5 sections, The Passive, The Q, W, E, and R.

Ahri is classified as a hybrid of Mage and Assassin , as depending on how you play and what you build she acts either way, her main engage is Charm which is the green or red flag for nearly any trade.

Currently (Patch 14.4) Ahri's Orb of Deception has a ***ping 50% AP Scaling hence some Ahri players have been going Q 3rd Upgrade then Maxing W at level 9, this does not matter for Support Ahri however, as your Charm and Q max is ideal.

Orb of Deception

Orb of Deception is a 900 Range, non-piercing damaging source for Ahri, a non-piercing skillshot is an ability that can't be bodyblocked by player, turrets, or minions. As of this point Orb of Deception does a set amount of damage and then additionally 50% of Ahri's current AP in damage.

This ability has Ahri throw her iconic magic orb at her target, which does Magic Damage, before returning and then doing the same amount in True Damage. And so, I'd reccomend using this ability frequently against Tank Matchups in Midlane, such as Galio or champions that are weak to non-pierce like Naafiri.

Fox Fire

Fox-Fire is Ahri's Utility ability, it is a short (725) range lock-on attack which prioritises the last enemy hit if they are still in range, then the lowest hp target, and lastly any target nearby.

Fox-Fire is naturally good for early game CS, and is also a common start for Midlane Ahri, this is because of the AWA Electrocute combo which does significant damage for a low cost of mana and time.

However, in this Support Ahri guide I'd reccomend either Glacial Augment or Dark Harvest as your primary runes, and so most of Fox Fire's utility is lost, it is still good for extra damage output and repositioning yourself in Botlane.


This is the main attraction of Ahri. (see what I did there ;D)

Her Charm is similar to a stun or the reverse of flee, instead of incapacitating somebody and making them freeze/run away, then run towards you at a much slower speed, this makes it incredibly good when you're near your own turret, as one miss-step from the enemy midlaner and 'BOOM!' they are walking straight through your turrret.

In botlane this is also terrific, it means whoever you hit will start walking towards you and--hopefully-- your ADC.

Using my reccomended Glacial Augment runes, this will also slow the enemy hit, and any enemy nearby. Making this already crazy good engage even better!

Spirit Rush

Spirit Rush is a game-changing ultimate, it isn't anything flashy (besides the fact it's the equivalent of 3 extra flashes) but it's utility and synergy with Ahri's kit is incredible.

The Ultimate a 3-8?! Dash ability, when in use you get 3 symbols under your Ahri, once all 3 are used up your Ultimate is on cooldown, however, if you gain one takedown,(kill or assist) you gain an extra charge, hence 3 + 5 takedowns = 8 Dashes! My reccomendation in teamfights is to not use your last charge until you gain a takedown, always keep one charge available for disengage incase it goes sour, if it goes well and you're in a chase scenario then good job! you still have your extra dash to catch up with them!

And yes like Flash, you can wallhop using Spirit Rush.

Essence Theft

Sadly, I don't have a video of Essence Theft as I cannot kill Practice Tool punching bags...

Ahri's Passive is a healing ability, Ahri heals a percentage of health after getting either a Kill, Assist, or CSing 9 times. As Ahri support, you should be giving your kills to your ADC and not CSing. Hence the only way to procc this Passive as Support is through assists. Luckily, with Taste of Blood Ahri's assist heal is still crazy good! and helps with the coinflip battles Botlane is known for.

Spirit Rush, Charm, Fox Fire, Orb of Deception, Spirit Rush 2/3

I bear some bad news... With Everfrost currently removed, Ahri is not looking as good Combo wise as she ever had before. Hence the continuous buffs to Ahri's kit these recent patches, Everfrost was near a necessity on Ahri before for her combo potential, but now she is left with her Charm for CC.

This is the combo my brain tends to default to, although being an Ahri One Trick I play Ahri thinking less about combos and more just "I should use this move now." kind-off instinctively. The only thing you really need to do to combo as ahri is W after auto-ing, hitting Orb of Deception right after Charm, and always engaging with Charm.
Champ Overview 2 (Runes/Summoners)

AHRI : Summoner Spells


Exhaust Summoner Spell is easy to proc right after landing a Charm, in the case where the charm is dodged or misses you can still ensure landing exhaust through R, R (Spirit Rush) has 3 charges so the 1st can be used to get into Exhaust Range to buy time for your Jungler or Mid-laner to engage whilst using your last 2 Spirit Rush Charges to either lock down the remaining bot-laner, to ensure you are not targeted, or save them incase of a counter-gank.

This set of Summoner Spells is definitely the least comfortable of the 3 for me, I would recommend going whatever of these 3 summoners fits your style the best, or even something completely different it's your Ahri.


Although it is not written in any rule book that a Support MUST have sustain for their ally ADC, I cannot say I am comfortable with the thought that as Ahri Support I have no way of healing, shielding, or other means of protecting my ADC until I build specific items or runes besides the ones I do recommend. (which none give insurance to my ADC)


Many Ahri Main's (and pretty much everybody who plays League of Legends) would be familiar with Ignite.... unless you are me....

As Midlane Ahri I pretty much ONLY go Flash Teleport, although I have my fair share of Ignite games I can't say it is in my comfort zone, a weakness I am currently working on.

But that won't matter to most people, Ignite on Ahri even as Support makes plenty of sense, she is capable of proccing this summoner spell with ease either by coming up-front using R or landing a significant Charm. A downside would be the fact the Ignite burn could lead to the support garnering the kill.


Flash is a given, before you hit your Six ( Spirit Rush) this will be your main source of disengage, Flash also acts as a powerful engage allowing an Ahri to establish a surprise angles securing powerful charms.

If anybody reading this guide is unaware: Ahri's Charm has a decently long start-up animation before it's release, this already adds pressure for landing your non-pierce skill shot with--in my opinion--lack luster range (the countless times a charm is about to hit but disappears from being a centimetre out of range is absurd!)

However, Charm + Flash (In where you press E and immediately without patience flash) cancels this initial animation, making a far more swift--and including the range of your flash- longer skillshot, I tend to save this trick for situations where my charm matters the most (i.e a risky gank, a close chase, roam, etc)

AHRI : Runes

Code by Making a Guide: Vapora Dark.
Glacial Augment is not only a popular and viable rune for speccifically Support Ahri, but it is arguably the most fun.

Glacial Augment is a popular Inspiration rune for the Support Class, this is because Glacial Augment proccs of immobolizing abilities which most supports possess, and seeing how it adds a slowness aoe effect onto the floor, which will likely also effect the enemy's ally botlaner, Glacial Augment fundamentally is great engage or even disengage for Botlane, this stacked with Ahri's Charm can be game-changing.

I'd reccomend targeting the ADC, ofcourse if the support gives themselves to you then that is also a valid play, but certain ADC's like Jinx and Ashe are capable of blasting down your ADC as you attempt to follow through with the charm, meaning in these types of Matchups occupying the ADC is the ideal choice.

Magical Footwear is optional, if you feel you need movement speed early, like in a situation where you are expecting yourself to roam alot then maybe not go Magical Footwear as you're locking yourself away from boots till minute 12.

Instead, maybe go Future's Market or Triple Tonic for more sustain.

Biscuit Delivery is valuable in botlane, but not always a necessity. Typically without Biscuit it can be hard to sustain with your ADC, definetly if they are a mana-less Champion, but on the other hand I have had countless games where I have no need to use my Biscuit Delivery and end up just selling them all for spare gold, which is still valuable in itself as Support is bankrupt.

Taste of Blood is completely optional, most Domination runes are terrific on Ahri Support, either Zombie Ward or Cheap Shot would also be terrific picks, Cheap Shot is good if your ADC can't follow up your attacks well or you have a very poke-dependant lane opponent. I myself am not too familiar with Zombie Ward but it is a part of the Support's job to instill and eliminate vision making it a clear Support Ahri rune pick.

Out of all the Hunter's ( Treasure Hunter, Relentless Hunter, Ultimate Hunter, and Ingenious Hunter, I'd reccomend Ultimate Hunter, this is not only on Support Ahri but pretty much all iterations of Ahri, her Spirit Rush is valuable, definetly in Botlane and 2v2's. If you are against this then Relentless Hunter is good for roaming and chase, Treasure Hunter is good if you are in need of gold, and Ingenious is pretty lack-luster due to your on-hit effects having low CDs already and not necessarily needing to activate over and over, unless you're going speccifically items like Cryptbloom, Shurelya's Battlesong, or Horizon Focus.


  • Adaptive Damage is also a given, it is arguably the most popular 2nd key rune unless you're going tank (which I hope your not as Ahri...), it is simply more magic damage.

Code by Making a Guide: Vapora Dark.


Dark Harvest matches the Support Carry part of this guide, it is an entirely offensive Ahri kit, unlike the traditional support: in which their role is to set up plays for the ADC, you are the one making the plays, but don't think just because that sounds cool that this will work out terrificly, I myself typically only go this "Ruby Ahri" if I am the only Magic Damage or actable assassin on the team.

Dark Harvest is incredibly good in botlane, seeing as it is the lane of scaling and Dark Harvest proccs on low health enemies, a trend in botlane. Eyeball Collection and Ultimate Hunter are my Electrocute Midlane Ahri secondaries hence I transferred them over here due to their natural synergy with Ahri, it means your Ruby Ahri can scale even more!

Inspiration, just like with Azure Ahri gives good sustain with Biscuit Delivery and Cosmic Insight, these are both highly helpful runes for Support Ahri, but if you believe Biscuits to be unnecessary then possibly look into Sorcery options to further mimic Midlane Electrocute Ahri.


Keyrunes are the same reasons given in the Above Section.
Table of Contents (Support)
The Why and How.
Why I go Support Ahri!
Laning Phase
What to do before Tower Breaks.
Mid Game
The Journey Home (Midlane)

Late Game.
How to end the game (impossible).
Final Mentions
What I forgot to mention...
'Cold' Regards
Thankyou!! ^-^

TABLE OF CONTENTS CODE BY Making a Guide: jhoihjoi


Just some points I think I should fairly point out before you trust my guide:
    - This is an Ahri Support Guide, not an Ahri Guide, I will not be explaining Ahri as a Champion in much detail besides features of her that apply to being a Support.
For details like Summoner Spells, Runes, and so on check the Notes feature of the above parts.

    - I am a casual, Low Elo, Ahri OTP. Low Elo I repeat Low Elo!
    - This is
not yet a mobile-friendly guide, but it will be updated in the future to be! ^-^
    - I have not been playing league for long, roughly a year worth. I was Silver 3 last season but am currently sitting in Bronze 2 for Season 14.
    - My experience of botlane is incomplete, there are still matchups I am yet to experience but I have made sure to not include any tips besides obvious remarks in this guide if I haven't fought them atleast once.
    - On a positive note, I am an M7 AHRI with nearing 200k Mastery as of the writing of this passage (25/2/2024).
    - I am completely new to BB-Code! I have only a week of experience from another fandom forum I was once apart of so my knowledge of BB Code is limited, I still tried hard to create creative or atleast edited usage of other's BB Code but those who I take the most knowledge from are
jhoihjoi and the default guide :).

One more thing! Many features of this guide I first discovered through other Mobafire Guides, mainly Anomomolia's Ice Queen Ahri Guide.

AND WITH THAT... I welcome you to my Azure Ahri Support Guide! ^o^
The Why and How.
Now for the question you've all been asking: Why?
This isn't the only guide to reccomend trying this out, this is unarguably Ahri's 2nd most natural position, with her ecquisite Charm for engage potential and her Spirit Rush gap close that Ahri main's will value the versatility of in teamfights just like botlane it is clear why she is a good pick for this lane, the only issue is certain ADC picks make it difficult, which you can find in my Synergies List.

The best way to think about Support Ahri is like a more mobile and offensive Morgana but where Ahri beats Morgana, Morgana has other qualities:

Morgana's Black Shield gives her ADC more sustain and defence whilst also have good zoning potential, Ahri is all offence no defence, if your ADC is--or is about to-- take damage you have no way of healing or shielding them, unless you take the Healing Summoner as I do.

This is ofcourse an oversight, not all Supports give their ADC Sustain but this is a trial of Ahri Support, definetly with how offensive you have to be to make up for this whilst also being a squishy champ like your traditional ADC.

On a more positive note: Ahri has terrific Roaming Potential, being she is a Midlaner this should be obvious... I myself am still getting used to roaming as Support speccificaly, as Midlaners (including myself) are hard to gank unless they are throwing as they are very knowledgable that their lane is surrounded by the Jungle and so is Gank-Central otherwise. The most I roam personally is to assist my jungler in invades and scuttle fights which worked wonders for me :D.

When it comes to adapting any champion--not only from role to role but matchup to matchup--what idea comes first but items:

Frozen Heart first I would recommend to all Ahri Supports. Cheap for how substantial it is, the Armour messes with your enemy ADC enabling you to take much more risky plays which you typically will to make the most out of your Charm. Ability haste and a boundless well of Mana will leave you spamming charms and sustaining in lane.

It matches with my recommended runes ( Glacial Augment) making it even more unbearable for the enemy, whilst also countering mitigation champion's on the enemy team like Teemo, Brand, Lillia, etc or anybody who decides to build Liandry's Torment.

Horizon Focus 2nd Item is always my go-to on Ahri Midlane, the same goes for Ahri Support! I made the mistake when I started of going Shadowflame 2nd when I first started one-tricking Ahri, if there is one thing to take out of this guide it is to only go Shadowflame if you MUST, Horizon Focus benefits Ahri with more flat-damage whilst it's passive range has been increased as-well leading to a much more exposed team-fight.

Imperial Mandate is the most unique selection here on Ahri, but I pretty much make sure to go all 3 of these items in all of my games, afterwards is completely situational, Imperial Mandate procs from immobilisation hence both Glacial Augment AND Charm work to add the mark of Imperial Mandate, along with... even more ability haste!
Laning Phase

"Welcome to Summoner's Rift"

I define Laning Phase for Botlane as whenever either Botlane towers are first destroyed, as this immedietally results in a grouping at Midlane which starts the Mid-Game: Teamfights!

Surely Ahri Support goes Support Items?! Arguably the easiest way to gain money in the Laning Phase for supports is the money gained from picking away at the enemy Botlaner, I find this is most effective with Orb of Deception which I reccomend as either your Level 2 or Safe Level 1. I go Oracle Lens after finishing the 500 Gold Mission on World Atlas turning the item into a 3 Ward Charged Runic Compass. But this is completely up to you, I've seen Support Ahri go 1st Back Oracle Lens or even start, this is just what works best for me.

I'd only reccomend purchasing Control Ward in 2 occasions: Dragon is nearly up or you are already winning Botlane, Control Wards are easy to eliminate if you aren't winning Botlane making it a free source of income for the enemy team and a loss of investment to yours, as for the Dragon Pit (Speccifically in Low Elo) the Jungler tends to not notice any control ward in the Pit until they are ready to try the dragon, in which the Ward has done it's job and alerted you of the Jungler. Control Wards can be spotted easily with a quick check into the pit, but for some reason 80% of the time the enemy team doesn't notice it until they want to do Dragon!

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

As I mentioned in my Ability Sequence Notes found above: "Since if you're going my reccomended Glacial Augment Runes, you cannot proc Electrocute", making Fox-Fire weaker then it usually is, meanwhile your Q ( Orb of Deception) can be used through waves and also hit multiple targets allowing you to poke both Botlaners simultaniously at the right angle >:), and your Charm makes for terrific Engage, I typically go Charm first as shown above, however Q first is still a decent choice incase of a more threatening comp.

One good Charm at the start of the game can be game-changing, I typically go for a charm 1st thing when the enemy botlaners enter lane, afterwards it bush-prio time!

tl;dr ->

Orb of Deception makes for great poke and can be done through both waves and other enemy champions, but be wary that post level 9-10 your Q can start doing significant damage to the wave which might hinder your ADC, and ofcourse don't Q a low-hp wave :/, Orb of Deception is your main source of Support Item income and personal damage, Fox-Fire is far less valuable without Electrocute but is still good for followup damage, be wary that if the enemy is not in range, the ability will lock onto nearby minions instead meaning you could accidentally lose your ADC some CS. And finally, Charm is superb engage potential and I would usually go for a charm first thing before fighting for Bush Prio and fishing for more pokes with Orb of Deception, and engages with Charm.


This is pretty much just a section for those like me initially: not having any knowledge of Support Role and going in blind with Support Ahri due to being an Ahri OTP (I got desperate to find another Ahri role after being queued Xayah ADC for the 6th time in one session T^T)

I would first reccomend to any first time Supports to first learn a proper Support Character and start from there, yes I am an Ahri One Trick Pony, but I do know how to play Renata Glasc which after coming back to Ahri Support I noticed how much I improved. It will also help for when Ahri is banned/taken and you need a backup choice (My Midlane Secondary is Orianna or Hwei whilst my Support is obviously Renata Glasc or... Hwei.)

If you wish for my reccomendation of which support you should learn, I would reccomend Morgana. As I mentioned Morgana is very similar both kit and playstyle wise as Ahri meaning the translation to Ahri Support will be even more effective then it was for me!

As a Support you have a responsibility for the bottom half of the map's vision, remember to set up vision in the River Bush if your wave starts to push out of the neutral area, ward your own tri-bush if the wave is pushed into you, and the enemies' if you are pushing into them, ward the dragon pit (I'd reccomend a control ward so it stays longer), your other responsibility is protecting your ADC till they can carry, most ADC are horeoundously squishy early game so it is ofcourse your responsibility to win the game by making your ADC a monster in the late game, prioritise their lives over yours even if Ahri is squishy if a Caitlyn uses her ult and either of you are going to die then let it be yourself, remember to play for your ADC, they are your new attack button, ofcourse try your hardest not to kill steal (although I find myself accidentally KSing with my Orb of Deception return...).
Mid Game

As the 1st Botlane Tower Falls, you--and presumably your lane opponents--make their way for Midlane.

Depending on the gamestate, if you lost your 1st Botlane tower and are hence at a disatvantage, your ADC may decide to stay botlane and splitpush to get even in botlane before reasonably grouping in Midlane, as the Support you should make your way to Midlane immedietally whether you destroyed the Turret or lost your own.

This is also typically when a Rift Herald is used, Midlane Turret is highly valued due to how much breaking a midlane turret opens the map for the winning side, the enemy jungle is no longer enemy territory but neutral area, giving certain objectives more priority to the winning team ( Dragon Pit for Blue Team, Baron Pit for Red Team). Hence grouping in Midlane it is important to fight for the health of your turret, in a standard League Match your Midlaner wont lose any turrets during Laning Phase unless they are throwing, got early Heralded, or overstayed their roam. It is also here that you are no longer your ADC's Support, but the entire team, stay with whoever seems to need your help the most, like a jungler going ahead for scuttle or the Midlaner defending said turret, remember to stay conscious of your XP aswell, as in Laning Phase you split all your XP with your ADC along with any XP you missed from roaming, I typically prioritised staying with champions who are splitpushing or farming midlane waves to defend their turret so I can stay up to date with my level.

Code by Making a Guide: Guide

What to do?

Let's say you were in this situation: Your team is compiled of Illaoi Top, Yone Mid, Kayn Jungle, Varus ADC, and ofcourse: Ahri Support.

This is terrific! Ahri goes well with Kayn and both Illaoi and Yone are stong current-meta picks! The only weak point here is, sadly, your ADC, as I mentioned in the Synergy tag Varus is limited with Support Ahri leaving you with a not-so-great laning phase, you lost your tower but have split even with 5 kills and 5 deaths, the Kayn was a great help! ^0^

So what to do next...

If you've been reading, then you would know going Midlane to help defend such valuable objectives is the plan, if your ADC wants to splitbush bottom let him alone unless he asks for your assistance (incase it is your choice whether you want to listen to them or not), let's say in this scenario you group up in mid with your Yone as your Varus returns to botlane, you ping 'Enemy Missing' knowledgable that they are making their way to Midlane as well, leaving your Varus alone in Botlane to finish of the Botlane Turret.

As you enter Midlane, the Yone is around even with Akali, but not before long the enemy ADC and Support try and Gank which--thanks to you--Yone survived, it is now a 2v3 in Midlane, and Varus is one wave away from taking bot tower, Yone begins playing safe knowing he is outnumbered as you stay by his side fishing for Charms and gaining some XP to keep you ahead. You waste the enemies' time as your Varus breaks the Botlane Turret gaining free gold and is now meeting midlane after a successful recall, completing another broken ADC item.

What NOT to do!

Now let's say you were in the same situation as the one mentioned in the top-half of "What to do"...

Due to Varus being a limited pick with Support Ahri, you had a rough Laning Phase, and even with the help of your Jungler: Kayn, you lost your turret.

You and Varus respawn from your recent death which cost you your turret, determined to get back at your Lane Opponents, you and your ADC run back to botlane to pick up the Minion Wave slowly pushing away from you into the neutral zone, as you follow Varus picking up this wave you notice your Lane Opponents took the chance to recall, and will likely be back to defend their turret. But you were wrong, as your Yone is in a heated battle with the enemy Akali he is suddenly executed by your Lane Opponent: Pyke, Yone was tied for Midlane before this with neither turrets budging, but due to your Lane Opponents needing no stress to break your teir 2 turret, they have migrated to Midlane leaving your Yone in a 1v3 scenario. Varus and you still pursue the enemy Teir 1 Turret although you do minimal turret damage, you eventually break the turret with your Varus and choose to group to mid, but--being a 1v3-- the enemy team had already broken the Midlane Teir 1 Turret before your arrival.

The Akali is now fed thanks to your lane opponents, your work on Botlane Tower has shown insignificant yield as the importance of Botlane Turrets is completely null to Midlanes, there is even the added detail of if you were to push to Botlane's Teir 2 Turret instead of grouping up not only would your Yone suffer even more but you would be executed by the Enemy team for crossing into their side of the map.
Late Game

I have no definition for Late Game, it is almost a feeling you get this is typically when people say "We can end if we do __" which is the best way to put it honestly, it is when you are the closest to finishing the game, but don't forget that the game nearly ending doesn't mean it will finish with a Victory Screen.

There have been countless times when one team is clearly the victor only to lose a significant teamfight and for the next 3 minutes to be a uncontrollable snowball of the losing team gathering power and crushing objectives in the blink-of-an-eye, eventually ending in the Defeat Sign plastered over your monitor. Luckily I tend to be the one on the comeback team but none-the-less this is a scary thought.

Just your friendly reminder that I'm a Silver Casual Player! And to be honest the Late Game is my weakest point, this may be that Ahri is not Carry Material hence I am at my weakest Late Game if we don't have a FF worthy lead. The build above is a representation of a scenario I will list, the larger Icons are primary and typically built, the smaller ones are adaptable and are based for the scenario I will mention now:

Code by Making a Guide: Guide

Enemy Team Obstacles

Mordekaiser → Heavy DPS Tank (Magic)
Briar → DPS Healing (Physical)
Zed → Burst Damage Assassin (Physical)
Miss Fortune → Long, Heavy Range Auto's (Physical)
Soraka → Team Healing (Magic)
Frozen Heart, Imperial Mandate, and Horizon Focus are your first three items, you build them no matter the comp, although in this case since there is both an enemy Briar and Soraka to fight in Botlane, a Oblivion Orb rush before your 1st item is best. This is later turned into Morellonicom for cheap after your first 3 default items are fully built.

These 3 Items are naturally good on Ahri, Frozen Heart here is even more important due to the fact Mordekaiser is the only Magic DPS on the enemy team yet is the Isolated Toplaner and it building mostly tank. After buying your 4th Item Morellonomicon you're getting near Late Game, you still have two more item slots not including your boots before Full Build, ideally you need Magic Penetration for the Mordekaiser, you have also picked Celestial Opposition incase of the Zed targets you as the Squishy Support always near your ADC, along with the Miss Fortune's sudden Ults. (Also Celestical Opposition + Arcana Ahri is beautiful T^T)

You can choose from Void Staff, Stormsurge, Shadowflame, or Cryptbloom for Magic Pen, Shadowflame and Stormsurge are out of the matter because seeing how your team has been acting you are not needed explicitely for your Magic Damage, and Stormsurge's Squall is also unneeded as your comp has had no issue so far with chase. You eventually decide on Cryptbloom as you have been winning so far and only need to secure the Victory, in the case where you are losing Void Staff is a better option, Cryptblooms heal is great in winning scenarios but useless if you're behind.


There is a debate in the Ahri Mains Community whether Ahri is truly a Mage , or whether she is an Assassin , seeing as I play what people call her "One Shot Build" Luden's Companion, Horizon Focus, etc... I see here as a perfect hybrid.

Even as a Support, Ahri does breathtaking damage to non-tanks, I would charm any exposed enemies and then go around landing as many Orb of Deception as possible as in this current patch (14.4) Ahri's Q scales ridiculously well, her W is a good follow-up aswell and with her Ult up I make sure close gaps and be everywhere in a team fight to help my team.

In other words, use Spirit Rush (which gains an extra charge every takedown) to glide through the fight landing charms and distracting the enemy team, deal your Damage with Orb of Deception and find good positions for skillshots while using your Fox-Fire movement speed boost! Don't worry about your health till you get to kill range in which always remember to keep your last charge of Spirit Rush for emergency escape, being an Ahri OTP I get this in my muscle memory so it may take some time to get used to this, I would reccomend counting to 2 and keeping 3 until you get an assist, then 4 till you get another, and so on. (Jhin would be so proud) Any assists you gain will immedietally transfer through your Passive: Essence Theft replenishing your squishy HP bar.

It is important to understand, not just with Support Ahri but with League in general that you don't HAVE to follow any build guide, aslong as you understand how items work and if they are viable on a champion for "x" reason you should be good. But that being said ADAPTING is a natural process in League of Legends and items are the simplest way of doing so, understanding these items will help you significantly in your journey at becoming not only a better Ahri Support but a better Player in general.
Final Mentions

I would first like to give some credit, I have said this across the entire guide by much of my code I have to give credit to: Making a Guide by jhoijhoi and BB Code Basics.

There is also the matter of all the art you see in this guide, I have not drawn a single peice of fanart for this guide and I will not take the credit for any of the artwork seen here, my sources of finding these pictures are Google Images and Reddit:

I am still COMPLETELY new to writing guides (Or to League for that matter), but I do plan to update this guide based of any feedback, drastic patch changes, and new lessons I've learnt and wish to share about Ahri Support.

As I said in another part of this guide, I play Ahri Support because I am a Ahri One Trick Pony, and sadly we can't always get what we want, even if it is Midlane. At first I was bummed out by not playing Midlane, but now I find myself wanting to queue Support over Midlane :D. I am a very social League Player, I have a reputation of making a new friend on league everyday from solo queuing and Support makes that part much easier! Having the chance to support and protect an ally is relieving and I love it!

I would finally like to write down my thanks to two of these Online League Friends I made, they first reccomended me Support Ahri and have been very supportive of queuing ADC with me to get comfortable with the role, first with Renata Glasc then with Ahri, tysm TheLittlestGrey and TheDefiledTwink!
'Cold' Regards


And sorry that it is too long T^T, this is my first (and likely only) guide I'll make, being an Ahri One Trick I doubt I need to make another guide, knowing I haven't mastered any other champion nor do I believe I need to be apart of the infinite collection of Standard Ahri Guides, hence the lack of detail in abilities, passives and so on.

I would like to end this Guide with talking abit about me! If you only came here for Azure Ahri then feel free to call your Guide Read complete right here!

Heyo! My IGN and the one people call me in League of Legends is Actauras, often shortened to "Act". I (as I have said countless times) am an Ahri One Trick, I am still relatively new to League of Legends with about a year worth of on-and-off playing so far, I originally downloaded the game in 2019 but was confused on the purpose of a MOBA XD, I then--as so many people did--reopened the game at the peak of Arcane's hype which is where I stopped after a couple months only to return last year (2023) and since then I've been addicted...

Ever Since the Arcane Spree I've been one-tricking Ahri, at first it was only because I was new at the game and only had enough game knowledge to play one champion, but now I play ONLY Ahri in the hopes of becoming one of the best Ahri players! My friend once asked me "Why do I one-trick Ahri?" I told him that she is the 2nd character alphabetically and the 1st is Aatrox in which I'd rather a Fox Girl then a Demon :/. To be honest it coulda been any champion it just turned out Ahri was the one I stuck on first.

And with that! I conclude my guide, I once again thank anybody who went through the effort of reading this Low Elo Guide, I am open to criticism but please dont be too harsh!

'Cold' Regards - Your Local Ahri One Trick.
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