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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Camille Build Guide by RTNMatt

AD Offtank Camille, the next Yasuo

AD Offtank Camille, the next Yasuo

Updated on December 15, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RTNMatt Build Guide By RTNMatt 76,265 Views 0 Comments
76,265 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RTNMatt Camille Build Guide By RTNMatt Updated on December 15, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Pros / Cons

  • Extremely Mobile
  • Great Build Diversity
  • Excellent Damage Capability
  • If Ahead, Stay Ahead
  • Requires Knowledge of Champion
  • She will be used/banned like Yasuo
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Hey guys, I'm RTNMatt. You can follow my games at

I enjoy auto attack champions and this one is top of picks because of what her goal was when being created. Riot stated that they wanted a top lane auto attack champion that would bring good utility to the team. To change the tactics from 'being hit AA range or not' to 'Hey, hold my beer. Watch this' mentality. This is a joke, please don't dive and make poor decisions during your ranked games because you wanted to show off. Those typically crash and burn and people laugh AT you instead of WITH you.

This champion is nice because even if you lose lane, you are still worth something to the team. Engage and stun someone, or dive a carry and ult them so the team can collapse fast.

If the other team only has 1 or 2 people ahead, they don't stand much of a chance of getting away if your team helps you.

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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush


Phase Rush
Flat AD runes because attack speed and lethality don't mean as much to her. She can deal true damage, and she has auto resets built into her kit.


Phase Rush
Flat armor runes against an AD top to add some tankiness to yourself. Replace these with HP per level runes against an AP top.


Phase Rush
Flat magic resist runes for some early MR. If the enemy team doesn't have any AP, consider switching these out for extra health or armor.


Fleet Footwork
There really isn't an alternate set of quints for her. These give her simply the best possible start.

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Fervor of Battle or Courage of the Colossus can be taken, though Thunderlord's Decree could also be considered. The big thing to remember is what game you are in.

Courage of the Colossus might be the right call if you are the big engager for team fights or the only tank on the team.

Fervor of Battle is a great way to add some bonus AD to make those Q's really hurt.

Thunderlord's Decree is great early to try and snowball with some extra damage.

Honestly though, Fervor of Battle , followed by Courage of the Colossus , seem to be the best call. That early game damage is nice, but your W and trades are going to lower them to begin with for an easy lead in fights. Courage of the Colossus is good if you need the extra shield, or if you can time it for when your passive is down.
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Doran's Blade
This is just considered a meta pick because of the all around stats it provides. Though, there are other options because of the heal on W.

Long Sword
This and 3 health pots or a refillable potion on the other hand can be very helpful. No matter what build you are going into, a long sword is in the build path. It is a quick start to your build, and gives 3 pots just in case you make a mistake early.

This is a great item for a 3rd auto reset. If you have this, you should auto attack, Q to reset your auto, proc Tiamat for a 3rd auto, land an auto then proc your Q again for a 5th auto. You can throw a normal auto in between the resets to be able to get more damage for a longer fight, or do a quick 5 hit and back off. AA, Q, Tiamat, AA, Q.

This bad boy can be amazing. You get some bonus hp for the passive shield, and that bonus AD does help for damage. The real beauty is in the passive movement boost. Kill a minion and all of a sudden Camille is in an enemies face ready to get another AA to proc more movement boosts followed by her Q boost and W slow. It gives great sticking potential or get away even.

Sheen is great when it comes to the passive bonus damage. Proc the auto resets and do it in time with sheen to get the bonus damage the same as Tiamat was described. AA, Q, AA, Q. If you have a Tiamat then AA, Q, Tiamat, AA, Q. ALSO, SPOILER ALERT!


Kircheis Shard
When you want to go crit, this can be a nice first item. Get some attack speed built up, but also that passive magic bonus damage for some quick bursts. I would take this over a zeal for Camille because of the bonus damage and the cost.

I really don't think this should be a first buy on Camille. The Kircheis Shard is cheaper, gives the same attack speed, and gives some damage boost. The zeal though doesn't help as much because Camille's Q can not crit. With the cost, there are just other ways to synergize her kit and build.

Trinity Force
Talk about perfection. The champions who can really hurt you also build this, but don't get nearly the benefit. SPOILER ALERT


Ravenous Hydra
Should this item be a big part of her build? Honestly, I don't enjoy it. I feel the Titanic Hydra has more to offer for her to be able to get her damage off. If you want the early life steal though with some damage, it is your call. I would mostly do it on the off chance you get extremely ahead and think you will have to solo carry with in the first 7-8 minutes of the game.

Titanic Hydra
This is wonderful. Extra damage, extra health, and you still get that auto reset. This is simply mean wrapped up in evil. Veigar would be jealous of this. If you need to be a super tank, this item helps you still pack in the damage. OH AND SPOILER!


Essence Reaver
With this you just are going to be constantly in people's faces when ever your passive is ready to go. Get close, spend a lot of mana, then restore it on minions and repeat. The crit is a lot of damage while adding a big chunk of AD to add to the bonus damage on your Q. The cool down reduction is also maxed with a Statikk Shive as well, making for short cool downs.

Statikk Shiv This is nice because you can get quick wave clears and bonus damage. While it is hard to do, there is another spoiler for this!


Infinity Edge
Really this just adds more AD and critical strike damage. Critical strike builds with AD cost a lot, so make sure you are taking this into consideration when you start to build it if you decide to go with this route over tank after a Statikk Shiv and Essence Reaver.

Guardian Angel
Probably a go to with a crit build, with the other option being a Sterak's Gage. Both allow you to live a bit longer, and provide some form of defense (hp and a shield, or armor and a revive).

Sterak's Gage
This is the bread and butter item after a Trinity Force build, giving more base AD to proc for true damage and giving you more health for the passive. The bonus shield mixed with Camille's passive just adds a lot of meat to go through before they can kill you.

Spirit Visage
Spirit Visage is a great item to get both some health and magic resist, but also another 10% CDR. Over all, a better sustain item against a team with a lot of magic damage.

Banshee's Veil
Not as good as its Spirit Visage counter part in terms of how helpful it can be for most games, but when you really want to avoid the enemies big engage (like a Malphite ult) or maybe Fizz ult) then this item comes in handy. Just know that there is a time and place for it, and if you are behind then it could also help since it is a bit cheaper.

Zz'Rot Portal
For those who want to be super tanks. You get more armor and magic resist, while gaining an evil army of minions that will do your bidding in the lane of your choose. This item is also great when under pressure from the enemy team. Throw this top or bottom lane and use with a Banner of Command minion to have it self push all day long.

Banner of Command
As just explained, it can be great for the bonus defense but also the great utility of pushing waves, especially when behind in a game. Lane pressure is big, and if you can keep it in 1 lane even, then you have a chance.

Sunfire Aegis
We took Garen armor and put it on. We not only are tanky, but will burn people with magic damage if they come too close. We have great sticking potential as well, so just use the bonus hp with the passive shield to really make someone hate life. Not what a first item to build for most games, but a good 2nd or 3rd item depending on the game.

Randuin's Omen
A very good item to use against an auto attack based team that has a critical strike influence. If they are not critical strike influenced, look more towards a Frozen Heart for the CDR with the passive attack speed nerf.

Frozen Heart
A great item for auto attack based teams that don't have much critical strike damage. Can be stacked with an Omen to really lower attack speeds, but would heavily depend on the game.

Frozen Mallet
Nice for the passive slow as well as the the hp and attack to help with Camille's passive and damage. You can already stick to a target great, but this could help your team do it better as well.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
A great shield to help with those trades through out the game, or even just those quick insults to injury as you melt someone and their best didn't even take away any of your health. This might be the first thing to get nerfed on her.

So what people are confusing is where her power spikes come from. Her Q is an auto reset, and the damage scales based on your total AD, which takes time to increase. This makes her Q a good ability to max 2nd.

Here is where a lot of harass and sustain come in to play. Tactical Sweep can clear waves and heal. The big part is how the healing works. The heal comes from the damage done to the outer cone, like a Darius Q. Those hit on the outer cone take bonus damage equal to 6-8%(+1% per 100 Total AD) of their MAX health. This is essentially a hyped up version of a Poppy Q. It is great harass and sustain, and should be leveled first because of having the highest increase in damage of her abilities early.

This is your cap closer with an attack speed buff, your mobility around obstacles, skill shot dodger, and disengage. This can be maxed 2nd or 3rd depending on your match up, or even 2nd if the enemy jungler can't seem to remember he isn't the top laner.

Your ult is used to dodge certain skill shots, like a Caitlyn ult or a Riven Jinx Amumu ult and so on. It also locks the target in the cage as long as you don't leave the cage, for an entire 4 seconds. This gives your team a chance to eliminate the target before they can escape, and also kills just about anyone who tries to tower dive you. Also, you deal bonus magic damage to them as an on hit effect.

When you are face to face with an enemy, here is a base attack pastern. This is your bread and butter. You land your first hit and then instantly Q for the auto reset and extra damage. Use the movement speed boost to stay on the enemy and AA them again, followed by another Q to trigger another auto reset but also to have enough time pass for the bonus damage to proc.
AA Precision ProtocolAA Precision Protocol

If the enemy burns abilities, it is a great time to engage. Use E to gap close and get that bonus attack damage and try to aim it for the 1 second stun. When you are ready to leave, simply W to slow them after you begin to run using your Q movement boost.

Hookshot / Wall Dive AA Precision ProtocolAA Precision Protocol Tactical Sweep

At any time you can use your ult to add damage to your combos, or wait and use it to dodge a hefty amount of damage or the enemy CC.

Hookshot / Wall Dive Hextech Ultimatum AA Precision ProtocolAA Precision Protocol Tactical Sweep

OR for a long fight and get away

Hookshot / Wall Dive AA Precision ProtocolAA Precision Protocol Hextech Ultimatum AA Precision ProtocolAA Precision Protocol Tactical Sweep Hookshot / Wall Dive
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Creeping / Jungling

She can work well in the jungle, but in that case you want to start Q for the auto resets. After that get your E so you can jump to camps quickly or avoid counter junglers.

I would start RED for the bonus damage and health regen as well.

Max your E then your Q in the jungle. E for your ability to gap close and move around the map, and Q as your AD starts to get better as you level.

I also recommend not building Enchantment: Warrior.
I would suggest building Enchantment: Bloodrazor.

Same as with the other on hit effects, Enchantment: Bloodrazor will become true damage with the 2nd Q. It also increases damage out put like a Master Yi or Yasuo would with these. This also opens your build to allow you to go more tank or damage items while Enchantment: Warrior Feels almost needing to go tankier.
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Team Work

The GOAL of team fighting is to infiltrate the back line to eliminate carries while still peeling for ally carries. With Hextech Ultimatum You can easily dive into the back line or peel off when used with Hookshot / Wall Dive. A few quick autos with Precision Protocol resets and bonus damage and the squishy carries are dead or unable to fight.
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Unique Skills

Okay, seriously... You gain 20% of your max hp as a shield against the main damage about to come in based on your target. That is crazy strong to prevent quick burst damages, especially if they want to follow up with an ability that does more the lower hp you have. Elise just had her damage cut down by a lot.

Precision Protocol is unique in the way that it allows for 2 auto resets instantly, along with adding bonus damage and converting it into true damage. The cool down of this is very low, and resembles a Yasuo Q, but the true damage makes it very unquie.

Tactical Sweet Is nice because you can move while casting it, giving a very iffy, but definitely unique, feel to it. The scaling percent health is a scary factor along with the 90% slow.

Hookshot / Wall Dive is arguably the 2nd most mobility on the map for any champion other than Talon. Lets face it, we scale things, he parkours.

Hextech Ultimatum locks an enemy away, shoving their allies away from them, into a box where you get a little one on one time with them. Their Draven was calling it the League of Draven again? Show him some real attacks and throw him into the boxing ring ;)
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Summoner Spells

Great spell, seriously. The ability to just teleport is nice to get from point A to point B fast to apply pressure or get an early lead. But seriously, 4.5 seconds now to get there? There are better ways to do it with this champion's mobility.

Now this spell will really put some extra damage in early to help secure a lead. With your W sustain, you can sit in lane for a long time with out worry of being forced to back too soon. Be ready for enemy junglers to think they are top laners though, and be ready to Hookshot / Wall Dive out of there. **HINT** Zac thinks you are supposed to duo the top lane. Don't think hes gone, just know hes there and ready to pounce.

This is great to take against strong opponents early. Not so much your Fiora but maybe a Darius with his bleed damage. Seriously, you will bleed to death if you ever get 5 stacks on you at level 1. Just don't do it.


Because when was the last time you saw this on a guide even? Yeah, you. Yes, you. The one thinking about how this would be a good idea. Don't do it. This isn't a Nike ad, DON'T Just Do It!
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